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The plan for LT Bryant McKinnie

My guess is the Dolphins will be coy about their plans for Bryant McKinnie this week against New England.

You know ... will he start or not ... will he play or not ... left tackle or right tackle.

Forget that noise.

Here's the deal:

Bryant McKinnie is the Dolphins new starting left tackle. Jonathan Martin, who started the previous six games at left tackle, is moving to right tackle.

The only question that remains is whether McKinnie can get up to speed fast enough to be in the lineup this week. The Dolphins hope he can. He is, after all, a 12-year veteran. He has not been sitting on his couch so he is up to as good a football shape as he can be in for his history with weight issues.Mckinnie

(McKinnie is clearly overweight. The Dolphins list him at 352 pounds. He looks to be more in the 370 range. His sizeable belly bulges out of his practice jersey).

So if McKinnie can learn the playbook -- or enough of it -- to meet the coaching staff's expectations, he'll be playing on Sunday. If not, well then the following week for sure.

The intriguing dynamic the McKinnie addition brings to practice is what to do with Martin. He obviously needs to get re-acclimated with right tackle.

So do the Dolphins split his snaps between left and right to hedge their bets? Or do they commit to giving him right tackle snaps exclusively?

My guess on that is Martin gets the right tackle snaps. Although he stayed at left tackle during the short walk-thru team portion that was open to the media today (nice misdirection, Dolphins), he is expected to take most of the work at right tackle with the starters. 

So there it is. Miami's new starting OL is LT McKinnie, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Martin.


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Craig, you didn't answer my question.

We ALL know the team & fans wanted something done about the oline. For Ireland to trade for Mckinnie, that should tell us that he was the best Ireland could get for what we wanted to spend.

My question to you again, if it was between trading a late rounder for Mickinnie or leaving the line as is, what would you prefer? The former or latter?


Seriously bud? You smoking drugs? 'His hand was hit on both of those interceptions'? OK now I've heard it all. The Tannehill apologists are out in full force!

Go back and look at the plays, Rick. There was nobody near him. That was ALL Tannehill.

If Tannehill is a bust this year, i would go free agent and sign Phillip Rivers if available.

but he has 7 kids and may not want to move.

Listen Sam we don't need to waste a draft pick on Manziel....Tebow is just like him and we can get him for free!!

By the way @ 4:40. you take the best player available and find a way to use him - that's Clowney EASY BREEZY.

I don't care who is on the team. You pick BPA unless you have a need at QB - then you picka QB if he is in the equation.

You then trade from your strength for other assets.


Under the circumstances I'd do what Ireland did.no choice really. All I'm saying is McKinnie isn't the answer.

So Kris, you don't like tanne but you love Schaub? Goodness gracious ... at least go with the young guy with more upside and room to grow ... never mind the guy that is also currently better.

Martin cant play LT. Thats why they got McKinnie.

If Manziel is available 2nd rd, you pull the trigger whether you think you need a qb or not. We've done far worse with 2nd rd picks.

Sam I Am | October 22, 2013 at 04:08 PM

The Russell Wilson express (whether O is geared for him or not) and the P.R. MACHINE have the Manziel draft express in serious HYPERBOLE JET MODE! Make NO MISTAKE! I'm one of the most critical believing apart from the weak arm and middle of the pack athletics the kids a World Class D I C K!! Has on 2 occasions I've seen shown up his own H.C. on Nat'l TV but teams reeling from passing on Wilson and seeing the #'s he puts up will argue that Brees (MENTAL INTANGIBLES) wasn't the best athlete without the huge arm either, YADDA, YADDA, YADDA! And I tell you now he probably doesn't get passed Jax were they need some positive spin on that franchise and he would be what the Dr. ordered in that regard given their NOT GETTING L.A. that prize belongs to the Chargers!

Rick, I don't think anyone's saying bench Tannehill. The debate we're having is has Tannehill's play warrants 100% not pulling the trigger in the 1st rd if Manziel's still sitting there?

I'm about a 65% believer in Tannehill right now. Problem is, I wished I could be at least a 90% believer. What I dislike most is his turnovers come in bunches.

It can be zero, or it can be 3-4 in a single game. This team isn't close to good enough to survive this.

Wow you guys are a joke....Tannehill is only allowed 2 yrs at QB with no Ol, No RB, No TE and 6 games with new WR's?? Thanks God y'all don't buy the groceries around here!
How about we put a complete Offense around Tannehill before we throw him in the trash. Do any of you know that we spent about $109million in cap this year and a third of that was on Offense??? Get real folks....REALLY???????

@ Craig

You are the one on drugs ! I still have the game recorded & that fumble that lost the game is when Mario Williams made a quick inside move on Clabo & hit Tannehill right as he was starting his delivery. If you go back & watch the play you will see it for yourself.

Agree with Bill..Excellent post Mark...(altho I don't consider myself a knucle head)...

But just because your post is good/great...does mean there aren't 2 or even 3 sides to every story....\

You like a mediocre QB..who is 15th in this...and 16th in that...then enjoy your 7-9 to 8-8 football team....who will draft 15th or 16th every year...

I require More from the guy who handles the ball every play...

What is the stat on decsin making...how do we know Tanne is making the right read...we do know he STARES down the reciever...no stat for that....even the rookie Bills CB knew that...so you can bet some VETS know it as well...

We KNOW he is a one read and throw QB....whats the STAT on how many of those are succesful in this leagie...or MOE importantly...how many actually brak that habit...

What is his 4th QB comeback percentage....he may be 50% this year...but he is 0 for his last 2....what was the PERCENTAGE last year...

Gloss over the INTs if you want....but the biottom line...LAST IN THE LEAGUE....and you didn't even put up his STAT for fumbles....

So Mark...YES....I am looking @ Tanne very closely...and I don't like what I see...not @ the moment...

Did I say McKinnie was only going to play RT?

I said he is replacing Clabo. Doesn't mean that he would only play RT.

What I said is that it would be a bad move by the Fins to Start McKinnie at LT. The guy doesn't have it anymore. He lacks the Lateral quickness to be on the weak side. It would be a Bad move by the coaches to put him there.

Doesn't mean that the coaches won't play him at LT. Just that it is a bad move when our RT is a hell of a lot worst than our LT.

They have to make the switch to Matt Moore or its another wasted season.

Dashi is never right.


I've heard for a couple of years now from you and DC that you keep picking a QB in the first round until you are sure you have your QB. Can you say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Dolphins have their QB, because I can't.

Kris,depending on who's available when we pick in April, we have to address LT. to me Martin is a RT. he's not good enough to play LT. He's lucky that Clabo is stinking it up because Martin is well on. His way to double digit sack totals. Not good!

Also if Tannehill continues on tis path, I draft a QB no later than the third round, when this draft is supposed to be deep at QB. There has to be a contingency plan in place should Tannehill continue to struggle.

Sam..... Tannehill problems are not 100% his.
He plays behind the second worst OL in football!
He has no running game to take pressure off!
He has 3 New WR and one is a freaking diva that catches 54% of passes thrown his way CAREER!!
He has the WORST OC in football!
Put Tannehill on the Broncos behind that line with their Run game and watch him become a star.


I like your guys post....

but PLEASE stop twisting my words for DRAMATIC effect...

I did not say I LOVE SHAUB...I described him as more of a band-aid...didn't I...I even said Tanne can CHALLENGE for the job every year....and why not....

Bill...Read above....

Why are you guys so scared to have the FRANCHISE QB DEFEND/EARN his job....he has done NOTHING to secure it...no playoff wins...no winning record...why should he be annointed the starter with ZERO to challenge him...makes no sense...not for a 2nd year guy who hasn't won anything...

In the end...all I have said is there may be time to think about looking for other options....

take a breath...and read what I write...and not what you want to see for the purpose of your own argument...


You said Tannehill's hand was hit on both interceptions. Care to take it back?

The Tannehill apologists are out in full force!

Posted by: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 04:44 PM

This coming from the biggest Ireland apologist!

You are the one on drugs ! I still have the game recorded & that fumble that lost the game is when Mario Williams made a quick inside move on Clabo & hit Tannehill right as he was starting his delivery. If you go back & watch the play you will see it for yourself.

Posted by: Rick | October 22, 2013 at 04:50 PM

You are 100% correct & even confirmed by Sherman in his presser! Some people are just clueless!

Basically Sherman said he would hope Tanny would tuck it if he had time but, he had no time to do so.

Nobody knows at this moment if this move is going to work out. But something had to be done. Something is evidently wrong with Clabo, injury, not learning the scheme, other, to have his level of play deteriorated so fast from last year's

And the morale of the story is...having a POS OL gets you to the same place as having POS playmakers...middle of the road at best...

If Ryan Tannehill got the kind of protection that Tom Brady gets Tannehill would be more affective right now than Brady is. Mostly all of Ryan Tannehill's turnovers this year were direct results of break downs in pass protection. With a fixed offensive line there isn't a doubt in my mind that Tannehill will start playing like a franchise QB.

TanneBust could be surrounded with a pro bowl team and he'd still stink.

Fools, Tanny aint going nowhereGive him time and we results. Go beat ur wive's

Actually, I don't think there's been a more elusive qb in the pocket since Fran Tarkenton. Tarkenton never won a sb ring, but, he did get the Vikes to 3 or 4 sb's. Better than Marino ever did.

Sam I Am | October 22, 2013 at 04:40 PM

Have you EVER really watched Manziel play??? He rolls one way (usually) and if it isn't there will take off! He has had some of those plays running around the backfield but your giving him way to much credit if anything Wilson has looked more the part of Tarkington than anybody else in resent memory.

Here comes the parrot....unable to think for himself.

Try READING what the discussion is before chiming in. SAME THING WITH THIS GUY EVERY TIME.

Only one guy on this blog who consistently did that.

If McKinnie help us get less sacks than we have allowed up to now the rest of the Season, it would be a good move. If not, there was nothing to lose trying.

Wow you guys are a joke....Tannehill is only allowed 2 yrs at QB with no Ol, No RB, No TE and 6 games with new WR's?? Thanks God y'all don't buy the groceries around here!

Posted by: Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 04:50 PM

Bill, thing is that with the new cba, qb's are now cheap enough to draft a 1st rounder until you get it right. It's ok to draft another qb if you're not at least 90% sold on the guy you got.

The new cba has totally changed the playing field on what first rounders of any position now gets. You never have to feel stuck with huge 1st rd contract ever again.

This should send a message to any 1st rounder regardless of position, NFL truly does stand for "NOT FOR LONG" when not producing to SATISFACTORY standards.

Dashi's Breakdown of Manziel

Height- Below Average

Arm Strength- Average leaning to below average

Accuracy- Average

Intangibles - Above Average in college, Below Average in the Pros.

Manziel has never ran a Pro Style Offense and is barely ever under center. What some people like about Manziel improvising on every play NFL coaches hate. Plus, throwing against the grain is acceptable in college football, it will get you picked off in the NFL. And in Texas A&M offense under Sumlin the QB can't make pre snap adjustments. So Manziels football IQ is highly questionable. Never mind his regular IQ. He is a product of the system.

Manziel is a good Athlete in college. Not a good QB. That changes even more when everyone in the NFL is a GREAT Athlete.

Oh and the Taunting will get his head ripped off in the NFL. Which I will enjoy watching. If he ever sees the field as a pro.

You'd have to be a fool to take 5'11" Manziel over Bridgewater or Mariota or anyone else for the matter over Clowney.

You can go home now, guys.


The Maybe we don't have to draft a QB...Maybe let Tanne Challenge for the job evey year until he is ready...that should buy us 3 years...

Kris | October 22, 2013 at 04:41 PM

That's about every Chapter of the book till the Tannehill pick just about! No Offense but CRAZY IDEA!


You still sticking with your earlier comment that 'Tannehill's hand was hit on both INTS'?

Come on man....don't be elusive

Craig I agree we draft a QB in 3rd but not MANZIEL....Moore is a FA next year. Devlin is ok too back up but we need to groom somebody in case Tannehill does flop next season. Tannehill has shown if given time in the pocket he can be good. The little things that Kris points out are all correctable. Holding the ball, staring down and only going to 1st option. All these are signs of inexperience and no time to throw. Damn this bunch would have given up on Marino too!!

out of shape/in shape, overweight or not, Martin at RT, etc.....whatever the details, the combo has to be an upgrade over Clabo at RT--hate to say that because Clabo is a solid guy and was a good player in the past.....but obviously shot at this point.

Sam I am....

Well said...and true....

What's most disturbing to me is it seemed like they were totally, completely flat. Does anyone other than some of the guys on this blog care?

What would Jesus...uh, what would Zach Thomas do, or have done after this loss? What would he have done on the sideline? Do you think Marino, or Csonka, or Jake Scott would have fired up this team?

I just don't think we have any leaders. Wake is great, but he doesn't seem to lead. I like Pouncey, but he's not a leader. We need a Bryan Cox going after the other team. I'll take a couple unsportsmanlike penalties vs. the lethargy I saw.

I'm pissed, and I know many of you are too. Why aren't the players? Maybe they are, but they sure don't appear to be.

Fin4Life @ 5:02....

I don't understand...


I'm with you. No thanks to McKinnie at LT. How many sacks did the Pats have against in the last game of the year last year? seven? Could they surpass. That this year?

me week too late..........a passable LT, which McK is AT A MINIMUM, might have helped T-Hill stay on hs feet that 1/2 second longer, enough to complete some deeper passes.

Love the move, hate the sloth of the FO.


Maybe, as Jay says, this move is not all about Clabo but also they have decided JMartin is not cutting it at LT, which he isn't.

Only one guy on this blog who consistently did that.

Posted by: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 05:00 PM

The Blog conspiracy theorist is back to work!

Who is this mysterious "one guy" mouthy moron? Who? Do tell! Share your never ending wealth of useless information with us!

You think you know things but, in reality, you know jack sh*t.

The team leaders are playing in Arizona, Detroit and Chicago.

ONE week too late.......let's see T-Hill when he doesn't get beaten down every game pre during & post pass like a Latter Day David Carr

First Josh Samuda was going to bail out the OL, then John Jerry now McKinnie.

Bill, Fin4life

My thoughts are leaning more toward elusive in the pocket qb simply because we can't seem to get the oline right, for the past 6yrs now. Next best thing, get a damn elusive qb if you can't figure how to adequately protect him.

Tannehill seems to be a sitting duck in the pocket. The Statue of Liberty on the Hudson River. 6yrs and we still don't have a pass protect oline. So what good is it to have a pocket passer. There's very rarely a pocket, but very nice death traps.

Don't fat people wear out quickly in the heat and humidity?

That a boy Rick.....go hide.



Posted by: DEJA VU | October 22, 2013 at 05:07 PM

I'm not sold on Tannehill yet, but he's absolutely light years ahead of Henne, with about half of his experience. I'd take him over any quarterback we've had except Marino, Griese, Morral, Strock and Pennington.


Hell..did you guys see Samson Satele play just fine for A Luck; or S Smith for KC, Vontae (well maybe....) for Indy. I am a FIRELAND group member, but maybe our coaches couldn't coach what they got.

Little by little, with the help of great commentaries here yesterday, the Truth emerges.

I wont ireland and philbin gone now.

Sam I understand your thinking but Manziel is akin to Tebow. We don't need to waste a pick on Manziel when Tebow can be had for free. Tebow is actually more valuable because he could play HB or TE. Manziel is just too small.

What's abundantly clear is the Cogs & Jerry won't be resigned & we'll be looking for 4 new starting OL next year. Hopefully they can salvage Martin to be RT & elevate garner to a guard position.

Piss poor talent evaluators. In 6 years, Ireland hasn't gotten it right. What are the odds he finds 4 in 1 year? End of the world before that happens!

Henne > Tannehill

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