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The fallout from a third consecutive loss

The honeymoon is over for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

After weeks of watching sweeps on third-and-inches, or having Mike Wallace always line up on the right side of the formation, or not committting to the running game, or watching Jimmy Graham shred Miami one week getting free releases but getting shut down by New England when they tied him up at the scrimmage line, the tipping point came on Sunday.

Off a bye, against a fourth-string QB and offering no solutions to old problems, the Dolphins coaching staff deserves some critical scrutiny.

They are not alone.

The offensive line, was mostly good enough on Sunday. And then Tyson Clabo, a good man having a bad season, gave up two sacks the final two Miami possessions.

"Those sacks are my sacks," Clabo said. "There's no way around it."

It didn't help that coaches asked Clabo to block Mario Williams one-on-one on the play which Williams beat Clabo and forced a Ryan Tannehill fumble. What was offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinking?

Look, it's one thing to have the other team beat you.

But when you beat yourself with poor decisions in the coaching booth, the frustration is palpable.

Obviously, the coaching staff was not totally responsible for this upset loss.

Tannehill had a horrible first half -- throwing two interceptions -- despite inconsistent pressure on him from the Bills, who managed no sacks until the fourth quarter. One was returned 19 yards for a touchdown. He floated another near the goal line and what seemed like a scoring opportunity turned into another turnover.

The defense didn't do great work.

They gave up two fourth-quarter field goal drives that gave Buffalo the game.

They allowed the Bills to convert 9 of 19 third down plays (47.3 percent success rate).

About that defense: I have not questioned the defensive coaching staff but perhaps they merit a look as well. They inherited a defense that was sixth in the NFL in scoring in 2011. It wasn't perfect but it was good. Well, they were seventh in scoring under this staff in 2012 and are 20th in scoring this season.

That's going in the wrong direction.

Dion Jordan, the third overall selection in the draft, is only a part-time player. Players that were here and deemed too slow or too old -- Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett -- are playing better elsewhere than they did here.

It all raises eyebrows.

The Dolphins opened this season on a hopeful note with three consecutive wins. Now they are on a three-game losing skid and must travel to New England next Sunday trying to dig out of being in third place in the AFC East and already owning a home loss to the last-place Bills.




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Worst loss i have seen as a fan in years.

Tannehill-How do you come in off a bye week and on your first drive throw a pic 6. His 2nd int was awful. Hey Ryan believe it or not most teams have 2 Dbs on both sides of the field.

Coaching staff- They are clueless. Coyle and Sherman are both to blame. Coyle do me a favor and PLEASE STOP RUSHING 3. Also on 3rd down and 15 from their own 10 odds are the bills are either running a draw or a screen how are we not ready for that. How do we let fred jackson catch a screen for 25 yards.
Sherman- Was awful last year and it has continued this year. News Flash - When you are running the ball well and have the lead and your opponent has a forth string QB and your oline sucks maybe we shouldn't risk dropping back to pass with under 4 minutes to go.

Ireland- Maybe just maybe we should have signed Jake Long considering we didn't replace him . Also trading Vontae Davis for a 2nd rd pick that we use to take another DB that is not as good as davis makes no sense.

Sick and tired of this franchise. Been watching since 1986 and it has been nothing but misery ever since.

Both starks and soliai will be gone after this year and dolphins have no players on the roster to fill those holes so things will only get worse next year. Doubt grimes will sign again after they fall apart and have a losing season.

Tony, I have to agree. This team doesn't play any HOME games. jsut another thing that is wrong with this franchise is the local fan base. They just don't care. Look at the posters here, msot are from out of market... And don't give me this "why should I spend when ..". Browns fans and Bills fans have had it way worse than you ... but they show, they make noise, make it uncomfortable.

If you say there is way more to do... then do it on Saturdays then. or just maybe Miami is the type of place where men shave their legs and pour baby lotion on themselves to get a better tan than usual and are happy that way .. oh well.

I see NO VALUE questioning draft picks at this point. This comes done to driving forward and looking through the windshield not the rear view mirror.

My suggestions.

1. Get Wallace a minimum of three deep passes per game. Only one called yesterday....it worked...never did it again.

2. No more handoffs out of the shotgun....it never works.

3. Bench Clabo and give Gardner a shot....what could go worse at this point?

4. Put Wallace in motion 30% or more...make the defense have to worry about where he is and what he will do next.

5. Get Simms and Clay into the middle against LBs.

6. Roll THILL out 20% of the time to give the chance of him running more. If he is going to take hits he might as well be on their side of the line of scrimmage.

7. Get Patterson and Grimes starting and playing with less cushion. Get Wilson off the field. Get scheme set for Jones to freelance more.

8. When it's 2nd and 2 or 3 run the ball twice over Incognito.

9. When it's the middle of the game and you face a 52 plus field goal.....PUNT....trust Fields not a rookies kicker.

10. On pass plays rush Jordan, Odrick, Starks and Wake.....didn't see that much yesterday....why?

Mark, I still have some hope for Tannehill. Could it be coaching?
Like I've said before, I had hoped Tannehill would have learned a few things in the offseason. Fundamental QB things like pump fake, changing snapcount, look off the safety. Seemingly small things that count sometimes.

Not worried about Tannehill. He is raw. Luck has started TWICE AS MANY GAMES at QB in college and pro combined. Give Tanne some protection and the same amount of starts and I think he is a keeper. Having said that, although I am a Matt Moore fan and thought he got screwed after his 6-3 run to end the '11 season, we are going to see him as the starter soon. NOT because we bench Tanne, but because there is no way he makes it through this season without an injury. C'mon on! He's getting pounded! Fu.k that stat they keep spouting that he is getting hit less. I don't believe it.


That's less than 60 yds/game

P78, yeah, no way blaming Tannehill on that last fumble. It seemed like the whole world landed on him. Clabo not only got beat but he was one of the guys landing on him. No Qb in the league would've held on in that scenario. Not even long enoough protection to complete an 8 yard passing play. Then again, the OC did allow his lame arse RT to be in that position.

Posted by: Craig M | October 21, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Marked improvement from Tannehill? How about this Craig? (I know you guys are all butt hurt but you really have been making little sense here for almost 24 hours now.)

Tannehill has completed over 60 percent of his passes, thrown more touchdowns than interceptions, delivered two fourth-quarter wins, and his passer rating is in the 85 range. THOSE ARE ALL MARKED IMPROVEMENTS OVER LAST YEAR. And you guys are talking about benching him? WTF? wE'RE ONLY 6 GAMES IN for christs sake and he's a second year qb.

I wonder if he's been hurried and hit so many times this year that it's affecting his confidence and his ability to make plays. Not suggesting we sit him yet but I wonder if we're starting to see a bit of the David Carr syndrome with him.

Posted by: Craig M | October 21, 2013 at 10:40 AM

So first it's all Tanny's fault. Now, you wonder if he's getting hit too much that's the problem? LOLOLOL

CAPTAIN OBVOUS! You are a friggin laugh riot!

Tanny is the LEAST of our issues. The biggest issue is the GM that assembles a JV quality OL to protect him.

Yea, I think Tanny does stare down his guys because he knows he won't have time to get through more than 1 read before he's on the grass!

The biggest issue is a GM who is on board with hiring an OC who thinks the best way to run out the clock & close games is to throw the ball with the worst pass blocking line in team history.

This is Ielands team flopping yet again. What is the common demoninator to all our losing seasons? THE GM!

Blame everyone except him shows how clueless you all are!

Don't give me the lame BS excuse that we've been bad for awhile. That's obvious but, those days are GONE. Let's live in the now. And the now is this is another Ireland team that sucks. 5 years in a row.

Time to embrace the obvious.

Bring Carl Peterson, bring Parcells back, hell, bring your sister in and let them build the team. Won't be any worse. It doesn't take a whole lot to build a team in FA like Ireland cause he has ZERO ability to draft impact players.


Embrace the truth & it will enlighten you.

I have big ears because I listen well. I hear you, I will get this fixed and raise your ticket prices.

Posted by: Steve Ross | October 21, 2013 at 11:01 AM

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/dolphins_in_depth/2013/10/the-fallout-from-this-third-consecutive-loss/comments/page/3/#comments#storylink=cpy



Come on man....so because I have an opinion that's different than yours, 'I don't make any sense'? It's the same stuff you were giving me yesterday.

First of all, I didn't say we should bench Tannehill. If you read my previous comments you'll see I was clear about that. What I said was, with two tough games coming up against the Pats and Bengals (and I see them as two more losses, if Tannehill plays in them like he did yesterday, then I think it's time to sit him.

You can paint it whatever way you want but there are many of us who think Tannehill 'sucked' yesterday. Mark's even saying 'it was his worst day as a pro'. At this stage of the game, against a lesser opponent, coming off a bye week, I think we have the right to demand more.

You don't have to like it but that's my opinion.

DD, nobody's line is as brutal as ours - especially the Ots. have you ever heard of an OT on pace to give up 21 sacks??? Not to mention the other is on pace to give up double digits as well. It's absurdly bad. so easy to play our offense when we won't run the ball even when we can, and you can just have your front four get to the Qb consistently and play 7 in coverage against four receivers.

But anyway, yeah Luck is more polished than tannehill but there are things Tannehill has done that is pretty remarkable given the state of the teams. And the end results and stats say individually it's closer than most would acknowledge.


I'm not disagreeing with you completely on a better strategy, but your strategy sounds a lot like the 2002 game-strategy we implemented when we blew a huge lead against the Pats and allowed them to come back and beat us. We were 10-6 that year and didn't make the playoffs.

I'm of the opinion that you can't play scared, but you should run ATLEAST 1-2 of those plays! Coupled with our OL woes, you don't place Clady in a one-on-one situation with someone like Mario Williams (Who's having a monster season) and leave Tannehill sitting in the heart of the pocket. In retrospect, there were definitely some poor decisions there.

Benching tannehill is not the solution that gets this team heading in the right direction. Said it before and I will say it again. Starts up front. End of story. Watched Denver last night and their left tackle filling in for clady looked like clabo for us. Didn't matter that Denver had Peyton. They could consistently protect him with an inferior tackle. Until the fins make changes along the line it will be like watching a bad rerun every week. What does this say about the dolphin backups on the offensive line

Mark in Toronto,

I'm with you on Tannehill. I just think we need to be doing a better job of putting him in a position to help us win. He is raw, but I do see improvement from last year and I'm hopeful he continues to take strides in meeting his potential. His key area of weakness is pocket awareness. Tannehill and Luck's numbers are SOMEWHAT similar, but you can just tell that Luck is much more aware of his surroundings and how to avoid pressure while keeping his eyes downfield.


Sorry man, I just can't blame Coyle for this defence. At times this year he's been missing Soliai, Wake, Clemmons, Ellerbe. Patterson and Carroll. That's a good chunk of our defence. They're playing guys like Shelby, Trusink, Taylor and Carrol probably more than they should be. Cam Wake isn't right at this moment. I'm not even sure he should be playing. He's not the same guy right now.

I think under the circumstances Coyle's doing a great job. Guys will blame the defence for yesterday but when your QB spots the other team 7 points right off the bat, it doesn't help the case. Four sacks, an INT and no receivers or running backs over 100 yards yesterday. I'd say it was a pretty good job by the defence. Whe your QB gives up the ball three times yesterday it can really take the air right out of the defence. All he had to do was hang onto the ball and let Fields pin the Bills deep. He couldn't even do that.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 21, 2013 at 11:56 AM

Mark another writer said it perfect. If you won't allow the players or coaches excuses then there should be no excuses for not showing up to games.

Pathetic. Just saw a picture that was taken right before the last big defensive stand and the entire stadium was sitting in silence. Fans have a million excuses none of them are good. Yesterday the Phins lost by 1 point. I have a hard time believing Thadeus Lewis would have had such an easy time driving down the field had their been fans making noise and helping their team out.

And like the writer said, it's pretty sad when a team has to rely on it's opponents fans to buy over 10,000 tickets just to make the place look half full.

A fan tweeted that he was at the game trying to make noise and fans were telling him to sit down and shut up. At what point do the fans stop making excuses and support their f$#@ing team? Browns fans show more support, so do Bills fans. They haven't done s^%t in decades!!!

And what's the excuse? There's nothing to do in those cities? Wrong, first of all, just more ignorance from an incredibly ignorant fan base and secondly those fans follow their team around the country!!! Thousands of them.

Buster, you obviously hadn't read everything I posted. Yes, I think it will next to impossible Philbin makes a change at OC or DC. I also said it will get his job if he don't. I said this months ago back when everybody was still singing Kumbaya around the campfire. Please pay attention.

Mark in Toronto,

That missed tackle on Stevie Johnson was a very costly play. Their drive following that key miss took up almost the entire 3rd quarter when we should have had them 3 and out.

DC Dolfan,

Always appreciate your comments. I did a look up on Lane Johnson and from what I read it sounds like he's doing ok. Making rookie mistakes, but it seems like they're pretty excited about his potential. Having said that, maybe he wouldn't be a good pick for the "win right now" philosophy either. So I'll get off my soapbox on the Dion Jordan vs. OT discussion.

Phins78, I think you are now seeing how fickle & idiotic Mouth is.

He's all over the friggin place but, there is always one constant. He never makes much sense.


Thanks for the kind words....

Let me be the first to tell you to go f8ck yourself today.



Because your opinion differs from mine it makes no sense.

No it makes no sense because it doesn't follow a logical path imo.

Tannehill has made improvements in every area and still has ten games to go.

You guys are calling for his benching and blaming him for the teams woes when he has been the main reason we won those 3 games. He's not the problem. Shore up the o-line, get a te that can block, get a fb that can block, and get any rb,,,anyone, that can block and then tell me how Tanehill looks. This kid is under constant pressure, he's been sacked the most in the nfl and also leads the nfl in being hit.

And people are talking about putting Moore in?! He fumbles even more! And he has the slowest delivery in the game with slow feet to match. How in the hell is he going to do better behind this line. It's laughable that anyone thinks he will.

Tanne's pick 6 was a perfect example of us being out-coached. Read a quote from Posey on SS after the game (the rookie who picked Tanne off) . He basically said the pickoff was no big deal, it wasn't like he had not saw the play plenty of times on film. A rookie! A rookie figured out Mr. Magoo's play-scheme. When I read that, I knew this Sherman offense is doomed.

Posted by: Craig M | October 21, 2013 at 12:11 PM

I don't blame Coyle either. I blame Ireland for getting Coyle two lbers who can produce sacks but can seem to cover anyone AT ALL. They are actually doing worse statistically than Dansby and Burnett who were both good coverage lbers.

I don't comment much but I have to now after being a Fin Fan for almost 40 years. Tannehill is maturing and considering his lack of starts in college shows more poise and promise than anyone we had since Dan. I agree with all the posters. Mike Sherman is not a good OC for this team and possibly the NFL. Not to mention all that happened yesterday but it puzzles me that when the pocket is getting penetrated why not roll out and move it? Tannehill is awesome throwing moving R or L. The offensive plan lacks diversity and he should do what Shula was great at. DEvise a plan that suits the talent and not asking talent to compromise for a game plan. Our defense? not getting enough pressure. giving up way too many big plays, especially on 3rd and long. I think Philbin has promise but keep Sherman as a friend and get us someone who can use the talent we have OR call the plays yourself Joe OR give Tannehill some ability to give his input that is actually listened to as he's in the huddle, not the OC.

We are just having a difference of opinion, it happens.

Craig, who was this defense facing yesterday? A 4th string QB, and two broken RBS. Should have pitched a shutout.

The timing of the defense also sucked. You had a chance to force a 50 yard attempt by Carpenter yesterday and they allowed the Bills to ram it down their throats and burn time and timeouts. Now who is this Bills' OL that it should be pushign our vaunted front 7 around???

And we all know how reliable Carpenter is on 50 yarders...

Another thing to consider or look at is this offense has been successful in parts and especially in the red zone. This team is at the top or near in that category. It scores touchdowns when in the past a three point FG was as sure as the sun rising in the morning. This comes down to better QB play which has sorely lacked since the Marino days. We have our best option at QB since the Marino days bar none. Do we really wanna go back to the days of fist pumping a 50 yard drive that eats up 8 minutes of clock and ends in 3 points. Thats not going to win anything but a below 500 season. Sorry guys i want more than that. Build this offensive line the way championship teams do and watch the results

Posted by: Krillian | October 21, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Doing what you need to do to win a game is NOT plying scared! Again, you throw to score points & RUN TO CLOSE OUT GAMES. NOT THE OOPPOSITE!

Throwing on not 1 BUT, TWO consecutive drives, without help for the tackles is PLAYING TO LOSE. Certainly more than running, draining 2 more minutes off the clock, leaving the bills the full length of the field to kick a FG with no timesouts left!

Instead we stopped the clock for them, gave them a short field & they still had all their timeouts.

I am not advocating playing it safe or aggressive. I am saying, PLAY TO WIN!

The Dolphins played RIGHT into the Bills hands.

This team CANNOT hold up long in pass pro, so we opt to throw it with the game on the line? THAT IS PLAYING TO LOSE. We don't have Aaron Rodgers. We don't have the packers oline.

There is a fine line between SMART football & DUMB football. Yesterday was prime example.

Sitting in the room watching the game with a friend of mine who isn't a phins fan and he says "Who is Miami's OC. I tell him. Response?

"He should get fired tomorrow"

Yeah, how about that great defensive stop at the end. 3 RUNS BY THE BILLS. The 5 people in the stadium knew they were running, everyone watching on tv knew it, and the defense allowed them to run it straight at them and picked up a first down that killed the clock.

I had confidence in the offense at that point. If nothing else, we have the players and can easily pick up enough yards to get the winning field goal if there is more than 30 seconds on the clock. If the defense stops the bills kick a fg and we get the ball back with over a minute and one timeout. PLENTY OF TIME TO GET DOWN THE FIELD FOR THE WIN.

Krillian, personally I am big Lane Johnson fan and long term he will be good. but to think he would've made big diff this year, not sure... anyway, I can't blame the approach Ireland had in taking someone who has gamechanger potential in Jordan over an OT. You can always find an OT in free agency (Hello Andre Smith last year went by without this franchise even showign the slightest attention) gamechangers are seldom exposed to free agency by their current teams and when they are - they are mighty expensive (Mario, Wallace)

Mando was asked the the the following question on Twiiter "Has Philbin lost the locket room?" Response "No" My guess is if the phins loss the next two games he will.


If you've ever played team sports you know that the energy can be knocked right out of a team when someone screws up. A fumble. A flubbed save. An error in baseball. That game was won yesterday and then lost on the fumble. The defence probably thought they would be on with the Bills at their 20 and 2 mins left. Instead they had to come on and stop the Bills from getting 30 yards. BIG difference.

On top of all that, the QB put the time behind the 8 ball right from the get-go. And they stopped the Bills on a number of occasions yesterday, included four sacks and a pick. YOu can blame a lot of things for the loss yesterday but I can't blame the defence.

And wasn't your original point that Coyle is wasted a lot of talent on the defence? I'm saying the defence hasn't been healthy all year. They've got depth guys playing much more than they should be.

Craig M from 12:11,

You are right on the ball control part. I suggest you watch that play where Tanne fumbles again. That is a read play for Tanne depending on what the defense shows him. He can call run, or call pass. The defensive look dictated he call pass, but I ask you who insilled the read play in this offense? Mr. Magoo! (Sherman). Ball control had to come from upstairs. Tanne only did what he was told to do. Ball control is running the ball and chewing clock to protect a lead late in the game. I can't blameTanne for fumbling while getiing nailed from his blind-side because he was busy watching Daniel Thomas get picked up and hurled back at him!

FED Up @ 12:29, isn't it also eerily similar to what happened at the end v the Ravens. In position to do so much better than we allow the other teams best pass rusher to throw Clabo into our Qb for a big loss? Sherman not only seems prone to making mistakes, he seems prone to repeating them in consecutive weeks.

Also did the same with the pitch on 3rd and short in consecutive weeks. never seen so many colour guys call out the OC during the game. usually the NFL frraternity protects each other but even they will not protect Sherman.


Last point on this from me and then I'll drop it....

I NEVER said they should bench Tannehill. Please show me where I said that. I'm simplay saying two more games like this in the next two weeks and I think it's time to start considering it. You said yourself he's getting hit and sacked more than anyone else in the league. I don't know what's to be gained by keep putting him out there. To me the season is done. Just my opinion.

Secondly, I'm NOT blaming the season on him, just as I'm not giving him all the credit for the first three wins. What I am saying is, if you're looking to blame someone for yesterday, Tannehill should be right at the top of the heap. Three plays changed the game yesterday: the pick 6, the pick in the endzone and the fumble at the end of the game. Tannehill was heavily involved in all three plays and TWO of them were his responsibility for sure. Not sure what there is to argue about this.

Cocoa joe...we agree then, Philbin will sink with the ship before firing his first mate, Sherman, or his bowson's mate, Coyle...I can live with that.....

Craig, how can you be apologetic for the defense. THis is the unit that gets paid on this team - has the big contracts - is the unit that is supposed to carry the burden while the young QB develops. If you are not going to be apologetic for a guy in his 2nd year for playing bad then be consistent and don't be apologetic for a unit that makes all the money and has all the vets. The bills d coudl produce three turnovers and be opportunitistic. Ours jumps around like a bunch of monkeys when we limit the opposign defense to 18 yards when they are backed up on their own 3 yard line on 3rd and 20. This unit doesn't do enough.

stillhardcore @12:30pm,

I can accept that explanation.

Aanyone getting on Tanne for the fumbles is a friggin moron who should learn a little something!

Russell Wilson fumbled 3 times last Thursday & lost 2 of them because the Hawks line was beat up.

Is anyone advocating benching him or saying he's the problem? Tanne's issues are obvious. He's getting hit VIOLENTLY TOO OFTEN.

You try to hold onto a football when someone is blindsiding you in the back or ribs.

Instead of blaming the helpless QB, you idiots should start blaming the clueless GM who put this staff & team together.

But, none of you do because he landed some big time FA's. Who haven't really helped. This is the team you get when you build with other teams scraps.

78, stfu with the excuses already, man u r dense.

@ 12:30, I have no problem with a pass here - but at least make it look like a run. Play action is perfect when the other team is looking for it like they were on that fumble play with so many in the box. Bills d was being super aggressive. Suck in the defense going on way, ahve Tannehill roll out the other - he can always choose to run or pass from there with the defensive palyers sukking goats milk on the other side of the field. ELE FUKKIN MENTARY

Maybe next year craig. Isnt that what we say every year about this time


I'm simply saying, the majority of this season the defence hasn't been healthy. If you want to blame yesterday on the defence then go ahead. I'm going to point it at Tannehill and to a lesser extent the coaches.

When we have guys like Clemmons and Carrol and Vernon stepping up and making plays, then I have a tough time blaming yesterday on the defence. I think the top reciever on the Bills was something like 60 yards and Lewis was around 200 yards. The defence chased him around and hurried him all day. Like most days, this offence just wasn't good enough on the day.


Of course someone's a 'friggin' moron' if they don't agree with you. It's the same way as YG.

'If you don't agree with me, you're wrong'....

Weird world you live in fella....

Craig M: Agreed, Tanne had a bad game. The pick 6 was just an excellent play by a rookie who jumped the route due to his film study AND the predictable Dr. Sherman. Tanne has his share of the blame on the fumbles all year EXCEPT that last one. Manning (either one of them), Brady, Brees, or Rivers would have probably fumbled on that play. Face it, our pass protection sucks and none of the aforementioned QB's would be having career years behind our O-Line. I don't believe the team's problem is a talent issue. It's fu.king coaching. Starts with emotionless Philbin and Mr. Magoo's predictable play-calling.

Some folks believe the Fish choked but thats not what happened. The fish are simply un-talented. And Mondo, If you think the Dolphins are talent laden please tell us which Dolphin has the talent. Do a talent article listing each player and his talent level. These Dolphins won three games using smoke and mirrors. Now the real Dolphins have come forth with,,,drum roll,,,,, a 3 game losing streak with no end to their ineptness in sight. I don't believe uncle Joe or auntie Sherman has a great deal of talent either.


Been a fan since 1985.....tired of this constant bs of getting out coached....out played....out schemed every friggin year!!!

I am done with the Dolphins......all they do is break your heart every year with the same garbage approach, gutless lazy players who can't catch or tackle.

Throwing my jersey and 28 years of supporting the Dolphins in the garbage.

There is a lot of blame to go around but T-Hill was not rushed on either interception. Moreover he is just not accurate and although he has a strong arm, Matt Moore is more accurate with his deep ball. Ross calls T-Hill a franchise QB, well I'm not sure about that. Has Sherman ever heard of the screen pass. The Bills used it to their advantage when they needed a first down on 3rd and long. The fumble by T-Hill is just not acceptable. It's amazing how KC keeps winning with Albert @ LT and their 1st rounder @ RT. Unloading Jake Long is one of the biggest mistakes that Jeff has made in addition to not having enough quality WR's last season.

I think we all agree yesterday's game was a combinationof player's mistakes and getting out-coached. I personally feel we definitely need upgrades at a few skill positions, but does anyone out there feel confident from here on out in this coaching staff?


We are stuck with these coaches, but does anyone really think we have the right ones to take this team to yhe next level? I'm talking specifically about Philbin, Sherman and Coyle?



Peyton, or Luck would have probaby fumbled on that one. The difference for those guys is they have a decent pass-protection scheme and a better O-line.


These coaches are going to have to look harder at our weaknesses and scheme better, or next week is not only a loss, but a blowout.

The Miami Herald seems to have an elitism on the other blogs,whoever monitors the blogs gets to pick.It wouldnt surprise me if the ones that are allowed to post are friends of the monitor or subcribe to the Herald.

Looking at the game from the perspective of stats and the ones that are closely related to points,yesterdays game was the 1st game of the year where The Dolphins had a plus in the Red Zone and were PLUS 8 points and lost.The reason they were MINUS 10 in the points off of turnovers category which comes to a DIFFERENCE of 2 points in the 23-21 loss.


The jury is out on the coaching staff. I just hate the idea of blowing everything up again after 22 games under these guys. I mean the Giants could have done this a few years ago under Coughlin and they stuck with him and won not one but two Super Bowls (and no I'm not saying were going to win Super Bowls with these guys).

The problem when you keep changing everything up is the new guys want to it there way, with their guys. Not sure I want to go through that quite yet.


You may be correct, the protection and play calling has much to be desired but overall I just do not see T-Hill as a Franchise QB. He is just not accurate enough on medium and long balls. His reading and changing plays when he has the option is not good enough because of his lack of QB exposure. Therefore go with a guy that will bet us into the playoffs; Matt Moore.

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