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About that voice mail again ... new information

On its face it is horrible. It is offensive. It sounds racist.

The voice mail Richie Incognito left Jonathan Martin in April is at the center of the public distaste for the Dolphins guard. The transcript indeed paints a picture of a bullying veteran using racial epithets against a younger player and threatening that youngster's life:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I'll (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I'm gonna slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). (Expletive) you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."


Except ...

The voice mail which Martin kept was later played in the Dolphins locker room around a group of players ... And Martin was the one who played it, according to two players. And he joked about it.

"This is the same guy that was laughing about this voice mail at one point in time, first of all," receiver Brian Hartline said of Martin. "Second of all, I believe that if you look through the whole voice mail, there's some things said that you probably shouldn't say in general, friends or not friends. But I know for a fact, that I've said things to my friends that I kind of wish I've never said, either."

There's another thing. According to a source close to Incognito, the transcript of the voice mail is not complete. It omits the last line.

After Incognito went on this apparent diatribe, his voice softens, and matter-of-factly he says, "Ok, call me back."

And ... Martin called him back, the source said.

Does this release Incognito from the racially charged words? No.

Do this add context? Yes.

Daily reminder: We don't know the entire story. Please withhold judgment condemning or condoning either side until we know everything.



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as I have been saying since day one. This story was BS from the beginning and people were jumping to conclusions.

Hey Mando, pls do so real reporting, you sound just like Martin or worse, lets wait for the facts now form the IC and the NFL. By the way they are doing what YOU are supposed to be doing as a imparcial umpire in general

Dear Mr. Salguero

Are you working for the National Enquirer

Enquirering minds want to know

Soiled :)

It was pretty obvious that was the case. Anytime that I've seen interviews regarding the team with Incognito he's been professional. Sometime guys joke around like that outside of work. Blowing off steam from stress or just getting pumped up. Shock comedy... Have you ever watched Louis CK or that hideous woman I don't even know her name. Why do people laugh at that? becuz it's funny. It desensitizes words and makes people smile. It should never have been blown out of proportion.

Martin is a swarmy little dbag with his lawyer parents looking to shake down Ross.

How a ISC to investigate the Dolphins for not trying to make the playoffs for some yrs, wasting picks on players like Martin and stocking contenders now with our best players like Bush, S.Smith, Wade Smith, Satele and some many others

If anything, Martin does deserve a Code Red. You can bet that just about everyone in the locker room despises Martin for breaking the Code and dumping on the team.

I spent 10 years in the service and Martin would have NEVER lasted in the units (Special Forces) that I was in. I and the others I served with would only want Cogs in the foxhole with us, Martin would certainly get you killed.

Ricky Williams dropped the hammer by stating the Martin shouldn't be in the NFL, that statement is the truth.

Question: Why the fug did he keep that voice mail for 9 MONTHS!!!!!!!!

Why...cause he knew it was over the top,but was also funny..that's why he played it and had a laugh over it...

...but then, as time went on, and his performance on the field diminished, he had a different motive for keeping it....and this mess is the result...

The level of betrayal and deceit from Martin is disgusting. This whole thing smells bad and looks worse daily for Martin.

This is what I was saying and no one listening. There are always more than more aspect of a story. Now where is that multi name troll that was asking me how I felt now? So flattering it copied and pasted my thoughts from the day before when things looked so bad for Cogs.

Dear Mr. Salguero

Richie thinks Johnathan is a doodoo head

Johnathan thinks Richie is a poopoo head

My source

Neighborhood teenage girls

Soiled :)

Bottom line....J Mart went off the reservation......


.........oh damn, another racially charged remark.....

here come the Injuns after me.....

"this adds context".....wow......NOW you add that very important line?--a little late, after the fact, no?--its like shooting somebody, and then apologizing.....yeah, nice apology, but the dude is still dead

Incognito is hardly innocent/blameless in all this, no doubt......and he's clearly a disturbed dude (like we all didnt know that already)....but this whole situation adds new meaning to "rush to judgement"


Context = Truth

Can you handle the truth? The truth that the media fails to accurately report, more concerned about a witch hunt.

Fact is your media brethren is destroying a great organization, my beloved Dolphins and I personally resent it. The only thing I have ever loved more then the FINS was the military.

Truth of the matter is that Martin was/is unfit to be a warrior in the NFL and wouldn't last a day in a hard core military unit that IS prepared to die if need be.

Just watching what is happening to the FINS because of this weak man makes me sick. Do whats right Armando, report facts because reporting falsehoods will help to destroy an organization that does not deserve to go down.

Yuo see what happens to the media when they get cought. I hope Incog sues the heck out of all of you stenographers. Where does he goes to get his reputation back, to Cuba.

is that the sound of backpedaling I hear in the distance......

c thank youan we ever get back to football.I go here when my wife is watching her soap operas,They are super dramatic but not nearly as bad as this. CUT THIS SHAKEDOWN ARTIST AD HIS LAWYER PARENTS WHO SMELLED MILLIONS WITHOUT THEIR CREAMPUFF LITTLE DARLING HAVING OTRY TO GET DIRTY AND HURT PLAYING A GAME THAT HE HAS PROVED HE IS NOT VERY GOOD AT>STOP THIS B.S.

Seriously, Armando. This was in a story on the herald earlier...You are just adding this to the mix? Why are you putting this stuff out in a piecemeal fashion? As I said before, this man's job is on the line and your home team is being crucified. The other newspaper is actually adding fuel to the flames. This is friggin crazy. I hope the players can save Gog.

The organization is part of the problem for allowing stenographers to go around with innuendos. The media sold their soul 5 yrs ago when the became a natinalized entity. THe Dolphins pay this gand of propaganda liers for some of their fantasy and better than thou monkeys

So finally...the context has finally arrived. We just had to "let truth get its pants on and get halfway around the world to catch the lies". The PC police have found their cause celeb and the bullseye is squarely on Igcognito. Incognito has never been a favorite of mine for his play on the field, but he has every right to say what he wants.if anyone is offended by incognito's private conversation with Martin its your own dam problem. It was not directed to you and frankly none of your business. This is not about football but rather a political angle to draw attention to insensitivityof bullying.

Dear Mr. Salguero

I think I will hold my Judgement till all the lies, innuendo's and rumors are in at the end of this tragedy

Soiled :)

I have a feeling that there is some hate for Ireland and dislike of Philbin that is tainting the voice of many fans of the team and, most importantly, reporters. There was a massive rush to judgement and now the national media wants to see everyone fired too. I think Philbin has handled this very professionally, and the team is sticking together to defend their own (Incognito is their own, Martin is not) against the court of public opinion that has been tarnished by new snippets of information. Everyone down here hates Ireland and wants him gone and this works as an excuse. But, the more I hear, the more I think Richie was quite possibly, totally innocent of wrongdoing. Lots of people who were raised as tough guys, street guys, call each other n*gga as terms of endearment, regardless of color. It cripples the power of the "n" word. Sounds like Martin wants to get his final contract – in court – because he's not tough enough or good enough to play at this level. Just ask Tannehill.

Ok so when does Richie get his job back? F the nfl, f liberal PC a holes. What a bunch of of garbage. Incognito should be sue the nfl, espn, and mando back to the Stone Age.

From Yahoo

The Richie Incognito-Jonathan Martin situation took on a racial aspect when a voicemail Incognito left for Martin included a racial slur.

Now Incognito, who is white, has been accused by Hall-of-Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp of calling him a racial slur during a game.

Sapp was on "The Dan Patrick Show" when he relayed the story.

"One time he kicks me in a game and calls me the N-word," Sapp said. "I looked at him and said, 'Oh you want me to punch you in the mouth so they kick me out of the game?'"

Hey I'm Liberal and I've been saying all along that there was more to the story than what has come out.

Now we are seeing the truth


The new media buzzword is "bullying". This should be such a non-story. Ricky W has it right. Bullying in the NFL? Really? Isn't that what they do????

Martin definetly could cut it in the military even in some elite units. Its people who are like Incognito who can't control their emotions who will get you killed. From what I can tell Martin is a quiet introverted guy. He could definitely make it in some of the special operations units. Many of the guys I know in them are generally quiet in nature. If you're talking about the Rangers he could have more problems because they are much more macho like the NFL culture. If Martin was in the military he would probably be much more suited for a G2/Intelligence position considering his background.

I've completely changed my view on this. Martin is insane. Cog is Cog, but he didn't mean anything by it. The whole thing was blown out of proportion and now hopefully people will see it for what it was. Too bad it had to ruin careers.

Someone suggested taking notice that ALL of this went public soon as Martin was moved again, back to right tackle.

The players on the team need to stick together rise up and save Incognito's job. This is the most ridiculous PC witch hunt I've ever seen that was hyped by the media that was/is completely wrong. How can the NFL have a fair investigation when Incognito has already been smeared by so many in the media?

I love to see you types back tracking. Actually I'm disappointed in you mando. This is more Omar kellys speed. You got caught up in the hype and piled on the bandwagon. Shame on you. Meanwhile a guy is out of work because a weak minded wall flower got sand in his vagina over losing his lt slot.

Can't wait for Monday night. Can't we just play the freakin game.....sheeesh

Jonathan Martin is a hero whistleblower. Some one has to put a stop to the abuse, extortion, racism, and death threats. Anyone who knows Incognito's past knows this story too.

I guess the team finally made a statement on whether or not Martin would be welcomed back, and the resounding answer was "Heeelll to the naw!"

Jonathan Martin is anything but a hero. His own team mates aren't sticking up for him, that should tell you something.

Do you really think Cog meant he was going to "kill him" then ask him to call him back? LOL

Ban the NFL. They're all bullies.

Fu.k Sapp. Never liked that blowhard. I wish Cogs would have "sh.t in his mouth"! ( Fu.king hilarious!) Does anyone else on here think Cogs would be a blast to get drunk with in a bar full of women! LMFAO!!

If the dolphins do not reinstate incognito, they have lost all respect in my eyes.

I have been an avid Dolphin fan for the majority of my life and this current situation has rocked me to the core. As the story unravels it is becoming increasingly clear that these claims by Martin aren't adding up and if you are to consider his silence was to protect himself while in the workplace that truly needs to be investigated because his behavior didn't prompt anyone in the organization based on what has been shared to act or see the need to assist him.

I do not condone racially charged epithets but we all have had or have friends that play hard and run serious jokes but you laugh it off and move on, there is a great disconnect with Martin's claim. These men play a gladiator sport and in this work environment a particular mentality needs to be had to survive. Now, his strategy to survive may have been in the works from he entered the team and met Richie but never found a vehicle to assist him in his plan until Richie provided such a lovely opportunity 6 months ago with leaving the voicemail. Many members of this blog cry lies and it is hard not to agree because as a former collage and professional athlete if this happened in my locker room there would not be any overwhelming support for a bigot and this isn't the case; we see a large amount of support from the players in Richie's defense and that must mean something. Furthermore, there would have been clear negative tension between the involved athletes, not brotherly love. Lying is a learned behavior built to defend against something feared and in my opinion he may have become overwhelmed by the poor OL play which he was apart of and the negative scrutiny he was under while in the NFL which he may not have been accustomed to; so this was his way out as Sam I am so brilliantly stated" this is a premeditated attempt by Martin to quit the team with pay. He initiated his plan upon learning he would no longer start at left tackle" and everything just snow balled. I will say i am only basing this on the little facts we have all received, i maybe wrong but premeditated, manipulative, deception should be really investigated because if it was his intention to coerce everyone into believing one thing in order to get away with this he should go to jail.


Yeah, Monte (or whoever you are for the moment). Stop trying, it's over. No one cares.

" If Martin was in the military he would probably be much more suited for a G2/Intelligence position considering his background."

No because then you'd have to be intelligent, which he is proving he isn't, by zeroing out his career with his antics.

I'm proud and impressed that the Dolphin players are stepping forward and not allowing this media Lynching to occur to incognito. I'm particularly impressed with players of color coming out and defending him. It would have been easy to let incognito flap in the win and let his words condemn him. They have done the honorable thing by stepping forward and bringing the context to this story. I don't know what Jonathan Martin was thinking when he went outside the locker room with this issue but he's starting to look like a very confused young man who's actions have caught him in a frenzy he could not have foreseen. I hope he finds the help he needs but by appearances it does not appear this bullying allegation holds water.

Ban the military. They're bullies on steroids.

Do you really think Cog meant he was going to "kill him" then ask him to call him back? LOL

Posted by: Martin Is Not All There | November 06, 2013 at 11:50 PM

I think Jonathan Martin has a better idea than I do about what Cogs "meant".

The dolphins need to reinstate incognito, the nfl needs to hire Martin as the nfl apparel director for the women's line of clothing.

Thank you, Shoeman. I agree totally. Now that his real peers (teammates) are on record, will be interesting to see what happens. Wonder who the FO guy was that said Cogs is over with the Dolphins was? Another example of FO leadership out of touch with the players.

Mando will only write trip he believes will cause people to talk. Sad he is a "writer" for my beloved Phins.

Incognito will never play another down in the NFL. Stick a fork in him. He's done.

Mando is back pedaling like Curtis johnson covering cliff branch.

I love those using the term bulling, hazing when it comes to football, You either man up and make or get cut. The game is not babington or lingerie football.


Stick a fork in you, you're done. Then, Cogs will "sh.t down your throat!" Haha! LMAO, Weiner!

Ireland will finally go down. This will be his undoing as things unfold. Watch...

Go Phins!

Monte is taking the White House approach with the situation . Just like obama care is an utter failure since the realities and facts hit. The Martin situation is shedding the truth. Monte goes down with the lies/ship like a true hypocrite.

Man, where are all the weasels that have been bashing me for defending my man Rich for days?

Is that Cogs mother?

time to bring Cogs back; this is BS. JM loses his LT position and he is single handedly tearing this team apart. enough is enough.

Blackhawks win.....my new favorite sport. The nfl is disgraceful. They were always 1-2. Hockey wins by a nose at this point. Thanks goodell for being an utter failure, and destroyer of the sport I loved.

"I think Jonathan Martin has a better idea than I do about what Cogs "meant"."

He apparently did, and thought it was funny, playing the tape for all his team mates and laughing, unless of course, you believe Hartline is lying too.

Someone called someone a name and it's a big story. That is just how bored you and society are these days.

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