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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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What the hell do you mean "bring Mike Shula in as offensive coordinator?"

Is that how it works? He just up and leaves Carolina for the same job because a few Dolphins fans think he should? Who knew how easy this is!

Apparently, you're not the sharpest tool in the shed, Jorge.

You call those timeouts to give yourself a chance to score at the end. Had they not called them, Carolina would have used their own and scored with even less time on the clock.

Furthermore, your position about it allowing their offense to rest is ludicrous. It is DEFENSES that get the most tired by running around in pursuit, so any "resting" advantage there would hae been to Miami's benefit even if it did not work.

Blame Philbin for legitimate things. But this stuff is just inane.

Ireland and Sherman have to go!!!!!!

We will be talking about next year very soon , Ireland sucks and sherman sucks too conservative, I really hate the one yard passes on third and 10 it reminds me of the Henne days check down Charlie

we could also use a running back who can find holes and make plays , Miller and Thomas are backups at best

I don't understand why the Dolphins won't play Matt Moore and see what he can do with the talent we have. Tannehill consisently loses games instead of win games...he simply is not intelligent enough to perform in the NFL. The only reason he's here is because of Sherman, and he's horrible as an OC. Whether we make the playoffs or not, the Dolphins won't advance and it's time to give Moore an opportunity to see how he performs with the Offensive talent we have.

Ireland must be fired...spent a crap load of $$$$ and we're 5-6??? We deserve everything we get if Ross doesn't clean house by dumping Ireland, Philbin, et al. Philbin dumped the leadership on the team (Long, Dansby, Bush) and put Ingonito in place...seriously??? Now we know why Manning didn't want to come here...

Another wasted year...

Really shouldn't be much of a surprise that Ross is supporting Ireland and Philbin..he trashed one of the best logos in all of sports for the stupid new one. I'd be curious to see the sales $$$ of merchandise since the new logo.

It reminds me when the Detroit Pistons went with a turquoise horse on the uniforms...one of the worst decisions ever.

Ross doesn't have a clue on how to run a franchise...maybe he'll move this horrible team to LA, and then Shula, Marino, and Taylor can start a new one themselves!

I am from Canada and am a huge Miami fan for years. I knew game was over entering the 4th. Frustration is the best way to describe the last 20 years. Can not close a game, defence folding when it counts, poor coaching, Quarterback with no arm, and owner who could not care less. I am going to see them nxt week in New York!!

These games happen when you get field goals instead of touchdowns and your defense becomes more porous in the second half.

I guess that's what $60 Million buys you....

Heart breaking? Don't think so. All during the game you could sense that Cam was going to win the day. The Defense played great, the deep passing attempts by Tanne were miserably inaccurate. The boy just can't hit the big one, and 1-6 passing deep with Wallace running rings around the Panther DBs, is a terrible.

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