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Tom Brady is either hurting or ...

It caused a bit of a stir Wednesday when the Dolphins put quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the injury report with a right shoulder issue that limited him in practice.

Well, he's on the same report today for Miami but it really doesn't matter a whole bunch because the Dolphins didn't actually practice today and everything the team turned into the NFL was an approximation of what would have happened had they practiced.

The Patriots, on the other hand, did practice.

And quarterback Tom Brady unexpectedly appeared on their injury report -- with a throwing shouler issue that limited him in practice.

Brady's right shoulder last appeared on the New England injury report in Week 16 in 2012.  It was on a Wednesay. And it was removed the following day.

Now, this means one of three things:

Tom Brady suffered some sort of shoulder malfunction on Wednesday that needed reporting today. Or ...

The Patriots on Wednesday did not place Tom Brady on the injury report with a shoulder injury even though he had one. Or ...

The Patriots noticed Tannehill on the Miami injury report Wednesday and decided to mess with the Dolphins a bit today.



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What I saw was an offensive line that couldn't block 3 D-Lineman long enough for Tannehill to throw a hail mary.

No deception, no diguise, they lined up 3 D-Lineman and they whipped all 5 of ours. Tannehill was on the run fron the snap. I almost puked to be honest.

Now how can you expect or fairly assesss any QB when he's playing behind those 5 O-Lineman?

The lights are on but theirs nobody HOME-LOL. Hello, hello, is there anybody in there?

Those of you that actually believe a newspaper is hiring someone for blog hits for blog with so few followers really just have no knowledge of the business. I doubt there are even 50 people nationwide that come here. That is nothing.

If people were actually hired for blog hits, there would be far, far more hits than what we see.

Look at any of the other pages on the Herald site. It is just the same few local advertisers scattered evenly through the site. This blog is not generating anything special.

I'm with Philbin on this one... I don't want to hear anything about Brady's decline... If Miami cannot find some help for Reshad Jones who has been SMOKED for 22 of 23 passes thrown his way or while covering TE (Think Gronk)... Brady and Gronk will smoke our mortal bones like a NE clam Bake.
I have read some stuff and it shows that Brady is KILLING IT over the middle this year. His QB/passer rating over the middle is 107 and change. But outside the hashes it drops to 75 and change....
If I'm Coyle, I go man to man, double Gronk and maul his at every turn... and set the Defense loose on Brady... The Outside has proven to be troublesome for Brady... SHUT DOWN GRONK and stay in Brady's face... Make him see Miami Uni's when he closes his eye's on the sideline... It is our first and best shot to win... Show up with some lame azzzzzzz zone scheme, rushing 4 and allowing Brady shots across the middle thinking we out score them is a PIPE DREAM.... I'd rather be beaten (OR WIN) trying to break Brady in half then let him eat my teams lunch from the pocket against a zone D and Jones single covering Gronk all night.

Also, IF this blog was really generating anything of notable value to the Herald, Armando would be here more often to cultivate it. As far as I can see he makes a few comments on game day and that is about it. Off season he doesn't appear for weeks at a time.

That tells you everything. This is nothing but a frill that all newspapers have to have.




Coyle knows about 100 times more than you do about defense and has 1000 times more experience with professional athletes. If you were Coyle, it is more likely you would do what he is doing than your novice ideas.

Coaches don't often make the right calls, but too many fans don't realize that when they watch the tape, they see infinitely more about what is going on than the fan.

DETI, I agree. You're supporting my point too. Tannehill has shown me enough to believe he can be a very good quarterback in this league. No quarterback can win while facing incessant rushes.

I was reviewing stats for Aaron Rodgers, and saw that his Super Bowl season (2010) happened to also be the year he was sacked the least (31). He had been sacked more than 50-times in 2009 and 2012. I am not saying Tannehill is as good as Rodgers, but there is something to be said about the need for pass protection.

I don't know, Water Dog, Buff was the first Game that I saw lack of zip on his throws. There is a possibility that he might not even start against NE or that if he starts and is not effective, he might be replaced by Moore.

Sorry. Dog Water.

Most here thought Chad Henne could be a very good qb in this league. All the way up to the point the Dolphins allowed him to walk in free agency.

EFT still worships Henne as backups the past awful Blaine Gabbert.

ETF doesn't worship Henne. That is just one of his many silly games (under one of his many names he still uses) that you very childish and naive bloggers fall for time and again.

Obviously Tannehill was okayed to start the last 3 gms. So quit with the barrage of excuse since finding he's limited today due to a shoulder issue.

Clearly, Philbin is not the offensive guru we all thought he was.

9 out of 10 of you can't see which bloggers are just here baiting others even though it is so pathetically obvious.

The dumbing down of America has succeeded.

I blame non one but Jeff Ireland for these season after seasons disasters. Who else selects both the players and headcoach?

Just like Ireland loves searching for acorns called players. He's landed us an acorn he calls head coach.

Will some one please shoot Rocky?

We would be far better off if Ireland really were a squirrel.

Had Ireland even taken a 1/3 of the players many here wanted in fa and drafts. We would already be a perennial playoff team by now.

But, Jeff Ireland loves imitating squirrels instead of imitating a real gm. Acorns it is.

Funny how it is no big deal Brady is hurt. But the Fins put T-Hill on the list and all hell breaks loose.


Dashi go away.

Dashi has a small, frail frame. He uses the blog to live his fantasy of being a masculine male with knowledge. He doesn't succeed in fooling himself so he keeps trying. His friends should be both younger and poorer than him, so he can feel above them.

Who cares about the lowly Dolphins? ITS BASKETBALL SEASON! THE HEAT IS ON!!

Bullwinkle Parcells is long gone and now we're still left with Rocky Ireland. Acorns it is boys!

ETF starts Henne over D.Brees.

That right there tells you how screwed up his understanding of the game is.

I understand being a fan of a player. But winning should be the #1 priority in what ever you do.

And we all know Home is a Liar. But that is what happens when you are delusional. You wait 2 years to say you were right hoping people forget what your original statement was.

Don't worry, Brian. Tannehill will be on IR after Sunday's game.

I want to cause no discomfort here, but that's what I saw on many passes of Tannehill's last Sunday. Even I realize now, I was in denial and displacing my fear to the Oline, of accepting Tannehill might have a injury that prevents him from throwing adequately.

Dashi, homework finished?

Soren....Your right in the fact that Coyle knows 1000 times what we know about an NFL defense. Yet if he can't pull the facts of this knowledge together then he knows about what we do.

After spending the Whole Day Here, You are the one that needs a break.

And your ignorant rambling shows that you have serious mental problems. One to many D'cks to the Head.

You suffer from a severe lack of oxygen to the brain from your recreational activity.

Don't worry, Brian. Tannehill will be on IR after Sunday's game.

Posted by: Jj | October 24, 2013 at 08:04 PM

That would be a blessing in disguise. Matt Moore is way better.

Secondly, Dashi hasn't given you permission to speak to Dashi.

So do us all a favor. Go eat a Big One.

Anyone who can't see that ETF just posts sheeet to irk the naive ignorant bloggers is a naive ignorant blogger.

I mean, it is so freaking obvious. How can many of you be SO stupid?

Several serious problems with Tannehill but with this OL the serious will become permanent. Shouldn't be happening!

Dashi's fetish with the big one, phallic symbols and swallowing point to his sexual frustration and envy of those 'bigger' man that get the women he knows he can only dream of.

We'll see. I will have a couple of nightcaps and turn in.

Summed up, every single thing now wrong with this franchise can be called:


Is it possible to petition the NFL to fire an owner?

Anyone knows?

This game is primed for the Taking.

The Pats are weak up the middle with the Loss of Mayo and Wilfork. Our interior O-line seem to have finally clicked the last game.

The addition of Grnk will make their passing game better. Heck, half of Brady's throws were to Gronk last game. And the Fins still have a problem covering TEs.

With that said expect a close game. 24-21 Dolphins.

Dashi we lost to a PRACTICE SQUAD qb last week. Nothing's primed for the taking with Ireland screwed team.

Buffalo had two injured RB's and a 5th string QB making his first start, and we lost.

We are going nowhere. It's back to the drawing board.

Jeff Ireland goes to yearly GM convention. Walks through door and room of 31 NFL GM's all erupt into uncontrollable hysterical laughter.

The Dullfins had a huge advantage in the 95 degree heat and humidity and still lost at home to Buffalo and their 5th string QB.

Jeff Ireland has shattered the record for most draft busts ever by a GM.

Jeff Ireland spend 200 million of Ross' money this offseason to have a 8-10 or worse 2013.

31 NFL GM's are ROTFL their asse4s off!


Irescum wasted 60 mill on Mike Wallace the team cancer.

We didn't lose the game. Clabo lost the game. Reason for the knee jerk reaction to sign McKinnie. Clabo has cost us 2 games already this season. That ravens game was on Clabo also.

But I know you all want T-Hill to fail. But I doubt he will start the game with 2 Turnovers. Again. Didn't happen after the Debacle in Houston last year. Won't happen this year.

Each game is not the same.

Yes, we lost last week. But I saw some progress in the offense. I know. The first 5 Minutes Sucked. But look at the whole game. For a good portion of the game the fins were moving the ball pretty well last Sunday.

TanneBust lost the game.

Why same guy write different name?

Why same guy write different name?

Posted by: oscar canosa | October 24, 2013 at 08:38 PM


Oh, well, to each his own.

dahsi Clabo did not lose the game. Jeff Ireland did. Remember Branden Albert? For failing to pull the trigger on the trade we now have 2 sorry olinemen, Clabo and washed up McKinnie.

Plus a qb who may only a game away from IR.

The chief reason why some of these small Blogs on Internet are allowed is that Paul and I are collecting and analyzing the information from them, and sharing it, of course.

My problem is with Coyle.

The Offense is Better, and getting better week by week this season.

2012 Dolphins Offense

26th Passing
13 Passing TDs
17th Rushing
15 TDs
13 Rushing Fumbles

2013 Dolphins Offense thru week 7

16th Passing
9 Passing TDs
25th Rushing
5 TDs
2 Rushing Fumbles

Yes, the Fins rushing started off bad this season but after the first 2 weeks the Run game has started to look better. And at least they aren't fumbling as much(L.Miller doesn't Fumble). The last game the run game finally seem to have turned the corner. And McKinnie is a better run blocker than Clabo.

Now the Defense?

They seem to have gotten worst with more talent. They use to be a Top 10 Defense with the potential to be top 5. They use to be the strength of the team. Not anymore. And I blame Coyle and his scheme for that. OR BETTER SAID COYLE'S PLAYCALLING SUCKS!!

Ross would have been better off giving $200 million to a crackhead this offseason than giving it to Jeff Ireland.

I want Tannehill to be given a reasonable chance to succeed. He can't with Sherman as OC. Or from IR, which is where he will be on Monday.

Mike Wallace will be traded for two 3rd rd draft picks this offseason. Just wait and see.



Now if you said Jake F. Long!!

Yes, Ireland screwed up!!

They should've franchised Jake!! Even if it was only for a season!!

I said it from the start of the Off season!! And got laughed at!! Jake was the Fins Most Important FA!! And we had the Cap Space!! Plus, he was our former #1 Pick!!

I wouldn't trade B.Albert for D.Jordan. Or J.Taylor.

Jake Long wouldn't have cost us a pick!! Plain and Simple!!

B.Albert isn't that good to trade picks away for. Not in my book.

The argument is the Fins should've kept Jake Long!! But only a handful of people saw the Truth!!

Yes, J.Long was Injury prone. Because every time Spo would bring him back to early. But Philbin cut Jake's season short last year so he can get healthy for this season. And then we don't resign him. That is the screw up. Not, Not signing B.Albert.

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