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Dolphins beat Chargers 20-16

They did it.

With a makeshift offensive line, with a scandal still looming, despite their usual inconsistencies and "interesting" play calls -- such as the roolout pass with 2:14 to play that Ryan Tannehill carried out of bounds at 2:08 -- the Dolphins won today.

Dolphins 20. Chargers 16.

This is a good day for the Dolphins. It is a good win.

Enjoy it.

Because the next few days and weeks -- with NFL scandal interviews beginning Monday and the Carolina Panthers coming up -- promise to get tougher.


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I'll take it. Go Miami!

Garner quietly did a very nice job filling in for Pouncey. Got to give credit where credit's due.

Sherman called a roll out not a roll out RUN OUT OF BOUNDS.

That's on RT. Good play call, bad execution.

Brenner is better than RI. Watch the film.

Mando, you're such a buzzkill.



Will new lg Sam Brenner go locker room ballistic. Stay tuned Batman!



..LOL..Armando...Tellin' it like it is. You could make a childs 5th birthday at Disneyland a downer...

We have litte to feel good about. At least let this one soak in for 10 minutes before mowing us down..It is like a constant flow of Doplhins pissing in your Cheerios..



OL OK. Sherman has no idea how to manage a clock. Some less than stellar players, like Carroll and Thomas, stepped up for a close win in an even match. 5-5 ... half full!

Armando wrote..."Enjoy it"

OK, time's up.

Guys this team is going nowhere. And don't blame Wallace that is on philibin and Ireland. They signed a 60m decoy. And to make matters worse he isnt even that anymore as teams know they will not throw it to him. The front office and coach are jokes.

Well played Nate Garner.

Well played Brent Grimes.

Maybe I'm crazy here, but what diid Mando say that wasn't true.
The so-called scandal will still be in the news, and the Panthers appear to be miles better than the chargers.
He said 'Enjoy it."
I am. For the rest of the evening, i'm doing just fine. I can actually fall asleep to late night sport radio withy a smile on my face for a change, though my Canes got clobbered.
Mando doesn't determine whether the Fins win or lose. I do believe as a long time Miamian, he wishes only the best for the Fins. Why wouldn't he? He doesn't make more money when the lose.

Oh yeah baby. Enjoy the win. Too bad Nolan did not hang on to that ball in his hands. It would have been a lot less stress at the end.

I don't know, but I liked the Game, and the Win.

Who cares what this guy has to say. It is obvious that he knows little to nothing about football.So don't be mad at him for trying to do a job he is not qualified to perform. Blame the Miami Herald for hiring and keeping this hack.

The NFL is so crazy. Dolphins lose to Bucs beat Chargers.

Maybe we take hope then against the Panthers.

Thill almost cost us the game with that boneheaded run out of bounds. Maybe he was trying not to turn that ball over and kill us like the Bills and Ravens games.

That o-line played with balls, as did Thomas and Clay, whata lovely breakout for that 39 yard TD.

With that line we could run against the Panthers.

All this win accomplished was worsening our draft position... A Pyrhhic victory at best.... You fanboyz are hopeless

Nice win
A lot work to do

Where are all those trolls and why do they always disappear when we win. A lot of Ireland draft busts and free agents helped us win this game tonight.

Where is deity? What do you gave to say now?!

yeah the no names sure showed more heart

Some unsung guys stepped up, and Brenner and garner di better than expected. Just have to wonder why a former 1st round pick (Watkins, forgot who drafted him0 sits on the bench and Brenner plays? I guess Ireland isn't the only one to blow draft picks.

I'm right here Oscar. What were you saying? Do you really want to start with me?

deity u never answered, do u find it hard to hide the fact that your gay?

Armando probably sees every win as a bad thing because it would mean the owner could use them as an excuse to keep Philbin and maybe even Ireland. If you read his blog you know what Mando wants because he's been consistent so no one should be surprised he isn't yelling hooray.

Three more wins makes the team 8-8 and Ross could point to that as improvement. This is probably why Armando seems unhappy.

with the drama out of the way. The Lunch bucket brigade
Did its job... good job Brenner, jerry, Watkins, and the rest of the guties gammers

phins that would be a disaster

Not today

Philbin makes the playoffs, he deserves to stay no doubt, but he never seems to get the most out of t
his players.

Today he did a good job with the o-line and RB's I'll give him that.


Nice win by the Dolphins... Buffalo took a piece of the Jests azzzz today also...

I see where Tampa knocked off Atlanta.... Say whatever you want about that loss... if Tampa were better coached they would have an entirely different season going... They NEARLY beat New Orleans and left Seattle glad to have kept their home win streak together....

I'd like to see Carolina tale NE apart tomorrow night... I wonder if there is any way both Newton and Brady can end up with blown out knee's..??

BTW.... real class piece, Armando...... NOT!

Posted by: deity | November 17, 2013 at 07:32 PM

Ha, another internet tough guy.

Marco,Panthers are a LOT better against the run than san diego, but I agree. Let our line be aggressive.
It would be great to see Thomas play 2 games in a row like he did today. He just seems to disappear after a good game.

U guys crack me up. We win we r going to playoffs. We lose everyone stinks. Truth is the team is a below avg team going nowhere. Bad coach. Bad Gm below avg QB That is not changing this yr.

Stevet go jerk your little meat sausage on your JETS blog,

Grimes and Fields are Pro Bowlers. Both were huge. Gotta give credit to Garner and Brenner. They played well.Linebackers are really struggling.

All you guys wanting the fins to lose, c'mon, how does this make the future better. If the fins get 4 or 5 wins that tells you that they need to strip the team and start all over. I rather see some good players emerge and go into next year needing a couple of players on offense and defense to be a contender. We have very good WRs, Clay has shown that he is good TE, Tannehill has shown promise and he is young and the two young RBs ran the ball well today. The defense also has some talent. I want to have something to play for this year. Why would you want to be the Jacksonville Jaguars?

Grow up babyd12. Open ur eyes jerkoff

All you guys wanting the fins to lose, c'mon, how does this make the future better. If the fins get 4 or 5 wins that tells you that they need to strip the team and start all over. I rather see some good players emerge and go into next year needing a couple of players on offense and defense to be a contender. We have very good WRs, Clay has shown that he is good TE, Tannehill has shown promise and he is young and the two young RBs ran the ball well today. The defense also has some talent. I want to have something to play for this year. Why would you want to be the Jacksonville Jaguars?

It did respond dusty, on the last blog. So try to keep up you uberdouche. You want to read it go look for it. Otherwise STFU.

orlando u know it does and if they were to save ireland and company jobs we are screwed

thats true stevet but let them have there day. i love the fins, just tired of the pointless 7-9 years

Good Jobs Dolphins!! That showed fight and as a life long fan I appreciate it.

Still dont understand how our D gets burned so bad. Seems like a bad scheme that O corridnators figure out about half time each game.

But Good jobs from a man who was ready to cancel his Sunday Ticket. You guys real me out then you pull me back in. Guess that is what being a Dolphins fan is all about.

Now can we put a win streak together. Go Dolphins!!

Oh could we get a good contract offer together for Grimes. That man can ball. Wish Patterson could stay healthy.

We win while Martin is fingering his pussie

Not really, deity, I, and I'm sure many others here, would like to finish with you. But you're a knowledgeable guy.


Can't even show up for his own live blog. Pathetic.


Typical Dolphins. Win one, and create false hope for all the many with poor memories. Dolphins are 5-5. This is the best we can hope for. .500 We still lose games at home to losing teams, and on the road to winless teams. We are average, unspectacular, as we have been for the last 6 years. We've had more than enough time to build a contender, instead we wade around in the deep end, never able to reach higher than arm's length. The worse thing about this win? It prolongs change. Change, the only thing that intelligent fans can hope for. In 26 games, Coach Philbin and Ryan Tannehill have shown very little to give me any excitement for the future. Like Ireland, they are learning on the job. Never actually qualified to assume the roles that they have been given. Yet here we go again. The best we can hope for is to go 2-4 the rest of the way (only two wins against the Jets - I'm still a fan) and fire the architect Jeff Ireland, who is better suited for building 2 inch scale dog houses out of Legos. If we fire Joe Philbin for fostering a dysfunctional environment in the locker room, and creating a situation where we no longer have the services of two of our best offensive linemen. Mostly I want him fired because the only thing less consistent than his team from week to week, well wait, I'm stumped, I'm not sure there is anything less consistent than this team. I can say that they are consistent in one way. They are just good enough to keep from earning a difference maker spot in the draft every year. Not that it matters. They would find a way to flub the pick as they do almost every year. But hey we won a game, let's all overreact and buy our tickets to the Super Bowl.

yes a win is a win. o line did well but; wow, the bunch needs replacing. Wallace unable to go deep because Tannehill unable to throw it that far! DUH!!

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | November 17, 2013 at 07:39 PM

Stevette, you are not wanted here.

Dusty either way who knows. How many times have we been so sure a change was going to turn everything around? We're so beat up as fans that we can't even count on change being the answer. It hasn't been the answer through 17 years and 7 coaching changes so why should we be convinced it's going to be any different this time around.

Grimes was a great signing. Problem is it is a one yr deal. What's the chance he will want to resign after we have become a joke

You're a nutter Armando. And a not so secret Brady lover.

Why not state in your always insightful assessments (sarcasm) that this Fins team is a solid team that even in the face of adversity (and a rabid irrational press driven by questionable limp-wristed political correct ideologies) won convincingly. Look at the score of the Bucs - and then tell me they are a "lost team" as you stated earlier this month. Cuba wants you back.

D Thomas, had a great game together with that o-line. Clay and him pushed the limits of their play.

That was awesome to watch how TE coach Campbell has got that guy turned around.

Keep this guy he really makes awesome plays.

ok deity good to see u come out today

stevet grimes will have to be franchised

Posted by: IMAWriter | November 17, 2013 at 07:37 PM

Not an internet tough huy ya douche. I believe though, I was talking to Oscar. Whom for some reason hasn't reponded under his title "Oscar"(FRAUD). But if your curious as to our conversation then feel free to ask the FRAUD. Not the FRAUD Armando, the FRAUD "Oscar"

Matthew Pimental, go finger you pussie with Martin. No one gives a shyt what u think.

phins u shouldnt but ur never gonna know with another 7-9 year

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