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Word of the day for the Dolphins: Regression.

BOSTON -- They led 17-3. They rushed for 156 yards and averaged 5-yards a carry. Tom Brady was less than mediocre, throwing for only 116 yards with one touchdown and one interception with a visibly swollen throwin hand. New England right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg and left the game, joining Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo, who are done for the season, and cornerback Aqib Talib, who didn't play.

And given all these advantages and perfect scenarios, the Dolphins still lost?

Yes, the Dolphins lost.

And that leads me to the word for today: Regression.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins collapsed and they are in full blown regression.

The Dolphins have regressed from the team they were last year at this time when they were getting better results with less talent.

The Dolphins have regressed from September when they were 3-0.

The Dolphins have regressed to the point they're arguably the worst team in the AFC East. That's right, Miami is in third place with a 3-4 record behind the Patriots and the Jets and just ahead of the Bills. But Miami has a division worst 0-2 record and they already lost to the last-place Bills.

How is any of that better than it was last year?

And amid all of this the Dolphins are borderline delusional.

"No, I don't feel like the season is starting to slip away because we have a great team," nickel back Jimmy Wilson said.

Is he serious?

Wilson went on to say the Dolphins need to win the next four games to make up for the last four consecutive losses. Well, the Dolphins are 2 1/2 games out of first place already and they're not getting stronger but they better start winning very soon if they want to salvage this season.

But how to do that when they're getting worse?

Ryan Tannehill is playing worse now than he played in September.

The talent level is getting worse with the loss of wide receiver Brandon Gibson for the season.

And the play-calling? It's getting worse. Consider that it's bad when offensive coordinator Mike Sherman abandons the running game when it isn't blowing the opponent away. On Sunday, he abandoned it when it was working! In a close game!

And now the players are noticing.

"It seemed like we were running the ball real well, we were effective," guard Richie Incognito said. "It was third and manageable; we were picking up big chunks on the ground. I think we got away from that in the second half. That is kind of where we kind of sputtered."

Tell me something ... why aren't Miami's rookies playing?

Why is Nolan Carroll playing -- and giving up a TD pass as soon as he enters the game -- but second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round pick Willie Davis are inactive? Well, either those kids are not very good (which is on the personnel department) or they are not being developed (which is on the coaching staff).

Why is first round pick Dion Jordan a part-time player but less talented, less upside Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby are playing more? I know Jordan is talented. It seems every time he's on the field, something good happens. But he's not really on the field all that much. How are coaches arriving at those decisions to play a better player less?Cluelessjoe

Why has Mike Wallace looked so ineffective? He came to the Dolphins as an accomplished deep threat. He came here without major issues about his hands. Now that he's with the Dolphins he cannot get deep and cannot hold on to the football? Sorry, I don't buy it's all on Wallace. The Dolphins blamed Brandon Marshall when he didn't produce as much in Miami as in Denver. Then Marshall went to Chicago and produced at a very high level again.

After a while it's not the player we should be looking at. It's the people charged with developing those players and the system those players are put in.

So where do we go from here?

Well, general manager Jeff Ireland needs to find a wide receiver because the Dolphins only have three on the roster and one on the practice squad.

Will he chase Hakeem Nicks? Josh Gordon? Justin Blackmon? Greg Jennings?

The trade deadline is Tuesday. Ireland addressed the desperate need for an offensive tackle by trading for Bryant McKinnie. And although the Dolphins gave up six sacks Sunday -- all in the second half -- four of those came when the Patriots figured out Sherman had no intention of running the football.Tannesack

The AFC East is still wide open, because the Patriots seem vulnerable despite their 6-2 record. The team has multiple injured players, including Brady who nonethless denied his swollen throwing hand was swollen. 

Unfortunately, the Dolphins don't currently have the feel of a team that is ready to turn things around. Sometimes they start poorly. Sometimes they finish poorly. Sometimes they can't run. Sometimes they give up on the run even when they're running well. Wide receivers don't get open quickly, or don't get open deep, or drop too many passes.

The defense that was supposed to make more game-defining plays doesn't. 

And Tannehill fumbles or throws the interceptions or shows little pocket or situational awareness -- particularly lately.

There's a word for all of that: Regression.


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Armando, Ireland will do nothing rational. He is a loser who can not project NFL talent. How bad can a Taylor be. He was a 2nd rounder but he was drafted by Ireland so who knows what he is. The QB in the NFL is the highest paid player because everything can evolve around him. If he fumbles and gets intercepted to often giving the other team points he needs to be replaced. If the OL looks really really bad because the QB is holding the ball to long or can not read when the blitz package is coming and know where to go with the ball; HE NEEDS TO BE REPLACED. Moore is paid a lot of money as a back up because he has shown ability to win. He needs to be used now.

ahhhh...at least hockey is here

We should consider punting on 3rd & long instead of putting Tannehill in shotgun to get clobbered.

Where are those numbnutter Ireland supporters now? We can blame the coaches. They are questionable in many areas but, the biggest issue is the players stink.

Where is this years draft class? None of them play except Jordan and he is NOT being utilized enough & our 7th Rounder on ST.

Whether you factor in the players being the issue or the coaches, THEY ARE ALL ASSEMBLED BY THE FORMER BALL BOY.

There is ONE common demoninator over the last 5-6 losing seasons. JEFF IRELAND. PLEASE do NOT allow him to make any more trades, FA signings or draft picks.


WAKE UP FAN BASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AS a 48 year old fan who has lived and died with the Fins since 1974 (too young to remember winning the SB)living in Steelers and Eagles country, I'm guilty of drinking the kool aid this season. After a 3-0 start I was out buying clothing with the new logo and talking playoffs. Now cold hard reality has sunk in and every Sunday I almost stroke out watching this team find new ways to choke. Don't tell me I'm not a loyal fan, I live and die with this team, ask my wife, she dreads football season because she hears it every year in this order: The Dolphins are going to be good this year! The Dolphins suck! Take all my Dolphins crap and pack it away, I'm never wearing it again! I'm just really tired and quickly becoming apathetic which spells doom for ownership because then no one cares anymore.


Time to move on

Posted by: ExposingTheFraud | October 28, 2013 at 08:29 AM

WOW, how original you are.

Get a life, Nancy! No one cares about your recycled rhetorical lines every day.

Ireland isn't going anywhere. He cemented his place in Ross's rear with the Harbaugh joke

Was watching the game in a room full of Pats fans. First half was actually quite enjoyable and the beers went down smooth.
As soon as they abandoned the run in the 3rd quarter on Pats fan took immediate notice. "why' he asked are they throwing the ball?
The missed FG, (caused by another Tannehill sack) immediate TD by Pats, then Tannehill fumble was mocked by all in the room.

Being behind, they needed to pass and we all know the result.

Even my wife how knows little about football says: "he hold onto the ball too long" and "Why does he go down so easily in the pocket"?

There you have it...my wife says Tannehill does not look like a starting QB from here viewpoint...

...and that just about sums up my feelings on the future prospects for this team so long as Tannehill is under center.

And another thing nobody talks about ... two plays before that Sturgis missed field goal. Tannehill throws a pass that hits #11 in both hands (admittedly a little behind) but the guy still has both hands on it, is all alone, and drops the ball that would've been a touchdown or at worst first and goal from the 2. Horrible. This guy sucks bad.

Yes, promichael, replace Tannehill.

You're right Oscar, special teams dropped a lot of points yesterday ... at least six between Sturgis missed goal, the block. And what was with Thigpen's run backs putting us at the 12 yard line twice??

Organization is in shambles, ownership extends a contract of a GM who has not made a solid 2nd to 7th round in since he was signed. OC running college schemes at the NFL level. O -Line coach has no clue what he is doing. DC giving up huge gains on a regular basis and has no ability to develop talent. They don't need to rebuild, they need a new coaching staff, QB and GM. Look at KC... we have more talent, we just don't know how to use it. Trade Tanny for a pick he is worth more than Moore, Trade Solia and Starks so you at least get a pick for them as they are gone for they can see the ship has sunk. Stockpile picks and trade up in the draft for a QB. We should finish 5-11 and get the 6th pick overall, other than Jacksonville nobody else should be looking for a QB. In a couple of years we will be ok.

wow that was pretty pathetic to watch. Good teams just find a way to win and sorry teams just find a way to lose. To watch a team just absolutely lose their confidence and crumble like that was disheartening. While watching the first half I was thinking about how I was gonna post what a great job Sherman did this game. Too bad it was only for a half. Im usually the guy that says continuity is the key but I have now decided the fins need to clean house again. New GM new coaching staff. This team has talent. They have adopted the coaches personality which is obviously a bunch of no hearted losers. You don't get rid of guys just because they aren't your kinda guys. Your job as coach is to work with them and get it right. Stephen Ross go get Gruden. Be a winner and make it happen!

Yes..The Dolphins are what I thought they would be this year..a 7 to 9 win mediocre team that can build over the next 3 years..but this game yesterday was decided mainly by the ridiculous calls by the refs..It's like someone from the league wanted the Patriots to win..made me sick..turned it off..Didn't anyone else notice the 3 HORRIFIC calls to lead to 17 points?..those get called correctly and Fins probably win ...but this coachin staff is the worst I can recall since becoming a fan in the late 70's..I miss Shula and Arnsparger..get rid of these idiots!

I can't believe out of 9 draft picks, only 3 are even playing.

Dion Jordan barely touches the field (#3 OVERALL!!!!)

2nd and 3rd round corners, Taylor and Davis, aren't even active (All you need to know about this is that Nolan Carroll plays instead of them, they must be absolutely worthless)

Dallas Thomas can't get on the field even with the worst OL in the league (He must really be bad)


Jelani Jenkins (Special teamer for life)

Gillislee (Will be cut in the offseason)

Sturgis (Was good, now bad)

Don Jones (Special teamer for life)

Pathetic selections by the worst GM in football, Mr. Jeff "I got contract extensions like they are candy on Halloween" Ireland.

Pa, I feel you. Luckily, while like you I drank the Kool-Aid, I learned from the past decade and decided before the Season never to buy any more Dolphins gear until they had 2 consecutive + .500 Seasons. Looks like at this rate I may never buy any more Dolphins gear again.

I said last year that it felt better (losing) because we were at least losing different. Well, I take that back this year. Feels like the same 'ole mediocre Dolphins. Not getting enough out of their talent. Coaches not doing enough to keep up with opposing coaching staffs. Players not executing when it counts. Too many mistakes, too many games lost that were seemingly won, too many excuses and ho-hum attitude from coaches ("we will fix this").

And most importantly, questions at the most important position on the team. I said this 10 years ago, 9, 8, 7, etc. Every year but last year, but my suggestion is to draft a QB every year until you hit on a winner. That's the only thing I can see turning this team around, is hitting on a player that is a gamer and a winner. Not a 1/2 time player, not someone with "potential" you need to develop, not someone who can "make all the throws", not a "prototypical" player, not a guy with "tons of upside", but a bonefied W-I-N-N-E-R! Until we have that, we won't ever get to where we need to go. And Ryan Tannehill is building a case that he is not our answer to the QB position. Like Henne (queue the "TanneHenne" birds chirping) Tannehill's most striking characteristic in 2 years is his inconsistency and inability to put in 60 minutes of mistake-free work. Or performing under pressure. Or even feeling pressure.

Looks like we made a HUGE mistake letting Alex Smith walk. That's EXACTLY what we need. Just like Chad Pennington. A gamer that does nothing wrong and that's what he does exactly right. At this point, I'd LOVE a game manager.


I agree with your wife Tannehill is not a starting QB.

Really puzzling to me how few of the rookies are actually playing. I mean was Philbin also not part of the draft evaluation process? Is he trying to get Ireland fired? I don't get how Davis and Taylor are good enough to dress and yet Carroll gets significant playing time. Where's Jordan this whole time? Team draft Dallas Thomas third round and never dresses. Signs Danny Wadtkins and he never dresses. Egnew, third round.....never plays. Last year they did the same with WRs that Ireland signed.

Its appears very evident that there's a split between the GM and the coaching staff. I don't see it lasting beyond this season.

fired philbin and ireland and entired coaching staff we suck now pretty much.

Here is one simple tweek we should consider:
Tannehill will be David Carr in no time if this nonsense doesn't stop. The OL troubles has affected his play BiGTIME. I know his pocket awareness sucks, but the sacks and worrying about the pass rush are slowly destroying him, short term and long term.
I truly believe he needs to sit a few games and get his head right. Let Matt Moore take on the role as teacher (sub). Let Tanny watch a few games from the sidelines and LEARN!
Did anybody notice the 4 second Matt Moore camera shot at the end of the game? He looked hungry to play. Say what you want about Moore, but I do appreciate the passion in his game. We need that right now. A LEADER to try and spark life in this lifeless team. I'm in no way saying Moore is the answer, but we need his leadership right now.
You want to see a passionate leader? Watch Stafford in the last 1:00 of Detroit/Dallas game.
Man I wish we had that.......Moore has that , but not as talented.

Can we just agree that none of this is Jeff Ireland's fault? He is just a nice red-haired guy with a family. Steven Ross loves him, Let's just all agree that it is Bill Parcell's fault and move on.

Posted by: Ireland's Republican Army
Well your right it's Bill's fault; He hired the acorn moron named Jeff Ireland

This is a bad team all the way around from GM, coaching staff, prospects and uniforms see you in the 2014 DRAFT "I'm done for the year"

Its appears very evident that there's a split between the GM and the coaching staff. I don't see it lasting beyond this season.

Posted by: Craig M | October 28, 2013 at 09:41 AM

What you're seeing is that the Gm you have so staunchly defended the last 6 years is the steaming pile of cow flop most of us know him to be.

It's homer fans like you who buy everything the orginazation does hook line & sinker who can't see what Ray Charles can see.

Ireland IS the problem. He's been here for 6 years & the results are ALWAYS the same. Coaches & players come & go but, Irland has remained as has our futility.


Its appears very evident that there's a split between the GM and the coaching staff. I don't see it lasting beyond this season.

Posted by: Craig M

I agree!

@ mark in Toronto, yes that Wallace play should have been caught but then a pats db who sees the drop plows Wallace helmet to helmet. No freaking call. The nfl changed that rule to protect players, however I'm not in agreement with the rule. But it just gives officials a way to change the outcome of games by calling it or in our case not....if that was rashad jones hitting gronk in the same manner that would have been called.


Anyone seriously think we'll win Thursday night? This thing is becoming a joke. Wheels have fallen off and no one knows how to 'fix it'.

I'll sat it again....Tannehill needs to sit. Its not about blaming him or thinking that Moore's better, it's about changing thingsup. It isn't working as it is.

Any change right now is a welcomed change.

Craig M,

What would you do about the disconnect with Ireland and Philbin? I know what I would do....

tain't. boooooooooooooooooooo on halloween

Craig, obviously Jordan can play. he's made big time plays with his limited time and even yesterday, was I the only one that saw how he blanketed Gronkowski down the field?? Guy also made the play that led to a pick 6 against Baltimore and made the pressure that got Matt Ryan intercepted (which doesn't happen a lot). he also beat Joe Thomas clean.

yet all i see is Derrick Shelby at DE and Koa Misi at OLB who despite being a high effort player hasn't made a play of significance since 2009.

Now how does he not play most of the game when this guy can erase TEs, rush the passer and create turnovers?

This is on Coyle who I think is bigger waste of talent than Sherman. Davis was getting INTs every day in practice in the summer ... now he's not better than Jimmy Wilson? Jamar Taylor, I'm obviously biased towards because I thought he was the best CB prospect in the draft. I think if he was getting regular reps up till now, there is no way he wouldn't have passed Carroll on the depth chart.

This coaching staff rather sink slowly with the same guys who weren't good enough before because they at least can slow down the other team's offense once in a blue moon than let the young guys take their lumps for future gains.

Now that Tannehill is regressing this season looks totally lost....

I'm not off the bandwagon yet but if they can't beat Cincy this Thursday, all talk of success this season is done..

And I don't want to see Matt Moore out there. If Tannehill is truly not good enough then let him sink. let him sink the entire season so we can move up the draft. The last thing I want to see is Matt Moore come in and when meaningless games at the end of the year that only accomplish moving us out of range from drafting the Sammy Watkins of the world.

4 game skid
hey homers how's that skid in ya'll drawers from that dank kool-aid ya'll were drink'n huh?

I'll sat it again....Tannehill needs to sit. Its not about blaming him or thinking that Moore's better, it's about changing thingsup. It isn't working as it is.

Posted by: Craig M | October 28, 2013 at 09:50 AM

You are friggin OBNOXIUOUS!

Why do you feel the need to repeat yourself over n over n over n over? Do you feel you're somehow important or something?

BTW knuckleduster, you said earlier than Tanny should get 1 more start. So, you're actually not saying anything again, you're saying something totally different.


mark, i've been tellin' ya'll they sux since aug.
u ain't listen.

We played well enough to win. What was the Vegas line yesterday. I'll bet the officials knew.

NFL Speed?????? You have a college coach calling plays!! Coaching Staff and GM have to go!!!

Lol after watching the past 4 games your worried about missing out on Sammy Watkins??? You're worse than Ireland. We obviously need oline/linebacker help more than anything.

Donald @ 9:49. That game was a fix yesterday. yes the Dolphins were bad but so were the Pats. That was the NFL's way of deflecting the Pats' organaizations fire from the previous week against the Jets.

Anyone notice Robert Kraft sits on the competition committee and has for a long time???

And since the Dolphins are a team without prescence in the NFl, they make for an easy lamb to sacrrifice to the Pats altar. We have no visible fan base, no strong person in a position of authority .. no way of making life hard for Roger Godell.

slam, I said Sammy Watkins of the world, i.e game changing high end players...

News Flash "Mark in Toronto" Tannehill has already SANK! Change QB's please. Even if we lost the rest of our games this GM will not draft the proper player

Has any other player committed a Turunover this season except for Tannehill?

hey ya'll the games a sell out on thurs. nite but you won't see the seats filled up 'cuz everybody will be wearing a ghost outfit for halloween

You know whats the worst part of yesterdays game? Tannehill actually played better than Brady and we still lost!

This loss is pure and simple on play calling. 2nd and 2 on the 17 after we have run the ball down the Patriot's throats that drive... Empty backfield so you can't even play fake on both 2nd and 3rd down. Give me a break!!!

I'm not sure about the Ireland-Philbin rift, I have smelled something like that. But if it is so, Ross has to put and end to it immediately, no matter who is right or wrong, for too often that's the kiss of Death for many Teams in the NFL.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 28, 2013 at 09:59 AM

Mark, said this yesterday, and don't want to let the team off the hook for their part in it, but the refs really gave that game to the Pats. Even the announcers were bewildered. Absolutely ZERO evidence of PI on Wilson (Simms even said it, the ref who made the call couldn't even see the whole play). The batted ball is the only one I "kinda, sorta" could see, but even that, there's not much evidence to say he wasn't trying to go for the ball (he was diving, I've seen batted balls in that situation countless times). Some crazy holding penalty on Patterson (on the OTHER SIDE OF THE FIELD FROM THE PLAY) WITHIN the 5 yard area where you can touch the receiver was a total joke. Then the no-call offensive PI on Patterson. Completely inexcusable. Will the Dolphins make a big deal about it, of course not. Will Philbin excoriate the officiating, of course not. It's ho-hum Philbin, no emotion, no life.

Hard to swallow but it's true
Imagine this team with out Gibson and Pouncey ( join Hernandez )

dc, u haven't listened 2 me since 2004

few writers were for keeping reggie bush, who clearly didnt need an oline to get yards like miller does.

slam, disagree. Don't look at stats, look at WHEN each player played well. Brady fed off the momentum and played well WHEN IT COUNTED. Tannehill broke under pressure. The player who can play well when it matters will win every time. There's games Tannehill starts slow then picks it up, games he starts on fire then fizzles. But the one constant in all our losses is Tannehill (among others) could not find a way to make a play when it really mattered. And that's the sign of a mediocre team.

Blowout coming on Thursday night.
Why do no rookies play? There are two possible answers:
Philbin's mantra- rookies don't play much, if at all.
Ireland drafted crap players.
One (or both) of those is true, which means both Philbin and Ireland should be canned.
Tannehill should be benched, if only to see beyond all doubt if these sacks/fumbles/team meltdowns, etc. are his fault, or a faulty system/coaching staff. Ugh. Disappointing. At least I was wrong about Tannehill being on IR. Maybe worse, it's Gibson instead.

Either T-Hill is hurt or he dosen't not have the perifial vision to be an NFL QB. Meaning, consistantly knowing when to step left, right, foward or when to get out of the pocket and run upfield. I think he's hurt more then he or the coaching staff if leading us to believe. Joe Philbin is not a good game day coach. Mike Sherman is horrable. How could he not continue to run the ball yesterday? Philbin should have questioned that 38 yard penilty against Vernon with mor vigor. How can you push the ball foward if you don't own posesion of the football? If anything, he pushed the ball backward! All Philbin did was stand there with a dumb look on his face smirking. What a joke for a leader of a team. if he were any good he'd be coaching the Packers. Forget about beating Cincy and I don't even know if they are going to be able to handle Tampa Bay in a few weeks. I'd sit T-Hill & let him heal some.

I am of the opinion Joe Philbin is now one of the 3 worst head coaches in the league. Worst: Bucs Schiano by far. Second Worst: Minnesota Frazier 3rd: Philbin.

2 watt your digs don't mean much when even the most staunch fan already sees the problems on the team. Now you just sound petty.

I wonder if Wallace dropped the pen at his contract signing. Our guards are whiffing on blocks in the run game because they are not athletic enough for zone blocking. The OC does not know how to manage a game or to come up with blocking schemes that show he is adjusting to the pressure. Tannehill has got to learn how to protect the ball, it's not a on game thing, it's an every game thing.

Seeing as both the coordinators are in the booth you'd figure Philbin would be working the sideline coaching but he just stands there. He should have been ripping those refs so bad he gets tossed, but nothing but cheer leading.

Sadly I don't see Ross firing the bunch. I expect a bunch of excuses and this bunch being here next year. If we fire these guys how do we know Ross can even pick a better bunch?

Joe Philbum is so boring no kind of pep in his step. Watch Pete Carroll bounce around the sidelines tonight vs the Rams that's the coach we should have got but alas he declined our offer years ago. I rather have Rex Ryan cussing up a storm on the sideline than this vanilla coach...

darkoak,wrong on u'r part, i saw all of the deficiencies that have lead ^ to this total collapse unlike the homers who chose to be clueless.got bashed 4 it everyday on here so f u to ya'll who did the bashing

Should've tanked it 2 seasons ago to "Suck for Luck" like the Colts did. Of course having a real OL and Reggie Wayne and TY Hilton have given Luck lots of luck, but this T-hill kid looks a lot more like Henne or Beck than Luck. Deer in the headlights, scattershot accuracy. Mike Sherman (fired from Texas A&M for a reason) and Joe Philbin (never a HC at any level for a reason) and Jeff Ireland (a chimp throwing darts at a draft board would do better) sure as heck haven't helped things. Same old story guys.

I will say this every week until something is done...The PHISH rots from the HEAD, this means that until Jeff Ireland is an EX-GM and out of the Dolphins organization, they will be mediocre at best. That entire wing of Parcell's offshoots has quickly gone the way of the dinosaur. Their apparent effort to give one-line answers to questions and non-information to the fans is laughable. That ALL emanates from Ireland, Mr. Secret...(cue music) Agent 007. Well, here is NO secret, the teams IS regressing and our play calling is atrocious. So bad, by the way, that it seems the MENTOR (Sherman) is undermining the protégé (Tannehill).

"....And since the Dolphins are a team without presence in the NFl, they make for an easy lamb to sacrifice to the Pats altar. We have no visible fan base, no strong person in a position of authority .. no way of making life hard for Roger Godell."

Couldn't agree with you more on this point Mark. However I do not agree on keeping THill on the field. His poor accuracy under pressure has already cost us two very good receivers this season, the latest went down yesterday.

THill is a project and should have been treated as such in the beginning. He has talent, but is not a game day starter. Time to sit him and let him settle down. He may be serviceable, but my gut tells me he is finished here. Lack of hindsight and coaching has ruined this kid.

I wonder what Philbin is going to say this afternoon? You, Armando?


Why don't you take your own advice. Who Are YOU to decide who posts and who doesn't and what they get to say.


And for the record (since you obviously take the time to read and remember whatI've said in previous posts), I'm all in favour of Tannehill starting this week but he should sit if it's more of the same this week.

(Try typing in bigger caps to make your point or better yet, give up caffeine). SMH.

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