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The fallout from a third consecutive loss

The honeymoon is over for Joe Philbin and his coaching staff, as I wrote in today's Miami Herald.

After weeks of watching sweeps on third-and-inches, or having Mike Wallace always line up on the right side of the formation, or not committting to the running game, or watching Jimmy Graham shred Miami one week getting free releases but getting shut down by New England when they tied him up at the scrimmage line, the tipping point came on Sunday.

Off a bye, against a fourth-string QB and offering no solutions to old problems, the Dolphins coaching staff deserves some critical scrutiny.

They are not alone.

The offensive line, was mostly good enough on Sunday. And then Tyson Clabo, a good man having a bad season, gave up two sacks the final two Miami possessions.

"Those sacks are my sacks," Clabo said. "There's no way around it."

It didn't help that coaches asked Clabo to block Mario Williams one-on-one on the play which Williams beat Clabo and forced a Ryan Tannehill fumble. What was offensive coordinator Mike Sherman thinking?

Look, it's one thing to have the other team beat you.

But when you beat yourself with poor decisions in the coaching booth, the frustration is palpable.

Obviously, the coaching staff was not totally responsible for this upset loss.

Tannehill had a horrible first half -- throwing two interceptions -- despite inconsistent pressure on him from the Bills, who managed no sacks until the fourth quarter. One was returned 19 yards for a touchdown. He floated another near the goal line and what seemed like a scoring opportunity turned into another turnover.

The defense didn't do great work.

They gave up two fourth-quarter field goal drives that gave Buffalo the game.

They allowed the Bills to convert 9 of 19 third down plays (47.3 percent success rate).

About that defense: I have not questioned the defensive coaching staff but perhaps they merit a look as well. They inherited a defense that was sixth in the NFL in scoring in 2011. It wasn't perfect but it was good. Well, they were seventh in scoring under this staff in 2012 and are 20th in scoring this season.

That's going in the wrong direction.

Dion Jordan, the third overall selection in the draft, is only a part-time player. Players that were here and deemed too slow or too old -- Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett -- are playing better elsewhere than they did here.

It all raises eyebrows.

The Dolphins opened this season on a hopeful note with three consecutive wins. Now they are on a three-game losing skid and must travel to New England next Sunday trying to dig out of being in third place in the AFC East and already owning a home loss to the last-place Bills.




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I have a question regarding Wake I saw him in the game early but after around the middle of Q2 I saw him standing on the sidelines for what seemed like the rest of the game, did he re-injure that knee?

I wasn't keeping close tabs but I do not recall seeing him on the field in the second half yesterday at all.

I saw Vernon walk off with what looked like a stinger but he came back in, I never saw Wake looking shaky on the way to the sidelines so I don't know what happened to him.

we go into year 2 with #8 draft pick new QB and we draft at #3 a DE and get 170 lb Wallace as WR...Hartline still No 1


Now we need a LB


we traded 1 pick


I'm not a Jets fan but they seem to be playing better than the Fins and with a second round QB.

It is sobering to face the fact that this HC has lost the Team so early in his career, as f4l said above. This is not a listless commentary. Everybody that knows Football saw that the Team that came in to play yesterday was flat as a pancake. Also, before the Balt Game some reporter from one of the Major Networks was thrown out of the room by Philbin because he remarked how bad our last practice before the Ravens Game had been. This is nothing to be taken lightly, guys, serious stuff indeed.

So you are a moron Fhin fan

Jon @ 2:54
"Gruden or Cowher would have Tanne a top 10 QB right now."

is this a joke or sarcasm?

- Peyton Manning
- Tom Brady
- Phillips Rivers
- Drew Brees
- Matt Ryan
- Tony Romo
- Aaron Rodgers
- Alex Smith
- Big Ben
- Andrew Luck
- RG3
- Joe Flacco
- Jay Cutler
- Russell Wilson
- Cam Newton
- Colin Kaepernick
- Matthew Stafford
- Andy Dalton
- Eli Manning
- Michael Vick
- Matt Moore

there, I can put even more QB that are easily better thank the crap that is playing for us!

btw, RT has never been Martin's natural position.

Oscar C,

Haha! I saw that post above also, you beat me to it.


Listen closely, this is coming from a Matt Moore fan who thought he got shafted by us drafting Tanne, based on his 6-3 2011 run. I think you are wrong concerning Tannehill. He has more upside than Moore. His problem right now is continually having to pick himself up off the ground. That is affecting EVERYTHING! Give him some games where he isn't consistently getting dusted (how about holding it down to 2-3 sacks a game) and I think he will improve. Too early to give up on this kid, too much upside. He needs help from the coaching staff. Can anyone tell me who the QB coach is for this kid? Ireland, please pick up the phone and call Penny this afternoon!

As long as Jeff Ireland is the general manager the dolphins will stink.

John in Springs,

Philbin said in his presser he did not want to rush Wake back in the lineup. Wants to gradually get him back in the rotation. We just better hope Wake is ready to go full throttle against NE this Sun.

Ive been saying for two years Mike Sherman is clueless as a coordinator. who runs the ball on a draw on 2nd and 1. he does every time. Thats when you take a shot try and move the ball up field. He is a brutal brutal coordinator and as long as he coordinates in Miami we are doomed. No chance of playoffs with this guy. And five step drop with mario williams lighting up all tackles all year. You give him a chance ? That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen. Im not sure he even knows how to play call and manage a game at all.

thank you all for your comments.the only comments I disagree on were the "we should have run it three times and then punt.and then hope our defense stops them"incorrect.we get a field goal or run the clock out and win.i would rather lose the game trying to win,instead of hoping not to lose.again than you for all your comments good night

Sherman seems to be a younger version of Dan Henning.
Philbin seems to be Tony Sparano. Let's face it this team is in deep with the bad FA signings and the draft picks. Vontae Davis played well last night so is Carlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett. Phillip Wheeler and Rashard Jones can't cover air and Gronk comes calling this weekend. Yes they are in trouble.

There should be a class action lawsuit against Dolphins ownership and management for making all Dolphins fans sick and puke. This was one of the worst performances by the Miami Dolphins, ever.

Offensive play-calling = Surprise everyone with something stupid when it matters most!

Defensive schemes = Close eyes and hope for the best on 3rd down!

There should be a class action suit against the Dolphins for changing their logo to a whale.

Dear Mr. Ross, this is short and sweet. Whenever your coaches believe that they can take inferior talent and win on the nfl level you're done. I.E offensive line, defensive backs. An offensive coordinators that have been in the games so long my grandparents can remember his plays, You're Done

Or better yet choose another team. This team for a decade has been horrible the next decade will be the same. We are the Bucs of the 80's but far worse. I think those 3 wins will be our only wins this season. Tannehill is not a franchise QB, we have no run game, our coaching sucks. Stay home and don't BUY anymore tickets for the games until the Dolphins franchise can show they know what they are doing.

I was going to buy a crap load of new Fins gear after our 3-0 start but something said to me don't do it. Now I know why I didn't buy anything. In fact I have not bought any new fins gear for years because their lack of getting into the playoffs. I will spend my hard earn money on a team that plays hard and earns wins...period.

Just to pass this along.I have a friend that played for the Patriots for a numbers of years and has rings. When they talk about the Fins in the locker room they call it a win before even taking the field like we're a High School team, pathetic.

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