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Word of the day for the Dolphins: Regression.

BOSTON -- They led 17-3. They rushed for 156 yards and averaged 5-yards a carry. Tom Brady was less than mediocre, throwing for only 116 yards with one touchdown and one interception with a visibly swollen throwin hand. New England right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg and left the game, joining Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo, who are done for the season, and cornerback Aqib Talib, who didn't play.

And given all these advantages and perfect scenarios, the Dolphins still lost?

Yes, the Dolphins lost.

And that leads me to the word for today: Regression.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins collapsed and they are in full blown regression.

The Dolphins have regressed from the team they were last year at this time when they were getting better results with less talent.

The Dolphins have regressed from September when they were 3-0.

The Dolphins have regressed to the point they're arguably the worst team in the AFC East. That's right, Miami is in third place with a 3-4 record behind the Patriots and the Jets and just ahead of the Bills. But Miami has a division worst 0-2 record and they already lost to the last-place Bills.

How is any of that better than it was last year?

And amid all of this the Dolphins are borderline delusional.

"No, I don't feel like the season is starting to slip away because we have a great team," nickel back Jimmy Wilson said.

Is he serious?

Wilson went on to say the Dolphins need to win the next four games to make up for the last four consecutive losses. Well, the Dolphins are 2 1/2 games out of first place already and they're not getting stronger but they better start winning very soon if they want to salvage this season.

But how to do that when they're getting worse?

Ryan Tannehill is playing worse now than he played in September.

The talent level is getting worse with the loss of wide receiver Brandon Gibson for the season.

And the play-calling? It's getting worse. Consider that it's bad when offensive coordinator Mike Sherman abandons the running game when it isn't blowing the opponent away. On Sunday, he abandoned it when it was working! In a close game!

And now the players are noticing.

"It seemed like we were running the ball real well, we were effective," guard Richie Incognito said. "It was third and manageable; we were picking up big chunks on the ground. I think we got away from that in the second half. That is kind of where we kind of sputtered."

Tell me something ... why aren't Miami's rookies playing?

Why is Nolan Carroll playing -- and giving up a TD pass as soon as he enters the game -- but second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round pick Willie Davis are inactive? Well, either those kids are not very good (which is on the personnel department) or they are not being developed (which is on the coaching staff).

Why is first round pick Dion Jordan a part-time player but less talented, less upside Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby are playing more? I know Jordan is talented. It seems every time he's on the field, something good happens. But he's not really on the field all that much. How are coaches arriving at those decisions to play a better player less?Cluelessjoe

Why has Mike Wallace looked so ineffective? He came to the Dolphins as an accomplished deep threat. He came here without major issues about his hands. Now that he's with the Dolphins he cannot get deep and cannot hold on to the football? Sorry, I don't buy it's all on Wallace. The Dolphins blamed Brandon Marshall when he didn't produce as much in Miami as in Denver. Then Marshall went to Chicago and produced at a very high level again.

After a while it's not the player we should be looking at. It's the people charged with developing those players and the system those players are put in.

So where do we go from here?

Well, general manager Jeff Ireland needs to find a wide receiver because the Dolphins only have three on the roster and one on the practice squad.

Will he chase Hakeem Nicks? Josh Gordon? Justin Blackmon? Greg Jennings?

The trade deadline is Tuesday. Ireland addressed the desperate need for an offensive tackle by trading for Bryant McKinnie. And although the Dolphins gave up six sacks Sunday -- all in the second half -- four of those came when the Patriots figured out Sherman had no intention of running the football.Tannesack

The AFC East is still wide open, because the Patriots seem vulnerable despite their 6-2 record. The team has multiple injured players, including Brady who nonethless denied his swollen throwing hand was swollen. 

Unfortunately, the Dolphins don't currently have the feel of a team that is ready to turn things around. Sometimes they start poorly. Sometimes they finish poorly. Sometimes they can't run. Sometimes they give up on the run even when they're running well. Wide receivers don't get open quickly, or don't get open deep, or drop too many passes.

The defense that was supposed to make more game-defining plays doesn't. 

And Tannehill fumbles or throws the interceptions or shows little pocket or situational awareness -- particularly lately.

There's a word for all of that: Regression.


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Regression is a good word for the Dolphins. Then again, they have been regression nearly every year for the past decade.

It's the GM. It's the coaching.

Players leave Miami and play better elsewhere. Players coming to Miami play worse.

The drafts seem to be horrid for the past two years.

The QB is looking more and more like the bust of the 2012 draft. And if Jordon is not a future Hall of Famer, then the entire 2013 may be a bust.

Don't trade for a WR. This season is over. The Dolphins should have drafted a WR but that would have made too much sense.

The six year rebuild seems to be a failure. The only way to fix it is to fire Ireland and Philbin.

Tell us something we don't know. From the GM to the waterboy, we suck.

This is a good post by Armando. Also, read the article by Barry Jackson that shows just how bad the Dolphins are in terms of evaluating, developing, and coaching talent.

There is some talent on the team, but not enough and the team as a whole is mis-built and mis-coached.

It's very disappointing. This is the second time that a Jeff Ireland team that was supposed to be much improved has regressed.

It seems that 7-9 is a prototypical Jeff Ireland production.

I've no doubt that Ireland and Philbin are decent men. But they do not seem very good at being leaders of a professional football team.

Can someone put Miami out of its misery? this season is over, lets the search for the next Marino begin....

I will add one more thing tonight. It's been reported that Ireland was or is very interested in former Cowboy DT Jay Ratliff.

While this is all very well and good, the team is currently stocked at DT. Stocked.

Given the lack of decent offensive linemen on the team, the lack of QB talent, the lack of WR talent and depth, the lack of CB talent (but Davis and Smith are doing VERY well on new teams), the lack of LB talent, and the lack of coaching talent, the question of why Ireland is focused like a laser on the DT position is a mystery.

It's true that Randy are Paul are both free agents after this season, but no one thinks that both will leave.

A few years ago, Parcells and Ireland were totally consumed by the guard positions while having no quality QB on the roster.

Ireland's done badly in picking talent and Philbin has done even worse at developing it and employing the little talent he has in an effective way.

At least we can we say we are the best pro football team in Florida! Aren't you glad the Heat season starting soon? You wanna talk about about filling up Joe Robbie stadium, good luck!

What does Mike Sherman have against utilizing the running game? Miller and Thomas were picking up nice chunks of yardage in the first half. Tannehill was not sacked once in the opening two quarters of play and had time to throw the ball. Awful coaching.

The coaching is horrible we have no get in ur face leaders on this team, Tannehill shows no emotions 4 his mistakes our passing game sucks n the running isn't that gd either our kicking game is regressing also as is the horrible kick returner we have who calls 4 fair catches with no one around him or take it out of the end zone, we need new coordinators, and where is this top 5 defense we were suppose to have Nolan Carrol sucks n Rashad Matthews should b playing a hell of alot more and I think Tannehill needs 2 sit n watch n learn more let Matt Moore take over now while we still have a chance!!!!!

I don't normally agree with Armando but regression is the perfect word when describing the current dolphin team. I like everyone else was brimming with excitement during the offseason and 3-0 start. Since that time this team has played confused and mistake laden football. I put all this on the coaching. The talent is there, but it's up to the coaches to mold and put that talent to the best use possible. As far as talent getting better when it leaves and new talent coming in is worst. That is on Ireland . Management knows the system being run and should get plays to fit that scheme. Why arnt we playing a 3/4 instead of a 4/3. How does Nolan Carroll still have a job?. Ireland's mismanagement of the offensive line will cost us our season. If Ross doesn't make him pay with his job then Ireland is truely untouchable. We have seen a 6 yr rebuild. It ain't workin. Time to clean house if we ever want this team to be relevant again

In the second half every time the camera was on Belichik he was writing ideas on his clipboard. When wesaw Philbin he was clapping his hands and saying go go! We don't ned a cheerleader we need a f****** coach!

I agree 100% That this team is somehow getting worse, despite being relatively healthy and bringing in all this so called talent. Not 1 impact draft pick, the only impact free agent is now out for the year, and what possible positive outcome could come from this season? Time to start playing the rookies and back-ups to see what they can do and what we have for next year. Why is it that every decision Miami makes screams desperation and makes no sense (trading up to draft Defensive lineman, letting bush and long go and not bringing in anyone to replace them), going back even further, letting the Welkers, Marshalls, Smiths, Davis, Bess and ninkovinchs and Jason Taylors and Zach Thomases leave and replacing them with players half as good?! Any other team or job would get people fired for decisions like those?!!

Wow as usual all u fake Dolphinz fans and beat writers who always pick against us are panicking like the sky is falling,as bad as we played in the 2nd half you should take in consideration how Awesome we played in the 1st half,granted last 4 games we beat ourselves!Our Oline won't continue to blow it will keep improving,we have the rite Head Coach&Coaching Staff along with a legit Franchise QB in Tannehill! Period! Our D is getting Healthier,we're a much improved squad and when we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with mistakes&turnovers and at times head scratching play calls, we've been really good

You people make me sick,that's why the Phinz have the worst fan base over the last 12+years!Give me a break you bandwagon fanz! The season isn't over by any stretch,our Division is up for grabs,we're gonna figure it out and fix the problems we've been having,of course everyonez gonna question everything when we lose 4 inna row,but to think the seasons over is ridiculous,it's not over by a long shot!We're the best team in the AFC East,unfortunately our record doesn't show that!We have 9 games left and can still make the Playoffs,when we beat the Bengals on Thursday Night Football we'll b 4-4 and rite back into the hunt,it's a long season and Dolphanz shouldn't overreact like this,yes a 4game losing streak sux bigtime,but we can just as easily turn it around,which we will watch,and the funny thing is all u haters writing all this nonsense are gonna feel foolish ever doubting the Phinz!Word of the Night:Progression

Should have run the ball. Passing the ball that much is going to lead to turnovers regardless of who the QB is and even more so with Tanneyhill. We've got to run the ball more on second down. Also, terrible calls probably cost us the game.

Phinzup 305. Some of us are realists and don't believe rainbows come out of unicorns asses. Where the hell have u been the past 4 games? It's just some of us don't want to spend our money and time on a team that plays like a high school team. It's Sundays man not Friday football. If I want Friday football then I'll pay the price for a Friday night football ticket not a Sunday ticket to watch Friday night football. Perhaps you have money to burn some us don't. I'm not paying to watch a game to wear a bag over my head. The franchise will only get worse with Ireland in charge. I forgot when we made the playoffs and every new season the management and coaching stating we're a good team and have expectations to make the playoffs. BS! Stop the lying to make a profit to fill seats. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Philbin is a hack. Not an NFL coach! Never will be. Weak coaching, no in game adjustments. 5 win season.

Bless you FanBoyz for the laughs. Brings back memories of the Woo-Hoo-We-Got-Wallace & Ellerbe & Jordan glory days of the Spring.

Mando's right...........they've regressed not just from early in the season, but also from last year this time.

Phailbin ain't got it, and he'll never get it.

Get the last vestiges of stinky Tuna out of the FO & start another rebuild


This season is over guys. See you all next season.

Stick a fork in us cause where done

Alex are you a idiot or are you a idiot? You are a idiot?

As fans,we have a right to voice our opinions..I totally agree with this article.Regression,full speed ahead.Does anyone think the Bengals D is looking forward to Thursday?

The only thing that could save us would be what Dog Water said the other day, that sometimes removing the bad piece that is negatively affecting the Team can suddenly right everything in It. I doubt it but it's worth a try. In this case the bad piece everybody knows and agrees which it is, Sherman.

Wow as usual all u fake Dolphinz fans and beat writers who always pick against us are panicking like the sky is falling,as bad as we played in the 2nd half you should take in consideration how Awesome we played in the 1st half,granted last 4 games we beat ourselves!Our Oline won't continue to blow it will keep improving,we have the rite Head Coach&Coaching Staff along with a legit Franchise QB in Tannehill! Period! Our D is getting Healthier,we're a much improved squad and when we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with mistakes&turnovers and at times head scratching play calls, we've been really good

Posted by: Alex | October 28, 2013 at 02:10 AM

I felt this way after the Baltimore game. I figured it would get fixed after the bye week. I've lost confidence in this coaching staff, especially Sherman. Tannehill does a good job when given time and a running game to take the heat off but Sherman is insistent upon putting the game on his shoulders.

Also, Wallace doesn't run good routes or fight for the ball. He has been a major disappointment. We should've went in another direction in FA.

How is it that no one is focussing on the 17 points handed to the Patsies by the refs? Everyone here should be up in arms at the blatant homer calls that even the anouncers couldn't overlook. The DEEP pass interferance call led to a TD, the third down defensive holding call on a defender that didn't even touch the receiver, let alone grab him, and that STUPID call that the defender purposefully batted the ball back when he was clearly trying to sweep the ball to himself took it from being third and 30+ at midfield to 1st and 10 at the 13. I know year in year out the patsies get these game changing calls and no one calls the refs on it. why not? I'm not one to simply blame the refs when things go bad, but when blatant. someone got PAID type calls come around, I gotta put the blame where it belongs.

I am so disgusted that I was planning not to write any more specific comments in this Blog, not even to vent. What's the use? Everyone of us is extremely frustrated here and on top we have to take all these immature fukkk's childish and very annoying comments at the worst moment. But I guess I'm hooked on this Dolphin's crap just like I am on cigarettes and J&B. Still, I will change my approach somewhat in writing in this Blog.

Given that we could now run the tables & end up 3 - 13 which QB do we draft? I was keen on Tannehill - thought this years pick up of Jordan was a gamble with our Oline problems & oops he's another bust. Same sob story every year & it's wearing thin. You can't win in the NFL when your QB turns the ball over twice every game! It's the sheer repetition that annoys - lose 2 games by 3 or less points that we should on paper have won then get a good lead at the Pats & lose. Anybody see that movie last year.... Yeah wasn't good so why repeat the darn thing?!









I mean, everybody and their sisters knew that Belichick would adjust for the second half. How would he adjust? Well, by bringing pressure on what Miami's biggest weakness had been up to that point, the OLine. On the first Tannehill sack, the blitzer came in untouched as McKinnie was doing his assignment and there was nobody else to block there. Surprise for the Coaches. Am I ahead of everybody down here knowing what Belichick was going to do? No, but it certainly appears so.

100% OSCAR! My venting does not seem to be helping! And Tree2691 Great point! I think Philbin called one of those instances a "ya know a bang bang play" Yeah bang bang you lost the game...

They are going to keep Philbin and Sherman for one more year is my guess. I'm so fed up with this team i want to vomit. The hope I had this year was like any other season, a huge turd with a cherry on top. Very deceiving....

Same ol same ol. Dolphins suck. They always suck. And they'll continue to suck. I'm over it all. Call me when they resemble something worth watching.


At this moment, hillbilly, we feel that any change is a good change.

I agree with Truth Matters.!!!!

Hire Mike mayock as GM and Mike Shula as HC and put togeter an awesome staff!!!! Get the billboards ready and the plane fueled up everyone!!!! ITS TIME, ROSS!!!

When things don't work out, yes PULL THE PLUG.

OK, I stated that the jury was out on Philbin and the coaching staff. I think it's coming in. He will probably get another season but it's time to cut ties with Sherman. But this season should, by all rights, seal Irelands fate. Best way to make that happen is for the fans to keep quiet about it. Ross's ego wont succumb to making a decision on Ireland based on fans wanting him to. If he thinks it's his idea, he may just wake up and do it. Ireland spent a boatload of money this offseason for ... this. Same crap, different season.

This was all foreseeable despite the smoke screen of a 3-0 start. Miami never should have won the Atlanta game, that was a fluke. And they very adeptly snatched defeat from the hands of victory in the Buffalo and NE game. They continue to blow chunks.

I cannot recall a Miami QB that makes it a tradition to fumble the football with the near game to game consistency that Tannehill has shown. Tannehill has no instinct for blindside pressure in the pocket. Real shame because he has shown an ability to make some pretty tough throws. Of course, he has also blown numerous chances, and to be fair, he has had some nice balls dropped. But it's the lack of pocket presence, and more specifically, the lack of instinct for "feeling" the blindside rusher that will forever be his big weakness and it has and will cost games. Ireland took this kid at #8 ...

I don't think I'm the only one who knew that, despite the 14 point halftime lead, Miami would lose this game. NE, which isn't near the team they were, is still much better than Miami, injuries and all. The coaching is miles better and has been for a long time. Miami is heading for another, typical 7-9 or 8-8 season. Mediocrity, at best, on display for yet another season. Leave it to the Dolphins to go against the odds and miss the playoffs after a 3-0 start.

Atleast I can take solice in the fact that I never drank the Dolphin Koolaide after this offseason nor after the 3-0 start for that matter. I was gullible enough to take a sip from the Tannehill Koolaide cup early on in the season. I purged myself of that 3 or 4 games ago. It's almost good to see the stands half empty at home games. Maybe that will finally send a message. But then again, it's probably just S. Florida apathy combined with the economy because the Hurricanes are undefeated and they can't fill the seat either.

Go Dolphins ... wooo-hooo

I feel Ireland is doing a wonderful job. I will see about a contract extension post haste.

Next stop...Cincinnati Bengals. Then San Diego who are vastly improved and then Carolina who are playing lights out!!!

We'll be staring at 3 and 6 before long. Thats when it should be lights out for Ireland Philbin and company.

If we can hire Mike Mayock (a draft guru) picking college players, and have high draft picks, he will turn this team around within a year. Him and a real coaching staff like Mike Shula and some real ringers for assistant coaches.

Lets all start clamoring for this, everyone!!!!
Everyone do your part. Hit these blogs very hard. Who's working on the signs???

Yes, Change.

Armando on Twitter "These garbage time sacks are not the issue."

The sacks THILL is taking are frequent and they are violent. I don't want to hear about 'garbage time sacks are not the issue." I get the two sacks he took in the last drive were not going to impact the end score. But what if he was injured?

For all of the fans calling for THILL's head today.....All I have to say is go sit behind this B.S. OLINE and take the hits this kid is taking each game. Go scramble for your life and see how it feels....every damn game!

This kid is suiting up every week.....giving all he has to win....running for his life all game, taking really violent hits (the blindside hit causing the fumble in QTR 2 as NASTY). This kid is running for first downs. He is throwing the ball to a $60mill receiver who is dropping balls that his his #11.

I get long time fans need a scape goat to feel better after these loses but it's completely unfair to make THILL that goat.

Here are a few ideas of the real scape goat and cause of these loses.

The OLINE coach. The offensive coordinator. I'd start there!

BTW....the refs yesterday should be shot or at least fired.

I'd go for shooting them.

you are right on Armando, but you did forget to mention the 3 bad calls yesterday if they don't happen I think we win the game and also, we dominated them in the first half and have beaten some good teams this year. So the talent is there but something is missing for sure. Ryan Tannehill looks great sometimes and then other times kind of looks like Chad Henne in the pocket, and another thing about him does he have the arm to go deep? That deep ball to Wallace Floated in the air a long time you can't do that in the NFL, also maybe they should try to get Hartline deep he has better hands and is fast, and lastly they should work on being a better run team and maybe use a lead blocker or at least some different formations it seems like they are in the same formation most of the time and this is not good to predictable single back shotgun formation. And one other thing the season is not lost yet, for the Dolphins there is still time to turn it around, but we do need better coaching and better QB play , the o line did play better for a while and we are better without Clabo, we just need to get on a run , and start against the Bengals Thursday night.

It is time to really simplify things on both sides of the ball and allow the playmakers to make plays. I believe that there are some potential playmakers on this roster, however it appears as though they are thinking too much as opposed to just playing. The money has these coaches believing if you aren't doing a bunch of useless movement pre-snap, then you aren't adjusting- please, just play football.

My problem is with the coaching,and the scheme.We have decent talent on both sides of the ball,but our coaching staff is costing us game after game.Has Sherman been fired yet?

when I first saw the schedule, I tought we would be 3-4 after 7 games (with losses to IND, NO, NE, ATL). Well, we are 3-4.

IM not upset, with every loss the eventual firing of Ireland creeps closer. If Ireland gets canned the season is not lost, I would consider that a major win on the season.

Armando's post asks the appropriate questions about Wallace and the absence of Jordan. But, yesterday's game had 2 important factors that are not being discussed enough. First, it is hard to overcome horrid officiating. Simms kept calling it "tough calls". I call it criminal. Criminal in the sense that int he first half their line could not contain us then MAGICALLY they stop us in the second half? Also, the "batted" ball was a terrible interpretation and a panicked pro Patriot call. The officials crippled our chances of maintaining ANY momentum while giving the Pats all of it. The second point is on the coaches for NOT reacting to challenges. I can't remember the specifics of the play but it was a 3rd down pass down the sidelined that LOOKED like we completed it. Simms even commented that it looked good. NO RED FLAG. Then the 3rd down BEFORE the Pats went for it on 4th (I believe this happened before the Batted ball call) the Dolphins Defense signaled that we got a fumble and it looked like Blaunt fumbled! NO RED FLAG. The game time decision making by this coaching staff deserves an F

Mistakes that got us there:

- resign Jeff Ireland
- sign one trick poney Mike Wallace (has now taken over from Jake Long as the league most overpaid player). The guy just cannot catch a balla that's not thrown on the numbers
- draft Jordan and not using him
- draft with high picks 2 CBs who are not even remotely close to contribute
- not taking care of the OL

Great article, unfortunately accurate.

I think the worst feeling that I am getting out of all of this is the realization that although he does some really cool things sometimes, Tannehill is lacking something fundamental that a QB has to have, that being good and quick judgement.

He looks like he is following a script that someone else has written and that he is too unsure of himself to make adjustments.

I disagree with one thing Armando said. The division isn't up for grabs the Pats will run away with the division like they have the past decade besides the fluke 2008 year.

This post by Mando pretty much sums it up. Tell us something we DON'T know.

We need Dashi's optimism to remind us again of how this team is on the right track and to keep our heads up high. Or Craig to remind us of how the younger players still need to develop.


There's a reason Philbin has never been a head coach at any level in his career and Ireland decides to hire this guy?? His mentor thinks he has Brett Farce or Rodgers as QB and wants to throw the ball 44 times. The simple solution to this is CLEAN HOUSE and give Cowher whatever he wants although he won't take this crap job

Jeff Ireland won't abandon this sinking ship, even though all of the Dolphins problems are the fault of others, notably the coaching staff and poor play from the current roster.

beating NE is hard enough. Beating NE when the ref give them three drive sustaining calls is impossible. Jimmy Wilson Non-PI, Patterson's non-holding, and Vernon's non-batting KILLED US. Not to mention the Pat's int on the sideline was a forward lateral.

I agree with Armando, especially regarding the coaching staff. In the last four weeks, we lost the the second half. The other teams' coaching staffs make adjustments and ours ... ? It's disappointing. I had high hopes that they could turn this team into a winner, but now I'm not sure they're capable. As a Dolphin fan who lives in New England, this one really hurts. And could we please throw Mike Wallace the ball? I'm sick of just watching him run wind sprints.

Q.B - D.Brees
R.B - R.Bush
F.B - V.Leach
W.R - W.Welker
W.R - B.Marshall
L.T - B.Albert


The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken shyt.

I am DONE with this team!! Millions of $$$$ for a receiver that is not involed with this offense. An O line that cannot pass protect, and a quarterback that fumbles the ball at least oncea game.
Season is done, maybe another 500 sesoan if we are lucky. Which means not a high draft pick in next years draft. Its time to get rid of the GM and the
offensive coordinator and maybe even the head coach.
Ths team is not built correctely, does not take advantage of the few weapons they do have. Poor spend of of money in the off sesaon.

... & lets stop blaming the Offensive Line!! Most of these sacks are on Tannehill. This kids just overwhelmed by NFL speed, its obvious !!

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