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The fallout from a third consecutive loss

The honeymoon is over for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

After weeks of watching sweeps on third-and-inches, or having Mike Wallace always line up on the right side of the formation, or not committting to the running game, or watching Jimmy Graham shred Miami one week getting free releases but getting shut down by New England when they tied him up at the scrimmage line, the tipping point came on Sunday.

Off a bye, against a fourth-string QB and offering no solutions to old problems, the Dolphins coaching staff deserves some critical scrutiny.

They are not alone.

The offensive line, was mostly good enough on Sunday. And then Tyson Clabo, a good man having a bad season, gave up two sacks the final two Miami possessions.

"Those sacks are my sacks," Clabo said. "There's no way around it."

It didn't help that coaches asked Clabo to block Mario Williams one-on-one on the play which Williams beat Clabo and forced a Ryan Tannehill fumble. What was offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinking?

Look, it's one thing to have the other team beat you.

But when you beat yourself with poor decisions in the coaching booth, the frustration is palpable.

Obviously, the coaching staff was not totally responsible for this upset loss.

Tannehill had a horrible first half -- throwing two interceptions -- despite inconsistent pressure on him from the Bills, who managed no sacks until the fourth quarter. One was returned 19 yards for a touchdown. He floated another near the goal line and what seemed like a scoring opportunity turned into another turnover.

The defense didn't do great work.

They gave up two fourth-quarter field goal drives that gave Buffalo the game.

They allowed the Bills to convert 9 of 19 third down plays (47.3 percent success rate).

About that defense: I have not questioned the defensive coaching staff but perhaps they merit a look as well. They inherited a defense that was sixth in the NFL in scoring in 2011. It wasn't perfect but it was good. Well, they were seventh in scoring under this staff in 2012 and are 20th in scoring this season.

That's going in the wrong direction.

Dion Jordan, the third overall selection in the draft, is only a part-time player. Players that were here and deemed too slow or too old -- Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett -- are playing better elsewhere than they did here.

It all raises eyebrows.

The Dolphins opened this season on a hopeful note with three consecutive wins. Now they are on a three-game losing skid and must travel to New England next Sunday trying to dig out of being in third place in the AFC East and already owning a home loss to the last-place Bills.




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I rather be 3-0 in our last three games than 3-0 in the first three but these kind of losses leave me scratching my head.

Great commentaries here Today. Rich food for thought.

I try to stay positive, but have to admit that our offense isn't very dynamic with play-calling. Seriously, I already know that when we have a lead in the 4th quarter we WILL NEVER put that team away. I can't describe it, but you just know that it's not gonna happen. We're gonna lose rhythm and give the ball back or have something catastrophic occur like this past Sunday.

And I'm not too disappointed with the Dion Jordan pick given that he's only had the opportunity to play 6 games, BUT if we thought we were gonna win this year then it's obvious that we needed another tackle (had a chance to pick a great one).

We've lost the last 2 games b/c of OL letdowns in crucial situations. It also doesn't make me feel great to see Vontae Davis just destroying it with the Colts. How could we not have invested more time with him. That has to be one of the outright worst trades in Dolphins history up to this point in time. Let's trade superstar talent b/c he's a little immature for a 2nd round crapshoot player. Again, trying to stay positive, but losing to a 4th round qb is just not acceptable and I hope they're kicking their own asses to try and get it right.

Bring me that Santero! Now!!

I noticed how Vontae Davis had a pro bowl type game against Denver. Carpenter winning games, Brees and Ryan slinging the ball down field, Bush having a good season until injuries, and so on. Even Ginn is playing wide receiver. Go figure.

Craig, he doesn't seem to have "football" sense. Like Russell Wilson, or even Geno Smith. That kid has 4 comebacks in his first year. I don't think Tannehill has 4 comebacks in his career. He can't feel pressure. He can't see the entire field. He can't throw off coverage with looks. Doesn't seem like he knows enough to audible out of bad plays. He has limited "touch" (under throws all day except when it counts at the end of the game when Hartline gets behind the defense and is wide open, then he overthrows him). Yes, this is probably the first game (this year at least) he lost (main responsibility) but he is regressing at an extremely rapid rate. By end of Season at this pace he'll be no better than Cleo Lemon.

Tannehill is a bigger Chad Henne after 20 games they have identical statistics. Any QB who has a TD/INT ratio at 50% or below is a bad QB.

Mike Sherman who was FIRED at Texas A&M for sucking is not doing Tanny any favors.

Craig, tannehill was a prime reason for the loss but if you just stop there, you're missing the point. The team keeps getting beat the same way every week. The team makes zero or not enough adjustment. In crunch time you have to try to win with your best and try not to lose by not exposing your worst.

Clabo is a bag os hite, straight up - it was a missed signing - it happens. Nothing in his play last year would indicate as much but it did. The OTs are the weakest link in this chain. You can't do anything about it now personnel wise but scheme around it. In the 3rd to last posession, I expected run, especially since Tannehill was having a career worst day, we get not only 3 passes, but 3 shotgun formations - burn no time don't move the ball.

And of course the 2nd to last, you let the Bills get their Superman and one of the ebst in one on one against probably the worst starter in the NFL?? That is inexusable when you are winning.

Their offense didn't do much against our defense all game. Run the ball, burn their tiemouts or run the clock down, punt and force them to do soemthing they only did once or twice in the entire game and that is to go 50 yards for the field goal.

Add to that we had idiots taking penalties like Don Jones on that punt... that goes back to coaching.

It was a complete team loss with the coaching staff and the Qb wearing the tag team belts.

But then again, I go back to the statement that back in the spring that we would suck if we had to rely on Tannehill every week. He is not "there" yet.


Actually Jordan was one of my only bright spots yesterday. He and Odrick have been easily our 2 best defenders last 2 weeks. Vernon/Soliai have been solid as well. But Jordan has been a beast. As far as the rest of the picks, I'll save my comment for the future.


I'm starting to have a lot of questions about him too. Not making excuses for him but somebody brought up a point yesterday and it's worth considering. I wonder if he's been hurried and hit so many times this year that it's affecting his confidence and his ability to make plays. Not suggesting we sit him yet but I wonder if we're starting to see a bit of the David Carr syndrome with him.

What we are seeing is the result of bad coaching meeting bad personel moves and bad drafting. We had 9 picks in the draft this year yet NOT ONE is starting. Of all our prized free agents the one that merits the money he signed for is Gibson. Wallace is inconsistent and not worthy of his salary. Clabo is a mess. The linebackers are not better than what we had. Couple this with Philbin and the coaching staff and this is what you get. A mix of Cam Cameron and Tony Sporano. The Jets are better coached and prepared than us. So are the Patriots and we found out yesterday so are the Bills. Loosing to an inferior team with a fourth string QB is as low as this franchise has ever been.


Mark, don't leave Reshad Jones out of it. He's been HORRIBLE last few games. Getting juked, missing tackles, no play on the ball. Just awful. Clemons might actually be outplaying him right now. That one pick 6 (which actually was a gimmie by Dion Jordan), that's all he's done. He's on my radar for deserving derision right now.

Look around the league guys at other cultures and what teams are trying to build there. To the KC situation. Team goes 2-14 last year and this year it's 7-0. Team goes out and gets Andy Ried who is one of footballs better X's and O's guys and immediately changes the culture for that team. I'm not questioning Philbins knowledge of the game and situations that arrive but I question his passion. He just shows no emotion when the game is tight or mistakes happen during the course of a game. Players see this and feed off it. They feed in a negative way as they think if the coaches don't really care than should i

First things first all the people who are not phinz fans get the f*ck off this sight, we do not need or want your opinions and its sad how you even have the time to comment on someone else's team. Now,,, back to business I'm just going to come out and say it "GET TYSON CLABO OFF THE FIELD"!!!! He has done nothing except give up big plays and now is getting to the point where he is single handedly costing us games. Myself coming from playing football for over 10 years your offensive line is only as strong as your weakest guy and when your weaklink has been identified you have to as a coach schematically gameplan for ways to help that guy, for instance bring your TE down on that side to help him against their best pass rusher when you see that mismatch. Next I agree that the play calling has been mediocre at best this year, next worst thing other than the performance of our O-line this year. I personally like Philbin but he is going to have to make a choice fire Sherman or watch both of your careers plunge on his behalf. Lastly I know we are not where we want to be at this point but to all the people saying Tannehill is not our guy you need to explain who we have had in the past decade that is our guy, who gave us more hope and more of a chance to win that Tannehill. Who has displayed more heart in that QB position because I can name no one since the Marino days. Even tho tanne is still a little raw, which we knew when we drafted him , he is maturing and frankly even after his bad performance the one person I feel like have us the best chance to come back and win the game was Tannehill, Coaches protect your QB and give him a chance to win a game without running for his life , Go Phinz let's fix some things and start kicking some *ss!

Agree Mark, this was a complete "team" melt down. THill and Sherman are the most responsible for this loss.

The OL for the most part played well, but the play calling again came back to bite us in the arse. I mean who in their right mind would call a pass play in that situation knowing that Clabo was left out to dry with no help? We run the ball three times, kick them deep and make them play the length of the field to win. Our defense left too many plays on the field as well. Just an all around pathetic performance.

I think that Tannehill deserves a competent OC & HC before we can determine if he's the answer at qb.

Tannehill needs to be benched against NE. He must face consequences of his pathetic turnovers. A game off would let him realize if he plays like dirt he will be benched. we will lose to NE whether he plays or not. teach him a lesson. also I noticed egnew played quite a bit at fullback and our run game was decent imagine if we had a real fullback.

I personally like Philbin but he is going to have to make a choice fire Sherman or watch both of your careers plunge on his behalf.

Posted by: J Bones | October 21, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Bones, I think this is what it boils down to. Sherman is done as a professional coach. He needs to coach HS or Division 3 NCAA. He's no longer capable of coaching in the big leagues. Let's hope Philbin doesn't wait until his job is on the line to make the move everyone sees needs to be made.

I know that nobody wants to hear this in the morning, but looking at Tannehill's stats and projections, He's on pace for 4,200 yards, 24ds,a nd 19INts. The first two are really good, the last is the problem. But still, if you knew at the beginning of the year that was to be the outcome, you'd think ok, there's something there. A lot of Qbs have turned over the ball lots in their first two years, the great ones come out of it, the ones that can't stem the tide go to the crapheap. Up to Tannehill to decide who he wants to be.

Now that being said, I'm not excusing his play yesterday - it was poor - it was a devastating loss - now as Parcells used to say, we judge a Qb by how he comes out of the dark moments.

J Bones - I couldn't have said it better myself - we sux with Clabo - we can sux without him - get a young guy in there - how much worse can his replacement be?

DC, not sure how you can put anything on Jones yesterday. I thought he was good - was their most active player and came up with a nice sack.

WPF @ 10:47 ... that's about it.

Even the defense could've done more. Everyone wears horns.


You've summed it up very well at 10:38am. There's nothing I can add to that.

What could have been and should have been this season has all gone down the toilet. And DC, you're right, Jones has been very ordinry this season. I'm not sure I'd say he's been 'horrible' but you may be right that Clemmons has outplayed him and I'm not a Clemmons fan.

It's all spiralling out of control and to be honest, I see another two losses on the horizon with the Pats and Bengals ahead. I'm hoping things turn around but I'm starting to wonder how long it'll be before we see Moore. A couple more games like yesterday from T-hill and some more hits and it might be time to sit him for a game or two. He needs to protect the ball much better than he's done this year.

Unfortunately this game revealed the truth about these Miami Dolphins. Being a fan for over 30 years you would think I'd have learned by lesson by now, but I actually thought the tide was turning. The strength of this team, the defensive front, has regressed. Getting them healthy did nothing. Allowing a team of second and third-stringers to beat you like this? Mike Sherman said before the year started that we would see more improvement out of Tannehill than any other QB. Is he improved? After watching him against NO and now the Bills, I'd say he hasn't improved at all

Not sure where the team goes from here if the season falls apart. Does Sherman come back next year? Does Philbin? Does Ireland?

Starting to think if we don't see marked improvement from Tannehill the second half of the season we draft another QB. What's the addage?....you keep drafting a QB until you know you have one. Do we know we have one? I don't. Next year is a goodyear for QBs coming out with as many as nine going in the first round. If things continue the way they are going I take a QB no later than the second round. Looks like tackle needs to be addressed and we still need a TE but QB is starting to look like a priority in April. This won't be a popular opinion but we need to make certain we have our guy and I don't see how the team can be certain based on what we've seen. He's not much better than Jake Locker at this point, IMO.

DC Dolfan,

Again, I don't mind the signing of Dion Jordan but we had our choice of something close to a surething OT in the draft. If we expected to win THIS YEAR as was suggested, then failing to find protection for our 2nd year qb was a big mistake.

As for Dion's play yesterday, I'll concede. I missed most of the first half due to a couple of priorities. I ended up watching the rest of the game in a bar and don't remember seeing him for a majority of the game. I'm glad he played well though...I definitely see his potential and it could be a good pick in the long run, but if we wanted to win this year then a tackle was a priority. Clady's just not cutting it. How is the OT that we could have drafted doing? I'm asking...genuinely don't know.

I'm also venting. Just frustrated.

Mark @ 10:55, he has improved but he started from so far behind last year - he was not a good NFL Qb last year, now he's more of a middle of the pack QB.... that is improvement but not enough to make youa true contender when your run game and defense has stunk as much as it has ... and that doesn't factor in BOTH offensive and defensive coaching.

I like THill, he does have a great upside to him. Give him a decent OL, and a competent OC and he will thrive. Every QB has bad days and THill really was off yesterday no doubt about that. Two very bad throws and poor situational play calling cost is this game.

I have big ears because I listen well. I hear you, I will get this fixed and raise your ticket prices.

Lane Johnson has been pretty poor too - it was just a crap draft as it turns out. Austin is crap, Eifert has been invisible too ... best pick is probably one of the guys I loved who unfortunately ended up on the Jets in Sheldon Richardson.

The warning signs were there last season for the few that saw it. But as a fan, you want...you hope things will get better.

Forget the fact (for now) evaluation of 2012 O-line and subsequent additions in the offseason were wrong. What was done to fix it? Answer, zero.

By now, everyone can see Sherman is killing any chance the offense has to win just with his playcalls. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. What happened to the D?

In the end, the HC has to take the blame. Rightfully so in this case.


I don't like the running the ball at the end of the game technique. It's playing scared and it allows their offense almost definitively another chance to win the game. Having said that, I HATE 3 Shotgun formations as well. I prefer mixing it up and keeping the defense guessing.

It's frustrating though b/c I know that every time we have a drive that could lock the win we fail. What's up with that? Also, I was thinking MAYBE after the Colts and Falcons surprises that we may have moved from what we've all come to expect from our beloved Dolphins: stealing defeat from the jaws of victory. Apparently not.


There is no toughness on this team. There is No intimidator on the defense. There is no bulldozer at RB. The O line consist of A soft left tackle, an old over the hill RT a fat and lazy RG a LG that wont be here next year so he figures WTF. and a center caught in the middle of this mess. And lastly an offensive philosophy that promotes finesse not hit you in the mouth mentality. That is why we can't finish games. That is why we can't run the ball or intimidate other teams in our own house. We are SOFT!

yeah, WPF, I obviously feel the same way about Tannehill. Think it's too early to give up the ship on this guy. Think he's shown enough to give him one more year. And none of these Qbs coming up really give me any warmth either. I think last year's crop was better. bridgewater just lost to nobody, Boyd sucks, Manziel is a noodle in the arm and head. Stephen Morris IS CHAD HENNE. MacCarron is a game manager ... forget it.

Mark in Toronto and DC Dolfan - appreciate your on the money posts.

Maybe we should have known there would be issues with THILL last year on Hard Knocks when he couldn't name the teams in our division.


What I saw was two very ordinary teams who have zero chance of making the play-offs.Also I was surprised to read $60 million Mike Wallace actually played in the game...I never saw him!!!

A letter to the Miami Dolphins

Dear Miami Dolphins,

I have been a long suffering dolfan for over 20 years. I absolutely love the team I grew up during the Dan Marino years and have grown to love everything about the team especially during the Marino/Shula era. I have never really had lots of money to attend games so as a child I would work with my moms eastern star group selling hot dogs in order to watch the team. Fast forward to my adulthood I now have a decent job and can buy tickets and it had been my dream to introduce my son to the Miami Dolphins team and create the same love affair that I have had with the team, but unfortunately the current team seems to be the butt of everyone’s jokes which makes it difficult to get my son to root for what has amounted to a loser. This year I have attended the Baltimore game (my son has become a fan of the winning Ravens) and I plan on going to the Bengals game on Halloween (already got tickets). I am concerned because over the last 6 or 7 years I have seen very little growth in the team, I actually find myself yearning for the Jay Fielder years. This last Sunday 10/20/2013 (loss to the Bills) was the straw that prompted me to write this letter and reach out to anyone that would listen.

While I like Joe Philbin and what he seems to bring to the table as a head coach I am also concerned about the play calling and lack of creativity on the offensive side of the ball. There are to many times where it seems that the coaches are not putting players in positions to succeed. I have watched players leave our team and thrive (Reggie Bush to name one) because they are being put in positions to succeed. I really do not want another coaching staff or GM for that matter because at some point I think you must give the staff put in place a chance to succeed, but it seems to me that if I know Lamer Miller runs about 60-70% out of the shotgun when he’s in the game so does the opposing team . I think the coaches must challenge themselves to adapt to the personnel on the field. Why doesn’t Mike Wallace move around? Why no QB roll outs since the O-line is struggling? Why not run more power sets with a fullback? Why not use more 2 TE sets when trying to run the ball (would have helped vs. the Bills)? Why, Why Why? I just want a winner; I want my son to love the dolphins, I want to want to buy season tickets like I wanted to during the first 3 games of the season. The dolphins owe it to me and all of their fans to ask what can be improved and to make changes that we all can see!

A Hurt Dolfan

Pathetic! Off a bye week you can't put a win up against a banged up Bills team with a QB who was on the practice squad 3 weeks ago. The OL is ridiculous...no pass protection, no run blocking, Defense is getting little to no pass rush and the secondary makes all opposing QB's look great. They give up big play after big play. Offense isn't doing ANYTHING....no effective utilizing of Wallace and poor play calling by Sherman, RB's are getting little to nothing generally with a run or two here and there to inflate the ypc stats. Even the early wins don't look as impressive as they once did...Cleveland isn't good and neither is Atlanta. Indy looks to be the only quality win. This team (coaches and players) have a serious case or rectal cranial inversion! I'm sick of being disappointed of my Fins!

Let's hope Philbin doesn't wait until his job is on the line to make the move everyone sees needs to be made.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | October 21, 2013 at 10:48 AM
I said this very thing months ago. Only because I wanted Philbin and our team to suceed. I also said I don't see it happening because of the teacher/student relationship.
As a manager, you're only as good as the people who work for you. Holds true in any organization.

...Mark in Toronto..Are you still feeling the debate that Tannehill should be spoken about in the same light as Andrew Luck?

..I know the blame game is rampant this morning. Phin Fans are understandably irate over this loss. A loss that should not have happened. I am dumbfounded as to why we went away from what was working for us, in exchange for the same formations that do not, that we run over and over and over, and get run over and over and over..

We came out with a new look on offense. A look I have been begging the team to use(I know they don't read my garbage)..And walla. We managed to run the ball, even get a deep pass to Wallace. We didn't need recievers lined up all over the place. We did it with 2 tight ends. Watch the first half and count the times we had 2 tight ends somewhere on the field.

Fastforward to the third quarter...Yes we marched down and scored on our only possession. But the worst thing about that drive is we went back to the rotten bread and butter formations that have been killing us the last 3 weeks...3 wide 1 te, 1 running back...

We cannot protect, we cannot run from this formation. This is when the pressure mounted, and we started getting minimal gains in the run. Fastforward to the first drive of the 4th quarter. The same personel, same formation on all 3 plays. 3 and out...Sweet.

The second drive..More of the same. 2 te's once and we complete a 19 yard pass to Hartline..Other then that..Much about nothing.

The Fumble drive...First play..2 TE's 2 yard gain on the ground..No biggie running the ball. The fumble...guess what we ran....You got it..The defense knew we were passing, they certainly weren't worried about us running out of this formation. As the tendencies over the last 6 games scream pass....Boom strip! Game over.

We threw it 30 something times yesterday? For what?? what are we trying to prove??? We did not have to do this. Someone give me a reason why. Please.

Broken Record warning: The team runs a college offense that stunk in college, why would it work in the NFL. I here commentators say how smart Tannehill, but the fact of the matter is he is not. Cant seem to fix holding the ball and stare down receivers. He was a receiver so he should know how to run. He runs right into a defender. Tannehill cannot come up big when its crunch time. Hardly a clutch QB. Don't be surprised if this is the start of Tannehill's regression. Similar to Henne who showed flashes early on, but then regressed. Lastly Sherman is a hack.

DC Dolfan and Mark in Toronto:

You guys are spot on in your comments...I'm a big fins fan for years(72-73 season). I said to you last year that the first thing that is against us is the whole idea of being in a resort/vacation town. I'm watching the game on DIRECT TV BEFORE it started and so many empty f***ing seats..I'm telling you.."Fans" rather go to Ft lauderdale beach, south beach, boating, fishing etc etc and aren't sold on Fins..this is first and foremost..you have to agree, my wife has cousin in Miami and when we went to visit last year he says to me why was I wearing Dolphins hat when they are MIAMI HEAT fans now??..There was NO fire and it showed right off/ with the fans nor the team..PATHETIC pick 6....I mean we should have a big advantage...87 degrees sunny and humid..I've been there for numerous games and it is Freaking hot in the stands..We can't use this to our advantage anymore..WHY???

The coaching staff is disappointing and there has to be a shake up..look at Baltimore Ravens last year..fired their offensive coordinator late in the season..what was his name? oh yeah..CAM CAMERON...You have to agree...something HAS to be shaken up..we need to make a TRADE B4 10/29 to get an o-lineman..is possible..but we need to give up maybe a d-lineman...

These next 2 games, IMO, make or break our wild card chances..hoping for split..I believe our season comes down to Halloween night against BENGALS..mark my words..we will be underdogs especially if we lose sun against PATS...We may just pull that one out..MAYBE..but our season comes down to 10/31/13 and prob a must win against bengals to avoid 3-5 start(we do well historically against Cincy)..

Frustrated Fins fan again in MD

It's simple: We got out-coached. Coaching lost us this game. Anyone who looks at Mr. Magoo's play-calling closely would agree. 3rd and inches? A fu.king sweep?! Leading the game late in the 4th screams for running the ball and using every last second on the play-clock, not a passing attack. Come on, if you don't get the 1st down, you put the best punter in the league on the field to pin them deep. Then you let the d-line pin their ears back on the practice squad QB. With a lead and 2 mins. left, I trust our D more than that offensive line.

Now that Bradford went down its time to trade Matt Moore and get Jake Long back. Our tackles are killing us.


Like Mark said, Lane Johnson sucks. Jordan at least looks like he will be a good player in the NFL.

Mark, there were two plays were Jones got completely juked out of his cleats yesterday. I can't remember exactly, but both were runs I think. Worse yet, one was by that big fullback. Jones whiffed on it (the other was on the other side of the field I think). He hasn't been that spectacular. Not saying he's cut-worthy, but I expected more from his play last year and then getting a hefty contract.

This entire franchise is a sham.

The Owner
The Coaches
The Players
The idiot fans who thought this team was legit AND

Sherman should be fired. There is NO excuse. We struggled vs. a team with 2 beat up RB's & a Practice squad QB. Whether it's coaching, talent or both....it's a disgrace!

Imagine being a player in that locker room knowing that game should have been won except for the OC to give it away. He did it 2 different ways.

You pass to score points & run to close games! Sherman is a knob! Through 5 games, this OL was on pace to be the WORST PASS BLOCKING LINE IN NFL HISTORY! ON PACE FOR MOST SACKS GIVEN UP EVER! And you're trying to throw the ball late in the game?




We did it for them.

If we had to pass, at least max protect & chip to help the tackles!

This team is a frigging disgrace. Ireland can spend all he wants in FA to sign other teams scraps to try to cover for his inabilities as a talent evaluator.

And all you nitwit fans who get all moist cause we signed a ton of FA's...do you ever realize most of have been NON FACTORS? The best signing has been Grimes & he's a rented player.

You should write suckers on your foreheads with Big Black Marker for believing. And the even bigger idiots for those who think Ireland merited an extension. This clown should have been shown the door with Sporano.

Top to bottom this franchise sucks. Let that marinate for a bit!

Oh nooooo we suck AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Let us not forget that joke ireland brought in this roster and he gets a pass?!?!?!? Yes I agree with the Sherman points as well he does need to go.

It comes down to culture guys and positive culture brings a winning environment. It breeds on down from ownership to the ball boys. If this season does fall apart and were back to the same old 7-9 or 8-8 mediocrity, how does Ireland keep his job?. What the excuse he gives Ross?. "Don't worry Steve. Just give me another 6 yrs to find more acorns". I'm just so sick of the lofty expectations and we are left with a lousy outcome at days end. If this team is ever to get over the hump and be a perniennial contender it must detach itself from Ireland and his mismanagement of this team. He failed in not building the core of this offense, the offensive line. Let's face it. He's brought in old slow tackles in columbo and clabo. He ignores obvious needs for potential great ones. I like dion Jordan and feel he will be an impact player but other needs were more glaring.

DD, Andrew Luck played a clean game against Denver. he didn't do it on his own though.

Tannehill 1,577 9-7
Luck 1,574 10-3

(Identical 60.7 pct and also keep in mind that Luck has played one more game)

Right now tannehill is just more raw than Luck but come on, I still contend he isn't that far behind. And it's a little too convenient that you bring up this conversation the day after Tannehill has his worst game as a pro while Luck has his best.

Considering the perceived wide gulf between these two - the truth is still a lot closer than most people would believe.

And DD, you should also mention Denver turning the ball over 4 times - not going to win when that happens. Way bigger factor than Luck lifting the team on his shoulders..

Here are the facts as I see them. Miami coaches were outcoached again and failed two make any positive adjustments over the bye week. Mike sherman needs to go he cant call plays. Abandoned the running game in the 4th quarter when they needed to run out the clock. Took no time off the clock. Run the ball and Tannehill doesnt fumble, instead put the ball in Tannehills hands when he clearly was having bad game. Philbin has not properly prepared a game plan in the last three weeks.

Clabo must go, cut him, bench him, just put someone else in there, or trade for someone. If you dont fix the OL asafp the season is over, period.

Dion Jordan is a bust, the next Ted Ginn. If you are top 5 pick you need to be starting making plays getting double digit tackles and at least a sack a game. Sure could use Lane Johnson now.

Ireland should be fired, he has many years to build a team and an OL and he has failed.

7-9 this year is a failure and someone has to go. Start with Ireland and Sherman.

Fred Mack,

I am sorry that your son thinks his dad is a loser. Yet anyone who pays exorbitant NFL prices is a loser. I've spent over 100 million dollars on this team because I sincerely wanted to bilk more people out of their precious earnings. I even changed the team's logo to a newer, sleeker, south beach effeminate design. If your kid doesn't have the confidence enough to stand on his two feet and think for himself then that's on you as a parent. Peer pressure should not determine whether or not a person decides to like a sports team. The Dolphins have the hippest uniforms in the league. We play Jimmy Buffet in the stadium. What more do you want ?

Kris, I watched the play on nfl network.

You guys were talking about his pocket presence and seemed to have missed an important aspect of that play. Watch it again and you will see the same thing.

Daniel Thomas was LITERALLY picked up in the air and thrown into Tannehill. Thomas was blocking a lb on the left side. Tannehill was looking at that missed block and was trying to get the ball out to a receiver who was also running open on the left side of the field. That whole thing caused tannehills right side to be his blind side and Clabo should have had it protected.

YES he absolutely had started raising his arm to throw the ball. He wasn't in throwing motion but was in the process because he wanted to avoid the pressure from Thomas' blunder.

His entire focus was on his left side watching his rb being lifted in the air like a bad dream. Williams was on his right side, to the back of Tannehill, too close, Clabo f$#@ed up the play.

DC, now that you mention it, I do remember that FB run and was pretty vexed. Not as big a cost as the Wilson missed tackled on Stevie Johnson (again, WTF), but still aggravating. I personally thought this defense had the chance to be top ten but they are barely middle of the pack. Coyle is widdling away a pretty talented group.

Like really, you have three stud DTs, decent pass rush even without Wake, a stud CB, and a MLB that was good enough to be the best LB on the world champions. And you still can't make it work??? WHAT IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU NEED MORE?!?!?!?

The DC has been even worse than Sherman in my opinion.

The "heat advantage" in Miami is a tired argument. Its like the thin air in Denver or the cold in Buffalo. If the team stinks or is perpetually out of shape, then it doesn't matter where the game is played. I've seen Miami pound some bad Bills teams in Buffalo in the cold. Wish Shula could be hired as the strength and conditioning coach.

I expect to hear that a coach has been fired and/or players have been benched or cut today; if not then that is a clear sign to fans that they are mailing in the rest of the season and wish to have another losing season. Until Ireland goes this team will never win. Sherman is the worst offensive coach in the league.

Cocojoe, that is assuming the manager is qualified....mismanagement cannot be blamed on the workers..

...as for Philbin firing Sherman..that ain't ever happening in a thousand years, so please stop calling for it , much less expecting it...

...regarding power set on Offense...they began the first drive that way...Clay on the left, beside Martin and Simms on the right, beside Clabo, with a single RB. We move the ball reasonably well, T-Hill threw the pick, and the next series we were back to spread WR's with an empty backfield...

..face it, the Coach and his staff are rigid as an icicle and just as cold...no wonder they called him the Pilgrim in Green Bay...it's like going to a fun event with an undertaker...

...Philbin was not first choice for HC....he was like third or fourth, behind the play for Fisher, then Harbaugh, and wistful glances at names like Cower and Gruden....

...and the main reason we have Philbin instead of one of the more desirables is because he agreed to work with Ireland...that aloe should tell the whole story..

.....ineptitude seeks its level....and that leads to the top guy Ross...I think his efforts are well intended...he knows the business world...but knows snot about running a football team..yet he gives a vote of confidence by declaring Ireland's extension on first impulse, viz a 3-0 record....

...Mark..I was just bustin you up a bit.

What impressed me about Luck that I haven't seen yet in Tannehill is how 1 is fluid in the pocket..The other. Not so much. Lucks line is as brutal as ours. Watch his feet. It is a different animal. Some of those weird angle throws he made yesterday..They were accurate, under pressure. Very very impressive. Our guy has to learn this yet. Light years between the 2 IMO...

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