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What did the Dolphins get in Bryant McKinnie?

We've known the for nearly a week the Dolphins have been looking for an offensive lineman in trade and now that they got Bryant McKinnie the question that resonates is, what exactly did they get?

"He is a proven and experienced player who will be a great addition to the offensive line," general manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"Bryant McKinnie was a good player at one time but he stinks now," a former NFL coach told me today.

Bryant McKinnie is 34 years old and was once a dominating NFL left tackle. He never allowed a sack at the University of Miami. He had one holding call his entire two seasons at UM -- against Dwight Freeney.

And he was outstanding playing for the Minnesota Vikings from 2003 to 2009, including his Pro Bowl selection in '09. But there are other things that mitigate McKinnie being a great player back in the day, so to speak, and even a good player now.

Well, there's the partying for one.

In October 2005, McKinnie was charged with a misdemeanor for his involvement in the infamous  Minnesota Vikings boat cruise scandal that involved hookers and drugs and violence.

On May 26, 2006, McKinnie pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance on a watercraft in connection with the Love Boat scandal. He agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 48 hours of community service. The NFL fined McKinnie one game check for the incident.

In 2008 McKinnie was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at Miami's Club Space. Police said McKinnie spit in the face of a bouncer when he was removed from the club, then, after heading across the street to another establishment, returned to the club and argued with the bouncer. McKinnie then allegedly shoved his phone in Otero's face before picking up a heavy pole and hitting him. A judge ordered McKinnie to complete 25 hours of community service and anger management classes.

McKinnie's hard partying is legendary in NFL circles. He's been known for spending $100,000 on a bar tab in one night.

McKinnie's love of strip clubs is also well known. McKinnie was kicked off the 2010 Pro Bowl roster after partying too much in South Beach and missing practices.

Is he a Joe Philbin-type player? Absolutely not.

But the Dolphins are desperate. McKinnie can move in as the left tackle -- the position he's played all his professional life -- and they can move Jonathan Martin to right tackle, which is the position he played last year.

McKinnie, not exactly a try-hard guy so far this year, has nonetheless given up only one sack in 2013. So that is indeed an upgrade.

But does he come with warts? Yes. 


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Phins 78...

Im learned from my mistake with Henne...He...like Tanne...have a rocket arm...but the QB postion is played between the ears more than anywhere else....

and now that I see Tanne is slow to react (like Henne was)....

I think the book is just about written....its only a matter of time now...

will it be this season...or next....

that is the only question

"Bryant McKinnie was a good player at one time but he stinks now," a former NFL coach told me today.

"Jeff Ireland was an awful GM in the past, but he is a horrid one today," according to lack of results on field and lack of talent on roster.

I'm sure Ireland is a decent guy, probably very decent. But is work as GM just hasn't been successful.

Tell that to





and even ATL who has sustained success....

Those post don't work any more....to much proof otherwise...

Disagree. Your "so much proof" is 5 teams in a decade? you are trumpeting the exceptions and acting as if every team in the league besides the Dolphins has instant success with inconsistency.

Why didn't you name the Steelers, Giants, Patriots, Packers,Ravens, Bears, Cowboys, and Texans?

All teams with consistent coaching and front office, all teams that have sustained success. (until this season)

The Colts? They had one horrible season and ended up with the best qb in the country. Where was there complete overhaul and when? They went from Manning to Luck. Not a fair comparison.

What has KC DONE TO MAKE YOUR LIST? Win some games this year? If they go 1 and out in the playoffs no one will remember them from this season. Where is the Chiefs sustained success? 6 games?

Seattle and San Fran. That means changing your coach every two years is sure to work because two or three teams have had success doing it? Fine, who's the next Andy Reid or Harbaugh? If there is a sure fire coach waiting in the wings then go get him. There isn't, we will be rolling the dice again and starting a whole new rebuild. Wonderful idea.

Ireland gets Tannea 60 million dollar reciever...

Tanne would rather throw to his facebook buddy Hartline....

Wallace on pace for 2 TDs this season....

but he just left a TEAM with a QB who knew how to get him the ball...the result...

32 TDs in 4 seasons...

now...2..maybe 4 if he gets "hot"...

Did Wallace change.....or did his situation change....

I have no real concerns about Tannehill yet. He won 2 games for us this year on his 4th qtr play alone. He had us in position to win 2 more. Sure he is inconsistent. Not many 2nd year QBs are consistent, especially QBs with a weak line and terrible running game.

The problem is teams know how to beat us when we have to pass. Just rush 4 and someone will give because our Oline is that bad.
I'm glad we made the McKinnie move but it has me thinking that these coaches are really dense not to have done this during the bye week considering it's been a problem the whole season.

Phins 78...

if you read my post...I don't advocate a coaching change...and I am fine with Ireland as the GM....

Its the QB that was selected that I am not a fan of...and Sherman needs to spend more time with his family....like I have posted about 10 times...

but it doesn't mean that I can't disprove that post...which I did....

the question was is there a magical GM coach duo....and I gave examples...PERIOD....

doesn't matter if they are few and far between...doesn't matter if they were ONVE IN A LIFETIME....i answered Brass Monkeys question....

doesn't mean I buy into the system....or even like he idea...

but just caus i (or you) don't approve...doesn't mean it doesn't happen....

Okay Kris fair enough.

Your assessment is that Tannehill is a bust. Ryan Tannehill is done as a qb because it's what you see with your eyes.

My opinion is he has all of the talent in the world, INCLUDING SMARTS (That's a ridiculous statement imo, if nothing else Ryan is known for being very bright) and I'm waiting until year 3,,,,game 8 to judge his future.

That's what I always give qbs. 2 YEARS AND A HALF OF A SEASON is what I give them.

But I'm confused. Are you saying he will never be elite? Yeah, okay I agree if that's what you're saying. Or are you saying he will never be able to lead a team to the playoffs period?

I couldn't give a s$#t if he ever becomes elite and is a hof'er, I only care about team success. I'm not the type to wear jerseys with other guys names on them. If Ryan continues to get better, AS HE HAS THIS SEASON BELIEVE IT OR NOT, there's no reason why he can't be a top 10 qb in this league in a season or two.

I swear most on here are just dumb blind homers. I totally side with Kris, logical and unbiased. Most only see the Dolphins colors and say they can do no wrong. T(urnover)annehill is not the future, he just makes too many mental mistakes and is not fast enough on reads.

Booo hooo hooo poor Wallace. Are you kidding with this crap? lol

That piece of s$#t Wallace won't come out on the field before warmups to run routes with Gibson and Hartline with Tanne throwing to them but Tannehill should worry about his catches? There's one thing.

How about this. How in the hell is he going to hit Wallace consistently when the offensive coordinator has him running fly routes the entire game and out o-line can't block for more than three seconds. How are they going to hook up when Wallace demands the most double teams on the team with a safety constantly playing over the top? How and why are you ignoring the facts tonight?

Most of you are dumb blind fans who don't know the game, I completely agree with Phins78! the guy has no blocking!

I have to agree with myself if no one else will!

The new regime will bring in a FA QB this offseason to challenge Tanne for the job, someone that isn't afraid to throw the ball downfield.

Gotchya at 7:22 Kris. I'm just fired up because I can't believe you are giving up on this kid already. I hope for both of us, you are proven wrong. If not there's no hope. 5 more years until the team improves

Did anyone see thos awful picks TANNEFAIL through. He sucks big Tom
Fellas! Do any of you really think with an improved OL you have a QB who can get the Dolphins to the Superbowl??? Lmao
We need 15 yards to get into FG range?? 15! And Tannehill couldn't get the job done. I'm
with Kris he sucks big time.

Good point etf. If you actually named which free agent qb is going to be available. Good qbs don't make it to free agency.

He isn't afraid to throw the ball down the field, just barely ever has time. When he does the plays are quick.

Does everyone remember that we now run a west coast offense that is predicated on short quick throws? Have we all forgotten that already? Should they change the entire offense to accommodate one player, Wallace?

I know you never liked Tannehill. You seem to be giddy over the fact he had a bad game, it seems as if you are just waiting to say I told you so.

Posted by: Phins78 | October 21, 2013 at 06:56 PM

That hits the nail on the head. Simple as that.

I disagree with anyone saying Tannehill doesn't make quick reads or doesn't take chances down field.

Most of these sacks aren't happening because he holds the ball to long. They occur because he doesn't even have time to set his feet to throw to anyone. Not his first or second options much less his check downs.

If you look at his avg release time, you will see he gets rid of the ball quicker than the NFL avg. The problem is this Oline is so horrid, that isn't even good enough to keep him from leading the league in sacks.

Speaking of Mike Wallace, WAY TO THROW YOUR QB UNDER THE BUS!

"Can't turn the ball over there, the whole stadium knew it".

That's great you selfish idiot. When you messed up and had a couple of bad games and dropped some big passes Tannehill said NOTHING! NOT one word to the media about your overpaid a#@ but as soon as he has a bad game you're in front of the media bashing him?

What an utter waste of money this guys is. Hey Wallace! How about breaking a tackle once and a while you wuss.

Phins 78....

I don't think Tanne is a bust....he is worse than that...he is a middle of the road..to slightly below average QB.....the kind that will keep you around 7 to 9 wins a year...and keep the staff from drafting your replacement for years....

so while other teams draft there Manziels...and Bridgewaters....and Marriottas....and mid round sensations....we hold tight...hoping Tanne gets to the next level....and then he never does....

and as far as smarts go....I don't doubt Tanne's IQ...he will be a doctor...dude is smart as a whip...

but ask him who plays in the AFC EAST....and you will get the 1,000 yard stare....

football smarts....Phins 78....Football smarts are differnt than real world smarts....

I don't even want to go down that road...

The question is, how many top QB's would play like top QB's behind our line?

Maybe none.

Excuse me Phil but shouldnt this trade been completed before the Buffalo game during the bye week.

Phins78 why such blind loyalty to a horrible GM and coaching staff? I for one do not advocate change just to change. I advocate change because this mgmt. team is clueless. 6 years of a rebuild pal....6yrs and 2 back to back bad coach choices.
Sporano=Philbin is there any debate about that. Irelands poor draft choices for too many years no debate there either. 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounders are supposed to make a contribution to a team.
I lived through Shula for 35 years. I know what stability means Pal....but you don't keep a bad mgmt. team for stability sake.

Yes Phins that was a brutal hit that you just don't often see nfl qb's take, maybe 3rd stringers in a preseason game... made me wince, like seeing a guy take a low blow.
Woodshed, its too bad but I think thats only one reason among many that the coaches are looking dense...don't overlook the QB coach too.

Phins78, I agree too, though I am growing more skeptical as the season goes on. The one change I am hoping for is at O-Coordinator. Much like Flacco improved when Cameron got axed, I think Tannehill will improve under a different O-coordinator and a better line. Two years of watching Sherman misutilize players on the offense is enough for me. Unfortunately, Tannehill and the team are suffering because of it.

Keep in mind, Kris wanted us to bring in an aging washed up Mcnabb that had failed miserably in his last few years.

Kris conveniently forgets how many HOF'ers did not hit their stride until after their 3rd year. Brees, Carter, Wake, the list is long.

Very, very few players start out on fire.

Fans with even a low intelligence level realize this. Fans that are plain dumb, don't.

Bum Phillips said it best when talking about Shula. "He can take yourn' and beat hisn' or take hisn' and beat yourn'" that's the kind of coach we need a coach that can make up for deficiencies on a team and still win. As much as I hate to say it but look at what Rex Ryan has done with the hated Jets!!

One guy knew he was a third rate assistant Coach at best, and didn't care. The next, some guy that liked little crackers and threw a tantrum when he didn't get them. The next wanted to fail forward fast, if you can believe it. Then, Tony, that, hmm, I mean, you know, the System, and hasn't got one yet. Now, a very neat guy who picks little papers off the floor and says less about anything else. Teams are a very close and small Community and every thing that goes on gets back to the Players. You think any Player is going to respect the 5 described above individuals? Please bring in a serious and sane Coach, a good and active veteran one, a John Harbaugh, a Tomlin, like we did with Shula, and we'll be set to consistently win for many years.

Once again, smart move letting Jake Long go the way of free agency. You can't win without good players. I am sure Tannehill misses Fasano too.

No silly Foe Phil-Ben had to exhibit his supreme ego and prove he was right in giving Clabo one more chance to get Tanny Hills block knocked off.

I hear ya Kris about football smarts as opposed to book smarts.

But I disagree that he should have known the teams in his division before he even started preparing for them.

You're an nfl fan, you probably have played Madden like the rest of us for years. Tannehill is a college football fan, never even followed the pros. How would he know and why would he need to? The question was asked before preseason even started in his first year.

It would be one thing if he followed the league and still didn't know, or if he was asked to learn the teams but couldn't. But I think it's a safe bet to say he knows the teams now.

I have two friends who have never watched a full nfl game in their lives. Couldn't tell you half of the teams in the league or what division they are in. These are two guys who played college ball for 3 years.

(I have friends from hockey who have played their whole lives but don't watch the NHL. They didn't even know the Wailers moved.)

That's not football smarts, that's book smarts, he just didn't have a reason to learn the teams.

I agree about smarts but think those are the smarts you have when you're on the field. Maybe you're right, maybe he doesn't have it. We will see.

Good points Ronson....

all of those statments are true....

Here is Kris's infantile game in a nutshell:

It's only a team game when Tannehill doesn't err. If Tannehill has an off game or an off quarter, suddenly it is no longer a team game, Tannehill is the reason for all that is wrong when we lose.

You and I know all of the teams. I know every player on this roster and their numbers by heart. That means nothing , only that I have too much time on my hands. It doesn't mean I have football smarts imo.

Dr. Canosa those coaches are not available....however there is a person available from the Shula coaching tree....BILL COWHER...make him an offer he cannot refuse as GM/Coach. Let him shop for the groceries and manage them. Im sure that Cowher would have this same exact team at 5-1 right now. Only 1 game was a blow out and that was the saints. Other 2 games were winnable in last minute.

Kris, lol @ 7:45

If Cowher had any interest in coaching again, he could have had any of the last 20 vacancies. He has a nice paying cush part time job.

Why would he want to give up the sweet life and go back to the 80 hour a week grind of coaching?

Phins 78....

I don't think its book smarts as much as it is being a student of the game....

We want students of the game...guess who LOVE the game...guys who apperciate footballl history....we have TOM FREAKING BRADY in our division....

you know...28-0...TOM BRADY...Coach Belicheat...

these should not be hard questions for a guy that loves the game....

and if you didn't know then....then he should have know after he was drafted....

Do you know what is sad...in 2011 after we fired Sporano. Cowher wanted to come with the Dolphins. Ross would not let Ireland go and Cowher wanted full control. Ross does not realize how bad that decision was. We will pay for that mistake for many years. It still can be rectified by getting Cowher now.

Bill you asked me why I back the coaching staff and gm.

I do not back the gm, I want him to improve. I don't think firing him for an unproven upstart is the answer. You let me know when there's a sure fire can't miss gm out there and I'll carry the banner for his signing.

Secondly, you ask me why I back the coaching staff that hasn't been here for two years yet and then exclaim that they have been rebuilding for 6 years. That's when you lost me.

Phins 78....

Good point @ 7:47...

I don't think Tanne needs to be @ football nerd level like us....but a general knowledge of who the enemy is ( 3 teams) isn't asking to much...I don't think...

Brady? You mean the guy that just lost to Geno Freaking Smith? Brady hasn't won anything since Belichuck became HC-GM-GOD of the Pats.

Henne is a student of the game. How'd that work out?

These guys don't coach for the money....they do it for the excitement of building a winning team. Don't get e wrong here Cowher will cost 8million per year. He has said he misses the game. Tried to come back with Miami in 2011. Only 3 teams interest him BTW, Miami, Carolina and NY Giants.

Arnsparger is LouD, NYScott Phins78 - Troll.

BILL COWHER...make him an offer he cannot refuse as GM/Coach.

Bill A.

You want to sign a guy who has said on multiple occasions he has NO interest in coaching again?

And the way you are going to do it is by throwing so much money at him that he can't refuse.

So basically you're saying he will only be in it for the money.

And you expect that will make things better?

Did we not do that with Parcells? didn't work

Jimmy Johnson? Didn't work

really, you want to try again?

Phins78 I never said this coaching staff was here 6 yrs. I said mgmt. regime. When you said you support the Philbin coaching cabal you lost me and a majority of Dolphins fans. Sorry just a fact. They are horrible read what the national media says about them. everybody cannot be wrong?


He's a FA anyway and Jax needs draft picks. He's thrown for 4000 yds in past 13 starts, look it up.

Those retired NFL Coaches are retired for some reason, Bill. I think they all were close to burn-out when they decided to hang them up and with a little pressure now, they will burnout. Remember Jimmy Johnson, in my opinion, the best Coach/GM I've ever seen, and he burnt out. Pick a fresh, preferably NFL active good Coach. Also, Jim Harbaugh is an exception, College Coaches are unpredictable in translating their abilities there to the NFL.

While you might not like the trade the Colts made for Richardson you have to admire they're conviction at making a run right now! I just heard on Monday Night Countdown that the Browns have been saying that Josh Gordon isn't up for trade but they've been listening to offers all day on a possible move, any idea on who woke up today thinking WR??? My money is on Indy! Again NOT sure how these moves pan out long term and so far Richardson for a #1 at any part of the 1st-RD looks BAD but admire they're conviction none the less! They definitely need another WR given Hayward-Bey isn't a legit #1 and Hilton is more of a wheel route / fly pattern guy.


Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 21, 2013 at 08:01 PM

Hi sweetums!

Every year, GM's try to find a Brees, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Luck. 27 of the 32 teams have been failing at it for decades.

Blaming Ireland for not finding one of those guys is like blaming him for not knowing where the lost ark is.

Bill that is false. Bill Cowher NEVER tried to come back with Miami. Miami INQUIRED about him and he didn't even answer. Had his agent tell us he wasn't interested in coaching.

Multiple teams have reached out to him since then. He has refused every one. He has a great paying job in a cushy studio. He quit the game because he was missing his family.

No way no how. I'm here tonight. I don't know how it usually goes around here but I'm not going to sit and listen to utter falsehoods without calling them out.

Phins 78 you maybe right about Cowher when you put it that way. We did make that error with JJ and Parcells. Now you make me wonder about Cowher??

Exposing, nobody is trading for henne, he can't throw tds, and his yards per completion is horrible. Jags as a whole
Have no
Tds at home.

"Bill Cowher raised some eyebrows at a media event this week by saying he believes he'll coach in the NFL again someday. The 55-year-old CBS analyst has been out of the game for six years. His name no longer comes up for openings, but interest in him remains."

"Gerry Dulac of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports that Cowher was contacted by "several" NFL teams in the last few weeks, with the Cleveland Browns one likely team to contact him. But Cowher reportedly doesn't want to coach again for another "four or five years," according to Dulac's source."

"Cowher is said to be in a "good place" in his life and seeking "stability" since the death of his wife, Kaye, in 2010. That makes all the sense in the world, but the four- or five-year timeline is a little surprising."

"Cowher will be 60 by then. Will interest in him still be high? Even if he intends to coach again, will he feel differently after another five years of a cushy television gig?"

January 9th, 2013

So who in the hell is going to sign a 60 year old man who has been out of the game for 10 years to be their new coach of the future? lol not me!

Sorry phins78 you are wrong on that point this is from 2011 news article. They were talking.

"Cowher, along with commanding a salary in the $7 million-to-$8 million range, would want his own personnel staff, meaning sweeping changes to the football-operations side of the organization -- in essence, clearing out those brought in previously by Bill Parcells.

Those close to Cowher don't expect him to move forward with the Dolphins unless the parameters of the job substantially change."

Be careful when you challenge me I deal in facts. I also admit when Im wrong like I did in my last post. I have NEVER seen you do that!!

Bill I respect your opinion, please don't get me wrong. I just have a different view. I just feel like second time coaches who have already won a ring don't have as much drive. I like the younger hungry guys (like Harbaugh). Ross should have fired Tony first, we would have Harbaugh right now and would probably be pretty happy.

Phins78 agree on Harbaugh and young hungry coaches. I just cannot stand another Sporano or Philbin. They set you back a few years when you find they aren't the answer.

Oh Bill, lol.

Ask any of the regulars in here, I admit I'm wrong a lot. Too much for my liking. And you are right, I was wrong, I guess there was some interest from Cowhers camp. I just never took it seriously.

I totally remember now that you brought it up. I remember being mad that he wanted total control because very few teams in the league do that and the last time we did it with Saban he acted like a Nazi.

If you haven't seen me admit I'm wrong you must not be in here when I am! ;)

they should have done that 2 weeks ago a little too late yesterday loss is on the coaching staff for not addressing the ol issues before tannehill made 2 huge mistake both int the fumble was the rt that cant block anybody

Yep, maybe, 78.

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