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Tuesday PFF and Salguero look at Sunday's game

The good folks at ProFootballFocus.com delivered their weekly film review of Sunday's game and I am adding my weekly analysis and insight to that review.

Get it ...


Left tackle Bryant McKinnie played well in his Dolphins debut, posting a +2.0 grade and +1.4 pass blocking grade. He gave up two hits and a sack but neither came against Chandler Jones.

Salguero: The Dolphins helped McKinnie -- a lot. Left guard Richie Incognito helped McKinnie with double-team pass blocking approximately 75 percent of the time. The sack I saw McKinnie give up came on a blitz when he failed to recognize the free blitzer.

Right tackle Jonathan Martin had a dreadful time switching over to right tackle, giving up 3 hurries, 2 hits, and a sack for a -2.5 cumulative grade.

Salguero: Once again, the sack I saw Martin give up came when he failed to recognize a blitzer and basically let him have a free run at quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

As you know, the Dolphins allowed six sacks against New England. All of them came in the second half when Bill Belichick adjusted and had his defense blitz on practically every passing down. The Patriots are not normally a blitz-intense team. But the adjustment was excellent.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins did not adjust to New England's adjustment. Indeed, while most professional teams typically correct errors between series, the Dolphins seemed to make the same error against the New England blitz on multiple occasions.

“Well, what happened was that when we motioned across the formation, it really was on a couple third down situations and we’re not a big motion team as you know, well we motioned across on third down and we needed to just re-id some things and we didn’t," offensive coordinator Mike Sherman said. " I’ll take responsibility for that, it really shouldn’t have been a problem. It was a problem, all we had to do was re-id it. They got us twice on two third down calls, which they hadn’t really been a big pressure package in the third and short situations but they were particularly in that second half."

WR Rishard Matthews played 37 snaps after Brandon Gibson went down with his knee injury, but most came in the second half when the game was tied or the Dolphins were losing. Matthews saw 5 of his 6 targets against Logan Ryan in the slot, catching 3 of them. 

TE Dion Sims (29 snaps) and Michael Egnew (20 snaps) picked up extra workload as well in Gibson’s absence. 15 of Sims’ snaps and 10 of Egnew’s came in run blocking.

Quarterback Ryan Tannehill did not connect on a single deep ball of 20-plus yards. He was 0 for 5.

Salguero: I watched the game again Monday evening. And three consecutive series in the second half spoke volumes to me about the difference in QB play between Tannehill and Tom Brady. You'll recall in the second half the Patriots came after Tannehill. Well on a third-and-2 situation from the New England 19, the Patriots had a free rusher come at Tannehill and the Miami QB failed to account for that blitzer by getting rid of the football. He took a 9-yard sack and instead of a 37-yard field goal to make the score 20-3, Caleb Sturgis thus had to attempt a 46-yard field goal. The rookie kicker missed the kick. The Patriots got the football and drove to the Miami 14 where on second-and-six the Dolphins blitzed Brady. And Phillip Wheeler got an unblocked run at the QB, except that as he was hit, Brady released a pass to Aaron Dobson who beat Nolan Carroll for a TD. The Dolphins got the ball back and once again, they went after Tannehill. And once again an unblocked blitzer came at Tannehill, who fumbled at his own 13 yard line when he was hit. The Patriots converted the turnover into a TD three plays later.

The point is, the Dolphins QB took a key sack and coughed up the football when the Patriots ran unblocked blitzers at him. The New England QB threw a TD pass on the play the Dolphins had an unblocked blitzer practically knock him into next week. It's not necessarily Tannehill's fault that he fumbled. But he must get rid of the football in the red zone. And it would be preferable if he got rid of it and completed a pass.

When running around the end, both left and right, Lamar Miller had six carries for 63 yards. On his 12 other carries, he had 29 yards.

Salguero: Here's a shocker ... The Dolphins fast running back is better running outside. Hmmm, maybe the Dolphins should call more outside runs for him.

Of the six times Brian Hartline was targeted, Alfonzo Dennard was in coverage for five of them. He shadowed him all over the field.

WR Mike Wallace saw targets against six different players, but caught passes on just two of them.


DE Cameron Wake played 34 of 68 snaps which was only a modest increase in workload from the 22 snaps he had last week against Buffalo.

CB Dmitri Patterson handled 62 of 68 snaps, signaling a full return to the lineup.

DE Dion Jordan played 18 snaps, getting full series in addition to his nickel role. He was in on 10 running plays, rushed the passer seven times and was in coverage once. The one coverage snaps had Jordan running stride for stride with New England tight end Rob Gronkowski.

Salguero: Jordan is crazy athletic. He makes impact plays when he gets opportunities. The excuse about him not being able to set the edge on run plays no longer applies as he played more run plays than pass plays Sunday. So why is he getting only 18 total snaps with only seven pass-rush opportunities? Why? Makes no earthly sense to me.

Nolan Carroll is apparently being phased out as Patterson is healthy again. Carroll played only eight snaps on Sunday and in that time he gave up a double-move TD to Aaron Dobson.

Salguero: You'll remember at the beginning of the season, Carroll was the nickel corner. He'd enter the game on passing downs and take the outside receiver while Patterson would take the slot. Well, the groin injury to Patterson made Carroll a starter. But with Patterson back it not only seems as if Carroll has lost his starting role, but also the nickel cornerback role because Jimmy Wilson is filling that and did so on Sunday.

Special teams

Salguero: The Dolphins had a field goal blocked by the Patriots. It was the first field goal the Pats have blocked since 2010 when they blocked another Miami FG attempt. The reason the attempt was blocked is that right tackle Nate Garner was basically run over by two players, including Chandler Jones, who blocked the kick.


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Don't question... The coaches know.. You aren't smart enough to see things as they are..

Mike Wallace hates T-Puke lol

Dashi Douchebag,

Jeff Ireland is a great GM. The rest of you don't know what you're posting about.

Last week DD was claiming I would eat crow when the Dolphins go 10-6.

Now he's claiming the Dolphins should lose the rest of their games so they can draft higher.

10-6 last week huh ? 3-13 now ?


Should your boy Lil Jeffy be the one using these draft picks to bring in new players ?

His 2013 draft produced nothing, zilch, zippo.

The kicker : Next year he'll probably draft another kicker.

...@ 12:26...So tell me. What is the excuse for the coaches? What are they seeing that is such a secret that only they know? Why won't they tell the team this secret that only they can see, so that we have success in the later parts of games? Why are we so good in the second quarter, but so awful in the 4th?

Homers beware...no one wants to read your b.s. at this point.

Dolphins are pure horse manure.

Darkoak at 12:11, ur probably right but I will still show up and hope for the best anyway. Supported this team for my whole life and I'm too old and stubborn to change now...

Frankly I'm just hoping Tannehill has a better game. he has to break this bad streak of two bad games he's had a in a row now.

I've been watching football long enough to know the officials cheat for one team or another. But Sunday's cheating went beyond anything I've seen before. My sister, who is a big Pats fan, even admitted those calls were BS.
The NFL made sure the Pats would win against the Rams in that super bowl. All of a sudden, for one game only, the Pats defenders could hold, yank, tackle, hit way beyond 5 yards, all the Rams receivers. And course, the downright cheating that led to the tuck rule. Everyone knows Kraft and Goodell are good buddies, and it shows every Sunday.

Arent the homers sick of being wrong 5 years in a row?

They should go after Kenny Britt...

So, rest of the schedule is:


How many more wins this year?


Ryan all of the above should just go back to Texas A & M and start med school right now.

@ 12:16, ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Most outlets won't say anythign because the NFL is a mob and will blackball anyone that does. That's why after saying horrible call twice, Phil Simms half hazardly tried to make sense of the third one. Because Phil wants to keep his job - he was also trying to save Jim nance's job in the meantime.

Also notice how only one replay was shown of matthew's catch too? Not co-incidental. The pats have the NFL in their back pockets while Brady is playing. No worries, he's breaking down and that won't last much longer.

Thursday game is a must win. A lose and we fall to 3-5 and make getting to the playoffs almost impossible.

Looking at rest of schedule see the Fins doing the following:
vs Cin - Lose - 3-5
vs TB - Win - 4-5
vs SD - Win - 5-5 (SD coming east after Broncos)
vs Car - Lose - 5-6
vs NYJ - Lose - 5-7 (don't see this staff winning on road against division team)
vs Pit - Win - 6-7
vs NE - Win 7-7 (finally a win at home against NE)
vs Buf - Lose - 7-8 (blow another game they should win)
vs NYJ - Win - At this point out of playoffs and win another meaningless game to put them self out of top 15 draft pick

Fins finish at 8-8, Ireland remains in as GM and starts talk about making a big splash next season - Ireland goes on to draft another OT in the 1st round and doesn't address WR until 4th round loading up on more CBs that can't cover or play in rounds 2-3

Maybe if Ryan Tannereach gets glasses same as Griesball circa 1977, he might not throw behind receivers constantly.

Actually, it has nothing to do with being a homer or being wrong. Wrong about what exactly? I'm a FAN. Of the MIAMI DOLPHINS (you should try it sometime). That means I support my team until they show me the product on the field which deserves criticism. I don't instantly pre-season say they suck (because how do I know, they haven't even played a game). Miami didn't just do the same thing this year as last year. They've tried improving. They have a new HC with new staff, a new QB, a bunch of new players, they moved up in the Draft to try and get a better player, they went out and spent a mint on a rack of FA's. Their offense is different, philosophy is different, schemes are different.

But they aren't any better (per the record). That's what I criticize them for. But I'll give them a chance to fix it, and next year pre-season I'll be backing them again! That's what FANS do. So if that's a homer, then so be it. I simply call that a FAN!

And of course, Ireland will draft one or 2 more defensive lineman like it seems he does every year.
"Free Ireland" from his contract, and free us fans from him too.

Tannehill has no awareness in the pocket. Cannot think fast enough in the face of pressure. Davone Bess was his savior last year, Tannehill does not have that clutch receiver this year. Hartline after his big contract, can't seem to get open. Hartline was never a big time receiver and never will be. Bottom line is the dolphins have a bunch of 3rd tier receivers. Wallace is a one trick pony and should be used solely for that. He is getting paid no matter what so do whats right for the team. Bottom line is the coaches are too stubborn, which is why they cannot make 2nd half adjustments.

Arent the homers sick of being wrong 5 years in a row?
Posted by: LOL | October 29, 2013 at 12:38 PM
hence the dense remark.

Fitzgerald is available and will go after any ball.
BTW, if Sherman is fired, it will have to be Ross that does it. The "student" (Philbin) will NEVER fore the teacher.

actually Fin Fan Buck it was refs 17 points.

you are right NHFINSFAN the players played well. our coaches did not adjust to the Pats adjustments.

Posted by: Ireland Must Go | October 29, 2013 at 12:41 PM
I see a win vs Bucs, win vs Steelers, loss to Pats, loss to Panthers, loss to Bengals.
Rest is too close to call which is a bad thing considering their record

DC I read your post until you posted "How do I know." If you've watched football for any length of time, then you would have known that the Dolphins are run by a group of incompetents. I'm not a "fan", because "fans" are clueless. I'm an objective observer. When the Dolphins build a good team I will know that they have a good team, before they take the field. It can be done, Shula, Johnson and even Wannstedt did it. I won't "try to be a fan" sometime. I'm not ignorant...I manage my expectations and I prefer to know what I'm talking about. The term homer is synonymous with the words foolish and idiot. The Dolphins are a pile of cr@p this year...same will be true next year. Enjoy.

Bengals D is salavating over Fins Oline and lack of weapons. Only way Dolphins win this game is in a defensive battle. Crazier things have happened.

TanneBust will get all the receivers injured with his total lack of accuracy. Surprised no one on the Dolphins noticed that BEFORE the draft.

We all know the struggles of this team. Outside of the punter, there is a serious lack of overall talent and depth. There are some excellent players on the team, but not nearly enough.

The coaching is suspect. And the team is regressing with each passing day as opponents learn how to defeat the Dolphins.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the GM. The man with the power over all football personnel decisions.

Ireland ignored the OL, spending far too much time on Jake Long rather than making a decision on the position quickly. The result was Clabo. Martin is looking like a bust of a 2nd round pick. The guards are OK, but upgrades were needed there as well. The center -- who knows at this point. Pouncey was selected too high when the team needed a QB.

This year's draft class is highly suspect. Jordon seems talented but rarely plays. The kicker is not an upgrade and a fifth round pick should not be spent on a special teams player when the overall team lacks so depth. Dallas Thomas must be horrible if he cannot get a snap on this OL. The two CBs are probably worse than Wilson and Carroll.

The team is in a free fall.

And Ireland got an contract extension.

#11...as Mr. in Toronto likes to refer to him...is playing ball like a fricking douchebag...how many times do I have to watch this cat not fight for the ball...not come back for the ball...and not be able to catch the ball with his hands...dude must be averaging 3 drops a game...

Then Jack it's up to Sherman to find a way to make Wallace productive. Move him around, be creative and give him easier catches. Come out base personel and line up three wide with Wallace in the slot and Clay on the outside. Defenses will scramble and then pick on the man coverage you know has the mismatch. Wallace on a LB or Hartline one on one. There are ways to create mismatches, and Wallace's speed alone doesn't qualify as creating a mismatch if he's up against a corner.

I keep reading "coaching is suspect". That's like saying a flat tire is a lttle low on air.

I agree Darkoak...#11 can be utilized much better like on the 3rd and LONG screen...but even when he is not being used in those fashions...then he is dropping passes...other than that this team is folding under pressure...and not rising to teh occassion...they can not handle adverstiy...and that points to leadership...I can not rightfully talk bad about the D because the other 2 phases of the game are putting them in some real crappy situations...

I'm not looking forward to the draft, free agency or trades at this time. It would all be for naut. If you think Ireland is a poor GM he pales in comparison with this coaching staff. Instead of going into the item by item as to what they screwed up I'll just start and finish with Vontae Davis. He needed to grow up and become a professional. Perhaps the trade itself was what turned on the light bulb for him or he was coached up when he got to Indy. Don't know. But starting with Davis and how they have handled ALL of their young players speaks volumns about this sorry state of a coaching staff. And if they're around next year it would be a true shame for the 'Phins and their dwindling fan base.

Oh, by the way, do you know who was responsible for the hire? None other then our own Jeffy! As I understand it he signed an extention this summer. That was an unannouncement after we won our first 3. Now, after losing four and counting, Ross would have to admit to another mistake and rich, self centered individuals have a hard time doing something we all have to do from time to time.

Just seems I've seen this movie before, a couple of times before.

Please ask Tannehill if he would rather take a hit during a sack or while running for positive yardage? I would like him to run for positive yardage instead of just throwing it away but I think the coaches have him too afraid to run and improvise, like Wilson and RGIII and Luck does. He is athletic enough to run for positive yards.

Who cares about Ireland's extension? It was aone year deal just to ensure we don't have a lame duck GM. That extension hardly means he has job security next year, it just means he will get paid next year.

And considering how little money he obviously spends on suits (worst dressed senior exec ever!), he should've been able to save a mint working a 7 figure salary here for 7 years... Ireland is a lot better off than most.

The problem is this: the Fins coaching staff never makes adjustments in the second half.

Mike Sherman needs to resign. Check out www.DolphinsTruth.com

....Again, don't blame Tannehill. Or Clabo. Or Sturgis. Or Dion Jordan. Or Michael Egnew. Blame the folks who picked him. And coach him. And pay him."

God I love this site...lol...they tell it like it is. Thanks for the link StopGronk! Well worth the read.

So what in the hell did Philbin do in Green Bay if he wasn't calling plays as an OC and why in the hell is he coaching our team?
What has Sherman done to deserve the right to call our plays?
Why do we have a converted wide receiver with little to no experience running our offense???
Why is our third round pick sitting on his arse and not contributing on every down??
Why is our OL looking like swish cheese?
Why is our 60 million dollar baby acting just like, well a baby?
Why is Ireland still employed?


Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott Boycott
Need I say more?

Or Better yet don't leave Daytona loser. I will be in Daytona end of Nov....meet me at Boot Hill Saloon or Dirty Harry's Pub......we will show ya a real good time. Bring your health insurance ID you will need it. Your a tough guy on an anonymous blog huh.....PUNK!!

Bill Arnsparger | October 30, 2013 at 12:10 AM

You were watching the A&E America's Most Evil Gangsters last night? One of the episodes at 11:00 PM right before your post was on Harry "Taco" Bowman, leader of the Outlaw Biker Nation and sworn enemies of the Hells Angels were they mention the 2 Bars you put up in your post as notorious Biker hangouts were outsiders aren't very welcome?

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