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The issues facing the Dolphins OL this week

Tyson Clabo is realistic about the player he has become nearing the end of his career at age 32.

“I understand that there are probably four right tackles in the NFL that can block Elvis Dumervil and Marion Williams consistently one-on-one,” Clabo said Tuesday. “At this point in my career, it doesn’t appear that I’m one of them. But I still have confidence in my ability to start at right tackle in this league."

The Dolphins may have to test that confidence Thursday evening.

That's because starting right tackle Jonathan Martin has missed the past two days of practice with what the team is describing as an illness.

And as the game is Thursday, there are serious questions whether Martin will be able to start, much less play the entire game. So either way, Clabo has to be ready.

And he sounded that way Tuesday.

“Roles change constantly in this league,” Clabo said. “Last week my role was to be ready in case anything happened. This week, my role might be a little different. That’s just life in the NFL week to week."

Last week, Clabo lost his starting job after yielding eight sacks in the season's first six games. And there is little chance Clabo could reclaim that starting job except that Martin is, well, sick.

So the Dolphins are hoping Martin responds and if he doesn't they hope Clabo responds.

“He’s a true professional," coach Joe Philbin said, offering a ringing endorsement of Clabo.  "Comes into work every single day wanting to get better and wants to improve."

The Bengals are a good but not great pass-rushing team. They are tied for 12th in the NFL with 22 sacks.

But left defensive end Carlos Dunlap has been good and has four sacks this season. He would match up against Miami's right tackle. Right defensive end Michael Johnson, who would line up against the left tackle Bryant McKinnie, has 1 1/2 sacks.

And while the possibility of Clabo vs. Dunlap poses questions for Miami, I would say the other side also has issues.

That's because while Johnson is not having an attention-grabbing season, he plays next to All-Pro defensive tackle Geno Atkins, who has five sacks and has been virtually unblockable for the past year or so.

Left guard Richie Incognito will have his hands full with Atkins and will likely require help from center Mike Pouncey. That means Incognito, who did fine work helping McKinnie with double teams in the New England game, won't be able to help the left tackle as much this week.

It seems this week the Dolphins will find it harder to slide their protection to the left side with their right tackle either fighting off an illness or coming into the game having allowed eight sacks already.

Tough matchup for Miami.


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yeah kris, exactly. So put a team around Tannehill, actually just give him an OL and time to throw and he'll be fine. Obviously he isn't Dan Marino and will never be but the guy has the tools to be top 10 but because we lose 4 straight he's no longer the answer? 4 weeks ago we were singing his praises. Now, all of a sudden, he's garbage?

78, where r ya?
bad hang over from the pounding the bullz got last nite?

Dashi @ 12:11....

is this not an opinion blog....

That is my opinion/argument...

Only ONE person can change it as I have said before....Thats Tanne...

Not you undr different names...and not even Mark....altho...Mark does a heck of a job...good stuff on the turn over post...

I will be Tanne's biggest supporter when he wins...until then....well...let's just wait until then.....

Agreed WashPhin, but the coaches have put us in an unwinnable situation once against NO. The rest of the games we had all the opportunity.

Also heard this same song and dance in Cincinnati for Marvin Lewis' tenure. Coaching is garbage, fans calling for Lewis head for the past 5 years. Coaching isn't why we're 3-4 (it's part of the reason, yes) and its not the reason we will win or lose this game on thursday

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 30, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Agreed for the most part, but the coaching is the largest part of our collapse this year. Expecting players to run schemes that they are not athletic enough or talented enough to execute is just plain stupid. I said it yesterday, if the coaches would pull their heads out of their arses and start game planning to our team's strengths then we would be a much better contender, but for some reason the coaches think that if they try it for long enough some how this team would magically get it together and start playing within their system. Not going to happen as long as we don't have the proper personnel to do it.

yeah, I wasnt on board with this earlier in the year, but seeing how this Oline situation has played out.....even with the higher risk of an expensive contract and possible injury, letting Long go was clearly a mistake--I supported that decision in the offseason, but anyone still thinking that was the right decision is kidding themselves

I think it's time we returned to reality. They'll never fire Sherman during the season. Maybe a slight chance he 'retires' at then end of the year. But only if Ross approves and Ireland is worried about his job.
But then, you still have Coyle who's done a terrible job IMO. And let's not forget Philbin who I have no confidence in.

The only wild card is empty seats at the stadium and Ross's reaction.

Kris, if you want to blame someone for the Dolphisn having an average season, then blame the pizz poor defense (which ranks worse than Tannehill in every respective category) and their lack of playmaking. yes, Tannehill has been average - did we expect more? We did expect the defense to do SOMETHIGN! I mean we didn't sign 3 starters, spend three of our first four picks and hand out a few long term extensions in house to be 21st in the league. At least the pass offense is 17th!!

..Kris..I'm with you about the excuses. The fact is Seattle is the worst offensive line in the league. This is fact..You see. We as Miami fans only equate the sacks to the line play as a whole..This is half the story...Actually not even half. Seattles line gives up pressures on 40 percent of the passes they attempt..40 percent. This includes the sacks. We are under 32 percent, including sacks..These are facts. Dolphin fans will not like them because it is inconvenient. But Tannehill has clean pockets to throw from more then 65 percent of the 250 plus time dropped back to pass. And we average more then 4 ypc..

Mark in Toronto..Your right..Seattle lets their offense evolve around their guy instead of forcing the issue. At the end of last year..Seattle was asking Wilson to pass more. But it took all season to get there..IMO in hindsight the worst thing that happened to this team was how we won the first 3 weeks..It was all on Tannehill(even though week 2 we ran it well, and played good defense, Tannehill had his best stat day)...Philbin even identified it as an unsustainable way to win games..Why they haven't rectified this? Why they continue to put it up 35 times a game????? It is a huge scab on my view of how competent this coaching staff is, or isn't..

Every week it's the same old song and dance, I don't think this team is as bad as we think.....someone said it earlier its the offensive line that brings this entire team down, it's a ripple effect and that's why the rest of the team seems bad, although Thill does seem to have a problem hittingbWallace in stride the few times he has attempted it and Sherman's play calling would be nearly as bad if we had an O line that could execute the plays being called. I know I will get ripped apart in here but this is just my opinion, I never really thought we would do much this year maybe a first round exit in the playoffs at best, but I do believe if the O line is addressed and fixed that this team will take a huge step next year.

Anyone else here jamming out to Nelson's After The Rain ?

I named my dog Kip Winger.


I happen to agree regarding the talent on this team! For the 1st time in quite a few Seasons the Dolphins have the talent in place to compete. The Steelers in 08 and 2010 went to the S.B. with one of the worst (if not the worst OL) TO EVER PLAY IN ONE ! And they managed to win with their QB running for his life! They're D wasn't better in terms of superior talent either they were just better Coached. Before anybody says it I'm not comparing QB's but I do expect Tannehill to have better pocket awareness and make quicker reads while being able to audible into more than 3 or 4 plays at this stage of his career!

We started 3-0 but since teams have picked up on our tendencies both Offensively and on D. If your an opposing CB play the WR's inside shoulder and jam when he makes his move inside (NO WORRIES) because your Coach will drop a LB there (shallow zone) cutting off the inside slant. You started to see it Vs. the Falcons and we don't adjust. We beat Atl. late by going double T.E. which only helps Tannehill by backing the LB's off those short zones but we haven't seen it again???Why??? On D if you see the Dolphins move a Safety up it's cause were BLITZING, I can't recall a BLITZ this Yr. without over-loading one side of the line with Jones up around the line Ect.... There being out-Coached because teams have seen the tape!

Again Mark it comes down to the scheme, even on defense. I was completely puzzled as to why we moved away from a 3-4 to a 4-3. Just doesn't make any sense. Why is the coaching staff so insistent on implementing schemes that we don't have the personnel to make them effective?

They are putting our team in situations that are completely disastrous. The leaders of the team need to have a sit down with this group of coaches and explain to them that their system is not working and is getting guys hurt playing out of position.

Every team in the NFL has holes - just a by product of the salary cap. The difference b/ween the teams is coaching the talent and making adjustments to capitalize on other team's weakness.

When can we please get a real coach in here?!?

Funny how Martin is sick this week .... This team has made me sick for the last 3 weeks

Nightmare in Miami Gardens...

The slaying of a Bengaled kitten..

The rise of Shermans play calling...

The re emergence of Cameron Wake..

King of The-Hill...

It is true what NH said when I had to go to work. That first half vs NE was about the best half we have played all Season. Now, please, finish the Game just like that.

Again with the its all Tannehill's fault......C'MON MANNNNNNNN. The following FACT says it all.....

2013 spending $109million
Offense less than $38million
Defense More than $70million

In todays NFL you do not win with Defense....hence all the rule changes slanted towards the Offense. That being said Mark is 100% correct. Get talent around TH and the sky is the limit. Also place blame on the coaching and Defense where we spend over 72% of our cap BTW!! This is just common sense fellas!

Tannehill must make teams pay for blitzing!
Brady made us pay for it even while being hit on his way down he threw a touchdown pass. Watch the game and look at how many times Tannehill passes on the open receiver early in a play while he is looking rite at him.Sterling Sharpe brought it up on AFC Playbook and the replays he showed were confusing. On two plays he is blitzed and looks at the receiver while open once on the right with a blocker in front and once on a slant to the middle from left, he didn't throw either ball and got sacked both times. Complete those and you get blitzed less and pass plays will develop.

Mark keep in mind the defense is being pit into bad position by the 3 and outs and turn overs. They aren't playing great but the offense isn't helping them either.

Moving Wake around the line would be a great step towards improving the d-line play.

Clabo gets playing time even tho he can't block an old woman with one leg. Jordon, by all accounts is a demon on defense, he can even cover one the games best TEs, but Jordon gets very little time in game action. Does this make sense? Don't come with that practice bull shi* cause i played the game and I want my heavy hitters on the field come game day, period. The best 11 studs play,,,,Joe, what a crock.

Someone tell me what the Dolphins players are doing playing a joke on their teammates when they've stunk up the field for the past three weeks?!?!? If I was Martin, I'd leave too. These guys better wake the hell up and start concentrating on football. After 43 years of rooting for this team, the past couple weeks have been so bad that I'm considering dropping the Fins forever. This team needs a superstar, period. A quarterback or running back who is not just good, but awesome. Ryan Tannehill just ain't cutting it.

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