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Dolphins beat Bengals 22-20 in overtime

Cameron Wake is back.

And so are the Dolphins.

The defensive end had a sack for a safety in overtime to give the Dolphins a 22-20 victory over Cincinnati.

It was Wake's third sack of the night. It was a bigtime player making a bigtime play.Dolphins01bb cameronwake jwr

"Most of you that know me know the past few weeks have been a little frustrating," Wake said. "But that's football. You get banged up. this game was a very important game for us. Losing games. Hard fought games. But finally having one come down to the end and guys showing up all over the place ... You couldn't win any other way."

It marked a night in which the Dolphins blew a 17-3 lead (sound familiar?) but rallied to tie the game with a 44-yard Caleb Sturgis field goal with 11 seconds left in regulation.

Then both teams were forced to punt. And with the Bengals backed against their end zone, Wake poured in over the right tackle, sacked Dalton in the end zone (barely) and sent everyone home happy.

The Dolphins are 4-4 now. They play at winless Tampa Bay in 11 days.

Suddenly things are looking up.

The Dolphins got multiple great individual performances.

Lamar Miller rushed 16 times for 105 yards. Ryan Tannehill didn't throw a TD but neither did he fumble or throw an interception. He had a 92.3 QB rating.

Mike Wallace caught six passes for 82 yards and drew a big pass interference penalty that led to the game tying field goal in regulation.

Brent Grimes returned an interception 94 yards for a touchdown.

Good work.



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The best thing that happened to the fins this week was the departure of Jonathon(BIG WEIRDO)Martin. Apparently he has been a cancer in the locker room, also Richie getting hurt, the dude is not a good lineman anymore.

Their replacements played much better.

Hopefully BIG WEIRDO never comes back and the Fins can trade him to another team. I think his problem is that Martin is Gay and the other guys (understandably so don't want him on the team)

Hell if I was a big offensive tackle making a million plus on the Miami Dolphins they could call me whatever the hell they wanted and Big Weirdo is a cool name unless you are GAY and have a complex

Oline is definitely a primary offseason need. But, if a game changing safety is available with our 1st rd pick we need to pounce on that first and foremost.

I believe this defense is a GAME CHANGING SAFETY from being elite. A game changing safety could help relieve many of these 3rd and longs offenses seem to easily convert on our D.

Haha, lil dubs.

A lobstertube session now and there will be no way you stay up

Mark I agree, Egnew was doing very as the lead fb. It was a dimension we hadn't seen yet.

...Florida #1...I have no problem with your opinions. I have never had issue with what you post. Last night people were more excited to tell others how wrong they were because Tannehill, or the team played a good game..This doesn't change the fact that Tannehill had struggled a bit the last 3 games.

This doesn't all of a sudden change who Tannehill is. It should be the blueprint we try and establish, until we can ease our guy into more responsibility, instead of shoving it down his gullet.

I told you I felt good last night, lol

Time to slay the beast tomorrow night...

I dont want to spoil your optimism, but it was far of being a good work. One more time the defense played very inconsistently. Certainly the bad calls by the referees didnt help much, but the defense allowed I dont know how many 3rd down conversions, and missed a lot of tackles.
The ofense played well though, although some drives ended up very quickly, and let the defense to stay a lot of time on the field.
Philbin was awful in challenging the calls, and Sherman's job was far of being impecable.
So, the grade is 6/10. Just enough to pass the exam.
They cannot continue this way if they dream for a 9-7 record or bettet.

DD, that's why I said, we are 4-4 and considering we palyed teams with a .576 win %, that is not a bad place to be.

Still the Buffalo game was a lost opportunity.

And I was one of the people who came on here and acted like a jerk and I'm not going to apologize for it. Tired of people crapping on my team. If you want to eat like a pig at a restaurant, eventually a big bill comes to be paid...

I wouldn't throw a parade for Garner yet. He always plays well the first 2-3gms he substitutes for an inured olineman. After that the wheel begin to fall off with him.

You only get 2-3 good games max from Garner per year. Or have you guys soon forgotten? Hurry back Cogs, Garner has 1-2 more good games left in him.

If you want to eat like a pig at a restaurant, eventually a big bill comes to be paid...

Posted by: Mark in Toronto | November 01, 2013 at 10:26 AM

Not if its Golden Corral, I heard John Jerry loves that place

Where are the haters now? They will take a couple days and go off to troll land. Then, come back and try to start hating once again. This is you mace taggert. Where are you? You called for everybodys head on a plate just yesterday. JOE ROBBIE stadium was pumpin last night thanks to all the REAL FANS that go and actually support. To all the fans last night, Thank you for a awesome awesome time. All of us never gave up last night, nice and loud from true true fans.

Posted by: Florida #1 Education | November 01, 2013 at 10:17 AM


I saw your post last night dude. Good call!

Now predict a victory over the Bucs please.

As far as fans calling this years draft picks busts etc.. it is evident outside of RT that this coaching staff doesnt play their rookies as other teams would. To touch on MIT's point, everyone was talkinga bout how much of a bust EGNEW was bc he didnt toucht the field and all of a sudden this year he is making an impact. I dont understand it to an extent bc if the two CBs are more talanted than carrol etc why they dont play.. preseason showed they were, but thats this coaching staffs way of thinking, coaching them up year one and making an impact year two. The only issue with this is if you dont win now then next year might not be here and you wasted a year of a players career. Jordan has shown he can play, is all around the ball when he is in there but still is limited... So I can see where people would want to call our draft picks bust but with this staff you cant until year two..

I am not a big fan of how aour coaches are developing our players, but they have done a great job with Egnew. Its like he is going to be C.Clay 2.0 but bigger. These 2 have potential to be a headache for defensive coordinators

Sam, yeah I wouldn't go OT in the first round either unless the dynamic players are gone. Free agency can fix the tackle position. As you can see with McKinnie, it doesn't take much. Got him for what, a 7th round pick??? It's just that Clabo and martin was so bad. Kind of glad martin weirded out, gives the team an excuse to cut ties. he's garabage, can't play.

I would also like to see if we could grab a big wideout in the draft. I don't think we could get Evans or Watkins but maybe Marqise Lee. USC is having abad year but he was the best WR in college football last year and his stock is dropping because the team was crap.


I'm a Dolphin fan first and foremost. Always have been.i'm not interested in being right despite what some of these idiots say. I WANT Tannehill to succeed because that means we're winning. i don't want to have to draft another QB because we have other needs and I takes time to develop a guy. But whenI don't think he's doing the job I'm going to call him out, just as I would any other player.

I'm hopeful that last nights game gives him the confidence to get on a little streak again.

...Sam I Am...We went to this 2 tight end formation a lot V. buffalo. Egnew as a fullback. In New England we used it even more. The issue is those 2 games we went away from it both second halves..

Now Egnew has done an admirable job. I don't think he is the answer. I posted this earlier..He is a liability on short yardage...We need a fullback. why not have one on the roster for these times we need 1 yard...We do not have a play to call in this situation where we can go to with confidence..Remember the pass play? We called timeout. Then we were sending in personnel as we were lined up calling the play. Tannehill had to get Clay on the proper side of the formation..It was chaos..

If we had the players where we could line up and run power when we need it. It would eliminate these stetch runs, and bunch formations we go to because e have no solutions..Get a fullback.

I see no way Martin's ever a Miami Dolphin again. Soon I expect to hear he's shelved for the year and an offseason trade is eminent.

After all of the very embarrassing national press over the incident, I would not be surprised at all if Martin eventually announces his retirement from the NFL altogether.

LOL...Craig or Daryl maybe some of you fans find it noble or easier to lay down to the trolls and let them say whatever...and that's fine with me but that's not me. and i'll do you the favor of not criticizing you for your stance if you give me the same regard.

the facts rarely ever support the trolls unrealistic comments. yeah they got some payback coming. so if you don't like ignore me as you do them.

# 1....

Pay attention....cause this is the only post you will get from me.....

Me and Mark (and others' on this blog).....have the ability to disagree...argue...and fight...ALL without being disrespectful....we throw jabs....and parry.....and counter-punch....all without insults....

That's how grown up's do.....

Change your name....and address me in a manner that is worthy of conversation.....and we shall discuss...

Perhaps you will even get the kudos you so desperately seem to need ...

I read where Martin posted on his FB page Happy Halloween dont believe everything you read..

I mean it will be hard to try and spin this Mr. Martin.. very hard..

Craig you were nothing but critical, negative, obnoxious and more negative yesterday. Now, its first and foremost. What gives bandwagon?

Darryl some here have kicked around the idea of moving Pouncey to OG. I'm beginning to warm up to that idea simply because Pouncey seems 100 times better when he's pulling on running plays.

Pouncey seems average on most running plays up the middle. Then he's great when he's pulling on running plays. Maybe this team really ought to explore bringing in a center and sliding Pouncey over to guard.

What do you think?

Good game and even better win. Now on to the Next game. Time to get back above .500

On another note. Who here still wants a Midget WR or an Average TE with the First Round Pick. T.Austin is who Dashi thought he was. A Shorter Version of P.Warrick. And None of these TEs in the Draft are Superstars. D.Sims can be just as good as any of the TEs drafted early this season. Give Me Clay and Egnew any day. They have more versatility.

Man it feels good to see the Light turn on Egnew. He has answered the Challenge given to him by Sherman.

Incognito Sucks!! Not just as a person but as a Player. Right Now he is the weakest Link on the O-Line. Jerry has played himself back into shape and seems to be getting better week to week. Even Clabo has shown Improvement.

I know Garner is not the Answer but I rather give him a shot than Incognito. The Guy is as dumb as a Bag of Rocks. Constantly missing Assignments. Ever notice that on 3rd and Short the pressure always comes thru from his guy. Never mind the guy can't pull to save his life and never reaches the second level to set a block.

What does Incognito do well? Play Nasty. That isn't Blocking which is what he gets paid to do.

He probably blamed J.Martin every time he missed a block. Can't do that with McKinnie. No Punk in Big Mac. Big Mac will finish slapping the little neck he has off.


I don't come on here during games any more. It's just not worth it. Too many idiots.

Mark, I didn't come on here last night, hope you weren't ripping me....lol. We had a spirited debate yesterday and the last few days but I know you know it's not personal. I just want this team to win. I think we want the same.


Like I said I guess it's a combination of the height, athleticism, improvisational skills but I see a lot of the same traits for whatever reason.

I prefer the Bill Cowher version of Big Ben. I know Ben won a SB playing throw it around sandlot but that team was loaded on defense.

Ben has 46 career fumbles. He only had 5 under Cowher in 3 years. Ben has 115 career interceptions. In his first 2 years when he wasn't a throw first QB he threw only 20 and in that third season under Cowher is when he threw a career high but that was because Cowher went away from his style and it didn't work.

I only bring the Big Ben stats up because I see simalarities in their game and see that when Big Ben was asked to pass, pass, pass Pittsburgh had mixed results and lately negative results. When Cowher was there it was run, run, pass and then in the 4th quarter or when it mattered it became what was known as "Big Ben time" where he delivered. That's what I see as a being the formula for Tannehill. A game manager of sorts but a game manager who can deliver on a higher level because of his skill set.

By the way, for what it's worth, the Bengals and Seahawks were my picks for the Uper Bowl this year. Bengals were totally outplayed by the 'phins last night. I think it might be tough for them to get through Denver.

I see everyone here as a fan. We'll rarely always agree, but, we're all still fans of the same team none-the-less.

EVERYONE is tired of the losing. It's just that we have differing opinions as to who or what is most responsible for the losing. Still, it makes none of us in here any less fan than the other.

Calling others non-fans because they don't quite see eye-to-eye with us. It's like pissing in the wind and calling it rain. Can we all just get a grip?

New blog up:

Dumb homers, the traveling team on a short week always loses eh?

Craig M,

Always appreciate the honesty and how you respect people's comments. I personally think the verdict is still out on Thill. What I will say is that I'm happy our OC mixed it up a little more and felt it gave Thill a better opportunity to succeed.

I even saw THill jump up in the pocket to make a great throw to Wallace, which I've seen very little of this year. Given all the circumstances, I think Thill had his best game of the year. His accuracy and pocket awareness were much improved, and dude can throw on the run with the best of 'em.

Love the heart of our team last night. I was proud of them and it was great to see. What an ending!

I think just saw D. Jordan once in the field. He hasnt contributed too much this first half of the season. He's a rookie, but he's supposed to be the best rookie. No excuses. Hope this trend changes pretty soon. The team need him and Wake most than ever.
What about J. Taylor, the 2nd rnd pick ? What about Gillisle ? What about D. Thomas ?
I simply dont understand our draft picks and coaches decisions. They dont give any explanation whatsoever.

Tannehill did throw a TD pass... it just ended with a desperation pass interference penalty (actually a good play by the DB after getting beat).

Mark, it's important to win division games but I'm not telling you nothing you don't know. Buf game was just embarassing. Don't think we make the playoffs but I stand by my offseason 'want'....to find out if Tannehill is a keeper. Last couple had me wondering but I saw hope last night

rdubs, rumour is mando has frequented that place too. I didn't post that, I just read it here...

Just kidding Mando, nothing but the best for you!!

I haven't said much about Tannehill because he has been inconsistant and the o-line has been consistantly bad.

I think he proved last night he's a notch above a game manager. He is still not a game winner obviously. No ones ready to put the game on his shoulders yet.

The thing that is a little scary is it looks sort of eerily like the Sanchez situation.

Sanchez came out loking good his rookie season as long as the Jets were able to run the football. When they decided to take the training wheels off and open up the offense he went to crapola.

It was a vicious circle. They would go back to the running game everytime he imploded and then try to open it up aqain and he never has made it over the hump.

Now it looks as if he'll have to beat out Geno Smith if and when he does return. Of course I was hoping Smith would suck too.

Hopefully none of that will happen with Tannehill and he will continue to improve.

Can someone please get the stats for QB sneak conversion % when there's less than a foot to go? It has to >95%. Verses handing the ball backward 3 yards to try to gain 6 inches. Blows my mind, can't understand it, always been a pet peeve of mine. I'm stuck up here in new england, and Brady ALWAYS sneaks it with less than a yard to go and he ALWAYS makes it. And he is the LEAST athletic QB in the league. We nearly lost this game because of another 6-inches we could have easily gotten with a QB sneak that we instead handed off and lost yardage on. Would love to see the stats... I'll bet the run plays succeed around 70% of the time while QB sneaks are around 95% with less than a foot to go. Mind blowing that an OC would call anything else and expect success. If you want to catch them napping and take a shot, I'm on board with that. Bringing in our "fullback" and "jumbo" lineup, taking 3 steps BACKWARDS and trying to move the entire line of scrimmage against a run-stopping defense is moronic, yet non-bellichek teams keep doing it time and time again.

Just finished watching the game tape. THill did a great job for the most part when given the chance and had decent blocking up front, I give him a B+, still needs work on his decision making, but overall not to shabby.

The OL did a great job run blocking especially the left side of the line. lots of room to roam for Miller, to bad he didn't take that run down the sideline instead of taking it inside, go figure? Overall I give the OL a C+. Still a work in progress, but showed up well on the running downs. Pass blocking is still spotty and max protect seems workable.

Receiving corps for the most part did a decent job. Wallace is still a work in progress. Hartline is a beast and will garner a great deal of attention going forward. Overall I give the group an A-. Still not quite there yet and we sorely miss Gibson in the slot. This I am sure will come back to bite us later on this season.

Defensive line did a pretty good job bringing pressure and Wake's return to full speed has really helped. Linebacking corps, especially Wheeler is still very much suspect. Jordan should be out there more often and we need to stay in the 3-4. The secondary did a great job last night, especially Grimes and Patterson. That pick six was a thing of beauty, but man does that boy needs some after burners.
Overall performance I give them a B+ and only because our pass rush and secondary showed up last night.

Special teams were not that special. Sturgis is really struggling. Kicking game was marginal at best and that missed FG really hurt and could have easily cost us the game. I give the special teams a C+ and only because Sturgis nailed that last field goal.

Coaching...well you all know how I feel about the coaching, so no need to get into that again. I am not even going to bother rating them, waste of time.

Overall good team effort last night even though we are still leaving plays on the field and are giving up way to many 3d and longs. Ball security is still an issue, but for the most part the guys hung together and won this one on their own.

Now it is off for 11 and then back to work.

Darryl some here have kicked around the idea of moving Pouncey to OG. I'm beginning to warm up to that idea simply because Pouncey seems 100 times better when he's pulling on running plays.

Pouncey seems average on most running plays up the middle. Then he's great when he's pulling on running plays. Maybe this team really ought to explore bringing in a center and sliding Pouncey over to guard.

What do you think?

Posted by: Sam I Am | November 01, 2013 at 10:38 AM
+1 Sam
I was (I think) the only one on this board who criticized vehemently I may add, coaches NOT using Pouncey in his NATURAL POSITION. I was scorched by lots of people for my belief. I still believe it

Team has to look at Jordon as a linebacker.

Need to blitz every third down. Only time we get off the fiedld. Let the front 7 win it for us.

Liked T-hill's throw to Mathews on the last drive. Big dude with solid hands and threw it up for him to get.

Refs have been brutal. Just want to be relevant in Decemeber.

No TD pass for Tannehill, but he did have the Rushing TD and most importantly NO TURNOVERS. It was a good game overall.

T-hill is a quite resilent kid. Like the whole team, he has had many upside downs. The team is very inconsistent. T-hill will show his real potential as long as the whole team gets better. Something I dont see under Ireland's management. He's the real nemesis and virus of this team, the break that forbids the Dolphins to go full speed.
We fans have to be patient. It will take like 2 or 3 more seasons to see the Dolphins in the top. In the mean time the only thing we can do is blame Ireland for all the negatives.

I was (I think) the only one on this board who criticized vehemently I may add, coaches NOT using Pouncey in his NATURAL POSITION. I was scorched by lots of people for my belief. I still believe it

Posted by: cocoajoe | November 01, 2013 at 11:04 AM

Edit: This was when the 'powers that be' drafted and decided he was gonna play center. I gave up after that.
I This is only one example of their pig headedness

The win feels good but not inspiring. Props to Wake and Grimes! Thanks to T-hill for no turnovers and to the Bengals for making costly mistakes, otherwise we were once again outcoached and outplayed.

You combine half of the 3rd down and inches tha the ofense have missed and half of the 3rd down and miles that the defense have allowed, and we would be talking of a 6-2 team. But of course this would imply to have consistent and well coached team, something we havent right now...maybe in a not very far future or in a parallel universe.


I haven't been a fan of the OC's work this year (at all), but thought he called a much better game last night. Thoughts?

Outcoached and outplayed = time of possession, total yardage pass and run, first downs.

How many 3rd down conversions were there for each team?

I loved that we got a pick-6 but knew the Bengals would probably score on the following drive. Don't necessarily blame our D b/c they must have been exhausted.

A couple of criticism about our D though- they showed improvement over the last half of the final quarter, but they HAVE GOT TO WRAP AND STOP FORWARD PROGRESS. Secondly, I love Wheeler against the run and feels he's an improvement in blitz situations, but he's a major liability in coverage. Dude can't cover.




I haven't been a fan of the OC's work this year (at all), but thought he called a much better game last night. Thoughts?

Posted by: Krillian | November 01, 2013 at 11:23 AM

Well I think it came down to the team meeting Monday morning. Philbin had to be feeling the heat from above and of course you know shyte runs down hill. I don't care if Philbin and Sherman are buddies, it comes down to either you get your act together or we both go down with the ship. Sherman was forced to do the right thing and he did for the most part last night, but I do believe it was out of pure desperation. He still is making questionable calls IMO. That is why I did not rate them as a group in my last post.

the refs are always an opponent as well. so many bad calls against us and so many no calls for the other team every week.

it's a good day fins win and are 6 - 0 on Holloween!

Miller is comming to life and Tanne is very good when he is not being pounded.

that throu to Wallace in overtime would have been a TD he would have hit him right in stride.. maybe that will help them click together.

Caleb Sturgis is still a concern.

I was at the game last night and even though we won we will never compete with the top teams until we figure out how to get recur era open. We have no offense. There were three 3rd and 1's that we couldn't convert. Pathetic! The defense can only do so much. Tannehill is still starring down receivers and not getting the ball down the field. Good win. Refreshing, but there's a lot of work to be done.

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