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Saints beat Dolphins (who are not elite)

NEW ORLEANS -- It's only one loss. No big deal. You didn't expect the Dolphins to go undefeated, did you?

Indeed, I believe the Dolphins are still a good team. But they are not elite for reasons I detail in my column in The Herald.

That doesn't make this 38-17 loss any less painful.

"We're not happy," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is pictured getting sacked in the Joe Rimkus photo. "You don't want to perform like that in any situation. So we're not happy with ourselves. But there are things we can correct. and at the end of the day we have a big game coming up in six days. We have to learn from our mistakes in this game and look forward to next week and beat Baltimore."Tannehill sack

Learning from mistakes is important. Learning what your team does very well and doesn't do very well also is important.

New Orleans coach Sean Payton, for whatever reason, understood that Darren Sproles was a matchup nightmare for the Dolphins and no matter what Miami did Sproles made plays. He caught seven passes for 114 yards including a 48-yard catch on a double move that fooled safety Reshad Jones.

"We tried variety of different coverages," Philbin said. "We tried zone, we tried man. We tried pressures. Sproles is very good. We knew he was a good going into the game and we tried different combinations but he was very effective. No question."

The Dolphins, particularly on offense, are still trying to figure out their personnel. They tried Marcus Thigpen in the backfield throughout training camp and finally unveiled it Monday night. It worked as Thigpen caught a 50-yard pass out of the backfield.

But the Dolphins tried this only a couple of times. Not nearly enough to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the team apparently still is convinced Daniel Thomas is a good option in place of Lamar Miller. Think about it:

The Saints scored on their first series but the Dolphins seemed to respond immediately. Lamar Miller rushed five times for 33 yards and, mixed with a couple of Ryan Tannehill completions and a keeper on the read-option, Miami was at the New Orleans 9 yard line.

And then on third and an inch that is where the coaching staff decides it's a good time to bring in Daniel Thomas. And they think a wide pitch three yards deep is the play to run.

Yeah, the play lost two yards.

"It's a play we practiced all week," Philbin said. "We told the players going into the game we like it. It was a variation off a similar play we'd had success with and we didn't execute it as well. But I knew we were going to call it. We practiced it. We were prepared. They made a better play."

Quarterback sneak. Just sayin'.

Also, can I officially request the Dolphins use Lamar Miller on first and second down and Thigpen on third down? And leave Thomas and his 2.8 yards per carry this season on the bench? Please? Miller rushed 11 times for 62 yards, which is a 5.6 yards per carry average.

The Dolphins defense, by the way, is very good against the run. The return of Paul Soliai -- who told me he comes out of this game without re-injurying his knee -- was key and that's perhaps one reason the Saints averaged only 2.8 yards per carry on 244 attempts. They're like a team version of Daniel Thomas.

But Miami's pass defense was atrocious.

Drew Brees threw for 413 yards. He threw four TD passes. His passer rating was 144.5.

And after a week when the Dolphins focused on stopping Jimmy Graham and prepared to stop Jimmy Graham, there was Jimmy Graham dunking the football over the crossbar -- twice.

"We have to do better on defense," Philbin said. "We don't want Jimmy Graham running down the middle of the field wide open."

Yeah, he did that on a 43-yard TD. The Saints ran a sluggo-seam to get Graham open. New Orleans had a receiver on the other side of the formation run a slant and go which drew the safety in that direction. And then Graham just ran past Chris Clemons down the seam. Easy.

(Graham caught the other TD surrounded by three, count 'em, three defenders. Kid's amazing.) 

Miami's deep threat, meanwhile, didn't show much in his hometown. He caught three passes for 24 yards. That's an 8-yard average. He dropped two passes, including a deep shot that might have been a TD.

We were executing our offense but you have to hold on to the ball.

"He made a good play on the ball," Wallace said of the DB on the play. "I don't think he tipped it. I feel like I should have made a play on the ball."

Everyone agreed on this: The Dolphins cannot win a game in which Tannehill throws three interceptions and fumbles the ball away once.

"I feel like we made plays but at the same time we killed ourselves at times," Wallace said. "We have to finish drives and not give up turnovers. We have to make the plays when they count. We can't turn the ball over in scoring territory, especially against a good football team like this, because they're going to capitalize when we make mistakes like that."


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There's one thing that's painfully obvious and that is, the Fins are absolutely helpless when wearing their aqua unis. It's like Kryptonite to Superman. When they wear white they win but aqua? Fuggedaboudit. If I'm a team that plays the Fins at home this season I'm making them wear the aqua every time.

Phillip Wheeler looked lost in pass coverage, Coyle looked lost with his play calling and Tannehill tried to do too much. That fumble he had really hurt our momentum.

It was just a piss poor performance all around.
I felt the missed 3rd down conversion where we settled for 3 points and the blown pick attempt by Carroll were both critical plays in how we let this game get away from us.

If get 7 instead of 3 and Caroll makes that pick it is going back all the way. All we needed was to get a lead to set up the running game in the 2nd half. Sadly for us phin fans, our team didn't rise to meet the challenge.


Miami always gets torched by great offensive powers the falcons did the same less the die hard play of the week

Is it clear that the final interception was Tannehill's fault? It could have also been a bad play/route by Mike Wallace.....either way, Wallace has been a disappointment so far. Drops; seemingly poor routes....do you ever get the feeling he's going to make a tough catch or play? It feels like all the conditions have to be right for him to offer any production. Other receivers on the team (Hartline, Gibson, Clay, Matthews) seems to be tougher getting after the ball.

...same issue with Miller. Toughness. While he's been more productive than Wallace, per game, I don't think Miller is the answer at RB. he can be part of a good run game...but he's not a feature back. He is fast but runs weakly....you almost never see him break a tackle - and worse, he seems to go down or stop any forward progress at first contact. it's why daniel thomas is in the game on short yardage....EXCEPT, despite his size, Thomas is no stronger a runner on average than miller. he's always gone down/stopped on first contact. So, I agree he s^cks.
...This is another failure of this front office...a RB who can play 3 downs when he has to. OR, bringing in the right combination of players with the speed, and, power to compliment each other.

of course, the OLine has been a work in progress since Ireland got here.....another failure. made even worse by the rogue's gallery of ex OLine coaches who have been hired by this regime. What gives?

The good thing is they should come out and crush the Ravens for the very first time much like they crushed the oakland last year. Not comparing ravens to the raiders but it falls in time right proportion for a big win. Miami 30 Balt 10. Remember this post!

Tannehill is not perfect but he's decent, maybe even good. The D is usually solid and can't fault them too much againsta great offense. Mike Wallace has not performed up to the level of his contract or his mouth. He needs to start making some big plays.

Tough reality pill to swallow...even when you know the youth of T-Hill vs Brees at his house is tough.

Felt like they hung until just before the half.

I actually thought Philbin would go on the inches to go short yardage play.

Tannehill has to remember at all times down and distance, situational football, recognize scoring areas on the field and to to be a better steward of the ball.

He has been getting into a lazer lock and throw a lazer mode too often lately and it cost the Fins with the Int. The DB saw it coming and jumped the route big time.

The Defense steadied and played well until the Saints got ahead. Deflation is normal but I did love getting Sproles to cough it up near the goal line stopping more Saints points.

Agreed Miller is a good back but they need another rather than Thomas for a decent 1-2 RB punch. Maybe RB Gil..develops but it seems most special backs get onto the field quickly.

D. Jordan will be a work in progress. Taylor's coverage was good it's just Jimmy Graham we are talking about.

Soliai manhandled some Saints! Can't wait until he plays 60 snaps.

They needed to run more with Miller to keep Brees off the field.

Circle the wagons and make sure you beat division foes and the Fins should still be on track.


P.S. Gotta hear it from Bolt fans that will be deluded into thinking they are on par with teh Saints...NEWS FLASH: They Ain't.

PSS : The talking heads need to stop jinxing the Fins talking up our pass rush so much. The Fins get pressure at times but they are not the ferocious rush they are made out to be.

DJ, Shelby, Wheeler and Ellerbe need to all get better at sacks and QB pressure.


Posted by: Rob in OC | October 01, 2013 at 03:07 AM

Very good points Rob. I think the two turnovers and the 3rd and inches where we had to settle for 3 demoralized our offense.

I felt like Carroll could've had a pick 6 if he didn't take such a bad angle on the ball on the Sproles TD. Also, we let them convert on countless 3rd and long situations all game long. Terrible game plan by Coyle.

Bottom line, we can't cough up the football and our defense has to play more disciplined. Hopefully that is what we see against Baltimore.


Mistakes cost us big time. Take away the first fumble and it is 10 up or 10 to 6. And that is the ball game. Can't stop great players if you give them too many chances and we did.

Next game will be different and we can expect Tannehill to bounce back.

When the season started, most of us would have been happy if we 2-4 at the break.

We can beat the Ravens.

But we now know the second half ain't gonna be a cruise.

Where was the number three overall pick of the draft that Ireland gave a 2nd round to get? Mr. Ireland, in the NFL the most important aspect of the game is the offensive line; if you don’t dominate up front, then your QB is not going to survive. And Wallace is a 60 million dollar catastrophe, also Dustin Keller was a loss, but he too was a journeyman; tight ends in this league, need to be averaging a minimum of 6’6 ft to be effective; we were exposed again!

Now that the sugar high is over, I predict 8-8 and missing the playoffs to elite teams.

I can't say much about anybody's play except for Solia, Odrick and Marvin Austin. Yep, I said it, Austin.

Our Run D is a completely different story when Solia plays. Odrick was all over the place, but he couldn't do it alone. Marvin Austin showed some skills. I haven't went over my recording real well yet. But I did see Austin hanging tough in the Trench. I want to find out the story on this 23 year old, former 2nd round pick.

Sherman completely lost his mind on the 3rd and inches. Got too cute(again this week)and FORGOT who we were playing against. Terrible, terrible call no matter how you look at it. Philbin wasn't going to throw him under the bus, but I bet he tells his wife a different story than the one he told reporters. With our O-Line problems, just a ridiculous call. BTW - John Jerry was supposed to be pulling and it was his guy that slid through and blew up the play.

Coyle lost his mind as well. He kept putting Wheeler in ridiculous situations. I don't know how you KEEP putting Wheeler on slot receivers period. Let alone one on one!

Sunday night Bellicheat put some crazy coverages Tony Gonzales. Apparently Coyle missed that game. Other than when Taylor came in(and was immediately attacked by Brees)I didn't see **ANY** of the coverages I expected on Graham.

Late in the game Clemon's lined up 12 yards off of Graham. At the snap he takes three steps **TOWARDS THE LINE**. Graham blows by, gets wide open by 5 yards, makes the easy catch(I almost threw up-SERIOUSLY).

Something's wrong with Reshad Jones too.

I had Jones "On Suspicion" last week and he reaffirmed it. The ATTEMPT to cover Sproiles on the first drive was sickening. Had to be the worst angle I've ever seen at any level in all my years of playing and spectating. Sproiles is a talent in his own right, but I'll bet you never saw Lott or Atwater try them angles. Bush League, embarrassed himself, teammates and Coaches too. WTF...?

The other TE just got the corner on the far side for a TD. You see Jones just ahead of Jenkins both closing. I could feel the HIT coming! I pictured Jones putting a hurt on the guy, knocking him out before he scored. Jenkin's dove and tried to make the play. Jones had the best shot, but he just pulled up and let him score. He didn't even TRY!

Forget Lott and Atwater. Louis Oliver would have at least made the guy PAY. Jones........He didn't even TRY!

The only other thing that comes to mind right now is: WOW!!!!

To me the game was lost on third and one inch. WTF? All Tanny had to do was jump on Pouncy's back and stick the ball over the line, pull it back in and fall on the ground, but no we have to try running a sweep with the slowest RB in the league.

All I can say to that is QUIT EXPERIMENTING! Use plays that work in a situation instead of trying to re-invent the wheel.

I knew right then and there that we were already out-coached and had a snowballs chance to win. I was so disgusted with the coaching staff that I went to bed with more than 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, at least I didn't lose any sleep over this crap!

I'll just say it right now, Don Shula I believe never lost a game to the Saints, I think he also never lost a game to the Packers as the Dolphins coach either. The reason why? He never tried to cute with a game plan! This staff has light years to go to catch up with Shula's jock strap!

The results are usually the same: Tight Ends kill us. And we don't seem to have neither the talent nor the plays to stop them. Add to this a little lighting guy like Sproles with no plays to stop him, and Sherman's calling Daniel Thomas to get us a couple of INCHES, and we have what we have. Sherman didn't trust RT for a QB sneak.

We didn't see improvement of the team last night. Maybe regression. Philbin must tighten up his ship promptly.

Just one more comment here before I get back to work, this team has the horses to compete. What is holding them back is a paranoid coaching staff that forces them to play with one hand tied behind their back.

I had all the hope in the world that Philbin was going to come in here and be the brainiac coach that I thought he was. I thought that we would see intelligent football being played for 60 minutes a game.

Right now I'm having my doubts. He shows flashes of brilliance now and then, but what these players need from him is consistency, the exact same thing he says he needs from his players. Well it goes both ways coach and you ain't quite there yet.

This team is only going to go as far as this coach takes them, they aren't good enough to overcome poor coaching decisions, and poor personnel decisions.

It's coaching 101, put your play makers in a position to make plays, not on the bench in the most critical parts of the games! And give them plays that will allow their talents to succeed, a square peg cannot fit into a round hole! And Donald Thomas cannot run OUTSIDE the tackles!

Coyle is awful D coach. Almost as bad as Sherman as the O coordinator.

Saints and Broncos and even Patriots might be the best teams in the league for one reason only it's the QB

This was a game that if you lose the turnover battle you would lose the game. And we did! Sherman had so many bad calls!!

They should of put 5 db's in all game!

Sparkles is a nightmare no matter what team is playing against them. The o-line towards the end was so bad I couldn't believe my eyes!!

This game should have been tied at half time!!! No question!!
They came out and looked strong offensively is areas too. You simply can't have turnovers to a top team in their house!!!

Well, let's go home and beat the Ravens!!!

Yes, Dolphins are good, not great. Anybody unhappy with 3-1? It's a young team and they are learning. Be patient, we still have a great chance at a wild card. I think play calling let down, some parts of offense is very predictable, on defense, that 3-man no pressure rush allowed Bree's to kill it. How many 3rd and longs did they make? Seemed like all of them. We will learn alot about this team against Baltimore. BTW-you can blame Daniel Thomas for failing on 3rd and inches, but John Jerry totally missed the block and Thomas was dead in his tracks.

Rest assured the o-line will be addressed the offseason.

Yup. Someone else on here has mentioned before that this is still a rebuilding year, and that's correct. The o line needs work. Still not convinced by the secondary. The thing that gets me the most from last nights game is the play calling; it was atrocious. When will coaches learn that you dont rush 3 against elite qbs? Its suicide.
Amongst the angst we should remember that we re 3-1 and have a young, developing team. We were well in the game in the final 2 minutes of the first half (down by 4 with the ball and opening the second half with the ball). The Saints at home are a monster, but we hung with them for nearly a half. Its not all doom and gloom. One more draft and I think we ll be there.

Walk slow, drink water, its not over yet! Players are not the only group that needs to learn from this poor showing. Poor coaching, lack of confidence from the coaching staff deflated the teams moral. Quietly, players are saying ( what gives) coach? However there is adequate time to improve as a team, I belive thats what we, We will do!!! Fins up!

hi everybody,

this is Reggie Bush...

do you miss me yet?

sorry Mando, and for some of the crew here and plenty/most of the crew last night (the ones breaking their ankles falling off the bandwagon).....but c'mon, "who are not elite" in the headline? seriously, who thought they were elite?--and if you did, you're clueless (no offense....well, maybe a little)--stop already with elite, and any similar adjectives.....Fins are a solid/good team, on the rise, some good young talent, relatively new HC, improving, getting there.....but how can "elite" even be connected to them at this point ("why" is it connected is a better question)--were overwhelmed by an elite, top 5 team last night, on the road....but still beat good teams in Indy and ATL, and 2 their 2 very good QBs....still think they can compete for the playoffs, but thats far from being elite at this point......EXPECTATIONS folks....be realistic....and go get your ankles x-rayed.

There are very few first time head coaches that hit the streets running in the NFL, Don Shula, Bill Walsh those are examples of the exception to that rule. I recognize that. I am probably being too rough on this coaching staff.

All I ask for, is that they learn from their mistakes and not try doing stupid things more than once just to try to prove a fact or to satisfy their egos. Coaches sometimes even more so than athletes can be extremely hard headed and inflexible.

The greatest coaches in the game are the guys that recognize that something doesn't work and instead of trying to force the issue, they adapt, they evolve and most importantly keep the number of repeated mistakes to an absolute minimum.

I realize that coach Philbin is learning how to be a the head guy, this is only his second year, however the best of the best by this time in their careers are already showing signs of greatness. How long are we to wait until greatness starts to appear here?

I hope it's soon, because this franchise has only seen one great coach, which is more than a lot of franchises can even boast of, take the Bills or the Lions for example. Marv Levy was a good coach, but great? Hardly. The Lions haven't had a coach even approaching greatness since before WW2.

At least the Dolphins have had one, the greatest to ever coach the game, hopefully we hit the jackpot twice and Joe Philbin rises to that level. Time will tell.

no Reggie, dont miss you....in case you didnt watch the game, you/RB/Miller wasnt the problem.....any other dumb questions?--by the way Reggie, if you think DET is getting past NO, SF or SEA come playoff time, if they get there, you're crazy......but enjoy tropical DET, ok?

agree with Woodshed.....I know there are different reasons for coverage and possibly not even his issues, but Wheeler looked awful in coverage, if those coverages were truly just his.....hesitant, 1-2 steps behind.....I know those are tough assignments but I thought one of his strengths was coverage/youth/speed--?

They collapsed like a cheap camera which by the way is typical whenever they are playing on the national stage. ALWAYS the highlights will show how much the Dolphins stink it up and provide the other team NFL Records some way or the other.

This loss is a loss by the QB, play calling, D, O, the entire team.

They had zero answer for throwing Sprools off his timeing and just like the last 10 + years our secondary suc k s and blows big play coverages ALL THE TIME.

This is exactly why the media, NFL, Espn and the rest ignore the 3-0 start as they well knew that they would collapse just like they do every seasonunder the BIG lights.

Where do I start? Let me count the ways... What hurt me(and them) most was that awful call on 3rd and 1". We spend 1 week here saying how good and crafty Drew Brees is but apparently Coaches did not say the same to our LBs and Safeties. Safeties and LBs were turned every which way by Brees mainly with his pump fake, ball handling. Our OLine and Tannehill? I have to think more about that one.

Note to Kevin Coyle: The definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result. The three man rush on third and very long killed us last night.

Just as I said yesterday. The fins did not play "Big Boy Football" Too soft. Big money player dropped passes. The D could not cover or stop their offense. O line did not hold up. QB????? No excuses. We got beat.

Chris Clemons stinks..time for Don Jones to take his lumps.Now I know why Clemons tries to avoid contact. He tried to lower the boom last night and nearly got knocked out. He can't cover, tackle, or hit. Why is he in there at all?

Very young team, LONG season. Armando and others, you don't become ELITE in two seasons with a new HC & System. NOT realistic, team is good and having growing pains, but will continue to improve on all fronts. Give it time, be realistic.

Must have a SHORT memory, move on to Balitmore. LONG season...anything can happen.

Oh, and I wouldn't let Sherman call a Bingo game. Play calling is idiotic. I am so tired of old coaches with old playbooks, and old ideas.

Except for Solai, Wake and Grimes Miami is just not a physical football team. They look like little high school players out there.

When is the last time anyone thought of Miami as intimidating?

Even the elite teams in this league get their heads handed to them from time to time.
Three wins against quality teams are too small a sampling size to form an opinion yet one loss is?
How this team performs after a loss like this will go a long way toward defining what kind of football team we have here in Miami.

Let;s get over monday nites loss, no one but no one picked Miami to win this game, Espn,cbssports, even the Miami herald sports writers picked New Orleans.The important thing now is how this team plays this coming Sunday against Baltimore,Buffalo for God's sake beat Baltimore, if we loose Sunday and go into the bye on a 2 game losing streak the 3 game winng streak will be a distant memory,but if we can win on Sunday and go 4-1 we should be in good shape. As Ben Hogan once said the most important shot in Golf is the next one, well for the Dolphins the most important game is the next on, how they respond will show us what we can expect for the rest of the season. Go dolphins

Let's be honest this morning,beating the Saints at home was wishful thinking. We all knew it was a tough task for a very young team and especially the quarterback. We need to move on to the Ravens and I like our chances for a win Sunday. Most critics thought that when they saw our schedule that we would be 1-4 at the break. So 4-1 is not bad!

Like I said the Dolphins are "not ready for primetime" Period !! 3-20-3-15-3-12 and D.Brees converted on all three big plays. Since the days of the Killer Bees since the Dolphins had a legit defense that teams were 3&out against our defense !!

Even Seahawas would have trouble against Saints in NO. Still, it was a poor showing all around, but there still seemed to be some bright spots and some growth. But, if O line doesn't start to protect, we will probably see both Thill and Moore on IR before the season is done !!

The Colts and Falcons both had similar passing days against us....Dolphins may give up more passing yardage than any other team by season's end.
The only problem Ireland has solved is in the kicking game.

@ Tom:I don't care how many yards we give up as long as we don't give up a lot of points. The Dolphins D had done a pretty good job at that up until last night.

Where was Dion Jordan?

i thought the giants and that t/o machine eli played on sun.?

nfl,take notice,the phinz don't belong on mon./sun. nites.

Good morning Mr. Troll.

The only problem Ireland has solved is in the kicking game.
Posted by: Tom Hartman | October 01, 2013 at 08:12 AM

Armando they may not be elite but I will settle for good and elite can come later, really don't get too panicked about one loss. It happens to the best of them, and it Will happen to Manning and Brady and Bress this year. Now some things I really didn't like was the attitude of the team coming out in the second half it was like they were already beat. At one point it was 35-10 Saints with 9 minutes in the third Quarter, which is plenty of time to mount a comeback.The turnovers killed us and hat shifted the momentum in the game. And the other problem was we had them in third and long a lot times and they converted which also hurt. Our Defense played pretty well at times in this game and they can play better than that last night. If we could have scored two more times in the first half instead of turning the ball over this could have been a different game. I like our chances going forward, but Philbin has to instill the fight to end mentality and so does Tannehill he looked like he was just going through the motions at times last night , Chad Henne like!!!

One early season loss does not make a season. For that matter, three early season wins do not make a season.

The Dolphins have some playmakers. They need more. Either the players they have step up or they need additional players.

Tannehill played a dreadful game. Hopefully, he bounces back next week. For Miami to be a very good to elite team, Tannehill has to be very good to elite as well.

The most disappointing part of the last night's game was the defense. It was just awful - expecially against the pass. This brings back way too many memories, none of them good.

The Dolphins are in year six of the Parcells/Ireland rebuild. Or, for those who prefer a finer breakdown, year three of the Ireland rebuild of the Parcells rebuild. It should not take this long to rebuild a team to a higher level.

That being said, the season is still young. The Dolphins have the ability to rebound and be a very good to elite team by December and January.

I do not expect the Dolphins to win the Superbowl this season. What I hope is that they can upset Denver in the playoffs.

With the exception of Keller, the Dolphins should be getting their injured players back. If there are no other personnel setbacks, then the Dolphins should be a playoff winner this season. The time for excuses is over.

A lot of weaknesses were exposed last night. Defensively, we were not jamming their receivers at all. You have to get physical with them and not allow them to run freely. Look at a team like Seattle, a lot of times there is contact beyond that five yard area, yet the officials will give them the benefit of the doubt because the officials adjust to how they play. On offense Miller needs twenty plus carries a game, and please get out of this mindset that if you are down ten plus points halfway thru the third quarter you must abandon the running game.

I predicted this last week and was chided by the forum regulars for not being a true fan.

Well Drew Brees is a 1st ballot HOF player and he showed that last night.

He had his way all night on our inept defense, while our offense sputtered in the second half.

Toss in a primetime game (which I also said we suck on) and we just cannot hang with the upper teams in the league for a full 60 mins.

We are way better than the Tony Sparano led teams, but that was a old fashioned butt kicking last night.

Oh and another thing the passing game was way off last night , we do have a very young QB and they do take time to develop, I believe in Tannehill, I would just like to see the fire in his eyes when things aren't going well a couple of quick scores and the defense would have played better , I believe, this seems to b the way things go in football when it comes to momentum , the great teams and great players don't give up when their is time for a comeback or to get some respect back.

This was an absolutely garbage game by the Phins

If we can be 4-1 at the break I will feel like I won the lotto!!! Wayyyy better than i expected

Just wanted to ask, real quick, if we're ready to start talking about next year and the upcoming Draft (or will that discussion commence tomorrow)?

The O line is a huge problem!!!! and im very concerned with Tannehills ball handling. He now has a reputation of letting the ball fall and defenses will be keying on the ball before the body!!

lots a holes.
except the kicking.

3rd road game in 4 weeks. 3rd game in a row against elite QBs. The turnover before half was a back breaker. Agree with others, the 3 man rush on 3rd and longs was ridiculous against a QB like Brees. Hopefully we dont do the same to Brady. the good news is we dont play an offense for the remainder of the year as good as the last 3 teams we played. Brady is always tough but their talent around him isnt what new orleans had to offer.Once we lost Patterson the secondary has struggled. Hopefully he returns soon. Where is Richard Marshall when you need him?

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