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The plan for LT Bryant McKinnie

My guess is the Dolphins will be coy about their plans for Bryant McKinnie this week against New England.

You know ... will he start or not ... will he play or not ... left tackle or right tackle.

Forget that noise.

Here's the deal:

Bryant McKinnie is the Dolphins new starting left tackle. Jonathan Martin, who started the previous six games at left tackle, is moving to right tackle.

The only question that remains is whether McKinnie can get up to speed fast enough to be in the lineup this week. The Dolphins hope he can. He is, after all, a 12-year veteran. He has not been sitting on his couch so he is up to as good a football shape as he can be in for his history with weight issues.Mckinnie

(McKinnie is clearly overweight. The Dolphins list him at 352 pounds. He looks to be more in the 370 range. His sizeable belly bulges out of his practice jersey).

So if McKinnie can learn the playbook -- or enough of it -- to meet the coaching staff's expectations, he'll be playing on Sunday. If not, well then the following week for sure.

The intriguing dynamic the McKinnie addition brings to practice is what to do with Martin. He obviously needs to get re-acclimated with right tackle.

So do the Dolphins split his snaps between left and right to hedge their bets? Or do they commit to giving him right tackle snaps exclusively?

My guess on that is Martin gets the right tackle snaps. Although he stayed at left tackle during the short walk-thru team portion that was open to the media today (nice misdirection, Dolphins), he is expected to take most of the work at right tackle with the starters. 

So there it is. Miami's new starting OL is LT McKinnie, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Martin.


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Thanks for working as a advance scout for the patriots.

If McKinnie plays against the Pats, you better believe Bellichik will have a defensive plan to come after him. Bellichik is great in planning to take away your strongest link, and great at exposing whatever is your weakest link.

On Sunday, if McKinnie plays, he will be seen by Bellichik as our weakest link, due to conditioning and lack of playbook knowledge. This we can bank on.

Baltimore replaced this guy for a reason. He's not a starting LT any more.

I like McKinnie as a change up. he just needs to give the oppsoing player the Friar Tuck belly bump and the defender will go flying. IMPENETRABLE!!!

Train McKinney to fall forward for three and a half yards.
Then train Miller and Thomas to jump on his back (not run behind him).
Then you have a running game.

Sam it's either McKinnie or Clabo. We already know Clabo is the only RT in the history of football that can lose you a game. Might as well.

Haha @ Tim!!!

Armando Salguero @ArmandoSalguero

Bryant McKinnie will wear No. 78 for the Dolphins. Weeeeee.

Richmond Webb will be rolling over in his grave before he even gets there. McKinnie's #78? Webb is crying a river as we speak.

at the very least they are changing things up..


See that's what Im saying all the time about making the system fit the players you have. The Seahags know the strengths of Wilson and that what they scheme for. For almost 20 yrs we are bad and the direct reas on is because we do not get players to fit our system.We continuously get players that don't fit our system tehn let them go and they suddenly blossom after they leave us? NOOOO the team they go to has the system that fits them. Until we get this we are doomed

at the very least they are changing things up..

Posted by: mattybfromnc | October 22, 2013 at 02:52 PM

Should we now call finding new ways to lose changing things up?

They couldn't have done this during the bye week??

Don't know if McKinnie is the best possible solution but at least my Dolphins finally reacted to problems showing up a will to improve. A will voiced not in mere words, but in hard facts.

Just bought stock in Club Madonna.....now that McKinnie is back in town!!

What bothers me most about the offense is at times we look like a playoff offense, then at times we look like an 0-16 offense.

On defense, if Coyle doesn't hurry to find the 3rd and long problem then correct it, we're doomed on this side of the ball too.

Bill has does Club Madonna dole out thier dividends?

McKinnie busted on both Bus and Boat with strippers ... by sea or by gorund, he has your stripper needs met.

Anyone want to bet he gets strippers on the Dolphins plane to make it the UPS triple crown (land, sea, and air) of stripper parties by year end?


3rd and long is simple.....we go into zone coverage. We go into a prevent D. For years we have been afraid to use press coverage and blitz on 3rd and long. When we are on offense this is when the opposing D feast on us. Sack fumble game!!
On Def and Off we have no killer instinct. I would rather risk giving up the big play by attacking than give up the big play by playing soft.

Not much of a McKinniefan at this point. Seems like desperation at this point. I heard a story that he had his knee drained recently. Anybody confirm that?

He'sbig and he's slow...and we're going to play him at LT? Wow! Chandler Jones will be licking his chops!

If his feet are even remotely decent, he should be an instant upgrade. Maybe not exactly at LT but, we get Clabo off the field = Instant upgrade.

It'll take forever to get around that man. If he can lock in & get his arms on the opposing player, they should be completely eradicated from the play.

Or he can be like Columbo & never get out of his stance.

At times, on offense and defense we're good enough to gain a steel hard woodie. Then, at times both units are awful enough to make the head on my neck and shoulders explode.

J Martin has to move back to RT. He is a joke at LT.

The great Steelers, Raiders, Ravens and Dolphins defenses used corner, safety and LB blitzes on a regular basis. When we won our first 3 games it was due to a dominating D. Going into Week 4, the Dolphins’ defense was top 10 in interceptions (5) and sacks (9). The ball-hawking secondary has taken advantage of errant throws forced by the front seven. The pressure has come in multiple ways from second-year defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle, who was plucked off the Cincinnati Bengals’ staff when head coach Joe Philbin was hired in 2012. Coyle’s brought over some tricks that he learned from longtime defensive guru Mike Zimmer.

The most visible of those tricks is the pressure packages. He’s used linebacker (“DOG”) or safety blitzes to apply pressure and distort blocking schemes. This is an important and often forgotten aspect of applying pressure. It’s a matter of numbers and forcing protection to go one way in order to create a favorable one-on-one matchup in another direction. What happened to this scheme??

My question is, how well is John Jerry playing right guard? Can Tyson Clabo play right guard? Would he be an upgrade over John Jerry at right guard?



He has been having his knee drained all season long. Started in camp. He is too big and 34. Much pressure on old knees.

So who evaluated that Martin was strong enough to play LT and Clabo strong enough not to retire and play RT; GM Jeff Ireland. Who thought the WR group from last season was good enough; GM Jeff Ireland.

Craig, desperation, really, you think?

We just had two consecutive weeks where our Rt couldn't hold a block for two seconds and played a big hand in losing both games.

We also have a line that is on pace to give up 70+ sacks.

Desperation? Most definitely.

Baltimore replaced this guy for a reason. He's not a starting LT any more.

Posted by: mike | October 22, 2013 at 02:49 PM

You are right. Nonetheless he's better than any LT on our roster.

How can we ever become a playoff team when every offseason we're trying to erase previous seasons mistakes? It's always, one step forward, two steps backwards, for over decade now.

Even moreso since 2008. We're never really adding talent, just replacing mistakes with more mistakes.

I hope McKinnie will play this week. Something drastic needs to happen, and that throws at least one curveball to make the Patriots re-think their strategy, so it's a 2pt swing.

Also, from last blog, terms like "balanced offense" are cute for fans to bandy about, but there's really no meaning to it. Play-callers don't make sure they have 40 runs and 40 passes as if that in itself is the goal. The goal is to score TDs (on offense), doesn't matter how it's done (unless you have other goals like working the clock, etc.). Teams first off take what defenses are giving them, then try to keep defenses guessing. Just by the nature of that strategy you need to pass and run, and balancing them out keeps everyone fresh, but it really doesn't matter if you score a TD at the end of the drive.

My only fear of running the ball too much (not more mind you, TOO MUCH) is having more 3-and-outs, which we have far too many as it is. So our attempt at a "balanced offense" needs to balance what the outcomes are to our adjusted strategies.

A change is a change and we needed it. Why now instead of last week? I don't know, neither does anyone else probably. This is resembling the Twilight Zone with so many unknowns. tintintintin tintintintin...

You know every now and then some idiot (s) keep posting about the draft. It may or may not be time to talk draft...however a player we should not be talking about is Johnny Manziel. He will not be a NFL caliber QB.....maybe a backup somewhere but he is Flutie without Flutie talent. He is way too small to make it in NFL and has off the field issues to contend with. So lets drop the Manziel to Dolphins talk.

promichael, everyone knows Ireland is the biggest issue with this team.

Even the homers that deny it know deep down. He assembled the coach & the players. Blaming anyone else is simply foolish & living in denial.

He drafts safe & ordinary players & gets average results. You can't make chicken salad out of chicken shyt!

It doesn't matter. We are stuck with him because OBVIOUSLY Ireland has some incriminating pictures of Ross for him to still be in charge.

Our goal, offensively, shouldn't be "balance" it should be the ability to dictate to the defenses instead of just taking what they give you. The best teams (Seattle, Saints, Denver) dictate and force defenses to adjust, don't just take what they are given. The reason the Saints got off track vs. the Patriots is the Pats took them out of their comfort zone (by throwing off the timing routes and putting their best cover CB on Graham) and the Saints offense couldn't dictate to the Pats defense (and didn't make in-game adjustments to utilize other weapons). With that said they still won if they had better clock management.

I think the Jaquars have a stranglehold on Johnny Manziel. They're almost negotiating lol

To the clown who obsesses about Dashi. Idiot, while you come in here and Insanely rant about the same thing over and over. Which is never the right thing to complain about. WHAT DID DASHI SAY ON HIS 1 POST ON GAMEDAY WAS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING "NO TURNOVERS".

With that said this game was lost by 2 people at 2 different but important parts of the game. Tannehill in the First and Clabo in the 4th. Tannehill dug the hole and Clabo put the Nail in the Coffin.

Tannehill made up for the first qtr with a pretty good game the rest of the way. Clabo ran out of gas in the 4th. He got bad real quick the last 3 drives the fins had.

It wasn't on the Play call. It wasn't on the O-line. But It also falls a little on the Defense. Agreed, Coyle isn't that good. At least not as good as our previous DC. While we have had over a decade of incompetence from our previous OC. We have had some of the Best DCs in the league over that same amount of time. J.Bates, M.Nolan, N.Saban. All top notch Defensive minds. Coyle lacks that "It".

Also, to Mr. Tubby Tubby (Major Payne Voice). Deferring on Kickoff's is the right play every time. USE COMMON SENSE. When you defer you set yourself up for the 2nd half. Your defense should be able to stop the other teams first drive more than 95% of the time. Look at the Stats, I bet even the Best offenses (Peyton, Breed, Brady, Rodgers) don't score on the first drive more than 50% of the time. And by deferring if you are down going into the half you get the ball back to try and catch up. And if you are up you get the ball back to try and extend the lead. Common Sense. Don't talk situational football when you don't know Situational Football. It shows your true knowledge of what you know.

And if anyone was offended by my last post. I apologize. I was to general. I didn't mean everyone here. Just a select few who know who they are who only come on here and complain with Zero insight whatsoever on how to resolve the problem, just complain. YOU KNOW THE ONE TWINK WHO KEPT SAYING GILLISLEE IS BETTER THAN E.LACY. THE OTHER BLOWHARD WHO SAID WE SHOULD'VE DRAFTED M.INGRAM. AND THE CLOWN WHO THINKS HENNE IS GOD. Other wise known as the 3-Headed Troll Monster of Dolphins in Depth. And let me not forget their Overlord Mr. Tubby Tubby.

But I'm not exactly comfortable having a Player we abused 3 wks ago. In any case, we have no choice in playing him.

Arnsparger, at the rate we're moving we could be drafting top 10 in 2014. Even if we're drafting 10th, and Manziel is still on the board, Ryan Tannehill or not, I would still take him.

With an oline as dysfunctional as ours, we need a qb who is very elusive in the pocket. That's Johnny Manziel. Look at Jax, they thought they had the answer with Gabbert. Just because you've already used a 1st rd pick on a qb, doesn't mean you should be afraid to use another when you begin to see flaws.

Yeah, I see some good in Tannehill, but also see flaws that could take years to correct or not at all. I haven't see so much in Tannehill that would make me afraid to pull the trigger in the 1st rd if an upgrade may be available.

Wow: So the money that Ireland saved not paying Jake Long he is now spending on McKinnie, an out of shape much older LT. Jake was rated in the top ten for LT this season.

I guess the Dolphins offered him extra money to get into shape or to motivate McKinnie. If they have the cheer Leaders go topless that might work out better.

I know McKinnie has played LT his whole Career. But it would be a waste using him there for the Dolphins.

McKinnie is replacing Clabo. Period.

And No. Not this week. What the coaches might do is use a rotation. Clabo seemed to get tired as the game wore on. And McKinnie probably can't play a whole game either. Rotate series with them keep them both fresh.

At 3:15PM, it's Bill Daytona at his best.

Sam you didn't read my post. Manziel is not an NFL caliber QB. Why would we draft him? He is Flutie with Flutie Talent and Fultie wasn't that good in NFL either! You don't give up on 2yr QB that has not had a team around him. No OL, NO TE, No RB.....yure not being realistic!

Dr Canosa....Im Bill not Daytona. Daytona is your patient you should know all his personalities!!

That's crazy. McKinnie is not a RT, besides, he wants to play only on the L and if they brought him in is with that condition.

Bill, then I guess I should never be a team's gm. Qb position in particular, I would burn 1st rd picks until I'm at least 90% certain I got it right.

I'm only about 65% on board with Tannehill. So, now you know what I would being doing in the draft in 2014. Right?

I like Manziel. He is a tremdous QB. And they just said on radio that McKinnie is playing LT which makes sense.

I'm just so afraid Tannehill will be, clap on, clap off, his entire career. In the nfl, that eventually makes you a backup.

J.Manziel will NOT be a First round pick.

There is a difference between college football and Pro Football. Specially when it comes to drafting.

T.Tebow was the greatest College QB in history. Sucked as a Pro. And was Egregiously over drafted by the Broncos.

J.Manziel is a Great College QB, Horrible Pro Prospect.

If you want Dashi to breakdown Manziel as a Pro, I will. But trust me, you don't want the Truth to be exposed. J.Manziel has a lot of Flaws as a Player and never mind the off field behavior which already doesn't make him a Top 15 Pick.

J.Manziel is a Better Prospect than M.Barkley. But that doesn't mean he would be a good pro prospect. Just that he shouldn't go as low as M.Barkley who got over-drafted.
Manziel should be a 3rd round pick at best. But some team will take a chance on him in the late first or in the 2nd round.

Just stop with the who is Daytona thing. What a waste of time. Who really has the time to give a sh*t!

Many of you have been made to look like jackas*es over your ASSumptions in the past.

While that was the best part of it, you should stick to what you know, not what you don't.

With one swift, stunning and totally brilliant move, our offensive line problems have been resolved. The hand of the chess master has again manipulated the pieces to checkmate the division. NFL personnel circles are stunned by this sudden turn of events, and major shift in the NFL power elite. Jeff Ireland, well done sir!

McKinnie's not a RT. DUUUUHHH!

I agree F4L...what a dichotomy we have for ourselves! We are damned if we do and damned if we don't. The 2 moves that must be made at seasons end are OC and DC. The other thing that bothers me a lot is that this team has no fire. Other teams charge out onto the field ready for battle....we just saunter out. We have taken on the personality of the coaches. We are vanilla. I really wish some of our team leaders would have more fire....like Ray Lewis used too.

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 01:57 PM

I also have a problem with not just the OC but DC and feel they both have to go! I can't ever recall (and I'm a lifer going on 35 Yrs. now) a more athletically talented group Defensively than the one Coyle has at his disposal. I remember in 81 when (your name sake) Arnsparger switched to the then very radical 3/4 scheme to fit his Killer Bees D, he didn't invent it but it fit his players.

With Duhe the rover lining up at all 4 LB spots. The Blackwoods for all intents were both playing F.S. with NO Strong dividing the field in a Cover-2 giving deep double over the CB's (McNeal and Gerald Small) maybe Glenn played some S.S. allowed to freelance more in the middle of the field but at the snap they were both a good 15 Yds. off the line. In those days the T.E.'s weren't so athletic but when we saw one (Winslow Sr.) our SOLB Larry Gordon could run with him (and usually when Glenn crept into the seam)

My point is from 71 till 73 then from 76 to 83 the Dolphins played in both the 3/4 and 4/3 with a multitude of Coverage schemes (man,cover-2,zone and some innovated along the way) under a DC that knew how to manipulate a scheme to suit his talent. The best at it today is Belichik (even with the spy gate) they're NEVER physically the most imposing and in alot of cases retreads fill his D roster (with one of note at our expense) but he fits them into a scheme which may shift 3 times in the same Yr.

I've had it with former Assistants getting out Coached which to me is a BIG PART of the problem here! I've historically blasted Shula the G.M. plenty but he knew how to MORPH SCHEME to fit his pieces and when collaborating with Arnsparger they took a makeshift team in 82 to the dance (to this day only team without a TRULY identified starter at QB to go and not without a bunch trying it with 2 QB's either) It boggles my mind as BAD as the OL can be just how much I see the talent being wasted especially on the Defensive side of the ball with little to NO INNOVATION on O!

Ok Sam I will play with you for a moment....you are the Dolphins GM. We have the #1 draft pick in 2014. On the board is:

Johnny Manziel, QB
Jake Matthews, LT
DeAnthony Thomas, RB
Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Are you seriously telling me that you draft Manziel when there are players that play to our needs in that top 4??? REALLY?

I'm not enamoured either with Martin being on the R side. But wth, we couldn't be worse off than what we are now. Could we??

Sherman has lost the last two games. The oline should have been handled this offseason and Jordan start opposite wake

McKinnie is replacing Clabo. Period. Posted by Dashi
Dashi what other provocative statements do you have to offer.
Perhaps a plan to find another franchise quarterback or a plan to have the cheerleaders go topless as motivation for Mr. McKinnie.

Just fix the problem. Guys need to do there Job. We need peoples, that work and not just show up too get paid. TOO MANY!!!

Tannehill will be backing up Johnny Manziel in Jacksonville in a couple years. Didnt Henne do that?

Well, I know Daytona.

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