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Ryan Tannehill limited in practice with shoulder injury

The Dolphins know that Ryan Tannehill likely cannot survive an entire season of hits at the rate they've been coming. Tannehill, sacked 26 times so far, is the NFL's most sacked quarterback so far this season.

And If the Dolphins didn't know this is not sustainable, evidence arrived today when practice began and the quarterback had to be limited in his participation due to a shoulder injury.

Tannehill (shoulder) was one of four Miami players to be limited due to injuries today. The injury is to the throwing, or right shoulder.

Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder), Brandon Gibson (shoulder) and left tackle Bryant McKinnie (knee) were also limited.

So basically, the quarterback and the new left tackle that needs all the practice snaps he can get to learn the new offense were limited today. Great.

This is the second time since the season began Tannehill has been on the injury report with a throwing shoulder issue.




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This Pedroia is a good hitter. Will be an interesting Series.


pathetic blog............. Once infested with this many seeking nothing but reactive response and bites on trolls..... The game is over.... Sad....

BOYCOTT ROSS AND IRELAND!!! Don/t spend your money.

You're not Paul, man. Paul only works for me.

Brady been on the injury list since 2002.

Oscar is as delusional as the others.

Jets beat Patriots and Miami loses to the Bills.

Kinda let's me know that this division is wide open for 3 of 4 teams.


Kris knows you as ETF. Stay with that name and he'll come out to compliment you.

We all new the line sucked in preseason. NOTHING has been done about it until now. I'd be shocked if McKinnie even plays in the next two games. The staff has made no real adjustments, only very subtle ones. Very few rollouts, still not running the ball, keeping Tannehill in the pocket to get crushed. Either this coaching staff absolutely sucks, or there is some conspiracy afoot?

Who is Kris and why should I care?

If Mike Sherman wasn't T'hill's college coach, Matt Moore would have been playing as a starting QB beginning his 2nd year.

Even the snap count gives away whether a play is a run (go go) or pass (go). Do they want failure? Tannehill has moved the offense into position to win at the end of two losses, only to be let down by play calling and crap pass protection.

I hope Tanny gets better but I would like to see Moore get a chance to move this offense. Moore can make reads and get rid of the ball quicker and that will help everything start to open up.

We have nothing to lose and if we keep going this way, we will wind up 7-9 again, if not worse.

Maybe Tanny can learn from Moore by watching from the sidelines
until his time comes around again.

...Perhaps the most under-rated move made by Philbin was reporting the illegal pushing penalty that the refs failed to call at the end of the Raven game. Perhaps someone saw on tape where the Pats had been doing this too. Now there is know way to know that a game would come down to the refs being alerted of this new rule that had been broken, or not called. But it did plant a seed. And although we sort of blew the last 2 home games..At least Philbins attention to detail cost the Pats a loss.

This may mean nothing. If we could have coached as well as spotting blown calls. Perhaps we wouldn't need any assistance moving forward. As it goes. We are stuck in reverse, and any help at this point is help much needed.

We stink until we don't stink.

Losing 3 games in a row says everything, especially when the last one was against team with two injured RB's and a 5th string QB making his first start.

Since Shula departed, time and again the team was unable to be up for certain games.

Since Shula this team has not had a truly dynamic offense.

JJ used us for a pay day. He permanently destroyed the offense on the way.

The rest of the coaches have proven to be incompetent jokers.

Philbin is a knowledgeable assistant. He is not a leader.

Ireland is a thorough, energetic scout without enough life experience or wisdom to be a GM. He is riding with training wheels.

I think we need to wait and see what happens in New England, if we play and coach like we have lately then perhaps the owner will wake up and force some changes, if not it will be a sad season for the long suffering fans. I think the OC needs to retire, his time has pass him by, you got to know your limitations. Bill

All i can say is i would love to see Matt Moore start this week,, And actually throw it to our guy that we paid 60 million dollars for. We all no that Tanny and Wallace don"t have a chemistry what so ever.. So please let tanny got down quick this week..

Hate to say it but Tannehill getting beat up will become a David Carr or a new Sancheze.

Jets will win the division with a rookie.

Fish should trade Jordan and a conditional pick for Adrian Peterson.

Spades, why in the world would the Vikings do that????

Some of you think you can trade garbage for gold. Teams are not as dumb as you.

Hey why not trade Moore and Egnew for Aaron Rodgers?

Sherman and Philbin are tied to the hip with Tannehill. Moore will only play if Tannehill is injured (which will happen, mark my words).

Then he plays another season to see if he fulfills his potential. If not, then another QB pick in 2015.

There's talk about Vikings possibly trading Peterson because they're not going anywhere and his production is down this year (his trade value will only get worse).

I knew it was hurt weeks ago and he knows as well I have have always known that if he doesn t play a couple games then Moore will and everyone will see Irelands , Philbins and the a-hole coordinator that brought him in that Moore is the best Quarterback on our team , I hope if Tannehill tries to play this week the Patsies break his collerbone , hes been lying and costing us games, he knows if he hits the bench for a few games hell never get back on the field , cause Moore is the superior player , Id like to come down there and take a baseball bat to his lying ass myself , its a team sport and if uyour injured and harming you team then your nothing but a traitorous dirtbag

Oh the pain, the pain!

Ryan Tannehill limited in practice with shoulder injury??

This is good news. Start Matt Moore.

Let's trade Daniel Thomas and Clabo for Andrew Luck.

Tannehill sucks anyway.

Tannehill is an exact copy of Chad Henne.

Thomas and/or Miller should be benched or gone. Play Thigpen and/or the rookie.

The o-line can't take all of the blame though they stink. Good RBs find a way to gain yards even when the linemen aren't doing their job 100%.

Mike Wallace hates TanneBust lol

Sherman should be given some other responsibilities and let someone else do the play calling.

Sherman should be given some other responsibilities and let someone else do the play calling.

Posted by: Spades | October 23, 2013 at 10:36 PM

can he play QB? lol

If Tannehills shoulder was fine the pick six never happens , but he didn t have enough mustard on it gave the db time to jump in front of it , plus he would have hit Hartline for 2 Tds but one he shorted for an intand the other was just a garbage throw with no aim at all to it, he better not dress for NE , his ass better be biting that bench

This team has a very realistic chance of being a 6-10 or 7-9 team if they can't protect Tannehill and they keep losing the turnover battle.

A season with 5 wins or less could happen if the BUCS win. They're better than the Bills.

Great move by Ireland. He's so talented to pick injured players. Pathetic !
What else he has to do to be fired ?
The question of the century.
Ireland's job is as solid as ever. The Dolphins could loose 13 in a row, and Ireland's contract would be extended for another 10 years.
What did we do to deserve this missery ?

This team will be 3-8 by the time we face the Jets wk 13. Tannehill will be on injured reserve, out for the remainder of the season.

We'll see if McKinnie and the shuffling of the o-line can right this fish ship.

Pat Riley for Dolphins GM!

Just look how much Texas A&M improved as soon as Tannehill left. The same thing could happen with our Dolphins. Start Matt Moore.

Im still saying Tanny will be the first Obamacare ptto sign in Florida at the rate he is going, plenty of good QB s in next year draft.

8 Oct 27 1:00PMEDT * AT Patriots

9 Oct 31 8:25PMEDT , Bengals

10 Nov 11 8:40PMEST + AT Buccaneers

11 Nov 17 1:00PMEST * Chargers

12 Nov 24 1:00PMEST ) Panthers

13 Dec 1 1:00PMEST * AT Jets

14 Dec 8 1:00PMEST * AT Steelers

15 Dec 15 1:00PMEST * Patriots

16 Dec 22 1:00PMEST * AT Bills

17 Dec 29 1:00PMEST * Jets

See the remaining schedule. Honestly guys we may never win another game.

The pick 6 was on Tannehill, but it was also on Sherman. The Bills knew that play was coming. They were ready to jump that route.

Does Tannehill have the OK to call off plays?

Only Ireland can ruin a 1st rd qb after 1 full season by not giving him an oline in his 2nd season.

David Carr, I mean Ryan Tannehill, is headed for the scrap heap folks.

Jeff Ireland thinks the Miami Dolphins are his own personal Madden Football toy.

Come on people, you haven't noticed his moves?


That schedule is why I predict 6-10. I can see wins against the Bucs, Steelers and Bills. 7-9 if they split with the Jets.
The Fish are probably underdogs in all of the other games.
Beating the PATS on Sunday could change everything.

Why do so many of you idiots keep begging for Matt moore? Makes me realize you are clueless about football. Just watch the Heat and quit whining ...fair weather fans

Looks like it will take an entire decade to recover from the Bill Parcells hiring alone. Jeff Ireland is now 6yrs in.

At this rate, Ross will be forced to fire him within another year or two. Then the new big top begins.

Spades when we lost to a practice squad qb and the Bills. I knew then and there it's possible we may never win another 2013 game.

Lose to a practice squad qb? He's converting 3rd and longs against our D. Come on man!

Our answer to losing to Buffalo was Ireland stopping by the super market to pick up a rump roast to protect our qb. Come on man!

How quickly key players recover from injuries(e.g., Wake) and younger players start to contribute will determine when we start talking about the draft.

Brady has a woodie right now after watching tape seeing what a PRACTICE SQUAD QB did to this D.

Spade, I was on WALTER CAMPBELL FOOTBALL site today looking at the available talent for 2013.

So, I guess that means my 2014 Mock draft has started in October.

Ross should just offer Parcells 10-12 mill/yr to come back.

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