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Saints beat Dolphins (who are not elite)

NEW ORLEANS -- It's only one loss. No big deal. You didn't expect the Dolphins to go undefeated, did you?

Indeed, I believe the Dolphins are still a good team. But they are not elite for reasons I detail in my column in The Herald.

That doesn't make this 38-17 loss any less painful.

"We're not happy," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is pictured getting sacked in the Joe Rimkus photo. "You don't want to perform like that in any situation. So we're not happy with ourselves. But there are things we can correct. and at the end of the day we have a big game coming up in six days. We have to learn from our mistakes in this game and look forward to next week and beat Baltimore."Tannehill sack

Learning from mistakes is important. Learning what your team does very well and doesn't do very well also is important.

New Orleans coach Sean Payton, for whatever reason, understood that Darren Sproles was a matchup nightmare for the Dolphins and no matter what Miami did Sproles made plays. He caught seven passes for 114 yards including a 48-yard catch on a double move that fooled safety Reshad Jones.

"We tried variety of different coverages," Philbin said. "We tried zone, we tried man. We tried pressures. Sproles is very good. We knew he was a good going into the game and we tried different combinations but he was very effective. No question."

The Dolphins, particularly on offense, are still trying to figure out their personnel. They tried Marcus Thigpen in the backfield throughout training camp and finally unveiled it Monday night. It worked as Thigpen caught a 50-yard pass out of the backfield.

But the Dolphins tried this only a couple of times. Not nearly enough to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the team apparently still is convinced Daniel Thomas is a good option in place of Lamar Miller. Think about it:

The Saints scored on their first series but the Dolphins seemed to respond immediately. Lamar Miller rushed five times for 33 yards and, mixed with a couple of Ryan Tannehill completions and a keeper on the read-option, Miami was at the New Orleans 9 yard line.

And then on third and an inch that is where the coaching staff decides it's a good time to bring in Daniel Thomas. And they think a wide pitch three yards deep is the play to run.

Yeah, the play lost two yards.

"It's a play we practiced all week," Philbin said. "We told the players going into the game we like it. It was a variation off a similar play we'd had success with and we didn't execute it as well. But I knew we were going to call it. We practiced it. We were prepared. They made a better play."

Quarterback sneak. Just sayin'.

Also, can I officially request the Dolphins use Lamar Miller on first and second down and Thigpen on third down? And leave Thomas and his 2.8 yards per carry this season on the bench? Please? Miller rushed 11 times for 62 yards, which is a 5.6 yards per carry average.

The Dolphins defense, by the way, is very good against the run. The return of Paul Soliai -- who told me he comes out of this game without re-injurying his knee -- was key and that's perhaps one reason the Saints averaged only 2.8 yards per carry on 244 attempts. They're like a team version of Daniel Thomas.

But Miami's pass defense was atrocious.

Drew Brees threw for 413 yards. He threw four TD passes. His passer rating was 144.5.

And after a week when the Dolphins focused on stopping Jimmy Graham and prepared to stop Jimmy Graham, there was Jimmy Graham dunking the football over the crossbar -- twice.

"We have to do better on defense," Philbin said. "We don't want Jimmy Graham running down the middle of the field wide open."

Yeah, he did that on a 43-yard TD. The Saints ran a sluggo-seam to get Graham open. New Orleans had a receiver on the other side of the formation run a slant and go which drew the safety in that direction. And then Graham just ran past Chris Clemons down the seam. Easy.

(Graham caught the other TD surrounded by three, count 'em, three defenders. Kid's amazing.) 

Miami's deep threat, meanwhile, didn't show much in his hometown. He caught three passes for 24 yards. That's an 8-yard average. He dropped two passes, including a deep shot that might have been a TD.

We were executing our offense but you have to hold on to the ball.

"He made a good play on the ball," Wallace said of the DB on the play. "I don't think he tipped it. I feel like I should have made a play on the ball."

Everyone agreed on this: The Dolphins cannot win a game in which Tannehill throws three interceptions and fumbles the ball away once.

"I feel like we made plays but at the same time we killed ourselves at times," Wallace said. "We have to finish drives and not give up turnovers. We have to make the plays when they count. We can't turn the ball over in scoring territory, especially against a good football team like this, because they're going to capitalize when we make mistakes like that."


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Armando back on the negative train...

The game completely changed with the INT with 2:00 left in the half...down only 14-10 and driving I would have rather seen another run, Miller was not being stopped in 1st half...then 3 and out in first drive of 2nd half, game over. Game should have been 14-13 at half, with ball and momentum on our side to start 2nd half

Also pass protection was terrible in 2nd half, good in 1st half, terrible in 2nd half..Clabo looks really old.,,can he play Guard and put Jerry at tackle?...or it's time to give Garner a chance, Tanny is gonna get hurt

that was a girlz team playing against pro's,

phinz = middle of the pack,again.

talking heads were right, which 3-0 team won't make the p/o's,?
yeap, they pix the phinz.

After thinking about it after a decent nights sleep, my observations:

- Agree with Mando 100%. Daniel Thomas has no place in this offense. Putting him in on a 3rd and an INCH after riding Miller the whole drive? Inexplicable. And what business does Thomas have trying to run to the outside? Sure the center of the line got destroyed on the play, but it looked like a designed off tackle play.

- RT needs to learn how to slide!!!! The read option stuff was really effective those first two drives. RT needs to protect the ball and, more importantly, himself. Lose the ball, you'll get it back. Get popped on a play and you're out indefinitely? Something this team can ill afford.

- It's clear Wallace and RT aren't clicking, that has been stated for sure. However, I wouldn't worry too much about that interception where it looks like Wallace cut it short. Game was decided, had no impact on outcome, rather harmless pick. Big learning moment for Wallace and RT. They can work on this and get on the same page.

- Defensively, decent pressure on Brees all night. Guy was just gifted too many possessions. A look at the stat sheet at the half told an interesting story. Fins and Saints were neck and neck in every statistical area EXCEPT turnovers/pts off of turnovers. You give a QB like Brees enough opportunities, he WILL burn you. No question there.

- Watching this defense, I couldn't help but think about the 2009 MNF game against Indy. Poor tackling, soft coverage, mismatches everywhere. I fully understand you need to respect the Saints offense and their abilities but come on. With the cushions our guys were giving, AL TOON could've come out and run 20 yard digs and had success.

However, there were positives:

- Read option, pistol formation, Lamar Miller, chunk yardage.

- When he was getting protection, RT threw some nice balls. Nix his fumble and 1st pick, and we may be talking about something completely different this morning.

- Brandon Gibson with some clutch catches last night. Good to see him filling the slot role well.

- JESUS CHRIST IS OUR RUN D IMMENSE. Odrick, Soliai, Starks...unfortunately, that forces teams to pass on us, which we don't particularly defend well.

Overall, kinda what most fans with any semblance of football knowledge should've expected. Fins are young, these games happen. The turnovers are correctable. Week in and week out you don't come across offenses like the Saints so I hold cautious optimism for the rest of the season. New England (x2), at Buffalo (in December), and San Diego will probably present the biggest issues for us.

That being said, doesn't take the sting out of it all.

rage, toad, i took a dump in a box this a.m. i sent a courrier over to drop it off at your desks.

Richard Marshall couldn't get on the field for us, you will be much happier when we use the $$ we saved by letting him walk on keeping Grimes...

We have what we have at this point, we need Patterson back, Carroll will be that much better as 5th DB when he comes back

Move on folks, tough spot last night, that place is a nightmare and when it starts going downhill it goes quickly there.

Baltimore game is biggest home game in years, 4-1 headed to break will be a huge confidence builder for 2nd half

4-1 and get healthy, but gotta fix that OL...I think it's time for Garner to get on the field, always plays well when he does..

LET'S NOT ALL BASH MIAMI NOW! True, we got spanked. But we also spanked ourselves in 1st half especially. We are a decent team, that lost to an Elite team. Philbin needs to take a look at our #2 Corner spot, & our Nickel backs, because Carroll, and Wilson just don't cut it!! Also, Wallace and Jordan has shown me nothing thus far. Find a F.B that can stay home and block as well, & PLEASE NO MORE THOMAS! 9-7

Coylevadotti needs to go back to the drawing board for the Ravens. I haven't seen a Dolphins D get shreded that bad by a pass-catching running back since Thurman Thomas was playing.

Well Fans, you should be happy this morning.

We ran the ball Great and we defended the run Great. That is all I saw on this blog last week.

NO ran the bell like crap and could not stop Miller.

Winning is not important, the run game is.

Pretty simple really! These events, all first half, explain the loss.

5. IT's OBVIOUS in short yardage if Thomas comes in, it' a run. You're tipping you're hat. Ride with Miller & forget Thomas! Even if he's decent, tipping the defense negates his effectiveness.

4. Down 7-3, driving & Tanny fumbles. Killer.

3. Carroll gambled & lost costing a TD

2. Down 14-10, 2 minute left in half & Tanny throws an INT & Hartline quit on the play but Tanny was locked in. Easy read for the DB.

1. D had the Saints in 3rd & long the entire first half & gave up huge play after huge play.

Miami should have been up at half time.

2nd half happenings are irrelevant. The oline is awful. No sacks in the first half but, when in throw mode in the 2nd half, they could not keep up.

Wallace is turning out to be a awful signing. He is not the Megatron / Andre Johnson type #1 WR. Wallace cannot fight for a ball in the air. (Dropped one last night)

They are clearly not on the same page & he is relegated to decoy status, lazy or wrong routes & dropped passes.

Tanny was locked into his presnap read all game last night.

Just a bad game. But, a lot of these things are correctable. Hopefully they continue to win 3 of every 4.

The Good: Soliai and Odrick. Vernon finally made a play. After the toughest part of the schedule, the Phins are 3-1.
The Bad: Coaching - the stupid play call on 3rd and short on the first drive, 3 man rushes against Brees, the fact Tannehill was still in there late in the 4th. Philip Wheeler can't cover anyone. Dion Jordan was invisible all game. Reshad Jones has continued his bad play from the end of last year. Mike Wallace.
The Ugly: Tanne was just horrible. No pass protection... again. Secondary is a big weakness. Bad tackling...again. If I were a TE I could get open against this defense. The Saints showed everyone how to beat the Phins.

This was a tough matchup for us with the injuries, and the bad play calling and turnovers just made it impossible. The QB sneak that wasn't, was the turning point in my mind. We score a TD on that drive who knows how this game would have turned out.

The elephant in the room is that we can't freaking block.

Are there any LTs even available?

Yup the o-line is getting exposed every week.

Martin is always chasing the DEs. Never in position it seems. Even worse he likes to shove them into Tannehill.

The Dolphins have a second-rate coach (the fact this clown still considers using daniel thomas). There is no running game (that's truly a threat). All that $$ was spent on wallace and (for whatever reason) he has yet to show. It was common knowledge that the the defense -most particularly the pass rusg- was/STILL IS a joke. This team is NO better off then it was last year with the single exception of Tannehill coming along. No pass rush....no beating the better teams.

No beating the better teams?....did we just not beat Indy on the road and Atlanta?, who. Ost felt were headed to the Super Bowl?

Come on people don't panic...we need Wake, Patterson and some changes to the OL, cause the right side is. It cutting it right now...

No, the Dolphins haven't faced "3 elite QBs" lol! Ryan's a joke, Luck is good but not elite. Don't be a moron and sugarcoat the situation. And....Home or away...you're a pro athlete! The fans aren't tackling you so it shouldn't matter where the game's at. You're either good enough or not, period.

For all that is Holy, surely you don't think we would be 3 and 1 w/o Wallace?
That's insane!!

I've been saying all along....Kevin Coyle's defense sucks.

How you going to give Graham a free release all game??

Our safeties played like crap...

Our zone defense is atrocious...

At least Solai played though.

And what is Sherman thinking by not moving Wallace around. Horrible game plan...




Turnovers kill... but it was a total team debacle.

The coaching was abysmal. 3rd and one inch pitch when you have a 220 lbs atheltic qb and a supposedly pro bowl centre???? Defensive coaching by letting the other team match up their best against your worst continuosly?

The linebackers were a disgrace as was the secondary.

The only thing that was any good was Lamar Miller and the interior defensive line. The rest of the ORGANIZATION didn't earn their pay yesterday.

They owe us one this Sunday.


Saints LB Junior Galette: Dolphins aren’t as good as everybody was saying they were

yes it is only one loss, but they did it in typical dolphin fassion, theu blew it at every level. Fumble, no slide. 3 interceptions. 3rd on one inch and we did not make it, and lets not forget mike wallace. I mean is he even on this team or should we call him casper cause he is invisible. I can handle a loss but to be crushed lie this sux

I expressed this last week and will again.

...this was as good a loss as they come!

Why?...it was to an NFC team
It was to a HOF QB who is red hot.(everyone understands that)
It will force us to look at our warts more closely and facilitate change.

The only bad was we got roasted on national tv...ouch!

typical, jone$ inks 4 $$$$ and suxx axx.

I thought the first half the dolphins played pretty well. Other than the first drive and Sproles going crazy against us, we held the Saints offense in check. What was disappointing were the turnovers. Tannehill has GOT to take better care of the ball. That fumble was inexcusable.

Wallace had a poor game. Great receivers make tough catches... I counted at least 2 legitimate drops on his part (the deep ball and the short in route he ran). Sure, a couple of the other passes to him were not perfect, but it just didn't seem like the effort was there.

No complaints regarding Lamar Miller and the running game - we were killing the Saints with the run, and the heralded Saints Ryan defense had no answer.

I really thought that we moved the ball well against them, right up until they knew they could pin their ears back and rush the passer because we were behind and not in a run situation.

Definitely not making excuses, we did get killed on the final score, and yes there were several breakdowns, but I think this team will be in good shape (injuries aside) as the season progresses.

And oh, did I mention our big mouth over paid #11. Yap and yap then has two passes hit him right in the hands and both hit the turf - including one big potential play. Reminds me of the clown who used to wear #19 here. Hate these diva turds. If you talk the talk then walk the walk...

Junior Galette - 33 tackles career. lol!

And yes mando's commentary is fair. They are a good team - probably a 5 or 6 seed in the AFC but elite - not with performances like that...

some1 twatted that ross should choke on that contract extension he gave ireland.

biggest game of the decade, this sun.

This game revealed all the weaknesses in the Dolphins. But I didn't really understabnd T-hill's performance. He practcally gave away all by hiself this match. Everything fell apart at tne end of 1st half, when the Dolphis were paying very good. Then suddenly the storm appeared.
Our secondary is awful. Wallace appeared like a prospect WR. The coaches were terrible. We were running the football perfectly and yet they switched to passes, etc. Etc.
This team has so many holes that I'm surprised we're 3-1. Ireland is a virus. He has poisoned this team by 5 years or so, and the mst amazing thing is that he's still there with a new contract. He and Ross are the only people in the world convinced that they're on the right path. They got rid of Sparanus, but the real villain in this story is Ireland. This ultramorron has fixed nothing during his management. Look at the OL, the secondary, etc.
You can loose a game, but with class, not this way.

Also, I really hope Patterson heals quickly. Nolan Carroll did NOT have a good game in my opinion (again), and I don't think he is a starter in this league.

Maybe Philbin should start calling plays. Then again, if you can't protect the QB..

Those that are blaming Daniel Thomas on that 3rd and inches don't have a clue, especially the ones who are saying Miller should have been in. NEITHER of them is capable of picking up 3rd and short yardage in the red zone because the oline isn't capable of creating space for them. Even Mando talking about a QB sneak is 50-50. If anyone was watching, all the defenders were bunched up in the middle of the line. PERFECT time for a trick play. Fake the handoff, roll Tannehill right, with a TE/WR/FB rolling with him and give him a chance to run it in or pass over the 1 defender who's likely to be in the area. THAT'S play-calling. DECEPTION! You don't call the play everyone in the stadium KNOWS is coming and think by your sheer brute force it'll work. It's about working SMARTER, not HARDER. The entire Patriots decade of dominance is predicated on that fact. I wish for once OC could learn that cold hard truth. I'm pretty sure Philbin is just protecting his mentor Sherman by saying what he said, but if he were calling plays, seeing how he thinks outside the box in other areas, that he would have called a trick play. That was basically the momentum-shifter in the whole game (that and the 1st 3-and-out to start the 2nd-half). Until Tannehill can become elite, he needs the help of strategy from the Coaches. If they can't offer that, it makes his task harder and it makes it less likely he'll learn how to become elite.

Anyone that can't see that Chris Clemons is a problem is blind.

Like Mando, I don't understand the Daniel Thomas fixation. And that 3d-and-inches play was just nuts.

Is Mike Sherman the answer at OC?

Random thoughts about the game

I don't think this loss surprised anyone. But the way we lost? Inexcusable. Mando is right, why the fascination with Daniel Thomas? "The play worked in practice"? How about, will this play work against N.O.?

Mando, you commented on Wheeler but he's not shown me nothing in games 1-3 either.

I've commented on it before but if you don't see lapses in judgement from coaching by now....
If Philbin wants to suceed in Miami, he has to have the courage to make some changes in his staff

You can loose a game, but with class, not this way.

Posted by: Marchcool | October 01, 2013 at 09:44 AM

Just to play devil's advocate, if you really believe your own rhetoric, then we're playing the PERFECT team Sunday (Baltimore). Not only did they get embarrassed Week 1 vs. Denver (which is probably understandable), they also looked pathetic in their loss last week to the lowly Buffalo Bills. So when you put Miami next to their competition in the upcoming weeks, they start to shine more than you think they do next to the Saints. Just sayin.


Disagree completely! Lamar Miller ran hard. His first step is explosive. Daniel Thomas is slow, big and not physical. Daniel Thomas was arm tackled around his shoulder pads on that play. He wasn't hit low or anywhere to stop his momentum. He's just a weak player. He can't break tackles. He sucks! He shouldn't be getting that carries he gets. He's flat out terrible.

The only call to be made there is a QB sneak!

No one's throwing to Grimes' side of the field. If we can get one consistent CB, our defense will take a leap (also, for those taking Patterson, you have to be AVAILABLE to be considered consistent. Don't make excuses for him if you didn't make excuses for Jake Long). We also have 2 decent run coverage safeties, but they are both outclassed when it comes to pass coverage. Jones' showed he had some talent in this area last year, but he still wasn't Ed Reed. The experiment with Clemons should finally be discontinued this year, unless we're going to invest in 2 shut down corners (with a couple above-average backups). Wilson, Carroll, Stanford, these guys are all decent but far from consistently reliable).

Okay, really??? BIG reality check last night. I was hoping for a better showing, but didn't really expect us to win last night even though I pulled the "Homer Card" and picked them to win anyway. Not in the least disappointed, yet. Time to regroup, lick our wounds, and get back out there Sunday and beat the Ravens.
I didn't get a chance to watch the game, had to work late, so I guess I didn't miss much other than the expected melt down.
We will get there soon enough, just need to continue to get better and not regress. 4-1 at the bye is not completely out of the realm of possibility and would be gratefully excepted.

Many, many mistakes. From coaches through QB, and the rest of the players. Sad to say, but these are the real Dolphins. Look to our dfraft picks, almost all injured or recovering. Year after year is the same thing.
We need a GM like Elway, someone who loves this team and at the same time who understands this game from the roots. Five years repeating the same thing, I'm tired of it.

Miami'a players got outplayed and coaches, outcoached.

Players - The talent on paper was an obvious advantage in New Orleans favor. They have HOF QB still playing at HOF level. They have the best pass catching TE in the NFL. They have the best pass catching, mismatch of a RB in the NFL. They have a go to to WR even if not elite in Colston. Miami had a budding star QB but far from finished product. A $60 M WR not showing up and making game changing plays and a bad Oline facing a blitzing D but they couldn't even block 3 man fronts let alone when they blitzed.

Coaching - Sean Payton's the best bar none. Rob Ryan did a great job and showed Coyle how you play 3rd and 15 or more which is when he had 5 DBS standing at the first down marker with only a 3 man rush and man up on the RB and a jam on the TE. It was a simple and effective call. Coyle was terrible for the first time all year. Sherman was Sherman. 3rd and a freaking centimeter you have an athletic QB there is only one call to make in that situation a QB sneak. Sherman is terrible in the red zone regardless of how well Miami has done in the red zone previous to last nights game.

Most important comment on the blog...

How this team performs after a loss like this will go a long way toward defining what kind of football team we have here in Miami.

Posted by: 6bucks7games | October 01, 2013 at 08:06 AM


How they perform in the next game will be telling, great point 6bucks!

Andy, Miller lost yardage all day vs. Cleveland and Indy. Yes, he's explosive, good runner in the middle of the field. But in the red zone, I don't see either of them being that great. And especially that horrible stretch play call. It didn't surprise anyone. On top of that, only way that play works is if the TE/LT seal the end so the RB can get around the edge, but that didn't happen. So Miller would have been the better choice for that play, but if I'm defending and I see him back there I think that play is more likely (and am MORE aware of the possibility of having to get him before he gets to the edge).

Look, the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line. This is pure geometry. It was a dumb play, and didn't fool anyone, which is the only way it works. Mando was right if you're going to run, you just go up the middle, and if you do a QB sneak then you only have a yard or so to make instead of 3 if you hand off. But I'd rather have seen a rollout, and completely deceive the defense. THEN, once you've put that nugget of confusion into the defense's mind, then next time it loosens them up for that run (or any other), because then they are thinking about the possibility of you throwing (or doing another trick play).

Andy, this is really a time tested strategy in TODAY'S NFL (I highlight today because it was different before). You don't use the base play to set up the trick play. You use the trick play to make the base plays that much more effective when used.


I agree with you. I had no diappointment other then allowing Sproles to convert a 3rd and 20 on pass that was a screen pass and YARDS AFTER THE CATCH was 21. That was a kick in the balls play. The Saints would later score on that drive.

I didn't expect a win and I personally didn't want Wake or Soliai to play although Soliai played great. Miami going to New Orleans on MNF was not a favorable match up in any way. I'd rather lose now to Saints then to Baltimore, Buffalo or New England in our next 3 which are all obvious AFC games which will matter come playoff time.

It isn't even the point of go with Miller or Thomas.

THE FACT IS when Thomas is in the game & it's short yardage, EVERYONE knows he's gonna run it!

There is ZERO surprise element!

Having Miller in short yardage would actually keep the D off guard.

No one is criticizing Thomas or Miller.

TO me, the fact that Thomas comes in the game eleimintes ANY threat because you know he's gonna run it.

Run the ball, run the ball,

Play calling is similar to comedy, it's all about timing. Hartline ran 2 or 3 slants before the defender caught on and was able to intercept the pass. Hartline didn't do anything different, Tannehill didn't, the DEFENDER DID! IF the OC had an understanding of timing, he might have called a double move, knowing the defender would have noticed the initial formation and route, and would be likely to try and jump the route, and if Hartline made the double-move upfield, it could have been a huge play.

Timing. All the plays won't work all the time, but at times all the plays can work. The great ones know when those times are.

And look, it's easier when the OC has the help of the QB. That's part of my point. It's not fair to put a master play-caller (like a Sean Payton) with a master tactician at QB (like Brees, Brady, Manning, etc.). Tannehill isn't a master tactician yet, so can't help the OC by audibling into those great plays consistently. So until that time (if he ever gets there) the OC needs to carry the load. I blame Sherman just as much as any of the players here.

Sorry, meant to say it's not fair to put a master playcaller with a master tactician and think your team with one or the other can compete (unless your master tactician is also a master playcaller, like Manning/Brady, etc.)


I agree terrible play call. Why call a zone run to the outside as Gruden pointed out a lot has to go right to make that run successful but in any case go back and look at the play if Daniel Thomas breaks an arm tackle because thats what it was a had on his outside shoulder pad then he gets that 1st down. How does your momentum get stopped in that situation? It's your outside shoulder where you are running away from the defender and you get dropped like a sack of potatoes on the play. He sucks, peroid. He's 235 lbs and doesn't get it done in short yardage, long yardage, 1st and 10 or any other matter. He's a good practice player who the coaches like but just as Armando said come game time he sucks and his pathetic career and year average is all I need to know.

I truly believe in that situation if Miller gets the ball his instincts and speed and explosion makes that huge DT miss or doesn't stop his momentum with a single arm tackle there. Miller has looked great when given the chances. This staff continues to want to put all the pressure on a young, unfinished product at QB and pass, pass, pass. Miller is clearly and by far the best RB this team has. Give him 15-20 carries a game consistently.

In situational football the coaching staff called a terrible situational play but as the RB which Daniel Thomas is clearly not a good did not have the instincts to run like a bat out of hell to not go down so easily.

Oh and by the way, it was obvious in prior games, Tannehill had problem with ball security (grip on the ball.) Why wasn't he coached up for this game?

My Take Mando, Your wrong about Daniel Thomas. Poor play calling, he is a good runner, but he is a straight ahead runner, we keep pitching to him.

Tanny made some big mistakes, hopefully he learns.

Wallace dropped a deep ball that he NEEDS to catch. He dropped another short pass. This is looking so much like the early Brandon Marshall.

Our O-line has a lot of improvements they need to make.

Soliai wasn't the only defender who played great (which is being lost in this loss). I was impressed with most of the front line (especially Vernon and Odrick). But Starks, Shelby, they had very good games. Grimes, again, is a shut down corner, they won't even throw to his side of the field. Asking Ellerbe/Wheeler to cover Sproles is a joke. Asking ANY LB to cover Sproles is a joke. Rushing 3 and dropping everyone else back and letting Brees pick you apart is a recipe for disaster (which this team should have learned by playing Brady twice a year). Especially when your secondary is your weakness defensively.

We ALL said Brees was going to score. The smart ones among us KNEW he's score over 20 points. Our defense couldn't contain them on those 3rd and longs, true, but overall I think our front 7 (really 9 if you include Grimes and Jones) are pretty damned good. Good enough to contain 9 other offenses they have to face this year). But you can't win in today's NFL by scoring 17 points. That's the problem.

DC, excellent point regarding timing 10:15.

Baltimore mode!!

I'm already in Baltimore mode. There's nothing else to be said. Miami got their butt kicked in a place where many do. It was a NFC game. I was always more looking past this and worried about the next 3 which are all AFC games and 2 division games. I knew this would be loss and I wasn't phased at any point in this game other then Tannehill's bad interception before the half and his tone setting fumble. I can take this loss. I can't take 2 straight and then have to sit through a bye week. That's torture!

Miami has to beat Baltimore!! I think they match up much better with Baltimore then a team like New Orleans. Baltimore is struggling bad on offense like they did for much of last season before they got hot at the end. Ray Rice their version of a pass catching Sproles is banged up. Dallas Clark is well past his prime and they seem to have only one legit playmaker in Torrey Smith in the passing game.

Miami will answer the bell and fight back and get the W here.

Miami 23 Baltimore 13

Growing pains! Most of the mistakes last night are correctable, if they are acknowledged. The most sickening thing last night for me was not using a QB sneak on 3 and inches. Hopefully the coaching staff realizes this was a grave mistake. Hopefully Ryan Tannehill gets it now, that he needs to cover up the ball and slide in traffic. He actually looked pretty good on the read option. I wouldn't like it as a big part of the offense but it is a good situational offense for the team that can keep the defense honest. Nolan Carol overall had a very good night. He gambled and lost but he has come light years from where he was last year and I'm not as concern about him as I use to be.

It was a non-conference lost. We are 3-1, so i'm still feeling pretty optimistic. The only thing that happened last night that we can't correct immediately is L.Miller. I still don't have much confidence in him as a starting RB and not resigning reggie bush was one of jeff Irelands biggest mistakes in the offseason.

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