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Word of the day for the Dolphins: Regression.

BOSTON -- They led 17-3. They rushed for 156 yards and averaged 5-yards a carry. Tom Brady was less than mediocre, throwing for only 116 yards with one touchdown and one interception with a visibly swollen throwin hand. New England right tackle Sebastian Vollmer broke his leg and left the game, joining Vince Wilfork and Jerod Mayo, who are done for the season, and cornerback Aqib Talib, who didn't play.

And given all these advantages and perfect scenarios, the Dolphins still lost?

Yes, the Dolphins lost.

And that leads me to the word for today: Regression.

As I write in my column in today's Miami Herald, the Dolphins collapsed and they are in full blown regression.

The Dolphins have regressed from the team they were last year at this time when they were getting better results with less talent.

The Dolphins have regressed from September when they were 3-0.

The Dolphins have regressed to the point they're arguably the worst team in the AFC East. That's right, Miami is in third place with a 3-4 record behind the Patriots and the Jets and just ahead of the Bills. But Miami has a division worst 0-2 record and they already lost to the last-place Bills.

How is any of that better than it was last year?

And amid all of this the Dolphins are borderline delusional.

"No, I don't feel like the season is starting to slip away because we have a great team," nickel back Jimmy Wilson said.

Is he serious?

Wilson went on to say the Dolphins need to win the next four games to make up for the last four consecutive losses. Well, the Dolphins are 2 1/2 games out of first place already and they're not getting stronger but they better start winning very soon if they want to salvage this season.

But how to do that when they're getting worse?

Ryan Tannehill is playing worse now than he played in September.

The talent level is getting worse with the loss of wide receiver Brandon Gibson for the season.

And the play-calling? It's getting worse. Consider that it's bad when offensive coordinator Mike Sherman abandons the running game when it isn't blowing the opponent away. On Sunday, he abandoned it when it was working! In a close game!

And now the players are noticing.

"It seemed like we were running the ball real well, we were effective," guard Richie Incognito said. "It was third and manageable; we were picking up big chunks on the ground. I think we got away from that in the second half. That is kind of where we kind of sputtered."

Tell me something ... why aren't Miami's rookies playing?

Why is Nolan Carroll playing -- and giving up a TD pass as soon as he enters the game -- but second-round pick Jamar Taylor and third-round pick Willie Davis are inactive? Well, either those kids are not very good (which is on the personnel department) or they are not being developed (which is on the coaching staff).

Why is first round pick Dion Jordan a part-time player but less talented, less upside Olivier Vernon and Derrick Shelby are playing more? I know Jordan is talented. It seems every time he's on the field, something good happens. But he's not really on the field all that much. How are coaches arriving at those decisions to play a better player less?Cluelessjoe

Why has Mike Wallace looked so ineffective? He came to the Dolphins as an accomplished deep threat. He came here without major issues about his hands. Now that he's with the Dolphins he cannot get deep and cannot hold on to the football? Sorry, I don't buy it's all on Wallace. The Dolphins blamed Brandon Marshall when he didn't produce as much in Miami as in Denver. Then Marshall went to Chicago and produced at a very high level again.

After a while it's not the player we should be looking at. It's the people charged with developing those players and the system those players are put in.

So where do we go from here?

Well, general manager Jeff Ireland needs to find a wide receiver because the Dolphins only have three on the roster and one on the practice squad.

Will he chase Hakeem Nicks? Josh Gordon? Justin Blackmon? Greg Jennings?

The trade deadline is Tuesday. Ireland addressed the desperate need for an offensive tackle by trading for Bryant McKinnie. And although the Dolphins gave up six sacks Sunday -- all in the second half -- four of those came when the Patriots figured out Sherman had no intention of running the football.Tannesack

The AFC East is still wide open, because the Patriots seem vulnerable despite their 6-2 record. The team has multiple injured players, including Brady who nonethless denied his swollen throwing hand was swollen. 

Unfortunately, the Dolphins don't currently have the feel of a team that is ready to turn things around. Sometimes they start poorly. Sometimes they finish poorly. Sometimes they can't run. Sometimes they give up on the run even when they're running well. Wide receivers don't get open quickly, or don't get open deep, or drop too many passes.

The defense that was supposed to make more game-defining plays doesn't. 

And Tannehill fumbles or throws the interceptions or shows little pocket or situational awareness -- particularly lately.

There's a word for all of that: Regression.


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After 7 games they are 3-4 and to make the playoffs they will have to be 10-6, which means winning last 7 of 9. Bengals are tough this year so likely will lose that so they will have to win last 7 of 8, very unlikely. So lets see what the rookies can do, you drafted em Ireland, showcase how worthless they are. Dion Jordan should start, Gillislee should get a look since we are down a WR. Lets see what Egnew and Sims can do. Put Will Davis and Jamar Taylor out there and see if they can play in the nfl since I doubt Grimes will be back. Why do we have no DT backups for when Starks and Soliai leave?

Craig @ 12:25. this isn't hockey where you flip your starters "for a spark" because the season is long and everyone will play. in football, the minute you change your starter, especially your qb, ur admitting the player isn't good enough and it's time to move on. I am not at that point and not for Matt Moore - no thanks.

Like I said, the next QB is either Tannehill or playing in college.

Matt Moore keeps you stuck in neutral. Tannehill one way or the other gets you to that next level. Either by progressing or being so bad that he gets you to draft the enxt guy. No more QBS with limited skill sets like Moore or Carson palmer that have no upside but at the same time won't be bad enough to get you in position to find the next guy... no way, no how, I'm inflexible in my stance. it was my stance before Henne even. have we learned nothing from the last Matt Moore episode. We were in posiiton to draft RG3 until Moore "saved the day" and did this franchise the biggest diservice I've ever seen winning meaningless games ... NEVER AGAIN

What is the difference between these Dolphins and Tony Sporanos Dolphins? Nothibg its the same garbage. New coaches, new players, new uniforms same ole Dolphins. The ONLY constant id Jeff Ireland. He is DONE. there are 9 games left. The Dolphins at least have to go 6-3. to save Ireland's job. It will NEVER happen. Another 5 win season.

How many of you clowns thought Tanne wasn't a very good QB in the first half yesterday?

You'll all morons. Tanne is pretty good & could be very good but he simply cannot carry the entire team. The offensive line is such a liability it's impossible to overcome.

When he has time to throw, he's great. When he doesn't he has less than 3 seconds & he's on his back. You claim he doesn't have pocket awareness, what do you expect?

That he goes through his progressions or bails & runs in less than 3 seconds? Well, that's about as dumb as you all sound.

The Packers start THREE 4th round picks & 2 undrafted Free Agents on the oline. Their TE yesterday was a late round pick or undrafted. Their #2 WR last night was undrafted.


Any of you blaming it all on Tanne are moronic to say the least.

Omar Kelly ✔ @OmarKelly
Last year Ryan Tannehill had no weapons was the excuse. This year Tannehill has no offensive line. Next year it's coaching. Endless cycle.
,it's the qb morons.

Disagree, the word of the day isn't regression...Its called the Status Quo for the last 15-20 years.....this isn't news to any fans who have had to sit through mediocrity once again this season....

Its just a shame that teams like the chiefs and colts are hell bent on changing their status as a bad football team to a contender in literally a three to five year span and Miami cant even sniff that much.....

It comes down to piss poor management decisions, poor coaching and an inability to get players to play to their full potential...and o yea an owner that gives a dam about his football team wen they continue to suck every year!!!!

Our coaching is deficient. Its not up to NFL standards. Our personnel department and GM are not up to NFL standards. How do you explain having 9 draft picks and NONE of them are making an impact. As the season goes on we get worse. Blow this thing up and start over again.

Craig, Seattle winning has very little to do with the QB. Seattle just asks Wilson not to fukk anything up. The pass game is #23 in the NFL entering this week on total yards. Defense, #4, pass defe #4, Rush offesne #7, turnover diff #2 . they are elite in several areas and minimize the exposure of their young qb. We do not. Wilson is also above the league average in terms of turnovers per game - that despite dropping back to pass 10 times a game less than Tannehill.
We on the other hand are elite in what? Red zone offense (because of our QB) and run defense (although this disappears when it's needed most too it seems). There is nowhere to hang ur hat on this team .. nobody holds the bag. We have no strong suit to overcome our deficiencies.

There is a reason we lost....

That reason's name is Belicheat.....plain and simple.....

No reason to be up in arms....

Philbin and Sherman got shown the door by the Lombadi of our time....no shame in that....

Th PATS are the CHaMPS of the AFC EAST until somebody proves otherwise....not writes otherwise.....PROVES otherwise....

Our Kicker Calib Sturges reminds me of Brick from "The Middle" He's kind of the model of our season. Started out a ball of fire and now he sucks.


We'll agree to disgaree. I'm almost at the point where I've seen enough from Tannehill. The kids getting beat up out there and he's making dumb mistakes that he shouldn't be after 20+ games in the league.

Not sure if it's confidence thing or a health thing but Armando is right....he has in fact REGRESSED. I'm saying it would do him and the team good to get some time off. I don't think it's admitting anything, as you've suggested. I'm not saying he should be benched permanently and we should moving on. I'm saying, it's not working with Tannehill. I want to see if it might work with somebody else.

You're painted the picture that there's this HUGE talent gulf between Tannehill and Moore. I don't believe at this stage of the the game there is. Moore is one of the better back-ups in the league and Tannehill is a very average starter right now in the league. I want to get Wallace going for one thing and I don't see that happening with Tannehill as the QB. If it weren't to happen with Moore then so be it but to me it's worth the try. Season is done. I really don't see what we have to lose

And SIX more sacks yesterday....BRUTAL!!

But nobody wants to talk about THAT because everyone's favourite wipping boy, Clabo, didn't play and that would be counter-productive to their argument.

All I heard was 'bench Clabo'....'get rid of Clabo'. Well guess what? the line STINKS, with or without him.

'Worst signing off the off-season'....LOL. Yeah Ok.

Posted by: Craig M | October 28, 2013 at 12:43 PM

You are the BIGGEST as*hole on this blog! Did you even watch the game? When you make idiotic posts like this, you validate the idiocy you portray here.

4 of the 6 sacks were a direct result of them missing the blitzer. Sherman was clueless how to get it blocked!

McKinnie didn't even give up a hurry! Clabo was getting beat 1 on 1 repeatedly. There is a major difference between not being able to pick up a blitz because of the scheme & being ridiculously outplayed 1 on 1.

Stop finding any BS talking point you have to back up your idiotic thoughts. The "people" on the line weren't the problem. The guy designing the offense was!

Once Sherman figured out how to stop the blitz, Belli flipped it & Sherman again had no answer.

Stop talking outtyer as* & watch the game with an open mind for once. Don't just see things you wanna see. Try to blog with a shred of intelligence to your posts.

I would also like to point out that philbin and Sherman have been outclassed and outcoached in the last three games after leading into halftime.....

What does that tell you???!!!.....tells me what most of the league already knows when playing Miami in the 2nd half....

Their too FKN predictable..........

Lets see, Ireland is surely gone. So who do we have Scott Pioli? Bill Polian? Charley Casserly? Mike Tannenbaum?. Frankly any of these guy's is an upgrade.

When was the last time we made the playoffs?

Yep...we had a Pro-Bowl caliber QB under center named Chad Pennington.

OL was average, receivers average, DL average...QB Above-Average.

Does anyone see the formula for success yet?


I agree. I thought the offensive line dominated in the first half. The pats could not get any pressure on tannehill and the dolphins were running ball well. Then Bellacheck adjusted and started blitzing. I thought that most of the sacks were scheme related and from lack of awareness from Tannehill. For example, you could see McKinney fully engaged with his man and then you would see a corner or safety coming around him free with no one to block him. Tannehill failed to get rid of the ball quickly and did not hit the hot read to burn the defense. Sherman also abandoned the run and failed to adjust to what the pats were doing. I like the way Mckinney performed; Clabo was getting bull rushed by opposing DL in previous games.

Craig M....

I agree with you to a point....

But the season isn't lost....not by a long shot....

Posted by: albert | October 28, 2013 at 01:40 PM

Unfortunately, we have an owner that is fully on board with irefiends GM status.....so when u say "surely gone"......that's basically selling a 50-50 status on irefiends job security after this year...just sayin!!!!


You're talking stats. Stats don't win games. If they did then we would have beat the Pats yesterday. The Falcons would have beaten us when they played us.

Respectfully, I put very little emphasis on stats. Flacco is never amongst the leader in individual stats. He just wins. Wilson's the same way. He didn't have the best stats in the league last year or this. But he gets it done. If you're trying to tell me he has very little to do with his team winning, then I'm going to strongly disagree with you. He's one of the leaders of that team and the team just goes out every week and believes they can beat anybody. Do we have ANY of that in Miami? We don't. We find ways to lose EVERY week and our QB is a big part of that. Not sure how you're not seeing that. Picks at key times in the game and same with fumbles. I'm not saying he should be doing it by himself. I'm saying he's making WAY too many dumb plays. Bush got benched for that last year but somehow for Tannehill it's acceptable?

NH, frankly? Miami's oline is junior college level. It's far from even average. To validate this...they are on pace to surpass the NFL record for sacks allowed in a season.

No athleticism except for Pouncey. They are statues. Speed rushers kill them. When they do get moving a simple change of direction & they are toast.

The only cure for this o-line is to redo it. Resigning Starks was a big mistake. They should have tried to acquire Guards. 2 of em with the money he got!

Phins78, if ur still here, I want to say a big FU to your Islanders for trading Matt Moulson t our division rival Sabres. This guy scores every game against the leafs and now is a division rival, playing closer to home and will play more often against us. Thanks for nothing.

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | October 28, 2013 at 12:12 PM

Just came back for a moment and wait a minute? WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!! I didn't hear about this because I've been too involved with the stinking Dolphins.

Are you telling me we traded away our top power play guy and leading nhl goal scorer?!!!! I'm going to check this and I might blow a gasket. Be back soon

Craig, the line stinks with or without Clabo., He just sucked period! Don't try to sugarcoat that.

Just that his replacement in martin also sucks. McKinnie sucks and even then looked much better at OT than both.

Tannehill is ranked #20 in the NFL not great but look who is behind him:

Eli Manning
Tom Brady
Carson Palmer
Joe Flacco
Alex Smith
Matt Schaub

Also of note RG3 Luck and Kap are only a few points higher than Tannehill with much better offenses. Im sick of defending this guy with facts to only see the usual suspects come on here with no facts and post....ahhh Thill sucks bench him....its all TH fault!! REALLY??


'I'm the biggest a-hole on the blog'??????.....

Why? For having an opinion?

Go about your business man.....I see no reason to try and reason with you.

I'm an a-hole for having an opinion? Ok pal....

Also of note it is not unusual for a QB to get it in his 3rd season.....Dalton, Kaepernick, Brees, Rivers, Aikman etc.
Tannehill is on a team with no offensive weapons. He is not Marino that carry a team alone and make those around him better. How many Marino's have there been though?

The O-Line problems were mostly scheme related. The O-line perfomred well yesterday, mano an mano. The pats just adjusted and the fins had no answer. I agree with the poster that said that the fins were just not picking up the blitz; that is absolutely on the scheme not on the offensive line. In previous games Clabo was engaged with his lineman and just flat out getting beat (no blitzing).

Bill, I've tried to say as much today.

With this line, these coaches.....it's amazing to think he's done as well as he has under the circumstances.

Brady has a far superior line & less weapons to work with & they win. You don't have to have all stars all over the field. You do however have to have NFL caliber players.

That is Miami's problem. Talent acquisition & development is where this team is lagging.


I'm not defending Clabo....I'm simply saying, why is there NOTHING from Armando on the SIX sacks yesterday? It's not even MENTIONED. Is it because Clabo didn't play? I'm simply looking for some balanced reporting.

And Mark, I've been arguing for the longest time that I don't get how Martin's been getting a free pass all season. It's been nothing but 'Clabo, Clabo, Clabo'....and yet Martin is well on his way to double digit sacks allowed and it's barely been mentioned. Incredible!

Put Tannehill on the seahags, 9ers or colts and he will be better than he is here. They have talent on offense and real coaches. The answer here is that Ireland, Philbin and company gotta go. They are the problem. We will have $40million in cap space this spring. Do you REALLY want Ireland picking the players again?? REALLY??


Armando did address the sacks....they came mostly in garbage time. The 2 main sacks were on blitzes that weren't picked up. No sacks in the first half tells you everything. Then we changed the scheme back to passing and viola!!


You saying the Niners, Colts and Seahawks would be winning as much as they are with Tannehill as their QB. I highly doubt that.

I don't know Craig M...Moore is a good backup at best, but he could give this team a lift and mind you I did say "could". THill is going to go down hard if we continue to expect him to carry this team on his back. He is not a game day starter by any stretch. He needs way more protection than he is getting and has a tendency to fall apart once he gets the heat. We have lost two, count them, two great receivers for the remainder of the season and one possibly for his career.

I am not completely convinced that a change will make much difference one way or the other at this point. The only good thing that could happen keeping THIll in the game is a better position on draft day, that much I do agree with with Mark. THIll is either going to get killed or he is going to get better, I believe the former to be the case more than the latter at this point.

We have already lost two very crucial games in our division and one conference game to boot. Not looking good at this point that we will win come Thursday either. I am at a total loss in what we can do to turn this thing around, short of firing the entire coaching staff now and kicking Ireland to the curb at season's end. Trading Wallace is a wash and will not do anything to help us this season. Trading for a better wideout is probable by tomorrow, but we will have to promise the moon to get one. Those guys are going to cost us a bundle in draft picks and a major hit to our cap and no guarantee it would help considering our current QB can't stay upright long enough to get them the ball anyway.

You're a as*ole for saying dumb things & then having the audacity to think no one would be able to pick you apart for saying it.

What you said about Clabo had no basis in reality. Only a basis to try to justify your comments last week.

You say idiotic things assuming no one here is smart enough to call you out & then play victim when we do. STFU ALREADY!

If you think the sacks yesterday weren't schematic but rater losing 1 on 1 matchups, YOU ARE STUPID.


You either know SH8T about football or are refusing to acknowledge THAT FACT because you wanna validate what you said last week.

The line was fine all game until NE made adjustments & then we were left with NO answer. Explanation? Yea, Right!

$109million spent this season.....less than $38million on offense.....is that all we need to know Dolfans?? Lets be fair and give Tannehill the tools to win!

If Ireland does not produce 9 wins he will be out of here. I don't think that Ross is going to put up with another losing season. Ireland can't even blame it on Philbin because he gave the OK to hire him. So even if Ireland says that his players are not being developed that falls on him as he hired this coaching staff here to develop these players.

Okay, phew, It was a great deal Mark (for us;) imo. Actually Buffalo sucks and Moulson won't make them much better so you really have no worries. The problem with Moulson is he needed Tavares to make him better. But that was dragging Tavares down. Vanek is an awesome winger and set up man with more experience, especially playoff experience and leadership. It's exactly what the Isles needed to push them.

It makes me laugh too because it's the kind of savvy deal Jeff Ireland would never pull off. It makes sense and saves them from overpaying Moulson next year in free agency. The Isles could actually resign him at a reduced rate now. AND, it makes them better this season.

When I read your post I went right into Dolphins mode. "Oh no, traded away a good player for a bag of balls or an acorn!" But they actually upgraded, it's what smart GMs do.


Rant on bud....as soon as you get into name calling we're done. We don't all have to agree on here but when you get into name-called I'm finished with ya.

Now through up a few 'Canadien Bacon' comments or whatever the Hell else you do.

Craig you should look at the stats of Luck, Kap and Wilson compared to Tannehill with a lot less talent. Then get back to me. Is that ok??

Tannehill has shown nothing this year to make me feel comfortable moving forward in the future with him as a starter for this team....

1 Pocket awareness has been horrible(not all on O-line)

2. staring down recievers on one read (especially on short pass down situations)

3. His accuracy throwing downfield looks VERY innacurate

4. he's on pace to throw 25 INTs at this rate....and fumbling the ball at historic pace....

None of that sounds like someone that has a premier future with this organization and it takes more than him admitting what he's doing wrong game after game when he looks at the film......HE NEEDS TO FIX IT and thus far he hasn't!!!!

Last thing this team needs is another mark sanchez situation popping up here in Miami due to the stubbornness of a coaching staff that cant accept that this guy may not have what it takes to be THE guy under center!!!!

Craig, EXPLAIN the sacks yesterday. Come on BUD!

Where they a result of someone getting beat physically like Clabo was ALL YEAR or were they schematic issues we couldn't solve?


Craig, win a few games and go 3-5 with Moore for what??? There is nothing to be gained there. Absolutely nothing ...


Again we're talking 'stats'. The only one that really matter to me is 'wins'. Luck has how many 4th quarter comebacks? Tell me again how he's not a HUGE part of that. He did that in College too.

Wilson and Luck are WINNERS. Is Tannehill? I don't know yet but I'm getting tired of waiting to find out. That's why I'm on board with drafting another QB in April third round or higher. This team can't afford to be wrong AGAIN....and wait around to find out. There has to be a contingency plan come April and that involves drafting another QB.

Just switch the QB and see what happens

Posted by: BringBakMarino | October 28, 2013 at 12:21 PM

We did that remember? And he had Brandon Marshall, a very good o-line, and an excellent running game. And he still produced a mediocre record and didn't beat ONE winning team.

So now you're saying with a worse o-line, questionable running game, loss of a great receiver, and inflexible coaching he is going to thrive?

Do some of you actually put thoughts into your head and then work through them before posting? Or do you just take a bunch of jumbled up words from your mind and throw them at the screen to see what sticks?

It wasn't just the bad calls the refs did make, what about the calls they didn't make? How about the first down catch that Rishard Mathews made where the replay clearly showed that he had both feet in bounds and dumbfock didn't throw the challenge flag?

Then on the one interception one view clearly showed that the defender stepped out of bounds with his left heel, yet the replay official gave it to them anyway.

Then the TD that Miller made in the corner of the end zone, even the seeing eye dog in the reply booth agreed that it was a TD, but not the corrupt reply official.

Then on another 3rd down throw the defender was all over Hartline like a cheap suit a full second and half before the ball ever arrived and not a peep out of the homers in stripes.

Anyone without an axe to grind would look at that performance by the refs and have to feel that something was amiss. Just by the law of averages alone you don't get that many flagrant fouls or "missed" fouls all leaning toward one team, unless of course it happens to be one of the darling teams of the NFL, aka Dallas, NE, Pittsburgh, etc.

That referee crew was the absolute worst I have ever seen in the 47 years I've been a Dolphins fan.

The NFL better start scrutinizing their referees a little better because they are not above the level of corruption that has been found to be in the NBA among others. If the NFL wants to remain a credible institution they better clean this mess up, it was painfully obvious to me that yesterday, the fix was IN!!

Even Phil Simms said on the boradcast yesterday that the sacks were coming as a result of poor schemes. I kept my eyes on the OTs and they were doing fine one one on their man (espeically in the first half). It was the free blitzers that were getting to Tannehill.

How the He77 are Keller's or Gibson's injuries Tannehill's fault? Keller gets hurt on a POS hit straight in the knee while it was planted and Gibson hurt himself without being hit while jumping for a pass. Several times I've seen Tannehill put the ball where the receiver has a chance to catch it without leading him inot a knockout hit.....

Craig Mouth is only here to tell you he's right all the time. It's everybody fault 'cept Ireland.

Like Irelands Army eluded to earlier. He's an Ireland apologist thru & thru. Ironically, we haven't been hearing his claims to be right on him lately have we?

Wonder why!? LOL

Craig and any other Tannehill hater should go here and look at the stats.


Remember as you research that Tannehill plays with no OL, Run game, TE.....all the others ahead of him have weapons.


I don't think you can keep putting a QB out there who is costing us games every week. Two dumb picks last week and a fumble late in the game (yeah blame it on the OL if you want but he's got to be able to hang onto the ball).

I think you need to find out why Wallace isn't doing better. You find that out by playing another QB. If it's the same result then so what. We lose some more games, then so what.

I don't believe we can just throw Tannehill out there every week with the belief that this is helping him and that eventually he's going to get it. I'm not seeing it from him after 23 games now.

There is no hope left for the season if we lose Thursday night. We should be 5-2 now with decent OL play and competent coaching, since we have neither we are 3-4. Gibson is done now and he's been the brightest player last two weeks. I have no confidence in Sherman or Philbin anymore, Philbin's demise will be that he is too loyal to Sherman. We have the worst HC in the division, plain and simple. Marrone has shown great potential and has already beaten Philbin in his house. I want to believe but I can't find a silver lining.

Gotta say, more I hear more I'm absolving the players. I suggest everyone go listen to the game-after presser by Philbin/Tannehill. First off, Philbin has nothing, looks completely lost. Doesn't seem to have an idea of what to do, and is just waiting to get canned. Second, the killer is in Tannehill's presser. He gets asked about adjustments at halftime, and going into the 2nd half basically doing the same thing. He said, (paraphrasing): yeah, we made minor adjustments, but came out pretty much with the same plan.

DING! DING! DING! If that's not an indictment on the coaching, I don't know what more you need. So, you come out WITHOUT EVEN CONSIDERING the Patriots would make adjustments? THE BEST HC IN FOOTBALL wouldn't be able to fix his scheme to match what you're doing? ARE YOU A FUKKING AMATEUR? Sorry, I don't care what that is, ignorance or stubbornness or both, but if I'm Ross and hear that, I fire my HC on the spot, doesn't even get a chance to defend himself. That's totally inexcusable. If you don't know that the Patriots, OF ALL TEAMS, know (AND WILL) adjust during halftime, you don't belong coaching an NFL team. That's horsesh*t.

Second, the chickensh*t media are asking TANNEHILL questions about the ref calls (even the one against Vernon). They are asking the PLAYER, not the HEAD COACH? What type of bullsh*t is that? They asked one quick question about the PI on Wilson and he sidestepped it ("it was a bang bang play, so...) and didn't ask anything else about the calls. And you wonder why the HC says nothing. It's easy when no one is asking any tough questions. And it's not just one question that needs to be asked. It needs to be re-asked and re-asked until the HC gets off the b.s. spin that reporters usually accept as if handed down on stone by God himself. Grow a pair Miami sports media. DRILL the HC and DEMAND he stop demeaning your intelligence.

Even Phil Simms said on the boradcast yesterday that the sacks were coming as a result of poor schemes. I kept my eyes on the OTs and they were doing fine one one on their man (espeically in the first half). It was the free blitzers that were getting to Tannehill.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | October 28, 2013 at 02:03 PM

Can you make sure Craig reads this? Because he apparently didn't watch the game or hear Simms analysis.

Craig, the Ireland & Clabo apologist.

Phin78, lost a little respect for you finding out your a Islander fan...LOL...My father was stationed on LI and I got to be there to see 3 of there 4 Stanley Cup winning series

Craig I posted for days that we need to draft another QB higher than 3rd in 2014....to save $...Moore cost us almost $5million PY and to push Tannehill. So we agree. Can we also agree that no decision can be made on Tannehill with no weapons around him? $38million on offense in 2013 is very telling.

Killing me with all these excuses for an average QB, its the OL its the coach its everybody but Tannehill. I digress

Posted by: BringBakMarino | October 28, 2013 at 12:26 PM

You're right, it's always the QB. If Cam Cameron had a great qb he would be headed for the hall of fame right now. And the worst o-line in the league and two running backs that can't block have nothing to do with why a 2nd year qb is struggling.

Ignore the gms moves, it's awesome that our drafted TE is now playing fullback and our 3rd pick in the draft can't play every down because he can't stop the run.

Also, if Moore was the QB the government shutdown would have been averted.

I'M SAYING, Tannehill hasn't shown he's the answer. But blaming him for why the entire team plays like crap on a weekly basis is f$#@ing retarded.

Regression is a good word. However, I like depressing.

This team is depressing.


First of all, I'm not a 'Tannehill HATER'. Let's clear that up right away. I wanted him drafted at 8. I haven't given up on him yet.

Secondly, you keep feeding me 'stats', Bill. Stats don't win football games. It's been proven week after week in the NFL. Brady throws for 100 yards yesterday and they still beat us by 10. How?

Craig, I think Bill's comments are pretty astute. I mean the first half yesterday should tell you quite a bit. When Tannehill was asked just to ride the run game and we played good defense, it was working.

I think if we could put Tannehill in a position to throw 10 fewer times per game like some of the other young QBs, the results would probably be diff.

The ghost of the snowplow game driver was in Foxboro and pushed Sturgis' kick to the post and changed momentum. The NFL needs to investigate by hiring the Long Island Medium see if Kraft and Belicheat employed voodoo against our beloved Dullphins!

However, I'm going to let that be an excuse. if he can't finish the year among the middle tier of qbs despite everyhting that is going on. Despite, coaching, line, etc, it's time to move on.

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