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Dolphins beat Bengals 22-20 in overtime

Cameron Wake is back.

And so are the Dolphins.

The defensive end had a sack for a safety in overtime to give the Dolphins a 22-20 victory over Cincinnati.

It was Wake's third sack of the night. It was a bigtime player making a bigtime play.Dolphins01bb cameronwake jwr

"Most of you that know me know the past few weeks have been a little frustrating," Wake said. "But that's football. You get banged up. this game was a very important game for us. Losing games. Hard fought games. But finally having one come down to the end and guys showing up all over the place ... You couldn't win any other way."

It marked a night in which the Dolphins blew a 17-3 lead (sound familiar?) but rallied to tie the game with a 44-yard Caleb Sturgis field goal with 11 seconds left in regulation.

Then both teams were forced to punt. And with the Bengals backed against their end zone, Wake poured in over the right tackle, sacked Dalton in the end zone (barely) and sent everyone home happy.

The Dolphins are 4-4 now. They play at winless Tampa Bay in 11 days.

Suddenly things are looking up.

The Dolphins got multiple great individual performances.

Lamar Miller rushed 16 times for 105 yards. Ryan Tannehill didn't throw a TD but neither did he fumble or throw an interception. He had a 92.3 QB rating.

Mike Wallace caught six passes for 82 yards and drew a big pass interference penalty that led to the game tying field goal in regulation.

Brent Grimes returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown.

Good work.



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That was a heavy weight fight...

Where is Dashi and the rest of the irrational losers that wanted Mike Wallace gone??

The Thursday night games are going no where. Quality of play ? Player safety ? This is business, it's about revenue. The game was televised in the NFL Network. Get real.

Much like a team in London the NFL will likely add a Friday night game at some point.

O still not there,but Derick wake was awesome.Any PSU fan knows what I mean

Odin's on here telling other dudes good night.

If that isn't the gayest thing ever posted on the internet I'd be surprised.

Almost as gay as the Dolphins uniforms on Thursday night.

People are thrilled over 4-4.

Pathetic how far this team has fallen.

This is a dreadful football team to anyone who is paying attention.

The Bengals kept trying to hand the game to the Dolphins. Any real team would have blown them out.

Four turnovers, a pick six, Bengals receivers dropping passes and the ball on the Bengals 40 yard line in OT with only a yard needed to help secure a solid chance at winning and it still came down to the punter and Cam Wake winning the game.

Tannehill produced 13 points.

Tampa Bay has a legit shot at beating the Dolphins.

Some of you need to pipe down with the blind homer fan bit.

...and once again, ESPN continues its disrespect towards the Dolphins!
Take into consideration the following:

1) Any other Thur night game (esp. NYJ or NE) would have gotten more then the first 5 minutes on Sportscenter coverage.
2) They paid a great deal of attention to Geno Atkins then the Dolphin D and their 3 INT's!
3) They show Marvin Lewis being interviewed ...but no shots of Philbin and his press conference?!
4) Only the 3rd safety of all time in OT to win a game...and do they show an interview or sound bite from Wake?
5) Do they show a shot of the legendary Shula presenting Offrdahl with his Ring of Honor?!
6) Whose stat do they show before they move onto the Bulls/Knicks game...why Dalton's of course!

You would've thought the Bengals won tonight! Thank you NFL Network!
The Fins actually have to lose to get major minutes on this biased network! Hell...even the Jonathan Martin news got more coverage on Sportscenter tonight!!!
Keep sucking the d$#%s of the Rex Ryan's and Bill Bellichik's of the NFL...thank goodness for remote controls!

Amazing Win by the Team and under the most adverse set of circumstances. This can only bring Good to them.

We have said this before. We don't care about any recognition. We just want to Win.

OE ,agree. No love but do the fins deserve? Need to win more and the play callin still sucked ,6iches for a first down in

and not call a QB sneak? And lose 2 yards???? Just bad

btw, many non-believers, people of little Faith here before the Game. You really want to know what won the Game? The Will. Somehow, the Team was able to gather themselves morally and psychologically and willed it to Win. Even if the Game had gone on longer THEY WERE GOING TO WIN no matter what. You don't believe me? Well...

OC,you funny

btw, my above comment includes the Coaches also. I found no fault in their in-Game management and only decisions dictated by the flow of the Game.

Flow turned in 3rd,ad usual

Cam had a great post interview

A feeling of rejection for the Miami Dolphins has somehow been imbued in Football Fans across the Nation and of course in many Miami Fans also. You too, wings.

NO O.C, I never lose faith and read everyday and watch what zI can but my eyes dont lie.The O needs work.T hill has not taken the next step

Why has Nate Garner not seen the field?Did a really good job tonight,considering he has not played?

Most People don't realize the influence of the Media upon their Selves and therefore are defenseless to stop it. Thru the Media, People can be instilled with information/de-information/misinformation that affects their views and consequently their attitudes and most won't even know it. This is as old as Humanity is and only more vast and refined now. A simple mechanism to defend your Selves, question EVERYTHING you're told, especially if it's coming from some type of organized Media service.

Lol,belive my eyes, and you preaching.to the choir

2nd shift super OUT,..AND HAPPY

Not talking about senses and talking about feelings, wing Inside your Self, you want the Miami Dolphins to fail, and you might not even realize it..

You finish your shift at 6:AM?

Exciting Win, & not to be negative BUT... Where is our #1 Pick? Where has our tagged Franchise Player been? and Where have these "replacement" offensive lineman been? Great Job

Make Shift O-line,
Cam Wake, difference maker
a quiet Solid year by Clemons
Miller...for most part
Tannehill for staying poised for change

Poor Tackling
More unimaginable play calling
3rd.Downs, offense & defense

I watched the game with uncommon self control and a bit of trepidation last night. I usually am one of those that jumps up and down with every swing of momentum. I stand guilty as being one of those that felt that the coaching staff had lost this team, I still don't know if the coaches have the respect of the players, or if the players played an outstanding game despite the coaches.

I think from this point on in this season, I am going to stop trying to analyze what is going on behind the scenes and just enjoy the ride wherever it takes us.

I was fully prepared to see a total collapse and was not really surprised that they pulled it off, this is a league of parity after all, and eventually teams that are on a high lose one, and teams that are on the skids win one. We appeared to be on the skids based on the outcome of the last 4 games prior to last night, but I have to take my hat off to the team for showing the resiliency and fortitude to get the job done despite the obstacles they faced.

All I can hope for at this point, is that this game marks the turning point of Joe Philbin's career as a head coach and that it begins a long stretch of incredible good fortune. I hope he becomes the coach I wanted him to be from day one, but was having serious doubts about.

I was one of the first ones here calling him out as not producing, as losing the locker room, etc. Here's to hoping that I was completely and totally WRONG on all counts.

Coach Philbin I apologize for having my doubts about your ability, and I hope that you continue to grow into the job and that one day may you eclipse the great Don Shula in victories for the Miami Dolphins.

From a "charter" Dolphins fan, since the Joe Auer kickoff return!

So all is honky-dory with a win...effectively alleviating the human turnover machine of Sherman's ill-fated dependancy was a solid move. Miller can actually run the ball if given the opportunity (forever miffed at the Daniel Thomas love). Its comical when our QB throws for a whopping 200 yds. but doesn't fumble or throw a pick & THATS considered a GREAT performance by him (QB rating of 92+). Keep the throws short & limit how many times he throws & he can be all we ever hoped for?
I hope poor Johnny Martin doesn't get his wittle feewings huwt anymore and comes back ASAP cause he's shown so much promise & progress. Good riddance - grow a pair & grow up. Didn't appear football was your best career move anyway.
I know, I know, bitchin' after a win - not good - but not exactly sorry for it...cause this team is still a joke, even if they did pull a rabbit outta their ass. last night.

We won but I see no playoffs unless things change.
1. Fire Sherman, play calling is horrible.
2. In practice, lets do some 2minute hurry up drills.... I think we waste too much time at at end of game and halfs.
3. Def is awesome on 1st and 2nd downs... so what happens on 3rd...bc we are horrible. Is it play calling or is it the players take the foot off the gas pedal.

Great win in a must win situation.

three INT's for the D + a pick 6....nice!

Miller ran the ball well....Thomas not so much (we had two chances to get 1 yard and blew it).

Tannehill had a solid game and most of all protected the rock!

On to Tampa and 5-4....who knows what the future holds?

Yes all is honky dory with the win. It always was..they were in a losing streak and endured some tough injuries. The only ones to quit on these team were the trolls and some fair weather fans.

It was complete non sense about Philbin losing the team. About the division on the team. About the players, about Ireland, about Ross. What some won't accept is this team is very capable to beat good teams. 3 of our 4 victories came against playoff teams. WE ARE 4-4 with Tampa coming to town. Now the schedule gets a bit easier. Here comes 5-4!

Dolfandave, really he's going to NE huh. really, moron.

That was a stunning historic victory. One for the books to win by a safety. I thought for sure the refs were going to screw us AGAIN. I don't think a Phins player has ever done it and it's only happened 2 other times.

Cam Wake is a flat out beast and our DL is great. Can't say anything bad about the defensive effort after being on the field the entire 3rd quarter. They did miss some tackles but those Bungles are pretty darn good too.

NHFINSFAN, no one blew anything, there was no hole. The Cinn line up the play both times by pus
hing the O-line into the backfield

Where was Dion Jordan last night? I can not recall seeing him on the field for even one play.

It should not be forgotten either that T-hill got the team down the field to tie the game on the final drive in the 4th quarter. He played very very well.

We needed this win. It was great, from the defense finally closing the deal to Tannehill and the offense executing a comeback drive to FINALLY winning the turnover battle.

THE GOOD: Defense coming up with turnovers (Grimes/Patterson bend, but get their hands on the ball and contest passes, the secondary is different when both are in the game); run game (Miller and Thomas continue to prove they can be an effective run duo and carry the offense in this time of dire need); Tannehill - NO TURNOVERS, great job!

THE BAD: 3rd down conversions on either side of the ball (way too many 3-and-outs on offense, and WAY TOO MANY extended drives on defense); OL (Garner came in and played nicely, but my God is our OL a liability. You can tell everyone is on edge every time the ball is snapped, looking for the breakdown. It's affecting everything, Tannehill's confidence, timing with receivers and Sherman's play calling (which is horrendous on its own); Caleb Sturgis - From that horrible kick-off out of bounds vs. Baltimore to the missed FGs and the blocked FG (not his fault), this kid is shell-shocked. He came back to kick a couple FGs, so hopefully that was a road bump, but he's not Mr. Automatic anymore, Philbin really needs to take that account before asking him to kick a game winner from 56 yards out in the wind.

THE UGLY: Injuries - This is really what ends Seasons for teams. And we're coming to a critical mass on injuries on offense. Any more and this team will be looking for guys off the street to play. Luckily we have 11 days to get guys back; 3rd Quarters - what the h*ll do these guys do during halftime? Whatever it is, Philbin needs to change it. They come out and fold in the 3rd. If it wasn't for Grimes Pick-6 this game would have gotten out of control; Refs - I'm not one to complain about refs much, and both teams got some bad calls, but it's starting to become almost conspiratorial, EVERY TIME we seem to have the game in hand, we get called for some suspect (or downright imaginary) penalty. All the way back to the Saints game, we've been hit at critical times with non-committed fouls. Thankfully we made it past this game, but with such a tiny margin-of-error, can we continue to beat other teams AND the refs, not sure?

SMH...Only in here do people call Rookies and 2nd yr players busts. I wonder why that is? When mostly anyone will tell you it takes 3 years to judge draft picks. Proves how quick they are to jump to conclusions and their level of football knowledge.

Bill Arneparger.....

in one post you are telling me to eat crow over Tanne.....and in the next....you feel it is unfortunate that we are stuck with this coaching staff....you know...the coaching staff that drafted Tanne....

Do you see the irony in that.....

And btw.....one game (that that Tanne does not throw a TD pass) does the season make.....

Today is not about eating crow....that is for the end of the season.....today is about celebrating a GREAT win by the FINS....

And if we can do that 6 or 7 more times this season.....you will surely get to serve the crow you so desperately want me to eat.....and I so eagerly await....

Would love to have my first helping over during a play off game.....followed by left over crow during the divisional round....

It was a HUGE win last night. It was fun to watch it with so many of you. Knowing that there are so many passionate fans taking the roller coaster ride with you makes it, some how, more enjoyable and keeps me sane.

No today is about eating crow...belly up to the bar and chow down fellas. The negativity about T-hill was disgusting and mostly unfair. Some of the criticism of Sherman and the OL was fair but there's been too much over reaction as well. It was over the top silly and stupid.

It's amazing that all the franchise's problems are now solved by winning on a safety. To read the columns today you would think everything is great now in DolphinLand. Now all the draft mistakes have been righted, the coaches are now terrific, RT is now the franchise QB, etc, etc.

This in spite of the fact that they again allowed a huge comeback and but for a bad holding call on the Bengals TD there would have been no overtime.

The biggest thing I believe we should keep in mind about last nights game is that the media and most of the fan based believed they would lose. People saw the Martin drama, people say the 4 game skid and people assumed Philbin lost the locker room.

I have to admit, I was trending that way for sure. And while there were plenty of "bad" and "ugly" in that game last night for the Fins, the reality is that the team came out and played hard the ENTIRE GAME (including OT) for Philbin and for each other.

It was a HUGE win for this club who needed to prove to other and to themselves that they are not folding and that they can beat good teams.

Phins 78.....

The herald....

{Well, that illness, it turns out, was Martin getting upset with teammates over what a league source called “bullying” on the part of teammates.

Martin, 6-5 and 312 pounds, apparently was fed up with what is said to be a constant barrage of taunts and practical jokes and by teammates — whom, by the way, nicknamed Martin “Big Weirdo” during training camp in 2012.

Regardless of how you feel about this matter, whether you think the mountainous Martin should be more resilient or the teammates should be ashamed of themselves, the Dolphins have a problem.}

I stopped arguing with you because you were talking as if you knew what happens in EVERY LOCKER ROOM @ every level (including the nfl) everywhere in the world....in short....your limited experience is just that....yours.....as my limited experience is mine......

The difference between us.....I am open to the possibilities that there are other experiences other than mine to be had.....

I said all that to say this....

It looks like Martin's experience was closer to the scenario I described....and less like the fine you envisioned.....


On your Good: You hit everything on the head for sure. The only thing I would add is the run blocking deserves credit which goes hand in hand with Miller/Thomas success. Richie Incognito called it this teams success formula is running 30-40 times because they aren't good pass blockers on this team.

On you Bad: The play calling on 3rd downs are just mind numbing bad. The play calling overall is for that matter. We come out and run the ball twice for a 1st down to start the game and then the next 3 plays they all were shotgun passes and we punt. Coaching stinks on offense. And agreed 3rd down on D is just heart ache after heart ache. Gotta clean that up and cut it in half at least.

On the Ugly: This is more of the place for Sturgis. You can't miss 5 out of 6 and be a NFL kicker. He's missing clutch kicks and now even chip shots with no pressure in a 0-0 game in the 1st quarter. If I were Miami I'd look into working out kickers. He's terrible. The game tying field goal in regulation was a makeable kick and he did his job. He gets no kudos from me. The kickoff after the field goal fell around the 5 yard line which could of been a problem with a guy like Brandon Tate who has several special teams in his career. The guy is unreliable at this point and at least do you due diligence and kick the tires on some street free agent kickers.

Posted by: DC Dolfan | November 01, 2013 at 07:48 AM

I Completely agree with your summary. Great assessment on the 3rd down reality both on Offense and on Defense it was really bad las night. Spot on summary!

I would add:

Good: Sherman did show SOME progress pushing the run more. Garner stepped in and showed he can be a starter. Wallace made a few nice plays. THILL stayed under control and managed the game properly. Clock management at the end of the 4th QTR was well done by staff and THILL. The coaches elected to punt TWICE in OVER TIME and they made the right calls. Overall our pass rush was good last night (Wake, Odrick, Shelby, Vernon, Solai, all played a role).

Bad: Jordan is not playing enough (is it injury or lack of confidence).

Ugly: The defense missed soooo many tackles last night. Wheeler is a real liability and can't be relied upon consistently. He rushes the QB well but beyond that he is spotty.

Tanneyhill is a different QB under center. He has great play action, no more shotgun.
Taking the snap under center prevented the D-Line from teeing off on T-Hill and gave him that extra second to make the throw.
His roll out was also much more effective.
Lot of people will laugh but he reminded me of Joe Montana, and I don't ever remember Montana taking shotgun snaps.

J. Martin who? Not interested in talking about guys that walk out on the team. He was not necessary to win the game and actually the OL played maybe a little better in his absence. So be it.

Marvin Lewis..The only sour grape questioning the safety call. Well maybe some of the knuckleheads on here too but most of them are in hiding.

Tom Hartman,

RT played very good mistake free football. If Andy Dalton reeled in his aggression and played smart then the Bengals win but he played like he actually believed he was a MVP candidate as the pregame suggested. He stunk and over played his hand. Tannehill meanwhile took what was there and made great throws to Rishard Matthews and Hartline when the team needed it most. He's damned if he does and damned if he don't in you haters minds.

And what bad holding call are you refeerring to? The one where Gresham crapped the bed and deciced to sabotage a good run after the catch? The one where he grabbed Wheelers jersey and spun him around? Stop listening to Mayock and what he called ticky tack. It was a hold! I saw Hartline get called for offensive PI which was a joke which btw AJ Green who I love his game but seems to push off every play and got away with it last night. Not to mention the PI which somehow wasn't called on Adam Jones again covering Hartline.

You have no perspective and are a hater! No one is saying RT is a franchise QB. The articles I read said he played good, mistake free football.

the dolphin's "HURRICANE BROTHERHOOD-DEFENSE" showed up last night to beat a VERY good bengals team, i re-named the "brotherhood" the "hurricane brotherhood" because miami had to be able to show the ability to weather many types of storms. first it had to show that it would NOT collapse(like it did versus the saints) when strings of negative plays begin to add up, next it has to be able to overcome some of the worst and most bias officiating i have ever seen in a stretch of games, it had to be a source of strength and pull this team back together when it appeared that the lockeroom was about to fall apart and come back from a 4 game loosing streak..yes the HURRICANE BROTHERHOOD sees some pretty nasty weather down there in florida but you know what, i think the sun is begining to peak through the disapating clouds, it appears that this once 3-0 team has weathered the 4 game loosing stretch of storms, they are ready to not only pick up where they left off, it seems the storm repair included an upgrade, the addition of a running game, i believe the team has an identity now and can build on that..just got to say, i am defending sherman, you can't blame him for straying from the run game these past 4 games, lamar miller/daniel thomas had shown little to NO effort and were ineffective, the way they WERE playing i too wouldn't have called their numbers!

I believe the J-Martin incident made the Fins look in the mirror and realize what a bunch of immature idiotic and pride less bunch they were.
The shame they must have felt for acting like high schoolers in the middle of a losing streak, specially the O-Line.
Fins looked as focused, pissed off , and serious as I've seen them this year.
No coach speech or punishment could have been better for waking them up.
At least Martin was taking it seriously and they realized they better do the same and stop goofing off.

Good to see Tanne silences the dumbos, if only for one week. You know they'll be back.

Bench him for Moore? Tanne gets brunt of the blame for the teams bad performances? PUHLEASE!!!!!!!!!! This just shows the ignorance of the fan base.

Props to Clabo. He's been the victim of bad press & rightfully so. But, in tough situation against a superior opponent, he came in, did his job & did it pretty well!

Professionalism! Good all around win & tough for Cincy. If Bernard didn't leave that game, I'm not sure the result would be the same.

It's cemented in my head now, Phillip Wheeler is horrible! Cannot make an open field tackle to save his life. Green-Elis makes a spin move on him? GOOD GRIEF!

Ellerbe doesn't seem to be an upgrade whatsoever either. These are 2 bad signings & the sooner they can get away from Wheeler, I'd do it!

John in Springs@ 6:50. Spot on with you on the first three paragraphs.
To think of the possibility of us being 7-1 at this point. The Saints were the only team to beat us real bad. As far as the N.E. Bad calls are concerned, yes very atrocious but we have to overcome adversity and move on. Playing hard and solid coaching for 60 minutes is the key for the remainder of the season. Still a good chance of ending up with a 10-6 record and a play off berth.

Tom - shut up and suck it!!!

Go watch soccer...or just shut up...

With Tannehill he needs to crawl before he can walk.. Do you think Brady came in throwing for 300 yards or did he improve every year?? Sherman needs to stop thinking he has Aaron Rodgers as QB and make Tannehiil a "game" manager" (running the football a lot more) until he has the experience to carry the team.

Run run and run some more we need to be a ground and pound team in order to have a chance to win.

Nice win, Yes
But, 90 plays vs 45
Not nice
We need to find the way to keep the football
#52 it's a joke he can't tackle
#20 I can't remember a good play Clemons need to help you ( you're lost )
Posted by: Pitagoras | November 01, 2013 at 12:57 AM

Not sure why they keep giving these guys all the plays, they could give more plays to Davis, Taylor, Jordan, and Jenkins. The coaching staff is the weak link on this team.

Will TanneBust ever throw a TD pass?

It's amazing that a win at home can blur the vision of so many. This was a must win and they got it, but this team is bad. If not for Wake, there would have been a very different story line. The defense outscored this pathetic offense 12-10. A horrible throw by Dalton on the Grimes pick 6 gave this game to the Phins. By the way, anyone notice that Gresham almost caught Grimes - very sad for a corner. 3rd down defense is very bad - how many 3rd and more than 10 yards were converted?

Id rather be lucky then good

Like I said earlier and that was for you Just Curious. Only the all knowing idiotic trolls on here call 1st and 2nd year players busts. You are laughable not funny but laughing at you not with you.

Deion Sanders said T-hill was awesome last night and he's right the guy threw some pretty passes and didn't turn the ball over. Maybe giving him some time to throw the ball and running the ball really do help the guy?

Don't forget..T-hill marched the offense down the field to tie the game. He had all the pressure on him an came through huge.

In the last 3 games the refs are 2-1 against us. They ensured the Ravens and esp. New England Cheaters beat us, and they tried like hell to make sure the Bengals beat us. Maybe it just took the coaching staff 3 games to include the refs in their game planning.
I think Starks should give the middle finger to these corrupt, cheating officials next time.
Regardless, it feels good to finally win. The game plan and Tanne were much better. The defense kinda crumbled in the 2nd half again but the turnovers were key. Wake and Soliai are just awesome.

Tanne did look good @ times....

He looked a lot closer to the QB we saw in the first half of thr PATS game....then the debacle we saw @ the end of the PATS.....

Some consistency would be nice....

No turn overs (from Tanne) = good things....

Why in the heck did miller turn back to the inside....he stays outside...he has a 50 TD run...instead of a fumble....still...good effort....gotta finish.....

T3+out 6 pts, the D 8 pts.
its the QB stupid eh?

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