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Dolphins beat Bengals 22-20 in overtime

Cameron Wake is back.

And so are the Dolphins.

The defensive end had a sack for a safety in overtime to give the Dolphins a 22-20 victory over Cincinnati.

It was Wake's third sack of the night. It was a bigtime player making a bigtime play.Dolphins01bb cameronwake jwr

"Most of you that know me know the past few weeks have been a little frustrating," Wake said. "But that's football. You get banged up. this game was a very important game for us. Losing games. Hard fought games. But finally having one come down to the end and guys showing up all over the place ... You couldn't win any other way."

It marked a night in which the Dolphins blew a 17-3 lead (sound familiar?) but rallied to tie the game with a 44-yard Caleb Sturgis field goal with 11 seconds left in regulation.

Then both teams were forced to punt. And with the Bengals backed against their end zone, Wake poured in over the right tackle, sacked Dalton in the end zone (barely) and sent everyone home happy.

The Dolphins are 4-4 now. They play at winless Tampa Bay in 11 days.

Suddenly things are looking up.

The Dolphins got multiple great individual performances.

Lamar Miller rushed 16 times for 105 yards. Ryan Tannehill didn't throw a TD but neither did he fumble or throw an interception. He had a 92.3 QB rating.

Mike Wallace caught six passes for 82 yards and drew a big pass interference penalty that led to the game tying field goal in regulation.

Brent Grimes returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown.

Good work.



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The Dolphins won a game they really needed to win and under adverse circumstances as well. They did very well not to collapse. They made some very big plays and avoided too many mistakes. All of that is positive.

Still, they won by a safety in OT against a team that had four turnovers. They gave up a lot of yards. The offense struggled. It was a good win, but there was a lot of luck involved.

I have been a Dolphin fan for a very long time. I still feel this team has about a .500 team with a lot of issues that will prevent it from being anywhere near elite any time in the near future.

The headline "One win averts dramatic consequences for Miami Dolphins" may be a negative in the long run. A 7-9 or 9-7 season that masks a team with a very low ceiling is not a good thing if one wants to win championships.

I still believe that Ireland has a very below average record of finding talent and that Philbin (and his staff) are not premium coaches. Tannefhill remains a huge question mark.

If winning one game in nearly six weeks and going 9-7 preserves a status quo that has no chance of rising to a championship level, then it will be a very costly win indeed.

Truth @ 8:44

Absolutely bro! I look at Tannehill alot as a guy like Big Ben. I don't know if its the athleticism (which Tannehill is far more athletic), height, toughness or a combination of all of them but I think Big Ben was most successful when they were run first and allowed him to use bootlegs and playactions with his athleticism and improv skills to extend plays. This is the type of QB Tannehill needs to be and he can be very good.

I like Tannehill and see a QB who can be very successful in this league. But putting up gaudy stats is not going to be his nitch. He can be similar to a Russell Wilson. Allow him to make the plays when they matter as Tannehill did last night to tie it up but make the the game easy for him in quarters 1,2,3.


What are you talking about....

Bill and some guy who is a trick...want to throw a parade....after our first win in almost 6 weeks....

i'm calling the refs out, after a loss it does NO good to voice displeasure since comments made would just seem to be sour grapes, but today is a different story, last night we won inspite of the crew of refs who tried to hand another win to the bengals. i tip my hat these miami dolphins, NOTHING was handed to them, in fact the refs seemed happy to take plays away. it's so disgusting, i'm infuriated, can you imagine how our coaches feel? i mean really, every play that is a positive for miami is under review, scrutinized, i'm surprised they didn't overturn wakes safety, miami's recievers seem to be interogated if the ball so much as moves an inch while in their grasp, and yet a j green catches the ball with his arms, the ball moves when it touches the ground but that's o.k....the refs seemingly split blades of grass to spot the ball literally 1 inch short of a first down, the refs actually held up their hand and displayed the distance between their index finger and thumb, any other team it's a first down...andy dalton did NOT move the chains on his QB sneak...but the refs didn't see that as a critical play, they didn't review and just handed them another oppourtunity to win the game...when miami was up by 14 points, the refs did all they could to see that the bengals came back to tie the game...in the first half AJ green pushes off, knock grimes down no flag, yet at a critical juncture the refs throw a flag on hartline for something similar, a week or two ago a miami player gets horse collard but the refs say NO, he was grabbing the shirt, last night a miami player is grabbing the shirt and it is a horse collar...and that new england game was NO different, as well as the refs confirming that they botched a few critical plays that aided baltimores win...i am sick of thee refs!

Hey Stephen Ross did you throw a masquerade party at Sun Life Stadium last night? Or was I looking at fans dressed up as seats? Hummmmm? LMAO

I honestly care less about gaudy stats that's for Fantasy guys to worry about numbers. T-hill was clutch when it was all on the line. A win is a win period. They don't have to be pretty or dominant. Dalton didn't throw a TD either and the difference was that Tannehill didn't turn over the ball at all and was more accurate. How quick we are to forget he's lost Keller and now Gibson for the year. 2 of our top targets in the passing game.

Tannehill is fine IF he has protection.

Dissapointing ... again, could not sustain lead in second half. Gave up 17 unanswered. Offense couldn't sustain drives and keep our defense of the field and defense couldn't get Bengals offense off the field in the second half. Couldn't pick up the first on that CRITICAL 3rd and less than 1.

Officiating, AGAIN. It didn't cost us the NE game but it almost cost us this one. Offensive Pass Interference call against Hartline was as weak as it gets. Then the Hartline non-call was about as blatant a PI penalty as could be ignored. Pathetic. Im surprised the hacks called the PI that probably prevented Wallace from 6.

That was a dead tired Miami D on the field and hats off to them for sucking it up and getting the job done. While it wasn't stellar, the O line did a pretty good job keeping Tannehill free and also in run blocking.

All that said ... it's a good thing the game winning Safety was called as such on the field. If it wasn't I don't believe it would have been overturned and called a safety under review. Not saying it wasn't a safety but it was close. Not so sure that Dalton tucked that ball himself, moving it back over the line. Wake very well have been the reason why that ball moved to Dalton shoulder and back over the line. Regardless, Miami wins and they needed it.

All that said, this is not a playoff team. More than anything, the inability to sustain leads in the second half and to adjust in order to counter the oppositions second half adjustments has been a trend in the 4 game slide, including last nights win. Some of it is clearly execution and on the players, on both sides of the ball. But much of it is on coaching, again, on both sides of the ball.

The Bengals are a pretty good team and it was a big win. But Miami looks like the .500 team that they are and I'll stay with my prediction that they will finish as exactly that, plus or minus one game. I bleed Dolphin blood and I'm just being honest based on what I see.

We have the best defense in the NFL and the worst offense. 4-4

lol best defense...

A very good win,the team stayed together even after blowing another 14 pt lead let's enjoy and see what happens in 11 days, in the NFL you never know who will win week to week.

Granted, a lot of fans wore orange seats to the game last night lol

A positive on the offensive side of the ball was Garner and the use of Yeatman

After watching last night, they have to re-sign Saolai, Patterson is earning his pay check 4 picks 4 games.. Wheeler needs to find his niche

Yes bad coaching but, at the same time the coaches did not throw the INT and Fumble the balls or missed some critical field goals. The team over all is struggling this big win is good. Sherman finally realized that if He doesn't give up the running game that Miami has a chance. Let the running game help the offense.

The formula for Tannehill is good line work and run the F#@$ ball, he is not a pass happy QB he needs a strong running game.

lol worst offense. Tell that to the Bengals who gave up 150 yd rushing in the first half and got 3 sacks and no int's.

Kris, gald you brought it up, I kept yelling to Miller through the tv, run far side, nobody is there, RUN TO THE LIGHT, LAMAR!!!

It was a HUGE win last night. It was fun to watch it with so many of you. Knowing that there are so many passionate fans taking the roller coaster ride with you makes it, some how, more enjoyable and keeps me sane.
Posted by: JPAO | November 01, 2013 at 08:17 AM

I stayed up until after 1AM euphorically watching what appeared to be the Bengals post game show(even though they lost), knowing that I had to get up at 5AM this morning.

It wasn't pretty but this was a huge win. Hopefully this rollercoaster win will end the rollercaster of the past 5 seasons. Like I kept saying last night though, we just got to keep playing hard. We have the talent to compete.

You definately are't alone though JPAO.

FYI, Wheeler had two horrible missed tackles on that Bernanrd touchdown drive. What I would do to see Jordan play in his place ... Guy can cover, he can rush the passer, you know two things Wheeler is supposed to do?

McKinnie has been huge for the Dolphins. This season would have been a lot different if Miami signed him (or someone else) in the offseason instead of starting Martin at LT.

All the credit to the players for continuing to fight after Cincy came back. Tannehill was good on the last drive in the fourth, but he nearly threw the game away on his final throw. He still seems nervous in the pocket.

I'm not sure what is going on with the tackling. Maybe they were just tired, but that was one of the worst displays of tackling I have ever seen. This must improve if the Dolphins are going to make the playoffs. So many times they did not wrap up and allowed Cincy to pick up extra yardage after contact. That Beonard run was infuriating, but it wasn't the only time when Miami was lazy with its tackling.

Overall, a season saving win. There is time to regroup and pick up momentum with Tampa Bay up next. I think the Fins need to cut ties with Martin and scour the waiver wire or CFL for some replacements. Go Fins.

Andy @ 9:11, funny you mention that because Rothliesberger is the Qb that most reminds me of Tannehill..


Pi*s off already, wouldya? The team won. Allow the fans the chance to enjoy it. This place isn't for you today. (Happy, jovial, relieved)

Come back when Miami loses again to post with negativity about Tannehill.

Just because you're a miserable, sad, lonely woman doesn't mean everyone should act like you.

Go find yourself a spin cycle & preferably a new blog to bring down.


I am convinced this coaching staff is oblivious.

Wheeler is garbage. Jordan can play OLB better than him. Vernon has been decent but, I see nothing he does to make me say Jordan shouldn't have his job.

Garner came in & played great against an excellent d-line. This guys should be playing every week.

The lack of flexibility with this coaching staff will ultimately be the undoing of this team.

Who cares about the crappy Dolphins anymore?


I was saying the same thing....nothing but daylight to the left.....

But in this case....no harm....no foul....

A few observations....

Coaches finally got message to run more. But please no more sweeps.

This win was like first 3, big game changing plays

3-4 was working, 4-3 not so much. You could tell everytime they rested Soliai, they went 4-3 and was just plain bad.

Offense still not putting enough points on the board.

Run blocking better, pass blocking, not so much

Win was huge for morale. A loss would have been it for the locker room

I wouldn't be too sure to count out the gauy stat bit fr Tannehill in his future. He certainly is not entirely ready now to do it week in and week out but if he continues to evolve, it may be in his future. he's shown the ability to do that at times already.

Well i enjoyed the win!! Go Fins!!

Couple questions:

Why cant the Fins D get off the field on 3rd down Bengals converted 10/20? Why cant the Fins O convert on 3rd down, converted 3/14?

If the coaches could figure this out look out.

After the 4 game losing streak i still believe the Fins are under coached on both sides of the ball. 4 turnovers (5 if you call the safety a turnover) and the fins win by 2 in OT.

But hey i will take it i am celebrating today anyway now i can enjoy it for a week and half too.

Miami - 28
Cincinnati - 17
Book it.
Dalton comes back to earth and the Miami coaching staff learns to evolve upon Ross' request because they're on national tv
Posted by: Florida #1 Education | October 31, 2013 at 08:04 PM

I know most of you guys assume I'm dumb because I'm a radical poster but maybe you should listen to what I say rather than the way I say it. And yes I'm going to be that guy that rubs it in your face all week since that's all I got the past few days :) <3

Ryan TanneBust reminds me of Chad Henne exactly. Same career path.

The facts. T-hill is 10th in the league with almost 2000 yds passing and is 13th in the league with his 11 TD passes. Not too bad for a bust.

We have all been watching this team. We all know we still have plenty of issues to iron out but it's becomimg apparent we have some pretty talented players if the coaches can get can it right.

The 4 I've been most impressed with last couple of games are Odrick, Patterson, Clemmons, and Lamar Miller.

Orick and Clemmons I think we've all been on the fence on.

Grimes, Starks, Soliai, Pouncey and Wake are solid pro bowlers.

Hartline, Wallace, Miller and Jones have have the potential to be probowlers.

Clay is an enigma. We know we need a solid TE. The Keller injury screwed us there.

Its still too early to make a call on Tanny and Dion Jordan but they appear to have upside.

The linebackers are underachieving IMO. They probably have the most on the defense to figure out scheme wise though. Hopefully they'll continue to improve.

I know it won't get a replay in SC...because the refs said they converted it....


How about the wheeler hit in Dalton on the QB sneak.....

That was a GREAT defensive play.....


I want to give kudos to Tannehillthis morning. MUCH better performance. Forget the fact we won the game for a second. He didn't turn the ball over. HUGE. He had fire and you could seethe confidence in the fourth quarter when it was really needed. He looked more decisive. At this point I would take a performance like that from him every week. And i liked the way he moved around more and threw on the run. maybe the coaches took their heads out of heir ass*s for a change.

And I though the defence played hard and very well.....with a couple of exceptions. I thought the tackling from Wheeler and Jones was horrible. What happened to Jones? Big disappointment so far. And where's this big upgrade we were supposed to be getting at linebacker. So far all they are is younger.

So great to see a healthy Cam Wake out there. You were missed!!

FYI, we will disagree on Vernon, I think he's been a great compliment on the bookend to Wake. Big tough guy, hustles, and has been producing.

But Wheeler??? He's slower, less athletic, and less dynamic than Jordan. For some reason this team is detrmined to pigeon hole Jordan as a DE instead of puttitng the best 11 defenders on the field. Jordan would add such a dynamic as an OLB. He played coverage more than he rushed the passer at Oregon ... c

I don't get it.

The game plan by Philbin and the rest of the staff was really solid. Tannehill is the real deal. With even an average O line, they would be 6-2. Fix that in the offseason, add more WR depth in the draft, and I think they are a true contender for the next 10 years. But if they don't fix the O line, they are an 8-8 team each of the next 10 years.

That was a GREAT defensive play.....
Posted by: Kris | November 01, 2013 at 09:59 AM

3rd down conversion = great defensive play?

Great effort. Great hit. Overall a bad play

On another note 2 DBs knocked out of the game and still the 2nd an 3rd round picks are MIA... more of the players getting coached up i guess

Kris, if they had lost that game than the missed fg and the Miller fumble would've been the most significant plays. That's 10 offensive points left on the field.

I think the Bengals are the best team that is on our schedule this year (although Carolina is promising to challenge that spot) and fact is considering the fragile state of mind the team was in, they needed to play an extremely clean game. Those two mistakes almost burnt em...


Soliai, Grimes & Clemmons will need to be paid at seasons end. I think they've all earned it.

Pouncey & Odrick are up the following year.

Those 5 guys should be resigned. Patterson is 30 & is hurt again. He's signed through next year but, not sure you can keep an aging, injury prone player beyond that.

I think we realized that when we drafted two young DB's. Who apparently aren't good enough to get on the field. Biggest issue is gonna have to be the OL.

Ireland or whoever the GM is, will have ALOT of work to do again this offseason. I'd try to get Clemmons, Grimes & Soliaia done. Then work on extending Odrick & Pouncey.

Address OL via draft & FA.

....I have been banging the drum for more 2 tight end for I don't know how long...And the formations we run out of this personnel grouping are great. Not without some flaws. Egnew is not a great blocker, even though we have run it much better when he has been in as a fullback. The issue is short yardage..

We still would be better off if we had a fullback. I ask you this..Last night what did you think was more automatic..3rd and long for them, or 3rd and short for us? Short yardage has been an issue all year. Last night we had 3 3rd and 1's in the second half, and OT...We failed to pickup the first down on any of them.
People are screaming about the playcalling..I don't think we have the confidence to run power on this down and distance. So we run off tackle, or have to throw short timing patterns against heat..

Anyway...Back to a fullback..Using the tight end as a fullback is a step in the right direction. But it screams the question....Why don't we just have a fullback on the roster. Egnew got blown up on both short yard runs in the second half. He is playing a spot that is new to him..I get it. But these short yardage scenarios are important. As the season goes a long, and if we find ourselves back in games that matter. The ability, or confidence to get short yardage will become increasingly vital.

On the point cocoajoe, that was our first playoff game yesterday. The next four games, if we bring our game and keep it clean offensively, I expect 3 victories and put us in playoff position going down teh stretch.

I've always pointed at these next four as our opportunity on the schedule.

And let's face it, 4-4 is a pretty good record considering the teams we've faced so far (combined 34-26 .567 win %). maybe the way we got there was a bit unexpected. I just hope we don't regret the Buffalo game. That is the one spot in the season that really upsets me.

Bill A,

I noticed you took a shot at me last night and tried to label me 'a Tannehill hater'. Let me clarify for the LAST time, I am NOT a 'Tannehill hater'. I actually like the guy. But I was calling him out for his play in the lat 4 games. You don't have to like what I have to say but that doesn't make e a hater.

It's my birthday on Wednesday and I'm pretty sure 'Meg' is buying me a Tannehill shirt for my birthday. She asked me who my favourite player was and I said it's probably Wake, Tannehill or Wallace (yes I said Wallace because I still think he could be dynamic in this offence).

So ponder that Bill, next time you want to call someone a 'hater'.

By the way, I said the defence played very well last night. They were AWFUL on third down last night. No clue how you continually give up 3 and 18 plays......no excuse for that kind of stuff.

I like the idea some posters have about starting Jordan at OLB instead of Wheeler. But then Ireland would have to admit he f'd up in signing Wheeler, therefore Wheeler stays in the starting lineup. That's just how things have always been with the Ireland regime.
I do have to voice a concern about Jordan though. On one play I saw last nite, the OT stood him up very easily and he gave up and took the play off. I am wondering if that is what he's been displaying in practice and that is why the coaches won't play him more.

Has Ireland been fired yet?


I. Said at the time that I think that Buffalo game will come back to bite us. That's my fear. I still say playoff teams win those games.

Kris @ 9:59, I love how Dalton reacted after the hit ... it's like when you flick someone on the forehead when they weren't expecting it and they buckle and they blink really fast trying to get their bearings. That was funny...

If T-Puke doesnt pass we'll be allright. Thats the consensus? lol

...Craig M..Some posters last night I think were more satisfied with telling other posters"in your face" then they were for the win..Are we all 5 year olds?

I found it kind of funny and ironic. How well the running game was, I believe it is because I wore my Ricky Williams jersey while taking Lil Dubs trick or treating.

We know our teams identity and hopefully the coaches follow it. Run first, then screens and playaction. I really like watching a good running game

Wallace thanks for the contributions last night, try to keep doing that

Wheeler you kind of suck. Do you know what you are doing?

Why cant our Defense stop anyone on 3rd down

Why do we still suck on both sides in the second half

Man it's crazy that we are only 1/2 game out of being the final wildcard

I refuse to get too excited, still alot of problems need to be addressed

Grimes didnt have a great game, but he played with so much damn heart and put it all on the field

If Dmitri could stay healthy he would be borderline elite CB

Man Im sleepy, that game ended so late and then I couldnt fall asleep

Had visit lobstertube to calm the nerves

Craig, the Seahawks decided to dress up as the Miami Dolphins and took the field last night. That was pretty much the blueprint. Now you won't be able to do that every game because at times your defense won't have the juice or your running game won't be working so you need a Qb who can throw the ball.

I still have confidence that he can do it when needed, jsut shouldn't be aksed to do it every week to the tune of 40+ dropbacks per game. That's for Brees and Manning and a couple of others, not for our Qb yet.

28 pass attempts, league average is about 34. 34 and under, if that's where it is, we will be ok ...

..Mark..The Buff game and the ATL game kind of wash each other out..We should have lost the ATL game, Should have won the Buff game...It sucks that the game we lost where we should have won was in the division.

...Craig M..Some posters last night I think were more satisfied with telling other posters"in your face" then they were for the win..Are we all 5 year olds?
Posted by: Darryl Dunphy | November 01, 2013 at 10:14 AM

Ecstatic for the win, even happier to show all the people that mocked me just how dumb their thought process really is. Look to all the emotional posters (the ones that have no rational) for that 5 year old iq.

Good win, tough win. Thing that worries me is 3rd and one. We need to do something about this problem. We can't continue to not make these. We need to solve this problem.

Posted by: LOL | November 01, 2013 at 10:04 AM


Yes, I didn't mentioned the o-line other than Pouncey, I figured it was pretty evident. I also didn't get into our failed draft picks.

It's not quite as easy as some people like to make it seem but we definatelty need to start hitting on a higher percentage of them.

Personally I wish Ireland would just stop trying to be cute and just select solid college players.

Notice how none of these tools (if the shoe fits) are calling me names and keeping to themselves

Darryl I totally agree with you. Funny thing about "in your faces". Usually comes back to haunt the deliverer 10-fold.

LOL, I wouldn't judge a players inability to play in year one with these coaches as an indictment of their ability to play. Vernon, Bush, and Egnew didn't play at all last year or very little. This year, they all look pretty good. Egnew you say??? Yeah, Egnew that was the fullback as we ran for 145 yards in the first half.

the consensus is trolls are ridiculously dumb and yes in your face to the trolls. they have it coming big time. the Phins won and you lost. the know it all clowns on here are always wrong.

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