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Changes coming but none decided

TAMPA -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, who is in town to watch his team play against the Buccaneers tonight and is scheduled to talk to the media at 6 p.m., fully expects to make "significant" changes within the organization following the NFL investigation and season, according to a source.

But ...

Ross has made no final decision on the future of coach Joe Philbin or general manager Jeff Ireland, the source said. Furthermore, the source said, if Ross is pressured to dismiss one or the other, barring incriminating details in the NFL report that forces his hand otherwise, Ross is more likely to keep Philbin than Ireland.

Ross, I am told, is fond of and respects the job both Philbin and Ireland have been doing. Philbin is the owner's first signature hire since taking full control of the Dolphins in 2009. Ross also reportedly gave Ireland a one-year contract extension before the start of the 2013 season -- an endorsement of the job he felt the general manager was doing.

The NFL is investigating the Richie Incognito-Jon Martin situation. But in speaking with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Ross is said to have asked for a review that included everyone in the organization and not just the players involved.

That means Ross wants to know what role if any, his coaching staff (including assistants) had in the issue. He wants to know what role if any his personnel department played in the issue. He wants to know what role if any top football administrators played in the issue.

The results of that review and the results the Dolphins will continue to get on the field are expected to be the factors Ross uses to weigh his employees' future.


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Full house cleaning please.


Can we investigate why the patriots had a murderer on their team who got a huge contract extension ?

Whoever said martin can't win a huge settlement, probably have a point. Take a look at the last few people who tried to take on the NFL, they have their hands in so many people's pockets

Good for you Ross! Say eff em and do not let them pressure you into firing Philbin. Good, man. I don't think you should fire Ireland...over this...but if you had to pick one of the 2...ok. LOl

Sorry, point is trying to sue the NFL on a subjective matter is not a smart way to try to make a living.

I'm glad Ross isn't sticking his head in the sand. He could very well have given the coaches and gm a pass and just had the players investigated but I believe he's doing the right thing. If there is no evidence that Philbin had anything to do with this and the team rallies around him and finishes 9-7 you have to keep the guy. Talk about winning over a locker room. If they win 9 or 10, with the injuries, and this nightmare happening now it will be nothing short of a miracle and Philbin should stay. But how about Sherman? hmmmmmmmm

Hopefully the changes are once everything is out, you termnate the rest of Martins contract and bring Richie back. Hear that? That was the sound of every media head in ESPN land exploding simultaneously, lol.

Dr S, I'm with you. if the team goes in the toilet then job assessments should be made but over this bullcrap, nope.

That would be mark. I didn't say he couldn't, I just said I didn't see how he could. However, that is from what I believe is rational thinking. I'm just sayin

meant to saym, "that would be me, mark"

We need a cleansing of 4 people.

Incognito - made to be he bad guy here, and to some degree he is, but, he's not worth the media attention & he's a FA anyway.

Martin - He's soft on the field and even softer off it. Can't take the heat? Get out o the Kitchen!

Pilbin - OK, I like the guy. But, you let him go for 2 reasons. A. Let's face it, you either have to have a pulse on the locker room or someone in there to do it for you. No excuse to not know what was going on.

B. His coaching & lack of in game adjustments led to 2 losses. Bills & NE game. Yes Sherman is calling the plays but, as HC he can change any play & he didn't.

Ireland - He is the most obvious. He has a poor record in personnel. Him spending ridiculous amounts of money in FA is a reflection of that. I'm not gonna kill him for not resigning long because he wasn't worth it. But, keeping Starks & not using that money to get more oline help is BAD. The Dez situation. Spurned by Fisher, etc...

Get rid of these guys, which would also obviously include the coaching staff, and start anew. You have a DECENT talent base to work with. Get someone here to polish it up & coach it better. 2014 draft picks & cap space are to valuable to waste. They will determine this clubs success the next 3-4 years.

Alright, Mark, Phins...Guess I'll see you guys at live blog tonight. Till then. Go phins!!!

Also, certain members of the media are back to lying again. Yes, that's right, LYING! Now they're not even trying to hide their lies, CHECK IT OUT.

"In the interview, he said he was embarrassed by the things he said and did to teammate Jonathan Martin.

He told Glazer:

"People don't know how John and I communicate with one another. A week before this went down, Jonathan Martin texts me on my phone, "I will murder your whole effing family.'"

Incognito is trying to show that his treatment of Martin was totally normal within the weird social environment of an NFL locker room. He's not a bully — he's trying to say — he's just a football player.

But after the Fox interview aired, Martin's lawyer David Cornwell went on Twitter and posted a photo of that text.

(A picture of a dog and it's owner with the words,"I will kill your whole f$#@ing family", I have no clue what that's about, Martins lawyer is nuts)

As many have pointed out, this isn't quite the same as Incognito's voicemail to Martin, where he called him a "half-n****," or another alleged voicemail where he threatened to have sex with Martin's sister."

"In the interview, he said he was embarrassed by the things he said and did to teammate Jonathan Martin."
Lie #1.
He said he was embarrassed by what he said, not what he did because he didn't DO anything.
He never left a voicemail about Martins sister. That was another teammate, Martins lawyer has already said so.
Lie#3 No one threatened Martins sister. The teammate said he wanted to have sex with her, not that he wanted to sexually assault her.

Reporters are allowed to print lies because no one ever holds THEM accountable. It's sick and disgusting, just as bad as two teammates texting vulgar comments to each other. Actually it's worse considering the two teammates were fine with it until one of them decided he didn't want to play football anymore.

Looks like from the start Martin's side (mom) doesn't want a trial. Can you imagine any team signing Martin while his trial vs. the Dolphins is ongoing? It appears that they want this decided in the court of public opinion. Release enough dirt on the Dolphins to make it painful for Ross to watch. I don't know if Martin has legitimate evidence of harassment or not, but clearly a quick settlement and full release from his contract would be the best possible scenario for any future he has in the NFL.

Phins78 just like Kris, would be one of the worst people you can have on your jury if you were on trial. One dumber than mud, the other decides what is a lie and what isn't based on his frivolous imagination.

Also, that "story" was written by a business insider from yahoo and put on their main page for everyone to see.

The problem is our country is full of f$#@ing dipwads who can't think for themselves. And it's full of 50 or older people who were once hippies but now strangly believe EVERYTHING they see on tv and read in the news.

So this guy told three lies in his story. It's not even disputable, they were outright lies. And now the morons in this country will read this story and take it as fact. They won't recognize it was written by a business insider and they won't care. Someone write the words, must be true.


I'm not sure I'm up for this live blogging tonight. At this moment, my heart is not all into it.

someone wrote

Posted by: Sarducci | November 11, 2013 at 04:44 PM

Thank you Daytona. I notice you aren't able to dispute my post. But you're able to call me out personally even though we don't know each other. Just shows what a stupid f$#@ing moron you are now and always have been.

You put don't my post but have no argument to prove your point. And you know why that is? Because I'm right and you're wrong. Don't think so?

Prove that those three things the reporter said were facts and not lies. Good luck dumb as a#$.

LMAO!! @ the wusses on here saying Incognito won't play again!!! PFT has an article today for you morons. The Dolphins cannot "suspend" Cogs indefinitely. I told some of you meat heads this before and as usual, you know nothings argued with me. Cogs can only be suspended for 4 games by league rules, which means by Dec 2nd he must be reinstated or cut. If he is cut PFT said a contender will definitely sign him. If the Fins cut him. I hope he gets a ring.
Posted by: Bobbyd12 | November 11, 2013 at 04:34 PM


Bobbyd12, why do you have a "superior than all" attitude?
You raked everyone over the coals during live blog of Keller's injury. Then of course you were wrong. Now this.
Not berating you, just wished you could control yourself in the blogs a little better. You're one of the better posers here when on your best behavior.

In watching the Incognito interview ( interestingly getting more play and exposure than the Obama Care lie once and for all proving how out of whack we've become as a Nation regarding priorities) I personally believed his story and version of events. Growing up in Miami and attending a racially diverse H.S. like Miami Killian Sr. (in the late 80's immersed in the NWA Straight out of Compton explosion) I can tell you the "N" word was dropped in every other sentence by everybody Black-n-White. I played on the Killian Football team and dropped it around a few friends in the gym were it wasn't a big deal in regards to the context you used it in and the reason leaking the voice mail to hear the context in which it was used is important. There is a difference between using that word ending it in "ER" over ending it with an "A" which can be meant to mean "What up my Bruddah" ect....

That said this post is about "WHO" may get the ax if the Dolphins don't win and in that regard then you look over the AFC and take an honest look at our chances after blowing some leads and losing to Buffalo with a P.S. QB (inexcusable) and I don't see our chances as great in honesty. The West will produce a Div. Champ and Wild Card team in the race between the Chiefs and Broncos with the Chargers maybe pushing the final spot as well.

The South should be won by Indy with no real threats at the Wild Card but then comes the North with a real dog fight down the stretch with Baltimore really only a half game back from Miami currently in the race given their head-to-head win over us and the Bengals are unraveling but think they pull it out at the end with Pitt. playing spoiler and the Jets in the race in the East.

Analyzing we still play Pitt., S.D. and the Jets twice we would need at least 3 out of 4 here, no easy task! Without mentioning our head-to-head with the red hot Panthers. I realistically see a team fighting for 9-7 and don't think that gets it done without mentioning all the inside shifts and blitzes this revamped OL will see from here on out. I also don't think the NFL investigation will be kind to Ireland making him the odd man out but it's the lack of Playoff push with (probably) a new F.O. and the leash they give Philbin which wasn't there hire and were the team really goes from there. One thing is for sure we will now see what our owner no longer a baby to the game will do given his decisions have the ability to sink this ship further, I for one have a greater interest here than with anything being said by the media regarding this over-blown circus!

Further proof that you are daytona is your neverending hard on for Kris.

And you're so f%$#ing dumb you put Kris and I, WHO ARE NOW AND HAVE BEEN ON OPPOSITE SIDES OF THIS THING FROM THE BEGINNING, in the same post comparing us like we are on the same side in this matter. How did you get so stupid? Kicked in the head or are your parents as dense and retarded as you? I'm done, I shall ignore you now until I leave. Thank you for chiming in you worthless piece of dung.

Let me ask this.....No one was pushed or vilified by the coaching staff than Egnew and John Jerry last year. Yet neither of those guys complained. And, I believe neither did Martin. I think is this being orchestrated by his family and I can almost guarantee there will be a lawsuit. I think Martin reacted the way he did has as much to do with his family pushing him as it was Icognito. His parents viewed it as workplace bullying, not Martin...at least not until he went home.

Armando, the newly formed Aponte/Philbin ALLIANCE may have TIPPED Ross' hand along these lines.

Think about it, an APONTE/PHILBIN alliance can not mean be good for Ireland's future in Miami.

Plus, it seems Ireland is the only one OUTSIDE of the locker room knowing of Martin's situation and did nothing. Unless, we can call Ireland suggesting he "punch Cogs out" doing something.

Ireland had chance to nip this thing in the bud before becoming public and HE FAILED MISERABLY!


Go ahead and prove what you say are lies are lies.

Go ahead...Hypocrite. Taste your own medicine. Judge, jury, hangman. People like you should die well before they reach puberty.

What an idiot loser you are.

Fins 31
Bucs 9

Team is pissed off yo.

"Significant change" is Ireland and Philbin both being fired.

Anything else is a waste of time.

Firing the coach and GM because of this would be ridiculous. This is a small issue that got sensationalized by the media. That this is a national story for 10 days is laughable.

Pitt/Big Ben.....Eagles/Vick.....Saints/entire D.....Pats/Hernandez....Jets/Holmes, Burress.....Ravens/Lewis....NFL/Concussions.....NFL/Concussions....NFL/Concussions.....etc, etc--choose your hypocrites....basically our thugs stink worse than the other teams thugs, unfortunately.

did I mention NFL/Concussions?

You don't think part of the reason J. Martin left the Dolphins was because he got switched to right tackle? He hates that position and he has said so publicly.

Just from what little we've seen from the interactions between Ireland and Philbin, it appears Ireland was just too young and inexperienced to be a GM. He was still in his twenties, not enough life experience to deal with such a task.

F4L, Good post. I just have one thing to say on it. You should call it the "affordable healthcare act" when you're talking about it.

A lot of people don't like Obama and yes, like almost every president before him he lied about a campaign promise because THEY ARE ALL SCUMBAGS.

But he is our president and the horrible health care act is a law. We can at least respect our own country and call it what it is. No sense in putting some silly tea party label on it. It always makes the person (arguing against the health care acts merits) look like they have an axe to grind with Obama that has nothing to do with the law. I watched an anchor on Fox News the other night swear Obama named it "Obama care" and then asked "how egotistical is he".

Of course, she never corrected herself and doesn't have to, she's a news reporter so she can say whatever she wants, doesn't even have to be true. Just has to anger people enough that they buy whatever product is being sold.

Ireland's the only Dolphin officionado that had prior knowledge of Martin's situation before going public yet chose to not PROPERLY ADDRESS IT.

Therefore, if and when the hammer comes down, Ireland should be directly in the line of fire. It's just a matter of will he choose to have a cigarette with his blindfold.

I already did f$#k wad, that was the post you were complaining about.

LMAO at your utter uselessness.

I don't know that a complaint about bullying in an NFL locker room is really going to be taken too seriously by any GM. If Martin said something more serious happened that is one thing, but if it came across as 'people are picking on me', I'd tell them to fight back too. Didn't our fathers teach us to fight back? So what is the difference?

I am Sam, Cleeland, former te for the Saints told a story of 60 players making the rookies run through a guantlet while the players used weapons to hit them in the head, face, chest, and legs.

He went to Ditka to complain and ditka told him to fight the guys.

Then this many years later Ditka was screaming that the Dolphins were all messed up for doing this.

There is nothing fair in any of this. The media and talking heads at espn just can't help themselves. Too much money to be made and no one cares about who gets hurt in the process.

Samantha, Martin did not go Ireland, he had his agent do it. I'm sure he gave his agent enough dirty detail.

Actually, it was smart of Martin to have his agent intervene. This way Ireland could never deny the conversation took place, just like he probably would have when this went public.

I do smell a whole lot of premeditation in this.

Phins78 is really such a sucker. He is always telling others to ignore the trolls yet he takes the bait every time and starts in with them.

I'm out, peace.

Phin78, the difference is Martin's a Stanford graduate, Cleeland wasn't. The brainiac knew exactly what to do right down to admitting himself into psychiatric treatment.

I don't see this being a long, drawn out investigation. Could be within a matter of weeks the truth will come out. I won't be surprised if it is not as dramatic as all are expecting. It does look like both players though have played their last game as a Dolphin.

Of course, she never corrected herself and doesn't have to, she's a news reporter so she can say whatever she wants, doesn't even have to be true. Just has to anger people enough that they buy whatever product is being sold.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 11, 2013 at 05:03 PM

The older I get the more skeptical I am of both parties and have for sometime voted independent (even though I am a registered Republican given my formal Yrs. came at the tail end of the Cold War later shifted more to the middle and now vote my conscience)

One of the big sticking points about affordable health care is the fact it's only supposed to affect 15% of Americans but as someone with a disabled parent I took a vested interest in the intricacies of what the President proposed and what was actually passed into law. We will all have varying views given our personal situations but felt the shift in plan to law a slap in the face to those that rely on retirement Health care.

My post was more about our chances in the Playoff hunt and if you read it then rather you give me your take and leave Executive/Legislative agenda to those that swim in that quagmire.

I'm out, peace.

Posted by: Phins78 | November 11, 2013 at 05:13 PM

Martin has 2 highly successful parents. He's an excellent student. He was recruited by Harvard. He went to Stanford and was a starter as a red-shirt freshman on a highly rated offensive line. He was an All-American his Junior year.

This year he is one of the lowest ranked tackles in the league. Anyone think his emotional distress is the result of a young man who's been pressured to succeed all his life confronting failure for the first time?

Neither Jon or Richie R the problem. It's Jon's mommy. Probably been doing this sort of thing to Jon his whole life. That's why Richie didn't see it coming - because he didn't see Jon's mommy.

who is active and inactive tonight?

Samantha, I believe the conclusion of this is all pending the outcome of the NFL's special investigator report.

If the NFL special investigator returns he finds nothing sufficient to punish anyone in this matter. The Martins will hire even bigger legal guns and go after the NFL too.

If the NFL investigator does find sufficiency, the Martins have an open and close slam dunk case, where they may only go after Ross' money. But who knows how it eventually ends, but, almost certain to end in $money$.


Real Housewives of Miami - One women blew her breath into her friend's face so the friend could smell the semen on her breath.

First 48- Cops in Miami investigating murder of homeless guy. Everyone the cops pulled in gave up the name of an acquaintance in like 5 minutes. After 6 or 7 of those guys I realized that I know what all of you look like, what your hood looks like.


Great job Mando!
Look! We have lost two Offensive Line Starters to this nonsense at midseason. Not an injury to speak of, yet we lose the Left side of our OL. We let Jake Long go because we were led to believe Martin could fill his shoes. We created a nightmare scenario in our locker room due to shenanigans and BS!
Ireland's draft picks stand out in what way? After 25 plus picks, what has Ireland brought to the Miami Dolphins? Ireland has allowed more talent to leave the organization than he has drafted. It appears to me Ross has his decision already made. Ireland in no way should keep his job.
How can anyone argue that Philbin should be retained? This guy has no clue what's going on in HIS locker room?? Seriously?? A Coach who opens the season 3-0, then cliff dives should keep his job? Since when?? Tannehill was already the most sacked QB in the NFL before all this nonsense became a national media firestorm. Nobody would be surprised if he ends up on IR because those leading the program are clueless, career assistants, who never should have risen to positions of authority to begin with. Seems to me, what the Dolphins franchise does best, since Don Shula retired--is---start over. A new owner with a pulse, that cares about winning, like Joe Robbie did would not be a bad idea either!!!

Let me ask this.....No one was pushed or vilified by the coaching staff than Egnew and John Jerry last year. Yet neither of those guys complained. And, I believe neither did Martin. I think is this being orchestrated by his family and I can almost guarantee there will be a lawsuit. I think Martin reacted the way he did has as much to do with his family pushing him as it was Icognito. His parents viewed it as workplace bullying, not Martin...at least not until he went home.

Posted by: JL Raleigh | November 11, 2013 at 04:56 PM

I believe your on to something and think it goes further than that. I think Martin displeased with being signaled out for the sacks that Tannehill took and being forced back to RT (a financial demotion) in the midst of a 4 game skid wanted out. He however gets that under the CBA he owed Miami another 2 1/2 Seasons were he may get stuck in what he considered out of Position and found a way out of that commitment into early FA. I just wonder if he didn't out-smart himself with this now an over-blown 3-ring circus were I feel Incognoti has a better shot at getting himself another shot as compared to him with alot of Locker Rooms (supposedly sympathetic) but weary of him now as a new type of Locker Room Cancer.

" If they win 9 or 10, with the injuries, and this nightmare happening now it will be nothing short of a miracle and Philbin should stay. But how about Sherman? hmmmmmmmm
Posted by: Phins78 | November 11, 2013 at 04:30 PM

78, respectfully, I doin't think thy (Philbin and Sherman) are mutually exclusive. You can't be 10-6 and FIRE Sherman, especially during the present fiasco.
8-8 or worse? They should BOTH go.

IRELAND WILL BE CANNED, & never receive a front office job again in the NFL
PHILBIN WILL STAY, & will continue to bore us to death
MARTIN WILL BE BROUGHT BACK NEXT YEAR, & probably come out of the closet
INCOGNITO WILL BE RELEASED VERY SOON, & be signed and forgiven by a Super Bowl Winning Team.
...So who wins in the End?? The BAD GUY ...WATCH

Cogs will be the winner here. He will be on a playoff team within a few weeks.

Right On Ralph

I agree Ralph, and that team is playing tonight.

Firing any Coach or GM will be admitting liability and opens the organization for future lawsuits...

The only way anyone gets fired is if Martin has physical evidence that someone on the coaching staff was directing the harassment.

If Martin truly felt HARRASSED, maybe its PROOF he READ this BLOG.


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