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Ryan Tannehill limited in practice with shoulder injury

The Dolphins know that Ryan Tannehill likely cannot survive an entire season of hits at the rate they've been coming. Tannehill, sacked 26 times so far, is the NFL's most sacked quarterback so far this season.

And If the Dolphins didn't know this is not sustainable, evidence arrived today when practice began and the quarterback had to be limited in his participation due to a shoulder injury.

Tannehill (shoulder) was one of four Miami players to be limited due to injuries today. The injury is to the throwing, or right shoulder.

Dannell Ellerbe (shoulder), Brandon Gibson (shoulder) and left tackle Bryant McKinnie (knee) were also limited.

So basically, the quarterback and the new left tackle that needs all the practice snaps he can get to learn the new offense were limited today. Great.

This is the second time since the season began Tannehill has been on the injury report with a throwing shoulder issue.




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When will Steven Ross finally realize Jeff Ireland hasn't a clue to what the hell he's doing?

Beaten at home by a practice squad qb? Then fans here wonder w3h fans in Miami don't fill the home stadium?


Texas A&M just got beat down!!! They suck!!!

Funny how everyone was saying this is the easiest part of the schedule.

Now Sammy shaking in his boots. HAHAHA! Sissys...

The Buffalo loss has to be the worst in team history. Even worse than the 62-7 Jaguars playoff loss.

At least until last Sunday, we had never lost to a practice squad qb. This is a horrible, horrible team folks.

pitiful team = pitiful fans

It seems that hope of having a great draft is every team and fan's wish. But most turn into pumpkins.
I believe most fans don't see who's playing well in practice but I believe Moore is playing well.
The Fish could trade him due to all the QB injuries for a starter or a draft pick. They like Devlin more.

Red Sox win 8-1 over Cards m 1 World Series.


This is a horrible, horrible team folks.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 23, 2013 at 11:31 PM

Whats new? Same as the last 5 years.

Parcells sux. He set in place the debacle that we are in today.

Parcells sux. He set in place the debacle that we are in today.

Posted by: Profuse Bleeder | October 23, 2013 at 11:40 PM

Huh? Get a labotomy your bled out haha


The coverup for that mistake was the BACKDOOR wildcat.

Your losing games by field goals with the worst coaches in the league. Thus, they are not horrible.


The only weak link are the tackles.

Hey, I took my wildcat to the playoffs.

To the guy posting on this blog with 25 different handles:

WTF is inside that wormy brain? You truly are a pathetic, pasty-skinned, momma's live at home boy. Jeeezz, gay boy, fu.king disappear why don't you? You are a sore.

These guys started off beating good teams like ATL and Indy. What the hell happened? C'mon, Dolphins, I'd like to see this team go back to a SB SOMETIME before I die! 30 years of mediocrity is enough!

...and Tannehill is very much capable of leading long, TD-scoring drives. He's done it all year. Just give the guy more than half a second to look for an open man, for God's sake.


I started goinb to games as a kid in 1970. After those glrybyears and the eternalnhope when Marino was QB, I would have never dreamed we would sink to average for 20 years straight. I have hope, but my gut tells me this coaching staff is still on a learning curve with no end in sight. They havev3 yrs., so either we get better, or new regime in '15, which means another rebuild. Tired of witnessing wrong move after wrong move.

Yep, me, too, hardcore...wish I knew what it was like to see the super-bowl, perfect-season squad. I wasn't born yet. I at least was treated to Marino and the killer B's Man, those were good times.

I think another theory that hasn't been discussed is the ability of owners to multi-task. It seems that those who only own the team and don't run it as part of their little empire are more successful. Like Jerry Jones...like the guy or not, he had a great run of SB winning teams in the '90s. It just doesn't seem to me that Ross has his whole heart in this team. He's a real-estate guy. And Hizuenga before him ran a Waste-Management Co.....did Joe Robbie dabble in anything else when he founded the team? I don't think he did....just a theory.

LMAO @ 1:20....YOu're losing by FG's to a team that started a fourth-string QB. Now that we cleared THAT up...


Robbie wascan entrepeneur (sic?). He moved the Dolphins from the Orange Bowl to the stadium he built (present-day). Bad part about that was we lost the noise factor. The OB was made of metal and concrete and the stands were closer to the field. That fact, coupled with everyone stomping their feet made the place actually rumble. Huge home-field advantage. I went to the last Dolphins game played there, the '85 AFC Championship game. We lost like 35 - 10, or 20 to the Pats. We only played in 1 more AFC Championship since in the 90's to the Bills @ Joe Robbie and lost. Been a long downhill slide since. We just have not found the righr coaches and GM yet. I pray we do again.

On a side note, at the game Sunday it seems to me that this team practices in that air conditioned bubble way too often, then on game day when it's 90+ on the field with humidity you can taste, they can't take the heat any more than our opponents can.

Do any of you think that Don Shula would have EVER let his teams practice in an air conditioned bubble at home?

The pussification of this team is staggering.

I believe that Matt Moore gives the best chance for Miami to win the game against the Patriots. Moore is much more accurate on the deep ball, his arm is not as strong but the accuracy is paramount. T-Hill does not move in the pocket to avoid the rush, release quick enough or read defenses quickly enough. The Dolphins clearly did not protect the anointed T-Hill enough but part of the issue of getting sacked more than any other QB is T-Hill's lack of skills; reading, releasing, reacting in addition to the play calling. Sherman does not use the screen enough but perhaps his OL can not get out there fast enough. Imagine if the Dolphins kept and paid Long, moved him to RT due to injuries, gave up a 2nd rounder for Albert and drafted an OG in the first round. Then the Dolphins would have an offense to allow for ball control, time of possession which relates to keeping your defense off the field.....

Hey stillhardcore, I was at the Joe Auer kickoff return game in Sep. 1966, became an instant fan. Have lived with the ups and downs of this team for every game of their existence. The ineptitude that runs rampant in the current organization makes me physically ill. I am seriously considering moving on from not just this team but football in general unless something truly astounding happens and soon.

As BAD as the O-line is, and they stink, some of those sacks sit squarely on Tannehill. Much of "pocket presence" is instinct and "feeling" who/what you don't/can't physically see. Tannehill lacks that. It cant be taught. He's gonna need a rear view helmet cam with a little LCD screen in his visor.
Still, the O-line stinks.

The first 3 games were teasers and that was clearly evident after the shouldn't-have-been-a-win over Atlanta. Too many Koolaide drinkers. I'm guilty in one respect ... I thought Tannehill was progressing in those early games. Oh well ...

The Dolphins have the makings of a 13 game losing streak. Tannehill is the same inept QB he was last yr. Tanne doesn't change snap counts, doesn't throw the ball away, doesnt read his progressions, Tanne does hold the ball, Tanne does get sacked, Tanne does get injured, so on and so forth.
I wrote last week the only way out of this OL mess was for Ireland to make some trades for blockers. Not for an old fat man on his last leg, (no pun). Now there should be some bench linemen who made this team cause they could block in the running game and passing downs. Where are they? Clabo goes to the bench and is the first off the bench if theres an injury ? I think this is Irelands version of Ground Hog day.

Oscar I know that by blaming Ireland nothing is going to get solved,but having said that', everyone is frustrated
with this situation,and I guess venting it is the best solution since none of us cant do chit about it. What gets me is how can the fans see whats going on and a coach that's suppose to be an expert cant see half of the problems? I just don't understand, one more year of agony and deception.

I said it yesterday, the day before, and last week as well. If we continue to allow THill to get pummeled week after week he will get injured. He did limp quite badly last week and I do believe an earlier poster noticed he had a noticeable stinger in the Baltimore game as well.

This is exactly what you get when you expect a second year player to carry a team on his back without any protection up front. He is not going to last at this pace. I proposed that we sit him for the remainder of the season to save his health for the push next season. We need to go back into the draft and correct the problems on the OL in order to give this kid even a remote chance of being successful.

THill has his flaws, but they are magnified a hundred fold by the lack of protection up front, now he is showing signs of wear from all of the hits he has taken. We are ruining this kid just because it is fashionable to start your first round rookie and that is a joke. I could see if we had a decent OL to put him behind, but throwing him out there to the wolves week after week is outrageously stupid.

Sit him, start Moore and let him take the sacks. We may not win with Moore, but at least we can save THill from permanent injury both to his psyche and to his body. We should have never started the kid his first year and now we are paying for it in spades.

The blood has been in the water since the Monday Night loss and the sharks are feasting on the carcass of our OL and now are snapping at the feet of our proposed franchise QB. This season is a wash as it should have been. This is the second year of a new regime and all the players are have not been acquired yet. I don't blame Ireland as much as I blame the coaching staff for starting THill too soon without all of the pieces in place. That is unforgivable and will more than likely cost them their jobs if we tank this season and lose our QB, which I do predict will happen.

Enjoy the beat down we will receive on Sunday. We will be lucky to see another win this season and even luckier if THill doesn't end up on injured reserve.

If Tannehill can't "perform" then I would expect this FO, based on their prior ineptitudes, to trade him for a conditional draft pick next year. For the Corporatists in the current Dolphins organization, the players are merely pieces that are interchangeable and disposable.

MR. ROSS- If you do not yet realize it... your moron for a GM has invested a ton of your money for offensive players irresponsibly...by not addressing the O-line (keeping J Long, and or getting B Albert, and or drafting for the OL) he has taken all your invested money and let it get FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET... and now is using more of your money for a plunger!

MR ROSS- Look up the definition for INSANITY...
doing the same thing (Ireland as GM) over and over and over again...and expecting different results!!!

MR ROSS- Hiring Jeff Ireland to run an NFL franchise is like hiring Dumb and Dumber as an investment banker.



they really need to sit him and let him rest for like the REST of the season!

Ape Tamer wins dumb@ass of the thread! Which is hard to do with Exposingthefraud posting, but you pulled it off! Congratz!



There is no two ways about it...the Phins MUST win this game to stay competitive in the division. The improvement in the team is evident on paper and in individual accomplishments. The team needs to develop a sense of pride and invincibility as well as a killer instinct. By killer instinct, I mean that just because the team is up by 7 points the defense doesn't take a vacation or the offense doesn't just kill time. I want them up by 21 and Tannehill throwing bombs to Wallace to add more points.The pride thing is important 'cause it will make them reject defeat as improbable or impossible and play harder to win. All of this takes time...It will come with time.

Fins 10 Pats 23

After this loss the wheels will come off.

The McKinney trade was a statement trade. Ireland knows McKinnie is not a Philbin guy. Philbin is high on morality and no nonsense players. Mckinnie is the direct opposite of what Philbin demands from his players. This may be a message to Philbin to get his coaching staff to stop losing games that we are supposed to win.....this is just a theory.
Posted by: Bill Arsparger | October 23, 2013 at 07:37 PM

agree with that

Dashi , guess Tannehill jerks off too much , his BIG hands cant hold onto the ball , would rather have Moore in there who Ive never seen fumble once, and he`s accurate too , gee maybe that`s why he was our MVP before this group of idiots took over, Philbin is the worst, he lets officials and other teams cheat their asses off must be saving his challenge flag for that big horse face , got oats in the bottom of his to nibble on , while other teams ride his dumb ass, Ive seen so many plays that had other coaches reaching for theirs against their own players the calls were so obvious , but sloe Joe just lets em get away with it , phucking idiot , our best QB collects dust on bench while Tannebusts throwing arm is shot since game .3 whole stakk is retarded and most of you half wit bloggers backing him

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