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Tuesday PFF and Salguero look at Sunday's game

The good folks at ProFootballFocus.com delivered their weekly film review of Sunday's game and I am adding my weekly analysis and insight to that review.

Get it ...


Left tackle Bryant McKinnie played well in his Dolphins debut, posting a +2.0 grade and +1.4 pass blocking grade. He gave up two hits and a sack but neither came against Chandler Jones.

Salguero: The Dolphins helped McKinnie -- a lot. Left guard Richie Incognito helped McKinnie with double-team pass blocking approximately 75 percent of the time. The sack I saw McKinnie give up came on a blitz when he failed to recognize the free blitzer.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin had a dreadful time switching over to right tackle, giving up 3 hurries, 2 hits, and a sack for a -2.5 cumulative grade.

Salguero: Once again, the sack I saw Martin give up came when he failed to recognize a blitzer and basically let him have a free run at quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As you know, the Dolphins allowed six sacks against New England. All of them came in the second half when Bill Belichick adjusted and had his defense blitz on practically every passing down. The Patriots are not normally a blitz-intense team. But the adjustment was excellent.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not adjust to New England's adjustment. Indeed, while most professional teams typically correct errors between series, the Dolphins seemed to make the same error against the New England blitz on multiple occasions.

“Well, what happened was that when we motioned across the formation, it really was on a couple third down situations and we’re not a big motion team as you know, well we motioned across on third down and we needed to just re-id some things and we didn’t," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. " I’ll take responsibility for that, it really shouldn’t have been a problem. It was a problem, all we had to do was re-id it. They got us twice on two third down calls, which they hadn’t really been a big pressure package in the third and short situations but they were particularly in that second half."

WR Rishard Matthews played 37 snaps after Brandon Gibson went down with his knee injury, but most came in the second half when the game was tied or the Dolphins were losing. Matthews saw 5 of his 6 targets against Logan Ryan in the slot, catching 3 of them. 

TE Dion Sims (29 snaps) and Michael Egnew (20 snaps) picked up extra workload as well in Gibson’s absence. 15 of Sims’ snaps and 10 of Egnew’s came in run blocking.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not connect on a single deep ball of 20-plus yards. He was 0 for 5.

Salguero: I watched the game again Monday evening. And three consecutive series in the second half spoke volumes to me about the difference in QB play between Tannehill and Tom Brady. You'll recall in the second half the Patriots came after Tannehill. Well on a third-and-2 situation from the New England 19, the Patriots had a free rusher come at Tannehill and the Miami QB failed to account for that blitzer by getting rid of the football. He took a 9-yard sack and instead of a 37-yard field goal to make the score 20-3, Caleb Sturgis thus had to attempt a 46-yard field goal. The rookie kicker missed the kick. The Patriots got the football and drove to the Miami 14 where on second-and-six the Dolphins blitzed Brady. And Phillip Wheeler got an unblocked run at the QB, except that as he was hit, Brady released a pass to Aaron Dobson who beat Nolan Carroll for a TD. The Dolphins got the ball back and once again, they went after Tannehill. And once again an unblocked blitzer came at Tannehill, who fumbled at his own 13 yard line when he was hit. The Patriots converted the turnover into a TD three plays later.

The point is, the Dolphins QB took a key sack and coughed up the football when the Patriots ran unblocked blitzers at him. The New England QB threw a TD pass on the play the Dolphins had an unblocked blitzer practically knock him into next week. It's not necessarily Tannehill's fault that he fumbled. But he must get rid of the football in the red zone. And it would be preferable if he got rid of it and completed a pass.

When running around the end, both left and right, Lamar Miller had six carries for 63 yards. On his 12 other carries, he had 29 yards.

Salguero: Here's a shocker ... The Dolphins fast running back is better running outside. Hmmm, maybe the Dolphins should call more outside runs for him.

Of the six times Brian Hartline was targeted, Alfonzo Dennard was in coverage for five of them. He shadowed him all over the field.

WR Mike Wallace saw targets against six different players, but caught passes on just two of them.


DE Cameron Wake played 34 of 68 snaps which was only a modest increase in workload from the 22 snaps he had last week against Buffalo.

CB Dmitri Patterson handled 62 of 68 snaps, signaling a full return to the lineup.

DE Dion Jordan played 18 snaps, getting full series in addition to his nickel role. He was in on 10 running plays, rushed the passer seven times and was in coverage once. The one coverage snaps had Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Salguero: Jordan is crazy athletic. He makes impact plays when he gets opportunities. The excuse about him not being able to set the edge on run plays no longer applies as he played more run plays than pass plays Sunday. So why is he getting only 18 total snaps with only seven pass-rush opportunities? Why? Makes no earthly sense to me.

Nolan Carroll is apparently being phased out as Patterson is healthy again. Carroll played only eight snaps on Sunday and in that time he gave up a double-move TD to Aaron Dobson.

Salguero: You'll remember at the beginning of the season, Carroll was the nickel corner. He'd enter the game on passing downs and take the outside receiver while Patterson would take the slot. Well, the groin injury to Patterson made Carroll a starter. But with Patterson back it not only seems as if Carroll has lost his starting role, but also the nickel cornerback role because Jimmy Wilson is filling that and did so on Sunday.

Special teams

Salguero: The Dolphins had a field goal blocked by the Patriots. It was the first field goal the Pats have blocked since 2010 when they blocked another Miami FG attempt. The reason the attempt was blocked is that right tackle Nate Garner was basically run over by two players, including Chandler Jones, who blocked the kick.


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I look at THILL's stats and can fully understand why so many fans are calling him a bust.

But when I see this kid getting killed with some brutal sacks (several against the Pats there we completely unblocked blitzing defenders with free shots at him) and then see him suit up the following game never pointing blame at his line....I have to respect his courage and his determination.

When I see a $60mill WR dropping passes that hit him square in the #11 printed on his jersey I have to wonder who is really helping this young QB be successful.

When I see an offensive coordinator abandon the running game and unable to adjust to blitzing defenders, I have to question who is helping this young QB be successful.

When I see fans placing complete blame on this kid I have to question if they really understand the game of football. I also have to ask them to go suit up and stand behind this piss poor offensive line and take the hits he takes each and every week. I really just don't see the 4 losses being all of his fault.

I just don't see Matt Moore coming in and doing any better. I just don't see Alex Smith taking the same beating every week and doing any better. The reality is that successful QB's are protected well and have several weapons who consistently make plays. I just don't see THILL having that support at all.

hey jpao, Yeah, the line is a mess, receivers are not very good, we don't have a FB staying home to block, but it is still the Q.B's job to recognize all that you talk bout. No audibles? Flat footed,(thought he was a W.R.with wheels??) Cover up ball, escape once in while?? how bout 2nd reads? & Rip a new A-hole to any Lineman getting beat!! I see none of that!! The Kids out of his league !!

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. Every quarterback in this league go through what you are describing. Did you see Russell Wilson last night? He was the eighth pick in the draft, time to start playing like it.

I'd love to see him playing behind the Denver OLINE or the Dallas OLINE and see how out of his league he really is. He is a 2nd year QB who had limited college experience. He is playing for a horrible OC and behind the worst OLINE I have seen in years. If the Fins get rid of him they will regret it as they will be watching him in the playoffs with a much better offensive system and support structure.

I would simply say to Sherman.....MAX PROTECT so that this kid can survive the season. Stop abandoning the run and putting this kid in tough situations when you are on your own 5-20 yardline. Manage the damn game....you are the one with years of experience.

I would say to Ireland......Use the off season to replace Jerry, McKinnney, and Martin. Invest all that you have in free agency and the draft to fix this OLINE.

They do that

...and they will win more games this year and put themselves in a realistic position to make the playoffs next year.

I truly believe they can win a lot of games with THILL. They just need to give him a realistic opportunity to survive and then thrive.

Some thoughts come to mind after reading this. Sherman said that he takes responsibility. Well in today's world you are replaced when you are responsible. Sherman clearly does not react quickly enough or is he just protecting his QB. T-hill is also responsible to make real time adjustments to protect himself, he's not doing that due to his current skill level. Sherman does need to go after the season. The Dolphins need a quicker thinker for adjustments. That said Philbin has a head set on for adjustments also...

Wallace has dropped some balls but T-hill often throws behind him and high. With the velocity on the ball it's a tough ball to hold on to. Welker does Ok with his lack of height but the passes were more accurate from Brady and now Manning.

Yes Tucci... I want to see some passion in THill... where is it? Has anyone ever seen it? Remember the Buffalo game when Thad LEwis took a helmet shot and was fired up ? That got his team going and they won the game.. from a practice squad player who appreciates his chance to play. THill is taking his chance for granted, and he has about 10-16 more games to prove if he can be the #1 or if he is another Henne. Come on THIll, show some emotion, get mad... get happy.. get real!

This team lacks talent period, this coaching staff blows period, the gm and the ignorant fools who supports him blows period and this fanbase born after 1980 definitely blows PERIOD !!

You're right on that. Most players do go elsewhere and have success. There is just something about this Miami Dolphins system, that when they get a certain so called star...THEY HI A WALL !! Not sure if it's the mentality, direction, philosophy, or just bad luck. We can't keep blaming coaching staff after coaching staff either after a while. Fan's have been blaming every coach since,...the F'ING 80's !!

I'd like to see the coaches take the blame and if we lose this one, someone in the staff should be fired or just straight out quit.
On THIll and Sherman.... think about this: after they left Texas A&M, what happened to the team? I know they got Manziel, but they also entered the SEC and got new coaches and look how successful they have ben the past two years. Coincidence? I think not! Fire Sherman if he doesn't make good coaching choices and adjustments on Thursday night!

& please NO MORE Carroll !!

Rat does not have the accuracy or instincts of a good QB

Tover, the TE killa, the WR killa, tje drive killa, the season killa.
its the QB stupid.
homers are clueless and pathetic eh?

Sherman has to go!!! How O-coordinators do we have to go through!! 2 years ago I wanted mike McCoy to be our next coach!!

I still believe it!!

Two solutions for making us a winning team.
Let our starters play the first half only. ( They are not capable of playing 60 minutes). Second half bring in Moore and the second team players, fresh off the bench and eager to play.(Sarcasm)
Next. The NFL should allow coaches to send bad calls up to the "Booth" for review and if legit the Booth should send down a warning to the ref who made the bad call. A couple of bad calls and the refs should also be penalized. It was very clear that Oliver was trying to bring the ball into his body. The replay shows his hand ending up under his chest after the sweeping motion.
After all this is a multibillion $ industry and you would hate to lose on bad calls.

1st round sraft pick not even in the same numbers class with Andrew Luck or RG3. He is not even close to their game command or awarness ability to be a 1st round quaterback pick.

My last point on THILL this week.....I think the Pats game tells the story of this QB and this offense overall.

First Half - Sherman puts in a balanced offense with a steady dose of runs. He is calling plays that spread the ball to different WR's and TE's. He calls for a couple of RB screens. He keeps backs in the backfield to help protect THILL. The offense gives up no sacks. THILL has 2 TD's and a passer rating over 100. Funny how that works?????

Second Half - Sherman loses the balanced approach. He runs much less even though it remains highly productive when they do run the ball. Gibson is now out of the game, taking a steady receiver option off the field. Wallace drops at least 2-3 balls in the half. THILL takes 5 or 6 sacks including three from completely unblocked blitzers. One is a mean hit to his back causing a fumble (most QBs would fumble that one). THILL has 2-3 INT's (including a Hail Mary to end the game - worthless attempt - they should have just run the ball at that point). He scores no more TD's.

Seems odd to me that THILL has a 100 plus passer rating when they protect him and when the offense shows a balance of runs and passes. This recipe works for most successful QB'a. It really doesn't seem that hard to figure out.

Look at Luck, RG3, Brady, Manning, etc.....when their offensive line protects them they look great. When they are under constant pressure they don't. Again, it seems pretty obvious to me.


Tannehill is a bust

1st round sraft pick not even in the same numbers class with Andrew Luck or RG3. He is not even close to their game command or awarness ability to be a 1st round quaterback pick.

Posted by: AJ M109
Everyone knew this on T-hill. It was Ireland who came up with T-hill to satisfy the owners request for a franchise QB. Well T-hill is not a franchise QB that is clear. The Lion's franchise QB went through transition pains into the NFL but you could see an accurate arm.

That's called inconsistency, jpao. Either by whim or faulty thinking, they abandon what is working well for them then get into trouble. Very common in insecure People.

Johnny Manziel is going to be the next Ryan Leaf, you read it here first! The guy is a walking basket case, the only difference between him and Leaf is about 6 inches of height!

PLEASE do not pick Johnny Manziel in the draft next year, I don't care how many Heisman's he wins!! I'd take Pat White over him, honestly.

I've been a Phin-Fan for 47 years, since opening day 1966 with Joe Auer's kickoff return TD, and I have never seen a worse case of officiating a Dolphins game in that whole time. Sunday's performance if you want to call it that was as blatant as Obama's forged birth certificate!

That referee crew should have been arrested for impersonating objectivity.


There is no more balanced offense, it is a pass first offense.

"Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not adjust to New England's adjustment." Why? Because their coaches are better than ours - that's why. And, as a result, their team wins and our doesn't.

Well Craig Mouthy Moron should be happy to see Armando discussing the oline & specifically the part about the sacks being about not recognizing blitzers, not getting physically mauled like clabo had been.

Not only did multiple posters explain this yesterday but, now Armndo did so you'd think he finally gets it. Right? LETS HOPPE SO!

Not only that from that putz but, also he asked about Wilson & how he'd play last night. Well, he displayed the same so called "lack of awareness" & was a sitting duck most of the night. He had NO room to get out of the pocket because the pocket disintegrated instantly! Go figure? I wonder if everyone will call him a bust cause he completed 1 lucky 80 yard pass?

Armando also said Martin & McKinnie both failed to recognize a free blitzer. Then he goes onto say Tanny failed to get rid of the ball.

Well, what if Tanny called out the protection & it was missed? Wouldn't that explain it? What if the line was supposed to pick it up & they didn't? Does that count as no pocket awareness for his oL inability to pick up a blitz?

Tanny is the least of the O's problem.

Boycott until everyone is replaced, including Ross!

The 3rd pick in the draft had 18 freakin snaps?? Cameron Wake only played half the snaps?
This coaching staff is a disaster.
I am now starting my "Free Ireland" campaign. That is, let's let him free of his contract and let him go.

Trade Mike Wallace before the deadline. He came as advertised, questionable hands and only runs deep routes. I cannot believe they paid him that much. Get rid of him while you can.

starting to wish we promoted mike nolan to HC. Keep these obstinate offensive gurus upstairs where they belong and a sensible HC on the sidelines who just wants to get the W anyway it takes.

While we knew that Thill was no RG3 or Andrew Luck, we did know that he had a lot of upside coming out. You fans are too impatient, you sound like heroin junkies, all y'all want is the quick fix. Sunday's game showed growing pains to me. Tanny needs to be able to identify the free rusher and get rid of the ball. Peyton, Tom, Drew, Aron all have that ability. Also, I think tanny is better when he has to drop back instead of the shotgun. Next, we are so much better when we run the ball, so why on third and two, up 17-3 in the third quarter, are we passing the ball??? That's coaching

Trade a 2nd Rd Pick for L.Fitzgerald.

1 Loss away from calling the Season.

We are better than the Patriots and the Referees.

Mike Wallace is not tradeable. First, no other team has Jeff Ireland to take on his contract. Secondly, we have Jeff Ireland and his detached from reality ego would never let him admit the signing was a mistake by trading him. Just like his blind ego won't let him admit his draft picks are busts and they stay on the team.

One more thing, the snap count needs to be addressed. "20-80 Go Go(passing), one Go (running). We need a better cadence and what's wrong with just saying "hut"?

Our second-year qb is being asked to throw more than 37 passes per game, with obviously sh$tty pass protection and a $60mil 'receiver' who can't catch a cold. It's a recipe for failure.
3rd overall pick Jordan plays 18 snaps? The rest of this years' picks produced two special teamers. Great job! This is an embarrassment of a FO and coaching staff. Maybe this is the week Tannehill hits IR.

Tannehill √


I don't care how fast you are your main job is to catch the ball.

The Dolphins don't have 1 WR that can go after the Ball. Insert L.Fitzgerald. This will solve the problem and the Dolphins can pay $15Mil a year on a Player.

We did something similar for B.Marshall. The Dolphins traded 2-2nd Rd picks for B.Marshall.

L.Fitzgerald will even make M.Wallace Better. Teach him how to catch. B.Hartline will become the Slot WR.

I guess you missed all the talk out of Cardinals camp, Dashi. 'Not a chancewe aretrading Fitzgerald'.


If we lose Thursday night the coaching staff will lose this locker room. The signs are already there. Don't think for one second that the team does not see what we see and discuss every Sunday during the game and after.

If these guys had any pride what so ever and are not here just to pick up a paycheck would need to do something drastic, like calling a team only meeting to discuss their current situation with the play calling from their OC and the lack of leadership from the head coach.

THill may not be the second coming, but man, anyone who could stand behind this line on Sunday and take the shots he has been taken and not complain about shows me the kid has moxy. He does have his issues like any other second year starter, but he also does not whine about it when he gets planted. Maybe I should reconsider benching him for his own safety. If he can hold up for the rest of the season without a major injury then so be it.

Good morning to you too, Daytona.

You'll be glad to know i won't be playing today so have fun here ripping me while i'm bust with work. (You remember what work is, right?).

On second thoughts....it's probably been so long you actually don't.

I can't believe you are actually comparing those two plays Armando. They aren't even close. First off, NE sent a CB off the edge on the blind side, (who I am sure TH saw and expected to be picked up, less than 2 seconds later TH is getting blasted in the back, as he is attempting to throw and fumbles. Almighty Brady on the other hand has Wheeler, who is lined up in sort of on left side of the field, come completely across the whole line to the right side, (in full view of your QB god) and come straight up at Brady in his face taking a lot more time than the NE CB to get there, and you're praising Brady for him getting the pass off and completed. WOW, you're a genious!!!

Ryan Tannehill is not the Problem.

Tyson Clabo was part of the Problem.

M.Wallace Catching a Ball is a Problem.

R.Matthews has way better hands. He is the 1 Dolphin WR that fights for the Ball.

The Dolphins need to beat Cincinnati. Else tank for Top 10 Position in the Draft. Draft S.Watkins in the 1st and J.Manziel in the 2nd.

Kidding on the Manziel part.

Let's see if anyone comes on today to call Russell Wilson a bust. Anyone see the game? The guy couldn't get a FIRST-DOWN! He sucked. Run game was anemic. They did NOTHING offensively. Oh, they had OL trouble you say? Oh, it effected the offense you say? Ok, gotcha.

Difference is Seattle has a defense that can BAIL OUT THEIR OFFENSE. Miami doesn't. So let's talk about Cam Wake and the d today to get some balance on the blog, k? Thanks.

I don't blame Tannehill for not getting rid of the ball on the sack/fumble. I blame him for lacking the awareness to recognize the pressure and protect the football while taking the sack. THIS is his biggest weakness at this stage, he lacks the awareness and instinct for the pressure. This is why he has lost several fumbles under the same circumstances. If it were about him simply trying to make a play instead of bailing, then it would be a teachable/correctable error that experience would fix. Unfortunately, it isn't. It's an inherent lack of instinct and it cannot be taught. Behind a top O-line it doesn't happen as frequently, obviously, because he is better protected. But, it still will happen more frequently than it should. This inherent flaw will stay with him for his entire career. That doesn't make him a "bust" but it's weakness nonetheless and it's not a good one to have.

Nolan Carroll must go.


The answer at WR is in the Off season then. When H.Nicks is a FA.

L.Fitzgerald is up for trade. It just has to be certain teams. And certain value. They probably want a 1st rd pick and nobody will trade a 1st for Larry right now.

M.Wallace is good and fits in the Overall Scheme of the Offense. But the Fins need a Big WR that can jump after balls and beat the Defender.

I believe the Fins can Cut M.Wallace this off season and save on his contract. It is a weird contract.

Unless the fins start using M.Egnew out wide more often.

Same problems we have now - too many turnovers and blowing late leads is exactly what happened at Texas A&M under Sherman, its what got him fired there.

The worst part about all of this is Ross will do absolutely nothing and next year will be the same as this year. Only empty stadium seats will produce change.

DC, just like I said yesterday re: Wilson. then I have Craig coming here telling me stats don't mean anything. Well from reading the tea leaves, I told you that Seattle is winning on running plays and defense giving him extra possessions. Well defense gave them 7 of their 14 points and Wilson looked rather Tannehill like having only about 50% completion rate and being sacked 7 times. guess he doesn't have pocket prescence either.

I'm telling you. RG3, Wilson, and Tannehill are all having the same season. Just that Wilson is only asked to be a game manager so Seattle wins.

But I get it, Wilson is a winner and Tannehill isn't. yeah, right....

"Ryan Tannehill is not the Problem."

Anytime a QB turns over the ball that many times, it's a problem. He has zero pocket awareness and is an interception machine.

Other than that he's great.

talented team. 1st round pick 18 snaps do i need to continue? wallace dropping passes but running same routes. on the 3rd and long he gained 20+ on a screen behind the line. were are more of those play calls n reverses if not mistaken gained first down or touchdown everytime.and thill can the coaching staff talk to him about the go,go-go snap count.

Also noticed how Tate went up and took that ball like it belonged to him on a not so perfect pass from Wilson. #11 Edward Scissorhands here just jogs by and watches and dares not mess up his faux hawk....

Hartman you think maybe turnover reduction is something that can perhaps be coached out of him? maybe, maybe not. Got coached out of Phillip Rivers and Matthew Stafford and Sam Bradford. I'm convinced you clowns would have run those qbs out of town too.

Ryan Tannehill = Chad Henne 2.0

MassDolphin, I'm with you. Coyle is the worst of our co-ordinators. he has a gem like Jordan who can 4.6 and cover tight ends down teh field and cause havoc rushign the passer. So he may not be polished against the run, so here's an idea, move him around, stand him up, put him in the def slot. We haven't had a guy that could cover a tight end in forever and this guy plays only 15 snaps in game 7 ... sheesh... Instead we get copious amounts of Koa Misi and Derrick Shelby who the next time makes an impact play will be the first time.

I need both these co-ordinators gone yesterday just for being negligent with the talent handed to them.

I watched part of the Seahawks game last night and Wilson was on his butt almost every time I switched over.(busy watching the Sox beat up on the Cards).

Big difference between Tannehill & Wilson under pressure:

1. Wilson does not fumble
2. Wilson feels the pressure
3. Wilson escapes the big blindside hits
4. Wilson gets rid of the ball quicker

It was refreshing to see another LT whiff on blitzing linebackers.

First half of the Pats game showed me that Tannehill can move the offense with a balance approach.
Second half showed me Sherman is a crusty old white guy who must retire ASAP.

Damn it Mark, why do you always have to be right??? lol Good points and way to stick it to the majority.

MAJOR spy report from Dolphins HQ. Steven Ross has gone inside Jeff Ireland's office for an unscheduled meeting...

Update from Dolphins HQ: something is happening, a crowd of employees are at Jeff Ireland's door, something is happening! Are they saying goodbye? Is the Jeff Ireland era over?

Exactly Mark. I'm not saying Tannehill doesn't have his problems. The turnovers are concerning. Pocket presence isn't great. But Tannehill is a 2nd year player. The defense was SUPPOSED to be our elite squad. They are anything but. And they fold exactly at the wrong times. They give up tons of points and tons of yardage. And I for one am sick of it. Can't pick-up any fumbles, sure, they have more INTs and sacks than last year, but that's about the only good things they do. Croyle needs to go on the hot seat right there with Sherman. Sherman's old, what's Croyle's excuse?

OK, sign of relief! It's a Halloween party! Jeff Ireland and Steven Ross are handing out orange colored cupcakes and small bags of candy corn! Party time at Dolphins HQ! Good to see morale is high!

Wallace is garbAge

DC..the problem is we went to the wrong scheme for our personnel group. Should have stuck with the 3/4. Sherman is just lost and needs to retire. This team has taken on the personality of their leaders, dull and unimaginative.

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