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Sherman: No change in RB opportunities

Football coaches know a lot about football.

Being a sportswriter, I know a lot about verbs.

So I cannot pretend to tell Dolphins coaches about football just as I imagine they cannot tell me about verbs, even though Joe Philbin has a Master's degree and Mike Sherman taught English once upon a time.

But this I know:

Lamar Miller is running the football better than Daniel Thomas. When Miller is in the game, the Dolphins' offense has put together a better string of running plays this year. When Daniel Thomas has been in games, good things don't happen nearly as often.

The proof is on the tape and in the statistics. Miller is gaining 4.6 yards per carry. Thomas is gaining 2.8 yards per carry. Miller has a long run of 49 yards this season. The long run of the season for Thomas was 12 yards.

So doesn't Sherman get that Miller is clearly better and deserves a greater majority of the careers while Thomas deserves more time as an observer?

“No, I don’t get that," Sherman said Tuesday. "[Miller] had some opportunities in the game, and he made the most of those opportunities but we’ll continue with the way we’ve been so far until someone really steps forward and makes that known to us."

Honestly? I'm LOLing right now.