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Tuesday PFF and Salguero look at Sunday's game

The good folks at ProFootballFocus.com delivered their weekly film review of Sunday's game and I am adding my weekly analysis and insight to that review.

Get it ...


Left tackle Bryant McKinnie played well in his Dolphins debut, posting a +2.0 grade and +1.4 pass blocking grade. He gave up two hits and a sack but neither came against Chandler Jones.

Salguero: The Dolphins helped McKinnie -- a lot. Left guard Richie Incognito helped McKinnie with double-team pass blocking approximately 75 percent of the time. The sack I saw McKinnie give up came on a blitz when he failed to recognize the free blitzer.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin had a dreadful time switching over to right tackle, giving up 3 hurries, 2 hits, and a sack for a -2.5 cumulative grade.

Salguero: Once again, the sack I saw Martin give up came when he failed to recognize a blitzer and basically let him have a free run at quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As you know, the Dolphins allowed six sacks against New England. All of them came in the second half when Bill Belichick adjusted and had his defense blitz on practically every passing down. The Patriots are not normally a blitz-intense team. But the adjustment was excellent.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not adjust to New England's adjustment. Indeed, while most professional teams typically correct errors between series, the Dolphins seemed to make the same error against the New England blitz on multiple occasions.

“Well, what happened was that when we motioned across the formation, it really was on a couple third down situations and we’re not a big motion team as you know, well we motioned across on third down and we needed to just re-id some things and we didn’t," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. " I’ll take responsibility for that, it really shouldn’t have been a problem. It was a problem, all we had to do was re-id it. They got us twice on two third down calls, which they hadn’t really been a big pressure package in the third and short situations but they were particularly in that second half."

WR Rishard Matthews played 37 snaps after Brandon Gibson went down with his knee injury, but most came in the second half when the game was tied or the Dolphins were losing. Matthews saw 5 of his 6 targets against Logan Ryan in the slot, catching 3 of them. 

TE Dion Sims (29 snaps) and Michael Egnew (20 snaps) picked up extra workload as well in Gibson’s absence. 15 of Sims’ snaps and 10 of Egnew’s came in run blocking.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not connect on a single deep ball of 20-plus yards. He was 0 for 5.

Salguero: I watched the game again Monday evening. And three consecutive series in the second half spoke volumes to me about the difference in QB play between Tannehill and Tom Brady. You'll recall in the second half the Patriots came after Tannehill. Well on a third-and-2 situation from the New England 19, the Patriots had a free rusher come at Tannehill and the Miami QB failed to account for that blitzer by getting rid of the football. He took a 9-yard sack and instead of a 37-yard field goal to make the score 20-3, Caleb Sturgis thus had to attempt a 46-yard field goal. The rookie kicker missed the kick. The Patriots got the football and drove to the Miami 14 where on second-and-six the Dolphins blitzed Brady. And Phillip Wheeler got an unblocked run at the QB, except that as he was hit, Brady released a pass to Aaron Dobson who beat Nolan Carroll for a TD. The Dolphins got the ball back and once again, they went after Tannehill. And once again an unblocked blitzer came at Tannehill, who fumbled at his own 13 yard line when he was hit. The Patriots converted the turnover into a TD three plays later.

The point is, the Dolphins QB took a key sack and coughed up the football when the Patriots ran unblocked blitzers at him. The New England QB threw a TD pass on the play the Dolphins had an unblocked blitzer practically knock him into next week. It's not necessarily Tannehill's fault that he fumbled. But he must get rid of the football in the red zone. And it would be preferable if he got rid of it and completed a pass.

When running around the end, both left and right, Lamar Miller had six carries for 63 yards. On his 12 other carries, he had 29 yards.

Salguero: Here's a shocker ... The Dolphins fast running back is better running outside. Hmmm, maybe the Dolphins should call more outside runs for him.

Of the six times Brian Hartline was targeted, Alfonzo Dennard was in coverage for five of them. He shadowed him all over the field.

WR Mike Wallace saw targets against six different players, but caught passes on just two of them.


DE Cameron Wake played 34 of 68 snaps which was only a modest increase in workload from the 22 snaps he had last week against Buffalo.

CB Dmitri Patterson handled 62 of 68 snaps, signaling a full return to the lineup.

DE Dion Jordan played 18 snaps, getting full series in addition to his nickel role. He was in on 10 running plays, rushed the passer seven times and was in coverage once. The one coverage snaps had Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Salguero: Jordan is crazy athletic. He makes impact plays when he gets opportunities. The excuse about him not being able to set the edge on run plays no longer applies as he played more run plays than pass plays Sunday. So why is he getting only 18 total snaps with only seven pass-rush opportunities? Why? Makes no earthly sense to me.

Nolan Carroll is apparently being phased out as Patterson is healthy again. Carroll played only eight snaps on Sunday and in that time he gave up a double-move TD to Aaron Dobson.

Salguero: You'll remember at the beginning of the season, Carroll was the nickel corner. He'd enter the game on passing downs and take the outside receiver while Patterson would take the slot. Well, the groin injury to Patterson made Carroll a starter. But with Patterson back it not only seems as if Carroll has lost his starting role, but also the nickel cornerback role because Jimmy Wilson is filling that and did so on Sunday.

Special teams

Salguero: The Dolphins had a field goal blocked by the Patriots. It was the first field goal the Pats have blocked since 2010 when they blocked another Miami FG attempt. The reason the attempt was blocked is that right tackle Nate Garner was basically run over by two players, including Chandler Jones, who blocked the kick.


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Mitch @ 9:10

It was only a matter of time until we got around to shifting the blame over to Henne.
In all of his college and pro starts (about 85 all together) I do not recall him fumbling 1 time.

TNF, will be another game full of mistakes simply because Philbin et al. have no clue on analysing games and developing a game plan for the upcoming matches. They just improvise. Philbin's answers to the media are just childish. He doesnt know what to respond and hides the truth.
They keep Wallace on the field simply because they spent millions on him, yet he plays awfully, and should be benched. He's a distraction for T-hill and his attitude is terrible.
Miller is playing very well but Sherman insists in passing.
J. Taylor, W. Davis, not even active. D. Jordan limited. Promising rookies (the WR in training camp, disposed).
This team is a mess.

Mitch @ 9:10

Tannehill = Gabbert 2.0

I'm not sure that sack/forced fumble was McKinnie's fault. It seems like the QB should have read the blitz and called for an audible for the TE to pick up the pass rusher. Or he should have recognized the rush and thrown the ball quickly to the open TE.

Follow up to IRA's report...Ross emerges with Ireland who is smiling...Ross has extended Ireland's extension...all to satify the fans and show measures are being taken...

Just read some exerts from Joe Philbin's press conference yesterday in Barry Jacksons column,and it makes me want to hurle! He is so dillusional it is pathetic. No emotion no fire,just like his team!

NHFINS FAN, doesn't fumble you say... well that's weird because he has the most fumbles in the NFL and he drops back to pass more than 10 times per game less than Tannehill so he actually haas a higher rate orf fumbles per sack than Tannehill. Up until this week, Wilson fumbled 40% of the times he got sacked, Tannehill 26%. What else you got?

Sherman will always be the problem. His play calling is boring and predictable. Doesn't matter what the offense runs. Reverses, wildcat.

This Offense is developing right.

That game was lost in the 3rd Qtr on 3 of the worst calls I have ever seen. 2 pass interference which weren't and the Fumble that they called back. Those 3 plays were as bad as a turnover cause they all came on 3rd Down. On Different Drives which led to 21 Pts.


If every team had an elite, franchise QB then 31 teams would still fail to win the super bowl every year.
But it's worse than that: since the average lifespan of an NFL starting QB is 6 seasons then every 6 seasons at least 25 teams will fail to make the super bowl.


Because it is profitable to the 32 white men that ARE the NFL.

DC @ 9:23, that's exactly right. This defense was supposed to be the unit we hung our hat on. They should be top 10 in the NFL in turnovers created with all 7 guys in their front four (when Soliai is off) supposed to be above average in rushing the passer. wake couldn't even beat mariah Carey's husband last week when he came into the game for Volmer. Coyle has a freak at his disposal and he plays less than Derrick Shelby. he's doing one of the all time worst coaching jobs there considering what he has at his disposal. Also consider that Patterson and Grimes are ball hawks on errant passes and the co ordinator can never dial up the right play. (Although to his credit he did it last Sunday but the NFL ruled that making Brady fumble is illegal)

i also find it funny how the gallery here was sayign don't sign Long, Bush, or Sean Smith (I wanted all three back) and now surprise surprise they are doing well, the gallery says the team is a joke for letting them all walk.

Tannehill has lost any ounce of confidence he previously had. The pro game is too fast for him, period. We've wasted enough time, money, and draft on Ryan Tannehill. Matt Moore is much better. Make the switch now and back to the draft for a top young QB. But dont let Ireland draft PLEASE!

wow marks hang'n tuff.
mark. psssst. 3-5

Read something on ESPN about how RGII says there will be less and less pocket QB's drafted in the future...hmmm...Luck, the only pure pocket passer drafted last year clearly outplaying all other young QB's...Rogers, Brees, Brady, Manning Brothers, Flacco, Ryan, Stafford, Rothlesberger...all your top QB's, pocket passer...I guess...maybe he's on to something...LOL

Wilson is more experienced than Tannehill, but I'd like to see how Seattle fares when they ask him to pass 40+ times per game. It's just stupidity on the part of our coaches...

Also Mando, why don't you mention that Brady lacked pocket prescence in not realizing he was about to be sacked and why didn't you mention that it was his fault that he didn't secure the ball. Why don't you also mention that Tom Brady also has the same fumble to sack ratio that Tannehill has?

mark, come fri. a.m.
i have you 1st in line at irecorns dump tank and 78 will be 2nd.

Vazman...isn't going to happen. I have no more confidence in Moore than I do in THill at this point. No one can be successful behind this line and with Sherman calling the shots. We will just have to play it out with what we have. No amount of complaining or analyzing is going to get these idiots to listen.

It's a shame and it is what it is.


I'm still here. You want to tal stats, let's talk stats.

Tannehil is 11 Tds and 9 picks and 82 yards rushing. QBR 79.5

Wilson is 13 tds and 4 picks and 339 yards rushing. QBR 99.0. Game manager? Yeah i'll take a game manager like that any day. You like to project numbers.....that projects to 26 TDs, 8 picks and 678 yards rushing. I'd take that in a heartbeat from Tannehill.

Both guys have 6 fumbles. One team is 3-4, the other is 7-1. Tannehill would have lost that game last night. He would have made a dumbmistake at the end.

Now tell me again how Tannehill and Wilson are having the same season.

Great posts today, Mark! You ate your Wheaties this morning. Unfortunately, facts don't matter to some people.

He feels like I need to be kicked out of the league. I feel like people who beat their girlfriends should be kicked out of the league, too. ... You tell me who you'd rather have? Someone who plays aggressive on the field or someone who beat up their girlfriend?

-- Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather on Bears receiver Brandon Marshall

haha, nice!!!

Comparing QB's like that isn't valid. Does Thill have Seattle's defense to bail him out when things go south? Do the Dolphin's attempt to run as much as Seattle does, for that matter to the phin's have a back of Lynch's caliber? Is Philbin and staff on par with Seattle's (jury is out on that)

If I am Ross,seriously questioning my coaching staff.He shelled out a ton of $$ in FA for quality players,its the coaches that are not getting full potential out of them.The game on Thursday will show how the players feel about Philbin..if they get blown out,he has lost them.


The old addage that games are won in the trenches still apply in today's game. Without a decent ( I didn't say great) line you can't win no matter who is the QB...Look how teams beat your best QB's, they find ways to put them on their back or run for their life. I don't care who you are, you can't complete passes while on your back looking at the sky...just saying


Mark's saying Wilson and Tannehill are having the same season. I'm saying they're not. Use what every excuses you want but a third round QB has come into the league and outplayed Tannehill last year and this. This can't be argued.

We can't say the 'position that has the most impact on a team winning and losing is QB' and then when one guy does it and the other doesn't, 'well one guys got better coaching and a better defence and a better running game'. It doesn't wash. You can't have it both ways.

It's not the coaching staff that throwing the picks or fumbling the ball. Enough with the excuses.

Russell Wilson is flat out playing better than Tanne is. I'll take 13 TDs / 4 Ints over 11/9 anyday. Add in Wilson's rushing totals and it's all over, baby.

In my opinion Dolphins O-Line > Denver's O-Line and Peyton Manning still dominates. Tannehill is just a bad QB. And that is not a bad thing. Hopefully we try to tank next season so we can get the #1 pick for Jameis Winston. We already blew it one time when we won meaningless games and lost out on Andrew Luck, let's not do this again. Start Tannehill next season and tank the season!

And everyone that posts here screamed about the line last year...how was it fixed...$60 million for Wallace, Adding Gibson and Keller, oh wait, I forgot, we picked up Clabo when Falcon's didn't think he fit and let Jake walk...Ireland did do something...HA

Damn Craig...you just don't give up do you? Lets try to have a decent discussion here. Calling out folks for their opinions is not going to get the results you are looking for.

Mark is a smart guy who backs up his thoughts and opinions with cold hard facts. Getting petty about who is right and who is wrong is not a healthy start to a productive discussion.

Two other points (not directed at Mark),

I'm SICK of hearing 'the team played well in the first half but the coaches blew it in the second half'. The reality is there was a good game plan by the coaches in the first half and the players executed well and the coaches were out coached in the second half and the players didn't execute. You can't give credit to one when things are going well and blame the other when things are going bad. The coaches didn't throw the pick to Wallace or fumble or drop the ball or miss the FG or take the dumb penalties. Both were to blame for the second half collapse.

Lastly 6 sacks to a mediocre pass rush is the sign of more problems again. No idea how Martin's escaped the wrath of the fans and the media to this point but it needs to end. He's been lousy this year and needs to pull his head out of his ass.

I think what Mark is referring to is the fumbles / times sacked.

Craig, if we are talking one v one, Wilson is asked to drop back more than 10 times per game more than Tannehill. You don't think that's a lot? Tannehill has almost as many completions per game as the other has pass attempts. if you don't see how that lends itself to more turnovers than I don't know what to say to you. Wilson is not securing the ball properly either. He also turns the ball over more than the league average. Seattle just minimize his exposure.

You saw in the first half what Tannehill can do if he asked to do the same thing Wilson does ALL THE TIME. he took care of the ball and punched it in when they got in the red zone. If #11 could catch a ball he had two hands on, he gets a 3rd td. But yeah, go on blame the Qb. It's all the QB.

Again, you can ignore how the defense is near tops in yards allowed per game and turnovers created, which has a way bigger impact on the game ... you can ignore that when talkign 7-1 v 3-4.

And you say take a game manager anyday, if the Dolphins employed a game manager QB, they would be 0-7. Fact is Tannehill bailed out a crap defense and mediocre run game 3 times this year.

I agree that SOME of the fumbles are Thill's fault, Sunday's was not...and some of the interceptions are but stats NEVER tell the whole story with a QB. Put the interceptions that are tipped at the line on the lineman who's defender got his hands on it, put the interceptions on the receivers who ran wrong routes or failed to catch it on them and put crappy throws by the QB on them and see where your teams QB is. You just can't look at the stats to make that an arguement. Also you have to look at the team around a player as well, last I knew this was a team game. No QB plays in a vacuum. I have never said Thill was the answer, all I say is he is NOT the problem right now. It is way to early to make a judgement on this kid.

To put things in more perspective... Phin's offense only scored 17 points against a below average defense that was shredded by the Jets of all teams the week before.


I have NO problem with Mark at all. He is a smart and passionate fan, I agree. Much respect his way. 'petty'? How am i being petty? Mark and I disagree on Tannehill and we disagree on Wilson and what he means to the Seahawks. I'm disappointed in Tannehill. If he's grown this year it's by a small margin. He's still not good enough and still giving the ball up WAY too much. This team isn't good enough for that.

I don't think I'm being petty with Mark at all. I'm confident we can disagree on this and go forward and debate other issues rationally. He's loyal to Tannehiil and I get that. I will say though (and Mark this s for you), he's grown too attached to Tannehill and i feel he's a bit blinded by him. He was always of the mindset that you 'keep drafting a QB until you know you've got your guy'. I'm not convinced this is the guy.

jj, forget it man, some people just don't see how limiting a 2nd year player to pass rush impacts productivity.

Wilson fumbles on40% of his sacks while Tannehill 26% (entering last week) and yet Tannehill is the one with no pocket prescence and doesn't take care of the ball. Yes Tannehill has more interceptions but he has to pass way, way more often. Again, entering last week. Wilson 27 pass attempts per game, Tannehill 23 completions per game. Nope, doesn't matter, one wins, the other doesn't. that's all people want to see. Nobody wants to know why...

Craig, so you're convinced he's not already? All the Dolphin's issues on offense are on him?


Sorry man.....respectfully that's a bunch of excuses.

A QB Has the ability to wi you games and lose you games. I'll admit Tannehill was key in those wins but he's been every bit the villain in our our loses. That doesn't mean hes losing the games by himself but rather he's doing nothing to change the result.

If you guys can argue that this QB has been anything that resembles the QB we saw in the first three games then i'll listen. But he clearly hasn't.

This team has problems across the board and it isn't just under center. This team has no heart and gives up when something bad happens. If you couldn't see the let down after that missed field goal then you weren't watching the same game I was. No fire, no motivation, everyone else looking for someone else to make a play. It is a domino effect and it is only going to get worse if someone, anyone, doesn't light a fire under this squad.

We can't even consider firing anyone, too late for that. We can't sit our QB to protect our investment because he needs the reps at any cost, even if he gets injured, which he already is in my opinion, more mentally than physically at this point.

There are no good answers for what ails this team..too many problems to be fixed and too little season left to do so. I am just sick to my stomach and tired of the excuses. I watched every second of Philbin's dribble he was spewing out during his presser and he said absolutely nothing that made me any more confident about the future of this team. What a loser...plain and simple.

Craig, you want to know what I like in Tannehill, I will tell you exactly what I like...

He is above average in touchdowns per game, yards per game,a nd completions per game. yes, he makes mistakes but these mistakes can be mitigated. When was the last time we had a QB that produces like that? Not since Marino. Not even Pennington put up the # of passing touchdowns and yards that Tannehill will bank this year. Several other great qbs turned the ball over more than they should early in their careers but the ones that can score and move the ball usually refine their games during their careers if a) a good enough team is put around them (right now there isn't) and/or b) they learn to adjust to the league and reduce their mistakes. over years of experience.

Interesting how 7 of the 10 qbs who lead the league in turnovers has 3 years of experience or less.....


Did i say it was all Tannehill? Of course not. Biut the nature of the position is that the QB gets too much credit when things re going good and too much blame when things are going bad. The reality is the OL is a mess, the running backs aren't getting it done and Wallace is dropping too many balls. But we're talking about the QB right now, the most important position on the team.

No he isn't the same as the first three. First off, every week there is something about Thill working through shoulder issues. Hmmm could that have something to do with the beating he has taken already? I guess he would be a pu@#y is your mind if he didn't play through it though. And being beat up has no affect on other QB's in the league? Never hear Steelers fans ragging Rothlesberger for playing beat to hell. How many points did he give up Sunday? How many missed tackles did he have? I'll give you the 7 on the sack fumble, but name ONE QB that doesn't fumble in that exact same position he was in when he got hit. How many bad calls did he penalize the team with, and tell me how many other QB's overcome those particular 3 horrible calls and the none push off call.


Yes!!! Mike Nolan was my choice at the time. This Philbin guys is a wet noodle. He is an old fart with no emotion and has the look of a deer in headlights! His staff, with the xception a a couple, are right behind him as far as quality.

My recommendation now is Mike Mayock (a draft guru) as our GM and Mike Shula as our HC. With the condition that Mayock helps put together the staff because Shula is not that proven yet. They should pick a staff of coaching studs. Maybe bring Mike Nolan back as DC.

Add a few more stud players and then you will see this team transtion into playoff contenders!!!

Garbage in garbage out

Tannehill is not the main problem and he does a lot of things well. But when u combine bad pocket awareness with the worst line in the league that's a bad combo. The hits he is taking seem to be causing him to regress and his decision making is getting worse, not better. RG3 and Wilson both looked equally bad with poor offensive line play. Wilson gets the benefit of the doubt because the team is so strong in running game and on D. RG3 gets a pass because of the injury. Bottom line, I don't think any young qbs would do well with this line and this coordinator. I think the system is rendering Wallace a useless decoy. They have run a screen to him twice this season and it worked great both times, but let's not do the things that work Sherman.

Sorry Mark don't really have to debate this today but a couple of other thoughts for you.....

You're the biggest guy on here to say, 'successful teams are the ones that win the turnover battle' and you're dead right in that statement. Philbin and Sherman agree with you on that too. So with that being said, how re you not concerned with the number of times Tannehill is turning the ball over. And please don't blame others. He's the QB. It's HIS responsibility. It comes with the territory. It wasn't the OL that gave up the puck six or the pick in the endzone against Buffalo. It was all him. He's making WAY too many mistakes and it's costing us games.

Lastly, you want to keep blaming the defence for doing there job. But when your QB's the one who keeps turning the ball over and points re being scored, is it really fair to blame the defence? How many points have been scored of turnovers. As you know, if you've played team sports, continually making dumb mistakes is what can really take the wind out of a team. Is it reasonable to blame the defence when they are continually let down by the rookie mistakes Tannehill is making?

I still say an offense that score you almost 22 points a game would win more if the defense was playing to their elite level. heck, New England is only getting a little over 22 points a game too and Tom Brady is turning the ball over a fair bit too.

But then again, they have the refs on their side constantly...

Cherry picking stats aside, anyone who has watched the games this year can cleary see that Tannehill has regressed and is NOT playing well. Myself, I have not given up on him just yet, and alot of this is on the coaching staff (boneheaded schemes and play calling) and Ireland (did not address OL even thought it was and still is the weakest part of this team). But right now, today, anyone can see Tannehil is not a franchise QB, and has to improve alot more before he is.

Mark, I didn't mention that Brady lacked pocket presence on that one play you mentioned because I've seen him play for 13 seasons and anyone who has understands the man has pocket presence and awareness. Meanwhile anyone who has watched Tannehill since last year is aware he hasn't shown great pocket awareness and doesn't have nearly the same presence.

You can cherry pick one play or even one game to try and prove a point. I prefer to look at the larger body of work that makes your point moot.


Again you're giving me excuses man. I don't want to hear about the officials. It's life...deal with it.

Not trying to be petty but lets debate the real issues here. The QB has regressed. No question. And I'm all for. Siting him if. He plays like that on Thursday EVIN. I agree with you....i think he's beat up. I want to give him a break. The rest of these guys want to feed him to the lions each week. I have no clue what that accomplishes. He has a shoulder injury and yesterday had a sleeve on his leg (new injury). Guess it doesn't matter how beat up he gets. Somehow he's going to learn something from the whole thing. My fear is that a lot of these guys quit because of all the dumb mistakes Tannehill is making. I think we're seeing signs of that in Wallace. Thats why I'd like to give the kid a break and install Moore and see if he can get them going. Only after Thursday though, if its more of the same.

I'm going to avoid the Tannehill debate today. Lol.

My own view is that Tannehill seems more and more like a bust. HOWEVER, it's entirely possible that he can come out of this a much better QB with a better coaching staff and better talent around him. Having a new GM would help as well.

Going to 2014, Tannehill should be the starter with a good rookie QB prospect as a backup. The rookie will be cheaper than Moore and be part of the future if Tannehill does not improve. If Tannehill does become an excellent QB, the rookie can be traded at some point if he is also good.

Craig, I thought I explained this to you already .. turnover ratio is a two headed coin. It also involves the defense producing turnovers. We rank where in takeaways? We have 11 ... to compare KC has 20, Dallas 19, Seattle 21 ... Buffalo has 15 for cripes sake and they stink...

If our defense performed to their capapbilities and played with the big boys as they shoudl because nobody, I mean nobody has as many players that are capable of rushing the passer as we do... dam man, we are like 8 players deep in guys that can rush the passer alone then you factor in Patterson, Grimes, Jones, Wilson, all guys in our secondary that can rush the passer ... we shoudl be creating more havoc.

You say the Qb puts our defense in that position? WHat does the defense do to bail themselves out of that position? We are 21st in yards allowed per game? That is the earmark of a defense that can't get itself off the field...

Fact of the matter is this team was built to create turnovers, stop the other team, and get timely offense...

Instead we are a team that takes a beating on defense every week and relies on that same 2nd year QB to cover up all our deficincies like a Brees or Manning and he just can't do that and no other 2nd year qb is being asked to do that except for RG3 and he's failing too...


That's exactly how I feel at 10:42am. Well said.

I haven't given up on the kid but he's clearly not the same guy I saw the first three weeks. Having said all that,nothing would make me happier if he came out Thursday and had a Hell of a game and shut me up! I'm a 'phin fan first and foremost.

Friends, I don't think Tannehill is a bust. I don't think he's Chad Henne 2.0.

I do question why he's not developing (coaching?). I question why he doesn't run more (Didn't he play WR?). I do question an offense that doesn't seem to utilize hot reads a lot to counter free blitzers. I do question why his game hasn't sped up to the point everyone notices (instincts).

It's fair to question all those -- after one game, 20 games, whenever.

Armando, why don't you give Tannehill at least a few years then considering Brady is a 13 year vet and playing very poorly this year I might add?

Again, comparing a 5 time super bowl Qb to a 2nd year Qb is a bit weak no?

And yes, Tom Brady won the super bowl in his 2nd year but how many times was he asked to throw in that game??? Everyone knows he wasn't the Qb then that he is now and that is a hall of famer we are talking about. So why not give the kid a chance to develop instead of continuing to throw mud on him.

The defense is a lot more to blame here than the offense in my opinion.

And you may call it cherry picking but you called on one play just like I did.

Also why did you not address the stat that I pointed out that Brady is fumbling more times per sack than Tannehill is? Dude is having a bad year and was purely bailed out by the officials last Sunday.

... And one more thing on Tannehill ...

As I've written and said many times, his deep ball accuracy is unimpressive, inconsistent and unreliable. And that has gotten no better since Day 1. That's a problem.

Mark ,

Again we'll agree to disagree. You guys told me for years 'you can't win without a QB'. 'Single most important position on the team'. I bought into that. Well we're not winning and now you want to change the argument? Come on!

You're picking on a unit that's been hurt all year. Does Cam Wake seem like he's healthy? Why is he only getting 22 snaps a game? Think we'd have more turnovers if he was 100 per cent? How many games as Paterson missed? Soliai? Ellerbe? Clemmons?

Sorry man. You're a good guy and a good poster but you're coming up with excuses for Tannehil. He's not getting it done. The evidence is there.

I counter isn't Tannehill developing though?

I mean he's putting up yardage, he's executing amazingly well in the red zone which was something Henne could not figure out. he's also scheduled to put up a nice # of Tds this year. So he's clearly not Ponder or Gabbert or Henne all of whom could never accomplish those things.

Sure there are things to clean up but how much of that comes with experience and how much of that is the coaching staff exposing the kid more than they should. 3 of the 4 QBs that were drafted last year and look to have a future after this year turn the ball over a lot. Luck is the exception but nobody is really surprised by that.

I'm not tyring to be a smart alec here but simply asking the quesiton if this could be a growing pain???

I think everyone can agree that Ireland has weakened the run defense in a failed attempt to upgrade the pass rush. He also has not upgraded the secondary. He does not seem to be able to understand how a team works synergistically, a sum of its parts. He addresses single facets of the team and and can't see the forest for the trees.
"Free Ireland"
From his contract.

The Dolphins play the Bengals on Halloween night. It will be a special day as the Dolphins dress up to celebrate:

Philbin will dress up as Cam Cameron
Sherman as Dan Henning
Coyle as Tom Olivadotti
Ireland as Bill Parcells (the GM, not the coach)
Tannehill as Chad Henne
Clabo as Marc Columbo (he wishes)
Armando as Peter King (just kidding Armando)

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