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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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MCcreet....they dropped back because the entire COACHING STAFF is too fukken unconscious....period!!!!

Thill has the worst deep arm in the NFL. The stat came up on the screen folks.

No more comparing him to BRADY please from the apologists.

Waalce was wide open 7-8 times today. Thill hit 2 of them, which is about where he is at the moment.

The last pass was underthrow. Wallace had to stop, turn over his left shoulder then his right and go up with the DB to catch the ball. If Thill puts that out in front its the game.

Thill also missed Clay wide open deep and overthrew Wallace in the second half.

Dink, dunk, dink and punt. Philbin, Sherman, Thill monster is killing this team.

Offense ranked last in the league, barr the Jags. Led by another Ireland bust at QB.

You guys can blame the game on Tannehill if you want but these are the things that cost us the game:

1.Continuing to try to run the ball on 1st down when we were getting stuffed for huge losses and the quick passes were working on 1st down.

2. Never going for it on 4th and short. You have to show some confidence in your guys occasionally and go for the gusto.

3. The inability to run the ball period. Of course you have to cut them some slack on that one. 3 o-lineman out.

4. Giving up the field goal before the half. Gave them momentum.

5.Inability to score TD's in the redzone.

6. Giving up the 1st down on 4th and ten. Should have sent the house. Cam was struggling all day against pressure.

7. Yes the refs. We should have had a 1st and goal at the one on the Matthews play. They 15 yd penalty on Cam gave the Panthers momentum. It was a ticky tacky call with the game on the line.

so true bill awful coaching they will be gone though

It would be interesting to see a study of big money free agents. How they perform the year they are entering and the year following. My guess is that most stop playing hard once the big $ contract is signed. The racial breakdown would be interesting too.

Well, at least Wallace is happy.

There's a reason Sherman was coaching A&M, because he's NOT a Pro-level coach. Hire a new GM, and let HIM fire Sherman, since Philbin won't do it.

Well there is one thing we can agree on..........
Ape Tamer is an assshole.

Homer FU You are so stupid, keep dreaming that T puke is a QB eh?Hahahaha, hey azhole. He is not a QB You morons EH?

If and that is a HUGE IF, this team makes the playoffs it does one thing and one thing only, it delays the inevitable of firing Ireland and his staff of flunkies...who gives a crap if they are "honorable" "stand up guys"? How many people keep their jobs when they are literally incompetent???

What's the fuss about? You were all warned about this back in May. Things are right on schedule.

sherman was run out of town in college station for losing to texas the last time the two met. i was there. tannehill threw 3 costly interceptions in a game A&M should never have lost. btw, johnny football was on the bench that year. this speaks to sherman's ability to evaluate talent, imo. they need to be SEPARATED for the good of the organization.

As plain as I can state it....this coaching staff sucks. They could possibly be worse than the Sporano regime. 4 losses are DIRECTLY attributed to the coaching staff. Buffalo, Baltimore, Tampa and Carolina. I don't care who the QB or WR is. A team cannot overcome this deficiency at the coaching positions.

Don't worry Evin, not a chance in HELL this team gets into the Playoffs.

No surprise, LV called it. We just don't have the Playmakers that they have, Newton, SS, Kuechly.

Tannehill is nothing but a game manager, Miami likes game managers becuz that's the philiosiphy in Miami which is why people accept tannehill for what he is......the mans not a difference make, sure he'll make a play here and then and just do exactly what he can to make a timely error that makes you want to punch yourself in the stomach...

That is not a franchise QB, the kid is tough for taking all of that punishment behind a very inept O-line, but how many games have we seen from this guy to see anything more than a mediocre QB with raw talent yes, but hardly any overachieving results thus far!!!

they still wont believe us dc, been trying to tell the guys in here that for weeks.

Can u say 5 consecutive losing seasons? ......and counting!!

Not being able to bring Cam down for that sack really hurt too and the 4th down gutsy call by the Panthers, should have prompted Philbin to call TO.

Its just another reflection of how the coaching and the play of Thill are killing this team.

Second half I could QB a team to score no points. Thill just can't win games for us and maybe never will. He gets to stay next year, I know that but I'd draft really high in the draft next year and try to land a guy who can throw to our $60 man.

We have more money invested in Wallace than we do Thill. I believe we can get a vet in here next year and produce with this offense.

Under no circumstances do we keep Sherman. EVen if you love Thill you have to agree he goes !!!

I would pin this loss on two players: Nolan Carroll-Burnett, who had the game winning INT in his sweaty hands; and, T-Hill--who can not hit an open receiver when it really counts. And before anyone jumps to his defense--that TD pass to Wallace was once again underthrown.

the only way I could stomach to watch this team for the rest of the season is if they fire someone. Anyone, I don't care who. But if no one gets fired it's basically telling me they don't give a sh it about this team, and then why should I??

I'd like to agree with you DC, but this particular year everyone seems to suck so they could sneak in...and here is the kicker, with so many crappy records this year, we won't even get a high fist round pick

Growing pains.

We lost because of the missed field goals. We play to conservative and it bit us in the butt.

We needed this win, but really this is what all should have expected for the season. Growing pains. Take all the nonsense out of the equation. And Wallace and Tanhill need time.

Fix the O-line get us another DB and pick another qb to compete and things could change real fast for this group. But you also have to resign the right players.

Someone please lock Grimes up and show him some love with the check book. That would send a good message to the locker room. I still think we are going to make the playoffs. No one wants to claim that last wild card spot.

But even if we dont get in (I'm gulping hard) give this group one more year to get something fixed.

Go Dolphins!! Not a horrible loss, Growing Pains. And yes I was the man two weeks ago that said clean house and cancel your Direct TV. Two weeks is a long time in NFL time. LOL.


If Sherman finishes 31st in offence should he stay in a job ?

This is Mike Sherman's 3rd loss of the year. They'd be 8-3 with a good offensive coordinator. The Raven's fired their o-coordinator last year and went on to win SB. Dolphins stick with their moron OC and will miss playoffs because of it.

The nfl will go to Parity S#it if a AFC team with a 7-9 record gets in the playoffs........you cant say by way of looking at everyone else that that is not a possibility and that is bad for the NFL...

The coaches cant make chicken salad out of chicken chit!

4th and 10 we know the offense sucks every game but the d is what would make me mad. it always plays well for 3 and half qts then always folds when it matters

if we get rid of grandpa Sherman, the we should do the same with tannepuke......tannepuke only knows one play book and that play book if grandpa's. We might as well get rid if pukster coz he is going to have to learn a new play book so why not just draft a new QB who is a lot smarter and more versatile with his legs ?!?!?!? either way we will be starting from scratch once we let grandpa Sherman go.

superphin, if they clean house, i seriously doubt the next head coach would proceed with tannehill as the long term solution. tannehill is serviceable, but his game showcases his fundamental limitations, particularly with driving the ball 20 + yards. everything is underneath. he does not deliver the ball in a way which gives his receivers a chance to run with the ball. look at the passes that ended keller's and gibson's years. they were thrown behind wide open receivers.

This is the NFL version of the dink and dunk squad. When you need 10 yards, throw a 2 yard pass, when you need 2 yards throw a 1 yard pass. NO YAC with these guys. Let them other guys hang around until you beat you. You can almost read the play as he calls it, they are so listless and predicable and please someone take Philbin's ambein away from him, he looks like he is in a trance over there staring into space.

Sherman was Philbins guy folks. They go back a long long way.

Sherman gave Philbin his gig at GB remember ?

Sick of losing!! 2nd half choke every week. running game is brutal.

Sturgis sucks. So what he can kick it for a touch back, what kicker can't. This kid has been shell shocked since his first clutch miss earlier this year. He looks like he's ready to cry when called out. Even his face cage says..LOSER!!!

Well, seeing as how all my posts keep getting deleted, here's a parting shot..
Dolphins management obviously shows no interest in fixing their team and putting out a quality product...They overpay for players who don't earn their paychecks, they tolerate an atmosphere of chaos in their locker room, and they can't even half fill their home stadium... Been a fan for 30+ years, but I'm done with this team.

I knew picking that up on Keukly was the game.refsuck dik.........

Philbin is insane by definition...I would rather go for fist down than try another 50+ yard fg...stupid what is it with Miami coaches and the fascination with those kicks?

Wallace has to catch that ball at the end, should have been the miracle play we never ever ever get.

pissed f***ing off..........

As long as we don't draft Special Players, we will continue to be as LV predicted for Us this year, 7-9, 8-8.

In what decade do we get a franchise QB?

Mike they need a QB to be 8-3 my friend.

Not enough talent, not enough QB.

ervin we still will we wont finish any better than 6-10 plus last place schedule would be huge

Sherman = Dan Henning Part 2, why is it that Miami likes guys that look like they have one foot in retirement and one in the grave for OCs here in south florida.....

Jason, so it must be the players then ?

And another thing.. why would you stop the clock for the other team??? OMFG!!!!


who did better, thigpen or ginn,lol.

I knew picking that flag up on Keukly was the game.refsuck dik.........
Philbin is insane by definition...I would rather go for fist down than try another 50+ yard fg...stupid what is it with Miami coaches and the fascination with those kicks?
Wallace has to catch that ball at the end, should have been the miracle play we never ever ever get.
pissed f***ing off..........

no worried super, 5 more games and it will all be over. new gm will clean house just hope he makes the right hire

bruce arians taking it to his former team of last year

Posted by: austin | November 24, 2013 at 04:58 PM

Exactly and having matt moore as a backup does nothing to push this guy into success....becuz they KNOW what they have in Mr. Moore.........Miami needs more than just a serviceable QB, THEY NEED A GAME CHANGER, not a game manager!!!

wally i thought people would bring that wallace play up so i watched it again, if he makes catch hes down inches from goaline, time runs out anyways

And btw where the hell is Hartline when we get in the redzone???

Everytime we get in the redzone it's gadget plays to Clay or Matthews.

Anyone who states that being 31st in the NFL is good enough must be kidding ?

Any QB who is leading this offense to 31st has serious problems moving his team. Thill ahs taken all of the snaps yeah.. ?

Ok the line has been through hell, but today, as in other games Thill had time to throw. the deep balls to Wallace, were all.. ALL BAD THROWS.

The last one was underthrown AGAIN and means Wallace is a waste with Thill as QB.

He loves Clay and Hartline because its the 6 yard slant club.

Well at least he has a good game.

I don't apologize for Tannehill, some of you need to stop apologizing for Wallace. That deep ball, second to last play, was a catchable ball. Not a "circus" catch, a catch that a starting NFL receiver should make. He had his 60 million dollar hands on it, he dropped it, period. In every close game there are snapshots that can illustrate why a game is won or lost. None were more illustrative than that Wallace drop.

rick since day one with hartline they have never used him down there, no clue why

Tannehill = Henne

Sorry guys, but unless they lose every game here on out, I don't think they are getting rid of Ireland.

Posted by: dusty bottoms | November 24, 2013 at 05:01 PM

I wish I could say with 100% dusty that they have no shot but the afc bottom feeders are so bad, im scared Miami wont be eliminated until the final week, which could turn them into a win and get in team......That is not something im rooting for becuz this would be a very ugly team to watch in the first round.....

Dolphins...stop 1st three downs then let up a big 3rd or 4th down. I want Philbin to refund my 300 bucks I paid for the NFL package to watch this s#$%!!!

When are they going to just plain win the game without a shamrock shoved up their az!

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