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The issues facing the Dolphins OL this week

Tyson Clabo is realistic about the player he has become nearing the end of his career at age 32.

“I understand that there are probably four right tackles in the NFL that can block Elvis Dumervil and Marion Williams consistently one-on-one,” Clabo said Tuesday. “At this point in my career, it doesn’t appear that I’m one of them. But I still have confidence in my ability to start at right tackle in this league."

The Dolphins may have to test that confidence Thursday evening.

That's because starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has missed the past two days of practice with what the team is describing as an illness.

And as the game is Thursday, there are serious questions whether Martin will be able to start, much less play the entire game. So either way, Clabo has to be ready.

And he sounded that way Tuesday.

“Roles change constantly in this league,” Clabo said. “Last week my role was to be ready in case anything happened. This week, my role might be a little different. That’s just life in the NFL week to week."

Last week, Clabo lost his starting job after yielding eight sacks in the season's first six games. And there is little chance Clabo could reclaim that starting job except that Martin is, well, sick.

So the Dolphins are hoping Martin responds and if he doesn't they hope Clabo responds.

“He’s a true professional," coach Joe Philbin said, offering a ringing endorsement of Clabo.  "Comes into work every single day wanting to get better and wants to improve."

The Bengals are a good but not great pass-rushing team. They are tied for 12th in the NFL with 22 sacks.

But left defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been good and has four sacks this season. He would match up against Miami's right tackle. Right defensive end Michael Johnson, who would line up against the left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has 1 1/2 sacks.

And while the possibility of Clabo vs. Dunlap poses questions for Miami, I would say the other side also has issues.

That's because while Johnson is not having an attention-grabbing season, he plays next to All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who has five sacks and has been virtually unblockable for the past year or so.

Left guard Richie Incognito will have his hands full with Atkins and will likely require help from center Mike Pouncey. That means Incognito, who did fine work helping McKinnie with double teams in the New England game, won't be able to help the left tackle as much this week.

It seems this week the Dolphins will find it harder to slide their protection to the left side with their right tackle either fighting off an illness or coming into the game having allowed eight sacks already.

Tough matchup for Miami.


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but c'mon we know Miami's offense is garbage, why isn't anyone arguing defense? if you're going to debate you can't debate the point you know you'll win and not address the rest. That's just selfish

Florida #1 Education.

Some nice people in clean white suits will be ringing your door bell any minute now. Try not to fight them.

Or Better yet don't leave Daytona loser. I will be in Daytona end of Nov....meet me at Boot Hill Saloon or Dirty Harry's Pub......we will show ya a real good time. Bring your health insurance ID you will need it. Your a tough guy on an anonymous blog huh.....PUNK!!

Bill Arnsparger | October 30, 2013 at 12:10 AM

You were watching the A&E America's Most Evil Gangsters last night? One of the episodes at 11:00 PM right before your post was on Harry "Taco" Bowman, leader of the Outlaw Biker Nation headquartered in Daytona and sworn enemies of the Hells Angels were they mention the 2 Bars you put up in your post as notorious Biker hangouts were outsiders aren't very welcome? You a 1%'er Bill?


why cinch should win... i'm not saying they will but you have to see the advantages they have. their defense is ranked 9th, ours 21st. defense points per game them 5th, us 19th. the have a slight edge is turnover battle too.

total offense. they are 9th we are 28th. points per game the are 11th, we are 20th.

their qb is rated 4th ours 17th, dalton 16 TDs 7ints, tannehill 11 TDs 9 ints.
we have beaten 1 team with a winning record, they beat green bay, new england and detriot!!!

need anything more????

except I'm not home like you. I actually have priorities higher than my couch


Mike Shula can coach the team or motivate them but ultimately a wisely chosen coaching staff with a great GM, ala Mike Mayock, will make him successful.

Besides, he's picked up valuable experience since Alabama and he's done very well with the Panthers.

you kinda made my point as far as TEs go.
we have one productive one, they have 2.
overall theirs have accounts for 54 catches 581 yards and 2 TDs
ours.33 catches 365 yards and 3 TDs
that's a pretty big advantage!!!!
we have 1 they have 2 and both have 20+ catches.

Even Vegas has us as dogs in our own house this week if I am reading the spread correctly. I don't gamble, so I could be wrong.

As far as how we match up with the Bengals is neither here or there. I think the matchup is pretty even, but you would have to bring the poor play calling into the mix and that definitely puts us at a major disadvantage.

For as out there as #1 sounds, he's right, there is more money in expansion than relocation. however when a franchise is nelgected as it is by EVERYONE locally, then unusual circumstances arise.

I agree that you said it was like a WWF job. Like when Vince Mcmahon screwed over the best wrestler of all time BRET HART.

Rdubs | October 30, 2013 at 09:55 AM

I saw that match were they screwed Hart on that pin fall were he was supposed to win in what was his last main event. Hart spit right in the face of McMahon who was standing ringside and you could tell by the reaction Vince gave that Hart was done in the WWF but there was always WCW which I liked better growing up.

Yep...our franchise has been in decline for well over twenty years and counting. Expansion can still happen, even if the Fins move to LA. It's happened before, why would this time be any different?

Kris, I never sweat Jeff Fisher. I mean he is one of the best talent acquirers out there but his game day coaching of a team is pretty poor.

I will say this though, before he went down bradford was playing the best ball of his career.

In addition, they were the team that bit on that talentless Tavon Austin. Why a little guy like him without superior athleticism got that much pub, I don't know. He is fun to watch opposing teams giving him wrestling finishing moves though. The sidewalk slam Browner gave him on Monday was textbook.



and Saban turned Mike Shula's team in to National Champions that year...and the BEST TEAM in NCAA since then....

That Mike Shula....

uh...No Thanks...

Let him cut his teeth elsewhere....

Kris | October 30, 2013 at 11:18 AM

They've been rambling this non-sense since last night when I brought this very point up. Funny twist of irony is Huzienga was actually thinking of hiring M.Shula who interviewed twice before Parcells came aboard and 86'ed that idea.

NFL.com reporting players are questioning Sherman's play calling. The beginning of the end has started. I mentioned 2 weeks ago you are starting to see the regression of Tannehill, now the rest of the team is following. This can change only if the coaches utilize their players better and put together a better game plan. If it doesn't happen this week, then Philbin has lost this team. This team will also turn on Tannehill if he doesn't perform well. Remember the players like and have a lot of confidence in Matt Moore.

Or how about when Owen dove out of the rafters and took a turnbuckle to the face...priceless...
I was a 4 horseman man myself...until the screwed Sting over!!! BASTIDS!!!

Mark--I know where Dalton is ranked today, but its a small sample size....thats why I said "in the big picture"--his QB rating is an 87.1 for his career....puts him at 17th on the current list--mid tier, like I said---to get a better sense of why looking at a small sample size is misleading.....Locker is currently #9 (really?)....Luck is rated 13 (alot better than Dalton)--Kaep, Big Ben, all behind THIS year....same with RG3, Flacco....and the ultimate > Brady is 27...THIS year--can see why just looking at 8 games isnt too meaningful--"past and future"....Dalton is mid tier.

F#1 raises a good point that I try to raise all the time, the offense is average. Did we expect is was going to go from pitiful last year to top 10?

But we expected our defense to be a lot better. They got extentions from within, free agents from the outside, the top two draft picks and three of the top four, and they are in the bottom third of the NFL in every major category but one (red zone defense were tehy are an average 14th).

Yea... like blogging incomprehensive thoughts every 20 seconds. Big priorty.

here's the biggest reasons though.
them 6-2 and the beat 3 playoff contenders
us 3-4 and we beat 1 playoff contender.

us coming off 4 losses in a row, them 4 wins in a row including the pats and lions.

Moore has always been a popular player in the locker room. He has had his moments, but he is way to inconsistent during crunch time IMO. I am with Mark on this one. Let THill play out the remainder of the season to see what we end up with. He may end up smelling like a rose, or become another basket case. Playing Moore now would simply drag on the inevitable.

Kris a Re-Post of my arguments regarding the hire of young Mike (Bro Dave with the Bengals comes to mind in terms of preparation for the job from my perspective)


Excuse me I was having dinner, I believe M.Shula a GUTSY Guy, after all you forget I live in Miami and like Mike attended Christopher Columbus H.S. (although I transferred to Killian) He put up good numbers at Alabama as well for not very physically gifted. He got the job as H.C. in Bama sometime in the last decade before his 3 out of 4 losing Seasons got him canned. He was replaced by Saban and then almost hired to be the new H.C. at Miami by Huzienga before the Tuna came through the door (don't you guys know this stuff?)

If you follow UM Football at all you know that Gerarrd and little Tiny East Carolina upset Miami at their house in 99 (costing us top-10 bid) I wasn't surprised when he was drafted in the 4th (I think) and knew the Jags had a good insurance policy for Leftwich. That UM D he beat up was NO CREAM PIE with guys like Dan Morgan, Ed Reed, Phillip Buchanan, Damien Lewis ect.... Cam is one of the best athlete's in the game so #'s he will put up as well. You make it sound as if Shula was the OC/QB Coach which he isn't so he breaks down tape and works the QB's through drills while the OC gets his plan together.

Mark...@ 11:38....

Do you ever account WINS AND LOSSES as part of your stats that you complile...cause that is how I judge QBs...and teams in general...

PATS stink statistically....6-2 in REALITY....

Compare Russel Wilson's stats to Tanne's all you want...allI see is 3-4 v. 7-1...I'll take the QB of the 7-1 team....every day all day...and TWICE on Sunday...when it really matters...

benz, I hear you. In the past Dalton has looked ordinary but he is trending upwards and evolving. He is a lot like our guy where he never gets mentioned among his contemporatries but Dalton is also just a third year guy. And he's the ebst of the third year guys - better than kaep, better than newton, any of them but never gets compared with them for whatever reason.


Except what do we preach about TEs, what do they score? Say it with me: RED ZONE TDS! who's more productive in that department? Well it looks like Charles clay huh. are we going by stats with everything since numbers don't lie? boy I could write a book that proves you wrong (Brady's QBR is garbage so he must be as bad as it looks, right?)

you realize these comprehensive thoughts take a combined total of 15min out of my day. Look at my posts and tell me how much time I've wasted in my life.

you all also realized we beat Cincinnati last year on the road with a worse team than we have now. BUT WE HAVE NO HOPE! RIGHT! lol

Tannehill’s rating is only slightly better than 2012 (76.1 to 79.5).
lol,mark,this is the giant leap sherman was talking 'bout concerning u'r boy tfumble

Compare Russel Wilson's stats to Tanne's all you want...allI see is 3-4 v. 7-1...I'll take the QB of the 7-1 team....every day all day...and TWICE on Sunday...when it really matters...


uhhhh no. you'd rather Alex smith than: Brady, Rodgers, Ryan, Brees, and Manning I presume? cause stats don't lie. Right? RIGHT!

If it doesn't happen this week, then Philbin has lost this team. This team will also turn on Tannehill if he doesn't perform well. Remember the players like and have a lot of confidence in Matt Moore.

dolfnman | October 30, 2013 at 11:39 AM

I posted it as well for a few weeks now and believe the team has indeed folded on (NO-FUN) Philbin. It isn't coming but already here you could see the team in that 2nd half last week begin to have the kinds of self-doubt that goes with not believing in your leader.

Lets compare Wilson to Tannehill:

Wilson - 61.1%/1628/13/4
Tannehill (1 less game) - 59.4/1769/11/9

You want to show me where a top OL and run game and defense doesn't help Wilson but he's clearly a better QB cause of his record?

Fin4life and Change...

Good post....

and I have nothing against Mike Shula....after all...he is a Shula...

But I am still in Philbin's corner....as Long as he doesn't let Tanne and Sherman take him down...if he turns all bull-headed...and decides to go down with the ship...then get gets what he deserves....

but if he see's the game (thus the season) getting away from u Thursday night...and goes to Moore....then Philbin will have shown me that he cares more about WINNING...then he does about his wr turned NFL QB feelings....and thats what I wantCollege to see...

Don't go down without a fight....eff Tanne and his progression....this team can win NOW (play0ff birth anyway)....let Tanne learn from the bench if necessary...didn't seem to stunt Rodgers growth any....and we have seem Tanne play...and we know he has a lot to learn...

Do't throw the season away because your College WR shows the accuracy of a NFL WR @ times during the game...

Wilson and Tannehill both have 6 fumbles so don't give me that bs

tover has 14 t'o's in 7 games

oh and before all you dumb f.ucks put words in my mouth I never said Tannehill was better than Wilson. im asking all you dipsh.its to prove your point instead of just giving me garbage

wilson is going 2 the nfc champ. game
tfumble is going to the dump

F#1....I have no doubt we can beat the Bengals, but if our coaching staff continues to put us in unwinnable situations with terrible play calling we have no chance. Now on the other hand if we come out balling like we did the first half of the Pat's game then we will most certainly take them down, but you and I and all of nation saw what happened in the second half. Go away from what was working and what put us up by 14 points at the half. We should have continued to run the ball down their throats, but for some odd reason Sherman decided to get greedy and tried to run up the score without considering that the Pat's made adjustments at half time to take away our passing game, which leads me to believe that they already knew we were going to go pass heavy in the second half.
Our coaches had no counter move for the blitz, they took advantage of a newly signed left tackle with less than a week working our playbook and a player who was moved over to a position he hasn't played in two years. Belecheat knew exactly what he was doing and that just shows me that our staff has no hindsight what so ever.

Wilson has 10 turnovers in 8 games along with a better OL and Run game but youre close 2watt very close. lol. not really that's called sarcasm

Yeah #1...

every OTHER team always has better this...and better that....

Same ole argument all the time...

If ONLY..if ONLY.....

Win with what you have....like some of those other QBs you named...who are doing far more...with a lot less...

Mark.....agree that Dalton is improving and trending up--but he does have good weapons (one of the best WRs in the league, and good TEs)--I like him but I dont see him as more than a mid tier/average QB over time--and I dont think he's better than Kaep, not sure about Newton because Carolina has been pretty bad--Dalton is good.....but not upper echelon (again, depending on how you define that....but I dont think an 87 rating is upper echelon, or even close).

"Every other team is better @ every postion than us in the NFL....

except QB"..

Homer (the) Fan

If ONLY...

obviously, wilsons t/o's don't destroy a season like tfumbles'
fax jax

It appears that Pouncey's legal troubles are influcing the hats he wears. He was seen coming to practice yesterday with a hat that said, "Convict Hernandez!"

Seriously, the Dolphins have got to be concerned about this issue. If Pouncey aided, in any way, Hernandez in breaking the law (gun charges, etc.), then this could have a huge impact on an already horrid OL. A felony charge will force Miami to make a decision quickly on whether or not to cut Pouncey.

Hopefully, Pouncey did nothing wrong, but this is a serious case and the authorities will probably investigate everything.

kris your post doesn't make a point at all. are you saying that my logic is wrong because I'm comparing teams? Since this is, you know, a team game. Your logic states that Russell Wilson is a better QB because he's 6-2. that's the dumbest argument I've heard. At least I give you evidence, you just say "nope, in my eyes it's all about wins, thus he's better, point proven." uhhh no you didn't prove your point

When it comes to the NFL...or any sport for that matter....there is only ONE STAT that matters...

and NO homer's...is not QBR....


how "hot" the QBs wife supposedly is....

Its all about WINS and Losses...

I would sign back Feidler if I thought he could get us to 11-5....

Chad Pennington ANYBODY....


Russel Wison's team is 7-1....

Agreed WashPhin, but the coaches have put us in an unwinnable situation once against NO. The rest of the games we had all the opportunity.

Also heard this same song and dance in Cincinnati for Marvin Lewis' tenure. Coaching is garbage, fans calling for Lewis head for the past 5 years. Coaching isn't why we're 3-4 (it's part of the reason, yes) and its not the reason we will win or lose this game on thursday

except I'm not home like you. I actually have priorities higher than my couch

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 30, 2013 at 11:24 AM

Like interviewing to be someone's wife.

Kris, you can do that but using that measuring stick will tell you that in the last two years Joe Flacco and Eli manning were the best QBs in the world when as you can see when surrounded by depleted rosters is far from the truth.

I tell you Wilson is not asked to do anything except take care of the ball in Seattle (he is below the league average in completions, attempts and yards per game - Tannehill is above the league average in all of these categories) and he is not even doing a great job of that as he turns the ball over 5.9% of his attempts. Tannehill is doing it 6.5% of the time. the league average is 4.2%. In both of these cases that stat wouldn't alarm me that much as most of the QBs who rank high in this category are rather inexperienced. However, Seattle has the luxury of a defense and running game which allow the team to hide their QB. This is a great formula for winning in the regular season but I will also warn that this is familiar to Marty ball which when you line up against the best offenses and QBs in playoff time which protects the ball as well seldom works and forces you to play your qb more. Us, we have a defense that provides a middling amount of turnovers, gives up a tonne of yards and too many points, and a running game that is near the bottom of the league for a myriad of reasons.

You want to point to wins and losses - I tell everyone all the time - most important stat in all of football is turnover ratio. So Seattle despite having a qb that gives up the ball quite a bit is still second in the league in turnover ratio. their defense is insanely good - gives their defense so mnay mroe opportunities with the ball. new eNGLAND despite being average or poor across the board and also giving up the ball a lot still is 5th in the NFL in turnover ratio.

Top ten teams in the NFL .707 win % combined. No coincidence.

And by seeing what I saw in the first half - Tannehill would also be flawless running a Russel Wilson offense. I have no doubt in saying that if Tannehill was in Wilson's poosition - he would be in the same boat too.

Also I may be wrong here but I don't think Seattle depnded on Wilson to start airing it out to win any of their games while our lack of defense and running game has asked our QB to do it EVERY WEEK.

so you're starting a team tomorrow. You want Alex smith as your QB. If your answer is no then your argument is futile.

Yeah this Pouncey deal could become a major distraction and could well tip the scales on this team who are already calling out their OC and just plain laid down in the second half of Sundays game. Either Philbin has lost this squad already or its well on its way to happening. A couple of more loses like the last three and I say we are done and so is Philbin et all.

I'm sorry but clearly your argument is just that, your argument, your opinion, your input. but please back it up. Saying they've won more means nothing.

I guess geno smith is better than Eli manning huh. lol. such entertainment


let me make this as simple as I can....

I have no allegiance to Tanne just because he was drafted by the FINS....and I am NOT gonna crunch and twist the #'s until I find the pot of gold @ the end of the rainbow...


I have an allegiance to the FINS....and I want players who WIN...and bring a WINNING CULTURE here....

Ifthat is Tanne...then he needs to start winning....if that is somebody else...then then they need top sign and/or draft him....

I don't care about the box score...I give a crap about stats....

Marino spent most of his career in the 9-10 win range...and he was perhaps the greatest QB ever....

you want to be @ the water cooler Monday morning talking abouta great IF ONLY....thats fine...

I want to talk about playoffs...and SB rings...

anything less is a waste...

regis never called plays b4,he suggested them at gb
if henning 2.0 splitz. who calls the oc game plan huh?

Mark at 11:40AM,

Yes, the defense is a puzzle. It looks good on paper, but the stats and the games show that the defense is actually bad (not horrid, but bad).

As you mentioned, they invested a lot of money, FA signings, contracts, and draft picks in this unit.

Perhaps the talent is not being used correctly and perhaps some of the players are no as good as they look on paper.

Paying Jake Long, and Brandon Albert a premium doesn't sound that bad anymore. Fixing problems the cheap way, sounds like the MARLINS way of doing things.

Have to agree with Mark @ 12:08 Kris...Wilson is a decent game manager, but if he was asked to carrie this team on his back using his arm they would be in the basement for sure. We have the same issue here, we just have terrible OC calling the game.

2 watt, I already told you where I hang my hat on Tannehill - it's his yardage and Tds. Those are up,
unfortunately his turnovers are alos up.

But if you look at his rating increase as modest as it is will tell you that even though he's turned over the ball a lot more; that his positive production has even increased more than his propensity to turn over the ball - thus the rating went up.

I never said he's the messiah or the answer but there's enough to work with right now as long as he just flat out stops producing the rest of the way.

I mean for how many years did Matt Stafford for example turn the ball over too much - now he's improving there and the Lions are a force. QBs evolve man. You would've probably run him out of town too.

Peyton Manning turned the ball over 48 times in his first two years.

All I'm saying - give the kid a chance to develop and see if he can get off the mat once he's knocked down.

not to mention I even prefaced my argument by saying some will think I'm assuming Wilson is automatically better than Tannehil when all jm doing is posing questioned and facts. It's called playing devils advocate to prove a point that your reasons for spewing bs are just dumb and you have no way of backing it up

to compare Tannehill to anybody, or even evaluate him FAIRLY, is ridiculous.....pointless.....waste of time.....because Tannehill is playing behind an awful Offensive line--dreadful....embarrassing....will finish as literally among the worst O lines in league history, unless they miraculously turn it around--hard to evaluate TH under those circumstance

mark, tfumble needs to sit, how many games?
but must sit,
no lol. thats a fax jax.

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