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Word of the day for the Dolphins: Regression.

BOSTON -- They led 17-3. They rushed for 156 yards and averaged 5-yards a carry. Tom Brady was less than mediocre, throwing for only 116 yards with one touchdown and one interception with a visibly swollen throwin hand. New England right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg and left the game, joining Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo, who are done for the season, and cornerback Aqib Talib, who didn't play.

And given all these advantages and perfect scenarios, the Dolphins still lost?

Yes, the Dolphins lost.

And that leads me to the word for today: Regression.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins collapsed and they are in full blown regression.

The Dolphins have regressed from the team they were last year at this time when they were getting better results with less talent.

The Dolphins have regressed from September when they were 3-0.

The Dolphins have regressed to the point they're arguably the worst team in the AFC East. That's right, Miami is in third place with a 3-4 record behind the Patriots and the Jets and just ahead of the Bills. But Miami has a division worst 0-2 record and they already lost to the last-place Bills.

How is any of that better than it was last year?

And amid all of this the Dolphins are borderline delusional.

"No, I don't feel like the season is starting to slip away because we have a great team," nickel back Jimmy Wilson said.

Is he serious?

Wilson went on to say the Dolphins need to win the next four games to make up for the last four consecutive losses. Well, the Dolphins are 2 1/2 games out of first place already and they're not getting stronger but they better start winning very soon if they want to salvage this season.

But how to do that when they're getting worse?

Ryan Tannehill is playing worse now than he played in September.

The talent level is getting worse with the loss of wide receiver Brandon Gibson for the season.

And the play-calling? It's getting worse. Consider that it's bad when offensive coordinator Mike Sherman abandons the running game when it isn't blowing the opponent away. On Sunday, he abandoned it when it was working! In a close game!

And now the players are noticing.

"It seemed like we were running the ball real well, we were effective," guard Richie Incognito said. "It was third and manageable; we were picking up big chunks on the ground. I think we got away from that in the second half. That is kind of where we kind of sputtered."

Tell me something ... why aren't Miami's rookies playing?

Why is Nolan Carroll playing -- and giving up a TD pass as soon as he enters the game -- but second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round pick Willie Davis are inactive? Well, either those kids are not very good (which is on the personnel department) or they are not being developed (which is on the coaching staff).

Why is first round pick Dion Jordan a part-time player but less talented, less upside Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby are playing more? I know Jordan is talented. It seems every time he's on the field, something good happens. But he's not really on the field all that much. How are coaches arriving at those decisions to play a better player less?Cluelessjoe

Why has Mike Wallace looked so ineffective? He came to the Dolphins as an accomplished deep threat. He came here without major issues about his hands. Now that he's with the Dolphins he cannot get deep and cannot hold on to the football? Sorry, I don't buy it's all on Wallace. The Dolphins blamed Brandon Marshall when he didn't produce as much in Miami as in Denver. Then Marshall went to Chicago and produced at a very high level again.

After a while it's not the player we should be looking at. It's the people charged with developing those players and the system those players are put in.

So where do we go from here?

Well, general manager Jeff Ireland needs to find a wide receiver because the Dolphins only have three on the roster and one on the practice squad.

Will he chase Hakeem Nicks? Josh Gordon? Justin Blackmon? Greg Jennings?

The trade deadline is Tuesday. Ireland addressed the desperate need for an offensive tackle by trading for Bryant McKinnie. And although the Dolphins gave up six sacks Sunday -- all in the second half -- four of those came when the Patriots figured out Sherman had no intention of running the football.Tannesack

The AFC East is still wide open, because the Patriots seem vulnerable despite their 6-2 record. The team has multiple injured players, including Brady who nonethless denied his swollen throwing hand was swollen. 

Unfortunately, the Dolphins don't currently have the feel of a team that is ready to turn things around. Sometimes they start poorly. Sometimes they finish poorly. Sometimes they can't run. Sometimes they give up on the run even when they're running well. Wide receivers don't get open quickly, or don't get open deep, or drop too many passes.

The defense that was supposed to make more game-defining plays doesn't. 

And Tannehill fumbles or throws the interceptions or shows little pocket or situational awareness -- particularly lately.

There's a word for all of that: Regression.


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Ryan Tannehill = Another Irescum bust

Can we just agree that none of this is Jeff Ireland's fault? He is just a nice red-haired guy with a family. Steven Ross loves him, Let's just all agree that it is Bill Parcell's fault and move on.

Simplify and let the playmakers make plays. HAHAHAAA! What playmakers? This wr core is still terrible. Now u subtract Gibson and how to throw the ball around and make chunk yardage plays in the passing game featuring Hartline. Season has ended...Fins will be lucky to win 2 more games.

Hey, where are my fellow Jeff Ireland apologists? We have a lot of damage control to do today. I need your help!

memo to ireland: giving huge contracts to players doesnt ensure a winning team. we now possess a 60 million dollar decoy and LB's who cant cover.

Philbin is losing the respect of the players a la Cam Cameron. Another bad hire by Ross/Ireland.

Tucci...you clearly are not watching the games. THILL gets blown up 3 or 4 times yesterday by completely unblocked blitzes. Including the second QTR blind side crushing sack that you, your father, your brothers and ever friend you have would have fumbled as well.

It's on the OLINE, the OLINE coach and the Offensive coordinator who can't apparently stop a blitzing defense.

Open your eyes!!!


Time to move on

Funny how no one complains about the OL when Matt Moore plays.

IRA @ 8:20

There is still plenty of blame to throw Henne's way.

For All those blaming THILL….Go ahead keep whining about THILL but watch the games and you will see it's not on him. Unlike Henne, this kids leaves the fins and joins a well coached offense and you will see him in the playoffs most years....Guaranteed!

First Half: THILL 11/18 72 YDS and 2 TD's. He looked great!No sacks and he was not rushed much at all. Defense creates an INT and THILL drives them for an immediate score. Getting solid pressure on Brady. The D is making the PATS look bad. Good team effort.

Third Quarter: First series and Pats looked pathetic. Odrick gets his second sack...crushes Brady (love to see that). THILL hits several players for several first downs. Ball on PATs 27 yard line. 2nd and 2 empty backfield (WHY????). pass to Wallace was behind him and hits his hands on 3 yard line. Drop. 3rd and 2...Sack THILL...untouched blitzing LB. THILL had NO Chance at all. Sturgis misses kick into the wind...hits the upright. Bad miss that is on Sturgis. But...OK team is up 14 at this point. That drive was stalled because we couldn't get 2 yards on 2nd or 3rd down. No runs. both passes. Remarkable given how successful the running game was so far in the game. I put that on Sherman. Not on any player. You have a 14 point lead, on their 19 yard line with 2 yards to go and it's only second down. You call two passes???

That is where the game gets ugly. First Pat's play is a run up the middle for +20 yds and Wheeler totally misses tackle. Patterson gets hurt on next play and has to come out. This guy is always hurt. Big pass over Reshad Jones. He cant cover one on one. You can feel tides changing. Hurry up offense is killing them. Nolan Carroll looks like a girl getting used and allows first TD. Bad secondary play as Patterson has to go out with the injury.
OK...still up by 7. Miami should not panic. But they do. After touch back they have the ball at their own 20 yard line. Ok...just run the ball and stay with the program. Keep the ball out of Brady's hands. Grind the clock and allow your defense to catch their breath. First down run for 2. 2nd and 8 from your own 22....Sherman decides to go deep to Wallace and as THILL waits for the play to develop THILL gets hit from his blind side from a unblocked blitzing CB. Nobody blocks him. Mickinee blocked nobody. Second sack....both from unblocked Pats...THILL had no chance. Why are they passing there? Sherman knows the blocking has been suspect all year. They have the lead and you have to give your Defense some rest. Horrible play call.Pats get ball at 13. 2nd and 7....Wilson blows coverage. First down at 3. Run left on no huddle and Defense can't stop them. Tied game!!!

The lead is lost, all momentum is on the PAT's side. This debacle has nothing to do with THILL.

Add the bad calls from the refs, 3-4 more sacks due to unchallenged blitzers, the abandonment of the running game and you take a tied game to a loss by 10 points.


It was a foregone conclusion that...
Kolb belonged in AZ
Cassell belonged in KC
Flynn belonged in Sea
Wallace belonged in Mia

Who is deciding this stuff in advance? John Clayton?

Matt Moore is a joke who will never start in this league because all NFL talent evaluators know just that. He is thrilled that Ireland over paid him to sit the sidelines. He is thrilled he doesn't have to play behind this OLINE and have his brains scrambled by untouched blitzing defenders.

Why is the offense bringing out the shotgun formation all the time. Third and long I understand but first down when the running game is working in a close game. And since the opposing D knows a pass play is coming so they'll send the pressure to RT17.

Great article, Armando. Definitely a pattern here with each loss. Run the ball well, stay competitive or even take the lead. Abandon the run, then get sacked/fumble/int.

Philbin seems to have an asinine philosophy that rookies shouldn't play. It's either that or the rookies suck. Both scenarios scream incompetence.

Wallace should be cut, traded or benched, but there are only three active receivers on the roster. WTF is that?

At the minimum, Sherman should be fired immediately. Then if no improvement is made throughout the remainder of the season, everyone should be fired, starting with Jeff Ireland.

Cincy will sack Tannehill at least 6 times on Thursday. 4 turnovers? Another loss...

ETF, at 8:21. Absolutely, let's blame Tannehill. Let's say Parcells selected him, or something like that. Ireland fans need to stick together!

Jeez Jpao, did you save that post from last night to keep reposting? On the blitzes don't you think the QB needs to point out the blitzes to the OL cause I sure didn't see him point out the blitzer that came from the left side. Secondly how can anyone even blame McKinney he's new so the QB needs to see that!

Are we all forgetting the pick 6 Tanne threw right into the Pats DB who droppe it?
I guess we need to get rid of Sherman and Philbin to give the kid another chances with some better coaching but I just don't see it with this kid

The Tannehill experiment is over. He sux bad.

Here's what Ireland is likely to do about a receiver, he'll look at a couple vets not on rosters, he'll deem them not good enough, and then play Binns or Matthews the rest of the year who will proceed to produce almost nothing. Then he'll go into the draft next year draft a receiver in the third round that will hang around on the roster for the next three to four years while getting extremely limited playing time.

I blame Ireland for everything. He has created this culture, he has had the majority of input on choosing the coaching staff, he assembled this team, and he is a cancer to this organization. And if the Dolphins end up with a losing season this year it will be the most consecutive losing seasons in team history.

I still doubt he gets fired this year or next.

ETF, Oh you said Henne not Tanne. These guys are so similar that I confuse them! Sorry!

I;ve never seen a pro QB worse than Tannehill.

Its no wonder Wallace hates TanneBust...

Good article.

I am less concerned about the offense, however, than the defense. They looked tired by the third quarter.

The interesting penalties did not help, however with the talent on that defense I'd expect better. During the off-season they spent a bit on defense.

And Wallace isn't Wallace cause Tannehill isn't Ben Rothlesberger. But Cam Wake isn't Cam Wake. And the third round pick isn't producing like a third round pick.

I truly believe a team can win consistently with a great defense and mediocre offense. Miami appears mediocre across the board.

IRA @ 8:37

When Henne's WRs were Camarillo and Ginn there was no talk of a lack of playmakers.

When the D gave up the lead in the 4th qtr, week after week, there was no talk of a lack of playmakers.

When Columbus and Olshansky were signed off the street and immediately moved to the top of the depth chart there was no talk of lack of playmakers.

Henne took the blame for all that shht, never complained, and never made more than $1mil/season in Miami.


I watched the Ohio State game Saturday. Their second string quarterback is much better than Tannehill, and he is a senior. I'll bet Jeff Ireland is spending long hours evaluating him and others of the the upcoming draft class. We should have some really high picks!

IRA @ 8:37


I have never seen Henne fumble, either as the 4 year starter at Mich or on either crap team he's played for in the NFL.

I don't know if anybody can defend it but that hurry-up O of Ne really killed us in the 4th QT. They were running at will.

3-5 in 3 days.


Miami appears mediocre across the board.

Posted by: ajdczar | October 28, 2013 at 08:41 AM

If these scrubs were ever mediocre they'd throw a parade. 5 consecutive losing seasons is NOT mediocre.

ETF, the similarity is that both shrink on the big stage, in pressure situations.
I agree with you about fumbles, though. Tanne has Henne beat on those.

There is nothing wrong with the Dolphins that a franchise QB wouldnt fix.

Fins still looking for a QB. Until they find one, this is what you'll get.

Certainly looks we're on the way to another losing Season.

Many talk of how Ireland did better drafting once he was out from under FATuna'a watchful eye. Is that because many of his picks are still with the team? Because they aren't any improvement & it doesn't take much of a player to stick on bad football teams.
2011 - Mike Pouncey (overrated but solid) - the rest...?
2012 - Much ado about basically NOTHING!...with Turnohill leading the set back another 3-4 years
2013 - None of these kids can even get on the field for a bad team!

poor tfumble, he looked like a lost boyscout in the woods,

Well, folks, I arrived at this "lousy" stage before week one. Mondo the Dolphins are playing the same now as the first three week win streak, they're just not as lucky as the first three weeks. WHY, did Ross hire Philpin is anyones quess, I only know the Fish are rutter-less, untalented. Why trade two high picks to get into the top of the draft, #3 and not play that draft pick on every down? #1 picks should play NOW, and not have to be developed. I use to coach Pop Warner and was pretty good. I could do a better job then Uncle Joe,,,,I won't comment on Sherman cause he's just not worth the effort, or typing space. I mentioned after the third game the Dolphins were going on a 13 game losing streak and have not changed my mind. They don't believe they can win cause their coach doesn't believe they can win. Philpin is not a talent evaluator and neither is Sherman. Ireland? forget it. Philins job with the Packers was to suggest plays to the head coach who called the plays, he was not an O.C. Maybe Sherman should be the head coach and Philbin suggest plays to him. I feel sorry for the players who some are very good but they're not put into a position to make plays. Look at Wallace he knows he's just spinning his wheels in Miami, look for him to be traded to a good offensive team and he'll make it better. And Ross should sale the team to someone who knows what he's doing. Philbin is in denial and Tannehill is not the franchise QB,,,so whats new?

ross u puke,stop wasting the real phanz $$$$$,do something,no po's 'till 2021. fax jax.
go miami heat.

3-4 but 0-2 in conference. YIKES!

P/S, Joe Philbin, "We'll fix it".

Since Parcells left we can now see the true genius of Jeff Ireland. TOO FUNNY!!

If Philbin goes then Ireland has to as well. Because otherwise nobody will even want to interview for the job let alone take it and this team will be lucky to get a new coach with enough mental capacity to dress and feed himself.

IRA @ 8:46

Once again I disagree, examples:
Freshman: Henne sets Rose Bowl record for TD passes with 4
Senior: Henne beats Tebow in Orange Bowl and wins MVP
2009: In his 2nd start, on MNF, Henne throws bomb to Ginn as time expires to win game and end the era of BACKDOOR football
2011: MNF, 1st game of season after lockout running Daboll offense for the 1st time Henne throws for 450yds and sets the NFL record for combined most passing yards in a game with Brady.

That's 2 BCS bowls and 2 MNF games; 4 examples of Henne in Nat'l spotlight when he didn't fold.
You tell me the times in Nat'l spotlight that he did fold. And tell me when Tanne was in Nat'l spotlight and didn't fold.

Word at Dolphins HQ is that Jeff Ireland showed up on time this morning and said these words, "Let's get to work." Inspiring words from a great leader.

ETF, I was in the horseshoe a few years ago and watched him fold up close and personal.

Like I said before

"We will fix it." Bob the Builder

Regression < lack of progress. Buffalo game was beginning of the end for Philbin, Sherman et al. Anything less than 8-8 (progress) Ireland might be gone too. Ross CLEARLY said he 'expects improvement'.

IRA @ 9:02

As I recall he put up 30-40 points in all 4 OSU games.
All 4 were nationally televised.
Had he also played defense the outcome would have been different.

The dolphins have a WR trying to play QB. They have have an idiot trying to play GM and a fool trying to play owner. These are not characteristics of a successful team.

Come on mando the fix was obvious. The calls against us and the non call on Wallace for hitting a defenseless receiver, were ridiculous. Tha rishard Matthews catch which dumbo should have challenged. You can't win when the officials conspire. The phantom flags that got picked up? Vegas wanted them to cover.

Dolphins are beating themselves. Been that way for the lastthree weeks now.

How is it that the OL gives up SIX sack yesterday nd Armando doesn't even mention it? Against that oh so scary New England pass rush. Ridiculous! Could it be because Clabo everybody's favourite whipping boy didn't play yesterday? Seriously, where's all the comments blasting the line yesterday? Not a word.....

Tannehill is still coughing the ball up way too much. I'd like to hear again how it's not his fault. I'd give him thisweek against Cinci and if its more of the same then he needs to sit. What's to lose? Season is done.

2nd and 2 in early 3rd quarter ball somewhere around the NE 30 and Sherman decides to thrown on 2nd down (Wallace drop) and then again on 3rd down (sack) then the missed FG. AWFUL coaching! RUN THE DAMN BALL! with at 17-3 lead, keep Brady on the bench. RUN THE DAMN BALL! This whole regime needs to be FIRED!

Bench Wallace for Matthews, use Thigpen as a RB and also line him up at WR he should be getting at least 10 targets a game he's our Danny Woodhead but our coaches just can't find ways to get him the ball? seriously? And hit the Claymaker more often dude is usually money. This offense is a joke just like the Defense, wasted talent & poor coaching. You can point the finger at Tannehill all you want but the In reality the dude should have been sitting on the bench for a few years like Aaron Rodgers. Moore should had been the guy last year we may have even made the playoffs with Matt. Now we can't throw Moore in so T-Hill is just gonna have to preform or he's gone in a year or 2, these fans are too impatient and are tired of "rebuilding".

What you. Want to bet the pats db gets fined on that hit on Wallace that would have sustained the drive on the sturgis fog miss. Congress needs to investigate goodell and Vegas style officiating. The nba did it. Don't think the nfl isn't dirty either. Hockey is my new sport. Good bye nfl till you clean up your act.

Before I actually get into discussing an obvious team regression that now includes the QB (most unfortunately) - let me say this. The NFL should be very ashamed of themselves for the obvious Tom Brady and NEW England favouritsm it's always shown. In past year because the team was a good team, I kind of just accepted it. But what they did yesterday was straight out of the Wrestlemania II script. Three phantom calls that extended Patriot drives were akin to giving the Pats three more turnovers and 13 points they didn't deserve with their play.

The calls on patterson for Holding when the patriot WR trips over his own feet and the pass interference on Jimmy Wilson when he didn't even contact or shield the defensive player were just downright negligent.

Now to the Vernon call. This is the biggest perversion of the NFL rulebook since the tuck call against the Raiders. Now explain to me why when a DL when forced with recovering a fumble and possibly turning the game around would intentionally punch the ball to keep it alive in that scenario. Also explain to why when that was his intent, why would not use a closed fist to do it and why wouldn't he just punch his arm straight ahead instead of using a clockwise sweeping motion to do so???

Now I know the Dolphins are not a good team but constant lack of respect they get is also downright appalling. We saw the same thing happen in the Baltimore game on those two phantom pass interference calls to give Baltimore and easy TD.

I guess there is just too much money involved in the playoffs to not have the Ravens and the Pats sitting on the sidelines. I could give no other reasonable explanation as to why these things would happen.

Now I know the Dolphins played badly on offense but incase nobody was watching the Pats were equally as bad. if the refs gave Miami three penalties that were very unearned you tell me how the Pats would've won that game, they would not have.

Tannehill's lack of performance if it continues will be the nail in Ireland's coffin.

Also maybe include the fact the Fins will never get a call from the REFS... I counted 4 bad calls by the refs in that game that directly helped the Pats. It was one of the worst officiated games i have seen... That along with the horrible coaching killed us.

I thought one of the worst plays of the game was ,No Balls, Joe, not challenging the catch that Rishard Mathews had along the sideline when the refs called him out, of course CBS (aka PTN-Pats Television Network) only showed one angle of the play but that was the game changing play that should have been challenged

Chad henne @ 8:41, go back to your jax blog site. Nobody cares about you here anymore...

Even Rizzi's STs, which I consider consistently pretty good, failed. I try to reason before entering into any conspiracy theory, but was the fix on, on all sides? WTF?

Said what WE were thinkng Armando!

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