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The plan for LT Bryant McKinnie

My guess is the Dolphins will be coy about their plans for Bryant McKinnie this week against New England.

You know ... will he start or not ... will he play or not ... left tackle or right tackle.

Forget that noise.

Here's the deal:

Bryant McKinnie is the Dolphins new starting left tackle. Jonathan Martin, who started the previous six games at left tackle, is moving to right tackle.

The only question that remains is whether McKinnie can get up to speed fast enough to be in the lineup this week. The Dolphins hope he can. He is, after all, a 12-year veteran. He has not been sitting on his couch so he is up to as good a football shape as he can be in for his history with weight issues.Mckinnie

(McKinnie is clearly overweight. The Dolphins list him at 352 pounds. He looks to be more in the 370 range. His sizeable belly bulges out of his practice jersey).

So if McKinnie can learn the playbook -- or enough of it -- to meet the coaching staff's expectations, he'll be playing on Sunday. If not, well then the following week for sure.

The intriguing dynamic the McKinnie addition brings to practice is what to do with Martin. He obviously needs to get re-acclimated with right tackle.

So do the Dolphins split his snaps between left and right to hedge their bets? Or do they commit to giving him right tackle snaps exclusively?

My guess on that is Martin gets the right tackle snaps. Although he stayed at left tackle during the short walk-thru team portion that was open to the media today (nice misdirection, Dolphins), he is expected to take most of the work at right tackle with the starters. 

So there it is. Miami's new starting OL is LT McKinnie, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Martin.


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what a disaster this franchise is

manziel the number one pick??? loooooooooooool guy is 5'10 and a moron no chance

LT and QB wanted. Must be willing to play for peanuts. Contact the Miami Dolphins.

Leaving clabo one on one with Mario will probably end. In a. Disaster. Clabo should be a better player but as a coach you should know that your player has weaknesses and you have to coach accordingly. Run three times and make a third team qb go the length of the field in two. Mins


Actually Arnsparger did make the 3/4 popular but it was in the early 70's. We were short on DL and he converted LB Bob Matheson into the 4th Linebacker/DE. He drove Namath crazy along with the rest of the league. No one was using it then. That was a staple of the No Name Defense.

albert | October 22, 2013 at 03:28 PM

In those days I was one of those small kids you see today in full team uni. for the game. My understanding of scheme very elementary but when he went back to it after his return from N.Y. I remember it just fine. (Still very young then but Dad was a Diehard and I group up at St. Thomas during Training Camp and the OB during the Season) Great memories! Instilled the LIFER in me NO MATTER how many NBA Titles come to Miami my 1st true love is to this game and the Football town this always was from my pewee days through H.S. Ball !


you hit it right on the head. I have been saying for yrs that we do not get players to fit our scheme. There is reason I took the Arnsparger moniker. You spelled it out perfectly. I have also expounded on the success of the Pats the last decade. They get players to fit there scheme and not the other way around. Why do players leave the Dolphins and suddenly become stars? Even players that were stars elsewhere come here and don't do well...eg. Dansby, Burnett, Marshall then go on and become stars again.

btw, where's odin?


McKinnie doesn't interest me. In the slightest. I don't see a 370 pound 34year old guy being the answer to anything. I realize Clabo screwed up on perhaps the biggest play of the game Sunday but it was Mario Freaking-Williams that beat him. Guy's got something like 10.5 sacks on the season for a reason. I actually thought. The OL played OK on Sunday.

So they add McKinnie. I say 'big deal'. If Ozzie Newsome gave up on him. That tells me all i need to know. It's back to the drawing board and likely a LT first round in April.


I too have fond memories of being in full Dolphins uniform in the early 70's at the Orange Bowl. Then in "73 my family moved to NYC and to this day I still bleed Aqua & Orange......its much harder to be a fan when you have 3 NY teams and the Pats 24/7 in the news. But here I am 45 yrs later.

You might be a guy that knows the last time Shula farted in the Field but you are nothing compared to odin, YG and I. Nothing.

For all that is holy (from the last blog)...

you sure told me told me...

never have I been put in my place in such away...

you are the toughest guy on the blog...

The way the insults (not football talk) roll of your keyboard is like pure poetry...

I think I will talk TO the adults now...

but if you like...you can talk AT me....

Cmon Craig I have to believe you are debating to just debate right now. Did Clabo play Mario Williams all 6 games? He has been HORRIBLE....by his own stmt....this entire season!

.....DC. I agree with everything you say as far a having an offense that can dictate to the defense what we want to do..We do not have anything close to this sort of offense. So when I am hoping the team will commit to the run more. It is for the greater good of this team right now.

We just do not have the ability to dictate anything. To me if the run game was a bigger part of the plan. it would at least start to keep the defense on its feet.

Go look at the first half...We had a formation that we had not used at all that we ran out of quite well. We were lining up 2 tight ends on one side of the formation(the right) one off the line, one on the line. The tight end(usually Egnew when we would do it) would sometimes drop into the fullback spot. This was a new look that gained positive yards in both pass and run plays.

Now go look at the formations that the Bills knew what our tendencies are..For example 3 wide, 1 TE, 1 RB...We are 9 percent going to pass from this formation. Teams know not to blitz us when we give this look(Ironicaly the Bills did once and Tanny hooked up with Wallace for 49 yds)..Anyway. Teams are dropping their linebackers into the intermediate, and they get and extra nickel guy to cover. Since nobody is blitzing, and the teams are getting a rush from their base line men..It has made it very congested to complete passes. Add to the fact that Tannehillis getting little time to throw..And this formation, one that we use more then any one formation..Has been figured out.

Look at the int's in the first half..the first one we were in a 4 receiver set, 2 on each side. Again I hate this formation for this team because 1 we can't protect, 2 Tannehill has to make a quick read. I don't think he is at his best when he has to make quick accurate throws..The pick 6 was a perfect example of this.

Pick 2..trips to the right, Clay lined up wide left. Again 4 recievers. Again we didn't block it, and again because the defense knew we don't run well out of this formation..They took away the trips by pressing the recievers at the line of scrimmage. No way they do that if they are thinking run at all.

So my point is that I understand that situation dictates the playcalling a lot of the time. the second half of the Saints game, the Cleveland Game. The Atlanta game..I get why were throwing it.. I am a run guy,and in the ATl game I was hoping we would abandon the run...We can make a conscious choice to run the ball more. To be more balanced. If we do, if the team buys in? Different story. I would like to see this happen. Obviously I think it would benefit the team.

..90 percent we will pass from this formation

You still have about 1hr and 2' to punch out, so...

Kris, go cry somewhere else you ninny.

Granted, I can't see this happening overnight but the defense needs more 'than the little things' need changing.

First, you get Jordan into the games in a position to use his remarkable physical talents. You can do this by going back to the 3/4. The starting ends would be Odrick and Starks with the NT being Soliai. Positions they've all played at one time or another. Next you make Jordan a stand up backer on one side and do the same for Wake on the other. Again no unusual positioning as they've both played standing up or with their hand in the dirt. And you can put them both on the same side where Jordan's responsibility is too check the TE, to disrupt the timing between between QB/TE. Something we haven't done this season and TEs still are hurting us. (Can't wait for his weekend and will have my eyes closed whenever Brady looks at Gronkowski). Jordan can still check the TE and then give a delayed rush to the QB. Or doing what he was brilliant at Oregan by dropping into coverage. Move Misi inside with Ellerbe. Allowing Ellerbe to play to one of his best qualities of blitzing the QB. I can't see any OC game planning against all the possibilities that this may possess. As for Wheeler you can plug him into any of the 4 LBer positions as needs arise and they will. Vernon at 6'2" and 270 and Shelby at 6'2" and 280 could be backups for the two starting DEs with one of them moving into one of the DE spots with Starks or Odrick sliding over to the nose in passing situations. Also giving a all five players rotating as needs exist.

This would put much less pressure on our DBs and allow them, the opportunity of a take away. Just what Philbin keeps talking about. Granted it's not all that simple but other then Misi all the players have played all the positions that this change would call for.

The most visible of those tricks is the pressure packages. He’s used linebacker (“DOG”) or safety blitzes to apply pressure and distort blocking schemes. This is an important and often forgotten aspect of applying pressure. It’s a matter of numbers and forcing protection to go one way in order to create a favorable one-on-one matchup in another direction. What happened to this scheme??

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 03:09 PM

You forgot all about Jim Johnson in the Reid ERA in Philly! He ran those packages to perfection and Philly was always at the top of the League on D in those days as well. The trick to the scheme is KNOWING how to run it/apply it!

Like any good poker player you bluff and pick-n-choose your spots keeping the opposition guessing and this is were alot of the disciples of this scheme fail whether applying it out of the 3/4 or 4/3. After Johnson died of Cancer how many of his Assistants/disciples did Reid try and have run this D with little success?? Everybody feels Reid lost his MOJO on O and it was his lack of running that did him in and in part true but it was the MARKED drop in D after DC JJ passed that really did his Eagles in! I'm not sure who he pegged to run his D in K.C. but I watched them Vs. Philly (ironically for Philly fans) and he's running the D out of the 3/4 like JJ did for him. Seems he finally found the guy. I think Coyle has shown tells or tendencies teams are jumping on there was a couple of screens Vs. the Bills were Trusnik was blitzing and caught way out of position for example.

They should also let Garner play left guard. Can't get any worst... or can it?

Guy's got something like 10.5 sacks on the season for a reason.

Posted by: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 03:52 PM

Yea, and? Clabo's given up 10 sacks for a reason. Reason being? He sucks.

Everyone outside & inside the orginization knew & wanted some help along the o-line. If Mckinnie was the best they could do, it had to be done.

No one would have been content to stay put & do nothing about it. Are you saying if it was between Mckinnie & nothing you would choose the latter?

Dashi, don't overlook the Browns when it comes to drafting Manziel...

Craig, Ozzie gave up on Mckinnie last year and then rode him to a Super Bowl victory and a two year extension. I think McKinnie's problem is he isn't very coachable, he thinks he can do what he wants.

It does seem like a desperate fix by Jeffy.


I'm not arguing that. Clabo HAS been bad. But the adding of McKinnie to play LT? Disaster waiting to happen. It'll be interesting to see if Philbin even plays him. The guy is DONE.

All I said Bill, was the line didn't play that badly Sunday. Not sure why everyone gets so defensive when that is said. They only gave up two sacks on the day and thy did a decent job opening holes for the running game. Unfortunate that Clabo gave up the sack at that time to one of the best DL in the league.

Dashi, all the better, if Manziel is still available with our 2nd rd pick, Ireland would be the bigger fool than he already seems if he didn't pull the trigger.

There at least 25 teams wishing thy had pulled the trigger on Russell Wilson right now. He seemed like "just a college qb", all he did was make plays and continues to do this.

If Manziel is available 2nd rd, you pull the trigger whether you think you need a qb or not. We've done far worse with 2nd rd picks.

If McKinnie doesn't give up any sacks vs. NE, I think Philbin should personally take him to the strip club & buy him a lap dance.

Hell, two lap dances, they're small, and the man has quite a lap.

You can bet your asss McKinnie is going to be at that LT position this Sunday.(as if Belichick wouldn't know)

Craig tells us now that if Newsome gives up on him, we should look away.

Before the season he was telling everyone how bad a move it was for Newsome to sign Flacco to that contract.

Just another example of how Craig has to have it both ways on everything.


to clarify my postition...

The stats are nice...and you make a point about a BIGGER picture...it probably does provide a more balanced insight....me...when it comes to my FINS....i look @ everything thru a microscope...and then follow it up with a fine tooth comb....

Tanne has NOT been that impressive...and even tho he throws the ball 40 times a game...he rarely gets to 300 yards(only one this season)....

I believe the standard by which you judge Tanne is late 90's...maybe early 2000's for QB play....when few had exceptional games...and a QB that got you 250 yards passing and a TD was "getting the job done"...

it ain't your POPS NFL any more....and Rookies and new QBS are putting up big numbers EVERY WEEK....except Tanne....our guy...If Tanne's numbes in passing yardage and passing TDs (the stats that matter) don't measure up...imo....not giving the # of passes he is allowed to attempt per game...nothing dynamic about him to this point....

and as far as Moore goes...when do you give him a shot...

if Tanne turns the ball over..

2 times...3 times...or does tanne have infinite autonamy whith regards to the starting QB postion...you tell me...

I don't believe he should....but then again...I am the guy who said he should have had competition for the job....even if it was fake...

I'm in Missiouri right now....and there motto is the SHOW ME STATE...

Before I pledge my undying allegiance to this 2nd year WR..I mean QB...all I am asking is that he show me...US...that he can play consistently @ average level....

am I asking to much...

Craig, that's exactly the point. YOU DON'T ALLOW MARIO FREAKING WILLIAMS A CHANCE TO GO ONE ON ONE WITH CLABO. You either slide over protection to roll away from him ... something, you don't call a 5 step drop back play. That was just criminally stupid. i don't even blame Clabo. Not his fault he can't play anymore.

He should do better here than in Balt. He knows Miami and its places. Many that are not used to Miami don't do well here.

Our biggest issue with our tackles is that they get bull rushed. they literally get knocked back into the pocket. Not a ton of the sacks have been from someone getting around them, mostly right through them.

with that said a huge strong guy like McKinnie may actually be an upgrade. He will not get bull rushed frequently. Even when Jordan beat him and hit Flacco's arm for the pick six he had to go around Mckinnie - and Jordan is one of the few DE's with a wing span to make that play.

I'm keeping an open mind that McKinnie will actually upgrade our pass defense. His biggest knock this season has been with run blocking. At this point we don't use our running game anyway, so if we can improve Tannehills protection we've improved the oline IMO..

Or he can be like Columbo & never get out of his stance.

Manziel is the most elusive qb in college today. Then add he makes plays with his feet as well as having an accurate arm.

Right now I feel Manziel's accuracy deep is better than Tannehill's. Off the field issues or not, I feel Manziel could make this a legit playoff offense. I highly doubt he'll be available 2nd rd. He's probably still one of the top two qb's taken in 2014. I think a team like Jax will take Bridgewater 1st. Then, Manziel, then Boyd.


I'm saying McKinnie'snot the answer. i'm saying Clabo had a really rough first. Half last season and a very good second half. I'm saying the guy gave up a sack at a key point in the game last week to one of the best guys in the game last week and he's being crucified. For it. Doesn't matter i guess that he never should have been one on one with Williams at that stage of the game. Doesn't matter that the QB has to hang onto the ball at that part of the game.

So I'm not defending Clabo, I'm simply questioning McKinnie.

DC, au contraire, a balanced offense is not some buzz word made up by people on this blog. It has always been the goal of smart, sucessful teams. Now, rarely if ever is there a team that is as good pass and run. And many times no matter what the GM & HC do, it turns out that they're pass heavy or vice versa. Doesn't mean they want it that way. Can you imagine what Marino would have done with a run game to help?

I wonder if Clabos stats weren't helped in Atl by defenses chipping Gonzo at the line?

Craig, disaster waiting to happen? Disaster has already happened. Welcome to scorched earth as far as the OLine is concerned.

u must not watch manziel, his accuracy sucks also. he just runs around and makes plays. runs the ball a ton, none of his game is worth much in the nfl. hes short, weak arm, not accurate and very dumb


How's that contract for Flacco looking now? He earning his money? Carrying the team?

If you'd bothered to read my comments and actually understand what I was saying (something you are obviously incapable of doing), I said Newsome had no choice to sign him the contract but that it would be the wrong move and would come back to bite them. It already has with their inability to keep Ellerbe and Bolden.

How is you need EVERYTHING explained to you before you open your YAP?

I don't know how much McKinney still has in the tank or how motivated he will be, but one thing I definitely like about him is his attitude. He & Ritchie Incognito together on the left side of the line is going to bring line toughness we haven't had in a long time. This trade has the prospects of being a great upgrade change or a huge bust depending on what McKinney brings.

Craig sorry I thought you were defending Clabo also. Not sure if Mckinnie is the answer but I am sure he is better than Clabo right now. Dashi made an interesting stmt about splitting time between to old Tackles. Let Clabo an McKinnie split time. Don't know hat that does for OL stability but couldn't be any worse than 26 sacks!!

Sam..... Manziel is exacty what Wilson will ever be. A game manager. The seahags win due to great D and game mgmt. on offense. That is Wilson and Manziels ceiling.

...I would bet the phins draft a quarterback regardless of how the team, Tannehill finish the season. Best case scenario is we figure out a way to protect, and Tannehill develops nicely. We take a quarterback in the mid rounds to develop in case A we need him in a bachup capacity. Or 2 this backup becomes a hot commodity down the road that we can use for value a later time.

Worst case scenario..Tannehill continues on an rapid angle of regress. We are forced to take a quarterback because it becomes clear that Tannehill is not going to be the answer..(I would say this is an extreme longshot as I would imagine the whole FO would lose their jobs in this case)

Balanced offense sounds good, but, the true manta will always be to give the defense a heavier dose of what they defend least. If, they defend pass and run equally as well, then you want your offensive plays to be balanced.

Sometimes, you may even need to throw those stats out of the window. Going with heavier doses for what may be working particularly well during that game.

I'm for whatever's working well at the time. Depending on how well the defense is defending run or pass in game. Not, going balanced for the sake of saying you're balanced. That can result in losses too.

True balanced offense is balancing the offense towards what the defense is or is not giving you, by exploiting it's weaknesses.

if Martin moves to the right i see alot of runs in that direction sunday. Martin is a better run blocker than Mckinnie


I actually lean more to your viewpoint on this than others. I'm not ready to bench Tannehill but a couple more games against the Pats and Bengals like that and I will be.

Stats aren't everything, as your guy Joe Flacco has shown. never one to. Lead the league in stats,he just does what he's asked to do to allow the team town. I believe that's the model for Tannehill the 'phins are hoping for.

My question to you is, if things continue with him and the OL this season, what do you do in the draft with QB and LT?

Ok Sam I will play with you for a moment....you are the Dolphins GM. We have the #1 draft pick in 2014. On the board is:

Johnny Manziel, QB
Jake Matthews, LT
DeAnthony Thomas, RB
Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Are you seriously telling me that you draft Manziel when there are players that play to our needs in that top 4??? REALLY?

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 03:39 PM

If it's me and were going LT I trade out of the pick! Jake Matthews (Bruce's son and some bloodlines on that family being the cousin of Clay) will be a RT in the NFL mark my words! He is very susceptible to the speed rush and was exposed Vs. Bama. He was always the RT anyway till this Yr. when Joeckel went Pro. The Tackle Pos. is also VERY DEEP in 2014 and we have WAAAAAAY to much depth on the DL to invest the #1 overall selection on Clowney as good as he is but who seems to play when he feels like it (Coples comes to mind here in a long list of these types) unless we try and trade Wake but the return won't be worth it for us.

I would look to trade Cleveland for both their #1's if they want Manziel or Bridgewater at the top pick given their overall #1 will be top-10 anyway you can have your pick at LT with quite a few good ones like maybe Mich.'s T.Lewan, Bama's Kouandijo, Tenn's Richardson or N.C. sleeper James Hurst with 2nd #1 if you see a Guard you grade higher in the top-10 like UCLA's very NASTY Xavier Su'a-Filo given Cogs is older an a 2014 FA as well as Jerry at RG which can be addressed in FA if Dallas Thomas proves he can't even play there.

I don't feel in this day and age as good as De'Anthony Thomas is he goes in the top-10 and I wait out the RB in RD-2 were a guy like Baylor's Seastrunk maybe there for you to replace Thomas who to me goes unless your giving up on Gilleslee? In RD-3 if there I shock some and put Mr. Tannehill on notice with real competition from Mariota (probably wishful thinking) Murray Morris or even McCarron at this point because if he doesn't get "IT" by 2015 I may just trade the house on Jameis Winston (also looks like a GREAT leader as a Fr. and is lighting it up with the same team Manuel had with mediocre returns)

Kris, I believe youa re looking too close at tannehill, that is what I was trying to cimmunicate before. He hasn't been a star, nor do I portray him as one but he's been good enough so you don't consider moving to Moore. Tannehill is far from being ona short leash.

More turnovers than TDs, yeah it's a problem. Did you relaize Wilson also suffers from the same affliction? You realize the super bowl champion is just .500 in this capacity as well?

You say Tannehill amasses all these yards because he gets so many attempts? WRONG!

Again, I will say this again, Tannehill is 18th in passing yards. He is 20th in attempts. Again, he is almost in the bottom third of the league in pass attempts.

he is 16th in completion %

he is 15th in touchdowns

He IS tied for 8th last in # of INTs. That is where he needs to get better. But also realize Flacco has thrown more, Jay Cutler has thrown as many, Dalton only one fewer and Brady only two fewer. So in that regard he has some decent neighbours. This doesn't even mention Eli Manning's year.

Fumbles are high but then again, he's playing behind a historically bad o line and how many can be placed on him truly??

So odds are he's not Brady, Brees, or Manning. But there are only 3 of those and Brees and Brady took a long time to evolve into what they are now too.

In short, it is much too early to give up on Tannehill and there is certainly a # of areas that tell you that he can play.

I mean this isn't Ryan Leaf and he is on pace to have a better year than Henne ever had so we can stop with those parallels.

So you see that I am not suing dated info to assess where he ranks among his peers but the most current information.

And you want to replace him with a QB who is even worse protecting the ball and has done nothing in his career to show that he can be a starter? For what?? matt Moore has never beat a team with a winning record in his life.


Did you know that Manziel was asked to switch to DB by U of Texas? Then he committed to Oregon and changed to Aggies. He has off field issues and is extremely immature.

BTW, Mando, your friend the braided coconut disagrees. He says McKinnie is going to be RT. I have a feeling you're right tho Mando. I've seen Martin get pushed back into Tannehill too many times. That is, when he wasn't completely missing his assignment.

What I love about Manziel most is how elusive he is in the pocket. He's never going take many sacks and he will flat wear out defensive pass rushers in the NFL.

He's not going to be the statue of liberty on Hudson river. He has the ability to flat out demoralize defenses.


I'd be cool with McKinnie and Clabo splitting time at RT and Martin continuing at LT. Best guy at RT plays.

Ireland had to add a tackle before the trade deadline and I'm guessing this is the best he could do. problem is McKinnie at this stage is no saviour.

You guys talking about benching Ryan Tannehill are complete morons! If you watched the games a little more closely you would have seen Tannehill's hand getting hit by pass rushers on both of those interceptions. That's not his fault, it's the fault of the guys protecting him. Now if he's holding the ball too long & playing without pocket awareness then that would be his fault, but on Sunday they that wasn't the case.

According to Philbin, Mckinnie is used to run wide blocking zones and gap schemes like we (try to) run here. Could it be not being used to this why Clabo has failed here?

Mark excellent post. Those are the facts. Save that post so that everytime some knuckle head comes in here with his Play Moore post or lets draft Manziel post you have it all written down already. Great post Pal

Dansby, Burnett, Marshall then go on and become stars again.

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Dansby being the latest best example! An OLB who NEVER acclimated to the move Inside amny don't can only remember Wilbur Marshall historically doing it at a high level. Easier to move your MLB Outside if he has the speed later but not inside if he NEVER called the D or took the field from sideline-to-sideline. Even Wilbur lost some od his MOJO on the move inside in Wassh. given I felt he was on his way to being the LT of Chi-Town (sometimes felt he hit with worse intentions)

Bryant McKinnie says he was only working at LT today. "All I've ever played."

Another Dashi theory debunked.

The Qb has to hang on? haha, he had 900 pbs of man hitting him blind between Clobo used as a javelin, Daniel Thomas being catapulted and Mario's 300 himself. Sure yeah, hang on when you are about to throw the ball.

Ok Sam I will play with you for a moment....you are the Dolphins GM. We have the #1 draft pick in 2014. On the board is:

Johnny Manziel, QB
Jake Matthews, LT
DeAnthony Thomas, RB
Jadeveon Clowney, DE

Are you seriously telling me that you draft Manziel when there are players that play to our needs in that top 4??? REALLY?

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 03:39 PM

Ok Bill, lets play.

Automatically elimate both DeAnthony Thomas and Jadaveon Clowney. Thomas because it's NFL suicide to draft a small rb this high when you already have pass rush blocking problems with your rb's. Rule out Clowney because we spent a 1st and 2nd rd pick on Jordan this year.

Now we're down to Matthews and Manziel. I take Manziel in this scenario because we kind of kill 2 birds with one stone. With Manziel's great pocket elusiveness, it kind of eliminates the need for an absolute top flight LT.

Actually, I don't think there's been a more elusive qb in the pocket since Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton never won a sb ring, but, he did get the Vikes to 3 or 4 sb's. Better than Marino ever did.

Craig M....

That is a GREAT question...and one I have been pondering for days now....

I think the greater need is @ OL (Tanne is still servicable)....but I would buy my LT(FA)...and draft my QB...unless the plan is to go get Shaub....I know he has had a rough stretch....but the guy can play....he would be for us...what Alex Smith is to the Chiefs....and niners for 2 years...

The Maybe we don't have to draft a QB...Maybe let Tanne Challenge for the job evey year until he is ready...that should buy us 3 years...

Armando has tweeted that McKinnie only played LT today and Martin played LT and RT. So it would appear that McKinnie will play left and Martin goes back to RT with Clabo backing up RT.

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