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What did the Dolphins get in Bryant McKinnie?

We've known the for nearly a week the Dolphins have been looking for an offensive lineman in trade and now that they got Bryant McKinnie the question that resonates is, what exactly did they get?

"He is a proven and experienced player who will be a great addition to the offensive line," general manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"Bryant McKinnie was a good player at one time but he stinks now," a former NFL coach told me today.

Bryant McKinnie is 34 years old and was once a dominating NFL left tackle. He never allowed a sack at the University of Miami. He had one holding call his entire two seasons at UM -- against Dwight Freeney.

And he was outstanding playing for the Minnesota Vikings from 2003 to 2009, including his Pro Bowl selection in '09. But there are other things that mitigate McKinnie being a great player back in the day, so to speak, and even a good player now.

Well, there's the partying for one.

In October 2005, McKinnie was charged with a misdemeanor for his involvement in the infamous  Minnesota Vikings boat cruise scandal that involved hookers and drugs and violence.

On May 26, 2006, McKinnie pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance on a watercraft in connection with the Love Boat scandal. He agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 48 hours of community service. The NFL fined McKinnie one game check for the incident.

In 2008 McKinnie was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at Miami's Club Space. Police said McKinnie spit in the face of a bouncer when he was removed from the club, then, after heading across the street to another establishment, returned to the club and argued with the bouncer. McKinnie then allegedly shoved his phone in Otero's face before picking up a heavy pole and hitting him. A judge ordered McKinnie to complete 25 hours of community service and anger management classes.

McKinnie's hard partying is legendary in NFL circles. He's been known for spending $100,000 on a bar tab in one night.

McKinnie's love of strip clubs is also well known. McKinnie was kicked off the 2010 Pro Bowl roster after partying too much in South Beach and missing practices.

Is he a Joe Philbin-type player? Absolutely not.

But the Dolphins are desperate. McKinnie can move in as the left tackle -- the position he's played all his professional life -- and they can move Jonathan Martin to right tackle, which is the position he played last year.

McKinnie, not exactly a try-hard guy so far this year, has nonetheless given up only one sack in 2013. So that is indeed an upgrade.

But does he come with warts? Yes. 


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Posted by: ray el heat phins fan | October 21, 2013 at 08:49 PM

But I wasn't talking to you. I'm so confused :/

maybe fin4life but u can have morris in 6th rd not 3rd. not that i would ever want him, has an arm nothing else

dusty bottoms | October 21, 2013 at 08:58 PM

EJ Manuel (who NEVER had anything resembling Morris Jr Yr. at FSU) SHOT up the draft boards after his combine. I'll bet you right now after combine Marriota and Morris move up and over Bama's McCarron for example.

The only thing that is sad is your seeming inability to comprehend the english language. I have no clue what you're even yelling about. Make a valid point, come at me in an intelligent manner, or just stop wasting my time please. Thank you.

great. now if tannehill can just figure out how to be a little elusive in the pocket, we might just have something.

And how the QBs DO NOT participate in those drills?

Posted by: dusty bottoms | October 21, 2013 at 08:48 PM

Sorry I didn't realize you owned a crystal ball and knew what the Phins record is going to be at the end. From second to last in one year after adding talent.

Yeah if that happens fire everyone.

But it hasn't happened yet and you guys are acting as if it has. Has anyone heard of letting a season play out? Have any of you guys ever played any sport on an organized level past high school? Doesn't seem so, go ahead and quit. I'm going to wait and see what happens.

Because really what's my choice? Scream and yell and throw hissy fits like some of you. No thanks, it looks exhausting.

This would be great, if it works.To me though, it appears that Ireland is wrapping a high pressure leak with a rubber band and some JB Weld. There is a chance that it will stick, but really is this not a left side rendition of Clabo at RT.

Bill I waited around long enough. The cockroaches are crawling out from under their fridges and I'm not staying to watch them defecate all over the floor.

There are no stories out there about Philbins incompetence. There is Omar Kelly talking about how he's on the fence and doesn't like his personality. That's it unless you provide proof. You said you don't make things up, you back up your statements. So where are ya to back that one? I've been waiting.

Dusty I'm with ya, Ireland seems to be a problem. I wouldn't mind if he was let go. I also don't like the Sherman Philbin relationship. It's too much like Sparano Henning and that's not good. Sherm should go so Philbin can fly on his own.

Philbin and the staff and GM are gone once we miss the playoffs anyway

Goodnight all. Ziggy I disagree, a winning record and everyone stays. 8-8 THINGS ARE UP IN THE AIR. nO IMPROVEMENT IN RECORD OVER LAST YEAR, hell yeah heads will roll! Have a great night guys and be nice.

The new regime will bring in a FA QB who is not afraid to throw the ball deep, someone to challenge Tanne to act like a man.

According to PFF McKinney is an improvement over Clabo. Clabo is rated the 66th worst OT in the league and McKinney is the 65th.

Where is the dolphins scouting on the offensive line? Are you telling me that they don't have someone on the bench that is better than Clabo or McKinney? Yeatman is still developing after 3 years, they resigned Garner this year, they drafted Dallas Thomas and none of these guys are any good? You really have to wonder how bad is it when you have to bring in an over the hill, injured player because no one on the roster is ready to replace Clabo?



I don't expect the dolphins to remove coaches and play calling duties heading into foxborough, if and when we are 3-5 after Halloween I could see a change with coordinator and or play calling duties. Question is who the hell is currently on the staff with even average play calling experience? Certainly not Philbin! I'm holding on to hope that we can pull off an upset this week in New England but I won't hold my breath. Besides when's the last time the Pats lost back to back division games on consecutive weeks? Probably not in the Brady/Belichick era.

Not reading any posts, just came back to say something to Bill.

Bill I thought about it after I left (the last post I wrote reminded me of something).

I will not give the coaching staff 3 or 4 years if they produce a losing record this season. 7-9 and I start over BUT,,,BUT,,only if the gm is fired too. If you don't fire the gm you can not fire the coach and expect any coach with any self respect will come in and have Ireland as their gm.

So 8-8 they get another year (third). BUT, in year three there needs to be a playoff berth or I fire them.

9-7 buys Philbin 2 more years imo as long as the team continues to improve. I think that's fair.

Orlando Dolphan @ 9:24,

Excellent point.

Phins78 winning record and we are probably in the playoffs, problem is when you regress 3 consecutive weeks rather than progress I don't see how even 8-8 is looking realistic. I was there yesterday and the stink was everywhere of bad decisions by coaching. For example, DANIEL THOMAS GETTING ALL THOSE SNAPS!!!!! Lamar is the game breaker and while yes Thomas ran harder than usual yesterday the Bills never had to account for him breaking a tackle for 70 yards or even taking a screen for a big gain. He's slooooooooow. Thigpen proved on the last kickoff return that he is a play maker and deserves to get more looks on offense. Essentially get him the ball in open friggin space!!!!!!!!!! How this staff hasn't found a way since last year to get him involved in the offense is beyond excusable and stinks of incompetence. Now I actually like Joe Philbin, he seems to be a good coach with potential, however his loyalty to a guy like Sherman will ultimately be his downfall.

alot of assumptions here.....who said McKinnie was available before the Bills game/during the bye week?--and/or "how available and at what price"?--how do you all know?

Don.......WHY DO YOU CAPITALIZE EVERYTHING?--I assume you're not constantly yelling.....so, its weird

Why is it that we had the best cap in the NFL and we end up with a wide receiver in a in round one as a quarter back?why didn't we trade up to get Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick? And pick up some OL in the draft of free agent also there are two team that had worst record than us chiefs and Indiana look at them now they have a solid team and getting better each week while the dolphins are getting worse than what they are with their sixty million dollar price tag witch has not done jack what a waste of cap money a too little to show for it,yep this season is done the wheels came of the bus now let's see if Jeffry job is in the hot seat I bet he gives this moron of a owner a lame excuse to keep his job my prediction for this season is 4 -12 they don't win more than four games with a receiver as a quarterback what a joke said it all along.

benz - is it true? Does RT say go for pass and go go for run?

There's a lot of trickery with that?!?!? NOT

Hope....uh, ask Don, since that was his post.....of course, you are Don.....so ask yourself.....I guess.





benz - I'm not Don...but I have seen that comment made in Mando's blog several times this season...seems like an easy fix. That should be one of the easiest things to correct for this team.

There's a lot of work left...

what about the dude from the eagles, can he play?

305.....Wilson was taken in the 3rd round so no one needed to trade up to get him, and literally no one realized how good he'd be, (since EVERY team passed on him twice.....including Seattle, who obviously didnt realize it either)--Kaep was taken early in Rd 2, so every team had their shot.....similar in that SF didnt realize he was as good as he's turned out either--give them credit for taking him early in Rd 2, but they passed on him in Rd 1 too......more than a little lucky on both counts, no?

Where are all the butterflies? I haven't seen one this year. This may be a problem. Summer is over and there have been no butterflies.

Here is one thing...the trade shows us what Baltimore thinks of Miami as a potential threat...you think they make that trade if they think its what puts the Phins in a position to make a run??? I don't think you can do it this season but Phibin needs to start thinking of a replacement for Sherman...friends be damned...mentor be damned...does Philbin want to make an impact in this league or not??? Sherman needs to find a new job...I'm not so concerned about Coyle as some others seem to be...true the D needs to play better...the O could help them out some though...and with 30 some odd seconds left how do you not call a play over the middle??? They are guarding the sidelines...plenty of time for a 20 yarder...spike...then attempt for the win...I'm still stewing over Sunday...

305miami, first of all trading up wasn't necessary for Wilson or Kaepernick because they were late rounders and Kaepernick was a second year guy last year anyway. Tannehill is not the problem, game planning and identifying who to utilize on offense is (see earlier post), not too mention an offensive line that says "ole" to rushing defenders. Tannehill was a WR in college to start out, yes, but he has more than shown us all that he has the ability to play at a high level in this league. He doesn't call the plays nor does he have full reign to audible every play, and why would he after all he's a second year guy. Game planning each week and playing to strengths of your team has killed, killed the Dolphins. The difference between 5-1 and 3-3 for us is play calling and planning. For example, Tannehill makes a Herculean throw on 4th down against Baltimore to get us inside the 35 yard line with 53 seconds to go, and we waste a friggin down killing the clock!!!!!!!!! Then we get sacked, the only thing that cannot happen on the next play!!!!!!! That play calling in key situation cost us a makable field goal for a rookie kicker. Fast forward to Bills game, early on that pick six is on Tannehill 150% no doubt as is the horrible int he threw later inside the 20, but he drove us down the field and threw 3 tds rest of the game and brought us back and had the lead late. Then we get the ball with under 4 minutes and the lead and we run once and run a ridiculous 5 step pass on 2nd down against a team who hadn't really stopped the run much all day when we needed it. Outcome sack/fumble. Even 3 and out on runs forcing buffalo to waste time outs is better than throwing. We have a great punter and the defense that had not yielded a long drive the entire 2nd half!!!!!!!! Couple that with inability to get the ball in the hands of your play makers, or guys with play making ability such as Thigpen and Miller and Wallace and you get losses that frustrate beyond explanation.

Here's the thing about bringing in McKinnie...the Dolphins had one shot to do something like this during the season. They can't keep going outside the organization during the season to fix things. Every position is not broken, and the "fix" from another team is difficult in football...those guys on the line need to work together, understand each other. McKinnie has a lot of work to do in a short amount of time, if he thinks he can come in and contribute.

This team has good players. The coaches are not getting the best from them...the players are not working together giving their best either...it needs to change!

Bryant McKinnie??? Now?? Now that he's washed up? Ireland is so desperate its comical.

Recall back in 2011 that Miami had a chance to suck for Luck. Although Ireland is skilled at putting a sucky product on the field, he failed (as he always does) to put the team in a position to get Luck.

The Colts got Luck, plus a good GM, coach, WRs, and TEs.

Ireland countered with Tannehill and Egnew.

Luck was one of six rookie/second year QBs in the playoffs. Tannehill was not one of them. And he will not be this year either if the Dolphins continue to play at their current level.

When firing Sparano, Ireland and Ross gushed that the roster was stocked with elite talent (one presumes they were talking about Fields). They and their supporters chant the same mantra to this day.

Entering year six (6!) of his rebuild, Ireland had tons of cap space and draft picks. And he...made Wallace the best paid Wide Dropper (not Receiver) in the NFL.

He picked and signed injured players and watched them...get injured again or fail to make progress in becoming starters. He used a 5th round pick on a kicker - an act of hubris that was rewarded when his fired kicker kicked Dolphin tail.

Oh, and about that OL...after five games of watching Tannehill get clobbered, Ireland...traded a draft pick for an aging OT ranked near the bottom of the NFL.

Outside of Wake and Fields, the team has no elite talent. It has a shaking coaching staff and an uncertain prospect at QB. It's defense looks good on paper, but horrid with a game on the line. The OL is a joke. Team depth does not exist.

Ireland got an extension.

And people wonder why fans lack faith in the team or it's direction.

This is the BUCS remaining schedule. They could go 0-16 this year. They have a tough schedule. Their best chances for a win are against Miami, Atanta and/or Buffalo.

If Miami loses, this season is over.

Thu 10/24 Carolina 8:25 pm ET
Sun 11/3 @ Seattle 4:05 pm ET
Mon 11/11 Miami 8:40 pm ET
Sun 11/17 Atlanta 1:00 pm ET
Sun 11/24 @ Detroit 1:00 pm ET
Sun 12/1 @ Carolina 1:00 pm ET
Sun 12/8 Buffalo 1:00 pm ET
Sun 12/15 San Francisco 1:00 pm ET
Sun 12/22 @ St. Louis 1:00 pm ET
Sun 12/29 @ New Orleans 1:00 pm ET

Phins78 @ 8:34-
There's another guy besides Bill on this blog who likes to talk down to people by using the word "PAL", I wonder who it could be? Hint- YG used to call him Moron.

I don't care if we just signed Aunt ja momma or Rico Suave?




Tannehill is getting better a reading defenses. He's so good that he can read which DL/LB is going to sack him even before the ball is snapped.

Tannehill has assumed his usual QB ranking of 29th. Is he the worst QB in the league?

Posted by: CadillacDeVille | October 21, 2013 at 10:31 PM

Dont know but he sure can fumble and throw pick sixes.

Hey Ireland try getting a decent QB. DUUUUUHHHH!

It's true about the snap count. It indicates either a run or pass so the defense knows what's coming. Someone mentioned it on the blog a couple of weeks ago, and I finally witnessed it with my own eyes & ears this past Sunday. Pop Warner football at its finest. Is that another grand element of Sherman's offense?

The cry came from afar and wide; do we have a champion? Who,if any, will come forth to challenge the onslaught--to protect the kingdom?

Thanks Jj. I witnessed it in Cleveland, and read it here too. I didn't think I was hearing it right. That's a bit nuts!

I'm watching the Monday Night Game. I hope the Dolphins are not as bad as these teams...

Look at the way Freeman is playing. Most passes are over the receivers head...hard to take a recent starter from one team and plug him into a new team during the season...again, McKinnie has a lot of work to do to contribute in the short term.

I have no faith in this coaching staff until Sherman is fired. He is a cancer to this entire team, especially Tannehill and Philbin.



I know we did not have to trade but we should had scouted for a better quarterback and not jump the gun on tanne there where other option and they look past that Jeffrey Ireland is a moron comes draft time he does not know how to draft players and spends round picks on players that don't even make the roster that to me is not a football savage gm we need change from gm to head coach

305miami | October 21, 2013 at 10:59 PM

You should be embarrassed to offer your opinion with the writing skills of a seven year old. One long stupid run on sentence. You are a typical product of the Florida school system.

This team has more holes than swiss cheese. A very poorly run franchise.

Dear Bill Arnsparger,
There have now been more than 300 comments in the past 24 hours - every single one is a negative comment.

10 of them were from me.

More than 290 have been from others although I expect that you are every single one of the 'others'.

Am I wrong? If so I expect you to call out every one of them. Immediately and with alacrity.

South Florida is 97% poor Haitian and Cuban immigrants and really dumb foot stamp blacks. 3% old farts from the North East.

FL sucks. Hot, humid, cockroaches the size of Buicks and they fly.

Thurston @ 11:14

You left out:
Loud Noise
5 gallon paint buckets filled with mismatched tools

By the way I have never been to Miami

Profuse Bleeder @10:40

Are you referencing The Lion King?

Q: What would Julio Ceasar Chavez do in this situation?

A: Hit low until he was back in control.

The Dolfan fans with ANY brains deserted this ship many moons ago. Whats left is mostly dreck.

Profuse Bleeder,
Are you a va-jay-jay?
If so I will open you, I always do.

Smooches boyfriend!!

The cashiers at the supermarkets and malls are all ugly black Haitians with bad teeth. You go a mile off the coast and it's all black and drug dealers. I recently was in Fort Lauderdale on business, every employee and client at the hotel was ebonic black. The restaurants are all sweaty Cubanos that pretend they don't speak English.

South Florida should be evicted from the USA. It's a disgusting 3rd world cesspool of ignorance, drugs, crime and poverty.

South Beach? BFD, a few blocks of trendy restaurants. Every city has that.

Sounds like Thurston got his ass kicked while in South Florida and now he is trying to get other people to join in his hate fest.

For those of you up north wanting a beach vacation, skip Florida. The cheap hotels are run down dirty roachy moldy scuzz holes. For the price of the decent hotel you can have a far better vacation in the Carribean for the same price...Bahamas, Aruba, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Caymans...

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