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About that voice mail again ... new information

On its face it is horrible. It is offensive. It sounds racist.

The voice mail Richie Incognito left Jonathan Martin in April is at the center of the public distaste for the Dolphins guard. The transcript indeed paints a picture of a bullying veteran using racial epithets against a younger player and threatening that youngster's life:

"Hey, wassup, you half-n----r piece of (expletive). I saw you on Twitter, you been training 10 weeks. I'll (expletive) in your (expletive) mouth. I'm gonna slap your (expletive) mouth, I'm gonna slap your real mother across the face. (laughter). (Expletive) you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."


Except ...

The voice mail which Martin kept was later played in the Dolphins locker room around a group of players ... And Martin was the one who played it, according to two players. And he joked about it.

"This is the same guy that was laughing about this voice mail at one point in time, first of all," receiver Brian Hartline said of Martin. "Second of all, I believe that if you look through the whole voice mail, there's some things said that you probably shouldn't say in general, friends or not friends. But I know for a fact, that I've said things to my friends that I kind of wish I've never said, either."

There's another thing. According to a source close to Incognito, the transcript of the voice mail is not complete. It omits the last line.

After Incognito went on this apparent diatribe, his voice softens, and matter-of-factly he says, "Ok, call me back."

And ... Martin called him back, the source said.

Does this release Incognito from the racially charged words? No.

Do this add context? Yes.

Daily reminder: We don't know the entire story. Please withhold judgment condemning or condoning either side until we know everything.



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The Bucs are right around the corner, hello?!?!?!?

PS, the more news that comes out, the more FOS the Martin camp appears.

HEY! Armando you better change your photo on your blog' DUDE. You don't look like the guy I saw on ESPN last night( that guy had 50lbs on you)

Yes Mark and they played Seattle tough in Seattle last week.

Has any body in this blog heard one of Richi's team mate speak bad about him or consider him a racist? because I haven't. Forget Sapp he is a warrior too and knows how the players in the trenches try to get you out of your game.


Miami Dolphins general manager Jeff Ireland suggested offensive tackle Jonathan Martin physically confront guard Richie Incognito -- even saying he should "punch" him -- as a means of dealing with how he was being treated, Pro Football Talk reported Wednesday night.

According to the report, which cited multiple league sources, Martin's agent, Rick Smith, called Ireland before his client left the team Oct. 28 and complained about the manner in which the second-year player was being treated by Incognito.

In response, Ireland suggested Martin respond to Incognito physically and specifically mentioned that he should "punch" the veteran guard, the sources told Pro Football Talk.

Martin left the Dolphins last week after claims of harassment and misconduct by teammates.

Sources told ESPN on Wednesday that Martin recently checked himself in for a brief stay a South Florida hospital to be treated for emotional distress. The specific treatment of Martin's emotional condition was not disclosed, but sources say it was related to his belief that he had been a target of harassment, including from Incognito.

Multiple sources confirmed to ESPN earlier this week that Incognito used racial epithets and profane language toward Martin on multiple occasions. In a transcript of a voice mail message from April, Incognito referred to Martin as a "half n----- piece of s---."

He is doing actual reporting you douche bags, he's actually to figure out the facts of the story rather than listen to a national media blitz portraying incognito as some bigoted monster.
He shouldnt of said the things he did but if martin had a real problem with it he should have approached the right people not play it for the locker room laughing about it...

This organization has become a total joke. From a complete football idiot owner, to one of the worst GM's in the NFL, to a head coach who is totally lost, this whole team is a mess.
This once proud franchise has been ruined and may never recover.

Wow, this thing is getting more complicated by the minute. I just read a story by Lydon Murtha, former Dolphins OLineman, which rings true to me all the way thru. Basically, he claims that JMartin was standoffish to the rest of his Teammates and that's why he was rejected by the Players. Murtha said Martin refused to pay his rookie share for a dinner and for a traditional trip to LV taken every year by the OLine members. If only out of fear of being isolated, man, give up the dam- $, you don't want to be Mohandas Ghandi in this setting. UFFF!

Mando, you might want to read that last line out loud to yourself. You've done a pretty good job of jumping to conclusions yourself.

Ireland and Philbin will finally be gone very soon.

Sioza, haven't read the book but I've always understood that bad news sells. What's unreal about this whole thing is even the not one of these guys understood any story has two sides. I thought they taught that in school

Incognito off the team is a plus. Ireland and Philbin off will be pluses too.

By te way, while driving around yesterday, I heard my local media cover this event and later on listened to some ESPN radio covering the event. TOTALLY different perspective.

The local guys had Rob Murphy (ex Ohio State, NFL, and all time CFL great o lineman who is still pretty young - under 45 years old) anyway, he went on to give a pretty balanced acocunt for everything. Said, yes it's not uncommon for things to go to far and you have to be careful trying to toughen someone up because you may make them snap. Also said that the football lockerroom is a place unlike any other in the world. The average person just couldn't fathom what happens in there, you have 53 alpha males and things are way, way different than the corporate environment and it's murky applying the same labour laws because they just aren't practical. Anyway, guys concluded on the segment saying it was bizarre and as constituted it's impossible to know exactly what's going on until all the facts come out.

Meanwhile the two fukkfaces they had on ESPN actually used phrases like "I hate Richie Incognito" without ever meeting him, were quick to conclude that the Dolphins were 100% guilty and had their torches and pitchforks ready. Sheesh, the group is Bristol is a bunch of careless journalists to put it mildly.

I'm very well employed thank you - at a job you could never do :)

Posted by: Sioza
Your right Sioza I would get bored in front of a 7-11 cash register all day...

BS story from the very beginning. It was OBVIOUS just from reading the EDITED/INCOMPLETE voicemail transcript that Incognito wasn't serious and that there was no threat being made. Over the top, maybe, but it was never meant for public release.

That Salguero and the rest of the media made it into exactly what they wanted to make it into is par for the course. Unfortunately, easily more than 50% of the population are either suckers who cannot think for themselves or are willing to destroy their own credibility by sticking to a story line even when it's proven absurd. The BS has to get neck high before a signifigant number of the lemmings will finally bail out. Case in point ... If you like your health care ... period. Same sh*t, different "sport".

Ricky Williams @ 8:36. that's why i loved that man ..,.a man's man.

This organization has become a total joke. From a complete football idiot owner, to one of the worst GM's in the NFL, to a head coach who is totally lost, this whole team is a mess.
This once proud franchise has been ruined and may never recover.

Posted by: MassDolphan | November 07, 2013 at 09:17 AM

I said this years ago. Many argued. Now everyone agrees.

HEY LOL, we have Black players in hockey!!!

Go Whitey!!

Ireland without Parcells puppet strings = FLOP

I don't call myself ProSioza.
Sioza, your a bigger idiot than I thought.
My ID name was from my email address moron

This situation of the national media echo chamber and the narrative it was giving had the appearance of another duke lacross situation.

Very surprised that armondo is still attacking the dolphins on ESPN radio. his interview on mike ad mike this morning sounded like someone who is clinging to his original opinion inspite of all the contradictory evidence. Very disappointed in mando. listen for yourself http://espn.go.com/espnradio/play?s=espn

although Icognito is far from perfect and is no boy scout, he has been unfairly treated as a scapegoat. I'm suspect the team has done this for legal reasons.

Now the Players are in full revolt commenting about the situation after they were told not to do it by the Dolphins FO because they feel Incognito has been thrown under the bus by Dolphins management. What a mess!

Oscar Canosa,

The players will continue to do so, What is management going to do suspend most of the team.

When the hell did this situation begin? I believe it was when JMartin was declared out because of "illness". This happened only a short time after they changed Martin's position to RT because they had acquired McKinnie to play LT and after the NE Game where Jonathan played on the R side. Anybody correct me while I go along here. Then, before the Cinci Game he turns up on the ill list. I immediately suspected that the illness had to do with his being dissatisfied playing RT and probably did not want to play there. Then, the whole thing snowballed from there, especially with the publishing of Incognito's e-mails and voice mail to JMartin. Just trying to find motivations for this complicated incidence by retracing steps to its beginning. I'm sure much more information and analysis about this situation will be forthcoming

I agree Oscar. Amazingly, Martin's switch to right tackle and trade for McKinnie has been woefully unreported by the national press.

I don't know about that Fins...Chris Carter on ESPN put everything in perspective and I believe everything he said right down to the last word. If the media doesn't want to except the logical explanation of a well respected former player than so be it. We all know for the most part what the true story is, hard not to with the information that has been leaked the past week.

The media just wants to flame the franchise, its team, its coaches, and its front office. Nothing more needs to be said up to this point. I am convinced that Martin was the culprit and was the one who had ulterior motives.

The team will rally together in spite of all of this drama...they have said their piece and are ready to take the field Monday Night. I wouldn't want to be playing the Dolphins right now. these guys are pissed and are going to take it out on anyone who gets in their way. Good for them.

Im starting to think JM is a baby and wanted out. By keeping the voice mail was the way.

Wash, I missed that Chris Carter interview, but read his opinion was evolving. While I'm not sure that JM is the actual instigator, I think his parent's/camp certainly are.

I think they are trying to cover for their son (understandable) but their goal of hurting the dolphins financially, getting a settlement for their son, and spinning the narrative to be one of bullying as an excuse for JM's mental health issues is unseemly and reeks of the overly litigious lawyer stereo types.

I genuinely want j martin to get well,and have a productive life. but I don't want him on my dolphins, and don't like the distortions and half truths from his family/camp.

"Does this release Incognito from the racially charged words? - No"

Well, yes actually.

There is nothing in that v/mail that I haven't heard from a thousand locker rooms, sports shows, bars etc. and a recent Sun Sentinel's blog.

It is all about context.

Martin is obviously done in Miami, which is a crying shame, because he was the future at one of the OT positions.

My only 2 questions are:

1. have the Dolphins lost a Pro Bowl OG too?

2. what compensation can the Dolphins expect from the League to make up for the #2 it used on Martin?

a) I don't think anyone intelligent thought Incognito didn't believe he was just joking around. But while that may be true, it doesn't matter. It's not up to him to decide how someone else will take death threats and epithets. It's harassment both morally and under the law. We Americans are all legally entitled to work at our chosen profession without being subjected to the things he said.

b) I'm amazed that people are assessing this situation as if Martin has spoken and now the team gets to respond. Martin has not spoken. He has not addressed the media. He has not presented his case publicly. A few pieces of evidence have leaked. But none of us have any idea what steps he took before leaving the team, besides his agent raising the issue with Ireland (who is going to be fired and found personally liable if Martin sues).

c) It's also amazing how many people will make a cynical interpretation of Martin--he's just after easy money, yet not consider the same for the team. They want their teammate back for what they hope will be a playoff run, and more importantly they are covering their ass. They don't want to be found guilty for their actions or inaction in this situation. Same reason you won't see the coaches admit to seeing anything wrong--if they do, they are liable.

What are the odds that some Dolphin is going to stand up and say "Hey, I saw Richie going overboard, and I did nothing. And even as Martin was losing it, I just stood by because he's a weirdo." That guy not only gets publicly shamed, but then faces a locker room that just harassed a teammate away from a $2m contract and into psychiatric care. Very few people would be strong enough to do that.

Spencer, I think you can bet on the Dolphins losing a draft pick or more for a) condoning/instigating harassment, b) doing so in order to compel attendance at VOLUNTARY OTAs, c) failing to provide a safe workplace, and d) so that the NFL can scapegoat them and pretend it's not a problem elsewhere.

Ireland will be fired (I know this actually helps the team and shouldn't be considered a punishment), Philbin will most likely be fired, the coach who unleashed Incognito will be fired and suspended by the league, Martin will be traded for a 5th/6th or an unwanted veteran, Incognito will be suspended by the league, and probably never play again. The new regime will clean house and most of the players who spoke up today will be in a different uniform next year.

This is another example of Martin's lawyer Momma pulling the strings on him. He was a soft player that wanted to quit so she had to make up a story so that he gets paid.

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