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Tom Brady is either hurting or ...

It caused a bit of a stir Wednesday when the Dolphins put quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the injury report with a right shoulder issue that limited him in practice.

Well, he's on the same report today for Miami but it really doesn't matter a whole bunch because the Dolphins didn't actually practice today and everything the team turned into the NFL was an approximation of what would have happened had they practiced.

The Patriots, on the other hand, did practice.

And quarterback Tom Brady unexpectedly appeared on their injury report -- with a throwing shouler issue that limited him in practice.

Brady's right shoulder last appeared on the New England injury report in Week 16 in 2012.  It was on a Wednesay. And it was removed the following day.

Now, this means one of three things:

Tom Brady suffered some sort of shoulder malfunction on Wednesday that needed reporting today. Or ...

The Patriots on Wednesday did not place Tom Brady on the injury report with a shoulder injury even though he had one. Or ...

The Patriots noticed Tannehill on the Miami injury report Wednesday and decided to mess with the Dolphins a bit today.



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The Pats put everyone with a booboo on the injury report. Least reliable injury report in the NFL

You guys notice how the Thursday night games almost always kinda just drag on, not that exciting, the teams seem to look like "Oh man, we actually have to play already"...

Doesn't it seem like the Dolphins look like a Thursday night team, but on most Sundays? Even when they have won?

if wake and jordan do their job Sunday, they will oput him on IR bye bye patriots


Throw deep early and often until we are least 2 scores down and have to abandon the running game.

Brady is fine, they are just trying to sucker the Fins.

Cam Newton is back to form and Tannehill is, well ...

Even in his great games, Cam Newton usually throws in a handful of inaccurate "huh?" throws. That wasn't the case last week against the St. Louis Rams. Newton had two incompletions and was not throwing simple passes. He showed off his arm strength and hit a number of passes into tight windows. The two incompletions came on a drop and a desperation throw at the end of the first. Newton has enjoyed two sensational performances in successive games.

LB Luke Kuechly TONIGHT NFL Newtwork

2012 NFL rookie defensive player of the year and
leading tackler of the 2012 NFL

Home had LB LUKE
and the Dolphoons reached instead for TanneFAIL

OOPS !!!

Go LB Luke !

a proud German American!

Cam is completing a league-best 74.3 percent of his third-down passes and showing moxie under pressure

Luke Kuechly probably is the best inside linebacker in the NFL

in the NFL

in the NFL

U Got That, Huh?

Brady doesn't need shoulders to beat tje pathetic Tannereach eh?

Home I Love U, Dude!

Me Too!

Me Three!

Go Fish!

Agree that Tannehill is definitely off,but I have a serious problem with how are coaching staff is using its players.Sherman's play calling has been awful.

We had better hope for Brady to play....

If Mallett comes of the bench and torches us....we will never hear the end of it....

from me...lol....

Nothing makes Kris happier than a reason to complain. Like when Tannehill has a bad game. Oh, he loves that.

Probably the latter, Armando.

KrisFlop said for years we should 'take a chance' on a first round QB.

Then when we did, he said, no..only if it was 'a sure thing'.



Got it.


Mia 100-1
NYJ 100-1
Pitt 66-1
Car 50-1
SD 50-1
Cincy 16-1
NE 12-1

We had better hope for Brady to play....

If Mallett comes of the bench and torches us....we will never hear the end of it....

from me...lol....

Posted by: Kris | October 24, 2013 at 05:37 PM

Coulda, woulda, shoulda Kris it doesn't much matter at this point.

We continue to muddle along with what we do have. Only thing we can hope for is the light to come on for the players in this system. Either that or it's back to the drawing board ..again.

Just don t get our horse face coach , or anyone in any kind of authority on this team that don `t for the teams benefit sit Tannehill till his shoulder is better they will blow our whole season before they put Moore in, afraid fans will see he should be our stater and should of been last year, they took 4 years before they admit Tannehills retarded cousin hene wasn t the real deal now they will destroy this season and 3 more on Henehill , really getting close to selling all my memorabullia from when I was season ticket holder and staying at Shula`s Hotel in Miami Lakes , eating that big buffet before the game loading up on buses off to the games and cheering all the way home cause Marino just torched the opposing team , I have Shula signed stuff , a helmet Jeff Cross and Richmond Webb signed and met Dwight Stephenson at hotel and he signed it as well, those were proud days great coach , great owner , great talent scouts, well aside from them ever getting Marino a star running back, but this group now is a stupid bunch of stobborn a-holes that would rather lose then sit their injured QB down and play our MVP QB from before they got there , cause their stupidity would be seen when he plays way better then this lying loser , if your hurt Don t Play its a team sport not the Ryan Tannehill Show RETARD

Tannehill is just terrible. Can we PLEASE start Moore?

So, Should I play Mike Glennon or Tanny in fantasy this week??....Or scour the waiver wire??

Home is FOS as the only poster here that tagged Luke Kuechly was odin.

Listen, guy, I'm getting tired of the fact that whenever I'm writing something you don't like, you write another entry immediately. Is this something personal? Is somebody paying you to do it?

Whatever do u mean?

Home does not post here that often but
it is well known on the 4-5 Miami Dolphins blogs that
Home was all in, 100% for
Home has always seriously disliked the TanneREACH pick
esp since Carolina picked up LB LUKE
Directly after the Dolphoons reached @ #8 for TanneREACH

U R incorrect Mr. oscar canosa

as the Miami Dolphins sports blogging world knows
the number one Miami Dolphin Fan is still puking after the Tannehill pick
... just as Home was the only one unhappy w the
Fraud Poser Boy Mouthy Punk CB sean smith

as usghe

Go Red Sox!

Dolfan Rick....

I agree...Tanne is our QB...and that is pretty much that.....he will have my support...regardless of who plays QB for the PATS.....

I actually would have thought we could beat the PATS..except for the fact that they lost last Sunday....Belicheat and Brady are awfully tough to beat after a loss...

but anything is possible....So with that...we have a punchers chance....

Hopefully we don't get knocked out by Gronk....

As a true freshman in 2009, Kuechly became the Eagles starting outside linebacker after Mark Herzlich announced that he would miss the season after being diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, a rare form of cancer.[5] He finished the season with 158 tackles (87 solo), which led the team and conference, as well as being second nationally (first among freshmen).[6] He was the first true freshman in team history to lead the team in tackles and almost broke the freshman tackle record set by Stephen Boyd in 1991.[5] He also had a sack and returned an interception for a touchdown.[7] For his play he was named the 2009 ACC Defensive Rookie of the Year and was on the 2009 CFN All-Freshman Defensive Team.[8][9] CFN went even further and named the true freshman Kuechly to its All-America team.[10] In the Emerald Bowl, Kuechly was named the defensive MVP, registering 16 tackles in a losing effort.
See also: 2010 Boston College Eagles football team
He moved to middle linebacker at the beginning of his sophomore season. He went on to lead the country with 183 tackles (110 solo) and had an ongoing streak of 21 straight games with at least 10 tackles at the end of the season.[11] Kuechly was named a finalist for the Butkus Award and the Nagurski Award. He broke BC's single season record for tackles, topping the previous record of 165, held since 1991 by Tom McManus. After the season, Kuechly was named a unanimous first-team All-American.[12] He was the first consensus All-American for the Eagles since Mike Cloud in 1998.[13] Boston College played in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (the same bowl as the Emerald Bowl from the previous season with a change of corporate sponsorship) at the end of the season and Kuechly was named the defensive MVP for a second time.
See also: 2011 Boston College Eagles football team
See also: List of NCAA football records#Tackles
Kuechly led the nation with 191 tackles (102 solo) during the season, averaging nearly 16 tackles per game.[14] Kuechly compiled his stats in the 12-game regular season, as the team finished with a 4-8 record and was ineligible for post-season play. He still almost broke the NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) single-season tackle record (193, set by Lawrence Flugence in a 14-game season) and did break the single season tackles-per-game record with 15.9 (previously held by Rick Sherrod with a 15.6 average over a 10-game season).[15] He broke the team and conference single-season tackle records, records that he had set the year before.
In only three seasons of play, Kuechly set the BC and ACC career tackle records with 532 tackles, eclipsing the previous record of 524 held by Stephen Boyd and only 13 short of the NCAA FBS record held by Tim McGarigle.[15] On December 4, Dick Butkus personally presented the 2011 Butkus Award to Kuechly at the Boston College team banquet a week before the expected formal announcement of the recipient.[16] Kuechly went on to win the Lombardi Award, the Lott IMPACT Trophy, and the Bronko Nagurski Trophy, and was recognized as a consensus first-team All-American for the second consecutive year

Kuechly began the season at outside linebacker instead of middle linebacker; Coach Ron Rivera decided to start veteran Jon Beason at middle linebacker due to his experience, but had considered starting Kuechly at middle linebacker and shifting Beason to the outside. When Beason was placed on injured reserve due to a torn Achilles tendon, Kuechly was moved to middle linebacker.[20] Due to his strong performance at middle linebacker, Rivera announced that Kuechly would be the team's long-term starter at that position even after Beason returns from his injury for the 2013 season.[21] In a 30-20 victory over the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14, Kuechly recorded a career-high 16 tackles and was honored as NFC Defensive Rookie of the Week; Kuechly received the NFC Defensive Rookie of the Month award in December, recording a league-high 59 tackles over the final five games of the season. He became the second Panther after Julius Peppers to receive the award. Kuechly led the league with 164 tackles during the regular season and recorded 8 pass deflections, 1 sack, 2 interceptions, and three fumble recoveries.[22] He was awarded the AP Defensive Rookie of the Year[2] and received the Defensive Rookie of the Year award from Pro Football Weekly

"I call him Clark Kent, and he can turn into Superman on Saturdays and Sundays. He's one of the cleanest players in this draft. His instincts and his pass-coverage ability might be the best of any linebacker I've seen come out of the draft."
Mike Mayock, NFL Network analyst
"I love that when that passion comes out of him, maybe a sprawl or a flex or something like that. But then, off the field? Completely unassuming, we'd walk right by him, and you wouldn't even know he was an NFL player... kind of has that Clark Kent air about him. That's why I call him 'Super Luke'."
Jon Beason, Carolina Panthers linebacker

Home was spot,on!

Go LB Luke!

Look at how great it was and felt when all those Umpires met and reversed the original call of the one at second base. In my recall, I have never seen that happen. You wanna know why? Instant replay. Everybody and their uncle Oscar had seen that it had been the wrong call. There are no Secrets anymore.


This from Armando's twitter -

"The Patriots have not lost an October home game since 2005. They're 21-1 going back to 2003."


thanks Signal...

Besides Sherman and Philbin, I know many People, and Institutions, who, for different reasons and even in these New Times, still stick to the old ways. Nothing good can come to Them for those who do not adapt, perish.

If you play your cards right then maybe Keuchly will hold you by the ears.

Kris your as retarded and thick headed as the coaching staff , I get Tannehill is decent when healthy , but he`s been hurt since third game he got up holding the arm luckily it was good enough to get him through that game but we`ve lost ever since , the pick six don t happen if he`s healthy , the int by end zone is a touchdown if healthy and totally missing a wide open Hartline don t happen if he healthy , but HES NOT HEALTHY , play MOORE , he was our MVP won 7 of 9 games came in last year and destroyed the Jets , he is our best option now its a team sport and any other coach on any other team sits their hurt starter and plays a healthy backup yes it cost Smith his job in San Fran , and Yes it cost Vick his starting spot , and maybe it wiould cost Tannehill the starting job , but if it did then it would be for the betterment of the team , you just don t play a QB who`s throwing arm is messed up

go finssssss

lol @ "Brian"....

Who.... when you click on hs name in BLUE...you get taken back to the HERALD HOME PAGE...


"Brian"...Congrats on getting a BLOG HIT....

One can not make the Miami Dolphins the Green Bay Packers, or visa versa. Two different teams require two different approaches. The trouble is most coaches only master one approach. Tweaking the wrong approach will never get you anywhere.


Posted by: Kris | October 24, 2013 at 06:46 PM

Only a total idiot with absolutely no knowledge of ecommerce or how the blog works could think the Herald is paying someone for blog hits.

It's absolutely ludicrous and even if they were paying minimum wage they'd be losing money by doing so.

We`d be 5-1 right now had they given Tannehill 3 games off to rehab shoulder, were were scoring at least 21 points a game after injury he only musters 17 against Saints , He missed some throws in 23 26 loss that would of won us the game them lets a Bills practice squard QB beat him , cmon man , he`s hurt you don t beat the colts and Ravens then lose to these other teams unless your QB is missing throws or turning the ball over and over and over , hes hurt , rest him up and play Moore


Soren...(who had no dog in the fight....but jumps in anyway...lol)

or Brian...

lets forget the formalities...


i'm not playing your silly game tonight....

invent a name that wans to talk FOOTBALL...respectfully...and perhaps you wil lure me in...

if not...

Good day child....

Newspapers are the most notoriously cheap organizations out there. They are fighting for survival in the internet age and not going to take on ventures that lose money.

As far as blog hits go, the few thousand or so this site gets a week is peanuts to the advertising world. The BIG sites with millions of daily hits are where advertisers spend their money, not small time blogs with not even 100 followers.

LB Luke Kuechly TONIGHT NFL Newtwork

2012 NFL rookie defensive player of the year and
leading tackler of the 2012 NFL

Home had LB LUKE
and the Dolphoons reached instead for TanneFAIL

OOPS !!!

Posted by: Home on the Phins | October 24, 2013 at 05:22 PM

Total fabrication. Again, Home discredits himself. Quite the routine you have there Homie.

As I remember it, Odinseye suggested we take Luke Kuechley and you berated him endlessly.

No revisionist history for you LOSER - LOL.

Don't even try it.

Only a total idiot with absolutely no knowledge of ecommerce or how the blog works could think the Herald is paying someone for blog hits.

It's absolutely ludicrous and even if they were paying minimum wage they'd be losing money by doing so.

Posted by: Soren | October 24, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Paid, unpaid...goes straight to the Herald.
Ever heard of a intern?

I live in Palm Coast Florida and have for 26 yrs , Im no plant , just sick of Ireland this Horse face nag of a coach and Sherman starting a guy he turned into a receiver in college, while our MVP rides the bench , Tannehill ain t fit to sniff Moores jock strap , hes a loser like Henne was a last ditch effort when they couldn t get 4 other QBs to come play for us , just like Bryant McKinnley guys already nursing a bad knee is one strp up on dept chart above Claybo and thats only cause hes bigger and it takes a second longer to get around his big slow ass, another last ditch effort by Ireland like Tannehill was stop drinking thr cool aid stupid its piss water

Good to see your still hanging in there dusty...and Kris.

Some of us will never learn.

I don't know who Brian is REALLY, but I dispute the notion that a healthier Tannehill wouldn't have thrown the interception in the red zone during the Bills' game (assuming that is the red zone interception you are referring to). That particular pass was awful, and a sore shoulder is not the causal factor. Tannehill zipped other passes throughout the game. His super soft touch on the red zone interception was horrible.

That said, I think there is something to be said about his resilience: throwing three touchdown passes and coming back from 14 down to almost win the game. Thanks, Clabo and Thomas.

Home is FOS as the only poster here that tagged Luke Kuechly was odin.

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 24, 2013 at 06:03 PM

Actually Oscar is 100% correct.

Home ALWAYS tries to benefit from hindsight. He likes to rewrite history to conform with his latest agendas, if you can call them that.

Either way, Home is an idiot clown and everyone knows it. Don't be too rough on the Tard Oscar. He's a brick

or TWO


short of a load.

and what about the wide open Hartline pass , that was a deseration lets see if I can get it there and threw too far out of bounds , and we wouldn t jhave been 14 down if he hadnt kept turning the ball over , do you even listen to your logic?

U ladies cannot handle the truth

Home = Smarter than Ireland in the NFL Draft

Last 5 NFL Drafts our Home has Slayed It

Hands down

Home 4 GM

Go Dolphins !

So your saying even healthy Tannehill sucks that bad , has no touch or control of his passes thast he cant float one over a defenders head into a wide open Hartline in the end zone , if thats the case then we need Moore to be our starter , that was a simple pass and he blew it , and if he had that much zip on his ball the pick 6 never would have happened , your applauding the guy who put us in the 14 zip whole in the first place then fubled the ball in the end when we had the lead you`ve got very low expectations of what a QB is supposed to do , hes fumbled like 8 times this year all at costly moments

Touche on the turnovers, but my response was intendend to dispute a shoulder injury as the reason Tannehill struggled with certain throws in the Bills' game. However, I maintain that Tannehill showed more resilience bouncing back from two early interceptions than had he just been trying to dig the team out of a hole created by other players. Huge mental barriers have to be negotiated in order to come back like he did in that game. Lastly, while Tannehill needs to protect the ball better, he is under siege out there; I attribute a signigicant portion, though not all, of his turnovers to inadequate pass protection.

Kris, you are seriously delusional. Seriously. Get help.

the whole organization are losers! Sell the team and give the fans something to cheer about! They have the heat!

Knee Jerk borderline Tards imo.

We won our first three games even though the stats showed we shouldn't have. That means Tannehill and his receivers found ways to win. Because our run game sure wasn't helping.

That's when opposing DC's had us figured out. Our Tackles couldn't block anybody and Clabo a complete turnstile. I believe Clabo accounted for TWO of those loses almost single handed. At least one for sure.

You guys are just chicken chokers. For all the reasons stated over and over again, Ireland addressed other areas of need. He couldn't do it all in one of season no matter what you blab on about. I say one off season, because the first was a house cleaning party. A badly need house cleaning.

Other than that, you are just choking your chickens. You make yourself sound as dumb as Homie. Now go have some fun.

Actually, I saw the same thing as Brian did. To my eyes, Tannehill lacked the zip he usually has on many of his passes during the Buff Game. He was not so in the Ravens Game and only now is that I think he could have aggravated a shoulder injury between the Ravens and Buff Games that accounted for his bad performance last Sunday.

Brian, I am saying that a healthy Tannehill has thrown some poor balls this year without a doubt. However, a majority of his passing problems, in my opinion, are attributed to pass protection. I am not an insider, so I can't proclaim that Tannehill's shoulder is absolutely healthy. I am saying that the velocity he showed on certain throws lends that his shoulder pain is not limiting his range of motion. I understand your points, and I am not a Tannehill apologist. I feel pass protection and play calling (Sherman) are stifling Tannehill's productivity. If the protection and play calling improve, and Tannehill does not, then I will own the fact that I was wrong.

With out Home's Insight

U Niggggaaasss would be NOTHIN

Never mind, .... too late

Go Fish !

hes fumbled like 8 times this year all at costly moments

Posted by: Brian | October 24, 2013 at 07:11 PM

And he's also been sacked more than any QB this year. But Hall of Fame QB's always take those kinds of sacks and win.....right?

Ahhhhhh, you probably just want to leave that out of you argument. Oh wait, YOU ALREADY did, how conveinient.

Show me any QB that lead the league in anything or lead his team anywhere, etc etc while being the most sacked.

I'll be waiting - LOLOLOL.

Oscar, okay, I may be wrong here. I'll say, though, that the second touchdown pass to Gibson on the run required accuracy and touch. Although Gibson was relatively wide open, I have read that throwing on the run is NOT easy. Also, the hail mary at the end of the game was 60-yards. Tannehill may have been grimacing in pain after all of his throws. I did not see it, but I am not claiming he is not hurting. In any event, do you think the injury is to the degree where starting Moore is the best idea?

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