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Tom Brady is either hurting or ...

It caused a bit of a stir Wednesday when the Dolphins put quarterback Ryan Tannehill on the injury report with a right shoulder issue that limited him in practice.

Well, he's on the same report today for Miami but it really doesn't matter a whole bunch because the Dolphins didn't actually practice today and everything the team turned into the NFL was an approximation of what would have happened had they practiced.

The Patriots, on the other hand, did practice.

And quarterback Tom Brady unexpectedly appeared on their injury report -- with a throwing shouler issue that limited him in practice.

Brady's right shoulder last appeared on the New England injury report in Week 16 in 2012.  It was on a Wednesay. And it was removed the following day.

Now, this means one of three things:

Tom Brady suffered some sort of shoulder malfunction on Wednesday that needed reporting today. Or ...

The Patriots on Wednesday did not place Tom Brady on the injury report with a shoulder injury even though he had one. Or ...

The Patriots noticed Tannehill on the Miami injury report Wednesday and decided to mess with the Dolphins a bit today.



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They should've franchised Jake!! Even if it was only for a season!!

Posted by: Dashi | October 24, 2013 at 09:03 PM

So you wanted to pay 15 million to a guy playing at a level only worth 5 million? I watched the Dallas St Louis game and Ware owned Long, he looked terrible. No way Long was worth franchising at an exorbitant price.

Common sense.

Dashi so you agree Jeff Ireland himself is the screw up right?

We will stink as long as Flatline is a starter.

Wallace would have been a great pick up if we kept Marshall.

Flatline and Gibson's contract could have bought Wallace aboard with our third wide out being Bess.

Wide receivers make quarter backs better.

My bad for the "!!" Just had to bring it back for emphasis.

Cause to me all this complaining about the O-Line when the answer to the whole thing was RESIGN JAKE!! And NOBODY HERE WANTED JAKE BACK!!

Cause what was it that everyone was saying? "THE O-LINE ISN'T IMPORTANT"


Not everyone but most of you are.

Some of you claim only 1 person here flip-flops. When the majority here flip-flops.

The lack of short and long term memory from some is astonishing. Or is it that some just love to complain and aren't willing to admit that they change their opinion to help their argument.

9 out of 10 bloggers here are useless, immature losers. They post nothing but stupid crapola.

I hinished my first nightcap.

Yeah, Jake Sucks!!

That is why the Rams Offensive line is ranked 6th Overall. And Jake is a +8.1

While Clabo is a -8

If you want to see a glass half empty doesn't matter if it is filled to the brim. You will always say the glass is half empty!


Oye, Dashi, that hurts.


Yes. Ireland screwed up with Jake. But I said that as soon as he didn't franchise him.


And to those complaining about Franchising Jake for $15 Mil. Why complain that the Fins don't spend money, but when they should spend money you say they shouldn't. Again, HYPOCRITES!!

What is it? Yes or No?

And the Fins should've drafted M.James instead of M.Gillislee. I blame Ireland for that. James and L.Miller were thunder and Lightning at the U, they could've kept that up in the Pros. And James would've replaced D.Thomas as the Power Back.

Jake Long was not worth 15 Million dollars. Not one GM in the NFL would have paid him that. Not even 10 Mil. St Louis was the only team even offering him around 9.

Dashi does not understand business.

Dashi told us how great Miller would be. My grandmother can break more tackles than him.

As much as you have to take the Past into account, you must not dwell in it and rather in the Present.


The truth always hurts.

Facts beat opinions every time.

But to some they get blinded by hate. They don't want to admit they are wrong.

I put some Juju on L.Miller after someone didn't want to trade him to me. Not for him to do bad. But for him and D.Thomas to split carries.



32 GM's did not think Long worth 10 million, yet Dashi thinks he knows better.

32 GM's did not think Lacy worth a first round pick. Dashi thinks he knows better.

Dashi is naive and knows nothing. Despite the evidence, he clings to his fantasies.

Facts beat opinions every time.

But to some they get blinded by hate. They don't want to admit they are wrong.

Posted by: Dashi | October 24, 2013 at 09:29 PM

So true.

Facts are no GM thought Long worth 10, and you wanted to pay him 15 million.

Facts are no GM drafted Lacy before the 61st pick, yet you wanted him at 12.

You know nothing and it scares you.

Yeah, Dashi, whom better than me to understand that Truth. I know it, but at the present moment and strictly in my interest, I prefer not to get hurt and obviate it. I'm sure I will be reminded of it in the Future.

And it wasn't $15Mil. Again, that is just wanting to see something for what it was not.

It was $12 or $13 Mil for 1 Year. Last I checked 125% of $10 Mil is not $15 Mil.

$15 Mil would've been if you franchise Jake for 2 years straight. But I know let me skew it as much as I can.

I'm tired of arguing the point. Because I already did all off season until free agency started.

But the argument is we should've franchised Jake. Not that we should've traded a 2nd rd pick for B.Albert.

Tell us again how great Miller will be.

He sucks. Can't break a tackle to save his life. He is only decent when there is a BIG HOLE.

And he is not as fast as advertised, I've seen him caught from behind while running free a few times now.

The fact that I said E.Lacy's draft stock was based on his 40 seems to be forgotten by you. Again, the short term memory of some is astonishing.

I'm not going to discuss something with someone who constantly keeps lying to try and make his point look good.

I know what I said Fool!!

The reason I am Smart is my ability to retain Information after just seeing it once.

Some of you need brain exercises. Go to Luminosity.com or something. Work your brain not your mouth.

Our records indicate Dashi is wrong 98.6% of the time. It's just that he only remembers the 1.4% he is right.

Dashi, smart people have a real education, real jobs, and real cars.

You are striving to hang in lower class. Go somewhere and try to fool them, not us.

Lamar Miller = Another Irescum bust

Dashe, tell us again how Henne is our franchise QB. LMFAO!

tannehills shoulder injury hasnt limited him in throwing seven picks in the last 3 games....wish it would though..JUST SAYIN!!!

tannehills shoulder injury hasnt limited him in throwing seven picks in the last 3 games....wish it would though..JUST SAYIN!!!

Posted by: superPHIN | October 24, 2013 at 10:00 PM

False! At least post accurate stat lines!

Trade Tannybust to the Rams for Jake Long.

Posted by: Just Saying | October 24, 2013 at 10:03 PM

okay idiot, 5 picks in three game span, and 7 overall...does that make you feel better!!!!

Just run the dang ball and it won't make any difference...

Rinse and repeat. Every time you get mad. Rinse and repeat.

Seriously. Something new Old Man. Let me guess what is next some corny comment about DR. Or Dashe. Or Dashi means Japanese soup. I know 9 year olds with better comebacks.

Even when I make a D'ck Joke. At least it is a new D'ck joke. You keep stroking the same insults again and again expecting a different result, waiting for a money shot. We all know it is only going to end up in your hand again.

C'mon son. You know with me you have to come harder than that.

Im sure we'll see nothing but pure shotgun passes on 3rd and short if we even manage that much sunday....with mike shermans innovative gameplanning, we'll probly continue to throw the short 1 yard gains on third and 5..lol

Mike Sherman cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

Yo Jeffy,

Is your momma a hooka?

Im sure sherman will think that nobody on NE will ever think that if miami has the lead late in the game and having an effective running game like they did against buffalo, they couldnt possible pass the ball and fool everyone twice...lol....

Im sure buffalo was surprised and NE would be even more grateful if that should happen again....

keep being aggressive there mikey!!!!!

Notice how dashi conveniently evades reality when pressed.

Like a child.

How is Miller a 5th round bust?? lol

PFT states Miller broke a quite a few tackles against Buffalo.

Sherman should have let Miller run out the clock, that was elementary.


No one said O line wasn't important. No one thought they would be the worse in NFL
Average was expected.

The OL is mediocre. The QB is the worst in the NFL.

There are some seriously paranoid posters here. Very odd for a place where everyone is anonymous.

you still either protect the ball one was on a run he was waving it around , plus hes got legs dont stand still and let pocket collapse either run up field or out of the box and get rid of it he has done this a few times but not enough, play calling is horrendous still never got an answer to acall 3 or 4 games back on 4th and inches Tannehill kept it and the call on the field was first down , but they callenged,refs come out from under hood say tape was inconclusive, so should of been miami`s ball first and goal, but instead they took a ball from who knows where placed it 2 feet further back then remeasured and gave ball to other team , why did the normal rule change if its inconclusive on the review then the call on the field stands apparently not in that game and I want to know WHY????

Oh Lord Cadillac, we know you hate the QB but lets be reasonable.


When Tom Brady gets smacked around he sucks too...fact! Tannehill needs what every quarterback needs a good o-line to support a running game and keep him from getting throttled.

Brady and co. will destroy us. Our inept coaching staff will have nothing planned to stop Gronk or pressure brady...its going to be ugly. We actually have some talent on this team minus the O line but the tools in charge have no clue how to game plan for them. Philbin and his dream boy Shermin need to go...end of story.

OMG looks like 3 and 5 coming up if you think people are a little angry at 3 and 3 wait till after the bengals game. Thanks in advance to JEFF.

Sometimes you use the tag for need. Soliai was not worth the tag when we franchised him but we had a desperate need. I was saying it way back in the spring that even though I knew he was not the same player I'd still franchise him. Then the line the played together continues to play together, give Tannehill continuity. Or let him negotiate with the other kind of tag where we get to match. Or tag and trade for a pick (draft a tackle). Any of those were preferable to tagging Starks even though he is a great player.

Why are they only using Jordon on third down him and wake should be after the QB all damn game, Sherman should not of been throwing ball with a 1 pt lead and only 3 minutes on the clock we were running the ball well , 4 and 5 yds a carry , worst case scenerio we dont get first down we kick it away make them go length of field, but no they let Claybo try and take on Williams on a passing play , and are still defending the call , so they will be as as inept this week in NE

Sherman's juvenile play calling is a handicap. And Coyle can't out think any OC in the league.



I can't help but read your dribble, mainly because your vomit is plastered all over this blog on a daily basis. I have a question (and an answer) for you:
What is your mental fixation on yourself. Hey, here's an idea: Go fu.k yourself!

Philbin's face looks like my ass...

Shermans face looks like Fred Flinstone mixed with the Hulk.

No offense to anyone, but whats so hard to understand? Whats the big mystery and all the crazy talk?

If I'm a Head Coach, all I have to do is watch a few minutes of tape on the Dolphins and I got them beat. It has nothing to do with Tannehill, the backs, receivers or the Defense.

The O-Line can't run block, so as a Head Coach, I ALREADY know they're one-dimensional. No mystery, no rocket science. I just watch a few more minutes of the tape and I see they can't pass block ANYWHERE consistently. The worst of it being on the Tackles outside, specifically Clabo. Whom of course I target all game long.

It doesn't take a genius. I stack the box and blitz the Fvck out of them from the start. That last desperation attempt at the Hail Mary was ridiculous BTW. 3 D-Lineman beat the shyt out of 6 of our so called blockers. It was pathetic, all 3 of those D-Lineman had shots on Tannehill. I mean, I expected Martin and Clabo to get beaten as usual, BUT WHAT THE FVCK WAS OUR HERO Mike POUNCEY DOING? Pouncey, Cogs and Fats Jerry couldn't figure out how to stop somebody? Anybody?

I know it sucks to lose, especially after a 3-0 start. But all this talk about Philbin, Sherman(OK, he's be iffy, but my points still valid)and Coyle is ridiculous. It's just as idiotic as the Tannehill, Lamar Miller talk.

Rebuilding sucks even more, but that's what Philbin's been doing. This is the 2nd year of his rebuild. The fact is, we're one more off season away from being a solid powerhouse. The off season will be about getting one or two established starters on the O-Line from Free Agency. Then we'll target another couple of O-Lineman in the first two or first three rounds.

It sucks because it going to take the third season to get it all straight and ready to Kill. Especially after getting a little "PEEK/TEASER" with the 3-0 start. But it's all coming together. Philbin's building a Monster and he's just about there!

they List Brady every week with some sort of injury, we have to get to him early and often to have a chance and we have to be creative on offense or it maybe time to let someone else call the plays


You Tannehill haters kill me. First three games he was pretty darn awesome. He's been especially good in the two minute drill (although no one runs a successful 2-minute drill every time), and he's been sacked 26 times. You don't want to blame the protection? He's getting body slammed by Mario Williams and you think he should have done a lot better? Give us all a break. The kids got heart and talent, and if he had one and a half seconds to throw he'd have a lot more success.

Odinseye is the only one talking sense.

Run the ball and Tannehills shoulder will be solid enough to pass. Of course he will need at least 3.5 seconds to throw and for Wallace to get by his defender...can Tannehill depend on the line for protection?

The Dolphins NOT practicing today??? Now theres a new one. They need to be practicing even when they sleep! And not inside the air conditioned gay bubble, OUTSIDE in the heat, rain, lightning. Coaches need to stop pussyfying these players, (is that even a word?).

Go Moore Go Moore ! ! !

Mondo, don't care if Brady uses crutches this Sunday, the Dolphins are going to loose ,,,,,BIG.

Thank God for NASCAR races on Sunday. You can't watch just one !!

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