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Assignment football: Stop Gronkowski

The New York Jets might have thought themselves unlucky last week when their scheduled game against the New England Patriots coincided with the return of tight end Rob Gronkowski to the lineup.

Well, the Dolphins might think themselves less fortunate because the Gronkowski they will see play against them Sunday has a game under his proverbial belt. He's had a 51 game snaps to knock off some rust. He's had an extra week of practice -- although admittedly limited.

Great, right?

"Yeah, I mean certainly he’s an impact player, and any time you have guys like that that are out and you’re fortunate enough to get back, they certainly make a difference and give your team a boost, and I thought he did that on Sunday," Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said. "Hopefully we’ll be able to build on that going forward.Yeah, we ended up – we had to throw a lot of passes last week based on the situation in the game."

Stopping Rob Gronkowski has to be a major goal for the Dolphins this weekend if they hope to beat the Patriots. When healthy, he has been among the most accomplished tight ends in the NFL. And when facing accomplished tight ends, the Dolphins have not exactly had awesome success.

Remember Jimmy Graham caught four passes for 100 yards and two touchdowns against Miami. Remember Coby Fleener had four catches for 69 yards and a touchdown. Remember Jordan Cameron caught nine passes for 108 yards and a touchdown.

But there is some hope.

The Dolphins limited Tony Gonzalez to only four catches for 24 yards without a TD. And Gronk is more a Gonzalez type TE than he is a Graham, who the Saints flank out wide like a wide receiver. Gronk is more an in-line, traditional tight end.

"He’s a unique guy in that his combination of size and strength, his ability to body position people is really what separates him. I thought the Jets did some things that at times they did some good things with him in the ball game, but yet he still caught the ball and had over 100 yards of receptions in the game. You don’t want him to catch the big balls down the field, if you can kind of keep him contained where he’s catching shallow balls that is a good thing. You have to be able to do some things to try and take him out of the game, so that’s going to be a big challenge for us."

So what do the Dolphins do? I'd imagine because the Patriots have no accomplished outside threats, Gronkowski will draw doubles. He'll be bracketed by either a linebacker and a safety or a nickel cornerback and a safety, probably Reshad Jones.

Gronkowski one-on-one against either a cornerback or a safety is a mismatch because he's more physical than they are. Gronk one-on-one against a linebacker is a mismatch because he's faster than the linebacker. It is a sure-fire call for bracket coverage and fulltime attention.

"Remember Gronk is a good player for us – he’s a really good player for us – but we have some other guys that I really count on too that I’ve been playing with," quarterback Tom Brady said (suggesting he's got other weapons that he really doesn't have to any consistent degree). "It’s going to be a big challenge for our guys going up against a real good coverage secondary. I’m sure – they’re very much a game plan team, and they’ll have their different elements to their particular game plan, but even playing them last year, they’re a good defense."



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Dolphins stopped Gonzalez by bouncing his head off the turf ... do the same to Gronk. But if you do, he might break into a million pieces.


I replied to you on the last blog....

Mark lmao

Consider this....objectively....

Tanne is only our QB....because Sherman is our OC....

There ws no real objective evaluation process....3 was never on the radar...and they never even seriously considered drafting Wilso or Kirk Cousins.....

This regime went into the draft only having the book on ONE QB....and not bothering to even read the cliff notes on others....

So what do the Dolphins do? I'd imagine because the Patriots have no accomplished outside threats, Gronkowski will draw doubles. He'll be bracketed by either a linebacker and a safety or a nickel cornerback and a safety, probably Reshad Jones.

Great idea but he will probably be one on one in zone against Koa Misi, Phillip Wheeler, or Jimmy Wilson and Coyle will be playing pull my finger on "bring your kids to work day" next Sunday.

We have to double and be physical with Groncowski all game long! Will Phillbin make this call or will Coyle blitz and leave Groncowski one on one throughout the game. Is all up to coaching but then again were going against Bellichick.

Unfournetly we lose this game 24 to 17 for a 4th str8 loss!!!

Well, it looks like these morons are going to waste 4 years with TanneBust just like they wasted 4 years with HenneBust.

Kris, fair post from the last blog.

However, I think Tannehill deserves the chance to come back unchallenged. I think we just have a difference of opinion on the guy.

I've done a lot of digging on Tannehill's performance through six games and judged his results v all his peers and he comes out looking like a legit NFL QB. He produces and his production is even better when you compare his results to those qbs who have suffered similarly bad pass protection this year.

Right now he performs in the middle of the pack of NFl qbs and I think that's reasonable considering just his age alone let alone his o tackles. BUt if you extrapolate his results further by taking out the negative impact of a poor o line and he would do very well.

So in short he's not Peyton or Brees and likely will never be (I mean who is - these are all timers). BUt he may be on that next tier and that is more than good enough in this league if you can support him teamwise.

All the Dolphins need is a good FA RT.

Lost in shuffle because Gronk's such a great receiving TE is he may be ther NFL's BEST BLOCKING TE.

Remember, before Gronk went down last season the Pats were also #1 I the NFL in Rushing and he was a Major part of it. When Gronk went down the Pats 2012 rushing offense became curtailed a bit too.

So, stopping Gronk isn't a singular, it's a two-fold issue.

Thats right, Mark in Toronto droppin;' some knowledge on you fools, regarding Tannehill.
Thats right Mark...Represent son!

Ryan T-Fumble, the worst starting QB in football?

Coyle seems hesitant about jamming TE's at the line. Remember what Bellichiok did to stop Gonzalez? Same recipe to he used to shutdown Jimmy Graham also.

Coyle seem to coach give great TE's free releases an allow them to roam free. Great TE's are nearly unstoppable using this recipe.

Rdubs, my man!!!

Sam, Coyle gives everyone on every other team's offense license to go where they want and to match up against who they want. Other teams best are seldom ever on Grimes or even patterson for that matter. I always see Wilson loose in coverage and missing tackles or Carrol almost killing himself (to his own credit) trying to keep up with guys any competent DC wouldn't have him matched up against.

From the last blog....Mark I expect Tannehill will start next year if O-line can keep him off IR

But we had hoped to put the decades long QB search to bed for the next 10 years.

Mark, exactly why I blame Jeff Ireland for not doing the right thing concerning the oline this offseason. Ireland's got to know he needs to give the 2nd yr qb the greatest protection possible.

Not go on a whim with Martin at LT and a maybe with long in the tooth Clabo at RT. These two things have backfired most.

Zonk, you may be right. Tannehill makes everyone worse. No one complained about the RB's, OL, or offence when Moore was starting.

Gronk? Play more man, have DE/LB to lay some wood and drop back.

The Tannehill bashing is getting kind of old. The Bills loss was on him for the most part, but the other two were not. Against the Saints, our defense didn't even give him a chance to keep pace. Against the Ravens, the refs were the difference between winning and losing. I would love to see Tannehill play better as well, but he is our franchise quarterback. If you're not going to look at the facts, support him, and support our team, then go be a Jets fan.

Bracketing Gronk will end in disaster. Effectively you're doubling a TE? This may affect Gronk's yacs, but not his ability to still catch the football.

Plus, by doubling Gronk, the Pats wr's will have a free license to roam free in the secondary. Better believe Brady finds a way to truly exploit this.

Better logic suggests jam Gronk at the line to disrupt the timing of the play and give your pass rushers a split second longer to get to Brady.

Cam Newton back on track

Now only QB in the history of the NFL to have
50 Passing TDs & 25 Rushing TDs in the span of 3 yrs

and this year is only half over

Why again did we draft TanneFAIL ?

Is this the year the Dolphins beat New England at Home
w Brady

Miami has never beaten Brady at Home


last game of the season in 2005
Brady left the insignificant game in the 1st Q
they said he was injured

but the Dolphins have NEVER BEAT BRADY AT HOME and

story in tomorrows MH

Thank u Home

We drafted Tannehill because he is a good quarterback. We knew his skills were raw when we drafted him. He hasn't been playing quarterback since grade school like most other quarterbacks. He's been a quarterback for just a few years. I consider him among the top ten quarterbacks right now. In three years, I'm confident that he'll be among the top 5.

Coyle call this an aggressive defense. Really? When you allow offenses to dictate what you do defensively?

Aggressive defenses DICTATE to OFFENSES what they can and can not do. Coyle, your defense is more read and react after the fact than aggressive. Every week we see teams best receivers end up one on one with our worst db's.

Coyle seems hesitant about jamming TE's at the line. Remember what Bellichiok did to stop Gonzalez? Same recipe to he used to shutdown Jimmy Graham also.

Coyle seem to coach give great TE's free releases an allow them to roam free. Great TE's are nearly unstoppable using this recipe.

Posted by: Sam I Am | October 25, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Yep, and another thing,have you ever seen D-line get their arms up? Jeeze, they teach that in grade school.

Henne > Tannehill

Shuan, with the shotty protection, Tannehill will end up being DAVID CARR.

Fins will win on Sunday.

Close game but the Fins will come out victorious.


a difference of view (or opinion) is not bashing....

I don't call Tanne names...and I don't insult him...

I merely post what I see...or give my opinion as to what happened on the feild...

I will give you the Ravens game...refs totally effed us...no doubt...

Like you said...we ALL want Tanne to play better...and when HE DOES...my post will reflect as much....and I will continue to support my team by being objective and holding them to a standard of SUCCESS...and not .500 ball or less....

This is still America right....

"Henne > Tannehill
Posted by: Cellar Fins | October 25, 2013 at 01:54 PM"


This might actually be the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Ryan T for TURNOVER Tannehill

So I was thinking, I dont do it too much. the beginning of the year the Panthers were giving up a crap load of sacks and getting Cam killed. I am not saying their line is top notch, but their is a huge improvement. Why isnt our line improving? It seems like our oline should be capable of doing something.I mean hell, we had to trade for an old fat LT. I dont know if its the players or the coaching, it boggles my mind

What happened to Clabo against the bille, he looked really good for 3 quarters and then the wheels completely fell off. I wonder if he just cant play well in a hot humd environment like S.Florida. Didnt he play in a dome for most of his career? 8 home games and 1 game against the Saints. That is 9 games a year played in air conditioning.

The Stay Puff Martin Man is a dismal failure in the NFL

Andrew Luck and his quick decision making, physical strength, cerebral play and athleticism actually made Martin look much better than he really was/is

Being pumped up w HGH is not helping this weakarrse lineman

Poor drafting by Ireland

same for TanneFAIL

and Egnew

and our new lineman Thomas drafted in the 3rd

etc. etc, etc

Kris, I'm not sure that I was singling you out. There are a lot of fans hating on Tannehill right now. They are not being constructive or reasonable in their criticism. Objectiveness is fine and all, but lacking support for your team is uncalled for and very shady. You can have your opinions, just support your team in the process. Football is a game. Treat it accordingly.


I have no idea what you see that tells you that Tanne is a top 10 QB...even Mr. STATS (Mark) can't find obsure enough stats to make that square peg fit in a round hole.....

but you are entitled to your opinion....

Tanne to me is closer to what Mark post....middle of the road...and teetering on dropping....

Can he get better....I hope so...but until he does....i'm not gonna let the FINS organization (or anybody else) pi$$ on my head...and then tell me its raining....

Last thing...I don't care if Tanne NEVER played QB until he put on a FINS uniform....they drafed him...therefore...I expect him to perform....

is that really asking to much....

Miami could offer our first (3) 2012 NFL Draft picks:

All busts

to Carolina Panthers
their 1st round pick Cam Newton

but they would never take our 3 loser picks for their number 1 Franchise QB




Agree 1 BILLION percent with your 2:00 post....

Tannehill's ceiling has become clear during boneheaded INTs/poor decisions. He had Dion Sims WIDE open twice on 3rd and short on 2 forced incompletions to Hartline and Wallace. He doesn't see the field quick enough. Pocket awareness atrocious. Slower than Moore or possibly Devlin in both areas. When he rolls or buys time - much better. I think he ultimately gets replaced along with current coaching staff by 2015 season.

cocoajoe, for Tannehill to go from where he was last year to top of the heap in one year would've gone down as one of the best QB seasons ever. But I think he's been just as effective as Russell Wilson and RG3 and whether it's enough or not, that looks to be what you'll get.

At least we didn't give up three first round picks for him!

Personally I'm confident in the kid. Wasn't so sure before the season (training camp) started but I'm satisfied with his year. He just needs to shave down his propensity for turnovers a tad but that's not exactly unusual for QBs in his stage of development. As a matter of fact, if you look at turnovers per pass attempt - Tannehill is at 6.4% (league average is at 4.5%), you'll see his neighbours in the rankings are Russell Wilson, RG3, and Colin Kaepernick.

Surprisingly Tanny has no ability to extend the play. That, together with his lack of accuracy and poor decisions spells bust loud and clear.


Ugggghhhhh, we're still talking about this. The amount of time we spend talking about things we can never change is astounding. Tannehill will either make it in the NFL or he won't, we're all just guessing either way. He may not be an elite qb at any time in his career but we've already established a team doesn't need an elite qb to win a super bowl so where does that leave us in this discussion? Running around in circles as usual.

Its ALWAYS about the QB Phins 78....

and it ALWAYS will be....

I suggest you get on board....

Sam it was the one part of Ireland's plan that scared me too. I was one of the people that said we should just pay Jake. I got roasted for it - turns out jake is just about the same as martin in pass blocking anyway so not sure how wise that would've been anyway.

But yeah, they need to go all in on the o line next year - and keep Soliai, and Grimes, and maybe even Starks now.... he's got some work to do...

Mark The Toronto doucheb&g got his aqua and orange panties in a wad yesterday. I belittled the guy for quoting the 40 times he's gotten off of the internet and believing them to be accurate. He then embarrassed himself by responding with numerous failed attempts at personal insults...not the least of which was "you'll never do anything relevant." Lmao, claims the no lifer who spends time obsessing over a sports team, watching the combine on t.v., and blogging here repeatedly. Clearly he has no education, no ability to earn decent money and no relationships, save for his cyber friends that he's made on this blog. If even one of these things weren't true, he would be doing something else with his time. But he isn't, he's here, he's a major loser in life. Attempting to raise my ire and potentially make himself feel better about his own pathetic state of existence. Try again loser...you're constantly here, you obsess over useless information...you're too ignorant and dumb to know that there are better things to do, better things to think about.

Sports all day, all day I think about sports lol.

Life is passing you by.


Btw, I'm FIRE ROSS and nobody else. Why the fk would I change my name ? I'm also a grad student, committed to twelve years of education, I'm already more accomplished than you lmao.

Dolphins are mediocre again.

I think a better QB would open up the run game. Teams just stackn the box knowing Tanny wont beat them passing.


Did I read that correctly..KEEP STARKS!!! You finally coming around. Thats why I like Mark, he isnt too stubborn. he wanted to get rid of Starks, now he says keep him!

Dolphins are mediocre again.

Posted by: FIRE ROSS | October 25, 2013 at 02:11 PM

4 consecutive losing years is NOT mediocre. This is the worst stretch for a Dolphin team ever.

Roflmao "I've done a lot of digging on Tannehill's performance through six games." Mentally masturbating over nonsense. Go to school, boost your earning potential. Make some money, then dig up information regarding the money markets. Learn a new language, organize a diet, start jogging, lift weights, learn to play an instrument, read a book...go pick up a woman. Get a life.

I love my team, man. I can't help it. Win or lose, the Miami Dolphins are my team and I'd never want to be a fan of any other team. Sometimes my optimism outweighs my realism. I'll admit that, but isn't that a part of being a fan? Having hope? After a loss, especially a bad loss, I might feel like I never want to watch another Dolphins game, and then the next day all I want to do is see them play again. Sure, we're probably not going to the Superbowl this year, but that's not what's really important. What is important is supporting your team, being hopeful, and enjoying the games.

gronk will shred our secondary and linebackers like paper. He may get 200 yrds by himself!!! We have no one who can run with him. Talib will hold wallace to less that one catch

Kris, are you insinuating that I provide obscure stats? I measure Tannehill against all his peers regardless of experience and where he falls short or excels in each area I look for the reason why. And I only look at the widely used stats for measuring him against his peers.

In the end, I find at this stage, Tannehill is a middle of the road QB. Is there room to get better, yes. Is there room to fall off? I think only if he gets seriously hurt a la Carson Palmer.

If this team was ever mediocre they'd throw a parade.

Kisses, Daytona!!!! (a la Richie Incognito to the Jets and their fans)

12 year grad student, congrats on being the Van Wilder (without the popularity) of this blog...

LOL @ Fire Ross on the douche bag office boy from Toronto
little mark the pay-sty dude in panties



that was a JAB in jest to bloster my point....

it was a joke...

but don't act like you have never done it....

a few days ago...you and Bill Arnsbarger twisted my s mercilessly for dramatic effect...attaching words like "love" to schaub...amother other false hoods that I didn't say....

C'mon Mark, only a fool would have thought Tannehill would be "top of the heap" this year. But we had hoped to see more tangible progress from Tannehill. Something that would lead us to believe he could be a top 10 in the next couple of years. And he might just do it yet but that's to be determined

LOL @ the Van Wilder reference...

"Van Wilder of the blog"...

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