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Sherman: No change in RB opportunities

Football coaches know a lot about football.

Being a sportswriter, I know a lot about verbs.

So I cannot pretend to tell Dolphins coaches about football just as I imagine they cannot tell me about verbs, even though Joe Philbin has a Master's degree and Mike Sherman taught English once upon a time.

But this I know:

Lamar Miller is running the football better than Daniel Thomas. When Miller is in the game, the Dolphins' offense has put together a better string of running plays this year. When Daniel Thomas has been in games, good things don't happen nearly as often.

The proof is on the tape and in the statistics. Miller is gaining 4.6 yards per carry. Thomas is gaining 2.8 yards per carry. Miller has a long run of 49 yards this season. The long run of the season for Thomas was 12 yards.

So doesn't Sherman get that Miller is clearly better and deserves a greater majority of the careers while Thomas deserves more time as an observer?

“No, I don’t get that," Sherman said Tuesday. "[Miller] had some opportunities in the game, and he made the most of those opportunities but we’ll continue with the way we’ve been so far until someone really steps forward and makes that known to us."

Honestly? I'm LOLing right now.



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This right here worries me as much as any other issue on this team. Truly mind boggling. Coaching, another thing about the Miami Dolphins that is definitely not ELITE.

Same guy that runs a frieken sweep on third and a millimeter. First by the way

WhereTH is Gillislee. Is he hurt? Why we drafted him for?(I don't trust Sherman's play calling).

Not calling anybody a Hypocrite. But it was said this behavior was going to stop.

I as others have no problem with people having a difference of Opinion. Or that they aren't Real Fans and come on here to trash the team.

But when will some of us learn to act our age. Or at least act like grown ups. It sounds like a bunch of frustrated Teenagers here sometimes. Whining and complaining about the littlest things.

While a couple others sound like they are having an Elderly Crisis. Riding around in little red convertibles, talking about stuff they can't afford and ranting on and on about things they can't control.

Now I know I will get ostracized for my comments.

But it gets boring and redundant when every other comment is a repeat of the previous comment insulting the team and its players & coaches. Where all that changes is the persons sign in name.

With that said, Dashi isn't talking about everyone here. We have some Real Knowledgeable posters here, Whom I really respect. Just the Select Few who think they own the place and that by repeating their opinion 1001+ Times will manage to change others opinions.


the Miami offensive line.

“Up front we just kept taking advantage of their weak tackles and their inside guys,” Galette said after Monday night’s game. “I wish we could play them again so we could tee off on them again.”

He continued: “It was a nice win, but I don’t think that team was as good as everybody was saying. We just abused their offensive line all game."

Thank you Dolphins need a new power back.....Lamar miller is fine!

Philbin is doomed with Ireland as his GM.


Why must you write like a 10 year old? Do you think it's cool, or is that really how you write in the real world?

It's so silly, and an unwelcome distraction to the blog.


Give Miller the ball.
Enough said.

Funny how Mando was against Miller starting and Even was saying D.Thomas should be the Starter the last week of Preseason. Now he is back peddling better than B.Grimes.

The Coaches know what they are doing. This is L.Miller's first season starting in the NFL. He is only 22. Maybe the Coaches don't want to burn him out the first 4 weeks, when they don't know how he will hold up for 16. Pace the young Stallion.

And L.Miller played twice the amount of snaps that D.Thomas played the last game. So little by little he is wrestling time away from D.Thomas.

Agreed with Mando on this. Thigpen should be the 3rd Down back. And L.Miller should play on 1st and 2nd.

D.Thomas should be converted into a FB.

Jonathan Martin was drafted to play LT, as he has always done,,, and he sukkked big time last nite. But so did everybody else on pass protection including Incognito. Pouncey did fine, way down the field on some plays, but the only one.


Miller is not as fast as you think. Screw the combine times. He was caught from behind on a break away run.

That ain't fast.

I have never seen a worse RB than D Thomas. Really.

Dashi did u finish your homework already?


That is why teams are going deep against us early and often. You know Flacco is going deep.

hi people

Dashi wanna play hopscotch after school tomorrow? You have to see my new lunch pail! it's so cool. CYA !

So never mind the guy who caught Miller from behind while L.Miller was still juking away defenders, was ahead of L.Miller the Whole time.

You see that 3rd and Inches D.Thomas failed to convert. L.Miller consistently reaches the edge on that run without anyone touching him.

Some of you complain about play calls. But L.Miller has scored on that same run twice this season already. One in preseason against the Texans and Against the Colts when he outran Vontae to the Corner.

And P.S. just cause you are using another name Dr.Seuss doesn't mean you and Dashi are on speaking terms. Consider this an aberration.

Miller seems to be the ideal back for a zone blocking scheme. What zone blocking have we executed? We can't even seem to block even straight ahead.

Dashi remember when you tried to convince the bloggers you had their ip addresses and physical addresses? You who knows NOTHING about technology?

Remember little seaweed, the only person you can fool is yourself :)

Dashi, I rarely post here so I'm not sure if you're some kind of troll but please point me to any article/blog post my Armando saying Thomas should be the starter. I'll wait.

I don't like to look thru the Archives. But if you insist...



Dashi is from Dominca Republic. He has no education (obviously) and no car. He often says he is 95% right.
Dashi is a synonym for soup broth in Japanese, so I guess heShe is a sheHe or something like that.

Football is no Rocket Science and only Common Sense.

You mean, you mean, Dashi was that guy given the rim job? Holy crap!

My Friend Dashi is Here Now

August 21, 2013

A couple articles were also written around that time.

And Before that right after the Texans game. Armando and a Couple on here wanted D.Thomas as the Starter.

Philbin thinks Thomas played well

I left this afternoon's Joe Philbin press conference scratching my head. (No, not because I'm infested with lice). I was curious because in discussing how players performed against Tampa Bay for the first time since studying the tape, the coach said he liked the way the running backs played.
"I think they played well," Philbin said of Lamar Miller and Daniel Thomas. "I thought both of them. Lamar had one of his better days in pass protection. His awareness was excellent. I thought Daniel Thomas had a good game as well. Lamar had a couple of cleaner run opportunities but I thought they both played well."
Daniel Thomas played well? Really?
Thomas, vying with Miller for the starting running back job, basically delivered an unimpressive performance that should have knocked him from the competition. He rushed for 3 yards on seven carries. He caught two passes for 12 yards. Two of his seven carries lost yardage, including a 3 yard loss on first-and-goal.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/08/index.html#storylink=cpy

Sorry Dashi, Looked throw a few days and this is what I found.... ":(....

Must have really hurt your feelings with my comments @9:53.

How much do you miss Dashi. Dashi comes on and it automatically falls into your endless Dashi love. Dashi, Dashi, Dashi!!

Dashi out if this is what we are going to fall into, this debauchery again.

You are trying to insult me for being Dominican. Really!

I don't want to throw Jabs because I love all my other Caribbean Nations. But please explain how your Country is better than DR. No Punks in DR. We fight for our freedom.

Only 2 Countries on this side of the World are better off. US and Canada. And people from those countries rather go and vacation to DR than any of those other countries because they are safer in DR and have more fun in Paradise.

Everyone else is stuck in 3rd World Conditions. And In the Caribbean everyone else is 4th and 5th World. Definitely the other Spanish speaking Countries in the Caribbean.

But please go on your endless DR is this DR is That. We all know you don't have the Testicular Fortitude to talk reckless like that to a Dominican in real life.

Cause you more than anyone knows Dominicans are Crazy and we don't play that punk chit. We will smack the sweetness out your mouth.

Before all the turnovers, the drop by Wallace would have given us the lead and a stronger arm would have allowed him to catch it in stride, but I digress.

Coyle's system of pressure with our LB's is a mistake waiting to happen.

Finally, to the Saints who were talking trash before the game got out of hand. Hmmm, from my point of view it looked like Lamar Miller and the O-line was stuffing the ball down their throats! But inconvenient truths are frequently forgotten as history is written by the victor.

Was just trying to help out a fellow FF Player....

Guy's the upcoming game against Baltimore is a MUST win IMHO, Yes they got a beatdown in New Orleans But going into the Bye-Week 4 and 1 instead of being on a 2 game losing streak is a mater o a team being 10 and 6 or a team 6 and 10....

Tannehill has that same deer in headlights look that Chad Henne had.

Cuban, Thanks. Agreed that was on the Blog. But here is an article from the same day where Armando is stating the RB position was still wide open, even though L.Miller was announced the Starter as soon as they let Reggie go in the Off season.


I remember vividly because someone came on this blog who has magically disappeared and went on a rant because D.Thomas took a quick screen 30yds that he should be the starter. It all happened about the same time. D.Thomas troll appears, Mando writes article that RB competition was still wide open in the last week of the preseason.

Not saying one is related to the other. Just that they both happened at the same time.


I agree. It's a must win because it will tell us what this team is made of. Can they handle adversity and move on or will they dwell on it. Like the old adage, can they take a punch in the mouth and come out swinging.

I'm not so much worried about the offense as I am about our linebacking corps. They look slow in coverage and blitz schemes.

From article above.

" Because Thomas, entering his third season, has 256 NFL carries and has averaged only 3.5 yards per carry in that time. Miller, meanwhile, has only 51 NFL carries, so we don’t know what he is for sure."

Funny how Armando forgot to list L.Miller's YPC.

That whole article was a fluff piece saying D.Thomas can beat out L.Miller for the starting spot. Even though L.Miller has been the starter since Day 1.

Thomas is awful and Sherman should retire.

Both coaches are too old for this young team.

We are years away people, don't be fooled

could they be talking up Thomas and continuing to play/showcase him.....because they might be trying to trade him?--unlikely......but possible--just a thought--I'd call the Saints and see if Ingram was available for a 4th rd pick.

Dooshy, tell us again how soccer players arent athletes.

Ohhhh Well Dashi, I'am sure after a few Scotch on the rocks Mandito sometimes forget what he writes....
That;s what YG/YG4L/DB/LOL/ A thousand other aliases did, He'd drink so much that the next night he'd say the opposite thing, Thus he acquired the nicknames FLIPPER/FLIP-FLOP/(And my favorite)FLIPPERPOTOMUS.....lOL

Trade D Thomas?? For what a bobblehead doll?

NJ, and others.....strange that Tannehill knockers insist on comparing him to Henne.....as opposed to any other crappy QB--why, cause he was a Dolphin?--so were plenty of others, but so what? Tannehill isnt much at all like Henne, who never had swagger, confidence.....trust of his teammates--never had "it", as so many like to say--yeah, TH was overmatched last night and played poorly, but thats sort of what happens when your team is down by 3-4 TDs to a good team.....they pin their ears back and come after him harder......which he knows is coming.....and it spins out of control from there--how exactly would you expect him to look in that case?

Lines like that from Sherman remind me of a historical quip about the British war cabinet in WW1.

It was said to keep 3 different sets of casualty reports.

One to deceive the public.

One to deceive closed sessions of Parliament.

And one to deceive itself.

Speed and good instincts is why Lamar gets the bulk of the carries. If he gets in the open field he is dangerous and there is no Question who the starter is

thats what it reminds you of Anderson?......really?--do gotta say that we dont often see "quip", "war cabinet", "Parliament" and "deceived" used 3 times in the same post here......might be impressive, but Im not sure

LMAO.....well, depends whose bobblehead doll we're talking about....no?

LOL Benz, He may be one of hose "Elitists" That People talk about, But more then likely just "Educated"...

Sam I am is another alias for the shunned troll. He spends 24/7 on here and most of his other names have been exposed. This is the only way he gets his serious dolphin talk on anymore. He trying to be slick with this one so watch out.

Tom Hartman, Ron Soldy, 2 and 3 wats, Home, steve in ottawa on and on and on. We know, its easy to tell.

Hi Daytona. Kisses and hugs.

Anderson @ 11:13 LOL Well said. Fellow historian!


I don't blame Armando for changing Positions. He is a Journalist. Or Columnist. Whichever he wants to be called. It is his job to give his opinion. And opinions are allowed to change. Specially when they are educated opinions.

Flip-Flopping is another thing all together. And only a couple of the degenerates here are flip-floppers.

Armando didn't say anything over the top. But you can read how he subliminally was supporting any other RB not named L.Miller.

As the Season progresses I sense Armando has been more objective than before. But you can tell he enjoyed the Fins getting spanked. Armando was quick to point out we are not elite. And not just we are not elite now. But more like we have no shot at being Elite in the near future.

Again, I was just raising awareness because the minute L.Miller starts to falter we get the "L.Miller sucks Dashi", "L.Miller is a bust Dashi".

L.Miller is the Truth. And I am proud that he is a Miami Dolphin.

Shermans play calling = highly suspect

Coyle's defense = teams March right down the field

Safety play is horrific...

And how do the coaches let Gibson get slapped in the face all day long and we don't jam there receivers or TE's once???

Your LOLing right now? Seriously Mando?

If a change is made they aren't going to let you and the other team know. We will see what happens Sunday. Maybe give Gillislee or Thigpen a shot or more carries for Miller.

Its hard supporting Thomas, he has looked good on the goal line a couple times, but that is about it.

Shermans play calling = highly suspect

Coyle's defense = teams March right down the field

Safety play is horrific...

And how do the coaches let Gibson get slapped in the face all day long and we don't jam there receivers or TE's once???

Posted by: finsunderworld | October 02, 2013 at 12:13 AM

Sherman and coyle = 3-1

Daytona = 0-17 up Yurs


No sir Tweaky, we are 3 - 1 despite the play calling.

Why do you think Harline was picked off. Its easy for the DB to jump the route when u know where the ball is going.

Gibson and Hartline knows all 5 receiver positions but they never move around.

THAT'S ASININE!!! Anymore lessons??

Dooshy, tell us again how soccer players arent athletes.

Posted by: Dooshy is Dumbo | October 01, 2013 at 11:08 PM


Here it is week 4 of the season with all kinds of relevent issues to debate.

And the real Dumbo is still bringing up non football related things from MONTHS AGO.

Why don't you ridicule him for his position on watergate while your at it Daytona Dumbo?


THAT'S ASININE!!! Anymore lessons??

Posted by: finsunderworld | October 02, 2013 at 12:54 AM

The way you use that word. It excites me. Only Daytona knows how to use them words in that way.

Having said that I must interupt your blustering buffonery with a few questions.

Is Sherman 3-1?

Is Coyle 3-1?

Did Mando stick 0-17 up "Yur" Wahzoo?

There will be NO further questions I rest my case.

Best Wishes Tinkerbell <3

Armando, I think your trying to turn the screws a little to tight on this one.

You ask: "So doesn't Sherman get that Miller is clearly better and deserves a greater majority of the careers while Thomas deserves more time as an observer?"

Despite implying otherwise, Sherman apparently DOES "Get that Miller is clearly better". Sherman is giving Miller virtually TWICE the carries.

The numbers don't lie.


Miller 43 - 196 2 - TD
Thomas 25 - 70 2 - TD

Remember the old axiom, "Actions speak louder than words?"

I'm not sure what you're getting at, but Sherman's actions are speaking. I'm SURE Thomas, Miller and Sherman realize whose getting "the greater majority of carries".

I'm not sure why you don't. If it's what I suspect, don't hold your breath on Sherman outing Thomas for the sake of outing him. Besides there being no reason for it, I think it would be detrimental to the team as a whole.

I've watched all four games multiple times now. Because I have to DVR I don't get to study all the coverages and route running. But I do get a pretty good look at the O-Line and I've surprised myself with what I've come up with. Keep in mind, this is just my own personal opinion.

I've come to the conclusion that our O-Line problems have more to do with consistency than talent. We'll have 4 lineman doing their job and one whiffs. We have guys that are better than others obviously. But in watching every snap more than 5 times a piece, it hasn't made much of a difference. It's like they're all taking turns whiffing. If it wasn't one of the 5 lineman, it was the RB missing or whiffing on a blitzer. This has been more the rule than the exception. It's maddening.

I don't have to tell anyone how bad it's been. But there is a Good Side to it(The Ultimate Homer to the end). If we were just terrible individually as well as a unit, that would be one thing. But were not. We have talented Lineman and backs that CAN block. Their not the best of course, but their not the worst either.

Jim Turner has to get them together here against the Ravens and then get it straightened out during the bye. Otherwise, we're not going to keep batting .750.

We might need to try making a move with Garner. But I think it has more to do with getting our consistency together and meshing as a unit.

This is my theory and at least it's correctable. That is, as opposed to it being an issue with the talent levels of our current personnel. We get the O-Line fixed, we get the team fixed.

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