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Dolphins beat Bengals 22-20 in overtime

Cameron Wake is back.

And so are the Dolphins.

The defensive end had a sack for a safety in overtime to give the Dolphins a 22-20 victory over Cincinnati.

It was Wake's third sack of the night. It was a bigtime player making a bigtime play.Dolphins01bb cameronwake jwr

"Most of you that know me know the past few weeks have been a little frustrating," Wake said. "But that's football. You get banged up. this game was a very important game for us. Losing games. Hard fought games. But finally having one come down to the end and guys showing up all over the place ... You couldn't win any other way."

It marked a night in which the Dolphins blew a 17-3 lead (sound familiar?) but rallied to tie the game with a 44-yard Caleb Sturgis field goal with 11 seconds left in regulation.

Then both teams were forced to punt. And with the Bengals backed against their end zone, Wake poured in over the right tackle, sacked Dalton in the end zone (barely) and sent everyone home happy.

The Dolphins are 4-4 now. They play at winless Tampa Bay in 11 days.

Suddenly things are looking up.

The Dolphins got multiple great individual performances.

Lamar Miller rushed 16 times for 105 yards. Ryan Tannehill didn't throw a TD but neither did he fumble or throw an interception. He had a 92.3 QB rating.

Mike Wallace caught six passes for 82 yards and drew a big pass interference penalty that led to the game tying field goal in regulation.

Brent Grimes returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown.

Good work.



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More Charles Clay runs! He is beastin it.

Truth always prevails.....give a QB anytime, a run game or WR catching the ball....any one of the three and you win the darn game!!
Tannehill haters, namely Kris, Craig M, Marco, Sam and the 20 names that Daytona uses can now eat their CROW!!

That was another good team that our awful Dolphins just beat. That was an all time win with a historic sack to walk off the field. That was HUGE.

No one has mentioned Tannehills fourth quarter comeback drive. Why didn't we run the ball?? We had to rely on Tannehill and he came through. Life would be better if we ran the hurry-up the whole game.

Thank God miami pulled this out. Question now is can , miami's D keep mike glennon
from having a career day in 11 days.

Daytona must be beside himself right now. I'll hand it to our team, they hung in there. Against a good team. But with all the turnovers by the Bengals it should have never been this close. A win is nice but let's keep perspective here, this team is still mis-coached.

No killer instinct.

Darkoak.....bad coaching and all.....we are 4-4....if we had decent coaching we should be minimum 6-2....think about Buffalo and Baltimore

I'm happy for the win but lots of concerns remain. Why can the offense not get first downs when it counts in the second half. They are not doing their part to support the defense which is getting gassed. Defense is giving up WAY too many 3 and longs. There were at least three tonight ranging from 13-18 yards.

Props to the D for not caving but digging in to man up in OT. No props however for the offensive coordinator. I want Mike Sherman GONE immediately. He is costing us games on both sides of the ball.

D. Sanders said T-hill was awesome.

It is unfortunate but we are stuck with this coaching staff for the rest of the season......hopefully it doesn't ruin our chances anymore than it already has.
This team should be 6-2 even 7-1 if ya wanna count the Pats game!!!

The Can Sherm bandwagon still has planets of seats available. Got to love the win in spite of him.

Nice win, Yes
But, 90 plays vs 45
Not nice
We need to find the way to keep the football
#52 it's a joke he can't tackle
#20 I can't remember a good play Clemons need to help you ( you're lost )

Armando has to stop hating. win is a win. We have seen enough zebra calls in the last 3 weeks to last a lifetime. Lets enjoy this win. Stop bitching about Thomas, et al.

I keep saying there is no point rushing three on 3rd and long in this league. Especially when you have mismatches in coverage for the opposing offense. Coyle needs to bring heat on third and long, it's what the front seven is built for anyway.

Agree phins 1. How many 3rd amd longs can this club keep giving up. At same rime, love Patterson and Grimes

phillip wheeler is a huge liability. he misses way to many tackles, and rarely gets to the qb on blitzes. he was a definite downgrade from burnett.

i wonder how big of a difference a healthy wake would have made over the last 4 games.

it is disturbing when the best thing one can say about the qb is that he didn't fumble or throw an interception.

the failure of miami to get one yard on two downs is disturbing. why not sneak tannehill to get 6 inches in ot? (nevermind the fact that thomas got a terrible spot).

I'll say it again no way should Dalton be anywhere near the end zone passing the ball with the game on the line.

BTW? are people still wanting to already give up on the season and these players?

Dear mr.sherman thank you for calling a better gam e.Letting tanny roll out running when called for and letting R.T.QB sneak for a big TD.Thank the lord cameron wake is feeling much better.We did fine without big baby johnathan martin.Guess he has sensitivity issues.WE looked like a decent team tonight Bad ref.calls and all

To accounting dept.

Cut in half Sturgis check

...Dfan13131313@ 12:57...No doubt.. The refs were again freekin brutal tonight. Absolutley brutal. Hartline getting called for a PI that I'm still not sure what happened. Pac Man absolutely mugging Hartline on the next series on third down? The holding penalties on Wake all night..

I hat hate hate complaining about the refs..But the last 2 weeks have been blood boiling.

Phins1, my thoughts exactly. 3d was just another down for the Bengals tonight. But we played hard and made the win happen. Twice in two years, Cincy!

I have never loved a man like I loved Grimes on that pick 6. I'm really having to reexamine myself.

one thing i will say about tannehill tonight. it looks like he got the memo to get rid of the ball faster, even if it means an incompletion. case in point, the incompletion on 3rd down before sturgis's 44 yard field goal.

it is amazing how many times nessler referred to cincinatti screwing up when miami's cornerbacks were making great plays.

the linebacker play is killing miami's defense. the main reason imo that they can't get off the field on 3rd down.

"i wonder how big of a difference a healthy wake would have made over the last 4 games"

Rhymes with Fuge Hucking Difference.

But leave off the Tannehill hating. All you saw was no turnovers??? He made some great plays.

A very important win for Miami... they beat a quality club tonight. I'm not as convinced about Dalton making bad throws as I am Patterson and Grimes just "Taking the damn ball"... go back and watch those picks, Those picks were straight up Felony Robbery.... Not bad throws that got picked off.
The bottom line is this is an extremely young team that is still learning to play together and jell as a team. Dion Sanders said it best before the game even started. Yeah, coaching could be better... but just like players must learn to play as a team through trails by fire... Coaches must figure out their roster and know what works with who.
ONE ISSUE keeps jumping off the screen during games and it is cost Miami wins. I don't know what it is gonna take to get the defense to stop giving up 3rd & 16's and 3rd & longs in general. I don't know if Miami get's caught blitzing or in a crappy zone... But stopping 3rd and long conversions needs to be right up at the top of the "To Do" list along with protecting Tannehill.

But for now.... I'm going to relish a nice win for 11 days... and enjoy watching the NFL channel heads make excuses for the Bungles....

tannehill made some plays, but the whole offense is out of sync because they have no identity. cincinatti committed to stopping the run in the second half, and miami again had no answer. i think they had two first downs until the last drive to kick the field goal. brutal. the defense was gassed, and they were very fortunate to get the game into overtime.

I am very happy to have this seasoned talented DL. Those guys made the difference in this game. That was a good Bungles team with a very explosive offense.

Cam Wake was unstoppable tonight. He played great tonight and deserves some praise.

Was I just inattentive, or did Jordan do nothing tonight? Was he out trick or treating?

Always tense until the end with these phins- even if we get all the big plays (or almost -big plays), but this one took the cake. Felt like i was giving birth. And yes I am a male. I think this is 3 years in a row or 3of the last 4 years? 3 wins in a row against these bengals. We got their number.
Alright Miami!

Watch Charles Clay bust out more next season then go to NE as a free agent! It will be our luck.

Very rarely do you see a team defer to receive the 2nd Half Kick Off and have things fall like a row of domino's quite as perfectly as the Bengals had it fall for them. They open the 2nd half with an 8 Min. plus drive which ends in a Pick-6 for us then get the ball immediately back eating what was left of the Qrt while scoring to pull within 7. Then it seemed we couldn't catch a break or get out of our own way. The P.I./Push-Off on Hartline on a BIG 3rd down Vs. Pacman which was BOGUS putting us in a 3rd & long but more importantly putting our VERY GASSED D back on the field to start the 4th were our O had the ball all of three plays and I was thinking game-match-set.

The Bengals get the ball back and tie the game on a ridiculous run by J.Bernard when I thought Philbin almost gave the game away on a 3rd and short from around the Bengals 44 Yd.-line were for starters with all 3 T.O.'s and both challenges I would have tossed the flag on the spot given after the D.Thomas run and if upheld would have gone for it understanding that my D was sucking wind and my O was about to give it back on another very short series.

It pans because Ellerbee gets the pick but then comes the P.I. on Pacman covering Hartline that the side judge doesn't call standing directly next to the play on our sideline! Really thought the game was OVER AT THAT POINT and we would lose another one at the end when Tannehill comes to life with 80 ticks making some nice throws, Sturgis (I almost ate my own hand waiting on the kick) makes the F.G. and Cam Wake closes the deal in OT.

Here comes my peeve, the NFL Net crew make no mention of the 2 Missed calls on Hartline but claim his catch at the end was BOGUS with Faulk talking conspiracy?? Even later wasting another 15 Minutes looking at Wake's sack saying it wasn't a Safety??? For some reason EVERY SINGLE NFL Telecast has everybody from the broadcasters to the announcers talking about how our opponent lost instead of how we won! Tonight Andy Dalton had an off night, ZERO respect to the effort out of our D carrying the show with everything in the money (2nd) half slanted the Bengals way!

Like alot on here I've noticed it before but tonight it especially upset me because they harp on a few calls that went our way which may have cost Cincinnati but fail to discuss the 2 obviously blown P.I. calls on Hartline which forced our D to almost have to play an ENTIRE HALF without rest somehow pulling it out. REAL B U L L S H I T !!!

They finally ran the ball. Made play-action more effective. Had a hard time getting off the field on 3rd down, but overall, a good effort. Wake was a game-changer. Glad he's back.

A win, is a win, is a win. Brutal game tonight, but we pulled it out. Nice job by THill, no turnovers. I expected bad things to happen tonight, but hey you can't have everything. Still need to see more balance in the second half of games, we damn near blew another one. Time to watch the entire game , I only got to hear the play by play at work.

Always good to have a win, however ugly. Enjoy guys, till next week.

Everyone talking about the number of plays run by Cincy, just remember that Grimes returned one for a TD and put the Bengals right back out there.

and once again Sherman made horrible calls at critical times 3rd and half a foot to go , he has Tanny tanke a 3 step back then hand off two feet further back , then run to left side if line , Geno was out up the guy either runm there or let tanny sneak it , how stupid is this old coot geez Im gonna come down there and beat some sense into him, then the officiating again , they ran into our kicker , thats automatic first down , no call , raping our receivers all night no calls when are Ross and Philbin gonna pick up their balls and come out in the media and to the league about this cheating bullcrap so so so sick of it, nice win , but it didn t have to be that hard or close if officials did their jobs properly

All u haters, get on your knees and suck it!

..fin4life..The officiating tonight was bad all the way around. I'm sure Cinci fans are not pleased about the holding penalty called on Gresham that nullified a Bengal td..That call was a bad of a call that was made for either side. It really had a huge factor on the outcome. A few plays later Grimes picks Dalton and goes the other way for 6...

Perhaps the game is just to fast. I don't buy for a second that there is a conspiracy to favor certain teams. I just don't buy it. So many bad calls in every game. They get magnified when the games are close. The NFL has to figure something out..The calls do effect to many games, and even the questioning of the integrity by some fans may be the eventual down fall of the league... A lot of people do not trust what they see..

Actually, either Irvin, or Sapp mentioned the "non" offensive PI call on Hartline, but that was all. No one expounded on it. They did harp on the safety, but I feel replay showed a good onfield call. We did get away with one on the Hartline ("non") toe-dragger. I was on the phone with my Dad and we both agreed that Lewis could not throw the red flag because it was under 2 mins. In yhe end it all evens out, with the exception being last week where the ref's handed the game to the Pats.

Mike Wallace caught six passes for 82 yards and drew a big pass interference penalty that led to the game tying field goal in regulation.

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Your interview with Crowder before the game on 560 was hilarious but your game is off here! The Big P.I. on Wallace was in OT and the play that flipped the field leading to the sack not on the last drive were it was 2 big passes one to Matthews and the other to Hartline which NFL Networks crew is convinced wasn't a catch given the Bengals LOST this game Miami didn't WIN it!

Yeah, just hours ago everything was doom and gloom. According to YG(and his 1001 aliases), Philbin has lost the Locker Room.

They didn't look lost too me. Was it perfect? Of course not, but who is playing perfect? The inspiring thing, plenty of guys stepping up and deserving of game balls.

At a time when most were expecting the Dolphin's to come off the rails, they pull together and get a really good **TEAM WIN**.

PS: Say what you want about McKinnie. We're a better team with him. We've actually ran the ball real well since his arrival.

PSS: Kudos to Tyson Clabo. I predicted that in light of Martin's "Troubles" he'd play an inspired game. He did!

PSSS: Was that Garner in there, showing Cog's he ain't the "Only Show In Town"-LOL!

Garner played real well considering he had to come off the bench. Maybe Jim Turner should give him a shot at Jerry's spot when Cog's is healthy again.

Looks like we should be 5-4 soon, with **AT LEAST** 3 wins out of our next 4.

...Another thing..These Thursday games need to be shelved. It makes for poorly played games. This game was all over the place. It was a rare exciting Thursday game. But the quality of play was brutal. It is too much to ask these guys to play 2 games in 4 days. It has a direct effect on the outcomes of the games.

Look at how gassed we were. Now I know we were on the field for the entire 3rd quarter. Add the fatigue from Sundays game, and it was no wonder we couldn't tackle anyone...I don't blame the players.Blame the league..This Thursday nonsense has to go.

I can't believe I just saw what I saw. What a fantastic finish on Halloween. It's great feeling. Good night fans. The haters can eat dirt.

stillhardcoredolphinsfan | November 01, 2013 at 01:35 AM

On 1st glance I thought he didn't get it down either but there was one replay from the endzone cam were I thought it showed the end of the shoe drag. At the end your right but felt there announcing slanted remember were the convo was headed till Irvin said, "Hey lets stop and give the Dolphins some credit" He's the only one by the way!


Gresham gets that call because Wheeler was turned around when he made contact if he does it with Wheeler still looking up field before he turns showing the back of his jersey that call never gets made.

Hey maybe I'm being a bit of a homer nit picking but am sick of us getting treated like some League AAA by CBS, NBC, ESPN & NFL Network.

By the way fortunes turn fast Geno Atkins (Son of former Dolphins psycho Cancer Safety Gene) tore up his knee and that's a KILLER for the Bengals!

odinseye | November 01, 2013 at 01:39 AM

You did call it and KUDOS Brudda! I did tell you that I wondered how this teams leadership would respond and affect this game and we got our answer in Cam's play, Solia's and both CB's! These guys stepped it up and led the way what we needed! By the way Mayock and the announcers kept talking about the bad pass Dalton threw in the Grimes Pick-6 but look at the replay again! Odrick gets in the air and makes him alter the throw inside, it was actually a nice play by Odrick and you'll see it on the replay!


I agree, it's complete Bullshyt!

I did like the way Michael Irvin cut in on them and said: We have to give Miami Credit!

He straightened them out and Sapp was agreeing. I loved it! Especially coming from those two.

Look at how gassed we were. Now I know we were on the field for the entire 3rd quarter. Add the fatigue from Sundays game, and it was no wonder we couldn't tackle anyone...I don't blame the players.Blame the league..This Thursday nonsense has to go.

Darryl Dunphy | November 01, 2013 at 01:40 AM

These games have been real ugly Darryl! I tend to agree that the majority look sloppy as hell but it's the League's Network with even their own Thanksgiving Day game now and watch them add not take away for the integrity of the product on the field. It's a business and worth 11 Billion a Yr.

odinseye | November 01, 2013 at 01:50 AM

Irvin sort of sets Sapp straight sometimes, fun to watch when the Big Fella gets off point.

..Irvin has been on the Phins all year.

fin4life...I have no issue with getting a favorable call. We surely have some coming to us!

Good win tonight...If nothing else we play pretty entertaining games. Win or lose, there is usually excitement. Enjoy the victory. Have a good night.

Odin...To put a little cherry on top of tonights game. My buddies wife had a few OC 40's that she put out for the adult trick or treaters!!! The old school ones that you can crush up. Glorious night.

love our player, RT17 included, hate the staff. got lucky tonite, the coaches will continue to hold this team back. Armando for HC!

Grime's pick six drove me crazy!

It seemed like he was running in slo-mo! I wanted to jump through the screen and smack him up a couple times-LOL!

My Girlfriend thought I had finally flipped out for good. I jumped up and screamed when he picked it off. Then I started to threaten him as some of Bengals kept getting closer and closer!

I was "Speed Balling'! Happy for the pick six and pissed as hell because they almost caught him!

I enjoyed this game a bunch, but DAMN, I don't have any type of Blood Pressure medication!

My buddies wife had a few OC 40's that she put out for the adult trick or treaters!!! The old school ones that you can crush up. Glorious night.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 01, 2013 at 01:59 AM

Those will make **ANY** Holiday Better-ROTFLMAO!

My buddies wife had a few OC 40's that she put out for the adult trick or treaters!!! The old school ones that you can crush up. Glorious night.

Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 01, 2013 at 01:59 AM

Those will make **ANY** Holiday Better-ROTFLMAO!

odinseye | November 01, 2013 at 02:06 AM

Ahhhhh! NICE!

I enjoyed this game a bunch, but DAMN, I don't have any type of Blood Pressure medication!

odinseye | November 01, 2013 at 02:03 AM

A few more of these and I'll need a Milligram of Xanax before the 4th Qrt. The announcer with Mayock made a funny crack though about Grimes looking like he was dragging a Semi on his way.

You can't look past any teams in the NFL. But this 11 day break should help. It's almost like another bye week. Then it's a short road trip to Tampa. Looks like a Good Week to help get things back on track. A good week to get everybody healed up and healthy again.

Hopefully we can put a smack down on Tampa and workout some of things that will help us finish strong in the 2nd half of the season.

Hell of a ride so far..........

Have a good one odin, catch you later Bro!

Thank you Lord............for Cam Wake!

You too Fin4!

You too Darryl!

Good Fvcking Night-LOL!!!!

Oops.......almost forgot........

Whoop - WHOOOOOOOP!!!!

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