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What did the Dolphins get in Bryant McKinnie?

We've known the for nearly a week the Dolphins have been looking for an offensive lineman in trade and now that they got Bryant McKinnie the question that resonates is, what exactly did they get?

"He is a proven and experienced player who will be a great addition to the offensive line," general manager Jeff Ireland said in a statement.

"Bryant McKinnie was a good player at one time but he stinks now," a former NFL coach told me today.

Bryant McKinnie is 34 years old and was once a dominating NFL left tackle. He never allowed a sack at the University of Miami. He had one holding call his entire two seasons at UM -- against Dwight Freeney.

And he was outstanding playing for the Minnesota Vikings from 2003 to 2009, including his Pro Bowl selection in '09. But there are other things that mitigate McKinnie being a great player back in the day, so to speak, and even a good player now.

Well, there's the partying for one.

In October 2005, McKinnie was charged with a misdemeanor for his involvement in the infamous  Minnesota Vikings boat cruise scandal that involved hookers and drugs and violence.

On May 26, 2006, McKinnie pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance on a watercraft in connection with the Love Boat scandal. He agreed to pay a $1,000 fine and perform 48 hours of community service. The NFL fined McKinnie one game check for the incident.

In 2008 McKinnie was arrested and charged with aggravated battery, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after an incident at Miami's Club Space. Police said McKinnie spit in the face of a bouncer when he was removed from the club, then, after heading across the street to another establishment, returned to the club and argued with the bouncer. McKinnie then allegedly shoved his phone in Otero's face before picking up a heavy pole and hitting him. A judge ordered McKinnie to complete 25 hours of community service and anger management classes.

McKinnie's hard partying is legendary in NFL circles. He's been known for spending $100,000 on a bar tab in one night.

McKinnie's love of strip clubs is also well known. McKinnie was kicked off the 2010 Pro Bowl roster after partying too much in South Beach and missing practices.

Is he a Joe Philbin-type player? Absolutely not.

But the Dolphins are desperate. McKinnie can move in as the left tackle -- the position he's played all his professional life -- and they can move Jonathan Martin to right tackle, which is the position he played last year.

McKinnie, not exactly a try-hard guy so far this year, has nonetheless given up only one sack in 2013. So that is indeed an upgrade.

But does he come with warts? Yes. 


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Ziggy I know the play calling has been horrible especially in the bills game they should had ran the ball and kill some time off the clock but that was against a weak team look at the schedule and come New England I bet tannehill will not throw a td and we get are tails kick and out that schedule we are winning against bucks but the rest is iffy

I lived in S Florida for years. Didn't realize how bad it was to I moved away for a stretch. I have family there. When I visit each time it's worse, its a damn shame. Florida's heyday was in the late 60's. Now it is really sad to see part of our country looking more and more like a ghetto in Bolivia.

ireland has to go

Thurston has to go.

Florida is great if you like drive through fast food. I will say the have some nice girly bars where all is negotiable, not like the no touch rules in California.

If McLovin can keep Tannehill off his backside than this is a great move. Who else would we be able to get this far into the season? Something had to be done and this is probably the best we could get without trading the farm. You guys knocking Tannehill are are like those women who always are looking for something to b!t(h about! Our line and coaches have made us a one dimensional offense. If you can't run the ball your gonna get killed trying to pass it. This is our problem as a whole. When Tannehill has time to make plays and running the ball is part of the equation then a true assessment of him can be made. It's easy to say Tannehill sucks and talk $hit, but remember Philbin and old man shake n'rattle Sherman didn't even attempt to run the ball in the preseason. They thought the run game was in the bag. That's a terrible mistake our coaches made and now it's biting hard in the ^$$. If Philbin would have studied his film,the players, and his staff during the preseason some of the teams issues would not be issues and this Dolphins team would be sitting pretty right about now. If you ask Philbin why his QB gets sacked he would give a run around BS answer. Ask him how many of his players tie their shoes with a double knot during a game and he would give you the exact numbers from the first half and second.

Being able to live, work, and play in South Florida is total paradise. So much to do and the weather to do it.

Thurston@ 11:23

How do you know the Cubanos are pretending not to speak ingles? Are you even certain they can speak hispanola correctly?

I've lived in a few places. South Florida is for me.

Look to all the Jeffery Dahmer slash Ireland
Philbin the clown Mike She-man Shitman play caller Turner the turnover of OL men
And Coyle the lap dog! Supports are a bunch of idiots homers that think, " let's give it time "
NO YOU FOOLS!! THEY ARE NOT VERY GOOD COACHES, CONSIDER THE FACTS WHO IN THE F U C K IN HIRE THEM! ANOTHER LOSER! PATIENTS F U C K YOU. IM TIRED OF WAITING AND WAITING!! DUMBA S SES! Don't know a winner even if it stares you in your face! You guys are just use to mediocrity you forgotten what a winning franchise looks like! Stop it!
Your are being brain wash by Jeffery! He sucks get it through your thick empty sculls!
I'm sorry if I offended any body. But I feel better now. Goodnite. Nothing personal see you next week after the lost on Sunday.

Thurston @ 11:28
I want to select a vacation destination from the places you listed, one question: If I give the bellhop $10 to get me some weed will he bring me back a dime bag? Or will he bring me a nickel bag and tell me it is a dime bag in broken ingles?

If you're going to swindle me on a $10 weed deal then swindle me but don't lie to me also.


1-New owner needed who cares about more than money
2- GM who actually KNOWS talent and wont overspend
3- Hire REAL Head Coaches with prior HC experience not career assistants
4- Make sure he is amendable to players and not stuck on a system

We wish Tannehill was as good as Sanchez. Sanchez has 4 playoff wins.

va, totally agree. Saban, Cameron, Sparano, and Philbin were all rookie NFL HC's. And they all failed miserably.

We just traded for a big mack to protect our qb? The hamburgler must have been denied bail.

The bright side of this is we're almost certain to draft top 10 again this year. The dark side is Ireland again trades up to #3 spot and this time takes Ronald McDonald himself.

Reading this...why hasn't McKinnie ever served jail time? Never takes responsibility for his own actions. My question is does McKinnie upgrade out OLine? Don't think so. Tannehill isn't the problem. Dolphin fans don't jump ship! This is when we see if we have any heart. Why does it always look like we never play a complete game? I watch Sports Center and NFL channel and never see the Dolphins making plays like ANY other team. Let's Go Fins!!

I'm not saying it was a bad call, I'm just saying it was not the right call.

Really, like a post above said, most of these huge guys are just big children and you have to both discipline and motivate them. Lombardi was the master at that. Shula was probably too tough but he was just and Players respected him. Not anybody can be a successful Coach in any Sport.

I'm sure Ireland will argue that he had so many wholes to fill; DB's, WR's. OL, LB's etc....Well he would be correct. In addition there was making a big splash, which should work out with the 3rd player selected in the draft at defensive end. Then one has to consider why in the world would any GM looking to build a playoff or championship team not pay a guy like Jake Long. Ireland did not evaluate his own players correctly and he did the same thing with the WR's for last season. He had the money and cap room. Why get cheap and not pay Long. Existing OL personnel were not evaluated correctly and so the Dolphins needed Jake Long big time. Ireland's main issues as a GM is his miscalculation of player talent and always going for the acorn that he thinks will develop but never does. So the Dolphins and their fans have to always look to the future that never seems to work to their advantage.

The OL has been a problem on this team for YEARS.
When Sparano was here he couldn'gt even take care of that which was his specialty. They've addressed it by adding washed - up, formerly good players now WAAAAAY past their prime and have drafted poorly in this area (i.e. John Jerry, Dallas Thomas..............).
Jerry was actually not awful when filling in for Jake Long at LT when he got injured a couple of years ago.
Status quo is no way to go thru the rest of the season though. If Jerry can play tackle, why not put him in for Clabo who is just past his prime which is why Atlanta let him go? Maybe McKinnie has a little bit left in him but I doubt it.
One thing's for sure, other than Poncey and Incognito, the line is a mess and full of question marks.

jeff ireland needs to go ASAP !!!!! knew that tannehill would be getting sacked way too many times just because of yet another brilliant roster move when not resigning jake long!!! i really like ryan tannehill but concerned about him making it to week 10 with all those qb sacks

been a dolphins fan for 22 years and ireland to me ne of worst gm team has ever had

God the people blaming Ireland are extremely lost! There's only I think 3 I'd prefer, but they're active on another team! We needed a LT and he got us the best possible one! But yet folks that'll cry over anything Ireland does, focuses on any negative about this . Of course there'll be a few negatives! Or we'd never have a shot on getting him, but yet solid pick up, again by Jeff... we improved that position!

No question desperation move...but what else is left? McKinnie was available during free agency this past year and he even asked his agent to reach out to the Phins because he wanted to play in the Sun and Fun Capitol of the World. Philbin turned him down then, hoping for the tackle in KC to come on over. So is this a desperation move for Philbin?, you ask; No sht it sure is desperation! I wish I could be a fly on the wall when Philbin and McKinnie sit down for the father & son talk he will inevitably get!

Why didn't we resign Long again? Ireland is an idiot. We could have 2 solid OTs with Long & Martin - instead he moves up in the draft to pick a player at a position of strength and does nothing to address the OT position. I guess we'll be using that 1st rounder this year to address the OT position - a continuing theme under Ireland

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