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The issues facing the Dolphins OL this week

Tyson Clabo is realistic about the player he has become nearing the end of his career at age 32.

“I understand that there are probably four right tackles in the NFL that can block Elvis Dumervil and Marion Williams consistently one-on-one,” Clabo said Tuesday. “At this point in my career, it doesn’t appear that I’m one of them. But I still have confidence in my ability to start at right tackle in this league."

The Dolphins may have to test that confidence Thursday evening.

That's because starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has missed the past two days of practice with what the team is describing as an illness.

And as the game is Thursday, there are serious questions whether Martin will be able to start, much less play the entire game. So either way, Clabo has to be ready.

And he sounded that way Tuesday.

“Roles change constantly in this league,” Clabo said. “Last week my role was to be ready in case anything happened. This week, my role might be a little different. That’s just life in the NFL week to week."

Last week, Clabo lost his starting job after yielding eight sacks in the season's first six games. And there is little chance Clabo could reclaim that starting job except that Martin is, well, sick.

So the Dolphins are hoping Martin responds and if he doesn't they hope Clabo responds.

“He’s a true professional," coach Joe Philbin said, offering a ringing endorsement of Clabo.  "Comes into work every single day wanting to get better and wants to improve."

The Bengals are a good but not great pass-rushing team. They are tied for 12th in the NFL with 22 sacks.

But left defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been good and has four sacks this season. He would match up against Miami's right tackle. Right defensive end Michael Johnson, who would line up against the left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has 1 1/2 sacks.

And while the possibility of Clabo vs. Dunlap poses questions for Miami, I would say the other side also has issues.

That's because while Johnson is not having an attention-grabbing season, he plays next to All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who has five sacks and has been virtually unblockable for the past year or so.

Left guard Richie Incognito will have his hands full with Atkins and will likely require help from center Mike Pouncey. That means Incognito, who did fine work helping McKinnie with double teams in the New England game, won't be able to help the left tackle as much this week.

It seems this week the Dolphins will find it harder to slide their protection to the left side with their right tackle either fighting off an illness or coming into the game having allowed eight sacks already.

Tough matchup for Miami.


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Sherman will either be fired or have his play calling duties taken away if the team loses the next two games.

That would put the team at 3-6 and statistically out of the playoffs.

1)Ross will either ask for someone's head (telling Ireland to fire Sherman, Philbin will survive) OR
2)Ross will take a head himself. Which means he'll fire Ireland.

nfl wants a new team in LA (ie: expansion. 1 in LA 1 in London) not a team thats moving. cmon floridians youre supposed to be the best


You are right about the refs in that game. 3 HORRIBLE MOTHERFUKKIN DIKKLICKING AZZFISTING CALLS.Probably even more than that.

I agree that you said it was like a WWF job. Like when Vince Mcmahon screwed over the best wrestler of all time BRET HART. Our team doesnt need any help losing, refs! If we beat Pats, would have added months if not years to our life spans LOL

I think Sherman she be gone next year, but people say Philbin will go down with his crew. Well I say, Sherman, be a man and retire so you dont have to take your protege down with you. I dont think Sherman is Henning bad, but I dont see offensive player development. I do like what I am seeing out of Egnew and D. Thomas though

but I forgot some of you dont know business too well. not to worry! can't have a middle class without a lower class

WPF, I would be ecstatic if the team was moved and sold... ecstatic. Seeing what the local fan base thinks of my team, I could do with a new location. I would hate LA though ... too far and similar uncaring fanbase. Only want frontrunners or don't care and desecrate the team at every turn.

The CEO of MLSE (who owns all the pro teams in Toronto) was asked AGAIN about the odds of a pro team here. It would never happen though because the Bills would cry as 30% of their season ticket holders are within a one hour drive of Toronto

Ross' favorite movie is Major League.

cant be educated without the uneducated

This team can win again but not with Sherman running the offense. But like I said before an Woodshed brought up is it will probably take a loss to the Bengals for a shakeup to occur but that would effectively remove us from the wildcard picture. Seeing as how flat this team comes out on Sunday's does anyone think we win in Thursday?

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 30, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Why does this person insist on embarrassing himself with this drivel?

Mark, see:

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 30, 2013 at 09:54 AM

Why not trade Starks or big Paul and try to get something for them, we all know they won't be back

cause there is more logic behind my drivel then there is anywhere else here yesterday's gone jajajaja

im sincerely sorry that none of you realize LA and London are our two new expansion teams within 5 years. I am terribly sorry none of you can think in advance. but that doesn't stop me hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

copy that post odinseye! When they are the next 2 expansion teams I want you to paste that post for all of the flip-floppers to see and so I can continue to mock all of you

The way the Dolphins are playing thy could lose to Bucs. Keep in mind that the Bucs have lost many games by less than a TD.

A loss will be the nail in someone's coffin.

Take your pick. Sherman or Ireland.

rdubs, yeah I mena too often ref calls on "subjective" penalties are blamed by local fans like the Red Sox crying a blue streak about the obstruction or the push on the field goal.

There was nothing subjective about those three calls. The timing alone says it all. On either third down or about to become 3rd and a mile, 5 seconds or so after teh supposed "infraction" incurred.

I mean don't tell me that the Pats fans are not even used to getting calls all the time. Every time there is an incompete pass in that game, their fans yell and scream for a flag. ON EVERY ONE!! Now tell me that isn't a product of learned behaviour.

The Patriots and the NFL should be ashamed. It's a team that harbours a murderer and still gets the rim job treatment for the league. SHAME!!!

The league wants to even put a cripple, broken down Tom Brady in the playoffs... for what? They're losing their first game bad... I don't even care who it's against ... Jets, Tennessee, especially San Diego would rip them a new one right now.

I agree though. lose this Thursday and the season is OVER... and the way these two teams are headed, not good. Dalton has evolved into an upper echelon QB and that defense, despite running the same stupid scheme we run here is loaded.

The only hope we have is that Cincy falls into a trap knowing that this is a short week on the road and they may be looking at hosting Baltimore next week with the division effectively on the line.

Yeah Mark, wasn't there talk about moving the Bills to Toronto some time ago? The Dolphins have no local support. There hasn't been any type of home field advantage since we left the Orange Bowl. The current stadium is in such bad shape even the committee that oversees the Superbowl locations will not give it a second glance. The LA Coliseum is a great venue and would be the perfect spot for this team to relocate to. The fan base is much larger and are much more loyal IMO.

It could work, but that would mean some major restructuring of the current alignment of teams. Not sure if Goodell and the owners would go for it. Ross is a real estate genius and should have no problem striking a deal with LA investors to move the team out west. What are your thoughts?

What do you guys think about Jay Gruden if we cant get Jon?

at what position is Cincinnati better than us to which we are going overboard claiming this is a loss?

Jeff Ireland is too charismatic and brilliant for any of these proposed coaches to want to work with him. Tough to compete with the chess master. That is why none of them want to take a job with the Dolphins with Jeff Ireland there.

The players and staff must know that the Bengals game can decide the path the team takes for the rest of the season.

They can be 4-4 or 3-5 after Thursday (ADD a loss to the Bucs they'd be at 3-6 and the season is OVER).

Assuming they have the same performance the remaining eight games, they'll be 8-8 or 6-10. It would take a miracle to get in as a wildcard with an 8-8 (maybe with a 9-7 like the Giants).

lets compare:

QB - cincinnatti
RB - Even
WR - Miami slightly if not even
OL - Cincinnati by default
TE - Cincinnati by default except clay is doing better than eifert so stfu
DL - Miami
LB - Miami
CB - Miami slightly
S - Miami
ST - Miami

Your move Sherlock Holmes

ask Cincinnati fans what they think of their coaching staff and they'll say they hate it but please plead ignorance and tell me how Miami is coached so much worse

2014, the phinz will help get rid of the bux's goose egg

nearly all of their problems revolve around the Oline--period

love these vague terms....alot of wiggle room with "upper echelon"--be specific, define it.....same way I feel about "elite" (as I've stated here many times)--I'd consider upper echelon to be a top 10 QB, at least.....say 7-10 maybe--in the big picture, past and projecting ahead, Dalton is not an upper echelon QB--solid, mid tier....but not upper echelon.

Well according to your PFF yesterday Mando, Martin didn't play a whole lot better at RT last week.

I just don't get why we can't figure out the offensive line in 6 seasons.

Now I get one season of a team being desimated by injuries but we're talking 6 years here.

It's not like we haven't used alot of resources to fix it either.

Tons of money on free agents, several high draft picks and several mid round picks. 2 different head coaches, 3 different offensive coordinators and 3 or 4 different line coaches.

It's certainly not for the lack of effort. You would think we would catch a break sooner or later.


Yeah, right. The Dolphins are moving to LA. The check's in the mail. The cow flew over the moon. LMFAO!,,,,,,,

I cannot wait for Mike Mayock to lecture me during Thursday's game.

agree Rick....its a little shocking, honestly--Martin came out of a great program with alot of experience (the Great Harbaugh started him for 3 years), was a highly touted prospect(had a 1st rd grade for a long time, but even a 2nd rder should be pretty good)--Jerry was taken where projected by most, 3rd round (so its not like either were big reaches, at all)--Clabo graded high just last year, but fell off the table....Dallas Thomas also was taken where projected for the most part, and he cant even see the field--?

where are all the educated floridians proving me wrong. it's so loud in here I can barely focus on who to prove wrong first

WPF, would you really blame Ross if he moved this team? Their is no support from the fans or local govt at all. I know he isn't in this for making money but the lack of respect has got to be killing him. I just know this, I'm a fan of the team, not the city, if they move, I move with them. But moving to LA would require me to save a lot more money for my football budget. It's expensive to go to LA from here.

As far as Buffalo to Toronto, it's only a matter of time until Rogers and Bell (who own MLSE) will force teh NFL to consider it. I mean, Buffalo is a dead city. Nothing going on there and no prospects. It's as finished as Detroit. Toronto on the other hand is a world class metropolis whihc can easily support an NFL team. Once old Ralphie passes, the wheels will be set in motion and this will make me sad as I grew up with the Bills being the most despised team in the NFL and to have them associated with my city would just hurt since I normally support my city's team. Miami is the only out of market team I support.

you all talk too much when youre in b.itch mode but take 40 minutes to post when a legitimate question is posed to you. I pity the weak like you, though I shouldn't. your lack of productivity in life allows me to feel better about the world around me

Florida #1, the benglas receving corps kills ours. You really want to compare AJ Green to Edward Scissorhands? Maybe if Gibson and Keller were healthy, it would be much closer but the offense for as thin as it is has suffered too many injuries. Unfortunately none to the OL where one sack of potatoes is as unskilled as the next.

WashPhinFan will believe anything.
The stadium is not in bad shape...it's had tens of millions of dollars in renovations done in recent years.
The NFL is holding out on a Super Bowl in Florida because that's it's leverage to get public funding to do more renovations.
Which are only considered necessary because Dolphins stadium is not up to 2013 standards.
That doesn't mean the stadium is in terrible shape.
Stop repeating stuff you've heard.
Question things FFS.
L.A. is a terrible market. L.A. has lost not only one, but two teams.
South Florida will support the Dolphins, but the team has to win (and change their gay logo).
Ross makes millions even if the stadium were empty. The NFL has revenue sharing and the bulk of its earnings come from television money.
Goddell has already stated "We want The Dolphins in Miami."
Although like Ross he's a slimey pr*ck who could never be taken at his word. There's plenty of reason to believe him.
Also the NFL's owners would never approve of the Dolphins moving.
Home field advantage lmao. What does that have to do with anything lol...it's all about the coin to these idiots.
The NFL will eventually expand with eight more teams.
One in each division.
The NFC East will get the London team to create a New York vs. London rivalry.
If the team in London is successful.
Germany will get a team next, as NFL Europe was only successful in that market, party because of the great number of U.S. Servicemen in that region.
The Dolphins are going no where.
They are forever mediocre.
They are not moving...you're stuck with them.

benz, if you want to be exact. I think Dalton right now is the 8th best QB in the NFL this year behind Peyton, Brees, Rivers, Ryan, Stafford, Rodgers, and Romo.

Dalton is above the league avg in all major Qb stats. he has a lot of completions, a high completion rate, rating, tds, kept the turnovers reasonable. he's being asked to do a lot and he's doing it well.

In short, he is what I hope our QB will be in a year or two.

Daytona, the only NFL stadium I've seen more outdated than ours is the one in Buffalo.

No Mark I wouldn't blame Ross in the slightest if he moved the team. South Florida does not appreciate what they have in the Dolphins and haven't for a very long time. Weather that has any impact on his decision we could only guess, but from a business standpoint it makes perfectly good sense.

I was raised in Souther California, played ball there and actually made it to a few games back in the day. The city of LA is chomping at the bit for a franchise, any franchise for that matter. I would be ecstatic to see the team make the move, but we also have to consider the Commissioner and the other owners in that decision as well.

Well if the owners let the Browns move from Cleveland...

BY the way I will say it again, Modell was a POS for moving that team from those fans. Cleveland is a dump but they deserved those two super bowls. Loyal fans to a fault.

L.A. already has a team, The L.A. Kiss, owned by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley.

Ace wants nothing to do with it.

Florida # 1 Education.

Who the heck let you out??? Or did you just escape???
It sounds like you missed your meds today. Remember...Ritalin is your frieeend.

with the gibson injury mathews has to be the guy. he has great hands and runs accurate routes. he is just not as experienced as gibson. the problem is more one of depth. it does not exist. they need to start using multiple TE sets more. egnew looks like a new player. he is yoked up in size and made a nice catch the one time he was targeted. he could help keep tannehill upright by chipping the end and still leak out as a safety blanket or a dump off pass. why doesn't shaman see this??

Yeah Modell was shady to the core. I still remember seeing the Mayflower trucks sneaking out in the middle of the night. What a total disgrace that was for their loyal fans.

Aj Green is better than Wallace. Scale of 1-10 Green is a 9 and Wallace an 8

Then who? Hartline > Jones but because jones got 4 TDs against the jets he's better i guess lol

thanks for proving my point nurse! next time you can strike me down please take the opportunity so I can parry the attack and f.uck you harder than you've ever fantasized of

...and as far as moving the team to London, that would be a complete logistical nightmare. I really don't think the British are ready for our style of football quite yet. The fan base is growing stronger, but I don't think moving the fish overseas is in anyone's best interest at this point in time.

no NFL teams are moving in the near future. god damn how dumb are all of you. expansion > moving. Expansion = more $

please learn real life skills instead of being a blog pro

On a POSITVE note....

Jeff Fisher's team is just as bad....even to the point of calling BRETT FAVRE....how embarrasing....

so its 6 of one...half dozen of the other....

but please we've addressed WR. anyone else want to point out where cincinnatti will clobber us and we have no chance? im a patient man ill wait till you have something to prove

remember when everyone wanted Jeff fisher and cried when we didnt get him? ohhhhh you smart floridians

F#1 really? if AJ Green is a 9 wallace is more like a 6. mainly because AJ get open, out jumps guys and can catch!!! wallace barely does one of those 3 things!! he sometimes gets open. i have the season pass from nil.com. it gives you the other camera views and you get a lot of iso views of wallace. he gives up on routes a lot. it is sickening. especially when you look at all his drops and his bank account. blame Thill and the line all everyone wants but this guy cashed his check and has done little to earn it.

hartline probably is better than jones but jones has a productive guy opposite him. he has at least 2 high quality TE's and an o line that gives big red time to throw!!!

remember when everyone wanted jake long back and cried when he didn't get him? ohhhhh you smart floridians


Although Matthews is talented, Gibson is an electric player. He also had great hands but he was quicker. His electric play making ability is very hard to replace. He will be sorely missed and I just hope he is healthy by training camp.

I also hope Mike Mayock and Mike Shula are in charge by then.

The tea drinking, biscuit eaters don't give a crap about AMERICAN football...sure they go to the one game a year the NFL puts over there because it is like a party...and it's a once a year gimmick they can get down on...try to put a team there with 8 games a year and no one will show up!!! Ask the NFL Europe how much those guys like american football...

oh wait nevermind...that got shut down...but I don't really care if the put a team over there anyway...I am really starting to dislike the NFL as a whole...


God post about Sherman...he needs to do the honarable thing...and "spemd more time with his family"....


I doubt he will....one of his statements hen he joined the FINS was that he wanted to be a Head Coach again...

So most likely...he take Philbin down with him...

Florida #1 Education.

Whoa... you are creepy!!

Green is better but talent wise they're similar.

OL in cinncy is better we know that, same with TE except:

Gresham - 30r/288yrd/1 TD/1 Fumble
Eifert - 24/293/1/0
Clay - 29/341/3/0

You were saying about TE? You'd think with two good TEs like that they'd be better but that's on paper

Are we taling about the SAME Mike Shula who was FIRED in Alabama...who then Hired Saban...

and Saban turned Mike Shula's team in to National Champions that year...and the BEST TEAM in NCAA since then....

That Mike Shula....

uh...No Thanks...

Let him cut his teeth elsewhere....

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