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Tuesday PFF and Salguero look at Sunday's game

The good folks at ProFootballFocus.com delivered their weekly film review of Sunday's game and I am adding my weekly analysis and insight to that review.

Get it ...


Left tackle Bryant McKinnie played well in his Dolphins debut, posting a +2.0 grade and +1.4 pass blocking grade. He gave up two hits and a sack but neither came against Chandler Jones.

Salguero: The Dolphins helped McKinnie -- a lot. Left guard Richie Incognito helped McKinnie with double-team pass blocking approximately 75 percent of the time. The sack I saw McKinnie give up came on a blitz when he failed to recognize the free blitzer.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin had a dreadful time switching over to right tackle, giving up 3 hurries, 2 hits, and a sack for a -2.5 cumulative grade.

Salguero: Once again, the sack I saw Martin give up came when he failed to recognize a blitzer and basically let him have a free run at quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As you know, the Dolphins allowed six sacks against New England. All of them came in the second half when Bill Belichick adjusted and had his defense blitz on practically every passing down. The Patriots are not normally a blitz-intense team. But the adjustment was excellent.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not adjust to New England's adjustment. Indeed, while most professional teams typically correct errors between series, the Dolphins seemed to make the same error against the New England blitz on multiple occasions.

“Well, what happened was that when we motioned across the formation, it really was on a couple third down situations and we’re not a big motion team as you know, well we motioned across on third down and we needed to just re-id some things and we didn’t," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. " I’ll take responsibility for that, it really shouldn’t have been a problem. It was a problem, all we had to do was re-id it. They got us twice on two third down calls, which they hadn’t really been a big pressure package in the third and short situations but they were particularly in that second half."

WR Rishard Matthews played 37 snaps after Brandon Gibson went down with his knee injury, but most came in the second half when the game was tied or the Dolphins were losing. Matthews saw 5 of his 6 targets against Logan Ryan in the slot, catching 3 of them. 

TE Dion Sims (29 snaps) and Michael Egnew (20 snaps) picked up extra workload as well in Gibson’s absence. 15 of Sims’ snaps and 10 of Egnew’s came in run blocking.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not connect on a single deep ball of 20-plus yards. He was 0 for 5.

Salguero: I watched the game again Monday evening. And three consecutive series in the second half spoke volumes to me about the difference in QB play between Tannehill and Tom Brady. You'll recall in the second half the Patriots came after Tannehill. Well on a third-and-2 situation from the New England 19, the Patriots had a free rusher come at Tannehill and the Miami QB failed to account for that blitzer by getting rid of the football. He took a 9-yard sack and instead of a 37-yard field goal to make the score 20-3, Caleb Sturgis thus had to attempt a 46-yard field goal. The rookie kicker missed the kick. The Patriots got the football and drove to the Miami 14 where on second-and-six the Dolphins blitzed Brady. And Phillip Wheeler got an unblocked run at the QB, except that as he was hit, Brady released a pass to Aaron Dobson who beat Nolan Carroll for a TD. The Dolphins got the ball back and once again, they went after Tannehill. And once again an unblocked blitzer came at Tannehill, who fumbled at his own 13 yard line when he was hit. The Patriots converted the turnover into a TD three plays later.

The point is, the Dolphins QB took a key sack and coughed up the football when the Patriots ran unblocked blitzers at him. The New England QB threw a TD pass on the play the Dolphins had an unblocked blitzer practically knock him into next week. It's not necessarily Tannehill's fault that he fumbled. But he must get rid of the football in the red zone. And it would be preferable if he got rid of it and completed a pass.

When running around the end, both left and right, Lamar Miller had six carries for 63 yards. On his 12 other carries, he had 29 yards.

Salguero: Here's a shocker ... The Dolphins fast running back is better running outside. Hmmm, maybe the Dolphins should call more outside runs for him.

Of the six times Brian Hartline was targeted, Alfonzo Dennard was in coverage for five of them. He shadowed him all over the field.

WR Mike Wallace saw targets against six different players, but caught passes on just two of them.


DE Cameron Wake played 34 of 68 snaps which was only a modest increase in workload from the 22 snaps he had last week against Buffalo.

CB Dmitri Patterson handled 62 of 68 snaps, signaling a full return to the lineup.

DE Dion Jordan played 18 snaps, getting full series in addition to his nickel role. He was in on 10 running plays, rushed the passer seven times and was in coverage once. The one coverage snaps had Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Salguero: Jordan is crazy athletic. He makes impact plays when he gets opportunities. The excuse about him not being able to set the edge on run plays no longer applies as he played more run plays than pass plays Sunday. So why is he getting only 18 total snaps with only seven pass-rush opportunities? Why? Makes no earthly sense to me.

Nolan Carroll is apparently being phased out as Patterson is healthy again. Carroll played only eight snaps on Sunday and in that time he gave up a double-move TD to Aaron Dobson.

Salguero: You'll remember at the beginning of the season, Carroll was the nickel corner. He'd enter the game on passing downs and take the outside receiver while Patterson would take the slot. Well, the groin injury to Patterson made Carroll a starter. But with Patterson back it not only seems as if Carroll has lost his starting role, but also the nickel cornerback role because Jimmy Wilson is filling that and did so on Sunday.

Special teams

Salguero: The Dolphins had a field goal blocked by the Patriots. It was the first field goal the Pats have blocked since 2010 when they blocked another Miami FG attempt. The reason the attempt was blocked is that right tackle Nate Garner was basically run over by two players, including Chandler Jones, who blocked the kick.


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Craig, most important stat in football is turnover ratio and yes I've said you can't win without a QB. In a perfect scenario this defense should be top 10. Injuries, how many does New England have yet, they creat turnovers with the best of them. Doesn't stop them....

I don't call injuries an excuse for tannehill, I won't call them for the defense and I don't make any excuses for the kid. i acknowledge turnovers are a problem but to call for a benching is flat out wrong and to call him a bust is way beyond premature.

The only thing I can say about this team is that nobody is picking up the torch. Not the front 7, not the qbs, not the run game. But if I asked you who shoudl pick up the torch on this team, who should it be?


I'll just close by saying i haven't given up on the kid. I'm disappointed in him. Sounds like others are too. It's unfortunate that the line isn't better and the coaching isn't better but that's life sometimes. I'm just going off of what I see. I want the kid to succeed because that means we're winning.but it's not there right now. He's making too many dumb mistakes and i can tell he knows it too.

Okay I get what you are saying Armando, but now that you have pointed out his shortcomings, please suggest something to fix the issue. Obviously this problem isn't going away anytime soon, so what is the next move for this kid? Sit him, make Wallace a slot receiver, what? Tired of hearing how bad the kid is. I want to hear more about what can be done to fix the issue.

At this point in his career, Tannehill should be a 'game manager' but this idiotic coaching staff and GM expect him to carry the offense.
He is a tough, smart kid but this team has set him back for years, hopefully not permanently.
Any coach worth his weight in shyte can see his pocket presence and speed of his reads are not there yet. But these morons keep calling plays and creating game plans that expose his weaknesses.
Wish I could be paid what these morons get paid for making stupid mistakes.

"The excuse about him not being able to set the edge on run plays no longer applies as he played more run plays than pass plays Sunday. So why is he getting only 18 total snaps with only seven pass-rush opportunities? Why? Makes no earthly sense to me."

Didn't the Pats put up one hundred and fifty two yards against our defense with Jordan playing against the run? Have to go, have a great day guys.

The over analysis is cool. The bottom line is that this team or any other in the division, doesn't have the talent on or off the field to win the division as long as Tom Brady plays for and Bill coaches the Pats.
I do not see the draft picks playing out for JI. So while the books look good the talent is not there.
The Seahawks have done what the Dolphins wish they could do.
JI has been the GM for several years. I dont want to hear about Parcels. He sat in the chair with the GM title on the door.
Now we all see that the talent is not there.
Not being a hater just calling it the way it was/is.

...Mass Dolphin..Great Post @ 11:01 Except for me I wouldn't call the coaches morons. Just me. But I agree, it is asinine the amount of times Tannehill has to throw the ball.

Mark, Tom Brady went to the Super Bowl in his first year as a starter. In that game he led a last-minute drive for the winning FG.

The next year and ever since, Brady established himself as elite. Same with Peyton Manning who became a star his second year after a rough start.

Joe Flacco went to the playoffs and won games there as a rookie. Same with Matt Ryan. Phillip Rivers was excellent his first year as a starter. Aaron Rodgers was great his first year as a starter. Ben Roethlisberger played as a rookie and everyone could tell immediately there was something special about him -- I know I could when I saw what he did to a veteran Miami defense in 2004.

RG3, Luck, Wilson all had better years and showed more as rookies than Tannehill has shown this year and Tannehill didn't have to learn a brand new system. He's been in this system for going on four years now.

Brady has less WR talent than Tannehill now. He has an injured throwing hand that puffs up like a cartoon hand during games. He's in decline. It is still fair to compare him to other QBs ...

And it is fair to compare Tannehill to other QBs.

MassD, yeah, exactly. Wilson and Luck are being asked to be game managers. Luck not to the extent that Wilson is but still. Even the great Andrew Luck is below the league average in pass atempts. Yet our genius and the Shanahans in Washington both think they can win by slinging the ball all over the field with a young guy. And guess what - they're both losing.

Armando, your points on Tannehill were interesting and fair.

I do not know if instincts result from experience or not. I would think experience could help that, but I'm not a football player.

I wonder if the deep ball accuracy is something that can be improved on?

Perhaps with the right coaching and scheme, Tannehill could improve to the point of being a very good or elite QB.

No excuses facts and yes every team deals with the same but most don't fair any better than us in the same situations and circumstances. I have been watching this game for a very long time (I'm in my late fifties), and I can tell you from watching this kid has potential. He is in the most formative year of his career right now. Throw out year one, because no defensive coordinator has game tape to study for tendencies. Year two, most QB's are going to struggle because of the same reason they may have thrived in year one. Now all of a sudden their tendencies are there on tape for everyone to see. How they handle that and grow leads to forshadowing what they may become. Coaches play a major role here. They have to help teach at this point. Tannehill, I'm sure is dealing with a lot of weekly pain right now but to pull him when he wants to play and physically can is a mistake. You have to let him take his lumps and learn. Year three is when you decide on whether you need to look for another QB or not....


Again, I've never called him a 'bust'. I want to see him succeed. But we need a lot better play from our QB.

I also don't like this idea of 'benching'. I don't look at it that way. I think the kid need a break. I think he's bet up mentally and physically and who could blame him. I think a chance to catch his breath and get his confidence back would be good for him.

And i'd like to see the team commit to the run more. Maybe mix in some more play-actions. Play calling is too vanilla.

..Mark, Craig..I don't want to get in the middle of your debate. But I have to watch a ton of Seahawk games here. Everyone is a Seahawk fan, and they love their team..Anyway. The biggest difference that I see between Tannehill and Russel Wilson as individuals. Wilson does not make huge mistakes at crucial moments of games. Tannehill it feels it is just a matter of when not if.

Now as far as the teams..The Seahawks have the luxury of having a bad bad bad defense. We were supposed to have a defense similar. It isn't the case. So..Like last night the Seahawks can play stagnant offense, and have a chance to win. This IMO is huge for the confidence of a quarterbacks thinking process..Wilson doesn't have to press, or force things. While Im sure Tannehill feels like he has to make a play.

Both QB's play behind awful offensive lines. The Seahawks are the worst in the league at protecting the pass. And it isn't close. Yes we have all the sacks that people who won't believe me will say"But Darryl Tannehill has been sacked close to 40 times" True. But Wilson has been sacked close to 30 times. And unlike Tanehill. Wilson gets pressured on nearly 40 percent of the attempts(That are much lower then Tannehills, I suppose you could debate this either way)..Tannehill gets pressured less then 30 percent of the time...These pressures include sacks..

If the coaches don't know exactly why they keep losing games, then they should play either Moore or Devlin. This could answer the question of whether or not it is a qb "pocket presence" problem or o-line scheme is bad. It would also give Tannehill a break and time to heal. I personally think it is mainly a play calling issue. The running game has been working, but is abandoned in the second half. Tannehill may or may not be the long term answer, but he is being asked to carry the team! He's not capable of that at this early stage of his career. Maybe someday he will be, maybe not, but it's on the coaching staff to maximize his chances of success. That is accomplished with a strong running game and good defense. The defense hasn't held up their end, and the running game is scrapped although it has been effective. Does anyone else see the pattern in each loss?

Tannehill has to stop turning the ball over, or he will be considered a bust soon

Again Mando, Ryan, Flacco, Brady were all game managers early on. And you didn't answer my question but Brady was a mighty 16 for 27 for 145 yards in that super bowl and most of those yards came in the last drive. that's right 27 drop backs .. compare that to the almost 40 Tannehill is averaging this year and you don't think that will expose flaws??? Even the great Peyton Manning in his first year threw 28 tds and if you want to compare apples to apples in his 2nd year threw 15 INTs while only being sacked 14 times that year. Looks like a guy that made a lot of mistakes without being harrassed a whole lot. Now mind you this is probably the greatest passer this league has ever known and even he had his groing pains and mistakes. By the way, how many times on average did he drop back that year? 34, which would be below the league average today as well. Even the great Peyton Manning wasn't asked to drop back as much in his 2nd year as Ryan Tannehill. Just food for thought, man.

And I love how you make excuses for brady but not for Tannehill. You don't mention the great o line Brady has at all. Come on man, fair is fair. Both are playing behind flawed offenses. And I agree he is in decline.

Ok the real assessment of both offense, defense and special teams ala Darkoak. I'll start with the offense.



The zone blocking scheme is not working. The guards are often out of position and whiffing on blocks and in general the entire line is too slow for this blocking scheme to work. This makes some of the plays that take advantage of zone blocking like counter runs impossible. In pass protection it's clear that often the players including Tannehill don't know their responsibilities. This scheme is not working successfully and the sacks show it.

Individually the o-line is playing poorly and Martin is not playing great and gets beat by players with power. Cogs is too slow. Pouncey is losing one on one battles, Jerry just takes up space and can't get up field, and McKinnie is looking good next to the other guys.

The coaches think just correcting technique will fix this line but it'll take more than that as the constant blitzing shows. Once the blitz dials up they need help from extra blockers. Sherman should recognize this.

Wide Receivers:

Seeing as we seem to be a passing team losing Gibson was painful as he seems to be our most productive receiver. Wallace does not play a tough game and he needs a perfect pass to make a catch. Sherman needs to get him in close to Tannehill to make his catches easier and move him away from the top corners. This means our wideouts need to move around the formations.

Running Backs:

Thomas is a down hill runner and with a lead blocker should be able to get you two yards out of the I. If we won't use him that way I don't understand why he's even on the team. Miller should be playing a lot and the outside run looks really successful, not sure why Sherm always abandons it. Are we ever going to see Gillesee? Thigpin is being way under used both as a runner or as a pass catching back.

TIght Ends:

One of the purposes of the TE is to block. Sherm seem to forget that. Even a chip block off the line will give Tannehill time and than have the TE float into the flat. It seems basic to me. This offense relies way to much on backs to block against max pressure blitz packages. Time to rely on TEs in obvious passing situations.

Quarter Back: Tannehill is getting hit and sacked a lot. His accuracy has been poor and his ability to avoid the rush is not showing up. He's must be being coached to hang in there and find his receiver, how else can you explain not getting out of the pocket the moment a free blitzed comes in? This is coaching, he should be encouraged at this point to leave the pocket quickly when he snaps the ball. Rather than leave running backs in to block send them into check down throws.

He can work out if we work to his strengths, short throws and let him run . At this point leaving him in the pocket is not working.

Offensive Coordinator:

Fire him immediately. He can't adjust, abandons what works, doesn't take advantage of the oppositions weaknesses, doesn't protect our QB, can't recognize changes in opponents game plans and generally is ruining our QB. He is the number one reason we lost the games we lost. Tannehill has made mistakes but Sherman has forced him into situations Sherman should realize don't work in Tannehill's favor and that's on Sherm.


Well said @ 11:14 am. I see it the same way.


Good spirited debate today. Always good that we can see things differently and not have to resort to name-calling (unlike you know who).

Hopefully we can agree that we need better play from the QB.

By the way, Manod, thanks for the healthy debate. really enjoyed this and it's healthy to show both sides of teh story. Personally I've seen progress. i thought he was a total mess last year. Now he just looks mistake prone. Hopefully next year he takes another step forward. And hopefully this team sorts itself out too because the talent, particularly on defense is suffering from gross negligence.

DD, come on amn, get involved, this is great!!!!

Like the good old days, no stupidities, just communication of ideas...

Craig, no doubt we need better play from the Qb but I have more conviction than ever that it's in him... either way, like Evin said abover, we find out for sure by year 3.

Just a matter of him either learning from his mistakes or crumbling under the pressure.

The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

So, the Pats blitzed in the 2nd half and had success. The Ravens and the Saints didn't blitz and had success. What does that say?

Tannehill? Biggest negative is decision making which can be fixed. Long throws not so much. O-line still sucks

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins a top QB wouldnt fix.


I hope you're right. I have. Friend who says the same thing about Tannehill. We'll find out soon enough, as you've said.

..Darkoak..I agree with your assessment of Sherman. I will say he has done a few good things the last 2 weeks, only to go so far away from them in the second half that it makes it worse. I totally disagree about your assessment of the zone scheme. We have been great at running the ball the last 2 weeks. We just mysteriously stop. Also..Incognito is rated our best run blocker, our best lineman..I don't know why so many people bash him..You see 1-2 bad plays in a game where they are blocking out of 60 plus..And it resonates as truth..Incognito is not the problem on the line.

Tight ends...Are you watching? We are FINALLY using 2 tight end personel. But like the run..We abandon it in the second half. Egnew has been lining up as a fullback, Clay has been splitting out wide. Simms comes in the 12 personel as an extra blocker..we have been using the tight ends..Like we should..but go to the second halves??????????Nope..Time to chuck away. Lets chalk up some sacks and turnovers, trot our personnel groupings that can't protect..It is maddening.

The running backs...Again. Miller is +4.5 ypc Yet we give him limited carries? He was in for close to 80 percent of the plays? Why isn't he getting more touches? But nope...He is asked to pass block in the second half. Would you rather have an extra tight end in to block and get Miller out in space. Or take the extra tight end out, and keep Miller in to block? Again the scheme, the whole strategy is vomit.

The players are fungible. Coaches win and lose games. Our coaching staff is outmatched week after week.


Start a QB that doesn't fumble every game away.

We sucked for a long time then a pro-bowl QB arrived named Chad Pennington.

Result = Playoffs

Since then....zero playoffs and no pro bowl caliber QB under center.


Lets waste as much time and money with TanneBust as we did with HenneBust lol

I told u two years ago when philbin was hired that we we not see anything resembling Walsh's WCO. LOLOLZZZ.

ROGER CRAIG. REMEMBER??? Lots of running and catching by the RB is a huge part of the real WCO.

We don't throw to our RBs at all and they are vastly underused.

Hint, phill nerd : give the ball to the guys who are 230 pounds, fast, and are trained to break and avoid tackles.

It says a lot that so much is directed at Tannehill right now with a lot support being shown his way and no one is noticing Except Mark, that our talented (on paper) defense is still in its year in and year out mode of not being able to stop anyone when it really matters.


Start a QB that doesn't fumble every game away.

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 29, 2013 at 11:33 AM


T-Pukes 3 n outs and tons of turnovers, sacks, put tremendous extra pressure on our D. The D is the very least of our problems.


I'll make a friendly wager with you both. I'll be you this defence comes around before Tannehil does. You guys want to judge a banged up defence with a bunch of subs playing through the first 7 weeks. This year or next that Tannehill will be top ten. Can you say the same or Tannehill, again the most important position on the team.

I guess we should've kept Carpenter, Bush, Long, and Dansby.....

That should have said 'this defence will be top ten'.

Ever heard of a prevent defense? Well, we have a prevent offense....hmmm, we've been moving the ball all day and doing well. We actually may win, time to change things up....

T-Puke runs the "prevent offense". lol

DD the zone blocking worked against one of the worst run D teams in the league, without Wilfork keep that in mind. Watch the replays on the runs that are stuffed not just the successful runs and you'll see what I mean. Better blocking personel is starting to filter in but we need to show max blocking but run plays that allow for a blocker to become a pass catcher. This gives Tannehill flexability pre snap. Right now if we line up five or six blockers they all are bringing the heat to the weak side. The weak side now is Martin.

We need to burn aggressive play by quick dump off passes and screens. But our line is too damn slow for screens.

Craig, top 10? I'd just be happy if our D co-ordinator would be smart enough to use a 250 lbs, 6.6 defender who runs a 4.6 and is good enough to beat Joe Thomas one on one and could cover Rob Gronkowski down the field one on one.

You think this mensa graduate would find a use for this guy beyond 18 snaps a game???? Every DC in the league would die for this weapon.

Injuries or not, this defense is pretty much in the bottom third of the league in every important stat except red zone defense where it ranks a blah 14th.

Pouncey is a big jackass supporting a murderer.

It's easier to field a top ten defense than have a top ten QB...so much depends on what's done with fixing the line and with injuries. But I will say that fix the line and Tannehill will have you in the playoffs...

How come every time Tannehill throws to Wallace its some weird inaccurate ball??

Why can't Tannehill look off the safety when throwing deep to #11?
And why is it always under thrown?
Why did Tannehill over throw Clay before the half against the Patriots?


ETF, I bet you fumbled every time yo momma slapped you.

@ 11:57 tannehill hit both receiveers in stride with passes that both receivers got two hands on, They both dropped catches NFL receivers are supposed to make.

It's easier to field a top ten defense than have a top ten QB...so much depends on what's done with fixing the line and with injuries. But I will say that fix the line and Tannehill will have you in the playoffs...

Posted by: EVIN | October 29, 2013 at 11:52 AM

HOGWASH!! Its easier to get one top player than 11. And Tannehill wouldnt make playoffs with a pro bowl offence. He is just terrible.

This is just my opinion but from what I've seen the biggest reason we are where we are was the injuries to Wake and Patterson. Wake's could have been minimized by playing Jordan because I think this kid can apply pressure on the QB every bit as much as Wake and when Wake is fully healthy and Jordan is finally utilized the Phin's should put up as many sacks as anyone. Patterson's was a killer. I have no idea whether either of the rookies could have helped (never given a chance) but Carroll is god offal. I will say he can tackle but he gets burned a lot. Patterson goes out Sunday for 2 plays and Carroll gives up a TD...

armando my amigo mark is a wee bit dense, he will keep banging his head against the cement wall and eventually he will get it.

Any possibility this may be a trap game for Cincy? They're on the road, short week, key divisional game coming up the following week against Baltimore?

Maybe ...

We could use it since they are rolling on all cylinders and we are scuffling (although had as much right to that game Sunday as the pats but the NFl gave the pats the split decision.)

Enough of Nolan Carroll already! I hope he enjoys this year because he won't be back!
Nobody wants to say it, let alone print it: It's very clear to me Tannehill and Philbin are NOT the answer in Miami.

thanks for the insight 2 watt... brilliant as usual


Can't disagree with anything you've said there. I'm at a loss for how they are using the personnel. Not even sure why Wake is playing to be honest. He's not the same guy. Hopefully we see Jordan more on Thursday.

Dalton just threw 5TDs against the Jets. It was his coming out party. Bengals will be riding high coming into this game. Mark it's not happening for is this year, between the refs, injuries, and coaching, it's done. Only a coaching change is saving our season especially OC. We've seen the same losing behavior from the coaches for seven games, they are not changing, they don't know what to change to.

..Darkoak..We didn't run much to the right last week. I agree that the zone scheme had a slow start..But the last 2 weeks we have ran it well. The right side has been an issue all year(both pass and run)..Also..There was a reason that we didn't give up any sacks the first halves of both games..We had the extra blocker in as help..We used so much 2 tight end(either as a fullback, or on the line offset)...That extra TE is usually lined up in the right so we have the appearance of 4 guys blocking pre snap, or having the TE-FB in the backfield to block..It has been tremendous. Yet..We see little of it in half 2...Go rewatch the last 2 games and count the snaps that we have 12 personnel in the first half. And see how efficient we are when we use this personnel. I'm not saying use it every down..But why are we so quick to go away from it?

As far as screens..I understood why we haven't run many up until last week. We weren't being blitzed, the pressure was from basic fronts. So what I saw, why it made sense to me(limited screens)..we would have been running screens into defenses that were playing umbrella type coverages. The linebackers didn't have to get depth, and they could play the short to intermediate routes without having to worry about defending the run.

Miami 17 Pats 14 Refs 13

Surprised there is not one article in either the Sun Sentinel or Miami Herald about the worst officiating I have seen in years, possibly ever. Four huge blown calls all going in the Patriots favor.

The attempted fumble recovery where a player is diving forward and his arm is making a "scooping" motion to grab the football, but pushes it forward. The rules describe "intent", how do you establish "intent"? I could see a punch or forward pushing motion or if he was pushing to a player. I mean why the hell would he not want to recover the fumble in that situation? There simply is to much "grey area" for the ref to manipulate the outcome of games. 7 points Pats.

The call on Jimmy Wilson as he and Gronk reached the ball and collided on 3rd and 6. That is called good pass defense. Blown call. 3 point Pats.

When the receiver slipped and Patterson was called for illegal holding. Another phantom call. Hmmmm, and it was another 3rd and 6. 3 points Pats.

I thought helmet to helmet contact of a defenseless receiver was a personal foul? Wallance dropped the pass and the safety clearly made speared him with his helmet. No call! Fins lost 3-7 points on this play.

I did not believe in point fixing till I watched this game. The refs always blow a call or two, but four blown calls all against the same team. All on key plays? All in the 3rd quarter? The beneficiaries were the Patriots, again. Why is the NFL writing new rules based on Patriot games? Like the "tuck" rule, etc.

My final analysis is this: the NFL is more like the World Wrestling Federation than I thought. There are far to many rules that have far to much grey area that a referee can manipulate to a achieve a specific outcome. Think pass interference. Think defensive holding within the 5 yard zone on pass plays. Think holding by offensive linemen..I can still visualize Volmer holding the outside shoulder on Wake and pulling him to the ground. Think tuck rule. Think "football move" on pass reception plays. Way to much grey area to manipulate. I find it very hard to believe one group of professional refs, the best in the United States, all in one quarter when the outcome was in doubt, could blow four calls, all on game changing plays (change of possession), with all blown calls going to one team.

The WWF has a new fan...


Josh Gordon makes total sense for the Dolphins. That is exactly why we won't make a move for him.

He could have already been once had in the supplemental draft so, hey, why not pass a second time.

Afterall, we have Mike Wallace will save our franchise

..Mark..Yes I think this is a trap game for Cinci..Big time. Thursday game blow. I wish they would get rid of them. Can anyone remember a Thursday game that was entertaining?

This said..I'm going to sound nuts..But I think we win this game, and back to 4-4..This team has the ability to be good. If the coaches could get out of their own way. Please in this short week just simplify the offense. Go away from this pass crazy madness, take the ball out of Tannehills hands. I would rather see an ugly win then another WTF loss.





This offense is hot and cold and the Pats game defines this.
1st half great...second not so much.

Look back on the first three games...our offense actually worked.
We got Wallace the ball on bubble screens (which worked again against the Pats).
Run game was chugging along nicely until the playcalling got suspect.

As this season rolls on...I'm more convinced we have the talent to win, but the coaching is suspect.

I can guarantee there was not one poster on this blog who was complaining during the first half of the Pats game....NOT ONE!

In fact I was cracking beers at an alarming rate and rubbing it in the faces of my Pats friends who were about to throw in the towel and leave.

So....we can win, we can move the ball effectively, we can stop good offenses.

What's the reason we cannot do it over a 60 min period?

COACHING is the prime suspect, then players being out of position or not making the plays comes in second.

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