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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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If you still want to go for Thill keep going mate. I'll never be able to understand you or the Thill fans. The guy won't win in the league with his clear shortcomings at the position.

He may be a decent back-up but he isn't a winner, or play maker.

Cam lifted his team and made plays when it counted, with his arm and his legs.

I'm so sorry that I gave birth to the blog assshole.

Their LACK of a running game LOST this GAME TODAY !! Nuff said.

I'm not all over RT for this loss. There are QB's and teams that have had good careers and even won SBs with a majority of their success in the short to mid-range passing game. - The team does not get a lot of help from the offensive line. The team does not get a lot of help from the running backs. The team does not get a lot of help from this coaching staff. The team does not get a lot of help from the GM who brings in players that don't make sense given what you know about your QBs abilities.

They are constantly trying to hammer square pegs in round holes. They loose focus on what matters…winning games. They get caught up in issues in the locker room…or chasing coaches across the country when there really isn't any coaching openings. It's amazing to continue watching this franchise run into walls, get up, and run back into the same wall. They just don't know how to win. They don't know how to finish. They don't know how to play together like a team.

Maybe against the arch rival Jets they will finally put it all together.


Thill did have time today, the line blocked well in pass protection.

Thill had better protection than Cam, but Cam kept the drives alive and hit his recievers in the clutch.

HOw does Thill learn how to throw the ball deep from worst in the NFL deep, to top half ?

Anyone that thinks Tannehill is good is in denial. Just like all those Fin fans 10 years ago that defended and made excuses for Fielder.

I'm so very very sorry that I gave birth to the blog assshole.

I'm still in the closet.


You have to be able to run the ball in the red zone and the fins have no threat of running game. Did you see the Panthers on that last drive in the red zone? Tolbert got them all the way to the one foot line. The defense sold out on the run and Newton was able to use play action to throw the game winning pass to Olson. This is a passing league but you cannot win against one of the best teams in the league when your running backs are giving you 18 yards rushing.

Give the kid a break. It is his second year and he is playing behind an offensive line that is about to break the record for sacks in one season. They have NO RUNNING GAME!


Lack of a running game lost this game, and the Tampa game, and.........

My whole point on ryan tannehill has been inconsistent play and lack of big play abilities....Even having no running game, Carolinas secondary was suspect and RT could not take advantage of multiple instances where big plays were there for the taking and NOT made.....

even Tannehills touchdown to Wallace was underthrown seeing Wallace had to stop and slow to catch the ball, luckily the Carolina defender was not looking back at the ball when Wallace made the play or even that had a chance of being picked...

As bad as the running game is, The phins passing game still left many points on the field...at the very least 17-21 pts by my count....


With lots of work, Tanny will someday be as good as Jay Fiedler.

Around here Ape Tamer's nickname is "Sissy Behind the Keyboard."


If a team win the SB with a mid-range guy, he needs to have a champoinship D, which we are nowhere near.

A running game.

A powerback that can move the pile, get short yardage allow the play action to work.

A great HC and set of co-ordinators.

The majority of SB's have been QB'd by HOF's or future HOF's, Mannings, Brady, Brees, Rogers.

Accepting a mediocre QB, will never give you much of a chance, the NFL is not competitive now, the game has changed if you hadn't noticed ?

I don't blame the Dolphans for being tired of yet another regime change, but its 2014 or nothing. Though the Chiefs have shown a complete change can work.

..Marco..What Qualifiers are you using that say Tannehill is the worst deep ball thrower? Passes over what distance? 20 yards? 30 yards?...What about attempts? We have thrown it something like 450 plus times this year..We have attempted maybe 40 pass plays over 20 yards plus. So for one..This is less ten 10 percent of our offense..Tannehill has completed around 33 percent of his throws..So he isn't the worst.

Now..I get it..He needs to get better. We shouldn't be satisfied..We have left some big plays out there because of his issues, drops, general incompetence..I get it..

But the idea that Tannehill is a poor deep ball thrower. And this lack of touch, or skill, or whatever is a major issue for this offense IMO is overblown...It is a low percentage play for most teams..If the 20 yard pass play(in the air). Quarterbacks make their hay on the short to intermediate..Lets look at Tannehills efficiency in the money zone...Where most of the plays quarterbacks make are made.

Do you guys not get it? If you cannot run the football, you do not control time of possession and become predictable. Do you think that teams respect the dolphins' play action? Tannehill is going up there with teams knowing that they cannot run the ball.

You want to see bad QB play. Tune into a Jets game. I saw Geno Smith play today, and that guy is pure garbage. I am excited about what we have with our young QB. They just have to put a team around him.

Homers go f yourselves eh?


It's solved then. Change QB's and we go to the playoffs.

Our defense won't give up FG's on 56 second drives then or give up touchdown drives when the games on the line.
They would definitely makes stops on 4th and 10 then.

Yeah that's the ticket. Change the QB.

These games really show just how fixed the NFL really is. Sports entertainment that's all it is.

It's the QB stupid eh?

Colts fans have far more reason to be pissed than Miami fans right now.

But of course you never even think about anything like that.

Posted by: Orlando Dophan | November 24, 2013 at 06:51 PM

And im not arguing that point on the running game and offensive line issues, Tannehill should feel lucky he isn't on IR right now however, we're not even talking about this if yet again tannehill could've connected with either Wallace or Clay once in the redzone instead of overthrowing wide open recievers....

Those plays have nothing to do with the invisible running game or leaky in that you keep pointing out...

Its about his growing Ineffective QB play week in and week out....he hasn't been able to fix it through ten games and has had problems with arm accuracy his whole accuracy...

General Zod.

Stick around there will be a whole load of apologists back here that love the QB with the worst deep ball in the NFL.

D co-ordinators, adjust at halftime and shut the quick hit game down. Its happened all year long. Thill 20+ balls have been terrible, it looks like he never gets his shoulder behind it, or pushes of his backfoot, whatever reason he is awful at it and I can't see it getting better anytime soon.

(sp)His whole career!!!

Talk about ironary. When Sherman was hired as the of there was a blog about they were concerned how long he would be with the dolphins because he may get a chance to get a hc job. Now neither failbin or Sherman are going to have a job. That's awesome.

Aaron Murray will not go in the second round. IMO hell be a top 5 QB taken which usually means top 20 pick. I hope he falls to us somehow lord knows we need a QB

Posted by: Truth | November 24, 2013 at 05:36 PM


Aaron Murray tore his ACL yesterday and is having season ending surgery...

It may affect his draft position.

Regardless, I believe Tannehill is our starter next season.



I've beyotch-slapped that little sissy a hundred times and she still wants to act like a whiny woman.

Since there are so many recognized football experts here could one of you please explain how the Dolphins (or ANY team) are supposed to effectively move the ball when their offensive line is in complete and utter shambles? How a team is supposed to figure out an effective game plan with the absence of ANY semblance of a running game?

Seriously, please relate all the magical schemes and pixie dust that would alleviate this situation and somehow mask the fact that Miami has the worst OL in football.

Or maybe the truth is you guys are absolutely clueless (gasp).


Did you expect Tannehill to throw for 500 yards. Do you know that he actually threw for more yards in this game against the Panthers than Tom Brady threw last week (296) against the same team. This kid is in his second year and is playing with no running game. Defenses are teeing up against him, because they do not respect their running game.

This regime has put this kid in a horrible position. They have no blocking TEs, no fullback, and a putrid offensive line. They are putting too much on his shoulders. He is throwing the ball 45 times a game and he is not ready for that at this point of his young career. This is all on Philbin's fraud philosophy of not thinking that blocking is a running game.

Can't believe anyone is blaming Wallace for that 2nd to last play! That ball was so badly thrown it was a miracle he even got his hands on it. He was WIDE open slanting to the left, and Tannehill threw the ball way to his right then Wallace had to change direction and veer right to try to catch the ball. It was a terrible pass. The 4th long pass he misfired on to Wallace in the game. 2 underthrows that Wallace caught (to his credit), one way overthrown that was a sure TD, and the last one way to his right. This QB just can't throw it accurately deep.

Why oh Why do I keep cheering for these guys thinking things will change no such luck but I wll keep doing it and keep getting my heart broken. No pts 2nd half 4th and 10 and they give it up everybody makes 2nd half adjustments but us. I just don't know what to say anymore same thing yr after yr.


The stat came up on the screen during the game tonight.

Thill has the worst completion % over 20+ in the NFL.

Dolfan Rick | November 24, 2013 at 06:57 PM

Yes, and if we change QBs then the WRs wont drop td passes in their hands, and our FG kicker wont miss FGs, and we will suddenly have a run game, and the refs wont pick up a flag in the end-zone that would have been favorable in getting us a TD, and.....

I would take Fitzpatrick over hennehill.

I also can't believe anyone is blaming the refs for this one. The Kueckly one was bad, but the refs overturned Clay's incompletion in the 2nd half when they should not have. I was even calling for unecessary roughness on the Jones - Newton play in realy time, but the replay showed differently. I will not blame the refs for this one at all.


Its a joke my friend. Thill apologists will never get it, because its difficult.

Thill fans, so your guy throw how many good throws over 15 yards tonight ?

Look at the 3rd down conversions of this team. These are the plays where the QB skills really show through.

We are in the bottom 10. Look the offense is the 31st in the NFL with Thill the leader and its all on the coaches, no, no no guys look again, did you really watch the game ?

Scott, I would take around 20 QB's over Thill.

If any of you are upset, it's your own fault for thinking this silly team would compete this year.

I meant to say that Philbin's philosophy about being physical in the running game is bad. How do you convert on 3rd and short without a full back? This offensive line is manhandled every game.

I just hope that the kid does not get hurt because he is special. He is one tough kid (45 sacks). I would love to see what he will be like with another year under his belt and with a great running game. Get this kid a great running back and a good offensive line and look out.

Miami Dolphins #3

Cause were The Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins, Miami Dolphins #3.

Would it surprise anyone if The Phins end up in the cellar @ #4 ?

Garbage organization.

Fact Mass Dolphan Wallace had hands on ball should catch it. You don't think Megatron etc make that catch

Posted by: Orlando Dophan | November 24, 2013 at 07:04 PM

I don't care if Tannehill throws for 500 yrds or 195 yrds ....passing yardage in todays league is a little overrated...what I want is for him to be more accurate when big plays are there for the taking and there was 3-4 today, he hits on two of them and we're having a different conversation about this game right now and tannehill is in a much better place than he is now,

you seem to be giving him too much Credit than he deserves in the way he's played through his second year just because of the teams deficiencies to this point and I think its unfair that in your opinion tannehill is free from error at this point...he deserves just as much blame for todays inept offense as the non existant running game!!!

Wallace drops more passes than Tannehill misses throws.

3-0 + 2-6 = NO PLAYOFFS AGAIN.

New logo, new era.

Helluva team lmao.

Yeah Refs killed us aswell. The 15 yard flag on Matthews was unreal, first time I've seen a flag like that picked up.

The joke was Philbin. He should have never haad to call TO to get into that ref. Then when he did he was claiming it was a catch !!!! That was a Vegas call boys. The conspiracy theorist side of me puts that in the X files with that batted ball by Vernon VS the Brady bunch !!!

2015 correct.

Only a delusional fan boy thought that this team was going to be any good.

"It's Our Time."

2015. How right you are chappie.

I have the last two NBA championship with the Heat to watch on DVD to keep me going.

In fact I think I'll watch the 72 Dolphins highlights tonight too. This feeling is so painful.

Do you guys want to start with another young QB? Really? Yea maybe we can get the next Geno Smith. I was watching that game and wow he sucks! Can you imagine superPhin and the others on this blog if Tannehill was playing like Geno Smith. Tannehill has always shown that he has talent. It is this regime's inability to put the talent around Tannehill that has failed Dolphin fans.

Today, I realized what's wrong with the Dolphins that they haven't put up a somewhat good Team since JJ was here. It's the Players we have, who can't compete with Players on good Teams. Today's example, we don't have any Kuechlys, Newtons, Steve Smiths. Not even Shula in his prime could be better than 9-7 with this present Team. So, we know what to do now, get Special Players.

...Marco. I wonder what qualifiers the broadcast was using today...Because according to PFF..There are 5 qbs with worse deep ball completion percentage..Eli Manning, RGIII, Flacco, Locker, Carson Palmer, And EJ Manuel..But I do not count him..He didn't have enough passes to qualify..In fact on 22 QB's had enough passes to qualify..So really. There are 10 that are incomplete..Not enough data.

Anyway..If you want to debate the idea that Tannehill is mediocre.(deep ball accuracy) I would agree. As far as being the worst in the league..I would say this is a myth.

Why do we get Geno smith ?

WE may get Manning aswell.

No Thill has not enough talent to win close games. DId you see his throws in the second half over 10 yards, they were awful.

Once again no adjustment after halftime honestly 4 of the losses this year I blame Philbin and his staff for it Buffalo , Baltimore , Tampa and now Carolina
way too much to overcome . I guess the only good thing about this loss is that it put Philbin / Ireland and this coaching staff closer to the door.
I will only keep the Special Team Coach and actually will love to see Mike Shula as our Head Coach.

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