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Saints beat Dolphins (who are not elite)

NEW ORLEANS -- It's only one loss. No big deal. You didn't expect the Dolphins to go undefeated, did you?

Indeed, I believe the Dolphins are still a good team. But they are not elite for reasons I detail in my column in The Herald.

That doesn't make this 38-17 loss any less painful.

"We're not happy," said quarterback Ryan Tannehill, who is pictured getting sacked in the Joe Rimkus photo. "You don't want to perform like that in any situation. So we're not happy with ourselves. But there are things we can correct. and at the end of the day we have a big game coming up in six days. We have to learn from our mistakes in this game and look forward to next week and beat Baltimore."Tannehill sack

Learning from mistakes is important. Learning what your team does very well and doesn't do very well also is important.

New Orleans coach Sean Payton, for whatever reason, understood that Darren Sproles was a matchup nightmare for the Dolphins and no matter what Miami did Sproles made plays. He caught seven passes for 114 yards including a 48-yard catch on a double move that fooled safety Reshad Jones.

"We tried variety of different coverages," Philbin said. "We tried zone, we tried man. We tried pressures. Sproles is very good. We knew he was a good going into the game and we tried different combinations but he was very effective. No question."

The Dolphins, particularly on offense, are still trying to figure out their personnel. They tried Marcus Thigpen in the backfield throughout training camp and finally unveiled it Monday night. It worked as Thigpen caught a 50-yard pass out of the backfield.

But the Dolphins tried this only a couple of times. Not nearly enough to make a difference.

Meanwhile, the team apparently still is convinced Daniel Thomas is a good option in place of Lamar Miller. Think about it:

The Saints scored on their first series but the Dolphins seemed to respond immediately. Lamar Miller rushed five times for 33 yards and, mixed with a couple of Ryan Tannehill completions and a keeper on the read-option, Miami was at the New Orleans 9 yard line.

And then on third and an inch that is where the coaching staff decides it's a good time to bring in Daniel Thomas. And they think a wide pitch three yards deep is the play to run.

Yeah, the play lost two yards.

"It's a play we practiced all week," Philbin said. "We told the players going into the game we like it. It was a variation off a similar play we'd had success with and we didn't execute it as well. But I knew we were going to call it. We practiced it. We were prepared. They made a better play."

Quarterback sneak. Just sayin'.

Also, can I officially request the Dolphins use Lamar Miller on first and second down and Thigpen on third down? And leave Thomas and his 2.8 yards per carry this season on the bench? Please? Miller rushed 11 times for 62 yards, which is a 5.6 yards per carry average.

The Dolphins defense, by the way, is very good against the run. The return of Paul Soliai -- who told me he comes out of this game without re-injurying his knee -- was key and that's perhaps one reason the Saints averaged only 2.8 yards per carry on 244 attempts. They're like a team version of Daniel Thomas.

But Miami's pass defense was atrocious.

Drew Brees threw for 413 yards. He threw four TD passes. His passer rating was 144.5.

And after a week when the Dolphins focused on stopping Jimmy Graham and prepared to stop Jimmy Graham, there was Jimmy Graham dunking the football over the crossbar -- twice.

"We have to do better on defense," Philbin said. "We don't want Jimmy Graham running down the middle of the field wide open."

Yeah, he did that on a 43-yard TD. The Saints ran a sluggo-seam to get Graham open. New Orleans had a receiver on the other side of the formation run a slant and go which drew the safety in that direction. And then Graham just ran past Chris Clemons down the seam. Easy.

(Graham caught the other TD surrounded by three, count 'em, three defenders. Kid's amazing.) 

Miami's deep threat, meanwhile, didn't show much in his hometown. He caught three passes for 24 yards. That's an 8-yard average. He dropped two passes, including a deep shot that might have been a TD.

We were executing our offense but you have to hold on to the ball.

"He made a good play on the ball," Wallace said of the DB on the play. "I don't think he tipped it. I feel like I should have made a play on the ball."

Everyone agreed on this: The Dolphins cannot win a game in which Tannehill throws three interceptions and fumbles the ball away once.

"I feel like we made plays but at the same time we killed ourselves at times," Wallace said. "We have to finish drives and not give up turnovers. We have to make the plays when they count. We can't turn the ball over in scoring territory, especially against a good football team like this, because they're going to capitalize when we make mistakes like that."


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Andy, the ENTIRE AFC North looks beatable to me. I can realistically see us going 4-0 against them. Baltimore is a shell of themselves. They have one real threat (if Ray Rice is out), Torrey Smith. And Flacco is Flacco (inconsistent). They are a totally different team on the road too. On paper, we should win this game handily. As long as we don't shoot ourselves in the foot, it should work out that way in reality too.

Any chance they try and cut losses and trade Wallace before trade deadline?
Honestly Hartline is the better receiver. If they want just speed Ginn Jr. would have been the better pickup...

The shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line so why run outside? ASK SHERMAN!

They were playing the Saints on the road. You HAD to know you need TDs not FG's. 3rd & goal I'm taking a play action pass shot in the end zone!

If you don't get it, 4th & an inch, I'm sneaking it. It's not like it was 3rd & 2 or 3. It was a friggin inch! Like Chucky said, if you can't get an inch, you don't belong there. I would have contemplated a fake punt or going for it on our own 44 when Miller got stopped short by half a yard.

You beat teams like NO & Denver by limiting how often they get the ball.

3 points was meaningless. They needed 1 inch for a 1st & goal situation. Thomas or Miller weren't the issue.

I don't think Tanny played all that bad. The fumble hurt obviously but, I'd rather see him fumble the ball than making a bone headed decision you can't teach alla Sanchez.

The 1st int was on him as he was locked into Hartline but the other 2, one he was hit & the other was obviously a miscommunication with Wallace.

Wallace isn't half the player Marshall is. Marshall is a bonafided #1 WR in this league. Wallace is an outside the numbers speedster.

I mean if Richardson could get a #1 pick Wallace might too... and saves 14 mil next year.

Armando (please comment),

I have been watching the play of Danell Ellerbe and Phillip Wheeler all season and they are not playing well at all. Their tackles are usually after giving up a bunch of yards. Pro Football Focus has them ranked low as well with Wheeler dead last at his position and Ellerbe ranked 40 of 51 . I thought their specialty was covering the pass. They are not like Zack Thomas who anticipated the play and met it head on.


Yeah on paper we have much more fire power but I agree with the shooting yourself in the foot. Miami can't turn the ball over. If Miami protects the ball I'd be really surprised if we lose. If we lose the turnover battle well the statistically we know how that usually unfolds.

Gotta chip/double and cut block on T. Suggs all game. He's a game changer! I don't want to see Tannehill with another fumble at least until after the bye lol.

It's ridiculous to say that the Dolphins are "not an elite team" because they lost a single game. The vast majority of elite teams have at least one bad game during their season. The 1985 Bears, for instance, were definitely an elite team, but their game against the Dolphins that year looked a lot like this one--in reverse. (The score, as I recall, was 38-24 Fins--that is, the Bears managed one more garbage-time touchdown than the Dolphins managed last night.)

Based on what I've seen, I believe that if the Dolphins do everything right for the rest of the season, and get lots of breaks, they could go 15-1 and definitely be an elite team. Of course, they could also make lots of mistakes and catch a lot of bad breaks, and end up 8-8 or worse, in which case they'd be a middle-of-the-pack team at best. Realistically, I think most of their fans expect them to land somewhere in between, but which end of that spectrum they're closer to will depend on thousands of good or bad coaching decisions, plays made or not made, injuries incurred or avoided, and so on. And in the final analysis their overall performance and complete-season record, not a single early game, will determine whether they're an elite team.

Elite team...who ever said they were Elite.
We said they were good and building to become better.
We never said Elite...realistically there are only 3 true elite teams in the NFL right now. Denver, Seattle and the Saints. I think most realistic fans knew they were prob going to lose last night. They are a good team and the fact that they are 3-1 at this point is amazing considering who they played. I believe that they are also much better than the current Ravens team and will win this week provided they do not lose their confidence from this past loss. Lets also keep in mind , if not for a boneheaded call on the 3rd and inches and the turnovers this game could have been won and those things will be polished up and fixed with time. With The Saints being the best team on their schedule and the many beatable teams still to come, i fully believe this will be a playoff year and maybe a division chapionship if they just get over this loss and move on. The schedule favors it.

back 2 thenne after 1 game.leads the league in fumbles.

Another thing apparent in this loss was that Jamar Taylor, due to time missed to injury, was not even close to being ready to play. The fact we even had to play him speaks volumes to the lack of talent/depth in the secondary. Also, Nolan Carroll has not played well 2 weeks in a row. He is just not a starter in this league.

Andy, not sure how you can gloss over this loss. I'm very concerned with Tannehill regressing ... it was a poor performance for him and #11 who's name i won't mention until he starts earning some of his money. The difference between the bad and good Qbs in today's game are the turnovers ... just can't happen. Everyone can chuck the ball now .. but the best don't give it up and manage to score points. heck even Geno Smith and Chad Henner have decent yardage #s...

NO, Carroll is not a starter in this league but he wasn't supposed to be. From what I've seen neither is Richard Marshall. Dimitri Patterson is ... if he can play. Too bad Taylor is so far behind ... he could be by season's end. Carrol is probablya fourth corner being thrust into excessive duty. if you keep that in context, he's playing well.

That Johnathan Martin has got to go back to RT. He's a turnstyle.

The Saints were able to convert 3rd and 12, 3rd and 20, 3rd and 11 and 3rd and 14 (they actually got 21 on this , but holding by Graham made in 3rd and 3 which they also converted)

The 3rd and 20 and 3rd and 14 were on screen passes which everyone watching knew it was coming.

I'm not sure we needed to start having the "elite" discussion now anyhow.

We have several new parts that still need to gel. Most notably the linebackers and oline.

I also think the earlier talks of trading Wallace are premature. He'll come around.

The one player that I'm not too enamored with is Chris Clemmons. Not only do we not see many big plays from him we are constantly seeing bad ones.

I'm not overly upset over last nights game aside from the fact that it didn't end up close.

There are some easy fixes to take away from that game though and Tanny already fixed one later on in the game (SLIDING!!).

They need to focus on the Ravens now and being 4-1 going into the bye.

Tannehill is very slow to make decisions. He has to play much faster than he currently is. Those sacks are avoidable.

I actually thought Jamar Taylor played well!

He was all over Graham on the TD. Size won that matchup, not ability.

He was a lil soft on Colsten later but, overall for his first go, thought he was good.

Carroll has been better than expected & should have had that int. Could've been a pick 6. Won't kill him for that as Sproles was killing everyone all game.

I agree, not much of an improvement from Wheeler & Ellerbe. Ellerbe doesn't appear to be the huge upgrade he was billed to be AT ALL.

Wheeler may be lacking in coverage but is a much better blitzer/pressure player than Burnett. He's younger & cheaper so I'm OK with him.

In my opinion, Davis should have played with Taylor. Gotta get these guys experience for later in the season.

In the nickel, they should have had a CB like Davis or Taylor on Sporles. Better matchup over a slow LB'er.

Lets face it, Graham & Cameron have made us look bad. Well, they've made EVERYONE look bad. Miami actually limited Graham more than any other team the Saints have played thus far.


It's easy for me to look over this loss because I never expected to win it. There are 2 places that stick out to me when I think of a place that's murder to play in, particularly Prime Time games and that's New Orleans and Seattle. You can't make any calls when those teams getting going. The communication and timing are just hard to come by.

Outside of that Tannehill had a bad game. So what! I expected a game or 2 like this. Fumbles are something that can be corrected in the future. He took off for the first down to make a play and should've took a slide instead of playing wreckless. It can be corrected. The forced pass to Harltine before the half to Hartline is something he did for the first time all year. He's allowed to make a mistake. The other 2 ints, one was a crazy deflection sort of like the Browns game and the other was a a garbage time interception where the defense had their ears pinned back and they were killing Tannehill at that point.

I'm not making excuses for his mistakes. He played bad. His numbers indicated that. The fumble was a killer, the interception was a killer but those are mistakes he can learn from. The 2 deflections are not really correctable just dumb luck.

He plays bad in 1 game and you say he regressed? I don't know if you can say that until after the game next week and the next game after that. Give him a chance to respond to his "1" bad game is all I'm saying.

I have confidence Tannehill responds and plays well enough for Miami to win vs a good Baltimore D and good pass rush. If we continue to see him fumbling and not progressing through his reads and forcing balls just to force it then I will be concerned but after 1 bad game where the whole team looked overwhelmed? No.

Much of the issues can be fixed except for one! That is the dolphins still do not have a number 1 receiver. Wallace is not big enough or strong enough to be a number 1 receiver. Why was he successful in the past, because he wasn't the go to go. Dolphins still do not have a dominant receiver. Wallace is scared to run any route where he can get hit. He is a one trick pony. The absence of a good tightend highlights that as well. A good tightend will take away some throws up the middle from Wallace.

This was reminiscent of the Houston game last year. We were in it in the 1st Qtr and a half and then it just all fell apart. It was a lesson game indeed. Have faith TRUE Dolphin fans, we'll get it turned around. I picked New Orleans on my pool. I was optimistic in hoping I picked wrong on my pool, but the Saints in the Dome on a Monday Night; tough place to win for any team. No worries, we will bounce back against Baltimore and go into the Bye with just one loss. Shoot, I predicted 2-3 by the time the Bye came and looks like at worst we will 3-2. We are growing and will get better. C'mon guys, this isn't 1972. We needed a loss to keep our team humble. I'd rather lose to the Saints, than say the Jags or Rams. So I have faith that we will turn it around. O-line really needs revamping. J. Jerry didn't look good and Martin got beat by a rookie a few times.


just last week mark in to was telling the blog how Miami finally had a qb & all is well in phin land.

after 1 game he's regressing? LOL

Q: how incredibly as*inine does he sound today?


...So this isn't the first team that got throttled by New Orleans in this building. I can remember a game(that I was in attendance) where a young NY Giants team was 6-0 came in and got beat down. It isn't a huge surprise. This dome with the combination of Payton and Brees is as difficult a place to play as there is in the league.

This said..IMO the play of the game was the INT at the end of the first half..I really thought we had the momentum and would go score at least a field goal, really a td to be up at the half with the ball. You could see the wind come out of the sails on the TD to Sproles...Especially as it was on third down. Carroll made a break on that pass and just missed what could have been a pick 6...What could have been a lead for us...Now we are down 21-10, and it looks bad going into the second half.

Up to that point..Nothing had been "Exposed" the playcalling(with the exception of 3rd and an inch call) had been great. The defense had played as well as we could have asked considering the matchup.

Then the crucial drive of the game..We go 3 and out. They score, and the gang bang gets real ugly. Now Irealnd needs to be fired. Philbin is over his head, Tannehill is a bust. Dion Jordan is horrible. And Jimmy Wilson, and Nolan Carroll conspired to detonate a dirty bomb in a subway...

We are 3-1..If there was a poll taken before the first snap of the season. I would bet 99 percent would have took it. There are a lot of teams that have flaws. We are one of them. Is this news? We have seen the games. We know where there have been deficiencies. Lets see if we can get better, before the big turd falls in the fish bowl over the hookers mouth.

That woeful offensive line. They give Tannehill just enough time to panic before being sacked. Good thing Ireland got an extension. He just needs another 4 years to put together a stable offensive line, and we need to be patient, because good teams just aren't built over a mere decade.

Toronto and dolfnman

I agree with you guys on Mike Wallace. He cried after week 1 and then week 2 they get him involved and he delivered. He opened the field vs Atlanta so it's not great to have a $60 M decoy but he did his job because Atlanta played the card to let someone else beat them and Tannehill played the game perfectly and spread the wealth. But last night under the lights? He s**t the bed!!

How do you not make that play? He's not elite I never pretened he was but I do think he is a difference maker and that play would've been a 91 yard TD pass. Imagine the confidence that builds for Tannehill going to him in the future. Imagine the difference in play calling that would cause for not just that game but future games. Defensive cordinators now have to respect that even more but it didn't happen because it hit him in the chest and he dropped it.


DD @ 11:18 Is correct.
We looked at the schedule before the season and figured if we could win 2 of the first 5 we were on track for the playoffs.
We won 3 so we are ahead of schedule.

New orleans DC showed every HC and DC in the league last night how to beat us.
Harbaugh (Bal) was watching
Belichick was watching
Rex Ryan was watching

"Dimitri Patterson is ... if he can play."

Mark, this statement makes me angry anytime I hear it. It made me angry with Jake Long, it made me angry with Channing Crowder, it makes me angry anytime someone presupposes what reality has shown us not to be the case. The best prediction of the future is to look at the past. Dimitri Patterson was out 4 weeks in '09, once in '10, 4 in '11, 8 in '12, and so far 2 weeks in '13.

That kind of starter isn't what a team needs. Because they will need to pay a backup who's good enough to be a part-time starter since you know your true starter can't play a complete season.

I understand, this is a tough game, people get nicked up and have to be out sometimes. But when you be serially-injured (like a Danny Amandola or Channing Crowder) you cease to be a reliable starter IMO. Patterson is there for me. He was on the team a few weeks last year and got hurt. Now he's 50% this year so far. I don't blame him, I'm fine to chalk it up to bad luck. But this is a cutthroat business. If you can't stay on the field, my opinion is we don't need you.

On the flipside, Odrick came to the team hurt. But after that first year, he's been a reliable player. Isn't always injured (out). I can forgive him that initial injury. But Patterson is suspect at this point. I can't trust him.

this was good ****
with a record of 3-1 and playoff aspirations, this loss is a good thing at a good time. if the dolphins had won this game, the white hot spot light that is NOW focusing on this teams deficiencies would not exist. the remedies coming down from philbin will now fall onto the hungry ears of players looking for answers as compared to the deaf ears of players who would have been caught up in a 4-0 start who's faults would eventualy be exposed in a playoff blowout. yes, tannehill needs to take care of the ball, he needs to make quicker desicions, wallace needs to catch the ball with his hands, and most of all, a philbin team similar to that of greenbay does NOT give up.


I agree with you all the way!!!

The sky is not falling. It was one bad game. The entire team was over it's head. But it was just 1 game. The team didn't lay down either which was impressive. It was a small moment and seems irrelavant to most people but the fumble caused by Jimmy Wilson when we've seen other teams allow guys just to walk in the end zone at that point showed me this team has a lot of fight in it.

I think it showed the way this team fights. Was the game over? Of course but they kept playing. That to me says this team has the character to keep fighting next week in a game where if we can protect the ball we should win.

LOL @ 11:10, on that Taylor play you were talking about, while the ball was in the air, and I saw coverage I was already yelling "PICKED OFF" and the I realized it was Graham coming down with the ball and I was like .. "f***ing Graham".

That may be true but none of those teams have the talent like NO to copy them.

Andy, I'm a huge fan of Tannehill and I'm more worried than critical but you're right - give him a chance to respond.

...How many teams would beat New Orleans in their house by only running the ball 2 ties in the second half? Add the turnover margin..And that is the explination of the perfect storm of poor play in the second half.

Now I understand we were playing from behind. So we had to throw it every down. Especially because our first drive in the second half yielded a 3 and out..1 of the runs was the first play a 5 yard gain by Miller.

Do you realize how difficult it becomes when the defense knows what you are going to do. You have heard the term "pin their ears back" well that's what happened. Nobody regressed last night. We got beat down. It happens. I don't know what class of team we are. According to a lot of you we were getting a lack of respect from the media and should have been favorites to win the division. Now that has all changed? In one game? In 2 minutes and one half of bad football?

This is a young team with an raw quarterback. Any of you that really believed we were among the top 5-6 teams in the league before last night were on Super homer ecstasy pills. We are going to have rough spots. What is your expectation? Seriously. Part of growing up is getting put in your place..That is what happened last night.

The entire offense is poor. Wallace has dropsies worse than Marshall did. And he's not happy with Tanny. D Thomas is worse than my grandmother. 5 touches for 6 yds? Huh? Do you know what a good GM could've done with those 3 draft picks Ireland wasted?

mark, where's my rum/cigars?

I thought Steve Young said it perfectly in the post game coverage....The young Dolphin players "looked wide eyed" and he said that he "could smell it" that the Saints were going to crush them.

I predicted a loss before this game. I knew going into NO against Breese on Monday night was not a good situation for this Good But Not Great team.

So, OK the loss happened and it is what it is. Now they need to course correct. My issues after last nights game:

1) Secondary looks bad. Carroll was a joke. The safeties were a mess. Play ok against mid range QB talent but look pathetic against top ranked QB's. Need to get Patterson on the field. He needs to man up and play through it.

2) Wheeler and Misi continue to play poorly against the pass. They were supposed to be great in coverage...they are not.

3) Sherman's play calling on short yardage is a big concern. His inability to work Wallace into the game is an issue. Yes Wallace dropped a great deep ball thrown by THILL. But Wallace needs to have a minimum of 10 passes thrown his way per game.

4) THILL choked under pressure. I am huge fan of his so I am not against him. But when things get tight he needs to STAY CALM AND CARRY ON. He panicked last night and it showed.

11:17, perhaps you should look up the definition of the term regression. It was a regressive perfermance by definition. It was below standards for an NFL Qb and for him. The mistakes he made, you can't do in an NFL game.

The only @ss here is you, for criticizing without understanding the definition of the term.

Pure ignorance.

DC@11:29, yeah, I buy that argument but I don't think Patterson is any more than a bridge to jamar Taylor anyway so it is what it is ... hopefully one fo them will be up for the job in the 2nd half of the year.

I'm not a fan of Bal, NE or NYJ.
But let's face it:
- Ray Rice and Torrey Smith can do what Sproles and Graham did

2 watt, ha, great time. Where can I send the rum/cigars???

jpao, target #11 10 times per game?? So we can have more 3 and outs? He's been horrible.

I'd be more inclined to nail his buttocks to the bench than make him the centre of my offense. He's firmly occupying the spot in my doghouse that was once occupied by Marshall.

2 watt, No way the Dolphins will lose to the Saints, I'll bet you a bottle of Cuban Rum,put your money where your mouth is 2 watt.
Posted by: Mark in Toronto September 26,2013 at 3:21 PM
. ok mark throw in some cigars and u'r on.
Posted by: 2 watt September 26,2013 at 3:24 PM.

Hmmm must blow to be an AFC East fan other than the Pats.

Pats were in full blown crisis mode and here they are 4-0.

Tampon vs Brady? Please.

Pats will have the AFC East locked down by November. Fish? Well, they are the 2012 Cardinals.

..Mark I suppose by definition the whole team regressed last night. I would buy that. Like Andy said though..Lets give them a shot to respond.

Part of why we have been able to win these games the last 2 weeks was redzone defense, then the ability to score TD's when we were in the redzone. The opening drive for us was an omen..

Think about it. I know we can't go back in time. But their last 2 scores of half 1 were on turnovers. the first of the 2 scores we give up a 3rd and 20..How many times will that happen again? And the second score off turnover..They score on third and 12. Again how many times will that happen this season? Turn those plays around and what is the narrative of the game?

I realize this is impossible, and every game on both sides you can play the what if game(you only do it when you lose)..But we are identifying reasons as to why we got beat down..Those are a couple.


mark save them,when the phinz win the sb we'll crack open the rum and light ^ the stogies.
did u hang w/ fidel?

Mark, not at all blaming Taylor (it was his first NFL game). But if he's really a ballhawk, that play to Graham was ripe for the picking. If Grimes was in his position, that's an INT.

But you're right, if he's the starter next year then Patterson becomes expendable and all is good. Let's hope that happens.

2 watt, that post is bull, haha. I was at Pearson International Airport at that time ... or was I already drunk and don't remember posting???

Man he sure did dunk it over the bar! I seen that myself!!! lzozlzolzozlzozlzolzz


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 01, 2013 at 11:57 AM

Yeah, and what was the deal with Soliai (is he Superman or something)? A couple of days ago Mando said he had a noticeable limp and was looking like he'd be out. The more likely starter was Wake (said a bunch of Dolphins reporters). But Soliai ends up playing (brilliantly I might add) and Wake was out.

If yesterday wasn't reason enough to pay Soliai, then I don't know what more the guy can do. He might as well resign himself to having to find a new team next year. Obviously Miami thinks more of Daniel Thomas than Paul Soliai.

this was bad*****
my biggest concern are the wheels, as in HOW qucikly they came flying off a miami machine that hinted of no such flaw. a botched play or two, a blown oppourtunity before the half to take the upperhand and we just fold? all of a sudden a rattled tannehill becomes a turn over machine, and the O-LINE opens the flood gates?---we played a good first half despite some errors, if wallace catches that deep pass, if miller's third and an inch was a first down, if a QB sneak is called, if tannehill DIDN'T fumble, we were in it to win it, but instead MIAMI (a team that is no stranger to inclimate weather and hurricanes) couldn't weather a small storm of negative plays...maybe the "brotherhood" should think about renaming their unit with a name that could put an exclamation point on the lessons learned from this lopsided loss, a name that can REDEFINE a season, a name that says this is to be their first and only loss and hurricane breeze was only a category one, we have made the repairs, learned our lesson and we are now able to weather a storm of negative plays, we will NOT fold... we(miami) ARE the hurricane!

DD, I agree with everything you say and that INT right before the ahlf was such a let down because with teh killer instinct they were showign I was expecting points at the half and the first drive of the 2nd half. It was such a downer.

But I don't think anyone's a bust but at the same time ... EVERYONE can and has to do better. We didn't play a good or acceptable game at all except for a handful of players.

ETF, that's what I was thinking this morning too. Pats will be without their defensive MVP and we have no injuries so in the grand scheme, it may have been a fortunate weekend.

2 watt, not Fidel but many of his loyal followers know how to show visitors a good time. Wow, I will never forget that weekend .. So many beautiful women ...

Did anyone notice Jonathan Martin's pizz poor blocking last night? He doesn't seem to know his blocking assignments.

DC, they don't have any Jimmy Grahams in college - I'm sure Jamar was like "WTF?!?!?"


I think a healthy Ray Rice is a huge weapon but he's not healthy right now. Torrey Smith and Jimmy Graham is apples to oranges to me. That inline TE has become such a mismatch across the league. I think Torrey Smith is good but Graham is Elite and is 1A and 1B with Gronk.

Miami can match up and should be able to. Like DC said earlier if Miami can avoid shooting themselves in the foot with turnovers I think all things (turovers) being equal, Miami takes care of business before the bye week.

DC, Soliai is the man. The way he jsut flung those interior linemen is a sight to behold... THE HULK!

I am heartened--very much so--to learn that many of my fellow Dolfans are actually smart people who watch football and form their own opinions. The following are incontrovertible facts:

1. Wallace is nothing special. A speedster with average hands, a mental case, gets cared, drops balls, pouts. He is nowhere near worth $60M and is thus far on pace to go down as the biggest free agent bust in NFL history, any position, any team. Even worse than Daunte Culpepper, who played QB and won some games and did *something*. Even worse than Hershell Walker to Minnesota for 765 draft picks that led to Dallas dominating for a decade.

2. What I wrote in #1 above is not only true, it’s noncontroversial. Not one football fan could reasonably disagree. But there is more. I was heartened to see that many of you have, like me, taken it to another level and you recognize that literally we’d be better off with Tedd Ginn Jr right now. Tedd Ginn Jr returns kicks for TDs and sometimes catches 60 yard TDs to win games on MNF.

3. Further, we should literally figure out a way to trade Wallace *now*. Many of you have even taken it this far.


Speaking in general terms, I challenge you to tell me any team in the NFL other than (maybe) the Payton-led Broncos who could have gone into that Dome on a Monday night to face one of the hottest teams in the league, led by arguably one of the best quarterbacks of all time playing their signature offensive style of football. For ANY team it's like trying to climb up the Niagara Falls. We fans already know the Fins are not an elite team right now. Even teams that go from worst to first in a year or so are in no way considered elite. That title comes from a couple years of consistent winning and domination. We are 3-1 and 0 losses in the conference. OUTSTANDING.

Maybe Tanne should sleep with a football and not Lauren..

cocoa, yes, JMart was pretty awful yesterday. He didn't really help himself to get out of Jake Long's shadow. The whole line needs to step up really. Most sacks in the NFL, and we want Tannehill to be elite? In what world?

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