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The issues facing the Dolphins OL this week

Tyson Clabo is realistic about the player he has become nearing the end of his career at age 32.

“I understand that there are probably four right tackles in the NFL that can block Elvis Dumervil and Marion Williams consistently one-on-one,” Clabo said Tuesday. “At this point in my career, it doesn’t appear that I’m one of them. But I still have confidence in my ability to start at right tackle in this league."

The Dolphins may have to test that confidence Thursday evening.

That's because starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has missed the past two days of practice with what the team is describing as an illness.

And as the game is Thursday, there are serious questions whether Martin will be able to start, much less play the entire game. So either way, Clabo has to be ready.

And he sounded that way Tuesday.

“Roles change constantly in this league,” Clabo said. “Last week my role was to be ready in case anything happened. This week, my role might be a little different. That’s just life in the NFL week to week."

Last week, Clabo lost his starting job after yielding eight sacks in the season's first six games. And there is little chance Clabo could reclaim that starting job except that Martin is, well, sick.

So the Dolphins are hoping Martin responds and if he doesn't they hope Clabo responds.

“He’s a true professional," coach Joe Philbin said, offering a ringing endorsement of Clabo.  "Comes into work every single day wanting to get better and wants to improve."

The Bengals are a good but not great pass-rushing team. They are tied for 12th in the NFL with 22 sacks.

But left defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been good and has four sacks this season. He would match up against Miami's right tackle. Right defensive end Michael Johnson, who would line up against the left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has 1 1/2 sacks.

And while the possibility of Clabo vs. Dunlap poses questions for Miami, I would say the other side also has issues.

That's because while Johnson is not having an attention-grabbing season, he plays next to All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who has five sacks and has been virtually unblockable for the past year or so.

Left guard Richie Incognito will have his hands full with Atkins and will likely require help from center Mike Pouncey. That means Incognito, who did fine work helping McKinnie with double teams in the New England game, won't be able to help the left tackle as much this week.

It seems this week the Dolphins will find it harder to slide their protection to the left side with their right tackle either fighting off an illness or coming into the game having allowed eight sacks already.

Tough matchup for Miami.


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You know who you are!!!!!!!!

Wonderful we are back to Clabo at RT??? The coaches better give him help...have the TE or RB chip on the way out or just go with a jumbo max protect package on passing plays.

Its funny but I recall early Monday a blogger stating that Martin was going to get mysteriously sick and not be able to play this week??

Maybe Clabo has a "year's best" game. I hope so. Tanne is going to be an early Alzheimer's victim if this O-Line doesn't tighten up.

Hey Billy Boy,

Yeah, I know who I am, but apparently you don't know jack sh*t. You think I'm five other names lmao. I can't help but be amused by your idiocy. Also, it's hilarious that in the same post where you claim to want to fight me, you're attempting to call me an internet tough guy. Who's the one attempting to act tough on this blog ? You're 53 and you're in here ? By itself itself that's roflmao. Telling someone else to get a life too. You're so dumb you don't even know that you're contradicting yourself. I know I told you off the other day...and I'm not sorry. You're just going to have to get over it...or seek therapy (if you can afford it). Lmao @ meet me, I'm 53, bald with man boobs, SWM. Makes you sound gay. I think you're on the wrong website.

I'm a vile troll according to someone else...and I've gotten to you :)

3-0 = 3-5 on Thursday.

Let the blow out begin.

Cincy 74 Sea World 2

I got the Dolphins 0-5 start right.

It just came 3 weeks later than I had planned.

Drum roll please !!!

There we go...another game with a turn style left tackle. God almighty can it get any worse? THill better keep his head on a swivel because he is going to have his hands full. I don't think a pre-med student is qualified to treat his own concussions. This could get ugly fast. I am glad I am working Thursday night, couldn't bare to watch THill get his bell rung again.

Pre-med degree = useless.

It doesn't even help a person get into med school.

Well it don't matter considering that Ireland et all doesn't consider THill an asset anyway, to them he is expendable otherwise he wouldn't be continually subjected to the constant beating he's been taking since last season.

Just draft another quarterback when this one is finished, no biggy we have plenty of picks to waste, such is the reasoning of this staff.....friggen pitiful.

FIRE ROSS JAIL POUNCEY and the 5-10 other troll names you post under....you have one mom and now I gotta go and plow that skanky...B* TCH.....you should be calling me daddy.....PUNK!!

AHHH DAYTONA a fantasy land filled with losers, drunks and obvious PUNKS!!

"However, there is some question of what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is starting to do and it really started to come to a head after Sunday's 27-17 loss to the Patriots."

Oh boy, the natives are getting restless in the locker room. We lose THill Thursday night or get beat down badly, we will have a full blown revolt on our hands.

Clabo starting again roflmao.

This is arguably my most enjoyable season of following the loser Phins.

Keller out in the pre-season lol.

3-0 start blowing up lol.

Tannereach is a bust lol.

Miller is a scrub lol.

Wallace will be cut, Phins still w/o a #1 wr lol.

The free agent binge has produced all busts, save for Grimes and Gibson...and now Gibson is out for the year lol.

Ireland's draft has produced nothing...yet again lol.

Philbin is incompetent lol.

Grimes will likely get hurt next.

Phins won't win 8 games...again.

The Dolphins get blown out on national t.v. for the second time this year on Thursday.

Billy Boy,

If you think I'm more than one poster then you are in a fantasy world.

Jokes on you.

Okay I'm out guys. Try not to kill each other while I am gone....lol

So FIRE ROSS do you get off on rubbing the teams failures in everyone's faces. Is that your thing?

I for one would like to see John Jerry at right tackle for a couple of games ; I think he's better than people give him credit for. He played left tackle on the road at Buffalo two years ago and Reggie Bush ran for 203 yards.

At this point I don't see it happening, these coaches have it in there head that he is a guard and nothing else. But I mean that probably comes down to their mis-assessment of his skill set.

Fire Ross, where do you work? What type of job do you have?
Have you ever led anything or anyone, ever? Lol

No bust list: Clay, Miller, Dion Jordan, Odrick, heck Nolan Carroll was a 5th rounder, Jones, Sturgis, Matthews, Tannehill (anyone with a brain knew he was a project), Pouncey, etc..


The problem is that Sherman and Philbin want to run a Zone blocking scheme and that requires smaller more athletic linemen. Only Martin and Pouncey fit the bill. The rest of our line is built like a Man-on-man blocking scheme. So, the coaches are trying to put a square peg in a round hole! Good luck with that!
Don't give up on the running game! That has cost Miami at least 3 games this year in my opinion. Sherman gets scared and starts calling in the pass. He's balanced on 1st down, then less on 2nd and none at all on 3rd! That makes the team one-dimensional. Just blitz the Dolphins every down and you can stop them. Can't do that if they run the ball though. Or, start throwing screen passes.
And, what was the point of having receivers that could play every position if you're not going to move them around a little? You know, create mismatches...
Has our Defence regressed? We were supposed to have a top-5 unit! What happened?
The season isn't over with yet. But, things aren't looking too good right now. The players seem to be losing heart. And, they're questioning the strategy put forth by the coaches. I don't blame them...

FIRE ROSS is really the lead singer of Menuedo?

Zone blocking was and is a horrible idea. Shernan will beg for zone blocking lineman to be drafted.


Armando, I figured it out, lol
Since Tannehill can't connect deep, there be designed roll outs and let him look for


Not defending Sherman, but inside blitzes are very efeective against off-tackle run plays. Think aboutbit: The defense sends 2 extra guys up the middle either side of center. The most effective play against this is a 3-step drop pass where the TE, or the slot receiver recognizes, Tanne adjusts and hits him quick over the middle. Early in the year, Tanne was adjusting well. Don't know why he isn't now, but methinks the Shermanator is involved.

It is probable that JMartin's illness it's called, I don't want to play right tackle.

Amazing how fast these Coaches have lost the Team.

That Cincy rush was all over geno smith last week,Do you think they are looking forward to Thursday?

Is that solid flooring Jeff Ireland and Joe Philbin apparently built over the off season, now giving way? Herald columnists Armando Salguero and Barry Jackson have been poking hard at the rotted timbers for the past week or so and fans might soon find themselves joining the team in free-fall.

Those first 3 wins this year now seem only like a dream compared to the nightmare of the past 4 losses. And with Cincy improving week-to-week, a Halloween horror may unfold Thursday night.

Listen, you just can't fukkk around with these highly Educated athletes of Today. They might just tell you, shove your $$$, I'll go into something else.

In a general comment that has been in the back of my mind for a few days. Most People have not fully realized the drastic changes that Humanity has been thru in the last 20 years with the advent of Internet and its consequences. No more can some People move others like pawns on a board, not only because those others are more aware now but also because the movers HAVE ALSO CHANGED. We have been able to avoid Catastrophe up to now but, Thread softly.

Ireland is at the root of all problems.

He hand picked these weak coaches and this average QB. What possible kind of incriminating picture could Ireland have on Ross to keep him from firing him???

Personally, I think that Mr. Ross knows that no top talent GM cares to work for this franchise and Ireland is his security blanket. Mr. Ross, could you please come out of your shell and just fire this staff??

Its very simple...just use Tannehill's cadence for running plays and say, GO!! If they don't leave yet then use the cadence for passing plays and say GO,GO!!

Their replacement choices should then be Mike Mayock (a draft guru) for GM and Mike Shula for HC. Then let them mutually pick an all star coaching staff.

Yes, bring in Mike Mayock and Mike Shula. Any change now it's a good change.

I had been neither an Ireland supporter nor detractor- just wanted to see if he could fit the team's needs for a GM by himself. In the 4 years he has operated as the team's chief architect, he has a structure now collapsing on itself. I hope Stephen Ross sees it the same way.

Mr. Ross always said he wanted a young Don Shula.

Well then why not hire the real deal... Mike Shula.
"With a real well chosen staff" I think he will bring legitimacy back to this franchise.

Instead, he and Ireland chose a tall, skinny, old stork with a huge cranium as their young Shula.
Whats up with that!!???

Fire him and his minions but this time... give your boneheaded consigliere (Ireland) his walking papers too!!

"HIRE MIKE MAYOCK" as your newly minted GM!!! He's a genius at personnel & talent and understands the game!

Unfortunately Ross is enamored by Ireland and I do not see him firing Ireland anytime soon. Ross is obviously a smart business man makes you wonder if something else is going on beyond football.

Great time for martin to get sick, unbelievable the season started with so much promise now it just seems to continue downwards, Clabo can't block anybody and I don't care if he is a nice guy come on Philbin, IRELAND SUCKS

Mike Mayock is an amazing talent evaluator.

This team shows as much emotion and passion as it's head coach=0/zilch! With the exception of a couple o-line players,this team has talent too win games,but everyone looks like there in sleep mode just like Philbin.

Thank you Oscar!!! I have a fellow constituent...

And where there's one there's two and where there's two there's three. And so on...

Now lets get this campaign trail rollin' brother!!!

MAYOCK AND SHULA for office!!!!!

Oh, I'm sure many People agree with you, Change. Don't worry about it.

This is from "Bleachers Report".
"Jeff Darlington reported Tuesday that "players are starting to wonder about this offensive game plan."
"However, there is some question of what offensive coordinator Mike Sherman is starting to do and it really started to come to a head after Sunday's 27-17 loss to the Patriots."
Lets get real here for a bit. If players are not happy with Sherman, there are two options.
First is a new OC. That means a new play book and another few weeks learning a new system and getting familiar with it.
Or we keep Sherman. He starts revamping the play calling and gets some results.
Question is can Philbin have a " Get your crap together or get out" talk with Sherman.

The Pats showed the NFL how to slow down and then completely shut down this offense. Blitz, blitz and blitz some more. Its clear this scheme is not working for this OLINE when it comes to pass plays. Its so clear that THILL is going to end up in traction and on the IR before the first 2/3's of the season is over.

I know Philbin is fiercly loyal to Sherman given their history together. But it will be Philbin's job on the line come the end of the season. He is suposedlly an offensive coaching mind himself. He better get himself inserted full time into the play calling or he can forget seeing season three with the Fins

Nolan Carroll must go.

Well, Baltimore fired CC in the middle of last Season and they improved when he was replaced, won the SB. Obviously Cameron was the dysfunctional piece in that System last year and it was identified. Here, most everybody believes that impeding piece is Sherman. Nothing to lose by dismissing him now if we have somebody to replace him as OC.

our cornerbacks aren't all in the pro bowl! they are all awful cause none of then are champ baily of darrel revis! lol


Yes. Our CBs are terrible because of Sherman. They spend too much time on the Field and get tired.

why would we ever get rid if javorski lane! ugggg zomg what was Philbin thinking! fire him now!

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 30, 2013 at 07:59 AM

This guy is a loser!

we had 10min more time of possession than the patriots but its all Sherman's fault! all of it! each and every molecule of fault goes to him! cause we didn't hold the ball long enough! lol yeah ok son

football talk AHHHHH it's like heroin! give me more!

yesterdays gone is back! yessssssssss he can tell me all about football and how Sherman blows my big one and how he told you that Tannehill would blow after saying he was the omnipotent one after 3 weeks jajajajajaja! in Spanish cause I say jajajajajaja hahahahahahahahahahaha! lol

somebody prove my logic wrong! you are part of the smartest state in the world! you will all win easily

dion jordon isn't playing enough snaps. BLAME SHERMAN! lol

pouncey got a subpoena....BLAME SHERMAN! lol

#1Education went on a rant.

No mercy, son. When you have your enemy down, you cut it's throat. Look at Belichick last Sunday. He knew that our D must have been tired in the 4th Qt then he accelerated the pace of his already rapid O. Yes?

No Mercy, son.

But I thought this team was special? Serena, Gloria tell me how to fix the team. What are we doing wrong?

This team is special. I said so myself. Now if only I could get those naked pictures of my wife back from Jeff Ireland. Then I could fire him.

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