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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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woh ho 16 points, way to step on the gas pedal guys! You guys are great! Like anyone expected anything less from the great dolphins, please.

Yup, you said it all Mando. Good teams win close games, bad teams lose close games. Miami is a bad team.

Tannehill SUCKS! The last 2 plays of the game sum it up why this whole thing needs to be blown up AGAIN!

Maybe Mike Sherman thinks 16 points is approximately 40, close enough for him


1. Blame this on Henne
2. Fire Ireland
3. Blame this on Henne

No, it's just the coaching staff didn't pull out any tricks. Didn't do anything different. They thought they could beat a better team doing the same thing. They couldn't. Blame this on coaching. They fukked up, like usual.

Maybe the fans should hire ted wells to include a small section on his report on why this team sucks so bad, after all, he interviewed the whole team

This one was a kick in the GUTS!! No way around it. They had it but those three gift points before the half killed.

Once again there are no adjustments after halftime. Very frustrating.

There can't be a more tortured fan base.

Is this a joke? What the heck happened out there?

3 Games Philbin has lost by himself...

As a coach you cant lose so many games by yourself

There is no Team on the NFL that can win with a WR playing as QB that cant throw the ball for more than 15 yards! we should be 8-3 at least if Moore is our QB and not this retarded QB.

Actally, at least the 4th loss that can be linked to Tannehill-Wallace misconnects.

Not counting 2nd to final play, very difficult catch to make, though Wallace had a chance to haul it in. It would have been a twisting turning whirling-derbish of an acrobatic catch.

Tannehill has to begn taking advantage of the WIDE-OPEN deep opportunities.

this loss is on everyone. there are too many crucial mistakes to chronicle here. two that come to mind are wallace dropping the slant for first down on miami's last possession, and jones's stupid penalty on the final drive.

Offense, continue to regress...Oline actually played decent against a very good D-line, and Miami fails to do a damn thing in the 2nd half, EVERY FKN WEEK, THIS OFFENSE PLAYS THE 2ND HALF FLATTER THAN SH#T AND TODAY WAS NO DIFFERENT, Mike Sherman does not deserve his job...plain and simple!!!!

It's simple...you can't miss an open WR THREE times, costing THREE TOUCHDOWNS !!! and still expect to win...

...I've seen enough...the QB just is not good enough !!!!

Maybe he might be someday...but he simply IS NOT NFL CALIBER NOW !!!

...End of story!!!

This team can't finish a game. They duck

And really Tannehill did enough to win. Besides the miss to Wallace, Matthews missed a TD, Sturgis misses a FG, and Wallace drops a long bomb at the end of the game. So I blame the coaching, and the supporting cast on offense (it's hard to blame Wallace since he did pull in 2 long passes, but in the NFL it's the plays you make in the 4th quarter that count).

That was a Bullshiit personal foul call.

Low scoring games are not 'in' anymore and if that's your gameplan, you will lose. Haven't scored a TD in the 4th quarter in 7 games and counting.

Wallace can't catch the ball. You had a drop on the drive before the last on that allowed Carolina to get the ball back with plenty of time. He had a chance to win the game and couldn't catch the ball. $60 million dollar waste.


it's not sufficient for tannehill to do ``enough" to win. miami has no margin for error. the fact is, they could not sustain two drives within 7 minutes which they had to take control of the game. the plays referenced happened in the first half, which is ancient history by the 4th quarter. newton sucked in the first half, but he killed miami in the second. winners show up when the game is on the line.

The hell they did enuff, you got one of the toughest and hottest teams playing you today, and u think 16 pts is good enuff to win, that's the whole problem with this fkn organization, they've just been happy with playing miserable football year in and year out......

Yeah ape tamer, except everyone and there mother knew it was a foul the second it happened. Welcome to 21st century football, glad you could join us

everyone and their mother is back in it..... Fins, Jets, Ravens, Steelers, Chargers, the kitchen sink. That's the only saving grace. Everyone sucks too. But it would help to score TD's or even FG's in the second half. Just sayin.

why can't Wallace fricken catch?!?!?!?!?!?!? we won that game PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if he caught the damn ball............

How can anyone blame Tannehill for this loss? He did his job. Threw for over 300 yards, spread ball all over the field and he even ran with the ball. The defense let the team down at the end and the OL problems continue.

I really believe that we have our franchise QB. We also have some talent on defense and some very good WRs. Let's give the team some credit, they played their hearts out today and lost to a great hot team. We are a couple of players away on offense and defense from being a very good team.

Bad move by Philbin was to go for 52yd fg. LOW SCORING games you have to play for FIELD POSITION.

Make the fg, it looks great. Miss fg, give opponent field position compounded by not getting the defensive stop.

It's the QB MORONS eh ?

That play at the end of the half is de DUMBEST play i´ve ever seen.... It ridicoulous, virtually they give up a field goal for free because a coach's mental mistake... Every player has the right to make a mietake, cause they are in ther, you know?, ON THE FIELD... BUT the coacher are paid for THINKING, they áre off the field, away form the hits , SO THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO EXCUESE FOR A MENTAL MISTAKE, THEY HAVE TO BE 2 PLAYS AHEAD OF THE CURRENT PLAY, THATS WHY THERE ARE A BUNCH OF COACHES NOT JUST ONE... F*****N LOOSERS

As a long term dolphins fan, I KNEW they would lose this game, but I couldn't help to watch anyway. I wish I could say I'm done with this team, but I have before, and I just can't stop watching. it's pure torture really, I wish I could just stop watching. I'm going to really try harder next week to just watch the highlights after the game

DC - we have only two starters on the oline from opening day. It ain't coaching, it is lack of talent.

Don't be stupid.

Austin, exactly, and the blame for that is on the GM. He consistently builds teams that can go .500. He CANNOT build championship teams. Get rid of him. Let the new GM decide if he wants Philbin. If I kept Philbin, it would only be on the condition that he fires Sherman. That's the only way Tannehill will grow, IMO.

get rid of tannpuke........ plain and simple

tannehill is a solid lower-tier nfl quarterback. he cannot, and will not, win a superbowl. now, i am not blaming this game on him. but it is evident that the primary reason carolina won is because of better qb play. newton won the heisman trophy and national championship. tannehill won, well..... he was manziel's predecessor in college.

need to draft a new QB............ again

Coaching today was bad. You are playing a better team. So, when you have a 3 point lead you don't go for a 53 yard field goa. You punt it and pin them deep. You also run the ball every chance you have when your defense stops them twice wiith less than 6 minutes to play. There were two drives where Sherman threw twice on three plays eating less than 1:45 off the clock.

Players made mistakes too. Focusing on the last drive....Fields punts it into the end zone instead of pinning them deep. 3rd down & 18, from the 20 and Vernon lets Newton go from a foot hold and allows them 8 yards. 4th and 10 and they can't stop Smith where the game should have been over right there. The out of bounds "hit" on Newton...bad play by Jones, he should never have touched him. That last drive really killed the Fins and that was on the players.

Posted by: nyfinfan | November 24, 2013 at 04:35 PM

Who gives two sh$ts who makes that second spot at a WC....this team frankly along with those others doesn't deserve to even be in it at this point.....Jeff Irefiend and Mike Sherman do not need the glamour of seeing this team in the playoffs only to be WIPED completely out in the first round.....They don't deserve to have that slimmer of hope of job security right now.....

They are a disgusting team on offense right now and winning from this point is not something worth seeing if we have to put up with another year of these two @ss-cLOWNs!!!

Sort out the run game and get an OL in offseason BUT this season isn't over yet with the Jets losing we are still in a chance for a WildCard playoff spot

Team has scored 40 points in 4th quarter ALL SEASON...

that's an average of 4 points per game in the 4th Quarter over the entire season so far...

...that indicates that the opposing Defense has made adjustments to what we did in 1st half, and NO adjustments on our Offense to compensate...and that is on the Coaches...

Tough loss but as long as we believe in Jeff Ireland, good things are bound to happen!

superphin is right. sliding in through the back door to the second wc is precisely what this organizaton does NOT need. they need new management and coaching. there is some talent, but the comedy of errors that was the end of first/second half screams of an organization that lacks leadership. the wc will simply delay the inevitable, again.

It's the fu, ing Q B you diseased imbeciles eh?

Tannehill did NOT do enough to win this game. He had at least 3 plays, not counting the 1st TD and the 2nd to last play, where Wallace was behind the D and gone and he either underthrew him, or overthrew him. He's not the answer folks. Hid underthrow to Wallace for a big gain COST us a TD (we settled for a FG).
Stop making excuses for him... he's not that good.

Phailbin starts his presser by praising the opponent. Every time. Only a loser does that. This franchise is leaderless, talentless, and most of all meaningless.

Tannehill was outside the pocket last play. Should have thrown ball away with at least 1-2 seconds left. Would have lead to 1 final play.

Instead, ran clock out and took sack. He's still young, hopefully learns better with experience.

I hope this has been Tannehill's season to exorcise the football demons. Then come on super strong next season. This year's now a wash anyway guys.

LOL...ANOTHER heartbreaking loss??? Only if you ever expected this team to win in the first place, which I did not...
running game-garbage...defense-garbage...coaching and upper-level management-garbage. Garbage team, garbage coaching....garbage, garbage, garbage.

Is Wallace dropping passes on purpose?

I am proud of the fins. They played hard. Their defense finally showed up, for most of the game and Tannehill played well. The biggest problem is that the get manhandled on the offensive line. Tannehill is amazing to me with all the pressure that he has to endure. The Dolphins need to get Tannehill an offensive line next year and then we will see how good Tannehill can be. A great OL will improve the running game and will make things easier for our young QB. It is all about this offensive line.

Posted by: That Belifiner | November 24, 2013 at 04:41 PM

I'm going to be dusty here and say I hope to GOD ALMIGHTY this season is over. Last thing I want is us to make a BS Playoff appearance and not make the necessary changes we need to improve as a team. Obviously Jeff Ireland should NOT be our GM. I'm not sure about Philbin, but if a new GM wants to retain him, I'll be supportive of that decision. If he wants his own HC, even QB, I'm fine with that too (but I don't personally think we need all those changes just yet).

all that needs said "what in the world are they dropping back for a hail mary", said right b4 half time. cost 3 points and the down hill spiral.Makes you wonder,still GO MIAMI!

I don't get paid enough to make those difficult catches

Henne win
Henne > Tpuke eh?

this season turned against buffalo and carolina. you cannot go into the last 6 weeks needing 4-5 wins to make the playoffs. this team does NOT need to make the playoffs. they need new management and coaching. and tannehill needs a new perspective. he needs an oc who did not coach him in college. sherman lost with him at A&M, and is losing with him in miami.

i meant buffalo and tampa.

anyone who thinks tannell is the future at qb is retarded can't throw over 15 yards and has no presence in the pocket at this point i would love to see what Moore could do with this team have we all forgotten when he stepped in a couple of years ago andthe play calling fire Sherman tonight

Anyone who thinks or even wants this team in the in the playoffs is f$&@&& retarded!!
They have an Offense but coaches cannot adjust to other teams when they figure our handful of plays out. Tannehill must be made of rubber to keep bouncing back up and keep playing, having said that his deep ball is terrible, inconsistent at best. Wallace still has to catch that ball at the end though $60million, that's what he's paid for.
Pathetic non adjustments week after week for the coaching staff, just pathetic, this team do not deserve to be in the playoffs full stop!

Posted by: Ship shape | November 24, 2013 at 04:44 PM

Well, why the hell would he praise his team after that performance in the 2nd half....Offesnsively I wouldn't even recognize them in the whole postgame....

If a reporter asks Phailbin about the offense .......his response should be a timely, " WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS OFFENSE OF WHICH YOU ARE SPEAKING???!!! " and that's not even meant as a joke!!!

As plain as I can state it....this coaching staff sucks. They could possibly be worse than the Sporano regime. 4 losses are DIRECTLY attributed to the coaching staff. Buffalo, Baltimore, Tampa and Carolina. I don't care who the QB or WR is. A team cannot overcome this deficiency at the coaching positions.

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