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About that voice mail again ... new information

On its face it is horrible. It is offensive. It sounds racist.

The voice mail Richie Incognito left Jonathan Martin in April is at the center of the public distaste for the Dolphins guard. The transcript indeed paints a picture of a bullying veteran using racial epithets against a younger player and threatening that youngster's life:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I'll (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I'm gonna slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). (Expletive) you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."


Except ...

The voice mail which Martin kept was later played in the Dolphins locker room around a group of players ... And Martin was the one who played it, according to two players. And he joked about it.

"This is the same guy that was laughing about this voice mail at one point in time, first of all," receiver Brian Hartline said of Martin. "Second of all, I believe that if you look through the whole voice mail, there's some things said that you probably shouldn't say in general, friends or not friends. But I know for a fact, that I've said things to my friends that I kind of wish I've never said, either."

There's another thing. According to a source close to Incognito, the transcript of the voice mail is not complete. It omits the last line.

After Incognito went on this apparent diatribe, his voice softens, and matter-of-factly he says, "Ok, call me back."

And ... Martin called him back, the source said.

Does this release Incognito from the racially charged words? No.

Do this add context? Yes.

Daily reminder: We don't know the entire story. Please withhold judgment condemning or condoning either side until we know everything.



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Martin is a bust and can't handle that fact.

Jeff Ireland may have made a huge mistake by flippantly advising that Martin settle his differences with Incognito with fists.

Posted by: billcale | November 07, 2013 at 06:33 AM

Suckers make huge mistakes by flippantly believing whatever out of context rumors and unconfirmed reports the media flippantly force feeds them.

One would think that Ireland is in trouble for telling Martin's agent to have his client punch Incognito but Ross seems to operate with blinders on regarding his GM Ireland.

Posted by: promichael | November 07, 2013 at 06:07 AM

One would think that a blogger would realize they have no clue as to the level of Ross's involvement and what has been discussed internally. Billionaires don't get there by operating with blinders on.

Sorry, but you are all bunch of gossip queens with knew jerk reactions to every tidbit of tabloid nonsense that hits he wire.

Why don't you all tighten your shorts for a couple of weeks and let the story play out. You let a few sports writers manipulate you like a puppet.

Didn't we see just last week the entire media jump all over Dez Bryant for 'blowing up' on the sideline when in fact he was only rallying the troops?

Some of you will never learn, ever.

If Jeff Ireland did tell the agent that, he should get a contract extension!!! This isn't an office environment!!!! Are people really serious comparing the two????

These guys are gladiators and need a nasty streak!!! In the beginning of this I was on Martin side, but because of the media and everyone jumping to conclusions to fast.

I think you should all have your voting rights revoked. You are too dumb and too gullible.


Learn how to read before being critical of bloggers....

Wow. The more information that comes out, the more I feel bad for Incognito.

I was one of the many that blew him out for his, so called racist behaviour, looks like I was wrong.

the investigation and testimony of team mates will show that there was no malice behind Incognito's message.

The recommendation may be an apology, followed by a fine, game suspension and counselling for Incognito.

Martin will have extreme therapy and go to the 49'ers where Jim Harbaugh loves him.

I was wrong, sorry Ritchie, I got SUCKED !!!

Only last year an internal scandal broke the Saints and caused multiple player and coaching suspensions, largely because they tried their best to hide and deny everything.

The Dolphins, unlike most of you, have not forgotten this. Sure this story is either a mess or a trivial matter of one player losing it, but either way, you can't knock the organization for being pro-active with the league. Obviously they are doing everything possible to prevent them from becoming the Saints II.


Please tell me how one gets to be a billionaire by operating with blinders on. Also, please convince me how you can possibly have the slightest bit of information on how Ross operates behind the silly and uniformed media curtain.



You are wasting your time. Most of these bloggers are a fine example how America has become a country of poorly educated and gullible idiots. They seem to have no clue how the media works. Then they feed the media further with one knee jerk reaction after the other, forming all kinds of opinions and assumptions based on nothing but unsubstantiated fluff.

I'm positively giddy at Ireland's comments. He's almost certainly gone.

Did anyone see the sportscenter interview wih Armando last night???

I didn't know who that guy was!!!!

Hey Armando, time to change that picture on the web site from 1983 playa!!!!

I would guess J Martin's parents were appalled when they found out what he, the Stanford classics scholar, had been enduring in his efforts to become part of the NFL fraternity. Even more shocking would have been the references to them as his parents, implied or explicit. It's not surprising that the Martin camp has fired the first salvo, then. Doesn't mean that Jonathan was behind it, though.


Your out of context, Ross is a good owner who wants a winner but has not responded regarding the many bone head decisions of his GM. Ireland has ties to a close friend of Ross and so it goes. Last season Ireland left the Dolphins without enough quality receivers. This season without an OL, unloading Jake Long when he did not have a replacement. Ireland can not project NFL talent and so it goes on and on until finally a very bright Ross decides that he's had enough.

Funny Armando you ask to withold judgemnt but the Dolphins already passed judgement by suspending RI without pay. Chris Carter and Keyshawn Johnson said on ESPN three days ago "of course RI is a racist and a bigget". Seems like now that RI might be cleared we are asked to withold judgement because it might imply Martin was in the wrong, but when the shoe is on the other foot it calls for an immediate suspension and public humiliation. Reminds me of the Duke LAX case. Once the victim was proven to be the wrongdoer the media just dropped the story, but this was after the media pressured Duke to cancel the LAX season and thus ruined those young men's lives, but there wasn't a story there, so who cares, right?


I have posted already that this whole thing has been blown way out of proportion. All the player support for Incognito only proves it. Many people were overthinking the problem. It is clear that the problem is Martin, not Incognito. Martin is mentally soft. Again, if he comes back, how the heck is Martin going to respond when the d-lineman across from him starts talking trash? Hartline is pissed because the team has to go through this, and so should all Dolphins fans. This is Martins fault, and I have a sense that he never intended for it to come to this, but his Harvard grad parents became involved. To me, that alone shows a pampered, childlike adult.
Incognito is the fall guy for it all. The Dolphins did not lose much with Martin leaving and they know it. However, they will feel the loss of Incognito, even if it's only his leadership.

So Bill Cale believes that highly educated people are so ignorant as to think life in the NFL locker room would be like life as a boy scout and not like life in an urban ghetto.

One glance at any post game locker room report is enough to see it for what it is, a bunch of adolescent jive aszz dudes that most of which wouldn't have risen beyond stocking shelves at Walmart if it weren't for professional sports.

These posts get dumb and dumber.

Was It Armando wearing the all Polo outfit on Sportscenter?? Bwhahahahah looks nothin like the pic he has

Voicemail from my best friend....

"Hey d!@khead. Wtf? Where you you Saturday? Did you p@ss out and have to hang with your girl? F@g! You owe me. Beers Tuesday?

Homophobic slander. Coarse language.

I'm going to sue him so I don't have to buy him a beer for standing him up.

This is sooooo overblown.

The Dolphins' stated they were going to decline to comment on this situation until the NFL investigation was complete.


It's interesting the team's management, coaches, and players volunteer information that puts themselves in a positive light, but then clam up the second a tough question is asked. Interesting. Sounds like a lot of misleading spin is being done by the Dolphins.

Philbin refused to answer if he knew about the incidents before Martin left the team. The team refused to comment on whether or not Ireland suggested violence as an unofficial team policy for handling workplace disagreements.

IF Ireland actually suggested that violence was the way to solve workplace disputes, then it begs several lines of questions.

For example, if Ireland and Aponte are locked in a contract dispute with Randy Starks, then should the three have a physical fight to resolve the issue? If so, then Starks will get a nice signing bonus.

Should Dez Bryant have punched Ireland for Ireland's own bullying questioning at the combine several years ago? Remember, Ireland already knew about Dez's family; he tried to humiliate the kid anyway.

While it is not yet known for sure what Ireland said to Martin's agent, the fact that a denial was not immediately issued is telling.

Many, many fans have thought Ireland was the main problem for years. It seems they are right now that he has finally made his appearance in this scandal. No wonder he was so quiet for the past week.

Of course, we have to wait for the facts to come out f they ever do.

I am embarrassed to admit that I myself got caught up in the "fire everyone" chant. I am now of a different opinion on this entire scandal. Players want their leader back and are making no bones about it. Martin on the other hand is a low life who is only using this scandal to get out of the NFL with a paycheck. Cogs is no angle and never claimed to be. He is what he is and that will never change. Martin is soft and has always been soft. He couldn't cut it at the pro level and now he wants out. I say give him his walking papers, but don't pay him a cent. I think losing Cogs and throwing your entire organization under the bus is payment enough.

I am with the rest of the senior bloggers here, I will wait till the dust settles before I make my final decision on this entire mess. There will be no winners after the outcome, there never is in cases like this, and that is the sad part.

I hope you take your own advice. You were leading the charge. I knew this was B.S., now all you moron's look that way. You should all be ashamed, and fired. Idiots.


If you want to fairly judge Ireland, examine the work of the other 31 GM's during the same period of time. Otherwise you have no perspective.

Many ex GM's have stated that if you hit on 50% of your picks you are doing excellent. The league is full of more first round busts than hits. It isn't easy. All these GM's have huge scout teams that spend thousands of hours watching and talking to college players and their coaches, and they still rarely get it right. Yet, most home fans think they know how to do it better - they have no idea how hard it is.

As far as Irelands ties to Ross...more media poppycock. The NFL like any other profession is a fraternity...just about everyone on every team has ties to others on all the teams. Did you know it was Parcells that recommended Ryan for the Jet's job? And it was the Jet's GM that contacted him? They are all buddies and all work together for the most part. Most of the rivalry nonsense is all fan based, notice how the enemy teams all have buddies on each side of the field to see after the game.

I'm in no position to defend or support Ireland. He hasn't done well enough, yet he wasn't exactly dealt a good hand stuck between Parcells and Sparano for his first 4 years. Believe it or not, Ireland is seriously respected around the league. He also is responsible for finding many of the Cowboys top players.

For any blogger to even begin to comment on Ross and how he operates is absolutely ludicrous. Nobody outside of the organization has any idea. To imply anyone with Ross's track record of success is out of control or operating with blinders on is preposterous. Just because the team is losing doesn't mean the owner is out to lunch. It just means it is not an easy feat...there are very few perennial winners in the NFL.

I am no Ireland fan, with that sad, I have no issue with him telling Martins agent to punch Cogs in the face.

However, regardless if this is a NFL locker room or Religious organization, you cannot allow behavior like that. Regardless! At the end of the day, it is a work place environment.

JUST FOR LIABILITY REASONS, you cannot promote that kind of thing. That's what "bloggers" like Bane don't understand that.

There is a difference in agreeing with what Ireland may have said (like I do) & actually promoting work place violence.

If this is the straw that breaks the camels back & gets Ireland fired, I wouldn't be upset in the least!

I hope they bring cogs back to the team

BTW, if Martins agent went to Ireland & told him things were going on, is it even reasonable to think Ireland wouldn't have passed that message to the coaches?

To think Philbin, Turner & Sherman had no idea about what was going on is laughable IMHO. If this is true about what Ireland said, although I agree in principle, you just can't do that.

Ok all,

Here are some must see comments by Brian Hartline on the situation. He states, as we all knew already, "We were told not to say anything…." I like it much better when the players talk and the coaches talk and we can hear their opinions. He also blast's the media at the end, its great!


The real horror of this story is that the Constitution is dying before our eyes and the media is leading the way. Without evidence, Richie was convicted and given no due process.

When the truth emerges, we will learn that while Richie thought of JMart as a little brother, JMart thought he was Richie's girlfriend. As women are prone to do, JMart snapped when he was 'rejected.' The humiliation and shame of walking out of camp demanded he find a scapegoat to rationalize his reaction.

The PC-types on this forum and in the national media hype up the coarse language of a transcribed voicemail (meant to be the most damning evidence ever) and engage in parsing it so that it obviates any context and tells the narrative they want.

The truth is very simple: JMarts real identity is Judas and the victims are Richie and the Dolphin players. Richie was victimized twice when Dolphins management hung him out to dry and showed no loyalty. This franchise is on its last breath.

shutup @ 08:21,



Ireland had a great hand; he had the money to spend due to cap room etc... to afford Jake Long. The Dolphins clearly needed to upgrade the OL. Instead he goes after a situational DE who may become a star in the league. The issue with that is the position need for a LT and OG was so great that it was the wrong decision to enhance the team. Sioza you are reading into more than was written and that's why I stated you do not know how to read. Your the typical blogger who wants to take a statement out of context to make himself feel like somebody.

Just as I suspected, and as ESPN is reporting, when contacted by Martin's agent about the problem, Jeff Ireland did everything humanly possible to correct this situation, including telling Martin's agent that the solution was for Martin to "get physical" and punch Incognito. Word at Dolphins HQ is he even went so far as to suggest that the Olivia Newton-John song "Let's Get Physical" be played in the locker room. So let's have no more talk suggesting that Jeff Ireland is in any way to blame for this scandal.

The media, including someone I won't mention, has jumped to wild, unsubstantiated conclusions in regards to this story. They have jumped on the national tension regarding race relations and bullying and created a story that never even existed. What happened to responsible journalism? If Martin was so offended, why did he replay the messages that Incognito left for everyone in the locker room while they all laughed, including Martin. The media has also conveniently left out the small detail at the end of Incognito's infamous voice mail. He said "Call me back" and Martin did. Of course, no media outlet felt that was important to mention. Tannehill says Incognito was Martin's best friend? Starks says Incognito always had Martin's back?
Of course, none of it makes sense now but that didn't prevent most media members from creating a story without the proper information.

Ireland and Ross have done nothing but kept their mouths shut. Good idea, let this play out and make the person that was in charge of this locker room take the heat. This will surely be a test for Philbin and his crew, lets see how good of a coach he is or isn't. This should be very interesting to say the least.

If you haven't seen the video press conference with THILL yesterday you should check it out.

Philbin went right before him and as the HC had to stick with the party line. Can't blame him as his boss and team attorneys probably are guiding him along.

But THILL answered questions full on. He gave honest opinions and responses. He stood up for both players. He showed LEADERSHIP.

I think this is a big step forward for this kid. I think he is seizing an opportunity to grab the leadership reigns....weather he realizes he is doing it or not. Good for him and good for this team...it's what is needed from a true NFL QB.

It should come as no surprise that Ricky Williams had some thought provoking comments on this subject.
"To me there's no room to play the victim or to be bullied or to even have that discussion when it comes to the NFL. If you're having that discussion, it just means that maybe you don't belong in the NFL."
"I think I can relate and I can speak on this because I was at a point where I was done with the NFL and I needed to take a break," Williams said. "But unlike Jonathan, I didn't have to find a scapegoat or someone to blame. ... I didn't have to bring anyone else down when I found out that I just couldn't handle what I was going through at the time."
Ricky goes on to congratulate Martin for figuring out a way to walk away and still get paid....


You need to do some old fashioned homework before coming back here.

Long would have been 15 mil to franchise and only one team wanted him at 9 mil, and he isn't even playing that well.

Ireland did upgrade the LB's and DB's and TE. You can't do everything in one offseason. Injuries are not Irelands fault.

Also, spend some time looking at the careers of HOF players. Not many of them hit there stride in their rookie year, many took a few years to 'arrive'. To label a rookie coming off a known injury as a situational player is simply looking for a fault where there is none. Obviously they were easing him in to his role as he missed most of preseason. Too many fans want to call first and second year players busts if they don't look like a pro bowl star immediately. Very few first round picks play like it as rookies.

Last but not least....as I already mentioned...take a close look at the other 31 GM's around the league. If you scrutinize them the same way as you do with Ireland...you just may be surprised to see just how many of them have done worse.

Incognito does not need to be 'released' from racially charged words. Guys talk like this all over America. My daughter in high school and her friends call each other weird names from time to time. It's called screwing around with friends. I am so tired of this muted and 'burn the books' mentality.

Many of you suffer from tunnel vision. You have no perspective because you only look closely at one team.

In case you all haven't noticed, there is currently a huge shortage of OL talent in the NFL. Many teams are in need of players. It's been slim pickings. Many first round OL players (Costanzo sp?) over the last few years haven't even played like 3rd round players.

Ireland may not have wanted to sign an aging vet to a long term contract, which is what they were demanding. let's not make it sound like there was all kinds of talent out there available, there wasn't, just aging vets like Clabo. McKinnie got cut from his own team that is how much they thought of him so better we got him on the cheap instead of a pricey long term deal.

Perspective is everything,

The bottom line here is that this is nobody's business except the Miami dolphins. Everybody wants to see a villain somewhere, everybody wants to hang someone for something. World news, sports talk shows papers etc. To the media- get off it, you do not know, nor does anyone know anything about this and RI will pay for everybody sticking there big noses into this business.

Beat your wife? Get ready for Sunday!
Shoot your friend? Get ready for Sunday!
Slap your mother? Get ready for Sunday!
Kill your teammate while drunk driving? Get ready for Sunday!
Use the N word? You are fired and don't dare come back!

And we idolize people who talk like that. Sad.


There you go speculating about something you know nothing about. You should put your application into the Dolphin office ASAP. They could use a blow hard like yourself. You write a lot but it's information that does not relate or is a forgone conclusion. More evidence that your just full of yourself. So just stop writing and go back to trying to stay employed.

What's the lesson to take away from all this? For me, whatever credibility these ESPN talking heads have had in the past is now gone. Even Adam Schefter who I previously respected was the first who ran with half truths and that old standby, the race card. The only one who has been the voice of reason has been Mike Golic.
Somebody earlier phrased it exactly right: Rush to judgement. I'd add another, yellow journalism


Sorry to expose how ignorant you are. Attacking me won't change a thing about your ill informed posts.

I'm very well employed thank you - at a job you could never do :)

The more info that comes out on this, the more I believe Cogs is getting screwed by this organization.

I listened to espn this morning & they are slowly but, surely backtracking!

Golic has been a voice of reason, the others not so much. The whol talk of racism is just pathetic. If Cogs was racist, why would he be in an NFL or NBA locker room which is a black majority in terms of players?

If a racist were to play any sport, his best bet wuld be hockey!

N word part two,,,,,MONDO,,,LISTEN. I decided Id never watch an NFL game on TV and I have not gone against my promise. But I do like to "keep up" with current events, someday the Dolphins will again be relevant. My other passion is NASCAR, you know all the Tea Party, Klu Klux Klan, racists (according to OBAMA ? All the names you liberal commie's call others but hate to be called yourself.

HYPOCRITE's all !!!


There you go again making a statement you know nothing about. Your a wanna-be, who wishes and dreams to be working in sports.

dolfanSF,you make a good point. Martin was fine until they brought in McKinney and moved him to right tackle again. Sad part is,he stinks at both positions! Biggest loss here is losing Cogs,as for Martin,good ridance!


Many just don't realize how the media works. Their job is to come up with a story. Most of the time there is no story, so they actually have to do some real work - old fashioned investigative journalism. However most of these journalists are just plain lazy. Any time an easy gossip column story comes out, they jump all over it because it is simply easy. Bullying, racism...automatic attention grabbers. They will ride them for as long as they can until they have to 'get back to work'.

The media is a joke.

Most people have no clue how the media works. There is a great book that explains it called "Into The Buzzsaw". But of course it doesn't seem like anyone here would ever read a book.

Martin is telling friends he wants to resume his career. It better not be in Miami!

If another team touches this guy, they are more dysfunctional than we are!

Most stories in the media are dictated by big business. Truth is rarely part of the equation. All the website, magazines, tv stations have sponsors...and they are not going to bite the hand that feeds them.

Freedom of press is an outright lie. There is no freedom of press any more in mainstream media, by default the sponsors control everything. The only outlet left fro true freedom of press is in books, but big brother has done a great job of making society illiterate zombies looking at iphones and web pages and nothing more.



I never had any desire to be working in sports. It's a society of complete idiots. The athletes are idiots and the tv talking heads are mostly dumb ex jocks or journalists incapable of reporting anything more complex than a game.

You are just projecting your own silly dreams on to me. After all, I don't call myself ProSioza.

Posted by: Sioza | November 07, 2013 at 09:04 AM

I agree...nothing more has to be said. Great post!

You'd think the Hearld would stop publishing "reports" from MArtins camp. Beacuse there hasn't been one fully accurate report come out of that camp. Martin is not speaking yet you people keep spewing the non-sense coming from his side!

@Sioza Don't throw us all into the same bag as promichael. There are a few of us in here who have something other than a vacuum between our ears.

6bucks7games | November 07, 2013 at 09:09 AM

Fair enough.

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