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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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no dusty is f he catches it I think he could reach over the line and break the plain

and they need to go deep at least 6 times a game....

Ok, I have not said a word this year but our coaching staff stinks pure and simple kicking a 53 yard field goal with a rookie kicker instead of making them drive the field.Our defence game after game is on the field the whole game they have been doing a good job but wear down at the end of the game can you blame them? Our quarterback shines on short passes but misses wide open recievers down field or doesn't even see them waving.I finaly agree with all you guys, fire Ireland and the whole coaching staff and hire a proven coach. watching Miami play for the past few years is torture thats why for the first time since the NFL came out on pay per view I did not get the pakage paying to watch my Dolphin is not worth it anymore and by the looks of the statium half full I am not the only one.

TannePuke is a loser. I'd make the switch to Moore and go back to the draft next April.

The Dolphins are a good team. However they are missing something. One thing they are missing is a QB who can throw the ball deep. The two completed long passes to Wallace were lucky to be completed. They were not good throws and then there was anther one that was over thrown with Wallace wide open. Imagine if the Dolphins had a QB who could pass deep.

5-6 just like I posted all week.

I TOLD YOU SO (Sticks tongue out).

Agreed on Thigpen. However, you wonder how much of it is the blocking. Last year this kid was one of the best returners in the league, it is tough to know if it is Thigpen, the players, or the blocking.

Any jock sniffers want to speculate what Tannefail would get as trade bait? No way higher than a fourth or fifth rounder.

Not true. Couple of season ago Seattle wont the division with a 7-9 and was in the playoffs.

Parity is right. But that's what Tagliabue wanted when he left office. Dilute the product and have every market thinking they can get in.

I didn't want to say it but now is obvious, T-hill is a good back up QB. Nothing more. Shopping for a QB again next year.

Steelers will get the final playoff spot at 8-8.

The Dolphins will be home again.

No playoff wins since 2000.

Don Shula's great team and tradition buried underneath a gay new logo.

CLOCK anbd FIELD POSITION management at the end of the half and game were inexcuseable. calling two timeouts with your opponent on your side of the field, up by three, is unbelievable. High school teams are not that stupid.

I dont get it.


Every freakin year, it feels like someone says that same thing about how competitive they are and how close these games are and yet they always seem to result in LOSSES....that tells me the coaching staff is not doing enough to max out the talent of this team or willing to be bold and do what it takes to close out games like this on a consistant basis.....

That's a problem for me and "almost" seems to be the only thing this team represents every year...but NEVER good enough!!!

he wouldnt of been able to fin, was down cocoa no i would of punted

...I think Sherman takes a blunt of the blame. To me he is deserving of some. But IMO, Joe Philbin is the Problem.

It is his team..His identity. He may be organized, well spoken...He may even be a good head coach some day. But to me...this whole mess started in training camp..It started when the pieces acquired were being molded into the identity Philbin desired..

The first mistake..And it is obvious. Was the tremendous amount of the offense he put on the shoulders of Tannehill. We ignored the run game all offseason. He even said in week 2 of the preseason that the run game was not a priority, that it would be fine..(We here that here all the time...So and so is going to be fine..OK)..Philbin is the one who IMO has handcuffed the OC by dictating this pass first offense that he wants to run..

All of this would be fine and dandy, and Sherman would be looked at as a genius if we had the Quarterback that could handle the load(Perhaps Tannehill will be that guy...but come on..A second year QB???) It would be fine if we could trust the offensive line to establish a run game..It doesn't even have to be a certain amount of plays anymore..But more about when the sitation begs for a run..Philbin did this..

Blame Sherman all you want...The playcalls are suspect. But ask yourself why? Sherman isn't an idiot. He is probably better versed in offensive football then the HC...But when you are built 1 dimensional, when you are a fineese offense. It is hard to win close games. It it is hard to call plays that fool anyone when your tendencies are obvious to the world.

To me..This has Philbins fingerprint all over it..Sherman will get the axe..But really..Is he the problem? I would argue it is the system. If Philbin can evolve, if he can change.Perhaps there will be hope for this team(next year)...But the way this team has set itself up for games like today..To me..It is the HC..He is the problem.




Dear mike Sherman,
As a regular joe fan, I can predict everyone of your play calls. If I can do that then wtf do you think other teams are doing?! Please leave after this year.

agree on pitt, they will make playoffs and beat somebody

Very good game by the players; coaches stifled the playmakers with bad play calling; the screens were a joke though, poorly executed. and THill and stoic as he is; his long throws are poor; he is a slot passer and Wallace was a waste of money. Had the refs allowed that TD and the field goal by Sturgis gone in, and the defense held on 4-10; then we would not be talking this way. So to all those clamoring for fire him, fire him, burn my team shirt, blah, blah, get a grip.
The bigger picture is not the ineptitude of the organization, but a coaching staff that does not know how to squeeze out the most of the talent on this team.

Philbin is as doomed as Sparano was because Ireland cant supply a decent QB.

1. Still one of youngest teams in the league.
2. 4 of 6 losses by total of 12 POINTS.
3. With slightly more talent and experience 9-2.
I don't see a team in need of serious overhaul. Just slightly more talent in the right places, and little more experience. Also see Tannehill/Wallace growing a little better with the DEEP CONNECTIONS next season.
Just that with so many CLOSE GAMES, everything looks greater than it really is under such a small microscope.

Posted by: jpao | November 24, 2013 at 05:08 PM

THill has been using more checkdowns the last two weeks. Today he had a couple of good throws underneath. But the best one was Miller on a wheel route where he dropped it over the top. Btw, you need back who are kind of quick or can break tackles initially. Neither can break tackles but Miller is sort of quick. Gillislee is a change of pace back but he's always deactivated

Pray for new ownership.

u wont get that shula, but u will get everything else

Orlando even with plenty if time THill still misses wide open WR. And is horribly inaccurate on throws over 20 yards. Do you think dinking and dunking makes you a good QB?

Dusty Aaron Murray will not go in the second round. IMO hell be a top 5 QB taken which usually means top 20 pick. I hope he falls to us somehow lord knows we need a QB


I think it was Pete Rozelle who had that vision, Tagliabue likely carried it out. Free agency is what began the process. Prior to free agency, the same teams were good every year.

Niners, Giants, Redskins, Bears, Dolphins, Broncos, Oilers, Browns, Bengals (Browns, Bengals ? Yes those Browns and Bengals).

The Saints (Aints), Falcons, Bucs, Packers, Cardinals, Jets and lovable losers The Patriots were always bad.

I'm just glad that The Dolphins were good in my youth.

When I took this football entertainment thing far too seriously.

Dolphins are JAT now, just another team in the NFL.


You are what your record is... and this team is below average.....10-1 is only in the wishful thinking eye of the beholder...

They are 5-6

They are offensively challenged

They are not a well coached football team

They are one of the worst offensive lines in football

THEY ARE INCONSISTANT!!! That is not progression!!!

Okay, someone please explain it to me like I am 5 yrs old. Why the hell did we use our timeouts on Carolinas final drive?? At that moment it looked like the clock running was our best friend. Freakin Philbin stopped the clock and helped them catch their breath and regroup. Is it just me that thinks that was horse crap time management?

Wouldn't be surprised...even a little bit if we lose to the Jets next week.

Ryan will have them fired up and Geno Smith will probably run all over us.

And of course we'll come in business as usual, no need for urgency, by the book.

Maybe when we lose that one Ross will throw us a bone and give Ireland his walking papers.

Fish played hard...lack of talent at key positions rb ol lb
and poor coaching did them in...better team won

How can anyone be a fan of this team?

Been saying it all year. Tannehill is not the QB of the future. He had good protection today and still he is getting rid of the ball in a hurry every time, not looking at the second level receivers. He's always throwing these little dink and dunk passes underneath. Thats all he's good for. Forget about deep throws.

I feel the same way for Sherman as I do tannehill. As a former offensive coordinator for the fins once said you cannot make chicken salad out of chicken sh$t. Sherman cannot call a running play because it is going to get automatically stuffed. There is no play action because no one respects the running game. The sacks are constantly putting the fins in long down situations. That is on the offensive line.

Ireland deserves the majority of the blame for this mess on the offensive line. He did not give Sherman the horses up front. He has had 5 years to build this offensive line. I have always given Ireland the benefit of the doubt but this is on him. It is time to part ways with him.

Thank you Nat Moore.

5-6 just like I posted all week.

I TOLD YOU SO (Sticks tongue out).

Posted by: FIRE ROSS KILL MARTIN JAIL POUNCEY | November 24, 2013 at 05:28 PM

And here I thought the only time you stuck your tongue out was when you were staring at some little boys B-hole!

Best part of the game was when Philbin actually showed some emotion for the first time when that flag in the endzone was picked up. That was a TD and yes that would have won the game. Thanks Refs !!

Posted by: Dolfan Rick | November 24, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Show me a game on their schedule you would be surprised if they'd LOSE at this point.....I cant find one.....

The first team to 6 pts next week will most likely win the game....

Nat, I am a huge fan of this team. Outside of the o-line being in shambles I see talent on this roster but it's not being used to it's full potential

So which Jets team shows up next week?

The team today??

...@5:39...we had favorable down and distance. If we hold them to a field goal then we have plenty of time to get ourselves into fg range to win...I have no issue with the decision making right there..If we stop them on 3rd down..They kick. We get the ball back..

Then..They get it down to the 1..we have to call timeout just to have an opportunity if they score a td...They did, and we at least gave ourselves a chance.

I know everyone's upset right now, but:


Posted by: superPHIN | November 24, 2013 at 05:43 PM


The Jets do suck pretty bad right now. I think we will dig deep though and find a way to suck more.


Anyone that thinks the OL is a problem should take a look at the crap QB and crap RB's.

I can't get why everyone thinks Tannehill isn't the issue. He had good protection today and still is underthrowing Wallace and missing wide open receivers all day. Tannehill is the issue. We need to draft another QB. We definitely need different running backs, o-lineman, and play Don Jones.

This season is worse than the Cam Cameron 1-15 season. Why? because this team has talent. We have really good players. Whats lacking is the coaching to put the potential to use properly. Get Gruden. He has fire, knowledge and knows how to win. Forget Dungee, he is all talk has been with no passion and fire, he is the same as Philbin. When he got upset with the ref because of the reversal hit in the endzone was the only time he has shown any passion. Look at the winning coaches, they COACH during the game. Standing there clapping and saying lets go, go...(hmmm wonder where Thill get its) don't cut it. SHOW SOME passion and COACH. FIRE Philbin and his entire staff, hire Gurden and fans should stop going to the games and buying they stuff.

Right on Mike W.!!!!

16 pts stinks

Fish played hard...lack of talent at key positions rb ol lb
and poor coaching did them in...better team won

Posted by: ncmike | November 24, 2013 at 05:41 PM

Can't really disagree with you there mike. Story of our lives as Dolphin fans. Some teams finish. We don't.

Obviuosly the youth on this team doesn't transfer over to the coaching staff...

Ross claims that he wants a fire under this team to get them to compete at a high level yet, he takes in these guys that are from the old brand of football....

Philbin was a reputation hire from green bay

Sherman was a desperate hire from philbin becuz he needed a JOB....

This team needs a young gun hire and a INNOVATIVE OC....with a more talent driven GM at the helm.....starting over u say???......when did it ever stop for Miami I say!!!

Get this entire regime outta here, please.....including Tannehill. If that second deep pass wasn't underthrown it's a touchdown and the ending could've been very different.

Can we please get some different uniforms too instead of always wearing the same ol' white pants. No wonder this franchise is so boring. There is nothing exciting about anything they are doing. Not even their new uniforms.

TannePuke makes EVERYONE WORSE

Well the obvious is to unload both Ireland as GM and Ryan Tannhill as QB. The lack of accuracy by T-hill on deep passes is painful to see.

This loss is a product of not being able to run the ball. We made some plays in the passing game, but not enough! We have to be able to control the ball with the run and we can't. Furthermore, the 60 million dollar man has to make those plays when the ball is in his hands! He's left a lot out there!

The coaching staff has been out to lunch most of the season. Maybe it is time to clean house once again and start over. It's hard trying to defend some of the play calling.

Fish played hard on defense all day....Cam newton was the hottest qb coming into play today and Miamis D swarmed him all over the field and held them to 20 pts when they average 24-25 per game...

Miamis offense average IS 18 pts a game....they have yet to play hard all season long!!!

Looks like the gameplan didn't change much at all....


So, can anyone ask the coaches what they changed in the second half?
What adjustments were made? Why not keep playing the same defense?
I think Tannehill needs to roll out more and run if needed, there were 2 drives at least he could have run for a first down...

The lack of accuracy by T-hill on deep passes is painful to see.
Posted by: promichael | November 24, 2013 at 05:55 PM

How come no one on the Dolphins noticed this BEFORE the draft??

TannePuke makes EVERYONE WORSE

Posted by: Caddy | November 24, 2013 at 05:53 PM

What fuggin game were you watching?
Tannehill is the only player on offense that consistently does his job!

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