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The plan for LT Bryant McKinnie

My guess is the Dolphins will be coy about their plans for Bryant McKinnie this week against New England.

You know ... will he start or not ... will he play or not ... left tackle or right tackle.

Forget that noise.

Here's the deal:

Bryant McKinnie is the Dolphins new starting left tackle. Jonathan Martin, who started the previous six games at left tackle, is moving to right tackle.

The only question that remains is whether McKinnie can get up to speed fast enough to be in the lineup this week. The Dolphins hope he can. He is, after all, a 12-year veteran. He has not been sitting on his couch so he is up to as good a football shape as he can be in for his history with weight issues.Mckinnie

(McKinnie is clearly overweight. The Dolphins list him at 352 pounds. He looks to be more in the 370 range. His sizeable belly bulges out of his practice jersey).

So if McKinnie can learn the playbook -- or enough of it -- to meet the coaching staff's expectations, he'll be playing on Sunday. If not, well then the following week for sure.

The intriguing dynamic the McKinnie addition brings to practice is what to do with Martin. He obviously needs to get re-acclimated with right tackle.

So do the Dolphins split his snaps between left and right to hedge their bets? Or do they commit to giving him right tackle snaps exclusively?

My guess on that is Martin gets the right tackle snaps. Although he stayed at left tackle during the short walk-thru team portion that was open to the media today (nice misdirection, Dolphins), he is expected to take most of the work at right tackle with the starters. 

So there it is. Miami's new starting OL is LT McKinnie, LG Richie Incognito, C Mike Pouncey, RG John Jerry, RT Martin.


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Let's not fool anybody. McKinnie is one of the last desperates Ireland moves to save his job at the end of this year. No playoff , goodbye ( FINALLY!!!) Ireland.

Put Tannehill on the Broncos behind that line with their Run game and watch him become a star.

Bill Arnsparger | October 22, 2013 at 04:56 PM

What OL is that Bill? Claddy and Koppen & UM's Orlando Franklin are on IR! They have a Guard playing LT a scrub on the right and Manny "The Raging Bull" Ramirez at Center! (Inside joke for old WCW Wrasslin fans) They nearly got their FRANCHISE KILLED by a No-Name Colts front-7 outside of Mathis and Ricky Jean Francois COMING UP THE GUT at what is now a weak interior group as well with the usual starters at Tackle. Ummm! McKinnie included I think Peyton would take our guys till some of his come back which may not be till next Yr.

And that is without dropping him a few rounds for his personality and behavior off the field or that he is the only QB in recent history that doesn't go to Actual Class. Questioning even further his IQ.

J.Manziel is a 5'10" Version of Ryan Leaf personality wise. Wait til he is in an NFL City and the Media doesn't want to protect him but destroy him. You think he will handle it with the Grace of a T-Hill. Doubt it. Not even with the Grace of a M.Sanchez. Manziel will get eaten alive by the Pro Media. Where they already want to fire a HC who is only 3-3 half way thru his 2nd Season. Talk about jumping the Gun.

Some people need to learn to Stop crying Wolf so much. It makes whatever you say lose credibility. If at the first sign of something going wrong you panic and start being hypocritical like a Teenage girl who got her first pimple.

I gotta run....

Have spent more time than I should have in here...got some things to handle....


Good firery debate...I enjoyed it....thanks...

Remember...Tanne has a chance every Syunday to make me eat my words and STFU....

can he do it...

I doubt it...

but for the sake of the FINS...I will happily take the sh@t you guys can dish out for a playoff run...

Manziel is widely considered the best QB to come out of college in many years. He is next drafts Andrew Luck.

Listen, this guy with good protection, might win the rest of the regular Season Games for us.

Fin4Life @ 5:02....

I don't understand...

Kris | October 22, 2013 at 05:05 PM

Trading for Older Vets instead of grooming players with actual athletic potential seems to be the curse of this team since Marino left maybe that DAMN 13 was cursed!

Guys blast Ireland and Philbin all you want but its the same all over the league.

Arizona has drafted something like 13 linemen in the last 7 years. Palmer's still getting blasted.

Brady's oh his way to the most sacks in his career. Same with Eli Manning, Big Ben, Rodgers, the Bears, the Eagles, last years Chargers and on and on.....

The problem is league wide. Not enough good OL to fill out the positions.

The. Best OL in the league is?.....


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Posted by: fin4life | October 22, 2013 at 05:11 PM

I didn't expect you to be dumb enough to take this bait Pal....they have given up LESS SACKS THAN CLABO!! Broncos OL=5 sacks
Clabo=7 sacks

Facts baby....just facts!!

Forgot about Atlanta.

Dimitroff is getting fried for letting Clabo get away and having one of his guys retire and replacing them. There's just not enough GOOD OL in the league. This is a FACT.


'NOT replacing them'.

Has Ireland been fired yet?

The. Best OL in the league is?.....

Publicado por: Craig M | October 22, 2013 at 05:16 PM

The 49ers without a doubt followed by the Seahawks and the reason they can go smash mouth when needed like S.F. has without WR's. The Pats OL when healthy is a very good group as well.

When you don't draft talent you end up with old has been talent. Ireland I guess McKinnie is as good as any at LT. Ireland must feel like the guy who is left standing when the music stops. Well, Mother Hubbard went to the cubbard and found a fat bone. Gotta be better then Clabo.

fin4life, problem is that we need adequate starters right away. We don't having the luxury of grooming.

Best time to groom a player is when you already have an aging and productive player in place. Then 2-4yrs down the road the groomed player should be ready to take his place.

You can't have time to groom when the starting talent behind such a player is crap. That's part of our dilemma here in Miami.

Kaepernick sacked 15 times

The new GM will bring in a QB that is not afraid to throw the ball down the field.

Wasting any pick in our first 3 Rounds on a QB next season is a waste of a pick. WE HAVE BIGGER NEEDS THAN A BACKUP QB.

Those who are crying for Tannehills head are the same ones who didn't want him drafted in the First Place.

Again, I ask who would you have drafted at #8 that season? Even with a Year to come up with a Lie.

And NONE OF YOU SAY L.KUECHLY. Cause only Dashi has stated that a Great MLB is as important for a Teams success as a QB. Even Now. Kuechly had over 200 Tackles a Season in College. The Numbers spoke for itself. Dashi would've taken J.Mayo over J.Long and the 2 Scrub QBs in 08. And would've picked P.Willis and his family over T.Ginn and his in their draft also.

And I don't want to hear that you would've taken R.Wilson #8. Nobody had him as a First Rounder. R.Wilson is a product of a Supremely talented team. Doubt he would have the same success in Miami.

SF #16 Offense
Denver #1 Offense

Cleveland poached our Practice Squad for wr Bryan Tyms today. Just something I thought I would throw out there.

That because Cleveland is getting ready to trade Gordon...good WR with huge upside. Has off field issues but can be coached.

Dashi, far more often than not, 3rd rd picks seem to be developmental picks. The entire 6 seasons of this current fo, when have we had a 3rd rd pick be a 1st year impact player?

Over the past 6 seasons, 3rd rd picks have been bust or near the bubble of bust. So why not try something new with a 3rd rd pick? Ireland hasn't been very successful with this pick anyway.

Sam its this FO that uses 3rd rounders as developmental picks that more often than not fail. The good team use the 1st 3 rounds to find players that contribute.

Prior to the 2000s, the Dolphins had great luck finding meaningful talent throughout the draft. Long-standing coaching eras brought stability to the roster with important role players and hidden gems turned stars.

Dick Anderson
Merury Morris
Jason Taylor
Nat Moore
Tony Nathan
Jimmy Cefalo
Duriel Harris
Tim Foley
Abdul Jabbar
Ferrel Edmunds

All 3rd round picks

What's most disturbing to me is it seemed like they were totally, completely flat. Does anyone other than some of the guys on this blog care?

What would Jesus...uh, what would Zach Thomas do, or have done after this loss? What would he have done on the sideline? Do you think Marino, or Csonka, or Jake Scott would have fired up this team?

I just don't think we have any leaders. Wake is great, but he doesn't seem to lead. I like Pouncey, but he's not a leader. We need a Bryan Cox going after the other team. I'll take a couple unsportsmanlike penalties vs. the lethargy I saw.

I'm pissed, and I know many of you are too. Why aren't the players? Maybe they are, but they sure don't appear to be.

Posted by: Dave | October 22, 2013 at 05:03 PM
Well said it got me wondering....is this a byproduct of the Philbin 'keep quiet & don't start no $hit' philosophy?

No more interesting comments here Today. Hey, Water Dog, where are you?

The NFL network has been showing replays of the Williams sack, the first one not the strip. Should have been a penalty probably. No malice intended but it was helmet to helmet. Tannehill is a tough dude to shake that hit off....

A lot has been made about Dolphins leaving and excelling elsewhere. We'll I've seen Jake get plowed over and left in the dust in pass protection. He can't pass block worth a crap anymore. He does run block significantly better than weak ass Martin though. Sean Smith just got burnt for Case Keenums first career td. If he were still here everybody would be ripping him. Bush is a good player and probably being used better than he was here, but he shockingly has had injury problems. No wY he would have held up behind this line.

Not that I'm taking up for Ireland. He should be fired for the crappy o line. Like another poster said, he ignored an obvious position of need and thought he could outsmart everybody just like the receivers last year. Because he can't draft a decent lineman we'll have to overpay in free agency which will cost us Solia and/orStarks

Fin4life, I couldn't agree more. A lot of talent on D being wasted. Coyles getting a pass because of O line problems, but he is below average. I doubt Philbin changes coordinators midseason, so we r screwed.

Hey you guys if we clean house this offseason im thinking we go after jon gruden it would be long shot if that happens.

We need to draft a LT and bring in other OLine men.... then WR, TE, RB..... Our QB isn't being giving a chance to suceed in the NFL. Fault, is by the our GMs neglect of the OL during the offseason...

Unil then, lets keep competing this season.

Tannehill isn't going anywhere. The bed wetters need to find a new team.

It may be irrelevant with today's Mac, but the one thing he was known for in college was that he did not allow a sack at UM ever. Maybe we can get this guy motivated we do need a guy that protects the quarterback.

Lmao now this Dashi douchebag is referring to himself in the third person. He must think highly of his blogger alter ego. Btw, thinking that you're an idiot for being too ignorant to understand Ireland's glaring incompetence hardly makes me an idiot. It doesn't work that way stupid. You have to have a point...and I've made mine about you and your shockingly high level of ignorance. See how that works dumbsh*t ? You just got bitchsl&pped.

Anyone who supports Jeff Ireland at this point has zero credibility, zilch, zippo. Come back on here when he's fired after 2013 or 2014 (and eventually he will be fired).

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