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The fallout from a third consecutive loss

The honeymoon is over for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

After weeks of watching sweeps on third-and-inches, or having Mike Wallace always line up on the right side of the formation, or not committting to the running game, or watching Jimmy Graham shred Miami one week getting free releases but getting shut down by New England when they tied him up at the scrimmage line, the tipping point came on Sunday.

Off a bye, against a fourth-string QB and offering no solutions to old problems, the Dolphins coaching staff deserves some critical scrutiny.

They are not alone.

The offensive line, was mostly good enough on Sunday. And then Tyson Clabo, a good man having a bad season, gave up two sacks the final two Miami possessions.

"Those sacks are my sacks," Clabo said. "There's no way around it."

It didn't help that coaches asked Clabo to block Mario Williams one-on-one on the play which Williams beat Clabo and forced a Ryan Tannehill fumble. What was offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinking?

Look, it's one thing to have the other team beat you.

But when you beat yourself with poor decisions in the coaching booth, the frustration is palpable.

Obviously, the coaching staff was not totally responsible for this upset loss.

Tannehill had a horrible first half -- throwing two interceptions -- despite inconsistent pressure on him from the Bills, who managed no sacks until the fourth quarter. One was returned 19 yards for a touchdown. He floated another near the goal line and what seemed like a scoring opportunity turned into another turnover.

The defense didn't do great work.

They gave up two fourth-quarter field goal drives that gave Buffalo the game.

They allowed the Bills to convert 9 of 19 third down plays (47.3 percent success rate).

About that defense: I have not questioned the defensive coaching staff but perhaps they merit a look as well. They inherited a defense that was sixth in the NFL in scoring in 2011. It wasn't perfect but it was good. Well, they were seventh in scoring under this staff in 2012 and are 20th in scoring this season.

That's going in the wrong direction.

Dion Jordan, the third overall selection in the draft, is only a part-time player. Players that were here and deemed too slow or too old -- Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett -- are playing better elsewhere than they did here.

It all raises eyebrows.

The Dolphins opened this season on a hopeful note with three consecutive wins. Now they are on a three-game losing skid and must travel to New England next Sunday trying to dig out of being in third place in the AFC East and already owning a home loss to the last-place Bills.




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You guys keep talking about "pocket presence and it's seriously cracking me up. Have any of you ever played qb on any level?

A pocket is in definition a 2 yard area in which the qb has to work. That means in order for it to be called a pocket the defenders need to be at least 4 steps away from the passer.

A pocket is not your running back being thrown in the air at you and your offensive tackle using your body to hold himself up from the rush. That is not a pocket, he barely ever has a pocket to work with. When he does he is a very good qb, when he doesn't he is mistake prone.

Furthermore, any time he escapes the pocket to reset the defenders are chasing him down. Please watch closely. You guys are saying he needs better pocket presence to move out of the way. Tom Brady does this very well, Dan Marino was the master.

Here's the difference. When they slide out of the way the olinemen reset and create a new pocket, or create a wall so the qb has space to the left or right. Our o-linemen get beat so badly that there is no chance to reset. They end up chasing behind the player they just let through as he is hunting our qb down.

You guys saying thill is the problem, why isn't he a problem when he's being protected? "Arron rodgers does it waaahhhh" How long has he been in the league? Isn't he a hof player? Puhlease.

The only thing Ross understands is money. No win, no butts in seats, no money.
Ross needs to go the f#%k back to New Yawk. I95 goes north too.

Sherman calling a pass play against an all out blitz was beyond stupid. Clabo one on one against Mario is a disaster waiting to happen. Just run the ball and at worst a 3rd team qb has to drive the length of the field in 2 mins to beat us

Oscar if we don't fix the line and the play calling I don't think THill will ever experience his full potential. He will end up as damaged goods, we have seen this before with a rookie QB and that didn't turn out well. I think the best corse of action now is to sit him and let Moore take the lumps. The kids confidence level has to be at an all time low after yesterdays performance, so why continue worsen his regression by throwing him to the wolves each and every week?

I think the coaching staff handled this situation terribly and THill is paying the price and it shows.

Wash....I agree, to some extent--I think we may have finally seen TH buckle yesterday as a result of all the pressure/hits he's taken.....he's got little confidence in his Oline/protection too, I'd imagine--we all would--he's not dumb....his protection sucks, and it looks like we're seeing the result of that, in him--cant blame him.


What Would Marc Anthony Do ?

See ya guys. Some great posts in here today (mixed in with the normal one line bs crap posts that add absolutely nothing to any discussion and don't enlighten anyone at all, way to keep those great posts coming whomever you are,,,,,pretending to be)

Ross has to review his whole organization. Ireland is the last vestige of the Parcells' group that has displayed nothing but incompetent scouting, drafting, and personnel moves.(and they were a step up from the Wanny/Speilman days) No team makes the playoffs without solid GM/personnel staff up top. I've been a fan forever and yesterdays game just showed all the failure in full relief. We have little to show for all the money and time spent. Ross, start getting your house in order....after you fire Sherman.

All we are saying is that you can also pass effectively from an under center formation and it helps more than the shotgun formation on many occasions.

there is lots of blame to go around, and it should, after all, it is a TEAM, but...something is missing from tannehill's game, you see it when andrew luck hurries his players to the line and snaps a play to avoid scrutiny on a questionable catch, whereas tannehill doesn't, you see it when other QB's take a sack and DON'T fumble the ball, whereas tannehill does. tannehill has a good arm, pretty acurate, he IS a lot better then what we have seen for quite some time, but he needs to accept the fact that he and every other QB are targets and will get sacked, pressured, and hurried, and he has to be ready for it, he needs to be tougher, play tougher, and show the competitiveness that other good QB's display, he has improved, but he has NOT taken the BIG step we are all waiting for...he needs to spend a little more time in the weight room, he has work very hard on protecting the football, and finally he needs to take COMMAND and show more awareness and display a conmfident and attacking posture that is visualy evident by other good QB's.

stillhardcoredolphinsfan, you are correct about the pick 6 - THill telegraphed the play and the DB read his intentions like a book. That one was all on THill.

DC go back to my earlier post where our coaches not only can't make adjustments from half to half but also do not amke adjsutments through the year. our team is that girl on the street everyone gets an easy chance with. We will let you go one of one with your only ferrrari defender against our piece of crap RT in a straight back drop. WE will let you put your best wr on our special teams defensive back at will. no worries, good times in Miami, come on down.

Clabo and Sherman should be immediately fired. Ireland should follow next week if he can't improve the OL before sunday. And chances for Philbin are running out fast, too.

I can't even blame Tannehill so far. These useless individuals are wasting away what little self-confidence he built in the first 3 games of the season. Meanwhile his development is sadly stagnated between a total lack of coaching and the worst play-calling I've ever seen.

Mass @ 1:59. As long as Ireland is the GM, this team is destined for mediocrity.

How do I know this? Only ONE player he's drafted since Tuna left has been BETTER than mediocre & that's Pouncey.

Even his prized Dlineman(which he had ZERO hand in drafting) can't stop anyone when it matters most. 2 injured RB's and a practice squad QB? For the love of pete!


Of course Tannehill was going to fumble on that next to last series. Anyone else notice had bad the hit was a play earlier when Clabo did not even get a HAND on the man standing right in front of him. It was a clean shot and a ferious shot by a 300 lbs that did not have any resistance on his way to the QB. So what does the genius Sherman do? Drop him back into the packet again while he is probably still seeing stars. yeah, no shite he was going to fumble. I'm surprised he didn't shite his pants right there.

MassD, definitely agree, especially with Wake not playing that Jordan should be on the field starting and playing the bulk of the plays.... again, on Coyle and his fascination with Derrick Shelby.

The best coaches take the strength of the players they have and use them the best they can, also they draft players to fit a "system", that is why there are certain teams out there that are always producing winning seasons and going to the playoffs. As much as I hate to say it, like New england. Our coaching staff doesn't do this well at all. Besides having a franchise QB, all the other teams players are very good, after all this is the NFL, the best of the best and very little separates the talent level out there, so that is where the coaches come in to draft and use the strength of their players to put them in position to win. We don't have that, fret not though we do have a very overall talented team and I believe our next Franchise QB. I give 1 more year { 3 year plan } for the coaches to get their systems and players down pat.

P78, at 1:59, exactly. If Tannehill gets sacked after ebign back there 4 seconds or runs into the rush after 4 secs or so, that is lack of pocket prescence. If he gets sacked before then on a standard pass paly, that's on everyone else. It's not the QBs job to feel the instant rush, he needs to be looking downfield to see his WRs progress, not loking whether Mario Williams is treating Clabo like a 60 year old drunk who's gotten too loud at a Honky Tonk.

This is my take on Tannehill. Due to his lack of QB experience at college, plus the fact he does have all the physical skills to play QB in the NFL, I really believe he should have been brought along slowly. I knew last year that starting him from day 1 was a mistake, and that Moore should have started. This GM and coaching staff have set him back, and hopefully have not 'David Carr'd' his career. Who in their right mind starts a rookie QB behind a pourous OL with below par recievers like last year? Tanne is not ready yet to start in this league.

Something to consider , Wash, something to consider. I had thought about it this morning. IMO, Moore will not do any better than TH and probably worse regarding turnovers. This decision, if taken, will be strictly to safe guard Tannehill bu,t of course, you will lose more Games this Season. This will scenario will never happen according to Philbin's statements a short while ago.

In regards to those seeking 'continuity' - we have acheived it, we continously suck every year.
You don't keep crap for continuity's sake. You apply the theory of continuity when, and only when, you have the right GM and coaching staff in place. Then you do everything you can to keep them. We do NOT have those people in place, probably never will while Ross is the owner.
He gives Ireland an extension before seeing how this year played out? It's obvious he does not understand football one lick.

Tannehill not the problem, I don't care what QB you have rookie,veteran or somewhere in between, when you have guys running free at you all game long it gets a QB of any caliber "Jumpy" at best and that is all it takes to disrupt an offence. It's been done to the best many times, and we need to do it next week to NE. I actually admire Tannehill's toughness, how many of us would go back out there week after week, knowing we are going to get hammered and keep coming back for more because that is what you do when you are a competitor like T-hill.

we trade Mckinney

Im going to defer to Dan Marino and other QB's that have gone on record to state that Tannehill is a viable starting QB. So then we have to look at the Coaching staff and GM. Mark in Toronto hit the nail right on the head this staff makes no changes before, during or after the game. They try to make player fit the system instead of getting players that actually do fit the system. They remind me of the Redskins of the late 90's until present.

Mckinney, Incognito, Poncey, Garner, Martin


Well, we finally got McKinney. Something better than nothing.

Bryant McKinnie, nice scoop Pitagoras.

Somethign ahd to be done about Clabo... should've been done two weeks ago.

Problem is McKinnie sucks this year too. At least the stripper parties will be better for the players.

Too little too late....it will take him 2-4 weeks to learn our coverages, schemes and play book! This move should have been done in May!

Ireland just got himself a 5 year extension from Ross for that Mckinnie pickup

Mark is correct again.....McKinnie was so bad this and last season that he was benched.


All we have to do is what the Jets did to beat NE

I hope they at least play him and not sign him and completely ignore him like so many other signings mid season. This coaching staff is not exactly a shift on the fly kind of group.

Maybe if T-hill gets all red faced and starts yelling at his O line during the game, to freakin' block somebody, maybe they will listen better. Reminds me of another QB in Miami awhile ago that used to do that all the time and he was fairly successful, you know , that Dan Marino guy.

Ha!, Mark. Interesting proposition now. Do they leave Martin at LT or move him to the R side and get McKinnie in there. Anybody knows if McKinnie can play RT?

SB skin
better than Clabo
Martin to the right side
Garner Guard

McKinnie rated #65....Clabo #66!!

Now if we could only get the Danell Ellerbe and Bryant McKinnie that played the 2nd half of the year in Baltimore ...


We can simply make a list of the formations/plays that the Jets used to beat NE and run the exact same plays from the exact same formations in the exact same order.

Oscar @ 1:19- I noticed that as well.

So now we replace a guy who canno block with another guy who cannot block??? really, sound like a desperation move, but hey it can't get much worse can it??? OH YES IT CAN.

During the bye I posted I was "IFFY" on this Coaching staff and their pigheadedness on playing schemes that don't seem to fit the personnel on D and the lack of shifting the WR's on O using more draws ect... I'm now shifting my position to being officially down on this Coaching staff and lay the teams lack of play on them for a number of reasons.

1)We were not only coming off a bye but the Bills with Thad Lewis at QB were coming off a game Vs. the Bengals. That would be the same Bengals D scheme we play to a TEE! Coyle had film to watch what they would try and do Vs. his D from a scheme stand point. With a very mediocre showing for it.

I know some of you have brought up the screens they were using that were KILLING us on 3rd Down but that was mostly in the 1st Half with them catching our DL's up field push and catching the MLB (Trusnik) out of Pos. I thought rookie Jenkins (I felt the Personal foul was a BAD call given he planted his helmet in Lewis's chest and the jarring hit is what lodged the helmet) and moving R.Jones up closer to the line shut it down for the most part later but the Bills countered by moving Stevie Johnson into the slot putting him on J.Wilson and this cost us on those F.G. drives the Bills had in the 2nd Half. In other words they shifted they're personnel and found the miss-match!

2) On O there was some miss-direction and reverses but no shifting of the personnel??? Or for that matter using our T.E.'s or Clay to exploit the Bills LB's??? We basically stayed true to form?? I believe aside from shifting our personnel we should put our WR's in more motion while using more double T.E. formations, It may have helped late! After Williams moved sides on the guy Trick-or-Treating as our Right Tackle. Why didn't we shift our protection???

All of this and the BIGGEST problem for me which is I feel this Coach has lost hos Locker Room! This team was FLAT, I REPEAT FLAT!!! For a home game to start their Div. push, INEXCUSABLE!!!! I can deal with them insisting on getting their scheme right at any cost as long as the team seems to be playing for them and yesterday I just got the feeling the team has TUNED out the Coaches and the D QUIT! At the end on the 3rd and 4 were F.Jackson just ran over the rightside of our line to basically seal the win! All that and Thigpen sets them up at Mid-Field with 30 ticks and we had NO ANSWER for the 15 Yds NEEDED to give us a shot at a winning F.G. This is a very talented team that could be doing better but are saddled with a Coach unable to adjust giving them a shot, JMO!

Oscar, read Arnsparger's post at 2:36.

My personal prediction is that McKinnie onlys if there is an injury ...

This coaching staff had two weeks to do soemthign about Clabo and still thought the status quo was good enough.

THen they saw Clabo almost get Tannehill put in a wheelchair.

Tomorrow they will tell you Clabo was excellent except he got beat by one of the ebst players in the league for two plays and that will happen to anyone.

Clabo will start next week again while they spend the next 9 weeks getting MCkinnie (up to speed).

haven't you guys been paying attention?

He can pass block....only gave up 1 sack this year...but sucks at run blocking. which really doesn't matter cuz we don't run anayway!!

Let's see if Fins beat Pats.

It will definitely be a long season if they can't bounce back from the pathetic loss to the Bills.

I'm still predicting a 6-10 season if they lose to Pats.


If you're referring to my comments, I agree with your remarks about "pocket presence" except for the fact that you misinterpreted some of my comments in making your argument.

Nobody ever said THill can't develop these traits, and nobody said we were directing our "pocket awareness" comments towards the 2 sacks on Sunday (in fact, he showed a little improvement on Sunday in this regard). The 2 Suggs sacks in the 4th quarter two weekeds ago weren't really THill's fault either b/c Terrell literally went through our O-lineman and attacked at an angle that left little, if any, opportunity for THill to maneuver.

I also refer to "pocket awareness" more generally for qb's in their drops who can keep their eyes downfield while also having a peripheral awareness of the pressure around them. It's almost as if they have double-vision, and the qbs that do I well will prolong plays and drive DCs crazy. THill needs improvement in that capacity, but the good news is that pocket awareness is a skill that doesn't come naturally that can be developed. The fact that THill doesn't have a lot of experience at the position, even from college, makes a stronger argument for his potential improvement.

Kent Baxter @ 2:35:

Haha! Can you imagine Marino enduring the pressure Tanne has? He would have been cussing and I bet these same guys would have upped their level of play. Having said that, do you think Marino would have done this by game 6 of his 2nd year? Give Tanne some time. I think he will start the cussing soon!

Marino would also have picked up the phone and given Sherman some, too. I would love to be a fly on the wall in the film rooms today.

More trades need to be made. MJD is out there and we need another TE or FB that can catch. We cannot continue to take the field in 11 personnel and think we can run or pass block out of that personnel. We are in that personnel 95% of the time because we just don't have the right players.

still need a qb

The reason all those screens work against our "D" is because they never get a chance to see our offence run it in practice, it's a double edged sword. When your QB is gettin' killed run some draws and screens. To the coaches: its ok to run some of those plays, you can see how they have worked against us, maybe if you ran some of them in practice it wouold benefit the "O" and the "D".

This is going to work

I wonder what the fan blog comments are like at other cities that have never won a SB or been in one.

Do they get as pi$$ed as Fin fans?

Krillian @ 2:41:

I agree 100%! Give the kid some time! I, for one, still believe in Tannehill. Not saying he had a good game yesterday. I am saying our coaches could have put in some better calls on that last fumble drive (running plays!). Wiyh better scheming, we would have pulled out a win yesterday. This loss goes on the coaches.

Im not very high on getting McKinnie but atleast the brain trust of the Dolphins are making a move to a big time glaring need. What i dont like about Mckinnie is that we used him as a turnstile a few weeks back and hes not even close to the player he was in Minny or recently last year in Baltimore. I hope he comes in with a new attitude. I'd hope they would move Martin over to his natural spot of RT and put Mckinnie in at Left tackle. Take Jerry and sit his A#$ on the bench and slot in Gartner.

Wasn't McKinnie a Cane?

No Playoffs Again
SHUT UP jets moron

Still hard core, I agree and Marino would have just picked up the phone and told Sherman to F-off and called the rest of the game himself, ofcourse after tearing the O line a new one.

I predict a blowout loss and Tannehill injury next week against NE. Not because this team isn't talented, but because this team is poorly-coached.

Excuses, excuses, it is all about the QB, when people are going to realize that this is a mediocre QB? Last year he get a pass because he was a rookie, besides the best excuse was “he got not weapons” well, now he have maybe the best WR’s in the NFL and still he can throw correctly more than 10 yards, now is the OL, or worse the OC, c’mon! we have been complaining for years and years about the conservative play calling, predictable runs after runs, coaching has nothing to do with a crappy QB, we are leading by only 1 point, 3 minutes left in the clock plus 3 timeouts and the 2 minute warning, ball on midfield, we can’t run the football in that situation, simple as that, but the least we can do is turn the ball over “again” for the 3rd time thanks to our Franchise Failure QB, like every other mediocre player he is going to have some good moments but overall he sucks! same as last game vs the ravens, he still have another chance to win the game with the ball midfield and what he did? 4 straight incompletions, he overthrows “again” Hartline WIDEOPEN to win the game! against the Ravens he spike the ball with a FULL minute left on the clock instead of run a play to get the defense unset, but now is not the weapons, is not the OL, now is the coaching, the only fault that this coaches have is to have a better QB that won a lot of games for us just 2 years ago who can actually throw the ball downfield seating in the bench, that’s remarkable! A simple question to see if someone can answer: how come that all the good QB’s on the league always manage to have good weapons around, good OL and good play calling? Ok, the answer is simple: because is ALL about the QB, peace, and start Matt Moore!

Gruden or Cowher would have Tanne a top 10 QB right now.

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