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What did the Dolphins get in Bryant McKinnie?

We've known the for nearly a week the Dolphins have been looking for an offensive lineman in trade and now that they got Bryant McKinnie the question that resonates is, what exactly did they get?

"He is a proven and experienced player who will be a great addition to the offensive line," general manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"Bryant McKinnie was a good player at one time but he stinks now," a former NFL coach told me today.

Bryant McKinnie is 34 years old and was once a dominating NFL left tackle. He never allowed a sack at the University of Miami. He had one holding call his entire two seasons at UM -- against Dwight Freeney.

And he was outstanding playing for the Minnesota Vikings from 2003 to 2009, including his Pro Bowl selection in '09. But there are other things that mitigate McKinnie being a great player back in the day, so to speak, and even a good player now.

Well, there's the partying for one.

In October 2005, McKinnie was charged with a misdemeanor for his involvement in the infamous  Minnesota Vikings boat cruise scandal that involved hookers and drugs and violence.

On May 26, 2006, McKinnie pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance on a watercraft in connection with the Love Boat scandal. He agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 48 hours of community service. The NFL fined McKinnie one game check for the incident.

In 2008 McKinnie was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at Miami's Club Space. Police said McKinnie spit in the face of a bouncer when he was removed from the club, then, after heading across the street to another establishment, returned to the club and argued with the bouncer. McKinnie then allegedly shoved his phone in Otero's face before picking up a heavy pole and hitting him. A judge ordered McKinnie to complete 25 hours of community service and anger management classes.

McKinnie's hard partying is legendary in NFL circles. He's been known for spending $100,000 on a bar tab in one night.

McKinnie's love of strip clubs is also well known. McKinnie was kicked off the 2010 Pro Bowl roster after partying too much in South Beach and missing practices.

Is he a Joe Philbin-type player? Absolutely not.

But the Dolphins are desperate. McKinnie can move in as the left tackle -- the position he's played all his professional life -- and they can move Jonathan Martin to right tackle, which is the position he played last year.

McKinnie, not exactly a try-hard guy so far this year, has nonetheless given up only one sack in 2013. So that is indeed an upgrade.

But does he come with warts? Yes. 


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Mandito, We tried "Philbin type's" to little success, Lets try something else..

Signs of a desperate team, that were in denial in the off season. denial, lack of talent evaluation, or just plain stubbornness.

I don't see that this trade makes much difference, either to the 2013 season, or the 2014 draft.

7-9 :(

Too little ,way too late!!!!!!!!!!!!!hope tannehill stays alive till next spring

Take him to pure platinum


the warts smells bad?

Ireland constructed a poor team, and the team is coached just as poorly.

does Mckinnie come along with Sweet pea and Jacoby Jones. lol

Nice contract to absorb. So long cap space!

Publicado por: Just FYI | October 21, 2013 at 04:29 PM

Just went and looked it up, the contract is NOT GUARANTEED! The signing bonus was undisclosed (so I'm not sure what we owe in base for the 10 remaining games) The BULK of the 7 Mil. was tied into weight clauses and practice bonuses.

(when you need to just maintain your weight and properly condition for that kind of payday and can't it doesn't seem to bode well for our return on this deal)



The fins could rework the contract for Mckinnie and state that for no sacks given up he gets an all expense paid trip to the stripper bar of his choice. If he makes the pro bowl then they buy him a strip club of his own. Small price to pay for protecting your franchise QB

he should start right away Clabo Sucks Clabo Sucks

Are season is over your guys.

What about that guy Dallas Texas we drafted out of Tenn? What the phuc is he doing these days?

Mckinnie is coming home so maybe that'll get some inspired play out of him. Anyway, atleast the FO is trying something. why wasn't this done over the bye! this loss to the bills may have been the dagger.

Oh hail yeah now we be playoff bound dog!

I demand that She-man call 35 running plays next game, no matter how successful the first 10 are.

Bring back Wannstache!!! That dude knew how to call a running play.

Beg Rickie to come out of retirement while we're at it.

Thank you Jeff Ireland. Will next year be the year you are capable of identifying a starting offensive linemen after the first round or are we going to keep trading for other teams players?

Guys look at the opposition and see how banged up they are in all areas on defense. No wilfork, mayo, talib or kelly. 4 of their best players out or at 50 percent. this game screams for two te sets and a fb. Fins need to run it and run it some more. this will set up play action to hartline and wallace. eats up the clock and benches the pats best player in brady, and gives the oline confidence while keeping tannehill upright. See the obvious moves here Philbin. Please

And why can't Gilligan get onto the field? It seems like in preseason he did better than the other RBs.

"We have confidence in the guys we have", Philbin in his presser Today referring to the OLine. Then, 1/2hr later Ireland trades for McKinnie. C'mon, guys, at least coordinate what BS you are going to say, where and when, in order to not look ridiculous and lose whatever respect you might have.

Al I know is Martin should be moving back to the right where he seems more comfortable, especially with the run game. McKinnie will be an upgrade on the left. And Clabo can upgrade the bench.

We just got better at two positions on the offensive line.

agreed Phins 78. Atleast the FO is making som,e moves to improve the teams most glaring weakness and save our QB's life back there

Wheres bill polian?

It's amazing how miscalculated the talent of this team is. We all knew that the OL was not going to be good. How did Ireland and the coaches not know this! They had all off season to upgrade and of all the tackles out there they judged Clabo to be the best - really? I think that is one of the biggest issues with this organization is talent evaluation. Our OL draft picks have sucked! You can say Pouncey al you want but he was a high 1st rd pick as a center which is not the ideal slot for one and he is not exactly dominating up front this year. Maybe he should focus less on his Free Hernandez advertising and more on blocking his guy! When you lose to Buffalo at home with a practice squad banged up QB and no RB's you know your season is over! Please Ross - clean HOUSE starting with the GM and then the coaches.

The definition of an idiot is seeing the same results over and over, making no big changes, and thinking something different is going to happen.

Martin was a turnstile at RT last year too, but he's still better than Clabo. Clabo's knees are shot. Guy can hardly move anymore. Sometimes I think the only film Ireland watches on players are their YouTube highlights.

The Miami Herald People have gone home after their 6 hrs shift.

Why not add Nate Garner to replace the human jelly fish, J.Jerry at RG ? Is that too logical for these doo-dos ?

That would improve 3 spots. Tanny just needs AVG linemen to win, not stars. Give the man some time and some running plays and we can go 10-6 still !!!!

Yes dolfan29, I'm definitely happy Ireland isn't just sitting on his hands. I would like him to get better at drafting and retaining our own players though. The whole idea, what we were sold, was we had to be patient because they were going to build through the draft.

The staff is lucky the total whiff by Clabo did not end the season on the spot for Tannehill. First round QB's... at least as judged by this team's front office...should not absorb direct slams from Mario Williams.

Agreed Phins 78. Ive been banging the drum with Ireland and the draft for years. I will give him his just do that his first rounders have become solid or elite players. Its the guys taken in rd's 2 and 3 that i take issue with. Not enough difference makers have come from this area of the draft. I hear so many NFL personnel guys saying the mid rounds of the draft are your meat and potatoes of getting talent to come in and replace aging veterans once their time is up. This IMO has been Irelands biggest mismanagement of the draft year after year. To me if a GM fails in this area of the team rebuild then he needs to go. Look at Jimmy when he was here. Their 4 best defensive players came from round 2 in madison and surtain, taylor in rd 3 and thomas in rd 5

The definition of an idiot is seeing the same results over and over, making no big changes, and thinking something different is going to happen.

Posted by: Vince | October 21, 2013 at 06:08 PM

Vince with all due respect think about what you just said. I understand what you're trying to say but I think you missed a couple of points.

You're saying they should fire everyone and start over because if you keep the same guys who aren't doing as well as you would like it's stupid. Surely the next guy that comes in will fix the issues.

I have to say that is shortsighted. How many coaches have we gone through since Shula? 6 right? 7 if you count Turner. And we have been consistently mediocre the entire time.

You are suggesting they switch the entire team ,,,AGAIN,,, so we can wait through another rebuild because of philosophical changes. They're not going to keep all of the players, and they certainly won't keep any of the plays. That means back to square one.

We have done that for 20 years now and you think that all of the sudden it's going to be different this time? How will anything change? The best teams in the league have consistency in the front office and coaching staff. They don't switch everyone out every two years because they haven't won a super bowl.

I;m sorry but what you are suggesting and a couple others have suggested is exactly what has kept us down all of these years. Why don't you guys see this?

Thats one move....

I wonder how many turn overs Tanne will be able to have against NE before Philbin goes to the bullpen...

is it 2 INTs and a fumble...

2 Fumbles and a pick 6

2 fumbles....

How many times a game can Tanne be allowed to turn the ball over with no repercussions....


Our leading Rusher (last year) fumbles trying to get some extra yards...and gets benched for the rest of the game...and is in the dog house for the rest of the season...

If your gonna be a hard @ss...you have to be a equal oppertunity haqrd @ss...they players can tell....

We should have kept Vontae and Marshall. Wallace is no alpha receiver. Never was. Not worth half his price. Another desperation move by Jeffy.

oppertunity haqrd @ss...they players can tell....

Posted by: Kris | October 21, 2013 at 06:31 PM

What a dumbShyt hahaaha.

lol. Also Vince, the phrase is "the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results".

How many times do we change our coaching staff and front office before we are labeled insane? 1 year and 6 games is not enough time for a coaching staff to change everything about a team and come out on top. And don't list the two teams that have done it unless you list the hundreds who haven't. Tweaking is fine, Sherman is expendable.

Why does Kris hate Tannehill so much? He has a better 3rd down QBR than Luck and leads one of the top redzone offenses in the league.

Kris is only happy when he is bitter and negative.

Ireland fires Bonamego, the special teams coach.
Ireland fires Pasqualoni, the DC.
Ireland fires Henning the OC (fails to renew contract, same thing)

Ireland fires Sparano the HC.

Now it's Clabo who needs to be replaced ?

At what point does Ireland get replaced ?

The loss the Buffalo was very disapointing, but not super surprising! This team is in year 2 of it's rebuilding process. This is a very young team, with lots of very good young talent, especially at the QB postion. Experience comes with age & time! The Fins are a mediocure team, which is what most of the NFL teams are now. Another off-season of FA's, decent draft, and the general maturing of the talent we have. Still re-building. Patience & time. Look at SF. They were on the bottom of leaque for several years. Through drafting & time, that team rose to the top. Look for the O-Line and solid power runner to be added via draft & FA. 3 of the 5 OL will be gone. Daniel Thomas, gone. We won a game in Indy that we should have lost, and we lost a game we should have definelty won! That's how it's going to be until this team can rise out of the mediocrity!

Tom hahaha yeah that was brutal. I haven't seen a qb get hit that hard in a while. BODY SLAMMED! He had JUST turned around and Williams was like, "Hey, I'm going to pick you up and Snuka you right now, good luck putting yourself back together".

The fact that McKinnie is an upgrade over the current OTs on the roster speaks volumes about Ireland's skill (or extreme lack thereof) as a GM.

"Is he a Joe Philbin-type player? Absolutely not."

I hope McKinnie has a South Beach party to end all parties with 20 strippers and Phibin, Sherman, and Ireland in a wild free for all posted on YouTube.

does he have a better record...



There are 10 games and so not too late but would have been nice to get him sooner but Ireland at the helm is the reason.....bottom line and it's been said over and over by many that Ireland needs to go away or Ross give total control to the head coach....mind boggling how Ross has no clue as an owner, absolutely terrible.

I was watching the game with my 7yr old son and he says
"Hey Dad, whos #77? He really Sucks"

The Dolphins will improve when they have a good GM, great Head Coach, and an elite QB. Look at the Colts, Chiefs, Seahawks, and 49ers as examples of what is possible. Ireland has been rebuilding for six years (it's time for the Parcells excuse to be retired insofar as Ireland is concerned). IMHO, the problem is Ireland.

This sucks. We are once again chancing our tail and barely get an upgrade. Ireland should have been more proactive and tried to get Eugene Monroe. Once again the good teams get the best deals and the Dolphins get crap.

You all need to get off it. Ross spends money, Ireland has done a pretty good job adding talent to this team, and Philbin is a good coach. We're better off than most. It takes time and CONSISTENCY to build a team that will contend year in and year out - firing Ireland would only set us back another 5 years. We're still a year or two away - try to appreciate the fact that we're competitive again.

We KNEW that Martin was a liability, and Clabo was the best of a bad FA class - that's why we signed him for only one year. So what? There was nothing we could do about it - there were no good options at tackle during the offseason. Ireland was right on Jake Long - he is not worth the money he got. Albert was not worth the asking price in draft picks OR contract $$, and only time will tell if Lane Johnson can turn it around.

The next draft will be rich in o-line talent, and it's entirely possible that we'll double up in the early rounds. So- assuming we manage to re-sign Soliai, Starks and Grimes... look to FA and the draft to find tackles, a bell-cow back and a blocking tight end - what's left to fix? Nothing, really.

You guys seem to believe that there is some mythical coach/GM tandem out there who can snap their fingers and make a playoff team appear out of thin air... it doesn't work that way.

Luck has a better team. And a real oline.

Double Duh... (using vocabulary not above you)

Teams with talent do not play like the Phins have played the past four or five years.

Ireland does not do a good job getting talent. His drafts are very mediocre and to get any FA here the Dolphins had to waaay overpay. That is not a good GM. Keep living in your dream world but the Dolphins are going to be rebuilding in another 4 years, and the cycle begins again.

Kris that's not looking at the big picture and you know it. You're saying Philbin should treat a second year qb who makes less than half of what an aging vet makes the same exact way?

Tannehill is raw with upside and Bush was aging, expensive, and peaked. Philbin didn't like him for reasons we will never know. That's his decision, we aren't in the locker room.

What if we found out that Bush was secretly trying to turn other players against the coach and was constantly complaining about the playbook? Would you be okay that Philbin was fine letting him walk then? We have no clue what happened so you can't sit here and assume Reggie was the poor guy who was wronged by the coach. We have no idea and are just guessing so it's ridiculous to even debate.

He's a rb, running backs aren't allowed to fumble because they only touch the ball an average of 20 times a game. The qb touches the ball on every single play. Apples and oranges.

I know you never liked Tannehill. You seem to be giddy over the fact he had a bad game, it seems as if you are just waiting to say I told you so. It was one bad game Kris,,,,,RIGHT? Has he played horribly all season or has he put his team in a position to win games with two fourth quarter comebacks? And he was solid in the Ravens game. His two bad games were against Buffalo and New Orleans. Cut the kid some freakin slack.

How many turnovers is he allowed? Why aren't you saying that about the whole team? Poor Bush. What about our lbers, how many rbs are they going to let gain 8 yards on every catch? How many receivers and te's are they going to leave wide open? How many defensive linemen and lbers are our Rbs going to whiff on? How many dlinemen will the oline let push them around like school girls? How many times does Wallace need to be told where to line up by Gibson? How many times does Reshad Jones get to miss tackles and coverages?

How many times do ANY of these players get to f$#k up before being replaced? But your bias against Tannehill only wants to hold him accountable for his mistakes. I would have been fine with the calling out of thill if you called all of the other guys who make mistakes out.

Most of those games haven't won a game for our team this year. Tannehill has taken this team on his back at least three times this season, made some great plays when they needed to be made and bailed us out. Hell, he escaped two times on the hail mary and still got a long pass off as he was being hit. IT WAS A HAIL MARY, THEY RUSHED FOUR AND WE HAD 5 PROTECTING! 2 guys came right through even though it was the last play and the oline needed to hold the block. John Jerry whiffed, so he should be punished too? He does it every game after all.


Brass Monkey...

Tell that to





and even ATL who has sustained success....

Those post don't work any more....to much proof otherwise...

Yes Kris, football is an individual sport and a teams record is on the qb alone.

Sanchez (apparently according to you) took his team to 2 afc east championships.

So by your logic you would trade Sanchez for Tannehill right? He must be better because the teams record says so?

I agree with earlier criticisms about the management and coaches, but I am not angry over this trade not occurring during the bye. I think that the coaches felt they could work with the personnel they had during the extra week off. The results seemed to be adequate before the fourth quarter sacks. Now, Clabo has had his chance, and is likely going to sit.

On a separate note, although the Dolphins lost, the resilience to come back after being down 14 is very positive. The fourth quarter sacks lost the game. Now, on to see if McKinnie can be a viable upgrade.

Look, Kris wanted Mallett. Any qb that came here and didn't immediately prove he was god was going to be trashed by Kris. ;)

The funny thing is I remember Kris giving Henne much more time to prove himself. Tannehill got 5 games this season, Kris barely said a word, then he had one bad game and now Kris wants him in front of a firing squad. lol seriously, come on already!

The Dolphins only have a limited number of good players (that still are on the team). They are a kicker, punter, one CB, four DL, one center, one TE, two WR (sorry that the $60 million dollar man is not one of them, and a long snapper. The quarterback is iffy at best and a potential bust at worst. The rookies look cute on the bench. The team lacks talent at GM, coaching, and on the field.


Phins 78...

that is always your argument...Sanchez this...and sanchez that...

bottomline...Sanchez DID play in 2 straight AFC championship games...

how many have the FINS played in the last 20 years....

I would trade tanne for a cup of coffe...if that cup of coffe could QB us to 2 staright AFC championship games...

the problem with you guys is this...

you think that just beause the guy gets drafted by the FINS...then you have to have undyingloyalty to him....

but why...

what player in a FINS uniform has done CRAP in 30 years....but yet...they have earned your BLINDtrus in theur inate ability to win between 7..and MAYBE 9 football games on a good year...

No player...especially a unproven..and now turn over prone QB will get the benifit of the doubt...

I told you about Henne...but I guess you probably made the same Sanchez argument when I was proving you wrong on that one...

Lets hope i'm wrong about Tanne....

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