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Disappointing, heartbreaking loss for the Dolphins (again)

This one hurts. No, really.

The Dolphins led this game 16-3 at halftime. Even that was somethinng of a disaster because they gave up a late field goal to end the half when they played coverage at the goal line, apparently not realizing Carolina could move for a field goal with two seconds remaining.

Anyway, despite that lead, the Dolphins collapsed in the second half.

They didn't score a point in the half.

They gave up two touchdowns, including a two-yard TD pass from Cam Newton tight end Greg Olsen with 43 second left to play.

Panthers 20.

Dolphins 16.

Dolphins fans have seen this before. Miami led New England 17-3 last month and lost.


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Sure Thill can go 3-3 get 8-9 yards, thats awesome.

Gives you 90 QBR and you can show promise time after time, punt after punt.

The drives are stalling my friend.

So its all on Philbin, or Sherman which ? 31st on Offense, someone has to go who ?


The stat came up on the screen dude. I saw today with my own eyes how he struggles deep.

As I said the stat was on pass % over 20+ yards, why are you surprised ?

Who gets sacked after this year on Offense ? At 31st in the NFL, someone has to go right ?

And if 2 Carolina DBs don't run into each other, then Tanne has another int in the game. He is just too incosistent to lead this team to victory. He'll make a beautiful throw, then a terrible one. He'll make a nice run for a first down, then get sacked when he curls up like a turtle when a defender is near.
I am now beginning to think he doesn't have "it". He'll just show potential in his whole career.
Speaking of potential, Jordan makes a nice sack then disappears the rest of the game. On one running play he was pushed around like a toy. He'll end up being another player who flashes potential but never makes that next

That's some bad logic, so basically if we cant take a step up from tannehill, we take 3 steps backward and get geno smith??....not quite sure why you had to make that so dramatic a solution...personally neither are playing outstanding football and yet we're acting like tannehill is already irreplaceable!!!

First thing next year is to improve this running game. Get 2 or 3 offensive linemen, another TE, another RB, and a full back. That should be mission #1. A good GM and coach can come in and immediately turn this team around. They are not that far away from being a great team.

Posted by: Orlando Dophan | November 24, 2013 at 06:19 PM

100% agree with everything except new HC. I honestly believe Philbin's doing it the GREEN BAY-WAY. Many here don't really understand the GB-WAY. It's far more than just the wco and heaving the football downfield.

It's about building a winning foundation that eventually leads to this. This team isn't that far away.


Look how long it took Alex Smith to develop. It takes time to develop young QBs and Tannehill has a cannon for an arm.

Philbin is a horrible coach. He does not know how to manage a game and has completely neglected areas of this team. He seems to think that a FB or blocking TEs are not important. This team is not built correctly and that is part to blame on Philbin's philosophy and the other on Ireland for not putting enough talent on the offensive line.

It's really a shame all joking aside. Saw a lot of players play hard today and have good games.

Tannehill finally completed some deep balls to Wallace and extended some plays with his legs.

The o-line held up pretty good considering. At least in the passing game.

Miller made some good catches as did Hartline and Clay.

I've been hard on Nolan Carroll but I have to give him his due. He played a great game today.

Vernon, Wake, Starks, Clemmons, Jones, and as usual Grimes had good games today.

There was even a Dion Jordan sighting and I thought Ellerbe and Wheeler might have played their best game yet today.

It wasn't enough though. Someone has to make a play to seal it and the coaches have to put them in a position to win and have the confidence to play to win the game.

One more loss and we probably get to see yet another rebuild.

Oscar, thats not correct dude.

The coaching today lost us the game, not the players.

Don't put Shula and Philbin in the same sentence please.

I have followed the dolphins since 1969. When Don Shula was our coach, he would win ten plus games a year no mater what personnel he had. He had a owner who had a player personnel in Joe Thomas. Every successful organizations needs to have these aspects in place. Currently we don't, the New England pats doe because they follow the format that Joe Robbie used. Until we do, the same results will happen.
We need a organization structure change for dolphins fans and staff to see different results.

Posted by: MassDolphan | November 24, 2013 at 07:23 PM

And if you watched that play closely, Wallace had both men beat over the top....another ill timed pass by tannehill with hardly any pressure in his face.....

Our offensive scheme is just awful.
But this is what Ross wants, a more "entertaining" offense that treats the running game as an afterthought.
Hope you all are entertained, I miss the Wildcat!

Marco can't possibly have much of a life.

Has TannePuke ever put up 30 pts?

Dolphins need to fix the running game... should have played Pouncey today.

Dolphins tied with the entire AFC in 6th place.

Posted by: DL Sr | November 24, 2013 at 07:29 PM

Ross has absolutely no fkn clue what he wants except to have the spotlight on his team in a positive way....and to evade questions on Irefiends future and the actual turmoil that has been hurting this franchise since he took over!!!!

If only we could abstain him from ownership, that would be a real positive sign....

...Realist..I have an answer for you. I do not pretend that I have anymore football knowledge then the next guy. I couldn't coach a second of offensive scheme, or design an offense..But..I do pay attention.

You are right. The flaws on the line make it difficult to play any offense. Injuries, BS scandals aside. I think the issues of our run game are self induced. It is the attitude of our coach who IMO set the table for the type of offense we would be in the preseason.

If you go back an look at what personel groupings we like to use, and the ones that we run well out of. You will see a huge gap. We love to spread the field, we love a single back, single tight formations. The problem..We use this personel grouping to a fault. There is no defensive coordinator that fears the run when we line up in these formations..If we gouge them, big deal..It is an advantage for the defense, as our tendency is pass. When we do run..it is a struggle.

Fast forward to the 12 personel. 2 tight ends, 1 running back...We do our best work on the ground out of the formations in this personel grouping. We can put a tight end in the backfield, or line them up on the line of scrimmage..We get an extra blocker. I do not know why we shy away from these formations..But we do. Both long passes to Wallace today were out of this personnel grouping. At the least it makes the safties creep up to recognize the run. It gives us more options, and IMO would help the run game if this was the go to personnel grouping..

Nope..Spread the field. Nobody respects the run when we do this..We may get a nice gain here and there. But for the most part defenses concede the run, and are thinking pass. Most of the sacks, and interceptions we have given up have come when we are in single back, or empty looks..

So..IMO if we wanted to commit to the run. We would commit to an extra blocker. we would stop spreading the field. And we would at least put the thought of stopping the run into the defenders heads by featuring these personel groupings.

Sure you can coach the GB way, if you have Farve or Rogers,

GB are playing the GB with some dude of the street and its not working.

You need a good QB to play the winning way mate.

Thill can go 3-3 for 8-9 yards and you punt.

He can't keep the drives moving. We took the deep shots more than ever this year because it was a great move from Sherman for once.

Thill had to execute, he only hit two of six. All the throws were off target. Wallace did a great job getting open all day, as he has much of the year.

Thill as the arm, just not an accurate deep arm, thats a big problem, as he had the time and his WR's were wide open.

If this continues next year then we have to get get a new dude, thats just how it goes. Otherwise Leaf would still be sligging it for the Chargers.

JJ got 2 Special Players, Zach and Jason Taylor and we got to the Playoffs on several occasions. Shula, in his heyday, had a bunch of Playmakers on his Teams, no wonder they won 2 SBs. In his latter days he got Dwight Stephenson and of course Marino, who he rode to many playoff appearances and 1 SB. EVERY TEAM in the League needs at least 2 Special Players to become good, one if that one is a QB.

My point with bringing up Geno Smith is that the draft is a crap shoot. Look at RG3 stinking it up in Washington. The Redskins paid a king's ransom for RG3 and he is taken the Redskins to a 3-7 record. Should the Redskins get rid of RG3?

Tannehill does a lot of things well and he is better than last year. Sure, he has somethings to work on, pocket awareness and deep ball to mention a couple. You guys want to give up on Tannehill after 1 1/2. The fins biggest problem this year has been the offensive line and not having good blocking period. It is not just the O-Line when it comes to blocking. The running backs and TEs cannot block either. It was Philbin's decision not to have a FB. They have put way too much on Tannehill's shoulders at this stage of his career.

Well I'm out for the night. My give a damn is busted for another week.

Man I thought we had a chance when we had them 3rd and 18 and pinned deep on their own end.

Should have known better.

The last pass over the top should have led Wallace the way he was running. He was running away from the defender. If you lead him, there is a chance he scores.

Marco, is your wife too revolting or are you still a virgin? Nobody posting as much as you do could possibly have a life.

Wallace blew at least 3 passes during the game. On the long pass that he was overthrown, he stopped running. The pass that he dropped in the middle of the field, and the last drop at the end of the game which would have been a great catch but hit him squarely on the hands. Also the defense took off the 40 seconds before the half and the first drive of the third quarter. The Defense also gave up a fourth and 10 at the end of the fourth quarter.We have no offensive line and the run defense is not as good as last year. Those are the reasons we loose.

No chance I'm going to blame today's loss on anything else except Carolina's superiority to Us.

I agree with a lot of the comments here about THill. He is not a starting QB. He may make a decent backup, but not a starter. It is time to start Moore.

Wallace was open all day and the throws were off by Thill all day.

Can he ever find him deep in stride ???

He gets 2014, however please bring in a high draft QB and a free agent that can use Wallace.

We have as much invested in Wallace as Thill folks. Money wise even more with #11. Wallace really showed what he can do today.

The last pass was clearly underthrow again.

6-10 like I said in August.

Dolphins currently hold the 6th and final AFC spot with a .571 conference record.

Hard Loss but way too early to throw in the towel for this year.

You look at how, Rodgers developed into the QB he is. He sat behind Brett Favre for 2 years. Tannehill was thrown right into the fire with no running game and with a horrible offensive line.

Sam- We are on the same page on most of the needs of the fins but I do also blame Philbin. This is Philbin's philosophy on offense and there is a reason why the fins cannot run the ball. Perhaps it is too early to give up on Philbin. He has to have a chance to bring in his type of players but he does have some blame and I think that a new GM will bring in a new coach. That is just the way the NFL works.

Lamar Miller 10 carries for 8 yards.

0.8 yards per carry.

Lmao, who needs Bush.

Pathetic franchise.

Armando it was 16- 6 at the half not 16-3 come on man this is your job to get it right , sorry just pissed at another Dolphins loss that should have been a win

Tannebust, Tannereach, Tannehope, can't connect with Wallace.

Fans go home ripped off, rained on.


We have our franchise quarterback in Tannehill and we have the right coaching staff. We need to fix the offensive line and the run Defense. Its going to take one or two drafts. Next year we should select Offensive lineman in the first, second, and third rounds. The team jumped the gun on Incognito andMartin should not have been trusted to be or left tackle.

That was a good effort by the Team, both Players and Coaches, they were just not good enough. LV called it.


Actually has a point. Some here are blaming Tannehill for this loss and your starting running back ran 10 carries for 8 yards (.8 yards a carry). But they lost this game because of Ryan Tannehill? OK

Send Mr. Ross a new broom. Bill

I didn't say Miami should dump tannehill, but I am saying that his inconsistent play is not something that popped his way into his play overnight, there were real concerns and limitations for him as and coming out of college and he hasn't improved in those regards much since hes been here...albeit two years

Miamis front office has as much blame for drafting tannehill too high than tannehills struggles on the field...but from what ive seen tannehill hasn't made leaps and bounds of improvement from year one to year two with his accuracy issues and pocket awareness and I don't care if you put a running game and O-line in front of him in his third year...

some things wont change if he doesn't improve that part of his game and tannehill is not likely to survive in this league as a legit starter if he continues to have those issues in his third year!!!

We can't run the ball with no oline and no RB's!

Dolphins were only out of one game so far this year.

They need to fix their running game... most loses because they could not finish the game.

DD and others, I respect your opinions, but we all must face facts SOMETIME, this Dolphins team, like the last 4, is a mediocre team. NOTHING MORE! They aren't special, they don't win the close games, they aren't playing their best football at the end of the season. They are what they are...mediocre. And that's a glaring indictment of the GM. And the coaching staff, but mostly the GM. Let's get rid of the stench of Ireland, and see what we have after that next season. If the new GM wants to draft a QB, I'm fine with that. Earlier in the season I said if we go .500 this year, I don't advocate keeping ANYONE! Everyone is on the chopping block (though I know it's unlikely we change everything). But not one single member of this team (player or coach) gets my seal of approval if all we are is mediocre. We're ALWAYS mediocre. So changing everything won't make it worse. One day this team will be able to compete. Obviously, that day isn't today.


I'll ask again. If he end up 31st on offense does the OC get the boot ?

Very disappointed. We played tremendous first half. Good play calling. Second half we became conservative while Carolina's HC Rivera was always aggressive. He TRUSTED his playmakers. In the 4th. qtr. our players were gassed and could not stop their playmakers.

In the last 6 minutes of the game we had at least 4 opportunities to stop them and win the game. We did not. Nobody stepped up. No playmakers in our team when we needed them to close the game and win.

OC Sherman should know by now that we are going nowhere with that short passing system. We cannot run the ball and we cannot get first downs with the short passes either.

This is another game that was winnable with good coaching.

Now let's all hear the excuses from Joe Philbin. We are used to that, friends.

Orlando, Philbin plays his part in the draft too. Ross stated that Philbin wanted to move up and take Jordan in the draft, so don't give Philbin a pass here.

QB is least of our problems when our Oline is only able to generate 25 yds rushing and the QB has no pocket to pass from on a consistent basis. The Oline was a big problem in the 2nd half and Sherman went back to his vanilla predictable play calling. This is a formula for disaster/loss for every QB in the league.

"Hard Loss but way too early to throw in the towel for this year."


Welcome to the blog Guillermo. You are on point the dolphins have the QB and the coaching staff. I also think that they have the receivers, the defensive line, and the secondary.

The offensive line needs an overhaul and the problem on defense is the LBs. Some here wanted to get rid of Dansby and Burnett. Well, you know what that is who the fins really miss. Wheeler and Ellerby have been a huge disappointment. We miss Burnett and Dansby tremendously on defense. That is why teams are running the ball all over us.

Our opponents just put 7-8 in the box to stop our run game because they know Tanny cant beat them passing.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 24, 2013 at 07:49 PM

Ditto that but Sherman needs to go too...im sick of hiring guys on the wrong side of 50 calling a game that they seem to be outclassed in...

For Example

Dan Henning

Chain Gailey

Mike Sherman

its a losing proposition and a losing mentality

Hey Geniuses,

Panthers didn't run the ball all that well either, up until the 4th quarter. They were pedestrian in the 1st half. The difference is, Newton made the necessary plays in the 2nd half, and Tannehill and Co. did not. Philbin always says it's about making plays at the end of the game, and we didn't make them. Not sure how long some except that excuse, namely Mr. Ross, but it's getting pretty old to me. If you're not making those plays in week 12, then guess what, you CAN'T CONSISTENTLY make those plays.

I'll ask again. If we end up 31st on offense does the QB get the boot ?

Good Evening Costello,

I normally have a good life friend.

Its only on Sundays my life takes a turn for the worse. Normally around 4pm.

Tannehill 28 out of 42 for 310 yards. He also had 4 rushes for 36 yards.

Tannehill had a big game... he needs a running game to take the pressure off his especially late in the game.

Note: the team was playing with three backup linemen, including center Pouncey.

...Marco.. Whatever the stats you saw, or the ones I read. Tannehill needs to do better with the deep passes. I think that the problems of the offense are much larger then his inability to be accurate on longer throws. To me the deep ball is such a low percentage throw for most offenses that it only a few teams that can really say they are dependent(Russell Wilson has a 50 percent completion percentage in the same area with more attempts then Tannehill)..

I'm defending Tannehill here because I do not think it is the biggest area of concern when it comes to his quarterback play..There are other issues that I think are more glaring that could be addressed over completion percentage of throws over 20 yards


I agree with you. In fact, if you look Ireland has changed his drafting philosophy to accommodate Philbin. No way that under the last coaching staff they take a soft player like Jonathan Martin. Players like Martin, Dallas Thomas, Egnew, and Lamar Miller finesse Philbin type players. So yes, many blame all the personnel moves on Ireland but Philbin also plays his part.

What good is a QB that cant throw deep?

superPHIN, actually, I'd like to see Sherman go before Philbin. I could go either way on Philbin. But Sherman, yeah, don't EVER want to see him on the Dolphins team again, and frankly, I'm happy to see Coyle go too.

Their playmakers probably were tired too. If our playmakers couldn't stop their playmakers, then they were better than we were.

The rbs coach, the OL coach, and the OC are not the right people for the job....have you guys been watching this team lately????!!!!....holy sh$t, might as well hire myself if you feel like this hot mess should continue into next year!!!


To give draft picks to get Dion Jordan with the third pick, and play him only on certain third downs, to me is equal to tag him a bust. Thanks, Jeff. Or thanks, Philbin. Or thanks, Coyle.

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