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The issues facing the Dolphins OL this week

Tyson Clabo is realistic about the player he has become nearing the end of his career at age 32.

“I understand that there are probably four right tackles in the NFL that can block Elvis Dumervil and Marion Williams consistently one-on-one,” Clabo said Tuesday. “At this point in my career, it doesn’t appear that I’m one of them. But I still have confidence in my ability to start at right tackle in this league."

The Dolphins may have to test that confidence Thursday evening.

That's because starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has missed the past two days of practice with what the team is describing as an illness.

And as the game is Thursday, there are serious questions whether Martin will be able to start, much less play the entire game. So either way, Clabo has to be ready.

And he sounded that way Tuesday.

“Roles change constantly in this league,” Clabo said. “Last week my role was to be ready in case anything happened. This week, my role might be a little different. That’s just life in the NFL week to week."

Last week, Clabo lost his starting job after yielding eight sacks in the season's first six games. And there is little chance Clabo could reclaim that starting job except that Martin is, well, sick.

So the Dolphins are hoping Martin responds and if he doesn't they hope Clabo responds.

“He’s a true professional," coach Joe Philbin said, offering a ringing endorsement of Clabo.  "Comes into work every single day wanting to get better and wants to improve."

The Bengals are a good but not great pass-rushing team. They are tied for 12th in the NFL with 22 sacks.

But left defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been good and has four sacks this season. He would match up against Miami's right tackle. Right defensive end Michael Johnson, who would line up against the left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has 1 1/2 sacks.

And while the possibility of Clabo vs. Dunlap poses questions for Miami, I would say the other side also has issues.

That's because while Johnson is not having an attention-grabbing season, he plays next to All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who has five sacks and has been virtually unblockable for the past year or so.

Left guard Richie Incognito will have his hands full with Atkins and will likely require help from center Mike Pouncey. That means Incognito, who did fine work helping McKinnie with double teams in the New England game, won't be able to help the left tackle as much this week.

It seems this week the Dolphins will find it harder to slide their protection to the left side with their right tackle either fighting off an illness or coming into the game having allowed eight sacks already.

Tough matchup for Miami.


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Team is special joke.

Hope Bengals pound them and embarrass Ireland and Ross even more.

Empty stadium seats will force change.

Loss on Thursday = changes coming! This coaching staff is just not good... There is talent on this team, but the coach(es) can't seem to figure out what to do with it, both on offense and defense. And Ireland hired them, so...

Nolan Carroll must go!

Anyone who watched the 1st half of the Pats game saw a game plan well executed on both sides of the ball.

...we can win with the players we have its the coaching that is holding them back.

Sure Tannehill will cough up the ball and Mike Wallace will drop a few passes...but the run/pass combo was working like a well oiled machine.

Not sure why the wheels feel off in the 2nd half, but the game itself was not a blowout and a one we should have won ( just like the Bills game).

Take the Pats 1st half game plan and distribute it to everyone today...memorize it, become it and win with it.

Good article. Its on the coaching staff to make the proper adjustments for the game I think regardless of the situation I think they will have to keep a running back in the backfield and also chip those ends which will slow up the passing game bust needs to done inorder to make sure Ryan stays upside to pull this out.

jpao at 7:45, yeah the Pats showed exactly how to do it. Get the refs to present you with 13+ points to put the Dolphins 10 points down with 7:45 left in the game forcing them to sell otu to the pass.

Great gameplan Belicheck!!

Oh yea...keep Nolan Carroll in street clothes and we increase our chances of winning by 100%

Has Ireland been fired yet?

Lets blame the refs!!

wallace dropped another pass. BLAME SHERMAN! lol

Haha, Nolan Carroll certainly was a joke on that double move. Why bite inside when that is where you have safety help??? What a loser ... Jamar Taylor can give up easy passes too, might as well have him in there. At least he has the physical potential to improve and actually become a good croner. After five years, Nolan hasn't learned.

Waste my days posting stuff about a team I don't care about?

Posted by: Florida Welfare Loser

Tanehill stinks. Blame El Nino.

Commissioner Roger Goodell should warn those refs who worked at Foxborough that if they ever pull that crap again they will be wearing stripes for longer than one day!!

Miami's performance aside, the fix was in... and it was blatant!!

T-Puke fumbled again. Blame Hartline.

On his first play Nolan Carroll gives up a TD.
The guy is worthless.

Commissioner Roger Goodell should warn those refs who worked at Foxborough that if they ever pull that crap again they will be wearing stripes for longer than one day!!

Miami's performance aside, the fix was in... and it was blatant!!

Posted by: Change is coming... | October 30, 2013 at 08:57 AM


The locker room is already starting to question the game plan. When that starts happening, lookout. If we lose Thursday night, which I predict will happen, this team is going to quit. I seen signs of it in the second half of Sunday's loss and the rumbling has already begun.

If something isn't done soon the coaches are going have to suit up and play.

Oh and good morning...:P

the help/te for the ol is in kc

jeff ireland didnt trade for Brandon Albert we instead got Dallas Thomas. BLAME SHERMAN! lol

The offence stinks. Blame Philbin.

ross once said we were a great team at 3-0. BLAME DAWN APONTE! lol

Miami stunk, New England stunk as bad..

3-5 come Friday morning. Two divisional losses + two conference losses = no playoffs again. I just can't see THill making it through this game without a major concussion. They are going to tee off on him on every passing down. This is going to be an ugly game guys.

so wash, u say'n that the blood and guts spewed all over the joe field manana~ nite ain't gonna be halloween props?

No big dropoff from Martin to Clabo. Martin stinks as well and the more he plays the more we'll see that.

Always liked Michael Johnson. This will be the game he wakes up. We'll see Thursday if Tannehill has it in him to limit his mistakes and actually win a game.

WPF, you're a good guy but suffer from lack of cinfidence. Weren't you also sure Brady was going to put a hurting on us?

We had every right to that game and it was taken from us point blank - and not by the opposition outplaying us.

"This team is a total train wreck six games into the second year of a regime that is not willing to do what it takes to win. No flexibility what so ever. They actually have themselves convinced that the team is not as bad as everyone else perceives it to be. This is the attitude of losers not innovators. Time to move on to the next episode, because this show stinks."

I thought this was worth repeating. I have ran out of expletives to express my frustration with this coaching staff.

Craig, again with teh QB? What about let's see if the defense which is at full strength can actually hold someone under 20 points for once?

Roger Goodell should allow the HC to present bad calls to the "Ref in the Booth" for review. The game does not have to stop but if it is a bad call, a warning should be sent down to the ref /judge. A couple of warnings against the same ref and then comes down the fines and suspensions. Even Referees are fans and will occasionally call in favor of their team. Having a game won or lost by bad calls is almost the same as them betting on teams, and that definitely needs to be looked into.

The four day week means both teams don't really have time to prepare for each other. Which could mean they roll into the game and play the same basic football they played last Sunday. The Bengals hung 49 on a pretty good Jets defense. The Phins ? They crapped in their pants. Why would anybody even go to this game ? Except to boo.


We suck

mark, the davie country club that is known as the phinz hq has 2 b nuked again
fax jax

WPF, you're a good guy but suffer from lack of cinfidence. Weren't you also sure Brady was going to put a hurting on us?

We had every right to that game and it was taken from us point blank - and not by the opposition outplaying us.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 30, 2013 at 09:18 AM

Yeah I certainly did and no I have all the confidence in the world that this coaching staff is going to wreck this team and I have been right so far. I was surprised as to how badly Brady has declined this season. If it wasn't for some convenient hankie drops in that game we could have won it even with the bad play calling in the second half.

the playas don't care mark, just look at tfumble on the sidelines by himself staring into space, that's u'r qb, not mine, mine's still out there

We really suck and we are not doing a thing about it !!!!!!! I have a problem with that , we don't adjust

our coaching staff was MVP first 3 games but now they are worse than spoiled pudding. go figure! lol

,,,and I respect your posts Mark, you seem to be an educated guy and you are always fair with your treatment of other fellow posters here. You back up your posts logically and with research, unlike others on here who simply post just to see the words on the screen.

Phins match up well with Cincinnati, look for an end to this slide. Phins 24 Bengals 14.

The 1984 Phins match up well with Cincinnati, look for an end to this slide. Phins 24 Bengals 14.
Posted by: smitrock | October 30, 2013 at 09:33 AM

right now fins don't match up well with anyone but the jaguars. When you cant block, run routes and get open, catch the ball, get takeaways, not fumble the ball its hard to beat anybody.

duper shuld get 280 yds. ,start him on u'r ff

I've loved listening to the incompetent Jimmy Cefalo go from giddy and relieved when the Dolphins are winning to dejected when they begin to unravel and ultimately lose. Absolutely priceless.

Cefalo is an incompetent as Jeff Ireland.

He does not call an adequate game.

Posted by: Opti/Pessi Mist | October 30, 2013 at 09:20 AM

Anytime you have boat loads of money bet on professional sports the integrity of the game drops off immensely. Those calls were blatant attempts to sabotage the game in favor of the darlings of the league. There is no money to be made if the Dolphins win anything, which is quite odd considering the point spread on this game should go through the roof in favor of the Bengals.

Bring on the fire and brimstone, if toads engulf the field run

Dolphins fans can't win now.

If the team is up fourteen points on Thursday, how many of you will be having a good time ?

You'll expect the team to blow it again.

If the team is 3-0 next year, how many of you would feel like bragging ?

It probably would have been better for the Dolphins to just tank all year long and be the 2-6 team they really are.

Season ticket sales next year will be the worst in the history of the franchise.


Locusts anyone ?

They should move to L.A. And change the name

The LA losers anyone

They can ware a big L on their helmets

Jackoff1....be careful what you wish for. It might just happen and sooner than you think.

Opti, nice idea except those refs weren't acting alone... those bad calls happen with the Pats all the time ... those come straight from the top.

Mike Mayock thought highly of Pat White but no one listened.

WPF @ 9:24, I agree completely. The Pats did very little to really take that game away... They had a load of help from the NFL.

The L.A. Kiss could beat the Dolphins.

I know it can happen but I think Ross would prefer to stay on the east coast, but league wants a team in LA maybe that's why the refs are killing our season.Its conspiracy and collusion I can see it now !!!!! I can see it now , it's a great day for football and the Loseres take the field,,,,,,,,,,yea

It's such a long way from 3-0

refs all knew it was Sherman's fault

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